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Where is Jackson Bowling and Skating Family Fun Center?

REVIEWS OF Jackson Bowling and Skating Family Fun Center IN Tennessee

Kristy Torres

It is expensive but is very fun. We went with one of the card deals and my kids had a great time! Will be going back.

Tabitha Romo

I was disappointed in the skating area. Teens and young adults were very aggressive in their skating. Restrooms were discusting. Snack bar was greatly lacking. Other areas were good.

Chris Mealer

Great time. First time on skates in 10 years. Friendly and helpful staff..

marie trent

Had a great time here with family

Terry Freeman

It's alright had a birthday party there and our girl that was over it got off work an hour into the party then we was pretty much on our own all and all it's not worth it for a party

Cynthia King

Great ,Clean, An Family Friendly love it.

Clifford Haynes

Good place for family outing. Variety of things to do.

tammy lopez

We love this place! So much fun

Brittany Miller

Our first time going and had a blast only did the minni golf but had the best time. We will be back again and hopefully soon with the whole family

Christy Finigan

Great fun!!

Kameika Hardin

ALWAYS have a great time with friends

Judy Bernett

Price for bowling and food seems fair but lane we we're on #7 had problem with pins resetting numerous times.

John Putman

May Jesus bless you

Brad Heck

Went for a family outing in the afternoon. Staff acted like they didn't care to be there, place could have been cleaner. Mini golf was good and the go carts were fun. We had to wait for the go cart attendant as they seemed understaffed. It was not crowded and a weekday afternoon so maybe that was the reason. Prices were about average.

Ryan Matthews

We had fun. I'll say that. We also went for a simple round of bowling and that alone proved to be difficult. We started on one lane. Before we even got our shoes, they moved our lane. Fine. We played a few frames on the new lane and it broke. They moved us to a new lane. Immediately, our balls got stuck in the return chute. Then the bumpers for my children didn't work. The workers were teens and not especially polite. I am honestly giving the place three stars because I'm in a good mood. I know the place can't control their clients, but the group in the lane next to us was repeatedly calling his friend a "p***y" and sticking his hand up his girlfriend's shorts. All that to say, not in a hurry to return.

Darwin D Pitts II

It's the only fun entertainment that Jackson has. The lanes are horrible.

Justin Smith

Customer service was absolutely terrible. Half the attractions we came for were closed so the kids decided to settle on something else. The kids were set on riding the roller coaster which I was informed was closed and would not be back up. After the kids used their cards on something else (the underwhelming bumper cars) the roller coaster was opened. When I asked for an explanation the guy at the counter just shrugged his shoulders. Go carts were also closed for the day. I've seen roadside lemonade stands run smoother.

Mark Monterroso

Great time here

Pamela Allen

A bit pricey. Our lane kept messing up, then it ate all our balls and we had to be moved. And I remember the lights being a lot better.

Lori Warren

Other than one unfriendly staff member. We had a great time

Oscar Zuniga

Good games and everything but the service was bad

Rose Simmons

I go bowling every Wednesday, dollar night is fun and great exercise

Sniffles Games

It hurts and you have to pay


we spent all evening here, my SO and i had almost as much fun as the kids.

Clint Radford

A lot better since they have upgraded some things. Bowling was really fun and better with the new TV screens. The skating was fun but the roller blades need updating the roller blades blistered my feet very quickly. I seen more people using the roller skates with the 4 wheels and they looked to be in better shape then the roller blades but I've never used the 4 wheel roller skates and not sure I could skate with them so I stuck with the blades unfortunately and have some very blistered feet from them.

Kerri Smith

Service was terrible. We got the yellow card only to get rained out, then we went bowling when our lane messed up more than once. They moved us to a different lane where we couldn't even finish the game. We just left at that point.

Drake and Aden players

My kids and I enjoyed having family fun day here

Matthew Droke

Went to this place in my youth and still a lot of fun however is showing its age and could use some updates. I hope they continue to move forward and stay around.

Charneath Robertson

Fun time

Jimmy Horton

All ages are welcome, great for family fun

Aubrell Pugh

This was the most racist establishment I have ever been in my life my family and I where treated like we were trash so if you are in jackson tn please bypass this place it was terrible

I'm Jennifer Blake

It was the best thing I did in my life

Nik Wesley

The arcade was simple but very enjoyable for my kids ages 7,8&9

Desiree Zimmerman

Nice bowling alley for as old as it is

Aurora Rodriguez

The new policy makes it so I can’t take my siblings to have fun when boosting their spirits when their parents are away. How can we let kids have fun in a safe environment when they can’t even get in?


