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REVIEWS OF Strike And Spare Family Bowl IN Tennessee

brenda palacios

They need someone to put bowling balls away that are not in use. Took ten minutes to find an unused ball to bowl with.

michael haverstick

A little pricey but def makes a good date night spot!

Laurie Clark

Shorthanded with help... Dirty facilities. Balls could stand to be replaced... Price is too high for such a low run down facility. We would love to come there more often and spend all kinds of Money.

Justin Suddreth

A small, older bowling alley that retains the charm of the allies you went to as a kid. They have a grill that smelled pretty great, and rental balls that weren't in bad condition. I'll definitely be returning!

Monica Witkowski

Clean, well maintained. Snack bar a bit over priced. Overall nice experience.

Amanda Steavens

Very friendly and helpful employees

Carl Skeene

Awesome place to bowl

Ariel Sexton

Good place to bring kids and good music choices.

Eric Gamauf

Went there last Saturday night with my family (2 adults, 3 kids, 8, 5, 3) and it was very busy, to be expected on a fridged night. We waited about an hour for a lane. Once we got our lane the ball return was filled with balls...but only 4 had weights on them. The weight is determined by color, if you don’t know the color code and all of the balls in the place are out on lanes there’s a lot of guessing. I typed in the family info and couldn’t find where you select bumpers for the kids. It’s was black light bowling so it was dark in there but the more I looked at the lane I realized the bumpers were up already. I searched again to figure out how to disengage them. I finally gave up and went to the counter to be told once they’re up they’re up for good, they have to be removed. How do you bowl with little kids? So we all had bumpers for our bowling. This all would have been fine if it wasn’t for the fact I spent $72.50!!!!! For my family to each bowl 2 games. That is ridiculous. Not to mention the pin setter often knocked pins down and at least 4 times I had to get the desk people to fix our lane for jamming. This place is not worth the rates they charge. Go to Main Event down the street, early, and enjoy a much better entertainment value.

Jason Russell

This place is terrible. We ended up leaving early because apparently children are not welcome to bowl here. The staff is extremely slow and rude.

Teresa Lovett

Been to two locations..both clean and well ran

Chris Stephens

Took advantage of a great summer promotion they had online and will def be making that a habit every summer. Had a phenomenal time each visit!

Alyssa Hendrickson

If I could rate this place no stars I would, we went in with a group of 12 people. The first 10 people showed up first and began the game and then the two other people showed up later. When it got to our tenth game, our game was shut off, when we asked why that happened, the manager said that someone didn't pay. The six people on our lane all paid, 4 with card, 2 with cash. They did not give a receipt to the 2 who paid with cash. The manager said if we all had receipts he would fix it, well when I called later and asked for him to explain why it shut our game off, he said that they don't give receipts to people who pay with cash unless they ask. Sounds like their problem, not ours. I asked him why it shut our game off and not the other lane, again he couldn't tell me why. The manager basically said there was nothing he could do. We basically all got screwed out of 10 dollars. We haven't had any problems with this place until now, I don't know if management changed but this place is ridiculous. Will go to the maryville bowling alley from now on.

Gail Padgett

I enjoy bowling with my family and friends. The staff is good


I love the Strike and Spare because of Dollar night on Sundays and Tuesdays! Let's roll!

Christopher Henderson

A phenomenal bowling experience. Great Falls great friends great times

Jamie Smith

Good family fun and affordable deals.

Brian Lovell

Quite the hang out for a Sunday night. Packed and fun for a wide range of age groups. Employees were friendly and working hard.

Alan Stuckey

Pretty good for kids birthday parties. Many of the video games are being repaired but they have glow bracelets for the kids and black lights, kids really enjoy bowling.

Julie W

We as a family have been going here for years. As much as we use to go here it seems like this place is turning into a place that really isn't so family friendly. The last few times we ended up leaving because of loud, abnoxois, rude people drinking. I don't think "family friendly" and alcohol go together in the first place. We end up having to wait on our balls ( including the ones we bring from home) .because the people next to you think it's a damn free for all and don't use their own balls. If there is a next time i'll make sure I rent both lanes at least they won't be right on top of us like that again. Im not one to publicly complain a lot but when I spend over $50. In under 2 hours and feel the need to leave because no one is having fun anymore because of others it's pretty dumb.

Jarad Lewis

Always have a great time there. The staff is friendly and helpful.

