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1100 Factory Shops Blvd, Gaffney, SC 29341, United States

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REVIEWS OF The Big E Gaffney IN South Carolina

Jezz Plores

Kids love this place. There’s movies, bowling, arcade games, indoor playground, and rope course.

Meagan Lewis Austin

Fun & entertaining place to bring my 3 daughter's for celebrating special occasions, or even as a chosen reward for their excellent grades & behavior! Adults can relax while their children enjoy the indoor play course. There's always an employee keeping watch over them as well.

Kirby Wendy

The big e is fun, Mondays $5 movie & $2games, you can't beat that. Wish the big e had a dirt bike course for adults, that would be fun!

Brandon Morrison

The place is fun. Definitely a child haven for excitement. Play palace inside is outstanding and very safe. Multiple people working to keep things running smoothly and the games are very up to date. Nice place and not as pricey as I was expecting.

Chris Ketterman

Fun place to visit with games, bowling, mini golf, movies and food. Usually with some kind of special or deal. They also have some kind of rope course that looks fun but haven't tried it yet

Ken And Jen World

They Have Gospel Songs & GoodVibes!

David Crawford

Great place to take the family. Movies, bowling, games, mini golf, and a rope course. Prices are very reasonable.

Angel Mccurry

Very clean place, fun for kids an adults.. great staff

Tamarah Hill

This trip to the Big E was disappointing. Usually my kids love Playland ($5.75). I paid for them both and the kids then discovered on their own that half of the attraction wasn't available. There were no balls, the we're unable to shoot the guns, dump the balls, and collect balls. I really feel like I should have been told this before purchasing. I mentioned it to staff and was brushed off.


We watch movies here, and their snacks are reasonably priced compared to other places.

Sherri Moore

I took my daughter here yesterday. We wanted to bowl. We first went to the food counter to order our refreshments. I ask the lady a question and she rudely yelled, NO! As we were trying to place our order she kept watching another employee and proceeded to talk bad about the employee to another employee. Still not looking at us the whole time. She seemed very angry. After we placed our order I handed her my card as she very aggressively grabbed it from my hand. She swiped the card very hard then almost slung it back to me. At this point, others were watching out of shock. She was still saying bad things about the other employee to other employees. She got my order wrong and when I told her, she slung it back down. I was in shock when I looked to see her name on her badge. She was the manager on duty. April G. This is a child's facility and the kids were shaking their heads as well. She was probably the most angry person I've seen in a while. The way she was treating the employees, she truly should not be allowed to work here! I work for a school, so we bring kids here for entertainment. I will be thinking twice about taking them back to this facility! To make things worse, we go over to the bowling area. Only a few lanes were being used but we were told that it would be at least 2 hrs before we could bowl due to reservations for parties. We left!

Elizabeth Patterson

Great place for young people

Patricia Goode

I had a great time. The movie was great...Tyler Perry's Madea Family Funeral and time with one of my best friends.

derrick bell

This place has literally everything you could need for an entire day of fun, really enjoyed the laser tag

Yvette Berry

It's a nice place to go and my son was happy so that's what matters the most

drippyjake 31

Great PLACE for YOUR FAMILY and fun

Derek Thomas

Good place to watch movies and play bowling.

Nic Als-Daniels

My God-Daughter and I enjoyed the gameroom!!!!

Kristi Lynn Sparks

Great place for families

david simmons

Worse than last year, making this the last birthday party we ever have there

Sandra S

Had a great time. Nice theater.

Michael Calhoun

Great place for all ages.

Brigitte Rainey-Guyton

Went for the first time to see the black panther in 3D. Love it. The Big E is special in it self. You have movie theatres, bowling, arcade, putt putt golf and trail climber why would you want to go to any other movie theatre this incumbents every enjoyment possible for small kids and adult kids as this 55 year old is. Grandparents a great place to spend the day or just hours with your grandchildren and there great restaurant in walking distant.


Good movies , clean place, high food and drinks...

Tyson Cash

My little girl loves this place. Food isn't bad either.

