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117 Donelson Pike, Nashville, TN 37214, United States

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REVIEWS OF Donelson Bowling Center IN Tennessee

Lady Rynn

A unique bowling experience

Mandi Pitt-Reed

Tina Fry

Brian Woollard

Jesse Padilla

Travis H

The cashier was in a foul mood, or just plain rude. We were pretty much the only people in there with our party. You would think a place would be happy to have customers, not upset.

Greg Thompson

Great prices and excellent service. Everyone here is having a great time, and that's all you can ask for!

Jonathan Sanchez

Guspatrino Jones

Not the best not the worst either!


Clean & good service. But pricey $$$$

Anthony Ainsworth

Cass D

Doe Tran

Mark Watkins

Shawn Griffith

Erica Schleimer

One of Nashvilles oldest bowling alleys

Adrienne Hall

Old school bowling alley

Terra Peterson

this is a cool place to come if you want to bowl. The equipment is a little bit dated but it's still a good time. Shoe rentals and games don't cost too much. Their food is good.

Ellen Smith

Great retro bowling alley

Saretta Canty

Friendly staff, great food and clean is all I can ask for

Alan Posey

Best in the land! Love the new and improved scoreboards. Great deals and great staff!

Shontate Anderson

Marvin Hunter

Never had the chance to play

Brackin Jennings

Best bowling experience around. Good prices, friendly staff, isn't very populated during the day. There's 24 old style wood lanes to choose from. I'd prefer the one's in the 20's for best play. Yes, it may need a bit of maintenance on a couple of lanes, but doesn't mean they don't fix them. The price is what gets ya. You can get these 10 game cards for roughly $20. That's an awesome price for 10 games! They have a few leagues going on here, but unfortunately, none that I can join. Not their fault though. Would love to see a Pro Shop in this location.

Sabrina Harrington

Not many bowling areas left but we were out for family fun. Had to cut short because they wanted to close early since only 3 lanes were playing. That was kinda rude i think.and more expensive than i remember...

Amanda Coode

Chelsea Erickson

Isaac Ramirez

Extremely out-dated and overpriced. Lanes have dips and the balls are all in terrible condition. Wouldn't even recomend.

Matt Collins

This great old bowling alley has been in business for nearly 60 years, and is to be commended for being around so long. It's definitely old school, but has a small restaurant, bar, and the usual bowling alley fixtures. If you're into bowling nostalgia, definitely stop buy and at least visit when you have the chance. And bowl a game, too!

Chetan Pande

Sadık Taşkın Taş

P Diddy285

Chrissy Cotten

Sharon O'Conner

She_ Just_iss

Cory Williams

Oldest bowling alley around and it shows. Everything looked kind of run down and neglected. Lanes rolled well though.

Canon Man

It's older style but the people are great

Jessica Chaos

Cute old timey bowling alley. Was invited to a birthday party that had booked the whole alley for the night. They did not have enough staff on hand to handle all the people. The food/drink line was forever long with only one person working. Two friends waited in line for beer for over an hour and they ran out of beer pitchers. The bowling balls are all so old and abused that you can't even tell if the marks on then are writing or wear so you could not identify specific weights for the balls. The air vents were broken on several lanes and one of the monitor screens was completely static and we were still instructed to use the lane.

Jimmy Jorgensen

Jones kittkish

Lynn Golff

Has a Nice little bar with a pool table.

Corie Winfrey

Always a fun time. Friendly staff. Kinda cool kinda sad about the remodel.

Patrick Peebles

It took them over 20 minutes to check out 2 lanes for a total of 8 people in front of us in line. They didn’t know how to operate their Point-of-Sale system whatsoever. There are a total of 24 lanes in this bowling alley, 5 of them are taken and they refused to allow our group to cross bowl because we didn’t have enough people. This is the 4th bowling alley that I’ve been to in Nashville and they are by far the worst. Drive less than a mile up the road to the alternate Donelson bowling alley, or go to Nolensville. Save your money and time and avoid this place at all cost.

Joshua Gentry

beastkilla 360

This place was crap we still had a hour and they were tired and wanted to go home but im not gonna go home

Ian Wilson

Giovanna Gomez

It's old, dirty, and all their bowling balls need to be replaced. We went on a Saturday night and there was an older woman running the grill who was rude, bitter, and angry. Terrible service. The only upside is that bowling prices are cheap so if you have your own bowling ball and shoes then you'll be OK.

Lindsay Towe

We had a 6 year old birthday party at Donelson Bowl and had a blast! The staff was very accommodating, we had plenty of space and time to bowl and just socialize. It was also quite economical.

Ron Moorman

The place is very old, but bowling is inexpensive.