Tonia Goeglein

Had a strong smell of beer. I wish that the bowling allies could be spruced up. It just seems most are old and dingy looking

Michael Burtch

Fun bowling. Good food, great summer deal with kids bowl free.

Romey Samtani

Always a great family hang out place.

Jeff Reed

We had a blast great fun

Laura Mincey

It was a fun place to bowl..

Ryan Rhoades

We went there for a birthday party. The food was absolutely amazing. The lanes however where a bit out of sorts. One of the two lanes we we're on we kept continously having to reset the bar that comes down kept getting stuck we had to call someone over on 2 occasions when it wouldn't move at all. I used to bowl here every Wednesday like over 15 years ago and it was great back then.

Graff Corby

A good fun place to bowl!

Taylor Parker

Best night I have had so far! It was fairly busy when we went but I did t bother us none. We had a great time. We paid 70$ to play 2 games with 5 people. It ended up taking over 2 hours to play. Well worth the money and can not wait to go back. It's a great play to take tots

Joshua Turner

I love this bowling alley and the staff was great

nolan walmsley

It's a good bowling alley, but theres nothing very spectacular or noteworthy about it compared to other bowling alleys. You won't go wrong coming here though. I would recommend it.

Maria Camacho

Just a bowling place. This is a great place to just bowl. If you want to eat/drink go somewhere else because food is marginal and drinks are over priced. Also they could update shoes. But for bowling and cried it was good.


Amazing fun

Brennan Ray Hicks

Had fun. The food is a little pricey for mediocre food. No refills on drinks. Staff was nice. Alley was clean. Full bar inside was cool.

Tracy Badgett

Had my son's family birthday party there on short notice when the original pool party was rained out. Customer service is the best. They were so kind and helpful.

Qais Arabo

Sunday Night $1.00 Bowling is a scam! I saw their add for $1.00 bowling after 7pm on Sunday Nights. So I took my family there at 6:30 to be sure we got a lane, turns out you have to get a "Number" and when your number is called then you can start $1.00 games. I got my number at 6:30pm, I went ahead and bowled at regular price till 8:30, my number never got called, we finished bowling and never got $1.00 games, I ended up giving my ticket to some random people sitting there. IF You Advertise $1.00 Bowling at 7PM, Then at 7PM should start $1.00 Bowling. Really disappointed, and feel ripped off. Other than that, the staff is nice, the facility is nice, and music was ok.

Joanna Modrzecka

Nice place and had a lot of to bowl.

Nick White Eagle

Strike and Spare Family Bowl has been here for ever! Only true bowling alley in West Knoxville. Been going here for years. It's your typical bowling alley with 31 lanes I want to say. There only two downsides that come to mind. The first one is for the true bowlers, there is no pro shop. So ball drilling or equipment to buy. And the next downside is cosmetic. They have made some cosmetic upgrades since last being here. That would be that they have painted. I wish they would upgrade the old box TV's hanging from the ceiling that display the scoreboards and advertisement. Along with that there are gutters on certain lanes that are chipped/cracked at the beginning of the lanes. Overall I do like and enjoy this establishment. And would recommend this location.

Shazman Rajah

I had fun

Brian Martin

Great time and great service!

Kelly Hoffman

Great place to bowl. Great atmosphere, nice people, plus they have a bar and good food.

Doug Crane

Fun family friendly place.

Heather Shoaf

Took my girls for the first day of Spring Break. Had a great time!!

Christopher Golden

You get what you pay for. It's competitively priced, but the overall atmosphere is dirty and run down. The dryer air, the ball holes, and the shoes all smell like mice that have died behind drywall. The shoes and balls are in very poor shape, with enormous gouges in the balls and the tops of the shoes separating from the soles. On the plus side, this is all encouraging us to buy our won shoes... In reality, my wife and I wouldn't bowl here if there were a more convenient location for us, but this still beats driving downtown on a weekday after work. I just wish they'd invest in some proper facilities and equipment for their patrons.

Norma Looney

Great place to bowl.

Chalene Travis

It was so much fun. We went on a Thursday night and it was not overly crowded and it was a great price. We had a blast.

Cody Page

Food was bomb and the lanes were waxed very well!

Jeff Underwood

This place is a standard bowling alIey like we all grew up with. The place was packed, but we didn't have to wait very long for a lane. Staff was friendly and professional. It's nothing special, but well maintained.

Jeff W

They have bowling lanes.