Mike Trubey

The movie theater is very clean and matinee price was very nice considering the prices that they do charge at other places. The sound system was very good.the ropes course was very nice the kids enjoyed it and for 30-minutes the price was very reasonable.

shanon reese

I love this place it had a lot of games that I as an adult play with my kids and we all enjoyed our time there will be revisiting soon can't wait!!

Jeremy Hines

This place was great! Watched a movie then played on the rope course, we had a blast! They have an arcade, bowling, mini golf, killer movie theater with solf cushion chairs, and indoor jungle gym for the kiddos. Great place for a birthday party and the same price as Chuck E Cheese for way more quality and quantity.

Autumn Morgan

Great arcade! Fantastic food! Amazing atmosphere! GREAT security! Amazing movie theater

Penny Logan

Love it soooo clean and everyone is really nice.

Darius Howell

It was a little pricey . We paid $40 for games and it lasted for less then 25 mins however they did enjoy going . Next time we will buy a package deal

The Family Coach

Something for everyone....arcade and fun!!!!

Rodney Jones

Its a place to let the kids have some fun. I don't consider it a must go to place. Its fairly clean and there is security in the building that's why I gave it a 4 star. If it wasn't for that I would have given a 3 star.....

Sarah Utter

Very clean and nice movie theater! I love that they put the comfort of the guest over the profits, and don’t shove as many seats as possible in the theater.

TheFighterOfEpicness’s Maybe Good Content

first ever time at a movie theater and this really made the first impression of movie theaters! Lovely food and movies!

Valerie Talbert

Love what's available but need outside activity

Joshua West

I didn't go to the movie theater, bowl, or use the mini-golf/obstacle course thing outside. I only played laser tag and ate in the food-court. However, laser tag was great. The staff was very helpful and generally fun to be around. I had a blast and would totally do that again. However, the food there was relatively gross and way over-priced. I would avoid that.

Janet Hampton

Heather and I saw Shazam. We had a good experience. The movie was great.

Angela Palmer

So excited to be able to see a movie for $5.00. And they are new releases plus they have the descriptive headphones for the visual impaired! Thank you so much. All movies are not setup for the headsets. Can't have it all

christine taylor

Clean...there is deals before 3pm. Fun kids place. It was a bit confussing about what bonus cards can b used is only for games. We were explained we could use it for food.. Kids had fun....

Maggie Nouanemanivong

I came here on Wednesday night 5/8/19 at 9:00 to go bowling. We just wanted to play 2 quick games and drink a little wine & beer. The young girl had a very uninviting vibe to her and the other guy with her looked iritated. They didn’t want to play no music and one of the 2 songs they played was a song with lyrics saying “it’s over now”, I’m assuming that indicated that they wanted us out and it’s over now. Very unprofessional. We got done at about 9:45ish. Other than the rude behavior and poor lack of service, it’s a nice place to bowl.

Donna Murphy

The best place for your kids. Movies, bowling, bumper cars and every game you can think of and soft play. You also have an outside climbing area.

Thriving God

I hardly go anywhere else for movies just love the environment.

Caitlyn Medlock

It's a good place to have a party for kids. The food/games is/are expensive but what kids place isn't. Good place to blow through 100 dollars real fast.

Evan Whitfield

Lots of fun for everyone. Theater seats are big and comfy. Putt putt is great even late. Several brand new arcade games to enjoy.

Devil child

It's well worth going to

George M M

Nice place to hang out. There’s always something do no matter the occasion

duck mcabee

Kyle and his team doing amazing job! They have truly made the Big E a family centered entertainment complex. Gaffney is blessed to have such a facility.

Lillie Jefferies

The Big E Gaffney, is going to make their money, regardless, from being late to a movie, or taking kids to play! THEY GETTING THAT MONEY!!!

Kim Shelley

I love the atmosphere. There is mini golf with ziplining outside. Inside there are all types of video games. Then there is a bowling alley and movie theater. The only downfall for me is that I went to a matinee and the senior price was the same as the matinee price. It could have been cheaper.

Jose Vega

Very good.

Nicole Ilges

Great place to have fun lots of games and things to do great place for any kind of kids party.

Nat IH

Good. Tons to do for kids. Prices seemed reasonable.

Sue Mauney

I like the summer movie specials. Didn't pick the right day to go. There was a couple of daycares and the kids were not the most polite.

