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REVIEWS OF Main Event Knoxville IN Tennessee

Amber Coin

Pretty fun, but over hyped.

Sean Geronimo Anderson

ropes course is so fun! and a great arcade selection. also Mikaela is the best don't @ me ✋

Seneca Webb

Gotta go again, my daughter and I had a blast!!

Garrett Boyd

We used main event to host our holiday Christmas party for our organization. We purchased a bowling package with food and it was excellent. Great service and the staff helped us with all our setup. The food was excellent and we chose the taco bar, it came with chips, quesadillas, tacos and sides. Price was very reasonable compared to other venues in Knoxville too. Always love the cool bowling themes too!

Scott Aubin

Great place for kids adults. Go during the day for kids. After 8:00 or so it gets more adult.

Lindsey Simmons

We came for the Monday deal and got arcade cards. It was our daughters 10th birthday so we let her pick an activity to do and she wanted to try the gravity course. Everything was fine until she got on top of the course and started to panic. The worker, his name was Jordan, was playing on his phone not paying attention to anything so he didn’t see my daughter crying in the middle of the course. Our entire family tried to yell at him to go help her to which he glanced down at us then back at his phone for the remainder of the time. Eventually a parent of another child who was on the course helped my daughter get to the stairs so she could get off. She came down crying and told us she wanted to go home. We found a manager in the arcade, her name was Mia, who apologized for Jordan’s negligence and gave us several laser tag games for our entire family. My daughter did end up enjoying her time after playing games and laser tag but the absolute carelessness Jordan had while running something potentially dangerous really killed the experience. If we ever decide to come back we will definitely avoid the gravity course.

rain man

A little on the pricey side outside of monday nights but still had a blast. Took my 6yo daughter there for "date night" and couldn't have asked for a better time with her. Since it was packed and she was too small for the some of the attractions, she decided to play laser tag instead and loved it. Food is great. Service was slow but that was because their under staffed in the restaurant and it was busy. I highly recommend this place if you haven't been.

oluwasemilore ayomipo

Really cool! Fun things for kids, teenagers, and also adults. Bowling is fine there, and foods were great...


Great place lots of fun

Richy Wittmer

Fun but expensive for the play time. Probably want be back. Dave and Buster's is a better value

Desiree Gray

Great fun for adults and kids ,liked it better than Dave and Busters because of the bowling and pool tables

Josh Allen

It was fun but also really expensive. We went on a discount day and it was still really expensive. But lots of family fun activities for all ages.

brandt jones

Came here with my grandson. We had a great time! We bought the summer special deal...for $15 we bowled, played laser tag, played pool and he walked the high rope. We spent over 5 hours here and never got bored. I really recommend this place for anyone looking for a good time!

Kyle Phillips

Really great place all the way around except where you pay. This place is expensive. Bring a couple hundred bucks if you expect to stay long.

Tracy Slice

It was a great time, just wish we could of had more time to do a few more laser tag and ropes course! I conquered my fear of the zip line!

Lori Ray

Always have a lot of fun when we go. Lots of kid games, but also great games for adults too.

Tressa Miller

This place has EVERYTHING!! Literally all you could think of in a building. Bowling, lasertag, rope climping/walking along the ceiling, a bar, a full menu, (and the food comes out quick and hot), arcade, shuffleboard, pool tables. The service was great and the food was too.

Caleb Vance

The "high tech" lane that i was on was broken for the first thirty minutes of our hour. It to them that long to move us to one of the many open lanes. Not my kind of bowling alley.

S Sherrod

First time there but will NOT be the last. Our boys (13 & 14) loved it. They were attending a team party and had nothing but good things to say about the arcade games, laser tag, and pizza. They didn't bowl since they have been bowling the last 30+ weeks in a league but the 22 lanes looked great. Overall fun experience. The noise level got too loud so we left after 3 hours but there is nothing to keep that down when kids are having a good time.