Kathy Young

It would help if you were able to see the arrows or dots on the lanes just to dark

Joe Gleason

Great lanes. Very good food and bar.

Kelly Isbill

Went with a very large group and they got our lanes next to each other. They were quick and efficient getting our payments and shoes.

Jordan Weaver

Had a birthday party there for my nephews and the customer service was horrible. Not enough space, asked for trash bags several times & didn't receive, requested blue & green pins to be signed by guests & got 2 purple ones (didn't receive til after guests left), no one checked on our party, and had cleaning supply room open. Wouldn't recommend going here.

Phil Wilson

Being going here since i was around 6 im 29 now and still a great place with great staff. Good drinks and food. All this besides the bowling which is also good.

Rebekah Smith

I always go there with my friends

Duke Jones

Shows its age. Everything seems dated and in need of replacing. Staff was great. Happy and helpfull.

Ernie Pierce

Overall good experience but some pin set issues.

Toxic Sloth

Great bowling alley. Staff are super friendly, and the more you show up, the friendlier they get. Some nights are easier on the wallet than others, but any night bowling here will be a great time.

Tuan Nguyen

Old school bowling alley, but very enjoyable time here.

Larry Harbin

Went with Disabled students and they had a blast whistle you could have see there joy

Waldron Family

Busy on weekends buy fun!

Jimmy Jones

I love the place but the music is driven toward white boys and girls that think they're black. This just in; be yourself folks. Plus the house balls are a joke.

Matthew Mynatt

Night time with lights out and glow in dark bowling was fun. Music is well up to date also.

Brenda Corum

Enjoyed Special Olympics there

Angel Gomez

Been here many times in the past 3 yrs. The location is convenient. The inside is clean and neat, and the prices are fair.

Heather Manning

Great place for families to have fun. Got a good deal on a ball, bag and shoes for my son.

Matthias Adams

Lane kept breaking so we had to ask a cool black man to fix it every time. very expensive. go to main event instead

Bradley Rayfield

Older location but we'll kept fun and great bowling alley

sean s

Love $1 nights

David Williams

Fun for the whole family. Great for birthday parties!

Nick Hughes

Great place to have fun. Good food as well.

Brian Carey

Well priced and great atmosphere

Robert Epps

Food is too expensive. Lanes break down often. People are friendly.

April Pickins

I love this place its the best place to let loose and have fun


I will never go here again. We called for pricing and when we got there they were apparently letting their league people practice we were consistently harrased because we were trying to show a 9 yr old how to bowl. The staff and league bowlers constantly approached us complaining that our 9yr old and 15 yr old were not complying with their leagues standards of etiquette. It was so bad that we could not enjoy our family night out and since we had already spent our money there we couldn't afford to do anything else. This is NOT a family friendly place the staff is terrible and rude. Everything is over priced and they are slow it took 15 minutes to get 1 drink from the snack bar.

Paula Morris

The staff is extremely rude and also just refused to do their jobs. We sat there for like twenty minutes because our lane messed up and we told them at least three times. Bruh I'm for local businesses but this sucked. It used to be one of my favorite places to go but they're falling apart. RIP family bowl.

Charles Six

Computer problems lead to a long wait to bowl. Overall the alley was clean and not too crowded. The Kids enjoyed themselves and prices are reasonable, but a little more than I expected.

Debi Stendler

We had an AWESOME TIME! Thank U Strikes & Spares!

Jennifer Morgan

I had a kids birthday party here this past Friday. I came early to ensure it would run smoothly. Guests started arriving and the hostess would not even take the food order after time for party to have started. There were not even enough chairs for 6 players on each lane (which is what I had paid for). Pizza was awful, kids barely ate it. They should not charge for a party hostess that won't help serve food or organize party. Note to this bowling alley...I've had 9 years of my daughter's birthday parties at other venues and never had such a bad experience.

Scott M. Berry

Great atmosphere and staff. Make sure to call ahead and get the discount schedule.

Jacob Hicks

A classic game of bowling at its finest

Anon Amas

A little pricey and hasn't been updated in awhile. Drinks were expensive, too. It's a good way to spend an hour or two, just be prepared to drop a dime.

Brandi Rudder

Always a great time!

Dave Diamond

Great lanes. Nice technology for scores. But the staff were not concerned when the lanes fouled up. Still a great facility and one I would return to.

Jessica Sander

Cute bowling alley that participates in Kids Bowl Free program.

