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3238 Wrightsboro Rd, Augusta, GA 30909, United States Located in: North Leg Plaza

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REVIEWS OF Stars and Strikes Family Entertainment Center IN South Carolina

Logan Finlay

Arcade is amazing with many fun games for all kinds of people. Great food including a bar. Other activities you can participate in include laser tag, bumper cars, escape rooms, and of course bowling

naomi lappe

Place i pretty sweet. Had a vip bowling lane and our server went to bowl a game and ignored us trying to order then messed up the checks

Spencer Lewer

We had a great time. The only problem was the pricing, it quickly came to over $100 within in 2 hours. This is your warning in case you don’t know, it’s $15 for 20 minutes of bowling... per person. Overall a fun experience!

T Smith

Food was thrown away without being asked to throw away..$95 gone down drain!!!

Gloria D. Bolden

Keeps the little ones busy for a couple of hrs. A little pricy though.

Keith Jackson

Pretty cool bowling alley and arcade. It's very clean and well maintained. I've been there a few times and haven't seen any broken machines or lanes. Bowling prices are only $2/person after 11pm. Shoe rentals are $5/person. They also have a nice 21+ bar area that has pretty good drinks. The prices aren't the worst. The service is a little slow, but not too bad. I haven't had the pizza but it looks terrible. Would go again.


Fun for family. Escape room and laser tag. Restaurant.

Dani Marin

Although, we spent well over $200, this place was fun & spent almost 8 hours there. Great environment.

Ashley Ramirez

Their is bowling and video games , Virtual reality, snack's. It was so fun going there, I recommend going there!

Neveah Winters

In this moment I’m going to be candid. Ultimately, Stars and Strikes (Huntsville,AL) employees lack professionalism and customer service skills. In the aspect of family entertainment I have no complaints however, due to the constant lack of professionalism and customer service I must rate this venue 1 star. There definitely needs to be a shift in focus for the management team here. Family entertainment as well as professionalism and great customer service skills should go hand and hand and this establishment lacks that.

Andrea Tribo

Great appetizers and fun adult drinks! Arcade smaller than expected but enjoyable. Completed two of the challenging and well designed/decorated escape rooms (Escapology) on previous visits, and finally got to go bowling. Disliked being assigned an amount of time to bowl based on how many people per lane but we did go on a Friday night. Tip for large groups: Make sure you split evenly between lanes when you pay at the desk (we didn't know to do so/check receipts) or one lane will end well before the other.

Dallas Doll

This is a great place to take your family and enjoy games, food, bowling, laser tag and bumper cars.

Josh Crutcher

Nice place for family fun and some good times. The food mediocre and some of the games are over price. You will like the experience though.

Henry Bodie

Little pricey, but otherwise about what you would expect. Overall, it was a pleasant experience. The kids love it for sure!

Faith Michael

Absolutely love coming here. So much fun to bowl and play arcade games with friends. Went for my birthday back in November and I won the first round of bowling. My hubby and I just decided to buy bowling shoes so that we can come and bowl with our friends very often. I also love their garlic parm wings. My son even had a ton of fun with bowling and is begging to go back. Our first time going, my son hit the jackpot on one of the arcade games. Love that we can all have so much fun as a family and with our friends.


if you really want you kids to have fun this is the best place

brittany hall

Great packages and things to do for everyone. My 4 yr old loved lazer tag. Food was good reasonably priced

Kenna Planer

Nice building, everything looks clean and new. We only used the bowling lanes. There was plenty of bowling balls available and the lanes themselves were nice. However, there are giant TV's everywhere and they were running sports and news when we went. Having to bowl while a news channel repeatedly runs ads that defend someone accused of sexual assault soured my mood completely.

Aleisha Chaffin

Overcharged us, didn’t get everything we were promised in our package, excuses about being short staffed (so much so they couldn’t make an announcement over the loud speaker to get our guests to the party room). The list of complaints could go on and on. BUT they rectified the main problem and responded so quickly after I sent an email about it.i know the kids had a blast though and that’s what was important!

Olalekan Akinyemi

This entertianment centre is indeed a Wonderful atmosphere to relax and have fun. It is a very nice place for a family or group fun outing. There are Lots of stuff for both the kids and the grownups to do. The place is kept very neat. The staffs are warm and friendly and try to cater to your needs. The bowling alley was really fun. Good food and very decent prices. Kids had a blast. And we had a wonderful time there. Highly recommended.

Robin Trafford

We went on a date night with our best friends Saturday, March 23rd. We had so much fun. We bowled, played laser tag and then rode the bumper cars. We filled so much fun into just a few hours. The highlight of our night was meeting Kenn, one of the managers. They accidentally sent out fries instead of tater tots with one of our burgers and he came by to apologize and fix the mistake. He went above and beyond to make sure we were well taken care of. Whoever hired this guy is brilliant!! We will definitely be back and can't wait to interact with Kenn again.

Candace Shepherd

Great prices and huge place!! Great daily deals and summer package too lazer tag games food just gas it all.