Brian Hinger

Very nice

Colin Shotts

Old school bowling at its finest. The locals are like their own little community in here but its a cheap spot to come do some bowling.

bobby becker

sofia wilson

Byron Stithem

Steve is the manager with the most. #1 in customer service every time.

Pastor Teresa

Busy place, fun but a bit pricey. $82.00 for 4 people to bowl 2 games.

Chris brown

I sure do love this place. I have been coming here since I was a kid. They are super old school and just the way I like it. The food is always decent. Always cool people there and staff is usually very friendly. I need to get out there more often.

Kevin Mclemore


There are not many bowling places in Nashville. We came here and I loved it. It was great walking into a prior decade with the retro style inside. The prices weren't bad. 15 bucks a person for two hours. We both bowled great. It was an automatic score keeper. They had 3 beers on draft, bud light, shock top and land shark. They do pitchers of beer for pretty cheap. We will definitely be back

Sarah Yeazel

Tom McWilliams

These are some of the best people you will ever meet. They are amazing!

Markeela White

Summer Harman

Great night of Bowling on the new renovated lanes! Love the new updated score keepers! Only repair we noticed that they need to complete is smoothing out the front RAMP ENTRANCE so people's wheelchair wheelie bars and front wheels don't get hung & broken.

Tony Caldwell

Lora Glende

Oldest bowling alley in Nashville. Recently updated the systems and bowling balls.

Lesley Boyd

Great vintage bowling alley with a neighborhood feel. It's my favorite place to bowl in Nashville.

Sherri Herod

It's our place where we feel we belong!

John Yape

Great time here, cheap rates and a local business that has been around forever. Yes, I've included a picture of something that actually happened while I was there. A gentleman showed up on his lawn mower, I originally thought he was part of the lawn crew but soon learned that he make his journey to the bowling alley on his lawn mower. George Jones anyone?!? Maybe this is only a Nashville thing, maybe not. We had a great time and will go back.

Caleb Hepburn

Cathy Riley

Staff very helpful our family had a nice visit here

Jacob Davis

Looks and feels old, but is very cheap.

Ehren Congdon

Jeanette Blankenship

Melissa Mastrandonas

Dana Inch

Took our daughter and grandkids bowling on a Saturday afternoon for some family fun. That is exactly what we got! We enjoyed the bowling, and the staff was friendly too.

Hannah Henney

Old bowling alley. Awesome staff! Some uneven lanes but a very good place to bowl!

Cliff McCormack

Old school, retro, but recently renovated a good bit. Very cool place!

Private Domino

Kia Kenner

Willis Kelley

Best bowling alley in Nashville

Kimberly Worboys

taryn Robertson

Super good people, great place to bowl and have a bowling party


To old

Karen Stilts

Always fun!

Henry Peevy

Kevin Johnson

My sister has been bowling here for 30 years! Awesome staff very friendly

Stuart McMullen

Awesome alley, highly recommended!

January Miller

It was empty on Mother's Day so we were the only people there at the time.......... We were told it was one price but when we left it was double. As I said we were there alone with my family of 5 so It wasn't because he was busy and quoted the wrong price. The balls are in desperate need of an upgrade.

David Wood

Helena Calais

Step back into the 80s. Enjoy some delicious fried foods while you bowl(but expect a bit of a wait as they only had one fry cook who also ran the register). Good options on the jukebox. Cheap to bowl, cheap shoe rental. Good beer, few options though. My friends and I stayed till they we're closing. Can't wait to go back!

Gabi Martin

Lanes like butter.

Sheryl Ann

Amy Thomas

Bowling team

Franchesa Kirkpatrick

Nashville TV show filmed here. Very ventage decore inside.

Lewis Felts

Great staff! Cheap place to have a great time.

Michael Herskovitz

Superb bowling alley !


best classy place to bowl in herm/donelson

Peyton Hibdon

It has had its doors open since 1960 for a good reason. Not the latest and greatest, but well managed and friendly.

John Posey

Nicholas Ukrakpor

Heather Anderson

Jmiyah Tharpe

david leshane

Had a tssaa match there. The service was terrible we had to wait to find out what lanes we were bowling on. The staff was rude and slow moving. The food was gross and overpriced. The lanes were the worst lane condition I had ever bowled on. After the match was over I had a big line of dust on my bowling ball.

paul ounoutha

It ok kinda old place

Matthew Loch

Old school bowling that hasn't changed much, including the prices

Matthew Walters

Its a nice place to bowl, not as busy as the other allies in the area.(which is what I like) This place is very retro which is also nice. I just wish the owners would invest into this place a little more... examples make sure your kitchen is open always on the weekends and prime time(you are missing out on $), make sure the lanes works properly, and clean the place a little better. This place could be a GEM!!! but instead it is just a nice place to go bowling as long as you don't mind the things listed above. Would LOVE to see this place get renovated but keep the retro feel!

camp n out

Amy Kavari

Billy Hall

Cool place....good staff

David Trotter

Karzan M-Ali

Awful overall. The balls are in terrible shape. The lanes are in horrendous shape. The monitors are all glitchy. The place looks like it belongs in the 80s. Also mediocre price. Worst bowling alley I've been to in middle Tennessee by far.