The Coupled Review

We had two wonderful young ladies bring us waters after everything had closed down. Kaylee and Lauren were absolutely wonderful in taking care of our party and bringing us waters after everything else closed down. We were unable to leave a tip sadly as we didnt have cash on us but none the less they had wonderful smiles and did everything with an upbeat attitude they were a great representation of Main Event as a company as a whole!

Taylor Comford

Great arcade options, bowling is fun with many visual options and the laser tag is always a fun little workout

Allie Loos

Its was pretty good. Laser tag and arcade was really fun. The pizza tasted weird but the fun I had there with friends makes up for it. Would recommend having a party there for a group of high school students.

Kimberly Way

The kids had a good time however everything was really overpriced

jon cooper

Always a wonderful experience here. I would suggest the Monday night deal where it is $10 for all you can do games and an additional $10 for all you can do activity’s. Another wise tip, if you are bowling ,or just there with the kids go directly to the pizza area to order your food and drinks and you get all you want refills for your drink compared to per drink if you order from table kiosk.

Gaming with Mike

Great place lots of games and lazer tag and bowling!

Thomas Lackey

Had an event with work. Great place to blow off some steam and get to know each other a little better outside of the office.

Travis Lee

Clean and well staffed. Fun for all ages

Jeff Colvin

All the games you could want, food and drink. Always a good time

Brian King

Very cool place! Lots of video games for all ages, pool tables, a bar & restaurant, bowling alley, laser tag and more! Could definitely spend alot of time here!

Michael Bruckbauer

This place advertises 19.99 wristbands but what they don't tell you is that that's only for bowling, rope course and laser tag, all 3 of which requires a 1-3 hr wait time. They're all supposed to be unlimited but my daughters and I were thrown off the rope course after going through once!! The only other thing to do is the arcades which cost of $300!! For us plus our 3 kids! THEN 2 weeks later I find out that my daughters have LICE!!!! They contracted them from the virtual 3D game they played here!! Never going back!!!

Joshua Webb

We went to Main Event as a casual class reunion function. Everyone had a great time! Plenty for all ages and interests. Bowling lanes are very nice, laser tag is good, and arcade had plenty of options. (We didn't do Ropes or Billiards.)

Janet Thomas

Fun and enjoying enjoy for all family!!

Candace Stewart

Awesome!! Don't get the timed for it cuz you can't use any of the tickets or prize points you win

Melinda Anderson

Awesome place. Biggest location I've been to, staff was so helpful. The only thing that sucks is there are no tables over by the pool tables. You have no where to sit your drinks or coats or anything. I would strongly suggest adding tables over there (which is the reason for 4 stars and not 5)

Jennifer Hawkins

This place is so much fun for kids and adults alike! They have bowling, laser tag, billiards, an arcade, and an indoor rope course with a zip line, along with a grill and bar. Can be pricey, but they do run weekly specials throughout the summer so families can have an affordable day together to beat the heat. The food is surprisingly good also, but do not recommend the pizza. We can't wait to go back!

Megan L.

Great place! Arcade games are a little high ($1.50 per game or higher) but the $7 unlimited deal is great! Staff was super nice!

bill hamby

Food was really good and out to us quickly. Lots to do here, we only had time to play some video games before we had to leave. Will definitely be back when we have more time to take advantage of the all you can play deals.

Nathanael Holbrook

My kids enjoyed the ropes course, which was a reasonable value for the unlimited pass. I feel like an old man shouting about his lawn, but why are video games so ridiculously expensive? Growing up 80's-90's you could enjoy yourself at the arcade for a long time by dropping $5 into the change machine and you felt like a king as 20 quarters spit out. Now practically every game in a place like this costs $1 or more. I would love to let my kids enjoy some games, and if we got absorbed in them, we'd stay longer and probably buy your pizza or whatever. It's a vicious cycle, too... I pay a dollar and play for two minutes, then have to pay another to continue, so I never get any good at your game. Make it 50 cents and one quarter to continue, and I'll keep playing and get better at it, and want to keep playing and feeding quarters. I used to play Lethal Enforcers for like an hour... I guess I don't know all the factors in the economics but it sure seems like this place and others could make a lot more money with reasonable pricing.

