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REVIEWS OF Wade Hampton Lanes IN South Carolina

Author Phoenix James

Great place for family fun

Linda Bishop

The most pleasant bowling experience today watching my grandson bowl. Thank you Wade Hampton Lanes Also brought home some Halloween candy

Celena Link

We love to come bowling with our family and friends every time we get a chance

Sai Venkatesh

This is the second time it happened. I call them at 9pm confirming their timings and they say that they close entry around 11pm. I ask them if a party of seven ppl can come in around 10.30pm, they say yes. We go there and they say its closed. And they further tell me I would have called some other place and this is not the right place. Come on guys if you are not interested in treating us right why dont you close the business?

Kelsey Striplin

There were no balls to choose from & the machine at concessions & bar was down so they were only taking cash. We didn't know we needed cash so couldn't get anything.


Great prices for cosmic bowling and beer, not too crowded, bar allows smoking.

Sarah Kruse

Love it here. Always a spot for open bowling for our little family. Bumper bowling always an option on any lane. The crowd here is always enjoyed. I've never experienced any "riff raff" hanging out. Friendly and helpful staff.

Nemo Jones

Average bowling ... decent price ... not terribly clean

Jonathan Hallas

Good bowling place.

jermey moore

Love dollar bowling night. The food is pretty much what you expect at a bowling alley though, which is very subpar.

Colonel RMW Wallace

I love this place! Everybody here is SO friendly - and THAT one component is pretty much at the top of my list when it comes to places I visit and people that I'm willing to hang out around. It's a very laid-back atmosphere, has a great Wi-Fi connect, excellent air conditioning, the bar room area has a pool table, friendliest staff and people hanging out, and it's kinda cozy. Smoking is allowed in the bar area, but they have both a big air purifier coupled with a great HVAC ventilation system. If you hate the smell of cigarettes, you probably won't have a problem being in here with friends that like to smoke. It's just not a "cigarette smoke trapping" area... must be a serious air flowing HVAC system in order to accomplish this benefit to the clientele. My personal recommendation is to check it out and chill out for a while. And I'm going to repeat that the staff is very nice, friendly, and accommodating... and the manager is super sweet and eager to be of service to the clientele.


It was very over priced and the people did not seem to want to be there. You make a $4.50 order for nachos and get handed this nasty microwave tub of cheese and chips, and then won't give you a refund, even though that stuff is nasty. There are much better bowling allies to go to, and I must say, I will not be visiting this one again.

Daniel Healy

I use to bowl on a league here and i did love the lanes there. However I had to stop going because they did not care that their customers vehicles were being broken into in the parking lot. I had over $2500.00 worth of belongings stolen out out my truck. I went back inside to let them know so maybe they could advise the other customers to check their cars.... duh. Nope, she didn't, and she did not care that I had just spent $300 in there on a new ball and a couple games. They refuse to invest in cameras for the parking lot as well. I have not been back since, they need to value their customers belongings in the parking lot, not Just their customers money.

jennifer kennedy

Great place to go at the Lounge, if Barb is bartending. She is friendly, always on her A game, not letting drinks get empty and always happy. Can't say that for other lounges. Her personality and attitude will have us coming back.

Sophia Durnal

Nice place but my work was having a nice night out and most are of age and were of age to be drinking but a lady approached us twice and smelled all of our drinks. At the beginning a woman made an announcement about not drinking underage and staring at us. None of the underage people were drinking alcohol. I understand that it is her job but maybe there was a better way to go about it and constant announcements about alcohol were on the intercom. Again, I understand it's her job but I found it a bit rude in the way it was handled especially since the underage were not drinking alcohol.

John Clack

WHL served as an excellent medium to enjoy fellowship with like-minded believers in the Greeneville area. It comes highly recommended regardless if you're by yourself or in a group.

Kelly Roberson

Renovations are great, good beer selection, food takes too long and understandably slightly understaffed. Very cool, underrated Bar Lounge area. Certainly doing well with what they've got.