Michael Girard

Kahari Wines

Great place to hang out with friends. Has a nice retro vibe!

Markus Gibbs

Good rates and nice food!

Keith Spacek

Lowest price for bowling anywhere!

Benton Peters

Oldest Lanes in Nashville Since 1960. Friendly and helpful staff. Classic lanes and fun atmosphere.

Malinda Strait

Had lots of fun. Everyone is so nice there. Will go back for sure!

Mohamed A. Tallman

Jared & Jen T

Good price, friendly people. Had my sons b'day here and they let us bring in our own pizza and cake!

Andrew Ebert

Naz z

Terrible bowling lanes, disgusting bathrooms,and bad customer service I DO NOT recommend this a place to go

Gerry Franklin

Rebecca Jackson

Jessy Richards

One of Nashville's oldest bowling alley's (since 1960)! Love the small service and retro feel. Definitely have to try it once!


Interesting venue with quirky atmosphere.

Web Webster

Charmingly old school, complete with snack bar (with a really really good hamburgers), change machine that kind of works and Kansas on the jukebox. Bowling is available for the younger set, and shoe rental of course is available as well. Multiple payment options include 10 game punchcards, bowl as much as you can for three hours and $1.50/game bowling. Great value too; two games, pair of shoes, hamburger/fries, and a couple of draft beers and I was out 20 bucks tops.

myka bertrand

No frills, 'retro' bowling lanes. My husband and I go around twice a week and always have a blast. $1.75 games on Mondays and Wednesdays. Cheap beer pitchers. Small crowds most of the time. A fun place to go and enjoy yourself with out all the added things most modern alleys have.

Wind Therapy

Nice place for me and the family

Kyle Dobson

Thought it was cool that they give away prizes for completing various challenges i.e. next iteration to get a stroke gets a few game voucher. Old school vibe.... hasn't changed since I was a kid.

Brandon Haney

Friendly staff. Good prices and specials.

Marty Stern

Older lanes and not the newest decor, but plenty of be and a friendly staff. Good bowling, but did not have bumpers from what I saw. Would go again if in the area.

Mandie Williams

A great place for families and friends to get together

Mike Donahue

Carol Johnson

Jason Gray

Classic. Virtually unchanged since 1960.

Patrick Swint

Carol Lecian

thomas beene

Emily Bills

Went there on a Tuesday for a church small group get together. We were told we couldn’t begin bowling till our whole group was there. That was fine—their rules. We got some beer and waited. Once our friends arrived, we got some extreme attitude when one of them went up and asked about bowling. The man said in a rude tone that we’d already asked about it. In the end, he charged everyone for 3 games even though we only bowled 2. Tried to do refunds but I’m convinced we were all overcharged at least some. They also decided to close up 30 mins early, and turned the music off an hour before it closed, probably in an effort to push us out. The only saving grace was the beer specials and the vintage look of it.

Jeremy Dickens

William Booker

Jill Kilgore

This place is retro and unique, the perfect spot to go hang out with friends for a late night bowling or night out. The staff was very helpful and accommodated a larger party for a birthday celebration. It was busy, but we didn't feel crowded. Will definitely be coming back.

Erica Jackson

Need new balls and shoes... but very fun and cheap..

Jason Hitchcock

Joni Williams

A classic bowling alley with modern updates. They even have one of the original seats from 1960. Very retro, very fun!

Amy Rowland

cjpendley - nashville

Old School Cool.

Jenn Durham

Donelson bowling center. It reminds me of walking back in time. You can bowl unlimited for 2 hours on Saturday for only $14.00.

Seth Cooper

Leland Rooney

A wonderful piece of history! Great prices and kind staff.

Matt Floyd

Ceres Lilith

Joe Bob Briggs

Shane Kaatz

I have never paid $44 for 2 kids and 2 adults to bowl 2 games until tonight. Should have just took the family to Hendersonville family fun center.

Brady Purnell

They recently renovated this place and they did an amazing job. It still has the classic feel but with modern technology.

Denise Crabtree

Lucas Barela

Scott Felts

I found Donelson bowling to be a very good place and enjoyed my time there thanks mostly to the staff.

Victor Hockett

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