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3800 S Westport Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57106, United States

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REVIEWS OF Empire Bowl IN South Dakota

Dr. Seth

Overrun by younger adults (mostly high school students). Nice facility. Alcohol is a little spendy.

Jessica Sorton

Sadly did not have the greates if times very disapointed $13 is a little pricey for cosmic bowling exspecialy when they dont serve food only drinks. The lanes were very sticky so for those of us that have a slide in steps u stick and fall there is no lane courtesy at all.

Matt Stokke

Mason Covrig

Frankly this place is just way too busy once it hits 5 pm. My bros from Chile and I tried to go here once, but we had to wait like 30 minutes to get a lane and then was pretty pricey for 2 games. Although I’m going to going to give a this a three star because a nice gentlemen named Clyde helped me find a bowling ball to fit my fingers. Plan to take my son here sometime it’s not busy, but only if East way is full.

Randie Anderson

Yea bowling fun

Meylin Perez

Jdedya Kato

They only for 10 and under even if your a beginner bowler, and the guy behind the counter was super salty.

Eric Karen

Prompt personable service. Clean and nice. Lanes in good shape

Clark Mitchell

Very good experience

Troy Allen Miner

Good price, great staff!!

Maxwell Kane

Great service, fast ball returns and a great pro shop with top of the line equipment. Has good food that most other bowling centers can't compete with. Is the most modern/up to date bowling alley in the area.

Shane Fowler

Good stuff

Lisa Johnson

Nice place to have a Christmas party!

Chris Drake

Christopher Johnson

Nice place to take the kids for the afternoon. Clean. Fun.

Mat Aerts

Best lanes in town!

Jared Beskow

Great place to bowl. Clean. Cosmic bowling available. Good selection of beer. Has a small pro store as well.

Terina Tinch

It was fun and amazing

foxy and springtrap x mangle 106

Aleksandr Strizheus

Good place to bowl.

K4OS Rampage

Loved bowling here.

rick brandt

Jaime Jones

Great place to bowl and shoot pool prices not too bad

shantara bird

It's such an amazing establishment with fantastic staff kudos to the guy who served us beer and bowling and everything at the same time!

Derek Plautz

It's a bowling alley, nothing super spectacular about this place

Tracy Hummel

Such fun! Very clean, excellent lanes, friendly help. Great selection of balls. You can't not have fun here!

Carie Glover

D50kaliber Kaliber

Great family fun early mornings great priced games and chill atmosphere

Lucas Anderson

april lillefloren

Lanes available for family time

Megan Thompson

Love it

Michael Turner

A solid bowling alley that's great for kids. We celebrated my niece's birthday and had a great time. They've got: * Bumpers on every lane * Party room where you can get pizza, hot dogs and cake * Cool ball ramps shaped like dragons to help little ones bowl The prices are about average for anywhere in Sioux Falls and the staff were polite. The games room was a little disappointing but everything else was good.

Lucas Dannenbring

Very poor customer service skills, stay clear of this business!! I set up a reservation for the Hilton hotel I manage for our holiday gathering. I made a reservation and asked for them to email me some menus for food item options, which they did. When I replied back the day before the outing with the specific number of people and let them know I will order some items, I was told they couldn't host our group. I called a week in advance to set up the venue and informed the staff of location and specifics all for nothing. When I called the business thinking maybe we had our wires crossed and talking to Adam Flynn he had no interest in the situation other than telling me there is nothing he can do. He told me if I would of made a reservation they would of took my credit card, which in turn he is throwing the person under the bus that I talked to make it not his issue. Managing a hotel, I understand overbooking happen, but if I told my customers, sorry there is nothing I can do for you, maybe you can stay here the night before or after instead? At a hotel if we can't accommodate reservations we work with the customer to find a solution or other accommodations and in some cases pay for it. Just a thought maybe they could of tried to find out if other bowling alleys could host our group or cared about the customer to figure out a solution. A very poorly handled situation!!!

