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246 S Illinois Ave, Oak Ridge, TN 37830, United States

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REVIEWS OF Oak Ridge Bowling Center IN Tennessee

Mark Adams

Jack Brancatelli

Was super fun

Shelley Tucker

It's what it is, a bowling center. I've heard that the staff are rude. But it's unique. Nice neon space feeling.

James Iwamura

Had a great time!

Monica Witkowski

Great employees, owner is great. Had a fun time

John Bussell

Everything from food to the games themselves are overpriced compared to Strike & Spare. Went for the experience but definitely not going to be back.

john morgan

Cameron Kaale

Howard Fox

Lanes are fine. Part of the ceiling fell on my uncle though (ceiling badly needs repairs) and half of the arcade is broken.

Adrienne Armes

A little expensive ($18 for one adult and two kids under age 6, and we went around 1:00 pm), but the bowling was fine. The place is a little dirty and old feeling. They do offer food and beer, though, so that's a plus.

Gary Love

A good place to have fun.

James Daniel

Remember 7—8 is & 10 pitchers

Prestige Property spec

Pizza was good. Beer was good. Bowling was fantastic. Friendly employees!!

Granny Beth

Very old and out dated.Not in a safe location to drop off teens. Parking lot is poorly lit.

Larry Virden

I was there watching family bowl. We had a good time. It was a bit pricey but they enjoyed the experience.

Ocean Currents

Fun for the fam

Tiberius Inteus

I've been coming here since I was 4 years old. I lived in Scott County with my grandparents at that time. Whenever a Tuesday rolled around, my grandpa would come out, give me a hug, and I would ALWAYS look for his Bowling Ball bag the moment I stepped in. He took me with him every week, and I can remember the first time I walked into this establishment. The crashing of pins. The thundering noises of balls rocketing down the lanes... It was a thrill that I had never experienced before. And it was at THIS Alley. It was at THIS alley where some of my fondest memories reside. Here I am, 13 years later, still visiting this location. Every time I hear that glorious "CRRRRSH!" of a set of pins... It brings back those amazing memories. And the great service has never changed. The employees were wonderful 13 years ago. And they're still wonderful now. The prices are affordable, and the "Daily Specials", as I call them... they are a STEAL. The shoes are clean, and the building has that nice, retro feel... with a nice, modern twist. I go here with my friends all the time, and we have an absolute blast. Play a game here, get some pizza, and chill with your friends. I tell you, it'll be time well spent.

Jake Conrad

Decent place a little dated

Randy Treece

Wood lanes. Consistent shot. Very few breakdowns.

Sarah Burleson

I received the worst service ever at a bowling alley which is supposed to be family friendly. We brought in a group of kids and they refused to put up gutter guards. First he lied and said all the guards were broken and being repaired. Which was obviously not true because they were visibly strewn across the bowling alley. Then when I called him out on it he said that he was the only staff and that it was a full house due to league and that he was not about to be running up and down the lane catching the balls that would be getting stuck in the gutter. I said we would wait until he was less busy signing up the league people and he didn't even response and I was forced to walk away. The look on the kids faces as they kept getting gutter balls was heartbreaking. Needless to say we will never come back to this bowling alley and I highly recommend NOT coming here especially if you have kids. Worst experience bowling ever. And if you see my picture league hadn't even started yet and we played for thirty more minutes before any of them even started to bowl. Just ridiculous.

Megan Miller

I love this place! We go bowling weekly and always have a great time. On the weekends they do cosmic bowling at 8pm, where the lights go off, the music is turned up and you bowl by the glow. That is a fun experience but I prefer bowling with the lights on. The website has a full lists of pricing and special pricing for certain times and days. It's always reasonable and certain pricing has shoe rental included. It's in an older building but it's well maintained. It's clean, the bathrooms are clean and the staff is always helpful and friendly. It is a great place to get some exercise, have some fun and spend time with friends...and to get our heads out of our devices for a few hrs. My husband and I go weekly and it's the highlight of my week

Anthony Dodson

Good times!


The game section is really rough. Tried 4 games and 3 of them took our money. The one game that actually worked, couldnt dispense tickets. Just really ran down. The guy at the desk was hateful and acted like it killed him to flip the breaker to even turn on the games. I understand this isn’t an arcade, but they shouldn’t have games if they don’t want to maintain them.

Laura Massey

Fun place to share with your kids!