Riley Chauvin-Duchesne, REALTOR

Enjoyed taking all the kids here. The interactive projector floor game is free and the the younger kids have a blast with it. Lots of classic arcade games remastered and brought into the high definition digital age. Great place to spend time with everyone.

Tammy Moody

Excellent and so much fun!! Great family fun, but could have done without the bar and selling of liquor.

Jennifer Cross

Super fun place! Took the kiddos, they loved it. Shucks, I even felt like a kid.

dezmere gordon

We had so much fun and the food was good.

Kris A

Food fare is at best, SAD. Bypass that option and just get a game pass. But know that each game runs you about. $1.50 per play, so that gets expensive. Definitely not a budget friendly option especially for families.

Christina Drawdy

Expect to spend atleast $200. Its loud and super crowded. It's more for older kids like 8-18. Drinks are very expensive, so is food. Over all though its a fun place to go once in awhile or for a special occassion. They have two party rooms, pool tables, bowling, a bar, a cafe, lazer tag, zip lining, and lots of arcade games. Like I said, expect to spend $200 when you go. Btw, bathrooms are on the left when you walk in and they are clean! The family bathroom has a changing station

Sarah Ketchie

We absolutely love this place! My husband and I were on a fun league here and met great people and had the best time! Main Event has everything!

Parental Advisory

I am disabled with a service dog. We were displaced with the floods in lafollette. I took my kids on a Monday for the cheap cost. The manager chris asked for papers on my dog and I didn't have them right now due to the floods. He made us leave. Its against the law to do ask and do that to anyone. I have sent emails with no response. He also waited until we paid.. that's was really odd.

Sean Stamps

Nice place. Restaurant served very good hamburgers. Liqour drinks not very strong .Loved the game room they also have bowling and pool tables.

HYPE Channel Knoxville

Had a pretty good time! My husband & I went to check it out & had fun! Spent $20 & played for an hour & a half on arcade games...not bad for an afternoon trip to childhood!!

Tyler Martin

Always a great time! Bowling is always in great shape, wait times(if any) are reasonable. Tons of things to do. Ropes course, arcade, shuffle board, pool, and bowling.

Jason Williams

It's mass chaos, basically all the time. I suppose it's great for some people, but it's an all-out assault on your senses from the minute you walk in the door.

Michael Carver

Scheduled my daughter's Birthday Party and couldn't have been more satisfied. Communication was good before the event and during the event. Everything was done very well. Thanks for a great party!

Scott Thacker

This place was awesome. Something to do for kids and adults both. Bowling, Lazer tag, arcade games, challenge maze. Lots of fun for the entire family! Staff friendly and helpful.

Carrie Grason

What an awesome environment. Today was our first time going and my family had a blast. Very clean and amazing friendly staff.. had the best first time experience today.

Jean Watrous

Love taking the grandkids here for bowling and video games staff is very helpful

Female Jughead

Fun but expensive. great virgin pina cola dos

Barry Culver

Love the food. Hailee was fantastic.

Tina Branham

Great fun but a little pricey. Good food.

jeff money

Good place to take the kids and also have drinks. Food is acceptable.

Kathryn Prestano

So much fun. Service isn't great but you can pretty much do everything on kiosk without having to be waited on. Lazer tag is my favorite part.

Denis Da Man Propin

It's a bit pricey for a couple to bowl but if you bring friends it's much better. I do wish they would charge by the game and not the hour. (Bowling)

Cindy Neff

It's not much different than the other arcades close by except the prices are a little to steep, I would have to spend at least $100 for my kids to leave and be satisfied, he is an 100% nothing but a gamer boy, especially at home, I used a coupon for " 1 hour unlimited games" Ecxept you couldn't win ticket or prizes or use the games to win tickets" I though it was well worth it even though it was only half of the arcade, but it seems the ticket and prizes are the kids favorite part of the arcade, if the prices were lower I would give it a great rating, if you have money go here; if you don't then definitely skip this place

Kobe Dunn

Main Event is very fun and there is so many things to do. They have bowling, Lazer tag, and so much more fun activities.