Michael Ulmer

Gave away my reservation for my birthday party. Thanks

Annalysia Volk

Quiet place, reasonably priced a great time to have with friends!

Chris Fitzer

Nothing great, nothing bad.

Matthew Dick

Clean, friendly. Beer prices are too high thus I deducted a star.

Tom Borchard

Anirudh Pochiraju

Rude people, worst lanes and balls, would've been good once but not anymore

Dave Oros

Great place to bowl

Rebecca & Mike Burton

Nate Flanders

Always fun times at Empire Bowl. Still looks up to date, clean, and cosmic bowling is still a fun time for teenagers and adults.

Bear Templar

Always a great time to go and bring family and friends together.

Micah Hennings

Good and fun

Sarah schreck

It's an ok place. Sound system stinks but service is great! Kinda felt like I was stepping back into the 70's though.

Christian Rieck

We had a good time bowling. This place runs like a bowling alley should. Their equipment works well and there was just the pins, our balls to roll, and us to worry about. We didn't try the food but have heard it's good for a bowling alley. Wanna bowl and relax with friends? Try this place.

Dan Barnes

Fun place for kids and adults. Ramps and bumpers for kids.

alan Spencer

Fun place to go bowl and enjoy a beer. Plenty of lanes available.

Joe G

Everything you love about bowling alleys is right here

Rea Stroh

ShayLeigh Handel

Pool n bowling

Rubal Sharma

Novalis Van Sangue

Had a blast with my husband and our 3 and 4 year old!

Rob Butler

Great bowling alley with good food.

Dug Thompson

Good times even if I throw a gutterball every once in a while

Steven Hoaas

Cosmic bowling is a great deal, lots of fun.

Lisa Serck

Love this place! The most supportive place ever for young bowlers who participate in high school bowling!

larry mathes

Lots of fun. Staff was really helpful

Scott McVicker

Fantastic service! What an amazing, very budget-friendly time!!!! 2 hours, 4 kids and 2 adults = $29!!! One of the best parts was the service! I HIGHLY recommend Empire Bowl!!!

Mitch Bartlett

Never have had worse service in my life. Everybody who works there is unhelpful and condescending from the men at the counter to the woman in the food area. Arcade is always closed for some reason because the staff doesn't want to deal with it. If you want to experience bowling and be talked down to like you're dirt, this is the place for you.

Jacob StateFarm

What a JOKE! For the last 2 years I’ve bowled here on a Sunday. I would typically bowl 5-7 hours of games, and would pay in hourly price for my time . Met the staff, thought it seemed like a decent bowling alley. However today after bowling for 4 hours and being locked in on my hourly price, I had went to check out and the manager (older guy brown hair glasses) decided to tell me I was paying 5$ a game, I said I was locked in for an hourly price. He proceeding to get in my face and tell me to pay him or I was gonna be in big trouble. Never have I ever been so disrespected and treated this way. Not professional at all. I will take my Business else where, and my union coworkers will follow.

Jake Bleyenberg

The employee's were super rude and not helpful and were very mean to me and my girlfriend.

Matt Zerfas

Fun place to take the family bowling. Great atmosphere.

Melissa Barrick


Chris Trefz

Great place for people of all ages to hang out.

Elijah Lewis

It wasn't alive, needs more vibes.

Steve Van Zee

Great place for family gatherings


Well maintained bowling lanes!

jeremy dumas

Bowling league every Friday. Great lanes

Sierra Grandpre


Mary Doty

Great place to bowl and a very fun environment!

Alan Garcia

Worker took bowling ball out of my hands because “they break easily”. I paid, let me bowl.

Robert Mason

took the family bowling ,..3 games of bowling,..2 adults and 3 kids,..cost $76 dollars. My fault for not asking prices before playing, but I am pretty sure for $76 dollars I can find a better family activity,

Dearduff Productions

Cxddg Dr

Michele Theel

Fun times

Derek Morgan

Nice bowling alley

Ld Ihnen

Nathanael Anderson

Very nice bowling alley. Small bar off the alley that has decent selection for beers. Clean place with good lighting and friendly staff. Hosted a company get together there and had a blast.