Kristie Cross

Love this place. Great for kid and family fun.

Mary Gesford

Great fun

K Bob

This is a great place to get your bowl on, Family Bowl has something for everyone. A full bar with drinks on tab, bottled beers, and mixed drinks/shots the adult beverage selection is top notch and is complimented by a grill section that offers all of the bowling food stuffs you'd expect from a bowling alley. The overall value is good, not as cheap as you would think but still good, with all the extra entertainment that is offered I can see why they charge a couple more dollars than expected. I would recommend thia place to bowling aficionados and family birthday party's alike.

Taurus Thompson

Decent but eh.

Ed Holbrook

Really nice people.

Nick Williams

Much more affordable than Main Event. Friendly staff. My shoes had holes in their sides, and one of our pins kept getting knocked down by the machine. Beyond those two things, awesome place.

A Paul Muller

If you don't like loud rap "music" playing the entire time you're bowling (yes, I meant to put music in quotes; it's not music) find another place to bowl. I won't be back! We were there May 29th at 3:00.

Heather Thornton

Always have a great time! Never had anything to complain about at all! The employees are always awesome!

John White

We go every Thursday. A good place to Bowl and have a few drinks! The staff is friendly enough. Just make sure there is no tournaments going on.

Heiko Miehe

If you are not in a bowling league you should head to Main Event. At least there they care about you as a guest...I now know why they were dead when we got there...not coming here again but like I said, they won't care...

Averylle Stewart

Had so much fun bowling! The grill has good food and they'll bring it to your lane. Very good air conditioning also!

Darlene Halmon

Two female staff at desk were very rude and combative. Game room needs an upgrade and staff need to have key. Many didn't work and we were told they couldn't do anything about it.

Collins Batchelor

Fun, well maintained even though it's older. Most important was the exceptional service. If I going bowling, this is where I'm going.

Justin Hamby this and that

great staff friendly service


Prices destroy the over hyped and over priced Main Event bowling experience.

Laura Fredrick

Always a fun time for get togethers with friends, family, and work outings. Great atmosphere and good times

Alisha Gann

Awesome environment such fun place only thing is it was crazy packed and had wait is only reason it didn't have five star but does have bar and games to play while waiting

Megan Reynolds

Always fun

alex hurst

Very enjoyable location. Nice staff and super food.

Phillip McClain

We always have a blast coming here, and the staff are very friendly.

Jackson Appleyard

Pretty good really fun

Aliyah Byrd

It's your standard bowling alley. Kinda smells, kinda not clean. But you can bowl there for cheap so it's worth it.

Jesus Jesus

Very good family place

Sam Harvey

Had lots of fun. Bowling and concessions are a bit pricey.

Jose M.

Is ok. Friendly staff, expensive drinks at the bar with almost no alcohol in it. Regulars said they don't oil the lane like it should. Lanes is a Hybrid. Really good price to play tho.

Maegan Caldwell

This lane is on fire, literally we got moved to another lane cuz they said it was on fire... good times!!

Sara Davis

They are so amazing to allow us to host our Special Olympics tournament there!

mike dave

Great fun family environment, pricier than expected though.

Gentrie Hampton

Great time

M.F. K.

A great place to bowl in if they would keep the tables, chairs and rest rooms clean.

Mikayla S.

Decent bowling alley. We came on a Saturday night and had a 45 minute wait. We had some issues with our lanes at times, and all of the lanes don't glow. The food and drinks are priced as expected. A lady from the staff was very rude while paying for an extra game. It seems like Saturdays are just a stressful time for the employees, which is understandable. We visited on a Wednesday most recently and took advantage of their $5 all you can bowl from 10pm-2am and service was better and wasn't near as packed.

Kristen Wynn

Adult and kid friendly! Great bowling as well as a great bar! Awesome bowling alley food too!

Daniel Carver

We had fun

Striped Sweater

Great place for bowling with friends and family. Food, beverages, even has a built in bar! Deals everyday as well.

Loren Sharpe

Multiple lanes continuously messed up. Honestly, not one game we played ended with a legit score, bc pins would fall down or get stuck. Worst bowling alley in Knoxville.

Amanda Hutton

Had lanes reserved for a company party, and it was great. The full service bar is the best part!

Andrea Hand

Had a great time despite a few things. 1. We couldn't mix a group of 1 gamers and all you can bowl. 2. The alley balls are all beat up. I've never seen bowling balls so textured. I brought my own ball and it left with at least one new gauge in the surface.