Erin Lyon

Love this place. Every Monday tickets are $5.00 making date night affordable! Also a good place to take the family and have a good time.

Kristen Firth

Lots of stuff to do. Prices reasonable.

Courtney McKenzie

Went for a birthday party -- family had a great time and will visit again.

Dezz Linder

Cool place for everyone to enjoy! Bowling laser tag arcade bumper cars movie theater just to name a few attractions!

Brian Davidson

Movie was great but the employees running the concessions stand were not friendly. Pushy and a in your face attitude.

Standard Keeper

The arcade are needs 2019 updates. The games are not that interesting and are nothing I’d want my kids playing. So we mostly aim for skee-ball, table hockey or basketball. The other games just look like a waste of money. Especially for the amount of tickets you receive. The bowling is great! We enjoy that more than anything. We have never done the movies here. The laser tag is okay, must be at least a specific age (7, I believe?) to enter alone. Eat before you go unless you’re going with spending in mind. Food costs are astronomical. One box of candy is $4. That four boxes from the dollar tree. Need I say more! Pizza is like 9.50-most places in our area offer a large for $6-$8 now sometimes with two toppings. So if you’re going with the expectation to spend-you will! If you’re going to get the kids out of your hair, plan well, expect to spend at least $20 on the arcade card they’ll give you $5 free on the card so you get $25 for $20. Bowling shoes are $3 each and the smallest shoe size is a toddler 8.

chasity gauthier

My grands love this place (the hubby too)! Good pizza too!

Andy White

Little bit of everything for the family. Nice movie theater, bowling alley, miniature golf, rope course.

Scott DeCiantis

This place is great to bring kids from age 2+. The play/climbing area is amazing for kids around 10 and under. It's a large area, and is restricted to under 54", and parents can climb with children (see pics). The arcade has lots of options, mostly 75 cents to $1.50 per play. Many games accumulate tickets on your card (digital ticket record) and the variety of prizes to choose from is pretty good. The pizza is good, and my interactions with the staff have been very good. There is also a movie theatre and bowling alley. Good deals for birthday parties. Highly recommend visiting this business.

James Mykytka

Can be a little crowded sometimes but a good place to catch a movie

Casey Gursslin

Family fun and entertainment. Great place to get away and play.

Ashley McLean

This is a great place to take the kiddos! We only get to see them once a week, so it’s important to us that we do something all together and bond! My favorite thing to do, by far, is the LASER TAG!! We first thought it was kind of expensive, but once we got in to play, cost went out the window! The course is awesome and the game they teach you is so much fun, I haven’t smiled like that in a long time!! You get to go three rounds of 15 minutes. It was worth every penny and we can’t wait to go do it again!!!

Jeff Johnson

Just finished watching Joker and all I can say is WOW!!!@

Kelly Anderson

We just left there watching the Avengers Endgame and I will never go back to the place to watch a movie. The sound is horrible so every person around you that is eating popcorn or drinking a drink that is all you here. Also a guy brought his baby in there which cried most of the time. There needs to be a policy that if your child is acting up then they need to leave the theater until they calm down. A lot of money is paid and to not be able to enjoy the movie because of a baby is very rude.

Michael Myers

We brought the whole cross country team to Big E to watch a movie. The staff went way out of their way to make our outing very special. A big shout out to the owners and staff for a very memorable evening with the team. Thanks so much!!!

Katie Hefner

We love The Big E! So much to do! The arcade is full or interesting and fun games, all sorts. Younger kids will LOVE the playground that goes to the ceiling and over the front door to a ball pit that on a timed basis, explodes and scatters the balls everywhere! We enjoyed bowling while the kids had a blast playing laser tag. Bumper cars were a hit and if it wasn't in the 90s that day my kids would have been all over all the outdoor features. Looking forward to seeing a movie there soon!

Andrew Stiles

I liked it better when it had the bar as well, but if you are going to see a movie in the area this is the place to do it.

Dennis Donnahoo

Can get crowded on weekends. Excellent theaters. Fun place for entire family. Offers movies, bowling, games, mini golf, laser tag, and a zip line obstacle course.

john ensey

Family fun place

Kayla Mallard

Great place to spend time with your friends!

