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REVIEWS OF Pigeon Forge Community Center IN Tennessee

Logan Thomas

Nice facility, but too many kids run free and unattended in the afternoons.

Greg Parzych

Awesome workout today.

julio araiza

Great place nice people!!!

Sharon Boudin

Silver Sneakers excepted here. Something for everyone. Great facility.

Josh Ferguson

Cool place lots of things to do.

Jane Smith

The best Community Center I have ever been to. Extremely affordable with lots of exercise equipment and daily classes available.

Alan Shipman

After paying for a day pass and telling the woman we never been here they didnt tell us they dont have towels or that its only lap swimming in the pool until 11 i am not happy with the customer service the life guards told us everything we needed to know. disappointed beyond belief

Butterfly Yellow

Great ace to bowl we love the community center

Josh Sicotte

Very great value facility with all the amenities!

Esteban Rodarte

Great place

Paul Orr

Beautiful, immaculate facility with super-friendly staff. Love! Rissa and crew in the LeConte Wellness Center - you have made this journey a blast - thank you!

enrique garcia

Best value in town for one year membership

brad goldsmith

This place is very nice.The outdoor pool is awesome and the water slide is such fun our daughter loved it the price is cheap and amazing people work there

Zsolt Bagdi

Great place to be

Karen Strickland

Nice, adequate gym facilities for under $9 to visit for the day...

Kenny Gomillion

You can't bowl on Monday cause of league can't bowl on Tuesday cause of league can't bowl on Wednesday cause of league can't bowl on Thursday cause of party that only takes up 2-3 lanes but since your not part of the party you can't bowl.. basically if you want to bowl you can't go to the bowling alley

lawrence siler

Great big gym .plenty of activities and 2 pools

Angela Fleming

Love to go black light bowling here.

Susan Barnes

This is a nice place to chill in Gatlinburg. When you have enough of cement parks but you must keep the crumb crushers happy, this is the place. Most of the community centers offer bowling, basketball ball and swimming. Some have more activities. They do charge per person but compared to other entities in the area, this is crazy cheap. This one is one of the largest in the area and is across from Boys and Girls Club that has tennis court. They also have a weight room. I love this place.


The pool was closed the day I came but, it was just luck, besides that it was perfect

Mell Corbett

Love this place

Marshall Bowes

Good facility. Enjoy going there.

Colleen Gutekunst

We are from out of town and had a large group. Looking for something to do together on a rainy day. Decided to go bowling. The staff was wonderful. The facilities are clean. A great night out.

Alicia Smith

I really enjoy going to the c.c. I feel safe and comfortable.

Margaret Balutis

Just got a membership for the year. Love how friendly the girls at the counter were to me and how well they explained everything to me. Went out of their way to make me feel comfortable. Thank you.

Jeremy Cordle

Great cheap community center. They have the cheapest and best bowling in Sevier County.

David Eubanks

Great place.

Hernan Pulido

Nice people! Great place to workout

Joyce M Henderson

Went bowling and loved it.

Brandy L.

Great family place to go off the beaten path. The have swimming, tennis, bowling, basketball and a library. Very affordable for families.

Robin Merritt-Preston

Best place to workout in Sevier County for the money.

Shirley Stumpf

We were here a couple of times now while on vacation. They charge 30.00 a person for a week for non Tenn. residents. We had a local person who was surprised they charge that much. Her fee is only 50.00 for the year as a local. They have an indoor and an outdoor pool. A bowling alley, basketball courts, fitness center, and a walking track. It's a nice facility

Tony Rizo

It's the bomb!

Samantha Stafford

Loved it had bowling. You can sign up and play basetball.

Casey Dorton

Great Bowling Rates. Very Family Friendly.

Joe Phillips

Nice place with nice people

Ronnie Newman

Well maintained and friendly atmosphere.

Dave Wilson

Top-notch facilities. If you don't have a membership it's only $6 a day.

Chris Mailliard

We love visiting here! The child watch workers are all amazing and great with the kids. It is easy to check out equipment from the front desk and they have plenty of weights and machines to choose from in the workout room.

Marissa Crockett

Great facility.