A little pricey for what you get but loads of fun to be had.

Patricia March

Extremely fun

Jennifer Bolin

We had fun.

charlene ozier

Great place

Russell Emerson

Family fun and cold beer

Adam Davis

Go here every year for my daughter's birthday, and have a great time. Roller skating, bowling, arcade games, and food. A great place to bring your family.

Anjanette Lewis

This is a good place to take your family to bowl, laser tag, or play games but to skate it was terrible. I went to skate and the music was horrible. First, I asked the worker to change the music to upbeat skating music and she could not. She could not change the playlist because she didn't have the password to get into the computer. Second, the manager in charge could not change either because the owner controls the settings from his phone. So needless to say I did not have a good time and left early.

Sharon Kilzer

Great place for the family

Tawna Richards

Be a lot better if the rude, loud and obnoxious customers weren't there.

Josh Martin

So much fun

Kathy Dowd

fun place

meredith brewer

Great time, and place for family

ruth porter

A little pricey. Make sure you bring plenty of money cause there is plenty to do. The kids loved it. Something fun for everyone. One of the few places you can rollerblade.

Steven Davis

Lots of updating and renovating have been done since I was last there several years ago. The check-in staff was most helpful with my party inquiry.

Jorge Rivera

It was fun. It could use some upkeep and updating. But was alright.

Shieta Finklea

A very nice getaway for your family and the prices are very reasonable.

Kenneth Dixon

Yes we was there in the house especially the Philly stake &cheese/onion rings bowling and enjoying my wife birthday

Michael M

It's starting to get pretty run-down


Fun but expensive!

Donna Ross Douglas

We really enjoyed the time there

Darla Headington

Really enjoyed this. Fun with my daughter and my grandchildren.

Curtis Cavette

Took my family for my daughters borthday and shared the place with memephis tigers football team.

Jackie Robinson

Bowling, laser tag, putt putt, rollor skating can't get bored

Steph Lemont

Fun for all ages!

Caleb Roe

It's definitely not what it used to be... we had a bad lane and struggled the whole time and the girl at the concessions needed help... took a good min to get our food...

Garrett Moody

Had a fun time with the family but all of the workers seem to hate there job. I wish they would be a little nicer, and act like they like they're job and appreciate the customers.

Catrina Washam

Lots to do

Jeffery Moody

My family of four decided to have an outing and go bowling and play putt putt. It had been a while since I visited this center and everything looked nice and well kept. We had a good time bowling and the putt putt was fun as well. The only two negatives I experienced was the attitude of the young staff and the high prices on the food. With the exception of one staff person, the others never smiled or said thank you. Management might want to teach these young staff members that when someone says thank you, you should reply with you're welcome. A little courtesy goes a LONG way.

Jayden Bingham

I went on a date here with my boyfriend. And it was only 5 dollars for each person really, fair price. Fun.

Wendi Keller

Love to go with my family

April Plunk

Great place for Family Fun

audrey lott

My favorite place to go and there Wednesday dollar bowling is GREAT and there laser tag is so gun I love playing with my bffs and there skating is one of my favorite and there roller coaster is very fun ... But the person who put on my belt made it to loose and multiple times I ALMOST FELL out

LaToya Hess

It was too cold in there. Hot wings were really good.

Jean Booz

Awesome a very good place to take the kids if you have any

Nicholas Berrettoni

Where to start. It looks old. Go karts and mini golf suck but reasonable prices. The arcade games are boring. When it comes to the bowling. Most of the workers are kids who don't understand correct bowling etiquette so people are allowed to do basically.amything they want. The lanes are usually in bad shape. It's a little.ocer priced if u don't go for a night they have a deal. They supposedly remodel the skating floor so it should be better. Overall if u have been before you'll be disappointed

Amanda Donahue

We had a great time. I would have given 5 stars, but we purchased tickets for laser tag, and the guy at the front counter didn't go over any rules or tell us there was a requirement for footwear. We got to Laser tag and found out I couldn't play. Because I was wearing flip flops.

Courtney Corcoran

Loved this place, had a blast. Very friendly staff they were all willing to help.

Adam Craig

Had a terrible experience, the lane malfunctioned no less than 10 times during the 2 games that we played. Really frustrating to constantly have to wait for the lane to be fixed. Also, there was mayhem in the other lanes and the workers did nothing to prevent it. Two women literally walked down the lanes half way to throw the ball and not one word was said to them. Overall, service combined with a terrible product results in frustration and regret

Gail Lawler

Our group has not been here for 20 years,we are not good bowlers..but we had a blast !! It is a fun ,exciting place to go with family or friends.We didnt spend much money and had a great time.We will be back every week from now on..great exercise and family activities.There is so many fun things too do, you will never get bored.All the staff was very helpful and friendly.Thankyou for such a great place to have fun..we will be making memories for years here !!

