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540 Opry Mills Dr, Nashville, TN 37214, United States Located in: Opry Mills

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REVIEWS OF Dave & Buster's IN Tennessee


I really enjoy the place. 10/10

Nick Allen Brown

A lot of the games required a tech to come by and fix it. The food left a lot to be desired. Wait staff was polite. The techs fixing the games were apologetic. I wonder if managment is aware of such things. Three stars.

Robert Dunn

Just ate here. Zero stars cold food. No customer service from the start. Normally have always had excellent experiences this time negative stars. I have been to a restaurant and felt truly unwanted.

albert burkhalter

Really busy , but way understaffed. Had to wait over 10 min for one drink. Waitress kept trying to tab me out, we still had over half our money on our game cards. Bowling alley crowded us in lane 2 people were in lane 1 lanes 3,4,5 empty. Definitely won't revisit this one.

Kendel Bryant

My husband and I were there for a company dinner and we had a wonderful time. The only thing they could do differently is make it so the games that give tickets easier to identify.

Lindsay love

Its great my daughter just her birthday part there

Selene Brady

Good food and drinks. Our team had a great time. Although, we did not play video games, but we had a great time bowling.

Barry Coomer jr

The beer is good. This location is about half the size of the one in Atlanta, GA. The only reason that I gave it less stars is because of the issues with some of the games not working and how the employees didn't care. I told 2 different employees how the Ghost Buster machine and Dream machine were not working and they said ok and never did anything about it. I told the second person that kids are throwing their money in the machine and they said ok and kept on doing whatever they were doing.

Heather Bowden

This was my second visit to this Dave and Buster's (Grand Opry in Nashville), first time eating. It was my birthday. We waited 40 mins for a table, once seated at 9:10 PM ordered an appetizer and drinks. About 20 mins later ordered dinner, still no appetizer. About 10 mins later asked about the appetizers (someone had ordered a different appetizer after I did) and the server went and got theirs, while mine wasn't out yet. She did express the kitchen was backed up and it was a crazy busy night. We understood. 2 hours after being seated we're finally finishing our plates and out comes my appetizer. She told me at that point it wouldn't be charged. I'd hope not. Then bill time. 3 separate bills we had, I verified my bill, folded my card into the bill to make it easy for the server. When she brought back our signature forms, she had swapped me and my sisters bill ($30 difference higher for her) and we left horribly disappointed. We sat at dinner for 2 hours to have a little under an hour left to play. The server said she would give me free ice cream for my birthday, that never came...the gaming portion of D&B is a BLAST. My restaurant experience there was just awful. Very disappointing birthday drinks were good!

Jesse Allen-King

Not bad. Had the sliders and wing. Sliders were decent, wings had no flavor. Watched two bartender look at glasses (one rocks, one stemless wine) to make sure they were clean. Both grabbed a new glass. Nothing against the bar staff, more against the people in the back. Also ordered a Jack and Coke. Got 1 part Jack Black and maybe 1.5 parts Coke. Great for some, not what I think of for a Jack and Coke. If you are looking for an overpriced but fun arcade, this place is great. If you are looking for a place to get a drink at Opry Mills Mall, try Claim Jumper.

Connections Courier Service

Had a great time but it was very warm inside and so busy it was hard to get on any good games.

Kita Kelley

Had a blast here. Food was mediocre though especially for the price

Evan Belanger

great place for kids ...allot of fun

Wrighter Awn

Dave and buster's Nashville was a fantastic experience! They accommodated our last minute party of 16 for a small baby shower and I could not have been more pleased with the prompt service and sincerity of the servers. Food was hot when served and drinks kept rolling in. Would definitely come back to this location!

Eric Covell

This is a good arcade. All the games worked or were obviously out of commission and actively being repaired so there was no disappointment. Didnt have food.

Lamar Quezaire

Great place, get there earlier for good parking though

Cali Chriss

Went here on 1/2 night and bowled for less then $10! Love this place!

robert hicks

Love Dave and Buster's but I am a big ole kid at heart. This one is one of only 4 in the nation that includes a bowling alley.