Tiara Johnson

Loved this they had a little to do for all ages

Macaila Davis

Great place to go and have fun, but only go when they’re have a special or you’ll really over pay to bowl. Food was amazing and they have a great eat and play deal

Tricia Minyard

Really had a great time here with my grown kids social drink or 2 without the chaos of bar life. Lots to do for all age groups

Nick Bair

If I could give 0 stars I would. A Richmond county deputy told someone in my group to pull his pants up. I noticed how sagging pants and girls in scantily clad clothing were rapant in this heat and asked about that. 5 minutes later same cop walks up and pulls out his handcuffs and tells me to leave. My pants were no further down than any other white man in the group. When confronted about the racism management just responded with they have the right to refuse service to anyone and told me to leave. Personally will never spend any money with them again. Not a family friendly establishment and why America had issues white cop on a power trip again.

Amanda Warner

Very friendly staff, kind of expensive, but it's worth it for all of the activities you have to play. Theres bowling, an arcade, and laser tag. There even a VR game, which is silly, but very fun

Kaylan Payton

Fun atmosphere..service is absolutely horrible..waited 30 minute for server to come take order..then waited another 30 minutes for a “Stargarita” and an hour for my food..Very sad!!!!

Ashley Fettik

Tuesday $10.99 unlimited everything! Awesome deal and great place to wear the kids out.

Katrina Robison

Fun place for the Family.. can be pricey but for family time it's worth it. They have great sales if you sign up for their email.

William Sexton

Would be better if bowling was priced per game instead of per hour. $35 for two people for 40 minutes is overpriced in my opinion. Friendly staff though. Just be prepared to spend some money.

Bulma Bunnie

This place has potential to be great because the activities and atmosphere are awesome! However the service is terribly slow! Some workers seemed to walk around doing nothing while others were trying to handle multiple parties at once with no help. The food takes forever to come out and the food actually made everyone in my party sick. So I’m assuming someone didn’t wash their hands or sanitize something in the kitchen properly. For the quality of service it is very overpriced.

Veronica Detwyler

I had such an amazing time. We went on a Tuesday and payed 20.00 for unlimited gaming and bowling for me and my sons. A great place for kids

Kevin Ball

Little pricey, but a good time. Kids had fun!

Tamara Williams

Lots of activities for kids and adults to enjoy together also service at your table that you bowl at and also dinning area

Danni Green

So much fun! Perfect for date night or family night/day so much to do there!

Jamie Whitlock

Loved it. Had so may things to do for adults and kids. Very likely to go there over and over again. Kids had a wonderful time.

J Marcus

Food was ok. Server could of been knowledgeable about deals with food and game cards. Server did not know about extra pricing as in extra lettuce or sauce extra charge. The server was very nice and apologized for not knowing. Went on a Thursday was decent to keep track of two 14 year olds and a 6 year old where abouts. As far as games.. was great and clean area.

The hungry pig0

I had a great time I would greatly rate 5 stars but I had one issue when we order pizza and ate it the pizza and the pizza sauce tasted like ketchup. It really didn't taste that good beside that I had a really good time.

Amber ThaGr8

Stars and Strikes is the best family entertainment I have been to since I moved to South Carolina this year; March 2019. The entertainment is fun and for everyone. However, they don't have associates working in the stations at the same time, so I went to the bar and no associate. Looked in the Grill and there was no hostess. I was there on a Saturday which is probably one of their Busiest days out of the week, which comes off as understaffed. Either way I ended up getting an associate and that was the only error. Other then that my son and I plus friends had a very great time and made lots of memories and we will be back. Stars and strikes is like a Dave & Busters.

Rod Lyons

Staff was get friendly and helpful! Will definitely return.

Lorna Bogan

We always have so much fun here! The staff is very careful with their gluten free pizzas.

Heather Marr

I love it, So much to do it one place, bowling, arcade,bumper cars, laser tag & an escape room! Good food & bar as well, not pricey either

Katie Abate

We had a great time! The Escape rooms are a lot of fun. The bowling is brand new and all electronic. Some of the games were not working but everything was fun. The full service bar is definitely a plus and we did not try the food yet.

Leo Schwarz

If your going to have food and fun you have to balance the two well. This place does not. We bought the 2 games for free once a week for the rest of summer. My kids had fun we played our 2 games and it's a great value! But our pizza wasn't cut properly I had to cut it with the severing spatula, I had to fill my own soda with the bartender. Service could be better, this place wasn't busy when we were there.

Pamela Barton

First time going there... Anyhow, all in all I had a fun time. Tried a few different drinks from the bar, they were all delicious. The front counter staff was not all that knowledgable about suggesting packages for first timers. However, figured it out from signs and for two people 50.00 was sufficient to play some games. I highly suggest the VR game.... that was a blast!

Marianne Glad

The staff was friendly, delightful and followed up on previous concerns. Escapology was delightful and I found that the game floor was in much better condition than my last visit as well as having new games with a much better organization on the floor. I was pleased to see the improvement. (Our next trip I will try food service to see if that has also improved as it was lacking a few months ago) all in all, it was a very good experience this visit!