Dale Roberson

Full service family establishment. Bowling, Laser tag, Movie theater and games upon games. Fairly priced. Bowling was fun. Also great snacks and Pizza as well.

Amber Greene Lail

Lots of things for the kids to do, decent theater. Downside is it's expensive and always packed.

Hannah Garrison

Wonderful place to take the kids. They have a movie theater, rope course, bowling, laser tag, arcade games, and an excellent play center for the children.

Jacob Mcadams

We have been to the theater three times and have enjoyed ourselves all three times. The movie theater was clean and the staff was helpful, polite and friendly.

Steve Morris

Great Place to take a Date..

Archie Carpenter

Daughter loves this place could spend whole day here

Kelly Stanley

Had a birthday party here for my son and it really is one of the best deals for your buck! Kids were happy and had a great time! They have everything here! Playland, Arcade, Bumper Cars, Lazer Tag, Bowling, Movies, Ropes Course, AND putt putt!!

Jaime Hudgins

This place is awesome! $9 adult movie tickets, $6.50 put-put, bowling, ropes course, bumper cars, tons of arcade games!

sharanda brannon

I had a good time there.. I actually went for 2 matinees .. Awesome day.. Theres so much to do...

Briana Waddell

We had a great time. Clean comfy good prices

Jefferson Sizemore

Great place, I love going to the movies there. They have a bowling alley, games, a putt putt course, rope course. A little bit of everything.

Danielle Kirsch

Best place, awesome prices, great and friendly staff!!

Cliffietta Cochran

Wonderful place to take the children, play boiling, watch movies, etc. Concession prices and the little prizes are high. Overall, great place for entertainment. I recommend it because it's the best place in Gaffney for good family entertainment.

Brooklyn news

This place was pretty nice, but the one things is the play house, a child has to be less then 54 inches to get in. Some kids may be taller then that and still can't play. The unfair thing is if you have a birthday party even kids up then 54 inches can get in, and I saw a 39 year old man in there with his 6 year old child, how unfair. If the big E could fix this problem they would get a 5 star from me.

Tara Rhoton

Seriously a one stop for all kinds of fun! My kids love this place we drive an hour to get here because it's well worth it. Movies, bowling, laser tag, ropes course and more. All at really competitive prices as well. We love this place.

Jacob S

Great place for entertainment and host for business celebrations at Christmas time. The seats in the theatre are comfy and the venue is just a great mix for nights that you just don't know what to do.

Stefan Montgomery

We had fun playing miniature golf. The video games are a little bit pricy but large selection is available.

Travis Calhoun

Love the movie seats, bowling is fun, and arcade is great for kids.

Aziza Aiken

We had a great time. Pizza is good

Haley 20001

Wonderful place to take the kids have a lot of activities for them the bowling alley is a little short but the seats in the movie theaters that are really nice

Jane Doherty

I took my grandson to see a movie. I was impressed very clean very well maintained. We had a great experience.

Lynn Keene

Great place for the kid in all of us.

Sarah Herpel

Love this place, prices have gone up alittle, and games dont give you as many tickets as they used to, but if your going for fun and not the little trinkets, then it is fantastic and nice and clean!

James Beam

The volume was so loud you probably could have heard it in Spartanburg, almost to the point it could damage your hearing.

Lynn Brown

Love everything about this place. We don't go anywhere else to watch movies.

k Judd14

There is a rope course, lazer tag, bowling, a kid zone, bumper cars, and a movie theater, and an arcade area all indoors! Well except for the rope course. They were even open for easter when my family went for the rope course and bowling. The arcade allows you to get points on a card you can spend at the counter to get prizeses. The rope course has two small ziplines and two layers to walk around with multiple paths to choose from, small balance beams with no where to go but forward or back and paths where you can steady yourself with places to hold on to.

Kay Ponder

A great place for family fun & great popcorn

Franklin Kelly

It's very nice and comfy especially in the theater

Jeffrey Cameron

Take my son here all the time, great family fun but prices a little steep.

Natalie Briggs

Great place for all. Great entertainment complex!!

