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REVIEWS OF Nashville Underground IN Tennessee

Andrés felipe Gómez Guerra

Beautiful place!

chris decker

The Saturday night band was hilarious and played good tunes. Great voices on the singers and the whole crew were just having a blast up there

Mark J

We had a great meal (BBQ chicken) and the staff was very friendly and helpful

Jacques Larsen

Thanks Bill Butl.. for welcoming us to Nashville!

del p

Great food and staff friendly

Joshua Gilmore

Great music and drinks. The view is perfect of downtown and the stadium.

Charles Conti

Awesome venue for a big party

Gabbe Rowland

Friendly bar tender and I loved the sinks!!

Darol Obarski

Very good hot chicken and the best greens i had in Nashville. Nice place very clean.

Michael Bolls

Come here for the club and music, but avoid the food. Nashville Underground is located at the end of Broadway street in Nashville. It's a solid location that's a bit away from the usual raucous you'll see on Broadway. One thing that I like about this place is that it contains a bit of something for everyone. There's a live music section/pub style restaurant on the first floor. The second contains a mechanical bull (which I rode and fell off). The third contains an LED dance floor. A rooftop bar and private spaces for parties. If you come here to drink, club, and have a good time, you'll love this place. But I'll have to remove a star due to the terrible food experience here. My friends and I ordered a variety of things so I know it wasn't just a single dish. Food ordered below: -G's Southern Steak Salad: The steak wasn't precut and it was placed on top of the salad. The steak was so rough that we couldn't cut it with the knife provided. I asked the waitress for a steak knife and we still had trouble. Gave up on trying to eat this. -Jumbo Wings: Forgot the sauce we got it with this, but the sauce came out too...sweet with a peculiar flavor. My friend that ordered this shared it with the rest of our group hoping that she didn't have to touch it anymore. -Build Your Own Burger: A simple burger that's super hard to mess up. Fries were a bit unseasoned. 4/5. Honestly, the clubbing experience was so solid here that it saved this place from a lower rating.

Eli S

Just had their hot chicken ramen. Thought I could handle their "hot", I was wrong. Really good, but I think I'll do the medium next time. Nice, relaxing atmosphere.

Ron Lawler

Awesome place! Staff was knowledgable and willing to go extra mile (or upstairs to get draft beer not on this floor). Band was excellent and having fun. Try the Cajun boiled peanuts.

Joy Brackenridge

Good food, just not recommended for big groups unless you feel like tipping 40%

Megan Pietrodangelo

Awesome place to eat!! We arrived a little early to catch a seat and sat through an amazing band. The Nashville Hot Chicken was out of control!!!! The collards & cheese grits are a must try. We loved everything.

Michael Parham

Remarkable service and the food was awesome. Chef Terrence Parham even greeted us at the table to ensure our food was pleasing for our party. I highly recommend the Nashville underground of you are looking for some great live country music and some great food

Keith Wynne

Excellent food, service, and atmosphere. Celebrated a double birthday there

Kate Tyler

Great entertainment without being too loud to enjoy our company and conversation (we visited at lunchtime). Food was delicious--I recommend the strawberry fields salad. Great location, good service.

Andrew Andrew

Better food then most places on the strip, but they should all be using Acmes Texas ketchup.

Rubi Salazar

Ask them for a song, DJ was afraid of diversity.


So much fun and great place to watch the Buckeye game!! Lots of fans and great game specials with drinks and food. Also can buy game tshirts and can coozies. The staff was very friendly and kept our drinks full. Only downfall is having to pay for parking in the city. We will definitely go back when we are in town.

Christopher Gibbs

Started off slow but got better when the band got there. Servers should give guests the detailed receipts not just the end receipts though.

Derrick Jenkins

One of my favorite rooftop bars in Nashville. More about the food and drinks than the music, but always a good experience.

Pete O'Hare

Great venue, roof top amazing view.