Linda Davison-Basso

Great place to celebrate a birthday! Friendly service and clean atmosphere!!


Really cool place with lots of choices for all ages. I had the sunnyside burger which was great. The only issue is the arcade is $1.50 or more per game with some as high as $2.50. I get supply and demand economics but this is a bit much.

Johnny Ciuriuc

First time visiting Main Event and we were blown away with how awesome it was. Will definitely be coming back. The staff is awesome and great to hit up a small conversation with.

Michael Johnson

The $7 unlimited wrist band is a great deal! We were able to bowl for a few hours for the cost of what a single game would normally be. Will definitely be visiting again!

Jeffrey Jones

Pizza was excellent. Bowling was good except do not get lane 1 as your swing foot will hit the wall. Also you get 1 hour regardless if there is a wait for lanes or you have all day pass. You have to go to desk and request it be turned back on. We are now addicted to shuffleboard. Deducting one star because of bowling time limit, defective shuffleboard weights and no snow for the shuffleboard surface.

Waldron Family

Awesome place!!!! You can bowl, do a rope course in the air, laser tag, great great video games to play....also a restaurant and a bar with pool tables and shuffle boards to play. Great place for the family and reasonable prices....some things you only pay once but can do it as many times as u want like laser tag and rope course...and one person can pay for the pool but others players for free. So it's not too bad....Didn't try the food so no review on that! Great place!

Dawn Keown

Had a family gathering / celebration here on a Monday. Enjoying the special rates of Monday night madness. The staff was very helpful. The arcade was well lit and clean. The bowling alley was super, especially the great selection of bowling balls. Laser tag was a big hit. Fun place!!

Tony G

Great place 4 the family 2 have fun!!!!

Andrew Goodman

This place is AWESOME! For the price, it was excellent and way more than what I expected. The staff was friendly even under stress from how busy it was and did a great job assisting smaller children on the rope course! I will definitely come back!

Toni Williams

Gravity Ropes and zipline are fun. Place is sooo loud

Bre Best

Love going to Main Event but the amount of time it takes to get a food order is a bit much. Food orders with large groups seem to be super scattered and there were more incorrect orders than I would have expected. Did a birthday party and the kids had to wait a while for the food to come out. Just feel like the kitchen could improve the experience in more ways than one.

Cindi Cooper

Took tween kids here for day of fun. They enjoyed it immensely. I recommend arriving as close to opening as possible; you can buy a pass that lasts until 5 pm and get more bang for your buck.

Christy Watson

Catch a special and have fun

Kimberly Patty Harbison

Family had a good time. Food was good. The kids are wanting to go back. LOL. I have a bad back. You just don't know how greatful I was with the plush seating. Thats what I mostly did. Thank you to the workers for a nice visit as well.

flying pillow

This is a very fun place, kid friendly, and a lot of games.

Emma Shelton

Alexa and Antonio were beyond awesome! As soon as we got there, of course we were a few minutes early, Antonio just took my son and started playing games with him. Alexa, kept me updated on what was next, made sure everyone had the sizes for bowling shoes and was just the sweetest person! They were literally there through the whole party and catered to every need and want! I really couldn't have asked for a better party/venue and I am so appreciative to you guys! Thank you so so so much!!! :)

Robert Breckenridge

Love this place! We celebrated a birthday here and also come every couple weeks for bowling, laser tag and some fun with the kiddos.

Mimi Artates

A great place to hold events so guests can entertain themselves. My party enjoyed a round of lazer tag, bowling, table games, and many more things. The food was also great. The only issue was my nephew, who is less than 48 inches, and not allowed on some games.

Ruby Rousseau

Food and soft drinks are definitely way over priced! 2 medium drinks was $7 and change. Other than that, arcades & bowling was fun.

