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Where is Donelson Plaza Strike and Spare?

REVIEWS OF Donelson Plaza Strike and Spare IN Tennessee

Jameka Echols

I would like to give this place 4 stars but with the rudeness of the guy at the front desk, I'm giving 2 stars. We came in around 9:15pm Sat 9/1/2018, a group of 7 people, and asked about the prices. He didn't greet us and just looked at us like we were dumb but we disregarded his actions to maintain a good time before we asked for a game. The lady at the concession stand was more friendly. Anyway, we enjoyed the 2 games we played. It's pretty throwback but we enjoyed ourselves. We might be back. We won't if the same guy (cap, black famed glasses, with brown short curls).

Aminah Vanarsdale

My little brother bowls here for school, but if he didn't, I would not come to this location. It is very outdated and the staff are very rude. I have had them look at me standing at the counter and walk away as if I was invisible. I hope the league considers changing locations.

Ashley Gholston

James Johnson

No bowling shoes available, very few balls and a rude staff. Do not recommend

Tina Fry

Great place, not too busy and very friendly atmosphere

Camie Mckinley

Had a blast great drinks and snacks ..customer service was also great my new hangout

Caretia Merriweather

michael talley

Archie Perry

Clean and organized. Great service with a friendly smile and patients.

Charlie Jackson

Nice friendly atmosphere bowling lanes are nice food is good.

Scott Wilhoit

Need remodel

flipper dolphin

Haneesh Marella

Felt like the 90's and gave me the 'Stranger Things' TV series vibe. Good place to bowl along with friends and family.

QL the Realest

Had a great time.

Julianne Twining

I like the oldish charm, and there is plenty of more modern things too, if you don't like old style things. The food is great, and we bowled, ate, and did the fun zone with six people, for under $50! Great if you are looking for some quick fun and food. Would recommend not going on the GyroXtreme if you just ate though...

Will Spencer

Friendly staff, reasonable prices, awesome pro shop


The place is decent. But the systems were kind of old and reset was functioning very odd.

Paul Davis

Ball kept getting stuck. Had to call for assistance more than five times in one game even after changing to a house ball. Our five person group stopped after one game.

Brackin Jennings

Two hours of game play, 3 pairs of shoes with 4 people came to $80!! REALLY!?!? You fooled me once.

Whitney Stuart

My fiance took me and my three kids blowing today it was boring they didn't want to open the food court very slow waste of time and money I will never go back

Hayley Jones

Nice people and good prices, but a little outdated. With some simple updates this place could be hoppin!

Shalethia Collins

Cool laid back alley without the huge crowds

LynnAnn Daugherty

What better way to enjoy and evening with family and friends than bowling. We came here when our daughter was 3 yrs old and now one last evening before she is off to college, and we had a blast. The burgers and fries are great, beer is cold and the staff is very welcoming. Thursday nights after 8 you can bowl for $1.25 per game. This place has been here forever, and we always enjoy Donelson Strike and Bowl.

Elizabeth Haan

Great place to take the family and have some fun.

Emily Rose

Small hole in the wall place. Reasonably priced and doesn't smell smoky.

Thomas McCartan

Open Lanes all the time. Staff is friendly. Could be a little cleaner sometimes. Seems like they forget to vacum.

Matt Collins

This vintage bowling alley has been in the same place since the early '60s from what I understand, so it's definitely got a lot of old school bowling alley charm. There's really nothing too fancy going on here, but there's a good snack bar, bar area, small game room, and, of course, a couple dozen or so lanes. It's in an old shopping center, so if you're into vintage things, this bowling alley and how it's located in the old center are pretty cool.

sara guffey

Freeda Wescott

Tyler Boyd


bobby spivey

Too hot due to no AC.

C Garcia

Mars Momma

Great family fun experience or date night spot. Neat little bar and cosmic bowling is a big plus.