Tim Wright

Will never go back again! Me and some family memebers went there and was disrespected and the manager showed plenty of signs of racism. For one they started our bowling time and the lane didn’t work they brought the tech over to fix the lane and it still didn’t work so the moved us to another lane and told us they was restarting our time once we moved to another section thirty minutes of our time was up and we ask the manger why he didn’t reset our time back? First thing he reply “because on 3 people paid out of 14” we all showed him our receipts and bowling shoes and wrists bands you have to have on to drink and he still said we didn’t pay. Then he go get the officers for no reason and lie again and say they didn’t pay when we obviously had receipts so they called 14 police officers for no reason and wrongly accusing us and we spent our hard earn money to be discriminated against and to be real they stole from us all together we spent 350$ in there for a ten minute bowling game which we didn’t finish and for the manger to get the police for no reason. places like this don’t succeed I will never go here again and disappointed in that manger no matter where you go racism is very much alive

Brian Barber

Everyone knows me! We are like family there. The waiters have the best service. Especially Milton.

Anthony Leach

We had a good time playing bowling and the arcade room. The drinks definitely helped, but I will have to come back to try the food menu. This was my second visiting and we found out that they also offer 3 different escape rooms. We will have to come back to try that as well (my wife wore high hills so she didn't want to try it

Shalyn Najjar

We tried out Stars & Strikes on Super Bowl Sunday this year and boy was it a disaster. We could not hear the TVs very well, and the staff was either unwilling or unable to adjust the volume. The TVs are mounted too high in the bar, you crane your neck looking at them! They were playing the football game on the screens in the bowling alley area, but not with sound, just with music. Also, it is not clear that a game is 20 minutes on a timer. When I asked the front desk before bowling, I was told that you pay by the game. If you don't bowl that game within 20 minutes, you will be cut-off mid game. Additionally, the food service was non-existent. I asked for water three times and it never came. Not only did the food take forever to come out (which seems hard to do, considering its all microwaved) but it arrived stone cold. My husband ordered a chicken philly sandwich, but got steak instead. The group sitting across from us in our lane was also complaining that their food came out cold and the service was poor. I was initially thrilled to find this place so close to home, and the facility looks great, but after our most recent experience we won't bother coming back. I would hate to find out what Stars & Strikes is like on a Saturday!

McCullough Kendrick

To be fair, we did come on one of the least busiest days of the week. The environment is very similar to Dave and Buster's including the cost of everything. Still, the experience is what you would expect from these establishments. So if you enjoy the experience of the carbon copy family entertainment center, this is it. My only gripe is that Stars and Strikes were very understaffed. Hire at least 3 more members.

Shannon Walkup

Great place for all around fun, but the prices are hefty. If you have more then four the activities will cost well over $150. Still a good time to keep yourself and the kids entertained for a few hours.

Phillip Marks

Excellent staff fun environment. I shall return.

Sweet P

I love this bowling alley. I usually go alone and the staff always make me feel welcome that’s a plus :)

Peter Palma

Terribly understaffed. Also they need to have a Sheriff there after dark if you are into that.

Aiko TerMaat

Love starting family day here on Sunday mornings after breakfast. Service is good, they keep it clean, and the games are fun.

Jimmy Parks

I love some great clips but I wish they could use razors and rubbing alcohol.

Emma Bartlett

A little pricey and a lot loud especially on the weekends. A fun time and lots to do I'll give it that. But the volume is a turn off for me to be honest

Joe Bama

Asked for grill cheese sandwich was told only for kids not adults. Told waiter it was Good Friday and no meet for us and grill cheese was about it if we don’t like sea food. Was told sorry no way on grill cheese for adults. Guess jus want to make us pay for full size meal no matter what. Very disappointed

Chris Gorman

Neat place to take kids. Escape room is not the best though

Malia Ippal

Been here three times now bartenders are friendly but service in general could be better. Funnel fries and wings are delicious. However, we come here to play games, and most of the games that requires a ball never has nearly enough in all the three times I’ve been here. I live 2 mins away and this is a bumper.

Rajiv Sharma

This place family entertainment place. I love this place. I enjoyed with my family

Christina Grant

The idea was to go for kids to have a good time. I believe I loved it more than them. They loved the arcade room...I loved the bowling. Couldn't get their deal, at the time, $13.99 + $4.39, show rental, UNLIMITED bowling and $5 game card for arcades...from 10am - 5pm!! Can't wait to go back!!

Melanie Wood

The other reviews don't lie, the service is hands down the worst. Pretty sure the bitter lady at concession growled at me when I requested bumpers for our lane. The girl that rang us up ( treyke? Or something) was super rude until she handed us a survey paper and said enjoy your game. They put 9 people on the lane next to us, when they clearly needed 2 lanes to themselves. It was over crowded for no reason and we barely had 2 feet to sit. Fun place, super lame staff. ****** update****** We came back a second time and Michelle and Lexi were excellent! 5 stars the second time.