Sherri Rooks

I took my kids on a Monday when it's $10.95 for unlimited play. Well worth the $$. We all had fun!! Shout out to the girl working the counter of the prize counter. She was super helpful and friendly.

Tina Payne

Very friendly staff. Play area clean. Bathroom clean and well stocked. Very organized.

Mindy Landers

Had a fun evening. Good food. Our server acted like she just couldn't be bothered.

Elizabeth Freville

It's a great place to hang out with our granddaughter! ❤️

Tom Morris

The drinks here are deceptively good.

Paul Schmutzler

We had a corporate event here and had a great time. Everything is very clean and not run-down looking like a lot of these types of establishments are. My only complaint was the lighting on the bowling lanes. It's cool that they use multicolored changing lights, but it make it pretty challenging to bowl when things keep changing.

Douglas Gordon

There are a few things for little kids, but my kid was overwhelmed by the excessive noise. There are too many pointless carnival type games that take your money in return for tickets or points. None of this was explained and most of which left my kid disappointed and frustrated. The bowling was great and the staff helpful and attentive. So, my recommendation is that if you visit it and learn about it instead of going in cold with your kid, you and your kid will have a better time.

Mr Boog

So cheap for everything you can do. I went for my bachelor party and had a blast. Definitely going back when I'm in knoxville

Morgan Little

Pretty cool place for all ages. Clean and not to loud when I went into night my with my family will definitely be back and will bring more people with me! Staff was nice and answered all the questions we had when we got there which helped a lot sense this was our time being there.

Zachary Thornton

Great place, reserved a lane and arrived 30 min before start time to check in like I was asked on app. The people looked at me like I was way early and said someone was on our lane, they would clean it once they finished. The people took about 20 min into our start time. I could tell they put extra people there to clean it quickly and they made sure we got the full hour. I love their eat and play deal, I got wings a drink fries AND $30 play money for about $35.

Kathy Chaney

So much fun. Great prices, good food

Alisa Grant

While I enjoyed my impromptu visit to Main Event Entertainment, their games and prize area pales in comparison to Round 1 Bowling & Amusement.

Taylor Belt

My boyfriend and I decided to take our Daughter and my three younger sibblings here for a fun night out! Being from Michigan, it was our first time at Main Event. Lots of choices to have fun with, just wasn't what we had expected. The manager, Andrew, was so professional, kind, and helpful. He helped my Family and I to make sure we had a fun filled night, and to make sure my money was well spent. The staff there were all very nice and helpful! Needless to say, we all left very happy! :)

Leigha Witt

They do not accept paper IDs. A group of friends and i planned to go the day of my birthday, i had ordered a renewal of my license online but it got lost in the mail so i went and got a replacement that same day we were supposed to go to Main Event. I presented the bartender with my ID and she informed they did not take paper IDs, even though it’s a valid form of identification up to 2 weeks after being issued it. The manager was very nice and came out. He politely explained that it’s a company policy to not take them. It would be understandable if it was a few weeks old, but i literally got it earlier that same day. It’s a fun place with a great variety, but this policy does not make sense to me. Needless to say, my group of 9 left and went elsewhere.

Brian Negele

I only give 2 stars because they are horribly expensive and have no games that we're of interest to me. The 60+ kids I took there liked it though.

Matthew Guffey

Great place to go to unwind and have a little fun. We grabbed the summertime pass deal they have going on, total was just over $80 for 3 adults and our child. That didn't include arcade time, which had to be purchased separately. We didn't eat there but the menu was a little sparse and prices weren't that bad for food or drinks. I don't know whether we will be going back or not. At the end of the night at home, we was discussing whether it was worth how much it costs or not. We are more leaning towards not.

Melina Bielski

I’m very disappointed in my experience at Main Event. The so called “unlimited fun all day” was very limited and not fun. There was waits over 2 hours long for each attraction, which only allows for 1 attraction during your entire visit. The food service was horrible. They took forever to bring our food, and then again to bring our checks. I will not be returning.