Jamie Page

My review is primarily based on the customer experience I received when I went there for the last time last night. I'll say first that everything else about this bowling alley has been just fine up to this point. But a guy who they have working at the front counter and assisting with lane issues is highly unprofessional and offensive at best. I will spare you the details of our back-and-forth argument that ensued at the front counter over an issue that caused me to lose my final frame on three games in a row, but it was a discussion that should have taken all of 30 seconds and could have been easily resolved had he not resorted to lying and attempting to gaslight me into thinking I was wrong for simply asking about his removal my first frame (because of an mechanical issue with the lane) and then not restoring that frame, causing me to lose my final frame. He became very defensive and kept telling me how he can't make it right because it would cost him $4 a game, even though I never asked for any money to be refunded. Then, in order to further attempt to make me go away unsatisfied, he called over his manager and told her a very different version of his defense than he had stated to me, most of which was inaccurate. I started out calm, giving him the benefit of the doubt that he was either a jerk or a moron based on his actions, but I left angry. Unlike him, Sandy, the manager, was very polite and actually listened to what I had to say and even shook my hand. Common sense and common courtesy; that's all most people are asking for. The guy at the counter had neither. Fortunately, Sandy has both and handled the situation well, but it was too late. The damage was done; I'm not coming back after being treated that way over something that was the fault of the bowling alley.

Victoria Garcia

Kelly None

Went bowling there on a Friday night, our computer was broken and instead of offering to move us to another Lane we were just supposed to deal with it while paying full price. Bartender was good.

Mark McMahon

$1.50 a game. How is that not amazing!

Tiffany Aviles

Every time I go and I've been going to this bowling alley for about 18 years, I've had great experiences. I used to be on a league back in the days but now I go maybe once a month. I love this place, the people are always very helpful and nice. Thanks Donelson Bowl

Canon Man

Great place for bowling if you want to bowl for hours on Sunday you pay 9 dollars after 6pm and bowl till 2am

Nick O'Connor

Classic bowling alley. We had a great time. They maintain the lanes very well.

Yiesha Bradford

Great time with the family and even better because we were there earlier in the day so we had it mainly to ourselves.

Joseph Rinaldo

It's a bowling alley. What more can I say?

Lynn Golff

Good pool table, employees were very helpful.

Lil Joe


Brandon Clift

Great burgers!

Mirian Mar

Great Deals on Sundays

Haley Deleeuw

The staff was not that friendly and did not really give our group of 6 any information except telling me the price. He never broke it down and said if it was for the whole group, what I was paying for, etc. I ended up asking him what I was paying for exactly and where our lane was and when he told me, he was not very friendly and kept talking very monotoned. Staff aside, the rest of the night was ok. The systems are extremely outdated, seating was tight, there were not enough bowling balls either. It’s not a very clean alley either. There was trash scattered everywhere on counters and the two people working were just standing at the counters. I spent 59 including a tip, shoes for 6 people, and one lane on a Saturday night.

Michelle Smith

I love to bowl.


Went with some friends to this Strike and Spare and it's different than the other Strike and Spare on a Friday night. Not a lot of music being played, the tv monitors are extremly old and the only thing they played (2 1/2 hours we were there) was old Star Trek episodes, location is down some curved stairs that are not fun walking up or down if you've had a few drinks and the attendant on staff seemed not to have like his job that much when we had to ask him to fix the lanes because it seemed to be delayed or stuck with every other ball return. Definitely will not be returning.

Chris Moore

Been going here for 26 years

Chris Whitefield

Very rude people want go back

Jennifer W

Worse place ever. The games keep messing up as your playing them and the manager will refuse to give to give your money back for THEIR error. Do not I repeat do not go here!!!!! It took 45 mins for cheese nachos alone.

KJ Johnson

Good place to bowl on the late night.

Rodney Williams

Wonderful wonderful wonderful

William Cole

A great time

Evan Elliott

Cheap bowling, which is hard to find in Nashville. Not particularly nice/clean inside, but it's tough to expect that from a bowling alley.


Friendly place. We went on Sunday afternoon and easily got a lane. Also we were at half game when the time was finished and they gave us extra 20 min to finish the game.

