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REVIEWS OF Station 300 IN South Carolina

Jonathan Wolfenden

Don't come here on Vaca and expect to drink before 4 pm. Fail... Who doesn't drink on vacation while bowling before 4. Only alley on Earth I've ever experienced to be like this. Go somewhere else!

Breanne Childress

Cool arcade but all games 1dollar or more

Tina Miller

Great family time...good food

Alfonso Rigg

Could not bowl with the family. They have all lanes reserved for a league Monday through Thursday from 5 to 9 PM

Erica Monson

A great place for a day of fun

Barry Serota

good clean friendly

Latoya Williams

They feel that kids should be contain and not be able to be a kids cause they have supposedly pro bowler in here... worst place to take kids

Kendra Edwards

Drove an hour to get here and they were having league night and wouldn't rent a lane. You would think this day of technology you would post this online before people attempt to come. Poorly done.

Denise Jennings

The little girl that waited on us Shannon she's adorable and very efficiently

Susan Zellman

Great band and drinks on Friday nights wirh Target the Band!

Rajiv Ramsay

Great place to go and have fun with family and friends the food Is great too and lots of game to play

David Sanchez

Clean and fun location for groups, families, or a date. Cocktails were ok. Food was ok. Fun was above expectations.

Shawn Young

Really good for your friends and family

Quinetre Watson

Very nice atmosphere to relax and enjoy the family.

ted dwemoh

Nice atmosphere great place to bowl


The kids had fun! The pizza is very good for a bowling alley.

Laura Hudzinski

Got sliders at the bar, Andi was working and is awesome. I felt like just having a drink, tiny burgers, then playing at the arcade to kill time b4 something. It was great. Definitely going back.

Thank You

0 stars Im a very laid-back, easy to please person and I know the world isn't perfect, nor do I don't expect alot... I see the owner " Gary. T " just responds back to these reviews with carefree, generic excuses about hoping to make your next experience 5 stars.There are no offers, no hey sorry, come back and see us, on the house. No half off your next visit or some type of reimbursement for your bad experience to entice the community to come back for a second time. This is why he fills the place with league bowlers throughout the week, that's what pays his bills. So sorry to the one off crybabies like you and myself who had an embarrassing visit to this place with about 6 or 7 co-workers. We did get a lane however, I was told they didn't have a size 14 shoe to accommodate me. I said there are 4 pairs right there on the shelf and the boy told me I couldn't use them, that they had fallen apart. They also couldn't accommodate my wife with a size 9 so they gave her a 7 1/2 and yup they charged us for the shoes that didnt fit... hahaha This was so embarrassing to us as she tried to squeeze her foot in the 7 1/2! Hey dude, might be time to invest in what makes you money, NEW SHOES!!! Freaking embarrassed us in front of friends and co-workers! I sat there watching friends bowl and my wife hobble in a size and a half too small shoe... The seating arrangement also sucks as you have to turn your head like an owl to look at the lane as your friends and co workers bowl or stare straight ahead at the wall. This was my second bad experience at station 300 the first time they closed earlier then posted and shut the lanes down in the middle of me and my nephew's game as well as the arcade games so he couldn't use the money I just put on his card... Good luck on your next visit folks.

tori mitchell

Awesome place for family time

Shannon Stone

Had a great time here. Very clean and awesome food


Grandsons love to come here to bowl and play games. Great entertainment, but had promised to buy dessert there only to be told the manager had taken all sweet treats out; disappointed.

Thomas Radenhausen

Nice place. Got there on a Thursday around 4:10 pm for bowling after noting their Facebook page said leagues started at 5:30. They turned us away because leagues started at 5 instead. Would have been nice to have known the right time before driving 30 minutes to get there, but things happen.

Pam Sommer

We went twice on a friday nite to the bar and couldnt get in ,were told we needed reservations. So i called on monday to make reservations for friday nite at the bar and was told we dont take reservations, so what the heck ,do you or dont you

Krist Jara

Had fun with friends

Scott Donathan

Had a great time

_ K0NN0R _

Great pizza

Meggine Hughes

Have a great time every time we go! Very family friendly and has something for everyone! Service is always awesome.