Melinda Hafeli

Ask for burger Med Well. It came back dripping with blood and red in middle. Sent it back and asked for no pink. It was returned again with pink and blood under burger on plate. I ate the fries. Left the burger. Waiter did not even asknof there was something wrong. I should have retyrned it a 2nd time, but thought the waiter (Rafal) would recognize there was a problem. Charged me full price. Still left a tip, but not my normal 25%.

Cynthia Bivens

The beer was cold, but the food was not good. The food was not prepared as requested and the meals were just not good. The cooks, I guess don't read the orders and fill the food requests as ordered. I was very disappointed, and so were the others in my party. We know it isn't the wait staffs fault, and they are usually the ones that take the flack from the customers when the food isn't right or as ordered.

Zijad Zukanovic

Very nice setting offering multiple levels with varying types of dance floors and bars to accommodate anyone's drinking needs. The 2 different rooftop levels were awesome, not too crowded and you could feel the breeze which made me feel so much better than being stuffed and sandwiched like a sardine. But the best part was the mechanical bull on the second floor. Nice touch.

Alexandra Muehlisch

Good food and the staff is very friendly and alert. Very cool place with life music.

Frederic Keyes

Music was great. The food was unique and delicious. I definitely recommend.

Christy Vasallo

We were here on a Friday night hoping for good music and fun and that was not the case. We did however enjoy the Hot Chicken tenders, the ranch and blue cheese dressings were both delicious and paired well with the tenders.

Nikki Montgomery

Fun! A great place for a warm Saturday night!

Phoenix Hyde

Nashville Underground is the best place In Downtown Nashville

Cassie Donsbach

Great food & live band!

Meredith Puppa

Mechanical Bull!!!! But alot of fun..packed full of people and many different floors. Live musis On floor one and bull on second floor on 4th floor and 5th floor is rooftop bar tooo

Krista Landry

The service was excellent! I had the catfish with Mac and cheese and coleslaw and it was great. The live band was amazing, too.

Jim McCord

Business event. They do a great job. Thanks

Matthew Visco

Had a great time at this place. Loved the band.

Mark Evans

Very good. Food and service.

Laura Flowers

Good music. Great fried green Tomatoes!

Jim Hopton

Country music venue and spacious hangout. Busy, popular venue. Great time had here.

Jett K.

Wonderful place to listen to talented musicians. Low key, friendly place for drinks and food.

Thom Habecker

Great seat for 4th of July fireworks.

Will Enkulenko

Food was fantastic! We had just missed getting the chicken and waffles which is dish I love. But the entertainment was outstanding and the food was delicious! My father ordered the Tennessee Hot Chicken and it look amazing. This restaurant was pretty cool and I I'll happily go back again!

Mj speake

We went there on Wednesday, and it was a beautiful day, and they only had one server bartender, and I'm not blaming her because the place was packed, but we waited 40 minutes for our food, and when we got it, it was cold, all of it was cold, and we were very disappointed the chef came up and talked to us and said he would make it up to us, but I had to be to the airport, so maybe next time, when it's warm outside, you guys should plan on doing better with your staffing.

Dave Shawver

Always a new cool band, great food and met the artist and crew after lunch. Perfect lunch experience!

Nicole Roche

We walked in at 7:30 PL on a Saturday with a group of 12 for a Bachelorette party and were able to be accommodated right away for dinner. Rex was the manager and took great care of us. Our waitress was very busy but worked hard for us even though our food order got delayed. Hospitality was fantastic, and the music and rooftop bar were amazing. Cornhole at the top bar!

Brendan Bowe

Lovely renovation. Delicious food

James Richardson

Roof top bar , music is great ,great dj, drinks are good, hot chicken is good

Vincent Martin

Fun atmosphere but food service was a bit slow.

Charles Williams

First time coming there.My wife and I rode the Bull on the second floor.The lady that works the Bull Phenix was the Best.She was Friendly and really kept the crowd going without a mic.I loved Her.Most Definitely recommend this place For Fun and drinks

Luis de la Cruz

The bartender Sean was so knowledgeable and help full. Good food. Good drinks. Really nice place. Beautiful decore and atmosphere.