Tammy Holley

Free 2 game bowling for kids this summer. Great time!

Arthur Vaughn

Looks neat, stood in line for 25 min to find out there was a 2 hour wait. Except 3/4 of the lanes were empty. All reserved, I get it , but maybe let someone know.

Chris Olah

Rip-off!!!! Paid $75 for 2 passes and 1 attraction. The arcade games only lasted about 30 minutes with a $25 game card. Games are EXTREMELY overpriced and don't give out many tickets whatsoever. Horrible value. Go to Chuck E Cheese or anywhere for a better value. We were about 160 tickets short for a stuffed puppy for our daughter and they wouldn't let us put any money towards it to get it. And for $75 spent? Ridiculous. Extremely disappointed. Stay away.

Sarah McCaskill

Went to a party for my husband's work. Had a great time. The place was a ghost town on Monday night. I recommend going during the week for their deals.

Kelly Ann McElyea Penny

Had a wonderful time great value but some of the folks that work there ..

Rhonda Lucas

Came to Ga. to visit daughter on military base. This turned out to be the best getaway for her and 2 of her friends. So glad we took them there.

Stephanie Riedel

Staff was very friendly, game selection was great but it is a little pricey and the food wasn't that good.

Kevin Turner

Good place to kill some time.

Justyn Stepp

Took my nephew out. Decent prices and they have combo deals for games and meals.

John Williams

We came here for my son to attend a bowling party. The atmosphere is great and the food was good. There are several arcade games to play and the place was really clean. It's a bit pricey, but I'm ok with that. The only real downside was the service. My wife and I had lunch at the restaurant. We were seated immediately, and there were only two other people there. That said, it took half an hour to get the food to the table, no drink refills, and very slow getting the check to pay. All total the amount of time to get in and out of the restaurant was an hour and 20 minutes.

Michelle Mitchell

This place is AWESOME!! They have everything you could possibly want to do with your kids all under one roof: arcade, laser tag, bowling, bumper cars, etc! My son and nephew had such a great time at a birthday party so of course they didn't want to leave. The only complaint I have is that somehow my son didn't receive credit on his card for most of the tickets he won. Not sure exactly how that works but in 2 1/2 hours of play, my 15yr. old only had credit for 20 tickets and he only learned that when we went to cash them in. Maybe at the end of each game have a congratulations screen where it shows total tickets won that should go onto the card. Also, have something like the price scanner but instead it gives the ticket balance on the card so every one can keep up with what's going on when they win. These should be placed strategically throughout the facility for easy access.Needless to say my son was beyond upset; he was extremely disappointed. I pray our next visit finds this problem has been rectified. Would have had 5 starts otherwise.

Daniel Saucier

We went before for arcade and it was good. This time we attended a party and bowled. The kids had so much fun. The food is really good too.

Casey Rollin

Amazing arcade, idk much about the bowling, just went for arcade, but had tons of fun and won thousands of tickets, this is a one night of fun when friend pool tickets together

Rick Yancey

Your expectations will be met if they are low. The staff was slow and untrained. Plan on eating before or after your visit. The service was beyond slow. The dining room was at 20% capacity. One of our party never got their food after asking about it several times. They are off everyone else's food. A kids cheese pizza came out as a large. That even surprised the server that took the order as she delivered it. Maybe me tapping in his head saying "kids cheese pizza" was to confusing when we ordered. It must have been. Everyone else was finished by the time it came.

OldMan w/HundredGran

A place to go to while in Augusta, but the place has an odor that I think comes from the carpet but it was reasonable. The food was not great but the Manager was exceptional with a discount after. I will probably give it another try when I visit my daughter Augusta University.

jonathan rhodes

Do not try and eat here. You will never get seated or food let alone drinks. The food area or whatever there trying to make it is a joke. Everything else is decent. Eat elsewhere. Just FYI

Abigail Brown

The customer service was horrible. It took more then a hr for a drink and even longer for food. I also got my receipt before my food was even brought out. Didnt ask us if we needed refills being we sat at the table for TWO hours waiting for anything. I love the games and all that but the customer service is a joke!

Jace Moo

The location and the staff were perfect for our son's Fifth Birthday Party. He had a wonderful experience.

jason williams

Famiky friendly, lots to do. Good dribk selection and some of the best wings in town.

Heather Nicole

Our favorite date spot! Always will love this place! And the bowling here is absolutely amazing!!! Also the staff is always super friendly and helpful!

elijah reaves

So much fun! I wish they had better deals like the one in Georgia does. I wish they had better packs on the arcade purchases. I love going here with my family and friends but I hate spending $100 on the arcade area! Groupon has deals, really GREAT ones at that, but you can't use them at this location. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make it so we can use those deals at our local location and you will get 5 stars and a TON more business from my family and I. If I felt like I wasn't wasting so much money, I would make the drive more often.