John Phillips

My niece had her birthday party, she had a really good time. Nice and attentive staff.

Lesly Godsey

The movies on Mondays are 5 dollars and the popcorn is great.The seating isn't bad either.Staff is helpful and Pleasant

Sean Squiers

I enjoyed coming here but a couple of the machines just swipe money don't even start...they really need to fix those.

Jennifer Williamson

Loved it had a great time with the kids definitely a family place!

Tommy Scruggs

I gave it a 4 for the theater love the new seats but lady at the front getting our tickets was rude when we asked a question

Jamie Martell

Comfortable seats, nice place, fun, arcade, mini golf, laser tag, great movies, bowling. Good specials, check their website! Fair prices!

Ll Ff

This place is amazing. They should have a place like this in every city on the planet. Great for kids, adults and everyone in between. Variety of food on the menu too. We’ve lived in a lot of cities and have never seen any combination quite like this place anywhere else. The person/people that thought of this should receive an award of the highest honor. They could only improve it if they had an indoor pool and or some type of sports/walking track inside. Wowsa wowsa wowsa...

Dean Lutz

A Family Fun Entertainment Hub with movie theater, Children Play Center with Games, Put Put Golf, Bowling, Outdoor Climbing Adventure and Pretty Good Pizza

John Mcknight

Nice family place. Tons of activities. Priced like it's in downtown Manhattan not podunk south Carolina

Doug Lord

Good prices and wonderful seating. Be sure to wrangle the kids tho. There's a lot to do here.

Ronnie MODE

We went every weekend and watched movies and let my kids play at the playground also. Now they put up a height limit it's 12 an under and they have to be 54 inches or under. My 9 and 7 year old girls are very tall for their age they wouldn't let my 9 year old go but her 11 year old cousin who is shorter could go. She is upset an dont understand why she is being punished for being tall it's not her fault. But they encourage parents to play. So your telling my 9 year old who is 90lbs and 62 inches tall that she can't play but her parents who are 5'7 an 5'8 and 200 lbs can play. Its not right. Long as I have proof she is under 12 she should be able to play. We spent hundreds every month going there but we won't go back until they change their rules.

Robert Hamrick

Good family fun and entertainment

Sally Hamrick

END GAME WAS SO AWESOME I'VE BEEN BACK TO WATCH IT TWICE!!!!!!!! I usually go to NCGs because I like reclining chairs but this will b my new theater of choice. It was clean and I like the bigger theater size. I do not think there was a single seat left in our showtime!!! HELL YEAH MARVEL- MAKE MORE MOVIES PLEASE!!! On Friday we wait for 1.5 hours before getting into the theater because the 6:45 movie we came to see was sold out before 4pm The staff was working hard to get us packed like sardines in that theater. They lined us up by showtime and then filed us into the theater. we could pick any row we wanted and had to mush in to not leave seats open. The seat were big enough that it didn't matter and you did not feel crowded. Came back Saturday and SOLD OUT AGAIN GO MARVEL until 8:00 but its worth the wait. GO SEE THIS MOVIE. Now we are bowling and drinking beer at their bowling alley.

Jake Gordon

This place is great. Went here for a work paid for social gathering and had a lot of fun. There are things to do for all ages. There are plenty of bowling alleys for not being a bowling specific place. They have a high ropes course and mini golf section outside. I didn't do the ropes course because the line was super long but I did the mini golf. It was really easy but still enjoyable. They have a few movie theaters that are pretty good and can block the sound from the main arcade section pretty well. For little kids they have super easy arcade games and an inside jungle gym place. I highly recommend this place for a fun time with the whole family.

lps star

Was AWESOME but a little on the expensive side!!


Good theater has lots of game to play

becky powell

Fun! Fun!! Fun!!! Take the kids to play on the inside climbing course or play some video games. Bowl or play mini golf with the family or see a movie with your sweetie! And if you're really adventurous, climb on the Rope Course with the Grands!! Oh yeah!! The fun never ends at the Big E!!

Dale Smith

Saw Overcomer. Awesome movie! Wonderful message. Loved it.