William Ekhardt

Extremely overpriced. Forces you to buy a card, them charges strange amounts for games. It is truly a huge scam. Also it stuck like vanilla body butter (stripper scent).

Bob Lecast

Pretty good. Was very crowded. Won a few jackpots. Left defeated but I will conquer dave and busters on my next visit. Down the clown wont know what hit it.

Bud Kinches

Always great service and food and it was packed with people

Mandil Shea

No thanks. It's so crowded it's hard to even enjoy yourself. The noise alone drove us crazy.

D'Aris Sowell

Some things didn't work. Getting tickets turned out to be a challenge. Food was over priced but bowling was reasonable.

Anthony Deaver

Very good family place. And very nice staff.

Charde Evans

Always a Great time with the Family @ Dave & Busters

c bry

Server was rude and the hostess made us feel like they didn't wanna be there or serve us horrible experience

Kenneth Bruce

Small and crammed full of arcade equipment. Unfortunately, all the video game noise was far too loud to enjoy. We walked in and around then decided to go to another restaurant.

deanna cook

It's a fun date night place & they are always having digital coupons. And they give a Military discount.

Gorav Gupta

I went there early in the morning when there weren't too many people. The location was nice and the inside looked pretty well kept. The only issue were the games. Over half the games we tried to play would have an issue half way through. This is not an exaggeration! We would play a game and it would either stop working part way through, not calculate some of the points we earned due to calibration issues, or would let us play but then wouldn't give us points after. Luckily the staff was helpful, but it really made things inconvenient.

Melinda Brown

Family friendly. Games don't always work but if you report it to a worker they will come over to fix the game. Food is good but a little over priced but that is to be expected since it's in Opry Mills

shane simpson

The food was ice cold and the service was not very good. It was way over priced as well to be so bad. Will definitely not go back!!!

Julie Biggs Kuffrey

Food was cold and the manager , GREG was very rude to us. He said I was a LIAR about the food being cold. . This is no way to treat a customer. We go there all the time . My niece and her family almost every every week. This is a fun place to go and play games just not a place to eat.

Marc Richards

Showed up for Happy Hour. With about 5 mins left we asked our server if we could order another round, she said she had to talk to another table, but we could still get our order at HH prices. Turns out, that did not happen. The server responded as if she had never told us she would take our order at the discounted rate. The 6 of us would have never ordered the last round at the normal prices (about $11 a drink). When we asked her and the manager about it, he said there was nothing he could do since they were drinks and the computer won't allow changes. I didn't understand why he couldn't then just take the discount off the food to make up for it and it would even out. The food was at least good. We got the chicken nachos and tacos. The games seemed a little more rigged than usual. Balls would be missing on some games or they would be flat.Most shooting games were very uncalibrated and a waste of money. Other games didn't seem to be maintained and weren't fun to play. We were celebrating before my sister's wedding with some friends from Australia and we actually took off early without spending our game cards. Outside of our server seemingly having a bad day, the staff was polite, but this is not the experience I have had at other D&B's or Gameworks. Next time we visit Nash, we won't be coming back.

Laura Pugh

It has an atmosphere that's not just for kids it's for adults too and it was fun and entertaining and the food was good

daniel tays

Restaurant was nice inside and food was really good!! I really like the side dishes that come with meal and cute dishes the rice came in

Guest b

Always great service. Staff are very helpful

Derrick Jenkins

Good food and fun games for the kids. Want to try the bowling alley sometime.

Melissa Reeves

I came with a few friends to celebrate my birthday. It was an amazing experience I've never been to Dave & Buster's before this is my first time and I have to say I really enjoyed myself it was a bit cold in there but other than that it was amazing our server Kayla it was amazing she was very polite and attentive and appreciative keep up the good work you guys we will be coming back

Ryan M

It is kind of an expensive attraction, however, it’s a lot of fun. Good food and drink, full game room, and a bowling alley all inside. The mall location allows for a good variety of things to do before and after stopping as well.

Eric Ward

Went in to bowl and take advantage of the happy hour drink special with the family. The menu does not have prices for any drinks. Asked the server and she was very vague about the prices. I settled on a $2.50 domestic draft pint and my server brought a bottle charging $5. I asked if the drink was part of the happy hour special and she said no but by then it was too late because she opened the bottle.