Josh Schell

Accommodating staff, decent made to order snacks & no open smoking! Venue is quite aged though & could definitely use some updating.

George Champlin

Very accommodating and pleasant staff, decent munchies, clean facility and LOTS of fun!

jarrell madden

Been going bowling here for over 15 years the people

Waymon King

Bowling and a small arcade section. Unpaved pool table. Hidden bar that's kinda of camper with dart boards. Staff is great. Good parking. They serve food and drinks.

Kai R

I thought I was a better bowler than my score shows. I know I'm better than Jenna. :) Bowling was fun. There were enough balls for our group to use. Bowling lanes and the automatic scoring were pretty nice. It was a Friday afternoon, so we were able to easily get two lanes.

Maria Luna

The Lanes are good

Lucas Colmenares

Great place to go bowling. However, it's not the cleanest place. Also the outside almost looks like an abandon building when you drive past it.

David Smith

Very nice place to bowl.

Cara Orfanelli

Family oriented, classic bowling. So much fun. The lanes are very oily so be prepared.

Jean Evans

Great girls night out with friends!!!

Richard Davis

32 lanes great fun for the whole family!

Stephanie LeRoy

It's an OK bowling alley. I think it's one of the better alleys in Greenville. They offer $1.00/game bowling on Sunday mornings.

Thomas Ingram

It's been probably a decade since I've been to a bowling alley. This one is fine, and the employee I interacted with was very polite and accommodating to our disorganized group.

Stevie Klein

Attended a get together for my grand daughter's birthday. She had already had her birthday party at an earlier time, but on her real birthday, she wanted to go bowling. She had a great time and actually made her first spare ever! What an achievement! She was so excited and had such fun! We all had a great time and we're so excited for her!

Lucas Baumbach

Affordable bowling is just a couple miles from downtown Greenville. This is a family friendly atmosphere with many opportunities on certain days for specials, like $1 bowling. I paid seven dollars for one game and shoes. Regular games are $3 per person. The shoes I got were falling apart, but most of the rental shoes looked new. The alley has a lounge and a snack bar.

Douglas R. Whitehead II

Great Place! Last night, we were the only people there from 9 till 11:00. Bowled 4 games for 20 bucks, Th. night special I think? Headed back again soon. I read some of the other reviews and had to chuckle. I reply to those negative reviews; "It's a bowling alley next to Walmart, not a 5 star exotic destination."

Lynn Tooley

I have grown up with this place! awesome staff clean and friendly staff reasonable prices! great family style fun something for everyone!

Alexya Johnson

This is the worst service I have ever Experienced . the lady with the weird dyed hair was a rude person from the time i walked in the door . Wouldn’t put up bumpers for our friend who had never been bowling before because she wasn’t under the age of 10. She was rude as hell. I will never come back . She kept looking at me funny and granted I was the only colored person in there . I did not like her attitude one bit .Also they don’t honor their prices online .

Brett Theriault

I went bowling first time in 20 years ..I didn't suck...and bought a pizza there with a pitcher of beer

Cari Ann Witham

I love Going in the bar area and shooting pool

Carolus Bennett

Plenty of space. Attendants are helpful

Mr. Graezon

Rediculous prices but nice place

Melanie Altman

Waited in line for 15/20 mins before anyone helped us

olivia morgan

Service is slow at food bar but rest is great

Stuart Arias

It was fun I guess

Justin George

Dingy but fun.

Aimee Thompson

Recently remodeled, new shoes. Nice family atmosphere to bowl. Affordable pricing.

Andrez Cervantes

A wonderful establishment--a bit dated but that doesn't hinder from the service. The lanes are excellent, perhaps a bit too slick at times, guess that just means we need to play more? The customer service is great, along with the pricing and bar (for adults). The food is good, decent selection of finger foods and often made fresh/right on the spot. Not a bad joint to bowl at with your friends or family. No reservations on the day of, though. So plan ahead and give'em a call

Aaron B

Great place with friends, not even that expensive! I’d love to come here more often!