Christopher Barber

My children are 13 & 10. They both had a great time.

brendon hayes

This place is great to take the whole family

Ricky Sanchez-eum

Went on $1 Wednesday early and atmosphere was laid back.

Veronica Kay

Absolutely worst bowling facility EVER!!! If I could give a zero I would. From the moment we started bowling the janky equipment stopped working. The clueless kids working check in thought the situation as laughable. And offered minimal help during our TIMED bowling!!! Finally moved to another lane only to experience the SAME thing!!! At the end of the experience- we spent 30 minutes in a subpar bowling alley to only be refunded $15!! A joke!!

Davida Harris

Nice options! Customer Service was great! Good for Family Fun!

Janice Lindsay

Good place to take your kids

amanda mears

Its a very enjoyable place for children. Great place to chill.

Brandy West

Had a ball midnight bowling with my son even though our lane froze a few times

Dakota Windom

It's a little outdated but it's still a great place to have fun with your family.

Doretha Evans

Family fun night. Good food.

Joanna McCullar

I think was less than fun for my grandchildren. I paid for them to skate and when we get to the show rental spot they didn't have any in my grandson's size.


Good place for family fun for all ages. They offer bowling, go karts, laser tag, mini golf as well as skating and an arcade. There is a karaoke lounge that is separate from the bowling area. Prices are reasonable and you can purchase a pass to do three things and save a little.

Brian Webb

Plenty of parking. Tons of activities to do. Great staff and ok food


I love it! So much to do but I disnt give it 5 stars only bc its a little pricy...

john sutton

Aside from the bowling pin reset sticking after every 3 balls or the laser tag that was broken or go carts that weren't open...We had a great time!!! (Sarcasm)

Alexx Sterling

Terrible service.

Alyssa Bingham

So much fun. I just think they need new skates.

Diane Stubblefield

Very clean ,nice friendly people. Good food we had 3 kids and 2 adults and we all loved it.rate 5

Jeff holubovsky

I like to go during the week when it's less crowded. Cool place for the family

Tony Wright

Better than magic wheels has a bigger skate floor and has good go karts and bumber carts and golf and a great roller coaster and arcade

angela shipe

Bowling is really fun with family and friends. They are really nice and it's always kept clean there and I really like that about that place.

Lisa Williams

Nice service

Rachel sullivan

Pretty good prices. My kid likes going

Allen Phillips

Good family place

Peyton Cobb

Great!! Lots of love and fun there!!!

Brittney Daniel

My kids enjoyed themselves so much!! Cheese Fries are a family favorite

Clint White

Great place only problem is the signs of hooligans like vandalism in the bathroom.

Jeep Sinquefield

Great place to take the family!!

Shawn Robertson

Pretty decent selection most games were out of tickets and the workers said they couldn't do anything about it when I hit a jackpot on their games and it said 375 tickets owed.

Andie Evans

Very family friendly but very crowded. Great food and service.

Austin Thompson

Rode the go-karts that track is as bumpy I love the place otherwise. My kids really enjoy it too.

Ebony Crews

The workers were very rude. U get nothing for money worth. No help no assistance. And u have to pay for at least 8 people even if they dont show up. U still get no money back. No entainment. And the coupons they give u can't even use the same day. Just sorry will not recommend that anybody use them.

John Malm

Fun place, reasonably priced.

Betty Johnson

Fun place to bowl. Great lanes and super nice people!!

Richard Bentley

Great venue for company functions. Clean, friendly, comfortable

Susan Haunted True Stories

Nice place. Lots to do, bowling, skating, go cart, mini golf, Lazer tag. They have good refreshment. Lots of parking, wheelchair accessible facilities. Well maintained.

Cathy Taylor

Good place to have family fun

Terry Burkhalter

Great place to have a company party! We recently attended our company Christmas party here.... it could not have been better!

Penny Sutberry

Went with my family for my birthday after church, I wanted to do something fun with my family.We had 7 bowling which cost over 50 bucks for shoe rental and game. The lane we were on was not working correctly..when we said something about it the young lady told my family member that she told me it wasnt working right... now why would I spend that much money on a lane that wasnt working.No offer to change lanes..and also stated that we couldn't have 2 lanes because we didnt have 8 to bowl. I am not planning on ever going back to this was being ran by kids the Sunday we were there.