Sean Ladd

Great place to go when you have a couple of friends to go with. Got a Groupon deal for 2 220 point cards. Each game ranges from 3 to 10 points. Over all not a bad game experience, the food can be skipped however. It's very expensive, a 4 piece slider burger and about 5 wings with fries runs you 15.79, and there are also a lot better options since its connected to the mall.

Jim Dema

Lots of games to choose from. There is a bowling alley as well. The food was really good. Great for all ages!

t gillespie

A little high priced for what it is but m and my lady had a great gimme she is not a gamer so Oget her on some arcade style games and get my self served in a giant game of connect 4 was very humbling

thumper41 spiritgirl

Not as big or exciting as other Dave & Busters..Where's the music and smells like cotton candy as soon as we walked in. The entire place had that smell?

Michael J.

Great gaming, but they need to spend some time maintaining the equipment.

Grant Brooks

They have lunch specials that are discounted with game credits. The food is delicious. There are so many games to choose from and prizes to win. If you like bowling, there is an alley there. They offer full bar service for adults. Overall it's a great experience.

Jason Mcdaniel

Had a great time here over the weekend. The food was very good. The arcade is modern and all the games actually works. Whole establishment was very clean.

Katie Jolley

Dining was TERRIBLE!!! The worst. I don’t even know where to begin. We waited for TWENTY MINUTES just to get OUR DRINKS. And the only reason we got them is because a manager was going around checking on tables and I had to ask for the drinks. That should’ve been our huge red flag and we should’ve just left at this point. When the food finally came, the portions were way smaller than we expected. The food is overpriced FOR SURE. We were there for over an hour and half and only spent 10 minutes actually eating. Then when we wanted to finally get the heck out of there, the waitress tells us it’s “going to be a minute” because the computer system is restarting. By the time we left, I was so annoyed that I made it a point to leave this review. I’m not usually one to complain, but hopefully this will either 1) save others from wasting their time and money, or 2) Dave & Busters make some drastic changes. The games and prizes are fun, but we should’ve hit up a McDonald’s on the way.

Leah Nicole

Kids had fun, but I went to the bar several times and each time there were 3-5 people standing around, including a manager at one point, and no one acknowledged me or offered to take my order. I ended up going to the drink machine in the mall. Management needs an overhaul. Also.....bathrooms probably will give you the plague, seriously, just walk down the mall and use one.

Morris Barkley

This is a great place to spend the day with the kids or your wife! Any age can have a great time here with bowling and eating as well as the endless games for any age. The only thing I didn't like was the restaurant includes a gratuity to all checks. I always tip above 20% if the server is great and by adding the gratuity automatically I do not leave anymore. Everyone in the games is very helpful and I love the atmosphere.


Good Family fun! My husband & I took our 3 kids for our son 4th bday. Highly recommend, They had a blast!!

Katherine Beverly

Food is always excellent. Just think they should have had more staff working as we barely seen our waiter and left without our desserts to go as we got tired of waiting.

Melody Garcia

Great place for food and fun!! Had a great time playing the games after dinner. Can't wait to go back again!!

Kevin Bailey

Games are good, food not. Go on the half price games day!

Georgy Porgie

Fun place to take your family but it's a drive if you don't stay in that county

The Great Font

Great location and variety but probably just came on an off day. No person at the counter when I came in and multiple games took my money without playing

Richard Estes

Meeting facilities were very nice, food was outstanding, and games were varied and fun...

Michael Johnson

One of the worst experiences I’ve had at a family friendly restaurant. Cheryl would not take Canadian identification from USMC veteran, and it was very disappointing.