Alicia Benbennick

My kids always have a blast here. We went and had a birthday party here for my son and they were on point with the planning, the timing and the food. The kids had a great time and I didn’t have any clean up! Score! My husband is a yearly subscriber to the Kids Bowl Free summer special and takes our kids every chance he can get during the summer. This is a very special place for them.

penny ellingsworth

Good service. Friendly and professional staff.

Ethel Wells

Had a great time and the food was amazing


My while family had a blast for 2 hrs and the customer service was very pleasant.

Renee Williams

This was a very nice place. We are from NYC we spent our first Christmas in the south with family that resides there. This was the first visit for my family and I. We had a ball. We had pepperoni pizza, wings and onion rings. The staff was great.

Buddy Pipkin

Food was super the service was great

Gayle Hubbard

Food and service were good!

Kimberly Johnson

Smallish bowling alley but it clean and bright and fun.

Ashley New

Here right now for the first time. First impression, nice place! Kids will have a blast and is much better than driving from Beaufort to Savannah for a fun kids day. We went to the restaurant first for lunch. After standing at the host stand a few minutes, I asked the bartender if we should seat ourselves to which she replied, "sure, I'll try to get someone to take care of you". After sitting for 10 more minutes, the bartender finally came over and took our orders. I asked if she was by herself and she said she asked others to take our table but noone would. At this time, there are 5 people at the bar and 4 occupied tables. After FIFTEEN more minutes, she brought our drinks and took our orders. I have seen at least 6 more employees walking around. Some standing behind the walk up counter, some chatting, some in the kitchen. I've watched EIGHT people walk out. 4 from the bar and 4 from tables. I can only imagine how much more money this place could bring in with better service. It's now been 30 minutes since we've ordered. We all have empty beverages. All this to say, I'm so disappointed. I'm not going to submit this review until after food. UPDATE* 6 more people walked away from the bar. UPDATE*the food arrived and it is mostly correct (just missing some fries and jalapenos) and tastes fantastic! I added a star for the delicious food. It also seems as though help has arrived as a lady started helping people at the bar and brought our food out as well. UPDATE* I guess the other lady left because we are back to tables leaving. It's 4:17 and we are waiting for our check. We arrived at 2:30. It's now 4:28 and she is bringing our check. Hopefully our kids have more fun on the other side since 2 hours has passed.

Amy Swaby

An alright little arcade but whenever I go it always seems like a good number of games are out of order or damaged

Stephen Marchek

Interesting place, great service

Brian Turner

Family fun great place to book parties

Ti'tiana Roan

The bartender was all over the place and the drinks had too much ice and syrup!

Keisha Polite

Good experience. It was fun and it was clean.

Derek Stewart

Awesome entertainment center! Mediocre food, overpriced.

Luke Scazzero

The deals they have here are amazing! Great bang for your buck. Gotta check it out if you can

Terri Smith

Fun place. Really nice bowling alley and arcade with food and drinks all under the same roof. Wish the live music on weekends played later than 9:00.

Gale Horwath

Great place to go bowling

Curt Randall

Liked that bummers, could be raised on kids and not adults on same lane. However, didn't like being pushed off lane. They already had another family spread across the lanes even ours (only the 3 people @ each lane) before we even got done. We had decided to bowl another round since it was pouring outside, but instead had to entertain our kids by the door waiting for the rain to let up.

Danielle Rothman

A lot of games are broken and have been for years.

michelle mendall

Really fun for the kids and they are always doing deals

Sharon Howard

The food, the band, and the atmosphere is phenomenal!!!