Tom Stern

Lots of fun to be had. Long wait for bowling on Sat. Food is pricey for basic bar fare. Great place to watch a game.

Erin Collins

Very fun, lots to do. It was best on Monday as there's a good deal. 10 dollars for arcade or games. It was well worth it.

Mattie Coffman

The employees were all really rude, weren’t helpful, and seemed like they hate their job. I get that working around a bunch of kids may not always be fun and they can get annoying but Atleast fake a smile or something. I won’t say the names of the employees that were rude because I get this is public but I will say that there was 1 employee that was very sweet and good at her job. I believe her name is Dylan and she worked the ropes course. The girls I’m nannying were nervous and she helped them and encouraged them and was patient. Very good with the public. As for the other employees, maybe work on some customer service skills??

Dave Diamond

An excellent entertainment venue especially on a rainy day. All of the games were in working order and many of them are recent additions that provide world class gaming experience. The hands on games that allow you to do more than interact with a screen are awesome. Basketball shooting, football toss, bowling, and more actually provide a way to burn a few calories.

365 Jewelry

A bit expensive, but fun. Food was really good. Staff was helpful and courteous.

Angela Lowe

We had a blast. Totally worth it.

Gabriel C-E

Great place to bring family and friends, plenty of things to do at reasonable prices. The arcade is massive and they have a nice size lazertag arena. Food in my opinion was over priced for just a 16" pizza with 3 toppings and 2 large drinks was $32, but the pizza quality was good and did the job. Overall great experience.

John Huber

Not a bed place at all especially if you wanna bring your kids and keep them occupied. I went and played pool wasn't charged which was kind of nice although normally they do charge for the tables. Haven't eaten the food they make decent drinks a lot of activities in the crowd was mixed between young kids All the way up to seniors. It's a little bit pricey but there aren't very many other options Several different activities from laser tag to bowling.

Shamel Tee

Bartender and wait staff is friendly and inviting. They made every effort to accommodate my wife and I so that we can watch our BUFFALO BILLS play. Will come back again to watch more NFL

Katie Bloomfield

I had a top-shelf margarita here and it was amazing. I have yet to play any of the games but I am definitely going to go back. redhot12

The games were AWSOME, the service was top notch. My daughter and I had a WONDERFUL time. The only problem I had was the portion of food there. $10.00 dollars for 3 small pieces of fish and a handful of fries

Kym Kane

So many fun things to do!

Christopher Kyle

This is a good place for all ages. There is something everyone will enjoy. I wasn't very thrilled about coming here, but I soon changed my mind! Playing unlimited laser tag with cousins is hard to beat!

Timothy Bond

Horrible place to eat. Ruined any enjoyment in this place we might have experienced today. Cauliflower crust pizza burned, items ordered as listed on menu never showed up after an hour waiting during a Thursday lunch break in a nearly empty place. Piss poor place to come to. Go anywhere else.

Kevin Dillon

One of the only big arcades in Knoxville. Lots of variety. Full arcade, bowling, pool tables, Lazer tag and rope course. They usually have specials to bring the cost down. If not, the arcade is a bit pricey. Everything else is reasonable.

Brittany Jones

We really liked this place because of the layout with the cafe and all. We love that theres bowling, a ropes course and laser tag. The games were good but not as diverse as Dave & Buster's. We also weren't fond of how expensive each game was. $40 went FAST (like 30 mins).

Eutaw Roberts

So much to do, so much fun! Good deals during the week as well. Something for everyone from bowling, to ropes, to laser tag and arcade games, shuffle board and a bar/restaurant.

Knoxville Hotspots

I went in a few times before Which was fun. But things took a turn for worse, when staff started to be rude when I attempted purchase there unlimited game card, and when I notified them of an issue with their machine.