Sera Madison

My family sat and waited for a table for awhile when it wasn’t that busy. A server (not the hostess) finally came over and acknowledged us. The the hostess came over and yelled at the server for doing her job and didn’t even say anything to us. She then proceeded to tell us that it was a 30 min wait even though we saw about 10 tables for a family of 5 available. We were excited and on vacation. That is ridiculous. We will not come back and will not recommend this to anyone.

patricia torres

Always good family fun at Dave and Busters! Enjoyed our endless wings special on a Sunday

Pam Tilley

Fun atmosphere. Need more employees in the redemption area.

britiny chevrie

Nice to have a Dave and Buster's right in the mall. Seemed to be pretty busy but was called for a table within about 10 minutes for a group of four. The service was about average. Would have been nice to have see the server a little more. The food was good. The game area was busy but nothing too unbearable

Justin Peoples

Love it there you can be a kid again playing all sorts of classic games. Great food. Good for the whole family.

Victor Vallicella

Extremely loud, makes sense being that it's an arcade though. Kinda pricey but fun with some friends or kids if you don't mind the "chaotic atmosphere" lol. It's one of the only arcades up here so there's that

Claudia C

Come here all the time and the server is always able to get the bartender to make us a drink that used to be on the menu but tjis time was told they couldn't make it even if we gave then the list of ingredients. The garlic cheese bites are terribly salty and soggy from so much garlic and parmesan. Will not be coming back anytime soon. The only good thing was the quesadilla is always tasty.


Came in on a Tuesday at 3pm, it was not busy. Ordered nachos, wings, and fries, everything was cold, told our server, she sent over the manager, he took the food and microwaved it got a few seconds and brought it back. Was terrible food and customer service, very disappointed.

Ashley Dial

Really fun place. Food was great, service was good. Only problem was a lot of games were out of service and stayed that way the whole 3 hrs. we were there.

Marcus Fisher

Good food and great service.

Katrice U

My only issue with my last visit was, we were told they weren't sitting in the main dining area after waiting in line to be seated for over 30mins. When we finally got to the counter (after being told to wait in this long line to simply add our name to the list) they said,"Sorry we've been told not to seat anyone else, you'll need to go to the bar in the bowling alley." ...(But there were empty tables in the dining area-visible)That in itself wasn't my issue. The lady at the host area made eye contact several times and could have saved us a lot of time by just advising us to go to the bar where there was plenty of seats. I enjoy bringing my kids to have fun here but on that particular night it wasn't a group of people, it was just 2 people.

Michael Bartha

Half price days are life. Don't get sucked in by the big claw machine, impossible. The baseball game is fun.

Alex Under

Food was ok, my ribs were not as hot as one would expect (came out less than 10 minutes after ordering). The ambiance is a little weird, lights were incredibly bright which killed the mood. Came in to watch UFC 244, asked the manager(?) and he said there was nothing he could do even though every employee I asked said the lights do dim; the projected screens were almost unwatchable. Hannah and Brooks deserve the 5 stars, though. Thank you for your attention.

Yvette Adams

Very nice game room and restaurant for children and adults. There is a bowling alley inside and a bar for those who thirst. Enjoy!

Ms.Samantha Morris

Our favorite spot to go without kids. Kid friendly too. But for 2 adults that want food drinks and fun... BEST PLACE TO GO!

William Gray

It seems like everytime I return to this location it degrades more and more. The air hockey table only counted one side's score, the 4-person air hockey table sticks and the puck gets stuck on the walls, too many generic racing games, many arcade games do not properly reset or will charge you and not function, witnessed someone play Fruit Ninja and the screen didn't work so again it's money wasted for them, and some of the card readers will read the play cards but it is unsure if they transaction went through. I understand that there are many people that go through this establishment but the maintenance and preventive maintenance is lacking.

Simon Austen

Food is decent for a cheap day out. Fun games and if your clever you can win those high ticket items

Bernadette Sexton

Amazing food. Fresh tasty well presented

Ronise Parks

This is a good place to take your kids. The prizes are great. They keep the game floor clean and they try to update games frequently. They have a bowling alley a place to sit an eat, a bar, tvs, vegan options as well not many but more each time I go. It's attached to a mall so you have shopping and a movie theater. Parking can be a challenge they are working on more parking now. Parking is free. It's walking distance from Opryland Hotel

Joseph White

Great atmosphere, food on point, however customer service sucks. Could at least offer a refill on drinks. Never happened. Took over 20 minutes for the food to get out... Better off going downtown.

shawn johnson

Good food. Service is slow could be better.