Kayla Koval

I love this place! Everyone was very welcoming and helpful. Any question I had was answered and resolved. It's very busy Saturday. There is always a wait but the full bar and kitchen make that no problem.

Vada Helton

Fun times for the kiddos today, we attended a 6 year old Birthday party. Great bumper guards!

Robert Sullivan

Great family fun

Jonathan McLeod

The food is terrible and the equipment looks like its from the 1980s. Bowling is fine tho

Laurie Basso

It was a little more expensive than I expected to spend bowling. But, we had a great time. The food was really good and reasonably priced. Customer service was great!!! I'm glad that before we left the guy working told us some new special prices on Saturdays right now. We'll be going back!

Mark Christiansen

Friendly staff, nice bowling alley.

Missy Keith

It was packed but Awesome! Staff was so nice during free event! I hope they do this again!

Roni Pollack

Love to bowl and Marcus is the best!

Jerry Hanner Jr.

Cool food and fun.

Christi Rowland

Excellent place for a date or family night. Staff is friendly & helpful. Good prices on mixed drinks. Girls in the food bar are so sweet.

Tracy Weaver

Friendly staff enjoy our time there

Will Eubanks

Excellent deals depending on the day

Aja Jenesova

Nice place to play.

Stephanie A Langley

We regularly go to Oakridge but today they were closing at 6 so we tried this place and we liked it it was dollar Powell on Sundays and it truly was a dollar + $4 shoe rental. I was a little disappointed in their drink specials but hey you can't win them all.

Char Hughett

Had a wonderful time

Thomas Weaver

Great place to hangout, celebrate, or just meet friends. Bowling special offered every day. Cosmic bowling at night with pretty good music. $5 tall beers, with well priced mixed drinks and shots.

James Stallard

It was fun about 60 bucks for family of 4 to play two rounds and shoes.

Corey Engle

I'm torn between this one and the one on Western. This one has better music and lighting, but Western has much better seating (like little couches and stuff). Both are very good as far as bowling alleys go

Elijah Williams

2.00$ bowl night are amazing but pretty packed so expect to wait a few minutes on those nights. And the food is good but very expensive

Mr Osborne

All the employees are friendly. The lady who runs the snack bar is as sweet as pie! Great food! Great environment!

Michael Hendley

I get the lights off, disco ball and neon thing on a weekend night, but sometimes you just want to bowl. Weeknights should be regular old open bowling.

Treesa T

Had a blast.


This place is ok other than people drinking

Bryan Metts

We had a blast its just a lil too expensive for what you get

Devon Williford

15 bucks for the whole night on a thursday. Great deal.

Carey Walker

Great chicken quesadilla

Krishna Chaitanya

Broken Lanes. Greasy balls.

Angel Charms

Great date night here

Courtney Henry

Loved it. Had a great time.

Lauren Davis

Great atmosphere but clearly aged. Food was great and prices were reasonable.

Joshua Barker

Great place to drink beers and roll a few frames.

Jason Chambers

Very disappointed. The bar doesn't have a set time. I was told it would open 4 or 5 just depends. Then the bartender was not professional. He was more interested in the soccer game on the television. The cashier gets to pick the music so get ready for loud nonstop hard rap music. Keep in mind this is in the middle of the afternoon. I like rap music but I would much rather have a variety of music, especially since this is the time for parents to bring their children for the summer bowl program.

Jim Peterson

Fun place to meet friends

Martha Watts

Arrived at 12 noon, only about 50% occupied. Have not been in this particular bowling alley in over 5 years. Paid for two games with my friends and rented shoes used a house ball. Very first ball I threw I almost fell over the line because my left shoe stuck to the floor like a basketball shoe in a gymnasium. Complain to the only woman working there, she said when she had a chance she would wipe our lane. Never came to wipe the lane. Turned out it was probably the shoes sticking like glue to the floor. The woman said the shoes could be a problem because people walk outside in them. I asked, do you ever clean the shoes. No answer. I will never go back in the place again. Lack of caring and customer service.

Baylor Nicole Love

Great place to bowl

Tara Johnson

My boy had an awesome time tonight...he was such a good boy all day and it was a jam packed full day....doctors,mall,out to eat. We felt the need to reward him with a game of bowling. I love you Gabriel Johnson.

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