Shirl And Kennedi Cave

Oh my gosh if you have not gone there I don't know what to tell you it is awesome we went there for my birthday and man it was lit

Elizabeth Kenny

Played Trivia

John Swinton

I enjoyed it I will go again the pizza and service was spot on

Sonya Hall

Fabulous time this eve! Great atmosphere...clean lanes & activity areas...very friendly staff. I look forward to returning with friends very soon.

cameron conway

Best and place to bowl Friday and Saturday

Jesus Castell77

The best

amanda kosto

"Fun and great for kids a bit pricey"

Danielle Williams

The details on my experience, it was awful. This is the third time we've tried to bowl and couldn't. I called 4 hours in advance this time asking if lanes can be reserved. I was told no. No one explained that you CAN RESERVE for a GROUP but they didnt even state that, just they can't reserve any. No lanes available until 5 when the leagues arrive and they will have some available. They did not. Our family of 9 was there, waiting since 5pm for a lane, a single lane, for family night. We sat down to eat, got 1 drink for 45 minutes. The drink was half gone by the first 10. Food took 30 minutes and per the serve the girl didn't know WHAT went on the pizza's. So no one could give this girl a menu to SEE what was on there or someone else with more experience assist her?! Apparently not. Suddenly were flooded with alcoholic beverages that were not requested and then stated they couldn't be returned unless they weren't touched. We didn't even ask for them so this shouldn't have even been an option. After sitting for almost 2 hours we check if any lanes are available and TO OUR SURPRISE we are told that petsmart RESERVED and everyone basically has to go. As we're getting the "but" from the inexperienced kid behind the counter he LITERALLY WALKS OFF while were talking. Couldn't even politely assist us but some girl who walked passed us 3 times goes "well we can give you free games". Listen at this point were heated. No one seems to understand our frustration on all this wasted time, wasted money on food that wasn't made right, drinks we didn't ask for and we asked to speak with a manager and no one even came to speak with us. Nothing. Customer service out the window, food can't even be made correctly, no one pays any attention to any requests apparently. So needless to say, we won't be returning.

Ceceile Allwood

Love this place had so much fun

Mary Curry

Staff very very helpful

Louvenia White

So I took my son for his 7th birthday and they charge me $20 just for bringing in his birthday cake.. On the same note we spent $60 for bowling and $50 on games.. All they offer was plates n silverware. I REALLY THINK THAT WAS BAD BUSINESS OF JUST PLAIN GREED.... THAT WAS THE ONLY OUTSIDE FOOD WE BROUGHT IN. THERE SHOULD NOT BE A CHARGE FOR THAT AFTER SPENDING ALL THAT MONEY!!! If cake was on the menu I would have not even bring one....LAST TIME THERE...WAS NOT HAPPY WITH THE LEVEL OF SARCASM FROM EMPLOYEE...

Donald Woods

Great family night of bowling and games.

Christine Stanfield

Always a good time with the family

Scott Olson

Fun for the family. Touch overpriced, but worth the smiles on the kids. Like the fact you can choose to use the bumpers on individual bowlers.

Ford Fatale

Fun atmosphere. Good chicken tenders. I know good staff is hard to find...and it was unusually packed for a sunday night..but the bar really needs more staff. One bartender,t who I could see knew her stuff, was bogged down training a new person. The arcade needs to get games in working order. The best games weren't available.

Sharonah Christie

It’s frustrating to try and have a family event when they allow leagues to come in throughout the week and take up all the lanes. We hade family visiting from out of state and unfortunately we didn’t get to do one of our favorite outings due to the ridiculous decision to allow such large parties every night of the week. Absolutely absurd.


Great place to play games bowl and eat .

tiffany Shetters


Jennifer Cohen

What a cluster! To say this place is understaffed and poorly run is an understatement. The only reason why I gave it 2 stars is because the bartender is working his butt off and doing a great job. No table service during lunch Mon-Thursday so it says to order at the snack station. Surprise... there’s no one working to register in the snack station! We found that out after waiting at the register for a few minutes. The card loader for arcade games only takes cash so we had to wait in line behind people picking out prizes and were waited on by a very poorly trained young woman smacking her gum who completely misunderstood what I wanted her to do, shorting me $10 in “bonus” money on the card. Employees are standing near the back area throwing boxes and no one except the bartender has any sense of urgency. Leaving very disappointed with a lot less money in our pockets. I hope they get their act together soon because the kids love it here and there’s no other place like it in Bluffton.