Sam Frey

We used a Groupon which let my son and I play games all day for $25. We had a blast.


Great place to take your mind off things

LaTasha Cobb

Had my oldest daughter's birthday! Great price and plenty of food! The hostess was outstanding!

Millie Orti

We ordered two appetizers and four entrees. The food is not worth the price. Of all of it, I will give kudos on the chicken and waffle sandwich. Big receipt for subpar food. I get it, it’s the ambiance. The meatballs were hard as rocks. It was if someone put them in a microwave too long. Service was slow. Terrible. Would not come back to eat so recommend anyone to play games, but take the kids elsewhere to eat first.

m lt

Nice place fun in family time too

Chris Butler

The games were fun to play with the family, but the service failed to deliver. Since it’s open seating, we all managed to squeezed into a booth one Sunday afternoon while the mall was absolutely packed. We came over here because there was a 45 min at the aquarium restaurant. We were seated for 15-20 min waiting for a server. I finally got up and went to ask one of the workers if we could get a server to come over. She explained that they were busy and got a bunch of tables at once, that it would be just a few more minutes. But somehow the 2 parties that sat down after us had already received service in the same section. Needless to say, the 45 min at the aquarium had expired and our table opened up there before we even ordered our drinks. We went and ate over there and came back here to play some games. Would not recommend dining in.

Fab5IVCoopers 32

Always and awesome time together with the family. Great food and drinks for everyone!

Patience Armbruster

I would give this experience a negitive star if that was possible. The service was horrible. It took over 30 minutes just to get our drinks (just soda). Then when the food finally arrived at the table it was cold. We had to send it back. I made a complaint with the manager, that had an "I don't care attitude". Needless to say, we left without dinner.

Laretha Wheeler

Nice place their drinks are grand too

CD Skinner

Card machine took my cash but didnt have any cards to dispense. Spent 20 minutes in a line with lots of other people with the same problem. Seems like it would be easy to figure out to reload the machines. I think they need better management.

Joshua Ragan

Had really good time playing games with kids meal was great a bit pricey especially when you add in the game cards for me and all the kids

Sandra Overman

LOVED IT!!!! 1,000 times better then Chuck E Cheese. Everyone in my family enjoyed themselves, even my one year old. The food is so delicious as well very well priced too. Will differently be going be for a family night out.

Daniel Barnes

Good selection of games, a little on the high side for some of the games. Some of the prizes are cheap unfortunately. They do have the incredible burger too.

Tonya Gann

We had a GREAT night with friends but we noticed alot of the games were out of order. And 2 16 oz. bottles of water was $ 6.39. The best part was spending time with our friends on the virtual reality ride.


Great place to hang out with friends.

Jordan Johnson

This place was pretty awesome but I do think Dave & Buster's could do better for the potential customers when they first get there to get them in, instead of having them wait. Whether it be dining or playing in the arcade. If it was me I would speed up the process for the fact they haven't spent any money yet and could easily just leave. Long waiting lines I don't mind, but when the majority of the staff have no clue whats going on is when it gets icey.

Sandra Baert

Great service. Happy hour good.

Mrs. Smith

Great experience as always. Very nice waitresses/waiters. My kids really enjoyed. This is their 4th time there.

Barry Floyd

Great place to go and get a bite to eat and play some games. Our server (Laura) was awesome. This is about the only place to get you a great Guinness stout also. The bar tenders know how to properly pour it from the tap. Thanks for a great time.

Conner Jung

Good food and had a lot of fun playing games.

Brooke Sheets

My husband and I got food poisoning!!! I didnt even make it out the mall before I got sick.

Noah Cain

The food was best. And the service wasn't too notch. The bowling was pretty awesome though

Annalise L.

This place is a fun place to eat and play games It's perfect for any birthday party!

amanda donald

We went to Dave & Buster's last night with our kids, as we do about every other week. We we're there almost 5 hours and spent over $500 and after eating we left our food and drinks on the table, while we played games for several hours. Then about 30 mins before we were getting ready to leave, when we returned to our table it had been cleared and all of food and drinks had been thrown away!! After telling our waitress, she had asked what we had left and she would have it re-ordered.... However she returned to tell us her manager said, they could not replace what they had thrown away!! So we of course were VERY UNHAPPY, and will NOT be returning there!!