A Leitch


Dick Reeves

Excellent facility for anyone looking to put some effort into improving their health. The gym is fabulous, the indoor "quarter mile" walking level, equipment for every level of workout needs are really excellent.. The Pool is a star quality indoor facility even though the locker rooms are colder than you'd like. The pool and workout facility staff are excellent but the initial front desk staff could sure use some communication skills. They have a tendency to be so wrapped in their own personal conversations with one another that they often miss extending any communication with the public (Not so much as a "good morning or good afternoon")

James Tripp

Had fun bowling here for cheap. It's also kind of tucked away so it wasnt even crowded or anything.

Suzette Brown

This was our 2nd time visiting this community center while on vacation. Day pass gets you indoor or outdoor swimming, basketball, volleyball, racquetball, ping pong, walking track, weight room, and more. They provide the equipment :) Indoor bowling alley w/10 lanes for additional fee. Super friendly staff.

Brain Hall

Great place for the family...all sorts of activities

stephanie Chairse

Nice place. Only cost $8 per person per day unless purchasing the membership. They have a pool, basketball court, bowling, track, day care, and more.

Miranda Parrish

Clean and nice pools.

Elias Ladd

Awesome place to bowl for cheap.

Connie Helms

Wonderful place to visit. Great staff!

Shelia Smithee

Great place to bowl and ect

Curt Cronkrite

Very nice and clean, everything you could possibly need for you and your family health and enjoyment. Staff could be a little more personable!!

Jennifer Torres

Staff is always friendly, always greets each person they can. Facility has what we need.

Patricia Cunningham

Bowling on Wednesday nights is so much fun at Pigeon Forge Community Center.

Sam Miller

Great place for families

jamey fraysier

Huge American ninja style pool float in the middle of the pool. It takes up way too much space. The float made it very difficult for anyone (aside from 8yr old kids) to enjoy themselves or even swim in the pool.There is one older gentlemen who always talks to the young male lifeguards and distracts them from doing their job (workers who read this know who I'm talking about). I will not be returning if the huge kids float is going to be a permanent fixture.


Really friendly staff, nice pool.

Holly Fields

It's small, but very clean, bowling shoes are new. Kids size 6 ball stay behind the counter, you have to ask. Overall, new equipment and easy to use.

Steve Mickley

Outstanding facility. Top knotch staff.

Renee Hernandez

Superb fitness center, great facility for all ages.

Mark Halsey

Great place great people

Jim Ellis

Great place, clean, nice staff. I would give it five stars if they were opened longer. Opening late on weekends is bad and may as well not even open on Sundays with the hours they open.

jason hyer

Water is so warm!

Alison Owensby

We had a Blast Bowling! The staff were very friendly and it was Super clean! Having clean bathrooms is a major plus in my book... not expensive at all and was a way to entertain my family on a rainy day! Thank you to the staff for helping us so much!

Seth Ballew

Good gym

john snelling

The Community Center has an Outdoor pool also, Bowling Ally, weight room, 3 basketball court gym with .10 mile elevated walking track, racquet ball courts. Aerobics classes of all kinds. Adjacent Public Library, Day Care, After-school Activities, Summer Camps, meeting rooms, adjacent Tennis Courts, outdoor Riverwalk...and more. Plus it's clean as a whistle!

Andy Jackson

Great people, great activities. It's a true asset to the community.


It was great

Laura S.

Great place! The pools are nice and usually quite. The one thing I don't like is the age limit to use the fitness equipment. You have to be 14. I can understand being 14 without adult supervision, but I feel like an 11 should be able to use the treadmill with parental supervision. My son is wanting to start working out and has no where to go to do that. I worked for the YMCA for almost 16 years. We would allow children 10 and older to use the equipment with supervision until they were 14. They had to go through a training session with a fitness trainer first, but as long as there parent was with them they could use the full facility after that.

Mason Huskey

A great place to hang out...a variety of activities to partake in

Bryan Brickle

Great value. No long term and visitors can pay by day when in town. Locals can pay for the year at a great value for a great place to work out, swim, play basketball or walk track. Heck you can even bowl but you have to pay extra to bowl.

Lori White

Great place

Don Walton

Very clean, plenty of equipment, friendly, and helpful staff!

Brian Truslow

Pickleball in Smokies!