Nice place and prices

Jeff Burton

Fun old 'house' kept up-to-date!

Delores Dubose

I truly enjoy bringing my family to cosmic bowling here

Dribble Bouler

This was my first time at Wade Hampton Lanes. The staff was nice and had great customer service. I had a great time there with my friends. I will definitely be back!!!

Stephania Talley- Priester

Like that it's smoke free in bowling areas. Have designated enclosed bar area. Fun times for the pre-teens and teenagers.

Talisa Powell

Management was very informal. Let customers in before they were open and discriminate against others. They will not allow bumpers to be in use unless accompanied by a child of 7 years or younger. Other parties were allowed bumpers because they had kids, yet the parents used these bumpers as well. Overall, the place is out of date.

Stacy Freeman

We were here 7/14/17. Came out for a family night. Spent $64 for the lane and after repeatedly asking for assistance, still waited almost 1/3 of our time waiting on the balls to return! The guy running the check in counter was completely hostile and could not have cared less. Getting glares and snapping was not what I paid for. Couldn't even finish our last game. This used to be a good place. He ruined the whole experience for us.

Jahanna High

Fun time with the family and friends together

Abby Russell

Great now that there is no smoking!

Thomasina Sullivan

Fun, fun, and more fun! Great special for a group of 6! Good music.

Kent Freeman

Great price for bowling. Lanes are showing age as are balls. Overall we enjoyed ourselves.

Stephanie Granger

Had great time but needed to stock up on food at concession was out of alot of things and was super busy so people were not happy.

Jeremy Lyons

Five stars? You bet. Most people see that and assume I work there or I'm a family friend, but I'm not. I'm just a guy who likes to bowl, have a couple drinks, and maybe bit of food with my friends. If you like good food and drink, good vibes, and great bowling, then Wade Hampton Lanes is a must! I bowl in a league there and the lanes are as good as it gets. Bowling is a priority and point of pride for Wade Hampton Lanes. Bottom line - whether you're looking for a place to hang out, have a drink and a bite or maybe roll a few games and take a shot at your very own 300, you want to go to Wade Hampton Lanes!!! I have never been to a better bowling alley! It was refreshing to walk into a bowling alley and be greeted by a staff with a beautiful smile and warm greeting (and to be incredibly helpful). I highly recommend to all of my friends! p.s. Didi Caldwell- I am not sure how this particular establishment works, but in my experience a vendor controls the machines and not the alley (much like the Pro Shop)! Also, Is $1 really worth coming on here in a 'mudslinging' campaign? It is one thing to let your opinion of the establishment be known but doesn't slamming another person over $1 seems extreme?

Jonah Lawson

Um very ghetto and crusty. This place was queer and wack

Angel Campbell

Lane approaches aren't kept as clean as they should be.


Very overpriced. Smelled of old cigarette smoke. We could not believe how much it was. The website isn't clear of all the "extra" fees you will pay. Some very rowdy people in there that should have been called down but wasn't. I'll definitely be taking my family else place next time.

Alex White

They were all really friendly! But definitely go after 9pm Monday through Thursday or you'll be paying a lot more than what it's worth.

James Conley

My wife and I bowl here every Friday. Really nice staff. The lanes are great. Really can't complain.

Bryan Langston

The lanes are a little older but still in good condition. The balls however seem like they were just pulled together and many of them are damaged. It's priced about average. Food options are what you'd expect from a bowling alley and the pizza wasn't bad. No free refills on drinks though.

Megan Miller

Only thing good about this place is the bartender. Music is not loud enough to hear. And half lanes are down.

Sh'ree Henderson

Really nasty customer service! Saturday the staff treated me and my family like scum and they wouldn't give us a refund for the games we paid for but didn't get to play because of their system! He argues with us and cut our game off before we got back to our children who wanted to finish bowling!

Cindy Brown

My family loves bowling here.