Christopher Little

A bit spendy, but lots of fun

Chris Wehner

Super clean. Staff is excellent

Del Jensen

Great fun!

danielle johnson

go somewhere else. we were there at 3pm today and there was 2 of what, 32?, lanes being used and we were wanting to get one lane for the kids (2 of them) with bumpers and one lane for adults (2-3 of us) so we could bowl while they did but not have to deal with bumpers.. and the guy (who clearly thinks too highly of himself) told us we had to have 6 people for two lanes. the place was EMPTY. i could understand if it was busy, got busy, or if we planned on being there an extended period of time. so we just ended up having the kids bowl and they missed out on extra money that they could have had. by the time the kids played two games and left, there were a total of FIVE WHOLE LANES being used. give me a break. AND our 2 year old had a sippy cup and the guy at the counter almost didn't let us have it. he seriously thought i had vodka in it. are you kidding me? the girl working was new, and polite, and much more friendly and understanding but of course, the dude took over. first and last time going there. the tables suck too. and the only food was junk from a snack machine.

Jeff Vanorny

We had a birthday party here for my son's bday. And it was very disorganized for the food portion of it. The bowling part was fine. The staff argued with my wife about pizzas, very unprofessional.

Breanne Hoff

Dori Spring

Friendly staff! Clean restrooms. Unfortunately the snack bar, bar and arcade were closed.

danial Newby

Vera Bruno

Always a great place to go to

the 3 gamerfriends

The bathroom was terrible almost none of the stalls loched, and the bathroom was dirty.

Matt Grady

Service is good, but the lanes are old and there is an issue on nearly every throw. Also, the lanes are sticky so you can't bowl as you would on a smooth runway. It's fine for kids though.

Bill Tetrault

Great place for adults and teens (Cosmic Bowling). You can bowl free (M-Th) with your Great Life membership.

Cynthia Hunter

Zach Libengood

Good times

Florangel Morales

Can't beat the prices!

Chris Eckeard

Cosmic Bowling

Dave Den Adel

Hard to find, but once you find it you can get your bowl on. Or gutter ball on. With a 100 average I do the latter. The only thing I don't like about this place is my youngest kid ALWAYS beats me here. Can't he cut me a break, I mean I did bring him into this world.

Nathan Angerhofer

Great place to bowl and have funnnn

Wendy Harms

Wade Spillum

Great staff

Ian Hermanson

It's a good place to wear your kids out on a muggy rainy day. The staff is friendly.

The Gaming Tiger

We came for Cosmic Bowling, and they closed two hours before they advertised. We got 15 minutes of bowling without warning us of the schedule change. Total ripoff!


good staff and nice lanes

Austin Donley

I've been here a few times, from work sponsored charity events and with my wife, and I've always enjoyed it here. Great place to play.

Jennifer Badke

Did the kids bowl from 130 to 3 The employee there @ the front desk was great! we had fun!

SugarbeatCo Woodworks

Fun little family friendly place.

Paul S

Reserved for a company outing was a great time.

Michelle Braun

Manny Lopez

Amy Evangelisto

This place was TERRIBLE for my Nephew's 3rd birthday party! If I could give it zero stars I would! The staff was unfriendly and acted very ungracious towards us. They took it upon themselves to rush us out of the rented room as quickly as possible. One employee in particular, a young gal in a Roosevelt sweatshirt, began removing my nephews gifts from the table and everything else on it for that matter, so she could clean it up and get us out. Not to mention nearly ALL the arcade games were broken, and didn't even have 'out of service' signs on them. I don't even want to know how many tokens children put into games that were broken. The staff was snotty and acted as though we were a burden on them. When asked if we could get a box for the leftover pizza, we were told 'sorry, we don't have boxes.' They couldn't even get my sister ANYTHING to put the pizza in. I even asked for plastic bags, but apparently that was too much work as well. I will NEVER go to this place again, and I will be sure to tell everyone I know how terrible the service is here. Thank god my nephew is only 3, and didn't realize all of this! Now I realize why the parking lot is empty every time I drive by, I have always wondered!