Ann Leslie

A fun place with an arcade of games, 12 lanes of bowling, and the food and service was great! I recommend it to those looking for a fun evening!

Jessica Williamson

Can't wait to return!! It was hours of fun! Had a blast! $50 and my husband and I played almost all the games they had and they have alot!

Moe S. Pray

It was an amazing place for my kids and wife the only thing that made me put only 2 starts on my way there I was hoping and praying to find More classical arcade games like king of fighters street fighter .....etc.

Dawn Cain

We got a great groupon for an all day pass on blue (non ticket) games. Our group of 9 went in at 11 on a Sunday and played until 3. We stopped and ate at the food court. We really enjoyed our afternoon.

Jesse Lyle

Great food and lots of fun, slightly pricey

Tammy Westgate

We show up for a party that my son for got to set up they told us no problem they could help us thank you to the manager she was great.lisa the back dinning area is awesome

Jimmy Harper

Always a fun time. Wednesdays are half priced games so it's busy as expected. Service isn't really a factor when everything is automated wjen you're not eating or drinking. The place is kept clean and inviting. My girlfriend and i had a great time as always!

Gregg Harris

We had so much fun it is a must for the family clean good people and experience

Peggy O'Neal

We had our company retreat team building here and we all had a blast!!

The Brim Legacy

The atmosphere is always great here. Food is awesome and so are the drinks. Its like a chuck e cheese for adults.

Sabrina Nguyen

Fun with the whole family. Posted with my 5 year old cousin and my 2 year old cousin. It is a fun place for all ages and I had a blast. The food isn't the best but I don't usually good there for the food anyway.

Kisha Reed

Great for family, have an 9 year gap between my 2 son's always difficult to entertain both at the same time. But at Dave an Busters I always can blend the two & an with the bar adults an enjoy too. Only complaint food is not as delicious as the pictures. The price of food an bar is to high

Steve Kulpa

We love D&B, but go on Wednesday when its half-price games, or you'll end up spending more than you wanted too. The Food is good too - Sliders and Pretzel-Dogs are both high on my list. Sometimes it's hard to find a employee when you have a problem with a machine, but the machines rarely fail to deliver.

Tiffany McCrary

I want to be fair in my assessment. Dave and Buster's is a great time depending on what day you go. The weekends are crowded, there is a line for popular games and the service is hit or miss. That being said, the weekdays are always a consistently good experience. Wednesdays are half price games and if you go during happy hour you can really get a good bang for your buck.

Lakevia Allen

Nice environment but I had the longest wait on my drink and food

Shari Ford

Best date night in a long time! The abundance of games leaves almost no one left out in the entire restuarant. There are no catches and absolutely zero pressure to buy more points for your game card. Too often when going to arcade-based facilities you're bombarded with the need for more tokens to have a good time. Not here! Pay what you want when you want it.

Alyce Jones

I like the atmosphere at Dave & Buster's. It really is a place for everyone to fun at. Went there with my family for the first time. Won some games not really into sports. The food was nice no real complaint. The employees was nice. I would probably return when I have money lol.

Mary Frances Froehlich

The Opry Mills mall location promoted false advertisement. We came to this location with four kids because their website advertised 1/2 priced Saturday mornings from 10-12. When we arrived, we were instantly met with a rude front desk attendant who told us that the offer was expired although it was active on their website and were told to wait outside until they opened. We were then locked out of the facility. Three other parties showed the up for the same promotion and we all asked to speak to the manager, when he came out to speak to us, he refused to acknowledge or honor the promotion that at this point, five separate parties came for. One parry tried contacting the corporate office and the Opry Mills location wouldn’t answer the corporate calls and even refused to open the door for an employee so people couldn’t try and enter. They left a huge group of children and parents outside in the heat to until they opened at 11. I would not give this place my money even though kids were upset. It was completely mishandled and uncalled for.