Nickle fowler

I love bowling and I went for my birthday most of the staff was friendly except one person but I'm not gonna let one rotten apple ruin the bunch

Justin B

Went to Spare Time for an hour fame. With food it was $4,745 plus tip. So we went to this place. Bowled for 26 hours. Ate dinner for 6. Drank beer. They gave us cocaine, hookers, and AR15 guns. Total cost was $4.49. Tax included.

jeff bradley

Great fun . The biggest problem we encountered was very slow service. The bar service was extremely slow and disorganized. There should have been two people minimum at the bar but instead there was only one lady running herself ragged trying to keep up. The other slow service came when the lane we were bowling on malfunctioned 3 times. Each time we had very long service waits. We played 2 games and it took about three hours. Despite all that we did have a good time at the alley.

Tami Gilliam

We had fun with the kids , and then someone rented lanes on both sides of us and were drinking & being very loud and cussing. We had small children in our group . They should have families on one side and partners on the other side.

Denise Davis

So much fun

Jessica Vaughn

I give this place a one star just because the doors opened and closed, took my family out for for a night of bowling I have my own personal ball, had to wait for 5 and sometime 10 minutes for my ball to return before I could pic up my spare, the scoring on the screen would jump to a different player before it was time to change players. Paid 79.95 for my family to play 2 games in 3 hours, my daughter wanted popcorn they were out , the rest rooms are nasty and smelled terrible no towels to dry your hands. I think I will take that one star back because my family and I wont be back.

james martin

We had a good time because we never go bowling but all the bowling balls were around the same size and the holes for the fingers or only women to kid size. I only found one ball I could fit my fingers in and they barely fit. The bartender was very slow good thing there was not a lot of people trying to buy drinks cuz we still had to wait at least 10 to 15 minutes every time we try to get a drink. The chicken wings were pretty good and the front desk attendant was very nice

Matthew McCoy

Nice lanes, good experience , everything was clean, whole family had fun

James Moye III

Fun place for all ages

Adzener Rhett

Not a good experience!!! Went here with my boyfriend and his son and there was problem after problem. The lane that we got we requested the rails so that his son wouldn't get gutter balls. Well they were broken. We told the attendant and she said here's another lane. We went to that one and the rails were broken there too. Turns out all of the lanes on our end was broken. Then we saw why we got the jacked up end, it was because they reserved the good ones for a party. So the not only was the rails broken, but the thing that picked up the pins weren't working either. Sometimes it wouldn't even pick up the pins. We told the attendant about that and she just said that it misses them sometimes. I can understand it happening sometimes, but not back to back. So on to the next problem, the machine didn't keep up with the scores correctly. I reported all of the to the attendant and some woman that acted like she was the manager and they did nothing about it. Not good at all. PLEASE DON'T COME TO THIS BOWLING ALLEY!!!!

Amber Easterday

Excellent to go in the afternoons when it's not to crowded

Casey Robinson

I'm glad you guys finally finished painting the outside of your building! Lol

MattNTina Southerland

The parking lot was like a frying pan--absolutely no shade and faded parking lines. We walked in and talked to the lady at the front desk about the pro shop (which was closed) and she was very short and unfriendly about everything that we discussed. The house balls looked like they were from the '70's. They may have been used by my Grandma. The snack bar looked outdated as well, although we didn't eat there, so we can't review the food. If you are in the area, and feel like bowling, it might be a great idea to find something else awesome that Greenville has to offer--there is plenty.

Chris Drewer

Great place to take the family for a couple hours of fun. Very reasonable pricing

Vondra Mason

We had so much fun. Clean and smoke free.

Joseph Drachslin

One of the worst times bowling. The ball return didn't work half the time. The approach and shoes were sticking so you would trip each time.

Barry Brown

Fun and safe - great time tonight with friends from church!

reginald burgess

Good atmosphere

Dan Burgess

Great bowling location! Perfect for small or large groups. Smoke free, and cosmic bowling on certain nights.

Shannon Taylor

Good place to bowl on a Sunday. The music was really loud though. It was hard tLking to people sitting next to me.