Dave Longhurst

Got charged for two games after asking for one game. Got put on lane 3 which had scoring issues. Place was full on Tuesday night.

amber lemaire

Great place to take your family for fun and enjoyable memories. We go bowling here just about everyday! I bought my son and fiance a new bowling ball for Christmas and they both love them! For a great price as well! Thank you Craig!

Christopher Weller

Always clean with a courteous staff more than willing to assist us with any issues that may arise. I recommend this bowling alley to any group small or large!

Amanda Elliott-Cupp

Family fun reasonable priced


Bowling was good, but half the arcade games didn't work.

Alex n Bonnie Allen

Not a bad place. Really big, but showing its age. The associates arent exactly welcoming. But decent place to bowl, the food is definitely over priced for the quality.

Nick Seagle

Bowled my 13th 300 bowling game of my career

Marty Williams

Great for families

Elizabeth Wilson

Mike Lowe

Great fun with reasonable prices. Good background music played when league bowling isn't active. Good special prices on Sunday and Wednesday. Also it houses an outlet of "The Other Place" deli... yum

Chuck Sharp

Gavin Garrett

Nice bowling alley not much more to say about it. Alot of their games don't work

Anthony Foy

Linda Merwin

Friendly and good to kids. Just wish we had one in Harriman TN

Eric Stone

Fun bowling, but dated. Will go again

Tj Hinkle

Mareina Bright

Great place. My husband and I went there for a date night.

Maria Graham

A bit dated but nice place

Eugene Miller

A great place to have fun with a group of friends.

Joe Williams

Great place to bowl. Lanes are always taken care of. Prompt service

Sara Mattingly

A little outdated but we still had a ton of fun.

Tabby Overbay

Worst customer service I've ever had in a bowling alley. Not to metion, there was no way for a handicapped person to play. Plus guy was rude

Andrea Parks

Had a wonderful time! Needs some upkeep but everyone was friendly & had a great time!!

Kyle Bubp

A great place to go bowling. Not too crowded and the price is very fair.

Sean Langlois

Eric Westlund

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff

Jessica Songy

Old not so great at all.

Spencer Fine

Bowling was good but was disappointed you couldnt get any drinks or food there.

Mitchell Pogue

Fun friendly and helpful

dayanara ayala

Great place! They offered gutter guards to the lady who’s kids were struggling in bowling!

Paul Vandagriff

Nice service, excessive trouble lane 27 and 28

Paula Souder

Had a great time clean but alot of tbe arcade games were outta order.

Bill Chan

Great bowling during rest time on a trip to Tennessee. Good lanes and area, unfortunately had very worn out shoes that had some smell in them. Lacked my specific size so I got a half size up (nitpicking here). Overall great value with a little need for increased upkeep.

Patricia Love

Nice, clean environment for families to bowl.....


Horrible service.

Darryl Williams

Great Hamburger, it's a Secret in Secret City. Whisper to your friends and family.

Amanda Ellis

Bowling is alright. the arcade games suck.and half of them are broken

Leo Preston

Good place to bowl. Although it's dirty and rundown. The price is more on the expensive side for the sub par atmosphere and amenities.

Mark Rash

Easily our favorite place to bowl. We love the old wooden lanes and most of all, the community of fellow bowlers and the staff.

Pat Hayes

Love it. My favorite place

R. Scott Frank

Love this alley

Mary Lewis

Paul Griffin

Fun and not pocket busting...

Rob G

Fun relaxing family place

Becci Garland

Not very friendly...needs some sprucing up.

James Ramey

James Kress

Has lots of lanes, so getting a space isn't really an issue. Is an older alley, so it is a bit run down, but still a good time.

Chris Marlow

Fun place.. Great prices on games-per-person, decent food, plenty of lanes, and a few pool/billiards tables..

Deborah Trostad

Desk staff could be friendlier. They don't really seem to enjoy the job or helping customers.

lawrence koldoff

Clean fun but a bit dated

Thomas Ray

Joshua Dye

Good place to spend time with family or friends. Great staff.

Isaac White

It's ok place to go bowling but they need little fixing the ceiling tiles looking bad need roof repairs .

Robert Watkins

Clean, staff was great. It was crowded and there wasn't enough kids bowling balls. Shoes were ancient

Paul Schmutzler

It's a bit roughed up from age, but the equipment seems to always work just fine. That's what's most important.

Jennifer Brown

Great place for the family to have some fun or for friends to hang out. There isn't much to do in Oak Ridge, so the bowling alley is a huge asset to the community.

Adam Brummett

It was fun and nice.