Love playing gamea and eating the great food.

chad Stall

Just had a Team Function at Dave & Busters last weekend and enjoyed having a buffet style food service and bowling. We were completely taken care of and the food speaks for itself. Dave and Buster's has their own department for group functions and Beverly King will take great care of you. My Team and I enjoyed every minute and the thanks goes to Beverly King and her team and the staff at Dave & Busters. Keep up the great work.

Lauren Edwards

First, they said the wait would be about 35 minutes which is pretty standard by the mall so we put in our reservation and waited. Then we came back after 35 minutes to check in and they said it would be another 20 minutes. Still we waited because we heard the food was worth the wait. Service was below average and they weren’t busy enough to justify the wait or service level. We waited for over 45 minutes to get our appetizers and then another 30 for our meal. The tater tots were cold. My steak was ordered medium and came out rare. My friend’s steak was rare, also ordered medium, and my other friend’s burger was undercooked. Wasn’t given a steak knife for 10 minutes so then the steaks were cold. One of my friends had to grab ketchup from another table just to have it with her meal. Bottom line, over priced, greasy food, and bad service. Will not be back. Update: manager was really nice and helped rectify the situation.

paula vanover

Had a good time with the kids. Ate food and played games. Prices were pretty decent. Atmosphere was nice. Will definitely visit again

Jimmy Bryant

Had lots of fun . Would suggest that all 5je money they are making some should go towards keeping games up and running, or maintained to operation. Several games out of order .

jon vancoille

Great food! Fun place to take the family to play in the arcade and have a fun night out.

Stacey Smallwood

Good food at reasonable pricing. Fun for adults and kids alike. Friendly staff. Only drawback is I don't live close enough to one to go more often. Usually visit when I travel with friends with families!

Neisha Just Me

5 star down to earth server,I think his name was Earl... he was very informative about the menu and suggested what kind of drinks we should have. Very funny but cool. Food was great! We had a fun time with good friends.

Yulia Hawkins

great atmosphere good food great place for the children

Triston Maye

This is the only Dave and Buster's in the area and is fairly clean. Good size with two bars, restaurant, and bowling alley, but no pool tables. Keep up with your card to collect your tickets and save some money on purchasing new cards.

electro wasabi

Food was pretty bad, Mac n cheese was very much a liquid with some pasta in it, burger was served cold and waitress was nowhere to be found for the entire time we were there. Had a Groupon for unlimited games but you can't actually play any game you want.

Brian Krejcarek

Had to call hostess over after waiting for 12minutes. Ordered water and coffee seven minutes later we finally got that? Had Philly cheese steak. 3/4 onion, green peppers, and mushrooms. Where's the meat? Don't waste your time going there to eat!!!

Jeremy Searcy

Always clean. Games almost always working and operating properly. If there's an issue, they are pretty quick to come over and help out. Food is not bad but nothing great either. Fun atmosphere.

Valerie Hayashi

The food and drinks are Delicious! I just wish they would make all the games one color instead of different colors and having to pay for multiple cards to play the different light color games.

chris letizia

Had a great time and the look one was pretty short for a Saturday night. It is a bit of a pain navigating around Opry Mills but that doesnt have anything to do with Dave and Busters

Jenifer Ketchum-carr

Food was great.... customer service was absolutely horrible.... We didn't get a server till about 20 minutes after we was sitting there....but the bad part is the dining room was it even full... It was about 40% full...... Once we finally got a server then he did a really good job.... But while we were sitting there m many different servers passed by us and looked right at us and knew we were sitting there for a long time we didn't have drinks or anything in front of us and they did not acknowledge us whatsoever...... There was seven of us so we spent a great deal of money at dave Buster's that day....after we all ate we went to the game room and spent a lot of money on games... and then we went to the bar area to get some cheesecake hoping that area would be quicker service... Not likely, it took 30-45 minutes for us to get a piece of cheesecake

Lana Heller

My little one isn't quite ready for it. I know I am. We have that is opening in Huntsville Alabama. The state known for Space and Rocket Center!! That's what placed us on the map... Hahaha. Love it!!!

Kevin Negronleon

Very up to date on the arcade game's and great costumer service.


Its a great place to bring the young kids late at night when everything's closed. And once all the money on the card is used up to make fun of all the drunk people with your kids. Go parenting!