Belle Carpin

Good Lanes and a good price. Smoking Lounge creeps into the non-smoking section a bit and that has to be the worst Margarita I have ever had but I wasn't there for the booze I was there to bowl and I had a great time.

Susan Page

We had a great time and they have changed a lot since the last time we were there.

Brooke Dill

My husband took me here just for a night out just me and him we had so much fun. I really recommend this for everyone!

Aimee Maddonna

The place absolutely REEKED of cigarette smoke. I'm assuming smoking may still be allowed in the bar area, because I didn't see any signs of smoking in the actual bowling areas -- but since the bar is somewhat 'open concept' to the lanes, if smoking is allowed in the bar it would explain the smell. And we were in the lanes farthest from the bar -- and the smell of cigarettes was still pretty overwhelming. I rated it four stars because our kids did have a blast bowling. They have rollers for the younger kids and it is an overall pleasant outing. The facility is definitely "dated," but I don't consider that a bad thing -- it felt like a throwback and I enjoyed it :)

Sheron Wallace

Nice family fun! Remodeling looks great!

Josh Posey

Affordable family fun.

David Gaming 2859

Dollar bowling is the best on a Monday night

Dendy Brooks

Was not pleased at the price of one game of bowling. They would have gotten more money from me if I could have bowled more for the price. We only stayed for one game. The alley was nice though.


Excellent food and staff!

Cynthia Ferguson

Even though we picked the busiest time of day our wait to get a lane was only about 35 minutes. The shoes are new and there was a wide range of bowling ball weights.

Jeremy Kramer

One of our lanes was consistently stuck, and the tech system was terribly slow. Otherwise, the deal was good ($1 games and shoes on Tuesday after 9pm), and the music wasn't too loud

Travis Strange

It's been there for a while, nice inside. Business is light during morning and afternoon, busy during evening. Always fun whether it be with family or friends.

Keoka Williams

First time bowling in years!!..Wade Hampton bowling alley is family friendly and Mr. Bill was a Cool lil man who fixes the food! Melissa checked us in and she was very nice! Come on and let's go bowling!

peggy jackson

Great staff, great atmosphere. Lanes after great, ball comes back with no dinks or belt Mark like at Golden lanes.

Erica Jett

Awesome food Awesome workers Awesome place to have fun

Kayla Hinkle

Love the workers! Love the lanes! Fun place to go for a night out or a celebration!

Max G. Feltes

Had an awesome time here! Great lanes and service

Roger Mcdowell

Good friendly staff and great oil-patterns. Good pin action!!;

Greg Coggins

Prices good for family bowling. Shoes prices good. Staff friendly clean. A bit heavey smoke smell whennwalk into firstvset indoors. But once inside it was fine.

Yates West

I like Paradise Lanes better

Brian Haddock

Excellent family fun.

amber amber

Had a great time. Needs more lighter weight balls for kids

Laqueena Irving

Great date night

El Carlitos

I just put a star because it wouldn't allow me not too but I DO NOT RECOMMEND IT AT ALL. Went with my family too have great night and what we ended up with was having the worst experience ever. We didn't even get to finish our first game because their lane was not working properly and they never offered to change us to another lane. So we finally got tired of the lane not working and asked for a refund and they said no cash only a credit to come back and we said yes so we paid 50 something dollar for six to play shoes and three games and they just wanted to give us 25 dollars worth credit really and that's the manager. I'm not a scientist but 25 is not even near our 50 something dollars we paid I'm sorry but no. since we didn't accept they said have a great night and got nothing back I'm sure they going to last long.........

Lonnie Longino

Very well run bowling alley. The staff is friendly, prices are better than other alleys in the area, and very good league selection.

sergio garcia

Love the time we spend with a friend of ours

Karey Mills

Cosmic bowl was super fun!

Nikki Marshall

Great family environment

Charles Gary

Fun game room have not had a chance to play the lanes yet

Marion Ross

Great place for your youth to bowl or even learn to bowl. They have several different youth leagues throughout the year starting at different times. Bowled here for more than 30 years.