Sydney Yeung

Fun especially for smaller kids

Sweet TBerry

Nice place for a bowling alley. Prices are decent as well, wish they had a kids menu though.

Sam Wylie

Good place for kids.

The Amazing Maury

Super fun

thesharkofjustice guy

As always great time

Kamila Franklin

It was very fun


Great fun place for the whole family!

carl houck

Fun and good food

Lauren Torres

We enjoy spending family time at station 300!

Sherri Herritt

Had a great time

Dina Harper-Beard


Great bowling alley clean and comfortable. Great arcade for kids and kids at heart.

Kylee Stanford

This was a nice stop for a beach trip while it was raining. Had to wait a little as only one person was working and kept getting sidetracked, but it was worth it especially since they offer you the free games when you sign up for their newsletter.

latorria ross

Friendly employees who were very helpful and interacted with customers.

Daniel Lequire

Great place to go but it was really packed there is a lot of people for such a small space there must not be much to do in the area.

Brittany Eady

I prefer to give zero stars but one was my only option. I called on three different occasions trying to make reservations for my Mothers Birthday and have YET to receive a call back from management!! Conduct yourself in a professional manner, if the date wasn't going to work be courteous enough to return my call so that I can make other arrangements. I'll take my business elsewhere.

John Ragsale

Good food, kinda expensive for bowling but nice

vanatta Bryan

Station 300 was very nice, I had a great time there but they need someone there to clean up the bathrooms and pick up the trash after each game of bowling but overall it was fun.

John Vogt Sr.

Horrible lane management. Sat waiting over an hour for two lanes while 7 lanes were available for most of the time and no one was given them. Only one person behind the counter when there should have been at least two. Bait and switch scam. Estimated 45 minutes. Get you in figuring once you’ve had food and drinks and arcade, you’ll stay to bowl no matter how long it takes. Never again.

Jarrad Wilson

Great place to take the kids. Had a blast enjoying a game with the family and would definitely recommend making it back here.

Brittany Shaw

They are partnered with the Kids Bowl Free program, so we usually go during the summer to bowl. It's a family environment. The food is great. The staff is always welcoming and helpful. They have a small arcade. The kids and us enjoy it. They have prizes to trade for points for the arcade. Always a great experience!!!!

Annette Jeff

Nice and clean the kids have fun and it had a lot of games

David Cavalieri

Had a great time here went for a work party trying to get some of those guys to it again

Aleah Marie

The place is so much fun for friends, families and couples! Depending on who you’re talking with the customer service is relatively good. However, I wouldn’t recommend the food sold there.

Diana N

Danya is great and her smile brightens the whole place up

John Nix

Nice place

Fielding Cloud

It was actually a awesome bowling alley the food was fantastic...and there were more than enough lanes for adults and games for the children to enjoy as well. A great place for family and friends

patricia mikell

Great atmosphere friendly staff

Larry Grella

No a/c

Matt King

This was a really nice bowling alley. Very clean and organized. There's a ton of lanes. All have bumper ability for kids and have ramps available for kids to roll their balls down the lanes. Full bar is also available as well as a snack bar with pizza and other things. You can also order food right to the bar.

Parrish Neville

Fun for the whole family. Bowling, large arcade area, fast food and restaurant with bar. Great for kids birthday, small or large group.

Megan Forshee

Always a fun time here! Clean, fun atmosphere for everyone!

Shequllia Welcome to Shaq's World Hannon

Kids always have a great time here !!! There is bowling as well as a game room and a bar area for the adults

Lenny Giarratano

I don't really like bowling. When it first opened, the arcade was nice, but kinda run down now. Token machine is like 50/50 if it's gonna work or not. Pizza isn't terrible in the bar. Beer prices went up significantly this year. Sometimes live music, but seems to be geared for seniors.

Carmen Xiomara Rolón De Nuñez

I love it

Franklin Bostick

We all ways have a great time here with the family and friends.