Janice Waters

A wonderful place to spend a few hours or day. Bowling, basketball or swimming. Excellent prices per person or a family. Music while you swim indoors or out. Covered patio seating to watch. An obstacle course in the pool. Lifeguards on duty. Diving board and sometimes the lifeguard will let you use the microphone to introduce yourself and what you going to do off the diving board. A super place for a group to add for your family reunion activities. Very clean, lockers available. Bring your own lock or keep it with you. Vending snack machines and help desk.

Chanel Hicks

Love this hotel

Kai Torres

They have a you can play basketball volleyball swim and lift weights


Pigeon Forge has done a great job with their Community Center. It has a bowling center, basketball, handball, a gym, an indoor walking lap above the basketball courts, an indoor pool, and in summer an outdoor pool.

Melissa Tice

I love the bowling.


It was the first time I had ever been there. It was a very nice atmosphere very clean and the people that work there was very courteous and very helpful. The lady that work the front desk was very courteous help me find out who I need to talk to and told me where to go.

Lauren Madison

A good place to hangout with the family

Michael Bumgarner

A lot of fun BOWLING!!!! Great people, clean environment, 5 stars!!!

Cora Jones

Bowling for rainy day fun

Tom Mullins

Good price for family time.

Aquene Agape

A great place for family time or personal workout time. Staff is very friendly and helpful.

Martha Cox

This is a wonderful location with very friendly staff. We have been so pleased with all our interactions. I love that the workout center staff will leave you alone while working out, but are very encouraging and helpful when you need some guidance. My husband was afraid there would be someone constantly pushing sales of personal training packages or supplements. The pool area and changing rooms are always clean and fresh smelling. It is such a large complex that it never seems crowded except just after school because the schools are right down the street. One of my favorite things is that they have a special program that allows my 12 year old to come workout with me too. We just had to complete some special paperwork and talk with a trainer for free. At other facilities, he had to be 16 to enter the fitness area.

Alisha Nelson-McElhenney

They have showers you can pay to use. Score one for the hiker and camping trash!!

Tonya Riley

We love the pool and staff.

Aziz Hasan

Clean, very nice facility and awesome gym. They have daycare for kids cost about $5.

Elesia King

I have been a member since they opened. You can't beat the benefits or the price. An individual membership cost will vary depending on your area of residence, but I don't think any individual person pays over $100 for an entire year! And, you're membership includes everything; indoor/outdoor pools, basketball, racquetball, indoor walking/running track, weights and cardio in fitness center, and all group classes(yoga, pilates, kick boxing, biking, etc). The staff in the fitness center is very helpful. It's just a great place to work out!

John Mulligan

The after school program is perfect! Homework help if needed then games, swimming on Wednesday in heated pool, bowling and more. The kids love it! It's affordable and convenient!

Alany Bennett

Clean and quiet, love the hot pool

David Bullion

Very friendly staff!!!

Billy Joe Dyer

Every thing one could desire for health and fitness.

David Steding

Not good at all. The club is decent, they give you a decent $50/month visitor pass, but honestly, the folks there are just NOT friendly. I've tried to be as nice as possible and I always am respectful of people, but they are just not a friendly bunch of people, across the board. The front desk is terrible; no one smiles, they give ME (THE CUSTOMER) the 3rd degree as I come in and never, ever say THANK YOU! The staff in the fitness center, wow; very stuffy and dont want to say hello or mingle with "newbies" I guess. The pool staff are the worst. They are very unprofessional and if indeed they are lifeguards?? I would hate to be struggling in the water there! You know, I have spoken with many folks that I've met there and collectively, everyone says the exact same thing; LOCALS AND OUT OF TOWNERS... Very sad, because its a pretty nice place. I do NOT recommend you going there.

karen Young


John Cronce

Great staff, great prices

David Howerton

Excellent facility for exercising, jogging, swimming, basketball, volleyball, racquetball, pickleball, bowling, and more.

Lindsey Tarwater

Great machines, friendly staff.

Autumn Cundiff

Love going swimming here.

Marvin Settle

Just joined the community center through the silver sneakers program. Courtney was awesome as she explained everything and gave us the tour. Looking forward to working out there and spending time on the pool. This is a great asset for local residents.