Steve Swindler

Friendly staff, fun games. They have laser tag, bumper cars, escape room and lots of other activities to choose from. The only thing that gets me is the ticket prices for things, i know its like a business tactic and most arcades do so, but 1600 tickets for a small nerf gun? Come on now lol. My wife and I went for our friday date night spent $50 on credits to play games, got a 1000 jackpot on one of the machines and in total got around 1900 tickets. Which we thought was alot but then got into the shop and saw what i just explained above. Overall tho we had a good time and that's all that matters. Would recommend coming if y'all just wanna have a fun and chill day, and most of all be a child again.

Flo florence

*Update: I've given this location another star based on my experience when I visited. I was pleasantly surprised. I was also contacted by the Regional Director of Sales soon after I left my review. Roxanne was very apologetic and gave my daughter a complimentary bowling pin souvenir for the party goers to sign. She had a blast; we all did! The staff was friendly, and our party hostess was very patient and kind. She was a complete joy! The kids had a great time, and we will definitely be back to play some more laser tag. It was so much fun! Roxanne even reached out to follow up with me to make sure everything went well. Thanks for a great end to this experience. It started out a little bumpy, but what truly counts is how an establishment handles an an issue (as they will arise) and how they work to make the situation right. I was very pleased with the outcome. I will be back! Thanks! *See my original review below: My daughter has a birthday coming up and chose Stars & Strikes. I'll update my review if the party is amazing, but so far...the process to setup the party has been less than awesome. I called last month and setup the party by phone. The person with whom I spoke gave me A TON of information very quickly about the party packages. I took a few notes and jotted down a few questions while she spoke. When she finally finished her spiel, I asked if she could clarify a few points. I was met with a tone of disgust, like I was bothering her by asking more questions...when I'm about to book a close to $400 party at her place of business. Because I work in communications for a living (in an emergency capacity), I read tones quite well, and luckily, I know how to take control of and turn the direction of a conversation. Midways through the call, the employee seemed to be less irritated. She was actually pleasant by the time we ended the call. I started out a bit turned off, but I ended up feeling okay about booking here by the end of the call. During the call, I told her I wasn't sure what food my daughter wanted for her party, and I told her I'd call back with her decision on her food choice. Well, I called back just a bit ago to relay her decision, and I was once again met with the same tone of disdain and disgust. This was a different employee, however. While I was on the phone, I confirmed the time. (I have to double and triple check information these days. Mommy brain is real...and it seems to get worse as these kiddos get older and we're tasked with remembering more. Lol) Anyway, I confirmed that I ordered two additional pizzas and chose the correct toppings, and then I confirmed the time of the party. When I asked, "And just to confirm, the party is at 3pm...correct?"...I was met with total silence for a few seconds and then a very nasty "...Yes ma'am." When I said thank you and goodbye...the employee said "Yes ma'am" again and just hung up the phone.

Tedis Jones

A really great place to take you're family

Greg P. Yates Jr.

I've heard a lot of mixed reviews about this location, and finally went there for the first time over the weekend. They offer .99 bowling on Sunday morning, which is a great deal considering the normal price seemed a bit expensive. The woman at the front bowling counter, Anna, was very respectful and professional. Surprisingly, we didn't have to wait at all for an open lane. We initially paid for two games, but decided to only play one. I asked if since we didn't play the second game, if I could get a refund, she said no. No biggie, it was only $4. The "Arcade" is incredibly gimmicky and basically the equivalent to Chuck E Cheese, as in, every game rewards with points that can be redeemed in their store of over priced prizes. My kids had a blast playing games, I found nothing of interest personally. We didn't order any food, or do any other activities, so I can't comment on those. Overall, we had a good time and I'm sure we'll be back, but most likely only on Sunday mornings.

Dale Mullens

Server in VIP was extremely slow. Took almost 30 mins for drinks. Otherwise I would have gave 5 stars.

Ralph Shake

We had a pretty good experience at Stars and Strikes. The bowling lanes are modern, but some of the games are confusing. Our game ended early as a result of us not understanding the rules.

andr boon

Service is not good. One line and one employee taking play orders while other employees are standing around.

Carl Mcduffy

My niece had her party here on Sunday and we were completely blown away!! Our host Jason made everything run smoothly and we didn't have to worry about a thing. Amaazing place that I would highly recommend

peaker trough

I purchased a great package through Groupon. Service was great.

kaseen murray

Very nice concept, but hour and half wait for bowling and the 18+ policy in the bar area is a bit restrictive for a family with a couple of 14-16 year olds....especially before 10 pm and practically no one in there. It would have been nice to sit down with my family in celebration of my son's college graduation and watch the NBA playoffs and have a snack/drink for a bit.

Blue Link

It has a really chill vibe. Def a nice place to go if you're looking for a fun night away from home. Food is a little pricy, but ehat can you expect, that's where a quarter of their revenue comes from

Liz Reeves

Super awesome and fun location. I like that there is something for people of all ages and it is not just a child or adult focused establishment. Also pretty reasonably priced for what they offer.

Gary Deariso

An interesting entertainment venue. Bowling, bumper cars, laser tag, an escape room, and lots of video games. Food ain't bad either. Go and enjoy!