Busy Mom of 3 a. greene

Nice atmosphere however every staff member is running around crazy and they aren't nearly as crowds as all the other bars. Worst part is when you have stare at your beer at the bar for 22 minutes before your waitress brings it to you. Fried pickles we not crispy and weren't warm which means they probably sat for a while back as well.

Brittany Burke

This was a cool spot to hang at during the day. We played corn hole on the roof one afternoon & watched some football on a Sunday afternoon. Great beer prices ($3/each for cans of music City light) Tried the boiled peanuts which were good. I also had a really yummy frozen drink here as well.

Kevin Harbour

Great place to hangout, have a drink, and get some food. Multiple levels of entertainment and fun. We loved hanging out on the rooftop.

Michael B

The food was mediocre and they messed up every single order we had and forgot parts of our order and cooked everything wrong. It is hard to mess up Nashville Hot Chicken and Boiled Peanuts and this place has messed it up. Service was alright but just save yourself the trouble and eat somewhere else

Scott Szretter

This is one of the more upscale places on the strip. It's clean, spacious and you can enjoy some corn hole on the rooftop.

Jason Hoggatt

Really liked the hot chicken sandwich. I got it medium hot and it had good flavor not overpowered with heat.

Jeanie Berkenstock

Went to NU with a group from work for lunch, there were 16 of us! Our waitress was great! Drinks were kept full, the food came out together and ALL the orders were correct! Great work!

Mike Mitchell

This place is a joke. Sitting here we put our order in an hour ago. Have not seen our waiter for 40 minutes. The only reason I gave it one star is because I couldn't give it zero. We left.

Marcus Clayborne

Mediocre. They put "Nashville Hot" on alot of the menu but in my visit 3 if us got different items and it was ok. Not bad food but also not unique or very interesting. I also got the Famous Banana pudding, which was presented nicely and cool in a Mason jar but tasted like the banana pudding you get at the buffet line restaurants. Better selections if your looking to feast. On the other hand they look like they throw down when the sun goes down and Music and booze is more the strong suit.

raidel vasallo

The name is a little deceiving as this place is not really underground. The food and service was good. I enjoyed the music and atmosphere. I would recommend to come with your friends if you can but if not make some new ones here. I came in based on a drink specials and it was worth it.

Richard Hagerman

Very good place to go.

Bruno Massa

Awesome chicken wings! Great service and the music was top notch! ( Rexton Lee) and many thanks to Teddy the manager for the great hospitality!

Kristi Lynn

Definitely visit for a drink and the rooftop, but skip dinner. We went there because the menu out front has breakfast served all day. Once we sat down, they informed us the menu changed and no more breakfast. I asked what the seasonal Diskin Cider was and they said Diskin. I said, yeah, which one. The answer I got was Apple. If you are going to have an extensive alcohol selection, train your staff as to what everything is. We both had to send our drinks back. My cider tasted like the line was contaminated and my husband got the wrong one all together. The chicken tenders were really greasy. Would never eat there again. Our check was also wrong and had a drink on it we didn't order.

Wesley Bakewell

Cold well priced beers, everything else kinda sucks. Bartender says she knows how to make a drink that she doesn't.

Adam Carriker

Ridiculously Slow service, mediocre food. It took ten minutes for anyone to talk to us after we were seated and then another hour to actually get our food. After that the food certainly wasn't worth the wait.

Nick Charlie Prather

Great portions for the price. Everyone was super kind. Great atmosphere. Live music during the day was awesome. Will definitely be back.


Friendly staff and good food. Great place to go whenever Broadway is busy.

Jennifer Sanchez

Came here with a small group of friends and had a great time. All the employees here are phenomenal, the bathrooms are super clean, the mechanical bull is great, and drinks are on point.

Mike T

Good food and atmosphere.

Tressie Jackman

Ordered a medium hot chicken wrap and a medium hot chicken sandwich. Could eat the wrap with no problem, but the sandwich was WAY to hot. I had to explain SEVERAL times that we did not get the same chicken. Then it was brushed off as no big deal, blamed employees, the kitchen, etc. Service was not great in general. Sad because all other places we have visited on Broadway have been excellent!