Demeris Wyatt

I really enjoyed watching the seniors bowl.

Malibeau 25

Cocoa Bay with the boo! Drinks are ehhhh but we had a good time.

Scotty Scott

Great family fun!


We went bowling on Wednesday, and I gotta tell ya, $1 night is wonderful. We had a group of nine, plus shoe rentals, and the total was only, like $25. Super fun but packed. There was of course a line at the concession, which was expected, considering the amount of people, and while their food is kind of pricey, there isn't anything gross on their menu. I enjoyed the heck out of this place. A couple of us went mini-golfing the day previous, and it was also quite fun, despite our lack of skill

lauren fun tube

Had a good time with the family. Clerks were really nice esp since it was a super busy dollar night..

Franklin Simmons

Love it had fun

Memphis Bellle

This was the perfect getaway with lots of things for the kids to do. They offer great fun packages at affordable rates. If the young workers would put those phones down and engage the guests they would be A-1. Even still we had a great experience!

Jay Dubb

Had fun with my homie

Brandy Reece

Place is ok. A little pricey especially when you have children.

Kate Lovewig

Loved to go there when I was in tennessee best prices on Wednesday and Thursday

April Branch

Awesome place. A lot of activities to do. Great for family for fun.

Angel Rodriguez

Great time with my man alot of cool things to do together was a blast...

carroll bingham


Jennifer Corlew

It wouldn't be somewhere I'd take my little little kids...

Denise Neidig

Love dollar night on Wednesday's

Mandy Knipp

Fun for the whole family. I like the fact there is multiple things to do for everyone.

tina leek

We really had a good time.

Sherry Cook

Always fun and friendly staff

Misty Spicer

Awesome fun place for all ages

Linda Taylor

Good place of fun friendliness

Caleb Davis

Lanes were super dry. Needs new shoes. First and last time I go bowling there.

Ronald Wilkes

had fun whooping everybody in bowling

Jessica Richardson

Called way in advance to get a quote and schedule a group outing and to make sure certain attractions were going to be available. We get there and they charged us $65 more than they quoted and none of the attractions were open, with the exception of the crappy put put golf course. To top it all off, apparently it was league day, which they didn't tell us during our initial conversation. So we get there and our boys only had about an hour to bowl and ended up only playing one game, because we "had to be done by 12"....


People were very helpful. The scoring system was messing up a lot.

derrick shorter

Great place for the weekend and family.

Jo Toten

Great time, kids loved it.

Chantay Cates

Nice place

amy robertson

I loved this place it was alot of fun

Adrian Herrera

Ita very fun they have bowling, laser tag , roller skating , mini golf , and a little arcade and they have food there as well

Jimmy Ferrell

I had a great time with my staff

Liyah Yisrael

Fun time. Wasn't crowded the time we went to skate.

Emily, Tara, and Jeremy Johnson

had so much fun, taking my family there a lot more often. great activities to do together. Miss the batting cages though.

Haley Harris

The service isn’t that great

Annette Snipes

The children had a great time

Ashley Patrick

Great family fun! Atmosphere is wonderful. They do have a bar and people do drink but I have never had any trouble with having my family there.

Christie Freeman

We have had our company picnic here for the past 4 years. It is a great facility for this, offering several different activities for kids AND adults. I'm not giving it 5 stars for one reason only - the building could use some updates. The carpets are dirty and several tiles are busted. Paint is peeling on the walls and the bathrooms are very run down (or out of order). Several chairs in the karaoke bar are in desperate need of recovering. Aside from that, the staff is very accommodating and prepared for our event. They always have a security officer at the door to make sure only our employees enter the building during our private event. Overall, I would recommend this place to someone.

LaCresha Gable

Great place to go for Family Night!! I really enjoyed myself


It was fun went for project grad

Elaine Hayes

The grand children really enjoy their visits here and quickly look forward to their next visit.

Dawn Hankins

Great place for the family

Kristen Campbell

The customer service is horrible. The the building is old and need remodel the service is not that great food is not memorable if you're lucky enough that they have some the alley doesn't really work very well we had to use projectors in our lanes to stop our son from gutter ball and half the time the protector didn't come up

Christina Mathis

We only bowled tonight, didn't eat or try any other attractions, so I won't rate high. The atmosphere was family friendly. They played current music and were helpful. Bathrooms could be cleaner, nd updated. An hour of bowling was $28, which was right at 2 games. We did enjoy our time.there

Jon Lambert

Had a blast but was a little on the expensive side not something i would take my family out to often

Kristian Jackson

Great place for the family to have some good quality fun. Definitely recommend for outings for all ages.

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