Deborah Cardwell

Our kids takes swimming lessons there Sara is great

Eric Wilhite

Great gym for pickup games with multiple courts

Ruth Coy

Lots to do

Forrest Wright

I like the gym, it's a little pricey at almost $7 a workout. They need a week pass that's more reasonable. I had a novel idea, the "government" should pay everyone who exercises $5 an hour.

Vanessa Wilson

Bowling center is wonderful. Worth the drive from Knoxville. Had five little bowlers. Paid half the price I would have paid going to the center here in Knoxville. No crowd either.

Shay Boyd

Great place!

Jaynell Potter

Great place to spend. The day

Delana Wolford

Love it so much to do

Justin Mills

One of the best community centers I have ever been in.


Only thing I used here is there a bowling alley and their pro shop. pro shop is very small but they do drill bowling balls here. The lanes are very nice and nice seating for the bowlers

James Effler

Very nice facility. Staff always helpful and very friendly. Can't help but enjoy this place.

Morgan Henschen

Very clean place with nice equipment. Lots to do.

Penelope Spicer

Nice place with decent prices bowling was enjoyable was $18.60 for four to bowl a game.

Candie Foster

They offer a variety of services, but my favorite is bowling.

John Bennett

My shower place nice and clean

Roy Miller

A great place for family bowling.

George Seagrave

Indoor pickleball on Saturday mornings!!!


It's a great place for families

paula adkins

Great atmosphere 10 lanes to bowl Lots of fun

LuCynthia Winfree

Prices and services are top notch! Love the classes!

P. Boyd

I travel for a living throughout the U.S. and there are few facilities as nice as this one! Exceptionally clean and maintained.

Patricia Hamblin

What an amazing community center! There are lots of things to do here. Codes to Pigeon Forge!

Samantha Barton

Large clean facility

Dolores Spruill

My membership allows me to do good things for my health

Kimber Allerd

Awesome place and staff

duston allison

Definitely a hidden treasure! My family went here to bowl and had a great time! They have 10 lanes that are completely up-to-date and my family was the only people there.

Bob Reiher

Great pickelball in the gym.

Starlet Allo

Great place for family fitness. Love the variety of classes!!!

Shawn Smelcer

Absolutely love this community center. Great place for the kids and family to go have fun together. Best bowling facility I've visited in a long time. They take pride in keeping their facility clean and the updated technology was equally as fun for the kids. Keep up the great work and improvements.

dj price

Great fun

Rusty PetersII

Great place for families to go and have fun. Basketball courts , pools indoor and out, small bowling allie, and more. The prices is right for locals to join.

Michael Paul

I love going here to exercise because they have all anyone needs for getting healthy and Friendly service too.

Eric Newman

Favorite place my son and I love. Bowling, swimming, basketball

bad chip Stephens

Awesome place to go to and work out. And the kids loves the activities too. So a great place for a family to go to.

Igor Bubis

Great Gym. Visited 4 times.

Barbara Bentley

Love this place! Very safety conscious! Great for my kids who meet there for basketball & after school homework. Had birthday party in bowling area. They have a lot going on for the entire family. I need to join!!!!

Matt Heckenmueller

Awesome place for locals as it's yearly fee is very cheap

Tammy Haack

Wonderful facility for bowling, great prices and great staff.

Dr Rick

Super cool bowling alley. In Pigeon Forge community center....

rob mulliniks

Great family atmosphere!!!

Todd Browning

Great place for kids and adults. Lots to do. Great staff

Mike Mitchell

Really nice facility.

Paul Thomas

Fantastic center, has it all, including indoor/outdoor pool

Rhonda Preece

Wonderful family oriented center lots of activities...really enjoy the indoor and out door pool.

Pam Fox

Took my grandson's for private swimming lessons and they did a great job teaching them. My 7 year old grandson was terrified of the water when he started and they eased him into the water and after about 8 or 10 lessons, he loves to swim. They are Fantastic!!!

Cindy Milam

We love bowling there


I have been using this gym for 8 years and wouldn't think of going anywhere else. Very professional staff. Front desk ladies are always friendly and welcoming. Membership now includes all classes and use of the out door pool. Don't believe the negative reviews. This gym is well equipped and clean.

Doug Pope

Great place good staff

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