Christie Stansberry

We received a $50 dollar gift card from this place so decided to give it a try. Upon arriving, we realized it only worked for certain games and activities. Not a huge deal, but we figured we could go to customer service and see if we could exchange it for equal value or somehow modify it to work for more than just arcade games to enable just to do what we actually wanted. We received zero help. No accommodation. They already had our money so didn’t seem to care or be at all flexible with gift cards. Will never purchase gift cards or give this place anymore money.


Nice environment. I personally recommend going to play laser tag, you'll get far more enjoyment from that than most of the games.

Silas Rhodes

One star is gracious! This Main Event location was incredibly disorganized and utterly disappointing. Took forever to get our food. Two hour wait times for any “main event.” Incredibly overpriced arcade games. Main Event should consider placing a capacity limit on each location because clearly it is understaffed. We talked to manager and apparently “we cannot expect good service on a Saturday.” Abhorrent customer service. We were not even offered a partial refund. I will not be returning and I intend to spread the word about the corporate greed that takes place here on a daily basis! Completely disappointing!!


Whether you're there for the games for the bowling or the laser tag this is truly basically the adult version of Chuck E Cheeses. The environment is cool the staff are friendly it's truly a great place to go with family or alone

Gracie Traverzo

Good place for kids & adults. The food was pretty good too.

Brett Pearce

Went on Monday to their half off endless games (can't redeem prizes if you do this one) or endless bowling, laser tag or adventure climb. Drinks were delicious, was very impressed with the quality of the food and even the staff was attentive. Felt I got my money's worth for the special. Eat, drink, bowl.

Tonya R

What an excellent addition to this area! With plenty to do and late hours, this is just what we've been missing. It's an affordable place to sound a few hours, especially if you get the unlimited pass. My fiance and I go there from time to time for a change in our regular date night activities. It's fun to play a few rounds of basketball or skeeball. I haven't tried it the bowling or food, but both are on my list of to-do.

Geoff Graves

Service in the restaurant was slow but otherwise loved this place. The best mix of entertainment for both young and old I've seen.

Sharon McDaniel

Great place.for family friendly fun.. Everything all in one place and very reasonable.

Jessica Flores

Great atmosphere and friendly staff. They had a good range of arcade games available and all of them were in working order. The bowling had a variety of types of bowling which made it more entertaining and fun. The food was really good too.

Jason Scholze

Fun place. The food isn't bad either.

Stephanie Killion

Had great adult family fun!

Veronica Nieves

We love Main Event. It gets very chaotic during peak times and it’s a lot going on if you have multiple kids. But they love it and it’s fun. A bit pricey but if that’s not an issue and you can deal with the crowds than it’s great!

Mark Chaney

A lot of fun for the kids. Got a two hour pass for $15 and it was great. Also had dinner, the food, service, and atmosphere were great. Lots of parking. The place was really clean. Plenty of staff around to assist.

Sam Banks

Great service and environment! Would definitely recommend!

Cici Chase

Great time bowling playing pool and much much more

Fadel Shamaly

This place is so great. I had a very lit experience. Variety of activities. So satisfied

Daniel Koger

When they first opened it was great fun. The good games have been replaced. It is fine if you are taking elementary kids to a birthday party. Not a fun place for older kids.

Ray Bales

Main Event is a blast no matter what your age! The laser tag game is long enough but also short enough for the out of shape folks. Bowling and high ropes are also included for one low price! Amazing!

Christina Nolan

My waitress Kaylee C. was professional, courteous, fun and friendly! Every experience I have had here has been wonderful. I had to make a review on this particular time because of how much I appreciated Kaylee. Service was fast and food was excellent! Its a great place to hang out and meet with friends. Bowling is my preference if I did anything at all here but if you have kids its a dream! You can relax and chat while your kids are having fun too! I love this place! It made my experience here the best. I commend you for hiring such a hard working and entertaining waitresses and waiters!

Justin B

Great venue for an employee event. Was not aware that the bowling games were by the hour, not the game. Not disappointed, as this makes sense for a place so large that has to have turnover. The animations on the screen after bowling are hilarious and the Laser Tag is a fun experience, too. Drinks and food are kind of on the expensive side, but again, it makes sense, given the venue. Would go again!