Rebecca Mayhan

Perfect for family time and fun. Groupon offers great deals to maximize your visit, bowling arcade and bumper cars. The staff is friendly and informative. And the food is good quality. We spend an average of 4hrs whenever we go.

Michelle Williams

Had a blast playing games with my family. The food is average. The service in the restaurant was below average. Our waitress did not check on us after bringing out our food. Didn't let it spoil our fun though!

Seth Richey

Fantastic food, great games, including bowling, laser tag and bumper cars. Fun for everyone!

Marrisa Johnson

Amzing place to hang they have an array of games an things to do ,always bring photo ID. Can get kinda prices, but they have nice food. I recommend their Lemon Pepper fries ♡♡.

andrew mcclure

Overall experience was not good. Has so much potential to be a fun place but it is woefully overpriced, on everything. Games, food, bowling, etc. If the price wasn’t so high I could forgive some of the inept customer service we received. Multiple issues being watched by various crew members instead of being helped. There were some helpful crew members. Various issues with bowling lanes, moved three times and the lane that “worked” kept falsely giving random people strikes. Food tastes like the cheapest thing you can buy frozen from any local grocery store. I’d suggest saving your money for a more well ran and accurately priced establishment.

Nina Armstrong

This is a place of great for family fun or a coworkers celebrating. You can bowl, eat something, play a few games, and even play laser tags. Lots of fun in my eyes

Seth Killough

Very nice facility. Lots of activities to choose from. Atmosphere is not too loud or crazy. Pizza tastes great!

Michael Adams

Great place, lots of fun, friendly staff I recommend to anyone with children

Jan Yu

6 Ladies entered the ESCAPOLOGY section and we were greeted by the sweetest young lady, Cadasia. She was fun and friendly and her clues were excellent. We loved our experience and she is the main reason!

Danielle Miles

The service is so slow. The food was horrible. It look so long for our food to come out. When it came out it was wrong so they remade it. When it came out it was warm not hot and it didn’t seem fresh. The fries were not hot and seemed old. This place has the potential to be great. They need staff who cares about providing great customer service.

Melanie Spence

Family friendly, they also load up the tickets on the card, unfortunately they were under staffed, so we were not able to redeem the points, that was frustrating at the end.

Allen M

The Bowling alley is great. But half the games didn't work. If you take younger kids. Saturday evenings is not the time. Very very busy and it is hard to keep up with them with out holding hands.

Amanda Mills

Very fun! Absolutely love this place

Brent Kring

As I sit at the bar the manager on duty sits at the bar with his backpack and food dishes conducting orientation of new employees as well as scheduling all while each and every employee comes to talk. Can we say distracting for the bar tender as well as employees and that are supposed to be focused on customer service. Very unprofessional. Not to mention he seems to be communicating in a condescending way. I cannot quite hear what is said over the loud club type music but employees don’t appear to get what they need from him. The bar tender is working the bar as well as trying to keep up with big parties at tables spending a lot of time away from the bar. Burger came out in reasonable time and other than slightly over peppered was cooked well and tasted good as well as the tots were good. My evaluation is either they are understaffed or mismanaged. Either way I believe with proper management this place should be very successful as it is a one of a kind within 100 miles. Way to many employees walking around aimlessly like this place is the local high school lunchroom social hour. No I’m not blaming the employees it’s just very obvious they need guidance to work at full potential. Get it together. This place is too cool and had too much potential to close in another year when the sales don’t justify it anymore due to poor oversite.

Angela Graham

Great place for indoor entertainment. Lots of fun for kids, but also 21+ area for adult-only groups.

Ryan and Marcelaine Tanner

Very clean and well maintained. My kids had a good time. Minus a star because the music was way too loud.

Matthew Hall

Very clean nice awesome selection of arcade games was unavailable to bol do to it too many people there. But I can see why is it was a very nice establishment.

Crystal Hart

It was fun and clean, the staff were very friendly and helpful.

SFSoldier 322

Nice establishment, friendly staff, went to the line quick. Bowling lanes are nice well maintained scoreboards easy-to-use. Bathrooms are clean and the arcade games actually work unlike some other places.

tamica simmons

We wen there for a party. Our waitress was extra slow, she forgot three drinks which were Strawberry lemonade and water!!! She disappeared for 30 minutes and when she came back another waitress took care of it. I had to ask that waitress where are food was. She was late to the table. She messed up ALL of our tickets and tried to charge one of our guess for a meal she didn’t get. Service was AWFUL!!!

Marie Keirstead

Wonderful place. Food excellent

David Britt

We payed a little extra for the VIP bowling for sis-n-laws bday party but never got served. Had to fetch our own.

Anthony Rodriguez

Used to come here all of the time. Now it’s gone down hill. The hourly employees are great, everyone is usually friends. But the managers, don’t even get me started. I never see any member of management walking on the floor, unless they are at the counter. Every time I needed to speed to a manager, one would come out of the big room and “handle” my issue. I’ve gone to this location multiple times and it’s always the same manager. This place needs guidance

nalore sweets

Nice place to take a date or your family. Food is fresh and tasty.