Vanessa Doherty

Food is delicious and all homemade. Extremely impressed being but it's a bowling alley and has homemade food. Great staff in all parts

mario briseno

Good social place to take family, friends or a date. They have really good bowling lanes, the arcade area is nice they have a good variety of games. Also the bar area, the service provided there was great, I had an older man and I will tell you what, he really knows how to make good mix drinks.

Mary Steadman

Had a lot of fun with my co workers

Matt Salt

They have big heavy balls.

Barbara Donner

Target is great! Lite menu.

Jim Quance

Good times with the family....great staff and food!

Jeff D

Excellent place for family fun. They do it right.

nicholas baker

Great place for family fun

Kevin Manning

Great Bar in a bowling alley!

Steve stoner

Great place to take the kids or go on a date its got stuff for every one

joyce taylor

I'm very impressed! in my opinion this is an upscale bowling alley! very family orientate, there is a lot of games for the kids to keep busy with! and the food!!!!! is GOOD!!! not just pizza, hamburger and hot dogs, they have a large menu to choose from! I love that they have a variety of bowling options and their prices to bowl is ***FANTASTIC***

David Kronsted

Good place to go bowling and to play video games at.

Chiquia Thomas

My son loves this place! Great family oriented.

Tom Faber

Very cold ,they need to turn off the fans while people bowl

Jake Fulcher

nice center for the kids in the game room but they really ignore their league bowlers and service is really awful for the bowlers as well

Donald Boyd

Great family time

Thomas Williams

Called 2 hours before arriving trying to make reservations for bowling at this time we were informed they do not take reservations for bowling but had 6 lanes available have to come in and get on the list so we decided we could have dinner while we wait if there were no lanes available when we arrived my party of 6 and 3 children showed up and as expected no lanes available put our names on the waiting list and decided to grab some dinner. Service at first was ok until we got two alcoholic beverages we did not order and then we're told by the manager if we drank them we had to pay for them lol ok, then the food arrived two of the personal pizzas came out wrong where we proceeded to learn the cook didn't know how to make a supreme pizza so they just put everything on mind you all the food came out at different time like 20min separate from one another the pizzas being last. Over an hour after we arrived I finished eating first because mine was out first I decided to check on our bowling wait time where I was informed that I only had one person ahead of us (we were fifth in line) but!!!! Pet smart has a reservation for 7:00 and it is now 6:30 so they must clear all lanes for them. Remember I was informed four hours earlier that they do not accept reservations and they felt it appropriate to let us waist almost two hours waiting for a lane we were never going to get and the only thing they were willing to do was give free game cards mind you this is not the first time this has happened at this location. My recommendation I'd to stay far away from this place go bowling somewhere else.

Jennie Roa

The bowling was a Great place to enjoy with family. Had a great time even though the restaurant made us wait 1 1/2 hour's for my grandson fries after we were all served and ate. That was ridiculous.

Nate Rosso

The first and the last time I will go here. If you go just to bowl it might be a better experience, but for me and 5 other went to eat, drink and bowl, numberous drink orders wrong, we never received our food till after we were done bowling, nearly 1.5 hours later at the shoe return...we ended up having to find the manager for a refund because we were made to pay before we received the food. The waitress was way too overwhelmed, Im sure it was because it was a saturday night and were busy, but super unprofessional at the end of it all, they need a better system. Wont be back, unless we just go to bowl.

Jen Zim

The kids would rather be in the arcade but it is still great family time ;)

Erica Belle

Nice, but a little on the pricey side.

James Doe

The staff was terrible an refusing for us a lane to bowl. Me an my wife is just out rifht dissappointed!!!! Maybe in the near future they will get it together.

Reagan Carlson

BOWL SH*T On a nice Wednesday night, my family and I were looking forward to fun evening of bowling before dinner. After walking inside at 5:45, we were promptly turned away because all of their many lanes were reserved for league night. Also we were told that we could come back at 10 PM, with small chance of finding an open lane. We then learned that all lanes are are reserved every night of the week, except Saturday... ridiculous! Station 300, instead of being called public bowling alley should be deemed a private bowling alley for leagues only. If you are planning on enjoying a night of bowling, don’t plan on going here! Odds are, my family and I will never come back to Station 300.