Brandon Lovejoy

Great food, and music.

Tony Sapp

Food on point, hot chicken was cooked to perfection. Good selection of beer and other mixed drinks. Live music all day everyday.

Steve Harford

Used to me my favorite place downtown until they changed up the music. Now I go there and feel annoyed. Others can like it but my friends and I left disappointed the past several times.


For a Saturday night it wasnt too crowed. Obviously a random cover band was playing... But the service was really fast, the food is good!

vicki walls

Food cold and not so good. Really slow service

Taylor Berrisford

Had our rehearsal dinner here and it was perfect! Not too loud and great band atmosphere

Stephen Noe

Great food - the hot chicken is excellent - and the rooftop areas are super cool.

Jackie L

Great service. Great draft beer and boiled peanuts.

Adam Hasty

The Nashville hot chicken was very good!

lauren estes

Peobably a great late-night spot. But we came in on a monday and it took over an hour to get just two meals. Multiple people left while we were there for lack of service... we should have.

Simon Lee

Fun spot above all of the hubbub.

Diane Allen

Customer service all day long with almost 1,000 people from PDI.

Trent McDaniel

Good music and good food. Spicy chicken in mild spice was flavorful but not too hot.

Dave Vest

Good service,clean place,great atmosphere!

Sithanda Ntuka

Great rooftop with a nice Nashville vibe and good song selection. You also get beautiful views of Broadway and downtown Nashville.

Kendall Sherman

Managers are so friendly. Great sports bar to watch any sports in. Love the patio for a hidden Saturday night spot!

Michael Fiedler

Sam the bartender is amazing

Yakov Hay Avraham

Woow. Great place and atmosphere

Julie Swaney

Great place to watch a game and hang out. We were there for Thanksgiving dinner and the buffet was good. Reasonably priced and welcoming staff.

Carol Swartz

Slow service for no more people they had. Spicey food.

Joey Barsic

Establishment is excellent. The management and staff are courteous and friendly. Good live music. I recommend their hot chicken. The hot is made from local peppers and made on site. Their ranch and pickles are also made on site. Great stop!

callie wiley

We stopped here after a tour of downtown around 9:30 pm on a Friday. This place is very disorganized. There was no hostess and the wait staff was not paying any attention. We eventually went to the bar to get served because it was getting late and we did not want to find another place for dinner. The female bartender was friendly but the guys were not. The fries were mediocre.The hot chicken was great and the beer was cold and tasty. If we were not patient we would not have known that. We did not know there were multiple floors. We stayed on the main floor with the band. They were too loud but the songs were from the 70s and 80s which is my kind of music. This place has some great potential based on the location and theme. The service needs to be stepped up. I would recommend for the chicken and live music but everything else needs improvement.

K Aug

Great bar in Nashville. It has something for everyone. Great live music on the first 2 floors. The dance floor has a large screen built into the floor and is the main attraction for college age people. There are 4 levels. It has several outdoor areas, including an upper area that looks out over the next door bar into the river. And the food is sit down restaurant quality! I love visiting here. I remember when it was just a little hole in the wall. If you go there ask about the owner's dog Colonel.

Loopy Lyle

Okay, this place is al the spot if you want to get some really creative donuts and a wonderful little hamburger. Run by a traditionally trained chef you can't go wrong with the tasted found here. it's a bit hard to spot from the street but if you do find it just pop down the stairs and get yourself a tasty treat enjoyed by construction workers and foodie critics alike.

Patti Dybdahl

We had one night in Nashville and stopped in here to listen to the music. We were able to find a nice comfortable spot on a sofa. The waitress staff was friendly. The music was good. There were TVs with sports playing. I would go back. They have bar food.

Brie Rankin

This restaurant has the worst service I have ever experienced! We walked in and there was no hostess. We stood in the entrance for a good two minutes until a bar tender told us to seat ourselves. We sat down and waited for a waitress but none came. We looked around to see if we could flag down a waitress but there was none in sight. Eventually, a waitress took our drink orders and we just sat and waited to put in our food order. 10 minutes later, still no waitress. Finally, the waitress came and took our orders. Then, we waited. 20 minutes later, no waitress. Our drinks were empty and we were thirsty. 30 min in, still no waitress in sight. When our food did come, it was mediocre. Definitely not worth the worthless service. Will never go back.