Dewey Neese

Super fun and super yummy! Definetly visit its worth the money!

Brian Telesh

The first visit to Main Event and I wasn't impressed at all. It started with the fact they lost their license to serve beer apparently for serving underaged patrons. Weirdly they were allowed to serve liquor & wine

Kaylie Caviglia-Tisdale

Went there for a first date. It was perfect and I had a lot of fun.

Jenni Smith

I was there for a birthday party with a friend. The hostess did absolutely nothing unless asked. We watched other hostesses grabbing shoes for other parties ours didn't. When ever we tried to order food she wasn't around. I had to help clean up the table to open presents. She just leaned against the wall watching. She seemed very unorganized and unhappy to be there. She told us laser tag would be @ 715. We rushed through food to be done and at around 710 she came over and said she would be by between 720 and 725 for laser tag. We rushed through food just to sit around and wait. My husband had to go talk to a manager just to get our check. Overall the kids had a great time and I am willing to give it another try just as a family trip. Will never use it for a birthday party.

jeannie stone

For $20/person you get unlimited bowling, billiards, and laser tag. Food and alcohol are available, although I didn't eat. It was clean and very family friendly.

Reece Holbrook

Really fun place. I’m in my 40s and the crowd has been younger to around my age. It was very fun and the employees were nice. I haven’t tried much of the food but the fun stuff is great!

Michael Koehler

This place is awesome - we did a Team building event there. The venue is clean and well maintained. The staff was awesome and very attentive before and during our event. The food was really good for the type of appetizers it was - the wings/sliders was the ticket - the bowling was fun and exciting. I was very pleased with the event, the staff, the food, and the facilities.

Barbara Caridad Fuentes-Higgs

The $20 summer fun pass J's is not worth it if you have a child/ren who are under 48 inches tall. I REALLY like that instead of physical tickets & tokens to keep track of or the total amount receipts like Chuckie E Cheese, everything is on a card. You load the card and swipe it at the arcade games as you go, every swipe shows you your remaining balance & your points are automatically loaded to your card.

Jimmie Adams

Had a good experience. The wait staff was odd and very overbearing, but once we went bowling, it got much better. We had a group of 9 of us. We had a great time. Definitely recommend going on a Monday night.

Evelyn Predmore

It's so fun! I especially love the game that's like dance dance revolution!

Spring Temple

Took the kids with my so and we all had a Blast. Can't wait to go again

Sam Mason

Such a fun place to hang out. Bowling, arcade games, pool, and laser tag were so entertaining and made for a great night.

jerrold pineda

Fun place to go. Took my kids and grandkids, they had a blast. Nice atmosphere and friendly employees.

shelia stegall

Loved it didn't even know about it till my great granddaughter birthday party.

Katie Loudermilk

Had fun hanging out with my small group there bowling

Michael White

We enjoyed ourselves very much. Great atmosphere and friendly staff. We definitely will be back again. Next time we will try the food because the Hardee's near by wasn't good at all.

George lopata jr

Great atmosphere! Many activities to appeal to all taste.

Patricia Oody

Had a wonderful time with my family my grandchildren loved had so much fun

Katie Burgin

We ended up waiting an hr for our food, but they were short staff and the manager was VERY nice and comped our meal and gave us free play cards. Was very impressed in their customer care that way.


Extremely fun place. Recommended.

David Coleman

They run this place like it’s the Southern border and it’s election year. The workers are severely understaffed and the corporation and managers don't care. There is also no sense of teamwork amongst the employees. It took 22 min to get three drinks. How do I know, we ordered food from the table top kiosk and waited 15 min and no one came by. So decided to go up to the bar and order and we were told that someone would be sent to our table. 5 min later someone showed up. So as a joke and to lighten the mood we decided to time how long it would take for our drinks. Don't come down here. (Edit: for food. Everything else is great) Edit: the games are very much fun though and were a pleasant experience.

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