Kelly Johnson

1st time... Lots of fun with the family!

Paul Zutter

Great selection of games. All working too! Plus bowling, laser tag and bumper cars!

Taylor Foutch

A terrible waste of a night. A group of friends and I (4 total) came in to bowl on VIP lanes and immediately received terrible bar service- the bartender/server ignored us completely and upon ordering she brought our drinks and checks and didn’t offer anything further. Her exact words were “so did you guys want something else or what?” And then we proceeded to wait another 30 minutes for our second round of drinks. The estimated wait time for a VIP lane was 30-45 minutes and we waited over an hour and only received a lane after going back up to the front to see if they forgot us. The response was miraculously “he just told me they cleaned a lane for you!” While we could obviously see her list had 4 lanes clean and the lounge was nearly empty upon arrival. While the price was high it would have been a different story if our service experience wouldn’t have been the worst I had encountered. Definitely would not come back and definitely wouldn’t recommend to others. Disappointing

JoAnna Kelly

Had a great time with my kids

Melvin Riley

The $19.99 unlimited package is great! Bowling, laser tag, bumper cars, and arcade included. What a deal!!!!

James McClelland

I went to play some video games with a friend. Caught a bite to eat. Food was good, friendly staff. Once I'm in town again I will visit.

Clyde beach

Great place to have a birthday party or play games and bowl.

Jamie Terry

Loved loved loved this place! Perfect date night for a competitive couple or a group of friends. I've got no complaints about the place.

Jessica Cole

If I could leave 0 stars I would. Two times in 2 weeks and TERRIBLE service. Thought the first time was a fluke with them not wanting to accept our groupon, taking over an hour to serve us and ONE other table, and then giving me 2 left shoes and looking at me like I was crazy when I asked for my right one. Then this time same thing! Two left shoes, ordered fried pickles, and then waited an hour to hear they were sold out. Sorry.

Alexander Myers

This bowling alley is really impressive. The highlight of it all is the staff. We used them for our daughters birthday party (I honestly never thought to do that) but it was the best decision we could have done. We were greated by our own personal host who greeted our daughter by name at the door and made her feel like she was celebrity! He stayed with us the entire time, which was a great help so we could actually enjoy ourselves. He thought about the timing of things, knowing the attention span of young kids, ensured we had everything we needed for the lanes, and was phenomenal with all the excited children. As for the bowling alley itself I highly recommend the private lanes. It's nice having the higher scale feel with plenty of room to enjoy yourself. The digital controls are perfect with everything from scoring to automatically raising and lowering bumpers for those who need it. Kids have animal slides to assist them with the ball. The music being played was awesome and I wish I could add them to my play list. The arcade has a great selection of video games based on expertise and several games of skill to redeem prizes. And believe it or not you actually can win at some of these, which feels on the level finding a unicorn these days with establishments. If you haven't been, I highly recommend it!

Ebony Ellington

Fun place for children and adults. Food is mediocre

Matthew Stringer

Us grown ups had a blast! Probably as much fun as our kids!

Kristian Campbell

Very Fun place to go. Alot of different things to do for adults and kids.


I wanted to like this place, and started to enjoy myself after a 3 hour wait for 2 lanes; that is until our lanes broke down 50 mins into a 2 hour session. The manager was totally useless, citing policies that didn't appear to exist.

heather waters

Had a blast. Definetly going again


Second Sunday that our friend and I have come to enjoy some time out of the house. We love to bowl and the bowling lanes are nice but they keep the lights down and you cant see the dots to bowl, also the music is so loud that you cant talk to one another. I have asked them to turn the lights up and the music down but they say its policy and they cant. If it wasn't for these items I would give them 5 stars.

Chante Thomas

Had a blast with my family! Cant wait to go back!!

Lora King

Staff was very helpful & party went smoothly in bowling area. But it was so loud in there, no one could converse. Kids pretty much just bowled.

Royalty Cummings

This place is a palace! It has everything for every age group. It is heavily focused on the bowling but you can't forget about the arcade side. The arcade side has a boat load of entertainment and games. The entertainment includes bumper cars and laser tag. There is a ticket counter to redeem your winnings and collect prizes. For the adults they have a full size bar! Picture below. They seem to have every drink imaginable. Bartenders are friendly and ask everyone for ID. The tower of beer requires 2 adult IDs. The tower ranges from $21 to $29 depending on the type. I ordered a crown and soda for $ added .88. The establishment received only 4 stars due to the lack of information provided during card purchasing. Teller was not forthcoming regarding deals for the weekend and I spent double the money and got less attractions. That was pretty upsetting considering I could have paid less for the weekend deal and got double the attractions. On the plus side the manager Patricia was extremely helpful and reassuring with an issue that I took to her. Overall great place for adults and children to enjoy together.