Andy Shizak

Great place for kids and adults to both enjoy time with each other.

Ty Brown

Love going there

Gail Renneberg

Unbearablely hot.. went to front desk to complain and was told "really' like they didn't realize it

Robert DiCioccio

Brought grand kids and they did not make any attempt to get us a lane to bowl

Ben Thurston

Really enjoyed my time here, great place for casual food and fun, bar had good selection of drinks and food

Joe Williams

The worst experience in customer service I have ever had. We drove from.beaufort for a family outing here. When we arrived we were told only 6 lanes were available due to leagues. This we were okay with so we went into the restaurant for dinner to wait for a lane (we were given a beaper). We ordered our food and much to our surprise the cook didn't know how to make a supreme they just put everything on it much of which had to be picked off. We were given drinks we .didnt order and when we questioned it we were told by the manager if we drink them.we have to pay for them(really?) Customer.sevice! Finally after eating we inquired.about the lane availability were told that we would not be bowling because pet smart was coming in an everybody had to clear the lanes. We spent more than 100 dollars.for this poor service. And rest assured we will.not be making this trip again. My only wish I could rate.them.lower that. 1 star

Phil Ritzert

Good place for kids, but management is more concerned with talking with fellow employees instead of helping paying customers. Very poor customer service skills.

Kennetha Bennett

Extremely disappointed My family drove an hour to arrive to be told we weren't able to bowl.all the lanes except two we're available The front staff was rude and turned us down stating two bowling leagues were coming in 2hours later from the time we arrived I have never been turned away from a bowling alley I would not recommend this place If you go call in advance bc no family should have their hopes up to bowl to be told No.

Mandy Parsons

We enjoyed bowling and the arcade. I wouldn't recommend the food. The quality had definitely decreased over time.

Michael W. Jones

Great food and bowling

Jacob M. Scharf

Keep that Jameson stocked!

Raleigh Mecklin

Excellent service, pretty good food, reasonable prices, very clean. Had margaritas for Cinco De Mayo and bowled with our kiddos. Great afternoon!

Thomas Bellamy

Looks nice


This used to be a really.nice place to go bowling but with leagues the last 3 times I've tried to go to a bowling alley to bowl I am barred from doing so at least 2 different days completely different times and I can't bowl sad I would money at this place I guess I will have to seek different lanes

Joellen Johns

Way too expensive

S Watson

Bar - thank you Dakota for never disappointing me with your drink recommendations. (This visit Peach Crown w/ sweet tea

Mike Smith

We had a group of eight; all wanted separate tabs. Staff couldn't have been nicer about it. Great service!

Bless Amour

Great place to have family fun and the food is good.

Gene Schaeffer

Very nice, clean. Great asset to its community. Modern equipment well kept up. These type bowling alleys are far and few between and difficult to find.

Boone Anderson

Arcade also there awsome!

Bill Bogle Jr.

Fun for a party, good food and bowling.

Bill Buco

Sunday mornings are good time for practice lanes are oiled at 10am.

Yvette Miller

It was clean. Kid friendly and adult friendly too. Something for all ages

David McKenzie

Neat bowling alley and arcade. Good place for a teen's birthday party

Priscila Ortiz

Awful place anytime we want to go they have “ leagues “ . And it’s the only bowling alley in a 50 mile radius...

DiCE v

Bowling, arcades, full bar and kitchen. Perfect place for birthday parties or any rainy day.

Theresa Jones

Very nice and clean. The food was delicious, I had a great time I'll be going back to there really soon.

Ashley Villegas

It's okay better than nothing but more games would be nice

Gaston Cameron

My wife and visited this and it was awesome and what add to the fun we were bowling for the first time ever customer service was wonderful.

Adam Sholly


Suzette Teel

Love this place great fun family friendly. Bowling and game room as well.

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