Kris Turner

It is recommended

Alise Nickel

John Jones

Fun place, good prices. Clean and orderly. Everything you'd need for a fun night out with friends or the family plenty to do for all. Cosmic bowling is the best feature here. Alcohol can be purchased as well.

Jet K

Jason Mccree

Jeff Bruce

Andrew Olson

THE BEST in Sioux Falls. Pay by the minute (wow!) Clean environment, and especially friendly staff won me as a repeat customer.

Matthew Schlueter

Awesome bowling!

Brooke Barhite

Benjeman Meyer

We went on a slow day. They accommodate wheelchairs. The bar was closed or at least seemed to be. We didn't get food. The employee helped set up the bumpers and ball ramp for my daughter. We had trouble finding low weight balls. The ramps could have been made better. The angle seemed to be too sharp to send the ball faster.

Christopher Wipf

They really need to start oiling there lanes more

Petit Chad

Ridiculous. Never going back. $17.00 an hour additional for bumpers for my kids? Turned an affordable nighr of fun into $100 trip. Never again.

Tiffaniee Cope

Always have fun at empire!

Erika Hellvig

Always have fun bowling here!

Joshua Beckley

Fridays are the best black light

Keira Wertman

Had fun

Brian Clark

We went there for my son's birthday. We had 5 boys with us to bowl and enjoy the "arcade" (pool table and air hockey). Bowling was ok, but then they closed the room with the pool tables, we asked if they could open so the boys could go in and they refused, when asked why they said there was a Christmas party going on, I looked in and maybe 10 people were in the bar area...some Christmas party!! We were just very unhappy with how they acted and treated us.

Joshua Malloy

Customer service was excellent. I love that they take song requests during Cosmic Bowling. They found some obscure stuff that I asked for. We'll be back!

Steven Thulin

I took a church youth group here and they loved it! We have a youth in our church with special needs and he loves bowling. This was a great opportunity for our young men to include him in an activity. The staff was very helpful and cheerfully provided everything we needed. I will gladly support them again in the future. Thanks!


Mark Johns

best for family, quick games.


Its a great place to go bowling and have a beer with some friends. Plus you can request songs for then to play.

Cristina Cosby

Great service and lots of fun


Had a great time with Friends and Family tonight. 2 hours of cosmic bowling and drinks. Great customer service and some pretty good pizza.

Daniel Meinerts

Fun for all

Madeline Koch

Bowling is always a fun time. This alley is pretty large so you don't feel like you're right next to the other people. Not usually crowded though. They food stand is usually closed and the water fountain is down so the only way to get food or beverage is from an over priced vending machine.

Max Kaftanati

Not good for younger kids, even smallest balls are too big and too heavy. Interior could use some improvement. But that's true about any other bowling place here in town..

Sam Jensen

Great place to bowl. Affordable and clean shoes!

Bryce Nelson

They only gave us one hour of cosmic bowling instead of two. We paid for one hour but then they stopped us with 1 frame left and wouldn't let us finish. I won't be back there for bowling again. Feel bad for the little kids that were there also bowling since they didn't the full night of bowling.

Brandy Mckay

Loved coming here, fun atmosphere and cheap bowling

Kristie Nord

Always a good time!

Lilia Radicheva

Annette Noble

Tony Koepke

Dylan Mace

It was a really good bowling alley with a really good pro shop

Jason Cronk

Great place to gather employees for an outside of work function. Cheap drinks and good food.

Eric Harkin

Great fun

Clarice Galbraith

Was not happy.

Lavonne Bouwman

A nice place for families to bowl.

Jay Chapman

Fun place to bowl.

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