Miranda Frost

Great fun

Sara Burke

Just went today with my 10 year old. Everyone there is so nice. 2 people, 2 games and shoe rental was about $17. Had a good time. They also have food and drinks and even alcohol if you want it. Overall good experience and great for family time.


Nice place, I've been to better. Needs some updating but I had fun.

Buck Cochran

Good facility with good rates.

Nick Jacobson

They really need to work on the floors. The floors are wildly inconsistent, at times they were slick as normal and other times they had completely no slide to them. Many of us almost fell over because we hit an unexpected patch that had no slide to it. Worker wasn't pleasant and shoes looked about 30 years old.

Patsy Daugherty

My family had a great time. Thanks for being there for the kids.

Eileen Carter

Great cosmic bowling

David Brown

The lanes are inconsistently waxed from one to the next which makes bowling harder. They stopped serving any beer other than yellow junk. They did have all the yellow junk you might want on draft and in the bottle, though.

Ed Holbrook

Very friendly staff we had a great time

John White

Got a good ball from the pro shop and the lanes are not over oiled. The staff is extremely friendly and genuinely cares about taking care of the guests. Can't wait to play again.

sherri howard

Tammy Lawson

Clean and not busy. The gentleman at the counter was very nice.

Marcy Bean

Jonathan Allen

Avid bowler. Recently moved to Oak Ridge. Gave this place a shot cuz its less than a mile from my house. In the future, I'll drive the 45 minutes for Fountain Lanes. 2 guys working the counter were rude (overweight bald man and older fellow). Tried to deny our groupons coupons til we raised a stink about false advertising. Took 12 people with me and these guys were trying to haggle over the price of (Groupon says COMPLIMENTARY) shoe rental. Waited 30 minutes (sign said 'back in 5') for someone to work concessions. When my wife enquired at the front desk, she was told to wait patiently cuz the clerk was on a "5 minute break". Faulty lanes, scoreboards, and balls. Disgusting bathrooms. Terrible food. Bad service. Place is a joke. BEWARE!!! PS- Google made me give this establishment the 1 star it got. ... At least the shoes were clean, I guess.

Josh Branch

Good staff

James Cruse

Dude that works here gave it 5 stars and all other bowling alleys 1 star with bad reviews. That alone is douchy and worthy of 1 star..

Tony Hamby

Good place to bowl.

Angie McMahan

Love bowling here super nice people great for family fun

Sarah Ward

Workers at front desk sales wasn't friendly guy at snack bar was totally opposite

John W. Millwee

Oh my...we had a blast here.

Randal Robinson

Nice center. The building is showing age but the staff is top notch. A great place to roll the rock.

Robert Hearn

It's bowling. What more can you ask for?

Nick Jordan

Cheap bowling. It's dated, but everything works and the staff is nice.

Marguerite Hines

Went for a Birthday Party, kids really enjoyed themselves

Susan Snead

Aaron Taylor

Love to bowl here ...they have some of the best lanes available in tennessee ...they are cleaned and maintenance weekly...the staff is very friendly and will help with any concerns you may have... They have guards for beginners and kids so you can't miss the pins and the ball launcher for kids who can't bowl yet...they also have a inside catering bar that serves a variety of food and alcoholic beverages...they also have free refill soda fountain....friday and Saturday is cosmic bowl with low prices and disco and neon and laser lights and they play the latest hit music...this is a great place for parties...past time ...or get togethers because special reduced pricing is available ...must visit at least once

Laura Michelle

My Family & I went there for my birthday. We had so much fun!!

Jesus Jesus

Very nice

Professor Soggy Bones

It's a homey, family friendly place with daily deals. Wednesday, two people bowling two games is only $13 (which includes shoe rental). The man who runs it is always helpful in giving hints on how to bowl. My boyfriend and I drive about an hour to go here versus the one at Fountain City.

Donnie Vaughn

Good place for family fun

Melissa West

Not th he cleanest. Not a selection of places to sit to be a spectator. Oh and do t go for a snack or drink, they will rent your lane out to someone else even if you still have games t hat you have paid for.

David Tate

Fun for the family

Blessjoy Espadilla

tresa kilby

my son enjoys bowling..he has a great time !!

Laurie Steflik

My husband bowls on Tuesdays and really likes everyone.

Dan T

I went to play pool. 4 or 5 tables, missing balls and only 4 cue sticks for all tables to play with. Will go back but not often

Michelle Ellars

Family oriented bowling.