Matt Storey

Good server but the kitchen was slow and took forever to get seated even though our table was never occupied. Also, don't go on a night the Oprey is performing...

Allen Knudsen

Great fun. Drinks games loudness. Check out the back area, great customer service as well.

Brian Curlin

Super fun place to hang out with friends or family! Games for all ages and a nice, convenient bar right in the middle. Prepare to spend more money than expected though. Kids burn thru it extremely fast

Ashley Pinkerton

Family-oriented! Awesome games! Delicious food! Amazing drinks! Reminds me of Family Fun Center in Omaha, Nebraska! The Chuck-e-cheese for adults and kids!

John Pennington

Food is terrible and our service was definitely uninterested in taking care of the customers

T. Brown

Saw many reviews about unclean bathrooms, however, nice and clean at start of day (w/seat covers). Attentive, friendly staff.

Lamon Heard

We had a large group of young ladies in town for a softball tournament. Chuck was very accommodating and entertaining. Lisa also assited Chuck with our food and drinks to make sure our dining experience was satisfactory. Thank you both for your positive attitudes, you helped make our night enjoyable.

Candace Rogan

What made it fun with the people I went with but the overall service was poor. One of the workers in the bowling alley had an attitude when we asked to put ourselves on the waiting list for bowling. Then we went into the arcade area, to play the games and eat. We were immediately stared down by a man who looked like he was a supervisor or manager named Javier (had on a pink shirt and ponytail). He was not friendly at all in the first comment he made “who is 21 and up?” . Our whole group was 21 and up, the oldest 26. It was “flattering” that he assumed we were all in high school. Our group was not loud or rude, we stayed very kind to all the workers but was disappointing they all seem like they had a problem to help and service us.

Ravi Jariwala

Best place to enjoy with friends & family on wednesday they are 50% off on bowling ,that every body loves

Tina Cox

If I could give them 0 stars, I would. I have never had such horrible customer service in my life. We waited for over an hour to be seated for our table of 15. At no time were we told they could not handle a table of that size. Were only told after we had been waiting that long. Poor communication. No apology and the hostess tried to argue with me! I'll never give there again.

Tessa Cullen

I had a lot of fun here, I wish the prizes that were available were little bit better, I had quite a few tickets but nothing really caught my fancy. I had a color changing blue snow cone drink that was really really good and I had pizza pull apart bread I don't remember exactly what it was called but it was very tasty. Would definitely get it again. And of course the games were really fun, that virtual reality thing that they had was so awesome we paid to do it 3 or 4 times.


always a fun time but a bit pricey to take my kids because it doesn't take them long to go through money playing games. had a problem with my game card and the manager went out of his way to try and resolve it. we don't get to visit often, but when we do we have fun. food isn't spectacular, burgers were burnt and dry, but I didn't complain because manager had already been so nice. none of us ate the food we ordered, but we will still return, just not order food. lol

Josh Beyerl

Decent bar food and drinks, half price games Wednesdays


Our server, Indigo, was amazing and the food was good. However the prizes you get for cashing in tickets from games are really high priced and of the very few mid to low priced ones, almost all of them were sold out. In summary it was fun and the staff was nice, just a bit pricey

Christy Farris

It was a company event, with paid work hours, spent time with people I love, had some fun. It was a good day! The food was pretty good! Service was fantastic!

Walita Smith

Now this place is awesome, don't know who had a greater time me or the kids...

Matt Morris

This spot is a good place to get food. Play arcade games, drink, and even bowl. I wish they had more classic arcade games. They mostly have newer video arcade games. Let's get some classics!!

Brenda Howard

Extremely Loud! Not at all for us. We have 2 kids and we just don't understand these loud environments for families to want to spend ridiculous amounts of hard earned money. We understand they are all over the country and very popular but.... On the other hand the bowling was better than game room. Service overall was good. Bathroom was a disaster and dirty and smelled of urine. Pretty sure they have a plumbing issue. There are many more family places and activities available without leaving with half a headache from noise. We noticed many kids getting Way Too excited and wound up with everything going on and, could sense much stress and frustration building in parents. Not as 'Fun' as it's cracked up to be.

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