Sharlon Lyonhurst

Niq Glass

It's grimey, pool tables missing balls, the staff does not seem to want to be there. However, if you want a dirty dicey empty Bowling alley this would be a good spot to hang out.

Oliver Bess

Jack Sparrow

cool lowkey super cheap spot and they have food. you can really have a low key great time here .

JimJenn Crowe

A smaller alley, but still has lots of charm.

Emily Nash

A little hard to find but pretty nice for a bowling alley

Arnolf Wright

David Kattau


Shayla Brantley

Chris brown

Great place to hang out. I have been coming for years and the staff is mostly friendly and the food is always decent. I love that bar too.

Gage Roberson

It was good didn't have to wait in line fairly room with lanes, and nice staff.

Annia Maria

It sucks the machines did not work well

Recovery First

Need a whole new arrangement of Balls. Other than that, great Lanes...


I enjoyed the atmosphere of this place and the feel of the 90s bowling theme. They got beer too.

Kesi Rutland

The food is overpriced

Conchata Eastwood

Took my bf there we had a blast we will be returning

Buddy Tayes

Don't. No

Justin Tekoppel

Small than the hermitage branch but it a little more friendly.

Pan Chan

Depends on what time you go, usually daytime on weekdays are $7 for "all you can bowl" deal. Weekend have no such deal. Evening deal Monday - regular price ($3.5/game) Tuesday - $1/game Wednesday - $7/all you can bowl Thursday - $1/game Friday - regular price Saturday - regular price Sunday - $10 /all you can bowl Night deal (after 10pm) Monday - $6 /all you can bowl Friday - $14 /all you can bowl Saturday - $14 /all you can bowl Sunday - $5 /all you can bowl

Rachel Jensen

Jerry Chancellor

Wonderful facilities

Dana Inch

Took the grandkids bowling on a Saturday afternoon. Not very crowded. Lots of family fun

Dawn Elza

We had a great time bowling. The all you can bowl option worked great as far as price compared to paying for individual games. It kinda sucks they don't play any kind of music unless you purchase through the jukebox. We just played music from our phone. Four stars bc nothing special, or Great, but nothing bad either.

Ashley Street

Have 0 desire to return.

Jeff Parker

They accepted a large school group from Carter Lawrence Elementary and were very gracious even though the event started prior to their normal opening time.

Christopher Bundy

Prices went up a little and quality went down. Won't be returning here

Deb Clark

Go see for yourself!

Cliff McCormack

Very cool, kind of 'retro' vibe going on here. Really liked it!

Kim Sneed

Nice and people friendly

Laura Del Rio

Very run down. Staff was great though.

bernard critchlow II

Management is great. But they need upgrades to the screens and floors

Sarah Sheets


It's horrible ! The serving get a attitude for no reason, everything just looks old and nasty!

Bashir gure

Good price for the game but the bathroom not clean its very dirty.

roller skaters

For the big labowski in all of us... gotta try this throwback to a different a Nashville native this is an original...been here forever...usually easy to get a lane..and the air hockey table is the best in the the back if you're looking...basement bowling at it's finest

Floy Neal

It's very inexpensive to bowl here. The alcoholic drinks are the bomb.

Louis S

Very helpful and polite just drove by and pop in but for sure will return when come back in town

randy harts

Pretty decent place, food is ok as well. I just think it's overpriced.

Stacy Wells

Jorge Wellmann

Customer service on the phone was not up to par with competitors.

Brian McIlvaine

Place looked a little worn. Service was ok ish could have been better. Price was a little high for what was offered.

Mandy Marvel

I have absolutely never seen such a blatant display of racism as I did at your bar this evening. The fact that your manager said you have had the same issue with this male bartender before is disgusting. This man should not have a job. Keep in mind that this is coming from a white woman who was with a black man and Mexican woman and watched the bartender refuse to wait on them and another 3 black women while he waited on every single person that walked up after them. All white. Disgusting.