Cledyth Pierson

I love going to the Big E has everything you need in one for kids and adults

Mike Mahorney

Fun place for adults and kids alike!

three amigooos

The Big E in Gaffney SC is gross. They do not clean their theaters. There was candy on the arm rest that I did not see and it got on my sweatshirt and ruined it. And another time, there was snot or spit in the cup holder, I placed my drink in there and when I drank my drink snot or spit got ALL over my new sweatshirt. That’s exactly what you want while watching a movie is snot all over you. So if you do come make sure to check the cup holders and arm rests before sitting down. Or better yet just don’t come, go to another movie theater.

Hannah Roberts

I went to The Big E on a Friday night to watch Avengers End Game and had a fabulous experience! I walked in and right away ordered my food and bought my ticket- I'm impressed by how quickly I was able order without a long wait! The employee taking my order was super helpful, he showed me the drink size options and was so professional and kind. My pizza was delicious and the other food that I saw looked great too! All the employees were so nice! My seats were very comfortable and I really like how the theater is large- some other theaters like NCG are small with limited seating options, but we had great seats for the movie. Overall , I had a great experience. The facility is clean and employees were great- can't wait to go back and maybe try out bowling!

Dennis Holcomb

Fun place if you have the money and time check it out

Debbie Kaemmerlen

Lots of fun for all ages. Surprisingly good pizza

Billy F

Good place to visit. A little costly on the games but overall fun

nick alexakis

My boy had his end of the year school field trip to big e and he and his classmates had a great time. Will definitely be back again! It's very unlikely to save enough tickets, 2,000,000, to get a motorcycle but it's a nifty idea that they have big prizes like that to save up for!

trinity foster

It’s fun and I ensure you that you will have a great time

stephanie batchelor

Great place to hang out. They have just about everything

Brittany Toms

It's a great place. My daughter had an awesome birthday

Mark Smith

Great food and fun times. Theater, arcade, playground, rock wall and bumper cars..

Stephanie Hyleman

My children love going to the Big E!! We have experienced excellent customer service as well as their willingness to assist us with any "special request" concerning my 9 year old with Special Needs!! Very professional!!!

Tim Richardson

Lion King was playing in 6 theaters... No Waiting.. Awesome

Scott Sundance

So awesome that they sell beer!! Oh wait not. Only in the bowling alley because you can’t take it into the movies. So now I’m relaxing with a beer watching people bowl that I didn’t come here with. So cool.

Amaro Innovations

Lots of fun things to do here and the movie theater is a nice theater. The seats are very comfortable and clean and the picture and sound is great. This is a great place to relax and have fun or just to watch a movie. It can be fun for the family or alone but this is a good place to go.

Tyler Peterson

Watched Aladdin and the seats were so comfy!!

Cathy Watson

Great experience for all ages


Nice place. Had lots of fun .

Craig Dixon

The wife were in town to visit family, Fun place to see a movie or enjoy the amusements I'll be back July 2019

Tina R

Theater seats were very comfortable. The sound was a little too loud for the kids, they ended up holding their hands over their ears through some of the previews, but it evened out during the main feature. The play area was great! It encouraged lots of activity, and was cushioned and safe for even the smaller children (we had ages 3 & 5). Prices were reasonable and staff was friendly and accommodating. Highly recommend!

Cris Travis

Very nice option with everything in one place. Our plan was to see a movie, catch some laser tag, play a few games, and then do a little bowling. By the time we finished laser tag we were exhausted. The laser tag host was great. He helped our team out when he saw we were getting slaughtered. He gave us a few tips to catch up. The staff was mostly friendly. I would recommend having more options to load/reload cards so you don’t have to stand in the long concession lines or wait for some kid to decide what they want to spend their tickets on.

Diana Elizabeth Baumgardner

Love this place, very good for kids and grown ups, we had so much fun and there is always to do

Naomi Mahiga

It was great! Everything for everyone. Had a awesome time. Will be going back

Lisa Fowler

A wonderful way to spend an afternoon with the kids! But watch out in the arcade, or it can really add up. Also, a security scanner at the door would be helpful as well. I get panicky when I lose visual of my kids in the jungle gym. Bumper cars and lazer tag was fun. Must be under 54" height for the gym I think. All in all fun, but can get expensive.

El Leon

Good place you should go


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