Tito M

Fun times and AC two of my favorite things

Trudy Slagle

We love coming here on Sundays after church to spend time together, as a family, playing a game everyone enjoys.

Matthew Owens

Michaela Leeper

We went as a group recently & the 2 guys working there were utter JERKS. They had nasty attitudes, were very impatient with us & didn't seem in any hurry to help us with anything. They didn't like the fact that we asked for gutter guards (after my son's ball got stuck in the gutter twice, I FIGURED they'd appreciate us having the guards in). They also don't have a bowling ball ramp, which would help tremendously with the slow ball issue. After dropping that much money into their till, they SHOULD have had better attitudes. I guess since they had the money, they got their share & didn't care.

Malinda Bennett

My favorite place

Judy Hart

Plenty of lanes, clean and bright, great food and friendly people willing to help. Fun Cosmic bowling Friday and Saturday nights starting earlier than others.

Lisa Nelson

My family has been going there for years. The staff is very courteous and friendly. We have never had any problems there. I have been to a few other places in Knoxville and prefer to come here over them. Prices are good, food is good and it is well kept. Equipment isn't brand new so it has some wear but that doesn't bother me. I would recommend this place.

karen robison

We had alot of fun


You can bowl and the alley at night is amazing

Floyd Pepper

riley lackey

Lets start positive, the woman and her daughter that run the restaurant are so sweet! The other employees are very drab and unfriendly. The alleys are very drab and dark. Our first game went okay, the second game, the alley broke down and i stead of letting us start a new game, the employee made us start on a new lane from the same place without so much as an explanation or apology. As bad as going to a panera bread because panera bread is awful.

Timmy Barringer

Stephanie A Langley

Family-friendly. $10 pitchers before 6. $6 wings. Can't really complain

Jessica Davenport

So much fun for kids

David Ensor

Friendly staff, but the general cleanliness was definitely lacking; as well as, the quality of their equipment.

Michael Stokes

Great bowling lanes but bathrooms are not kept clean. No toilet paper in either bathroom

Kelly Marcum

Amber Pierce

Samaha Naseem

Ive been coming here since i was a little kid so this is a bit biased. Bowling was and still is a part of my childhood. The smell of fries being fried and the sound of pins being knocked down are the sound of many of my memories of my home town. Anyways i normally go during the summer at night on the weekends. After 8 they turn on the blacklights, disco balls, and strobe lights. They're food is also AMAZING! I would recommend coming with big groups.

Mark Watt

Look and fun for all ages Pool, bowl,games, concessions

ordinary Red neck

Horrible customer service. Pizzas were frozen cheese pizzas (totinos style) that tasted like garbage. Manager refused to allow us to bring in outside food ( A Birthday Cake for a 5 year old) very rude people work here with very bad customer service and food quality in the same area

Bobby Corn

Always fun

S Brown

Nice place and family friendly

Jodie Kishmarton

Nice, a bit expensive

Zebulon Boor

Had an Awesome time.

emily gross

lazy, inconsistent “rules” and employees that ruin the experience and fun...waste of money and time

Robbie Broyles

Crystalnn Rowell

It was ok...our lane kept jamming up though

Jesse Carter

Henry Campos

(Translated by Google) It was good (Original) Estuvo bien

Rachel Turner

Great Price for Cosmos Bowling! Could use a tad bit of updating on some things, though

Stormy Owens

The staff is so nice and helpful! It's a great family place or date place with a good price!

Rickey Nation

Great place of family fun. We spent the celebration of my wife's birthday and son' s birthday, today.

Byeongho Park

(Translated by Google) Fun place (Original) 재미난 곳

Kertész Fanni

Gegetta Ferris

Nice people, clean environment and always fun! The parking lot is well lit and the night time bowling is the best!

Bryson Lackey

Only been to one other bowling alley so wasn't sure what to expect at first. The employee's are very unfriendly and unhelpful. In the middle of a game the lane just completely broke and messed up like 5 roles, instead of the worker giving us a free game to restart it, he just completely ignored the fact that our game was ruined and moved us to a new lane with the same score. We got a pizza, and what do you really expect from a bowling alley food wise? It was overpriced for what it was but the cook was a sweetie.

Jessica Mcclure

The family had a blast. They have a special where kids can play free for the summer and adults can get a pass for 30.00.

Jerri Wilkes

Very much fun! Clean family environment and great bowling facility plus pool tables and games. Super clean and nice helpful staff....and great music for our Saturday night fun!!

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