Kelley Cothron

Awesome! All you can bowl, a rad jukebox, and nice employees!

Senior Tiger


Rocky Pileggi

Easy going staff, this is an enjoyable place to come to bowl and spend quality time with friends. Clean, affordable.

Amy Thomas


Demarcus Love

Terasa Sirmans

Had a great time!!

Keeyona Love

Great place to bowl

Nikki Denson

I work here, I'm not gonna say it's perfect but the food does take a while to get because we get SWAMPED in the snack bar and it gets confusing but at least we get you your food. Also the games in the arcade mess up, all arcade games do that, that's why there's a sign that says "play at your own risk" above the door. The bowling lanes are small and get stuck sometimes but what bowling alley doesnt?

matthew masters

Michelle Miller

Great place to bowl!

Tatum Family channel

We had fun bowling with the kid's

Donna Clinton

Love this location. Staff is always friendly. Best bowling alley in Donelson.

T Roy S

Great late night bowl

Jelani Holmes

One of the bowling lanes needed to be constantly reset but we had a good time. They need to fix lane 1!


Great bowling facility

Chris Abrams

Great hole in the wall bowling alley. Cheap beer and all you can bowl day specials depending on the day. Lanes are well taken care of and there's a gift shop, game room, and 21+ lounge area in case you miss time your visit and end up there on kid night lol

Peter Harris


This place seems like a great way spend a weekday when you're off and wanting to have a good time. My experience this Saturday was completely disappointing. Starting off, the cashier got our preference of game time wrong, where as we wanted the 10pm all you can bowl, apparently we only got rang up for an hour's time. On top of that, when we went to our lane and sat for 5 minutes, where I went to go get a beer for my fiance and I, when I got back the lane was not turned on and the other cashier had given the lane we were directed to, to another party. After my fiance went up to the cashier and explained what was going on, they just shuffled us over without explanation. The next 20 minutes or so, after we were finishing out beers, I tried to get another from the bartender, who was no where to be found and I went back after five minutes of waiting. Another 10 minutes goes by, and I try again with getting beers. This time I was determined to wait, although the people behind me deemed themselves more important than I was and just hissed at the bartender when he tried to serve me. (They literally hissed.) The bartender, Mark, was extremely kind and was attentive throughout this entire interaction and I would love to come back on a weekday, but the experience I had with the cashiers and patrons left a bad taste in my mouth. The environment and aesthetics of the place seems very enjoyable, when not busy.

Karzan M-Ali

Awful overall. The balls are in terrible shape. The lanes are in horrendous shape. The monitors are all glitchy. The place looks like it belongs in the 80s. Also mediocre price. Worst bowling alley I've been to in middle Tennessee by far.

Zigh Rountree-Custer

Havent had that much fun in along time!

Brooklyn Brown

We had paid for unlimited bowling and played 2 1/2 games because they shut our game off in the middle of it when it turned 2 am. it would have been different if we had just started the game, but we didn't. I've been to 2 other bowling places that let us finish.

Adriane Stewart

Fun evening

John Stone

Had a good time bowling, did not have an issues, and the bartender was great!

Collin Fletcher

Pretty low key, not the best service. Cheap and easy

Hogg Life

Bowling was fun... the gaming area wasn't much to be excited about

Harry Vasels

Good bowling complex. Most equipment worked well. Staff was excellent

Teeka K

Nakitia Nishelle Moore

Enjoyed myself and my company the staff was very pleasant & accommodating

Scott Hutcheson

Derik Brame

Andrew Ebert

Rodney Guilbault

Food was not good at all! The 1st lane we were on was terrible the 2nd lane they put us on kept on messing up to when resetting the pins.

DeanteM Shannon

Naz z

Bad lanes


The boys are back in town

Jasmine Patton

Prices that are advertised on their screen, do not accurately reflect what you must pay. My friends and I were not greeted by the customer service rep (David) upon entering the establishment. We had a party of 6 and they were going to force us to bowl using only one lane although we paid in separate groups. We asked for two lanes and were told that we could have two lanes but if it got busy then they would take away one of our lanes, and before we could even walk to the lane, the employee directed us to one lane. So not only was the greeting poor but he also lied. We got a full refund and will not be frequenting this place again.