Melody Shah

Cool venue, with a really nice rooftop bar that has an incredible view of downtown Nashville.

Veronica Leyva

Great live music,food was good and service was very good!

Cameron White

Went for a private event. Saw Rhett Akins. Great rooftop bar.

Brandi Jett

Food was cold. Took too long to get food after order was placed. Ordered mild hot chicken, served 'hot' hot chicken. Food overall had a fine flavor, even with being served the wrong spice level, but would have been much better if it wasn't cold

Aaron Jakosa

I had to try the Nashville hot chicken. Man this place is it. Great chicken great mac and cheese. My server was avi and she knew about everything on the menu and she was great. I definitely recommend her and this place to eat and they have more then just hot chicken. You gotta try this place.

Samuel Edmondson

I got the burger slider during burger week but don't think they have it usually. The hot chicken inside was amazing so might have to go back and try that another day. I also loved the fries, and they had a lot of flavor.

Spencer Volzix

Good experience overall but not 5 stars.

jonathan omage

So am in downtown Nashville been walking around for some time smoking in or taking in the vibes of the city but we do know you can't have fun without a nice spot to eat and drink but believe me there are so great place to eat but would recommend the Nashville underground for its chicken and beer .

Dane Redinger

Good Mac and cheese

Tajh Tyler

Very nice place. I went in for the first time at the beginning of March Madness. Think it has everything to give Acme next door a run for their money. All that being said the food needs to be addressed for this place to reach the next level. It’s so close to having everything! Food must be addressed. #Tfact

Terry Gilley

The best roof top bar on Broadway! The drinks are expertly made, they have the coldest draft beer in Nashville, and the music is always great! Fabulous decor and design, very friendly environment, and great features throughout! The food is also extremely good and award winning! I highly recommend this establishment!!!

Russell Bell

Great place to get a drink and listen to some live music

Scott Amend

had a lot of fun there great wings drinks were great

Stephanie Foster

Had our holiday party here this year. Fabulous venue. Food was messy, stir fry with noodles, BUT oh so yummy. Servers were great, bartenders very attentive. Overall... Huge success.

John Van Norman

They used my friends card to pay some else's tab and refused to refund the amount or fix the situation. The manger was incredibly rude through the entire process

Shannon McCarthy

I really liked the rooftop because of the view, size, and they had corn hole on one side. It wasn't very "happening" at the time we went but we were also there on a Monday at 11:30.

Amber Remillard

New, clean, trendy! Several different acts and feels depending on which floor you are on. The food is what you might call modern with a Nashville flar8. So, so good! Good vegetarian options (don't worry southern folk, plenty of meat too!). The drinks are equally as fun and creative or standard and comforting depending on what you're in the mood for. Oh! And the BEST ROOFTOP on Broadway! (Be sure to go to the top and then up one more flight of stairs).

Travis Peacock

This was one of many stops of the night. There was a private party upstairs, but the bartender downstairs made sure to take care of us promptly. Ordered a beer and some boiled peanuts. They were both delicious. Would recommend this place to anyone looking for a quick drink and snack. I'll definitely check it out again

Scott Boley

The five dollar burger we tried during burger week was awful .(I’m guessing last place finisher )The blackened chicken sandwich we had for our meal was almost as bad as the burger. Service not so good either ..been to Nashville many times this place not again.

Christabel Ballard

Among the worst places I've ever eaten. I went with my partner and neither meal came as described. The steak salad was mostly just a heap of slimy old lettuce. Ridiculous prices. Avoid this place at all costs.

Greg Thompson

Good place to stop n get a drink, ride a mechanical bull and dance the night away

Harley Davis

This place has good food and a nice choice of beer. Ordered the pulled pork with coleslaw and cornbread. The cornbread was pressed as a waffle which was kinda cool, thought they gave me the wrong side at first.