Davery White

Had fun

pic art

It's a good place to go bowling! My only problem was the zombie working behind the counter, she was terrible. Also, someone always smokes cigarettes in the woman's bathroom, it always stinks like smoke.

David Harris

Lanes are nice. Staff is rude. Ruins the family experience

Josh Spivey

Bowling league every Wednesday night. You guys should come check us out!

Josh Lucy

Best bowling alley around and a great bar

Laura Goodwin

Great deal, kids can run around, always a good time

tina green

We had a blast with family. N plus I won a game. WOOP WOOP

Ashley Combs

Fun kid friendly place. Has a nice bar for the adults and offers really good prices

Ethan Barbare

Never really that crowded and has a decent arcade area with pool table/claw machine/pinball/and air hockey. Also they have delicious chicken wings but no free refills. Employees are friendly but may be a small wait for food

Lawrence Gray

Fun times fun place

tdaddy rock

Unbelievable... under staffed.. waited 30 minutes literally for one picture of beer...

Matthew Burchett

Nice atmosphere


Fantastic staff, very nice and clean bowling alley. My favorite place to bowl. They show they appreciate your business. I'd give them a 10 star if this review allowed !!!

Al Carver

The staff is very friendly.

Rashun Cooley

Fun place & the chicken wings are the greatest!!

Summer Wyatt

Family friendly. Surprisingly clean. We had an awesome night and so much fun with our girls.

Stephanie Link

We had a great time. It was a basic bowling ally. Just what you'd expect. Staff was very friendly and helpful.

Bryan Ross

This place is terrible! We had to wait 30 minutes for a lane that was open when we first arrived. Then had to have our lane worked on because the belt fell off the pulley system. Then had our final game cut off 8 minutes before closing. Absolute garbage and a waste of money! Do not come here!

Brian Cooper

Good food and great lanes

Lawrence Haviland

Plenty of lanes Over prices on the foods from the bar. Unfortunately bowling isn't as huge in this area, as it once was. Which is unfortunate, this is a great activity to do with family and friends. And. all the different locations show the effect financially

Cameron McLachlan

Was a friendly place to go bowl a few frames, definitely won't have a problem going back!

Ann Hess

Nice family atmoshere

keirroc brown

The kids had a blast!

Michael Page

Really enjoy our experience there

Sandeep J

Liked it. Had a good ambiance and good quality balls.

rene r

I don't like the cigar smell all over the place, think twice before you take your kids there.

Carlos Delgado

Great family-fun place!

James C

This place is disgusting. The kind of place that makes you swear to never go back. Filthy, rude, and trashy.

Rusty Greer

Had a wonderful night the other night with friends and family. We'll definitely go back.

Melissa Dunlop

My family absolutely loves this place and their staff. Inexpensive way to make memories on a Saturday afternoon.

Christina Cambre

We had a great experience here with friends. My only suggestion is starting the lights out and music at an earlier time than 10pm. Us "old people" don't like to stay out that late.

James F

Dollar for Dollar a great deal...esp on Sunday mornings...

Ashish Lirani

Nice bowling alley. Quick service. Good food. Fun for big group. Although the balls can get an upgrade.

Elvis A

Great place for the family. It is clean and staff is great. However, they to offer more options in terms of price. It can get very expensive if you pay the regular price and end up with few minutes of time. They should adjust pricing for kids. Just be aware. $25 for a party of 3 kids for 10 minutes is not resonable.

Alvin Lasenbery

Had a great time love the cosmic bowling

Stokes Music Studios

Great atmosphere and lots of fun! Safe envirornment and they offer a food bar! The lanes are clean and easy to operate. The staff is always helpful and friendly.

Stevon Christopher

Very clean and has a very good youth program

Shameka Coleman

Fun place to go

Amy Lindrum

Best joint to bowl with the fam in Greenville.

Daniel Neff

Customer service was a joke with the punch line being this dump. Grab a fry at McDonald's instead, at least you'll be happy.

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