Megan Thomas

Wow the staff is slower than snails and less personality than the walls. Bowling was fun but jeeze.

Dana Hancock

Came here nye with the kids had a great time

Chris Williams

Okay place to bowl but it does have pool tables

Joe Toney

Have fun

Rebecca Meadows

Great value on friday all u can bowl from 10 to 5 for 7 bucks!

John Brown

Disorganized when it came to getting a lane, when busy. Overall decent experience.

Phoenix the-writer

Seems small for a bowling alley, but popular. Friendly bartenders and staff along with Wednesday night karaoke and, I'm told, decent food.

Sylvia Shead

I couldn't wait to get back to Memphis, Tn in order to submit this review on my laptop rather than my cell phone. Number one...The place was rather old, and worn down, even to my kids, but I told them lets make the best out of their spring break experience. The price was pretty good, so we actually was having a great time. Kids wanted nachos so I went to the counter, and the lady told me to give her about 10 mins...she was the only one behind the counter so I totally understood. I went to bowl but noticed after 15 mins she was taking orders again. I stood in line at her window, and watched her make other orders. She was taking customer money, and then going back to make their pizza and others that she had orders for. I saw her take money 3 times and go back to making food. When she got to me she took my order, and I asked her if she could change her gloves....She looked at me for what seemed to be a min, and turned to the young lady who was about to leave, and told her FIX HER ORDER!!! She was very rude, and mad because I called her out. I stood there another 5 mins to wait on SOMEONE to make my food, and during this time an older lady came in to cover the next shift....SHE could have got her to make my order but the started taking NEW orders...I then told the lady I need my money back...still had an attitude, and went to entrance to get my money for my food, and what ever time I had left. The management did a great job of TRYING to calm the situation down. The lady, still mad, didn't own up to the fact that she had been handling money and food, but instead stated that I was mad because I had to wait...NOT TRUE...I'm on spring break with my kids...there was no need for me to be in a hurry. Anywho, we did get loud in front of customers and stated that she would whip my ass....WOW...I snapped... She made the statement...WHY ARE YOU MAD IF I HADN'T MADE MADE YOUR ORDER...Me thinking...why would you be okay with fixing any of our food in here handling nasty coins that have come out of other folks pockets...needless to say, I will not be back, and I urge this company to look into the sanitary. I am a customer service manager for a very large company....I hope that management for this company work on this issue going one wants to be sick, and when my children are, I lose money being off work with them, and I will not allow someone to contribute to that. Sorry for being long winded but this had to be stated. WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN: March 10th @ 5:03 p.m Don't know the lady name be she was African american.

John Fisher

The floors are old and wore. It's great for 10 buck all day bowl but if I was paying per game I would go somewhere else

Rita Otey

Great place for family!!


A great family place. Great food as well!

Dria Gregory


Great family place

Tim Lemons

Old bowlimg alley and was fairly expensive...

Jayden Coleman

liz pirtle

Great selection, but very pricey. They don't have to much for big people though.

Charlina L. Burns

We had reserved a few lanes, everyone was nice and food wasn't bad will be back

Spencer Hall

brian kirby

Even money. It's a working person's beer and bowling establishment. Good specials for bowling and good drinks and bar staff.

Lisa Sexton

Torrie Washington

Had a great time, good food and music!!!!

Jaclyn Corder

The place looked outdated from the outside but everything was in full function. The rates to bowl are very good and the place wasn't over crowded. The men that worked there were very nice. One thing that didn't work was the grill, but we made do. We asked the manager could we order food to come to the building since the kitchen grill was down, he approved us to order and the night went great!!!! I will be coming back to bowl here with friends and family. This is a great spot for group outings and maybe first dates for teens.

MrT0xicg3tr3ct name

Best place to go and the workers are the best and best prices

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