Andre' Asselin

Awsom people great time

Kristina Honsted

Went for dinner about 7pm on July 5th. The Underground was out of the Impossible Burger. When I asked about other vegetarian options the waitress said I could do one of the salads minus the meats or the Mac and cheese without the chicken. They would not lower the price and accommodate the removal of the protein. I ended up getting the Mac and cheese for $4 more than the Impossible Burger I originally wanted. That wouldn't have been so bad but the fried pickles were not good at all. You could tell the grease needed to be changed and for the high price of $9.99 you'd have thought you'd get a pile. Really small portion. The French fries were cold and fried in oil that needed changed. One and done.

electro wasabi

I liked the ribs but the brisket was a bit disappointing. The cheesecake was by far the best part, it was really good.

David Abbott

Good drinks. Great music

Victor Villamayor

The best classic burger than I eaten ever!

Mike McKee

Fantastic venue and staff, great drinks and buffet. The venue is smaller, but it serves for a great vibe. There are a few levels and each has a distinct feel to it.

Charles Strong

Had the best time

Susan Ringgenberg

Great atmosphere and service.

Adelle Ruedo

Ok, nothing to brag about I did like the catfish

Logan Gray

My new favorite place in Nashville. By far the best rooftop bar on broadway. 3 different levels on the roof, many more indoors, spacious with lots of live music. Amazing food offered, great drink specials, always full but not overwhelming. One of the only actual “dancefloors” on Broadway as well.

C Gard

Good food and cold beer. The staff was nice too. We had some hot chicken sandwiches on the rooftop and played cornhole while we waited. I'll likely go back!

Jenna Rankin

The service sucks, we had to wait an hour just for our food and we didn't order anything complicated. The waitress practicly avoids our table and we had so so food. DON'T COME HERE IF YOU NEED TO BE SOMEWHERE IN 3 HOURS OR LESS BECAUSE YOU WILL BWE LATE!

Kenneth Rankin

Came on a Sunday night before the Pink concert. The place was fairly empty so we decided it would be a good, quick eat. Wrong. Took a while to get waited on, all our drinks ran dry multiple times. Saw a dozen people just give up and leave without service. Burger was good, fries were good, but they tasted exactly like the zesty fries from the grocery store cooked at home in the oven. Sad.

Carl Saravia

Its a awesome place. I liked it alot


Had a blast! Was in town for the weekend and this bar has so many different levels, plus their ladies bathroom was sooo nice and clean!!

Tyler Thomas

Had a great meal and drink. Can't speak for the atmosphere at night but the volume of the music agreed better with having a conversation than some of the other bars off the main strip. Bartenders had helpful recommendations and gave us information about the dance floor upstairs and the rooftop bar.

Jerry Turner

Food and service was spot on

Cody Loftin

Mostly stayed at the bar but the bartenders were super nice, and the drinks were MUCH cheaper there than any where else we went on Broadway!

Josue Chavez

Good place by the strip with a light up dance floor. Was great for dancing but not overly crowded. Would definitely come back

Moose Bennett

Better for entertainment, than for food. Service wasn't top shelf, food was "so-so." Views from the roof are great, several floors for dancing, bands, or mechanical bull riding.

Natasha Ingle

Love this place! Clean, friendly, and the bar keep was sweet!

Amanda Jane DeWeese

Loved it I could call this place home..

Ronald B Allen

Great music and the food was very good for the event. Also event space allows for good networking.

Andrew Brodie

Hot chicken sammy is awesome

D. Dieser

Had a great time at our private party. The food was good, loved the margarita pizza.

Lucian Brown

We partied Hard honey harrd

John Guymon

I love the hot chicken salad. Unique and delicious

Jeremy Peppler

Nashville hot chicken was pretty decent. Music was so loud i could hear the person next to me. Why so loud when there was about 10 people in the place at 7 PM??

Mel Nemcek

It's a bar/club, what more should I say. It's loud, bar service slow and I was there for a private event. Not impressed.

Melissa Klaus

Food was tasty! Live music at brunch was awesome!

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