Valensia Federick

Place has potential to be great. I would rate this a one star, but I’m being generous. The customer service is HORRIBLE! Came for unlimited bowling ( first time here ) and the lane kept messing up consistently and it took forever for someone to fix it . So, I went and talked to the supervisor for a refund she claimed they do not do refunds on Tuesday ... so she gave us unlimited game cards. Never told us what games they can be played with just stated unlimited game card, so I’m thinking I can play this card for any game, because it’s “unlimited”, wrong ! I stated to her “ the supervisor”, I wasn’t happy and basically gave this she didn’t give a damn response and said it was nothing she can do . So that was a waste . When I come back in town I know this place is NOT the move . The food is overpriced and not worth it . Like I said the place has potential to be great , but customer service can make or break a business.

Jennifer Beach-Jones

This place is amazing. Staff so helpful and nice. Nice place all around

Suzettra Walker

Slow food service. Good play areas. Plenty to do and see. Good bar selection. Slow bar service. Thur is ladies night.


A lot of fun but costs a LOT of money. You’ll easily spend upwards of $40 to win a $10 prize. Drinks are kind of expensive for the quantity. But if you’ve got the money, it’s not the worst place to go for some clean fun

Allie Clemmons

Really love this place!! So close to home and so much fun!! On Tuesdays they have unlimited play for 9.99!! Forewarning though.. the sign says they are open until 12...but they shut down the games early .usually around 1140. .and on the weekends at 130...even though they are open until 2!! Oh...and wear cool clothing...because they keep it super warm in there!! Really a fun place though! The bumper cars, laser tag and escape room are also super awesome!!

wallace humphries

Nice games and good selection. Staff couldn't be more horrible. Waited 55 minutes for 2 hamburgers, didn't see server the entire time. No one was at any register or around at all for general help. When I did find someone they told me to " go look around the bar area, you should fine someone there". What?? Need all new employees


THIS PLACE IS FREAKING AMAZING!! I met up with some friends for Girls Night and we had a great time. I tried the wings and they were good..expensive..but very tasty. The service needs some work, it took a long time for someone to come take my order at the bar but it didn't take very long for the food to come out. There so many different things to do here besides bowling. They have lots of arcade games, laser tag, bumper cars, and I can't WAIT to do the Escape room. I'm working on getting a group together to do it. Hopefully, I can arrange something for my birthday.

Kelly M

Went here with my family over the holidays. Our bowling lane kept freezing after every other frame. For our given 1:20 it froze a total of 27 minutes. We called for help multiple times to which they replied they were or had fixed the problem, but it still kept happening. We finally gave up and asked for a refund. I, a female, was refused a refund. I was told we could wait for them to fix the problem AGAIN or leave. The male with us walks up and asks for the refund and they handed him cash. I would not recommend this place.

D Albright

Nice lanes, but kinda pricey if you don't look for the deal days.

Bryan Adams

This is a really fun place to take the family at a very reasonable price. I just took my son here for his 7th birthday this past weekend and he had the best time.

Courtney Atchley

Went for my nephew's birthday it was really nice and can't wait to go back. The only thing that could have made it better would be if they kept to the time schedule and everything that came with the party. Being more organized. That's what would have made it 5 stars

Jason Dukes

Great family place for arcade games or bowling or anything you want to do.

Eli D.

It's always fun to go here! So much available to do for many hours of play. I especially LOVE the huge arcade!!


The cashier gave 3000 extra points for no reason lol

Marilyn Sparks

I didn't like it at all!!! I wasted $37.00. I will never go there again and i definitely will not advise anyone one else to go. They don't deserve any stars but post my comment I have to give them at least 1star.

Lisa Casteel Clark

I myself have yet to be inside, but one of my son's really likes it. From gaming to bowling all in one place. They serve food. It is comparable to chuck-e-cheese on steroids for adults. It is for all ages though. When I finally go in myself I will change the stars.

Melissa Smiley

We had a great time. We will be back.....

Daciyah Hood

They have good people there!#

Estella Tankey

Loved it...had a ball with my granddaughter. There are games for everyone and it isn't overly expensive like most places.

Nicky Beale

The bowling is time based which is annoying, but we love the arcade!!

Koki NutHouse

Tons of fun and a variety of things to do, just a little pricey. The kids definitely get their money's worth though.

Deb Alvarez

My grandson loved the arcades and we had fun in the Escape Room

cassandra sanders

The facility is great with lots of options for the whole family. They also offer different daily special rates. Downside is that it is very loud and very crowded which can take away from experience... hate fighting the crowds

Andres Trejo

Nice atention bye the staff.excellent facilities for family fun..or witt friends since the environments is suitable for everyone.

Prof Braino

We payed for an escape room and even though we were with two twenty year olds the security wouldn't let us inside. Had to wait till we were late for the game to talk to the manager who let us in under the watch of a security guard. We finished the escape room and won but one of the drawers we had to get into was broken beforehand, we still found the key to get inside though trying not to cheat and the lady working there watching the game still insisted that we had lost since we "cheated" and we took photos holding up the demeaning signs for the losers of the game. Later we tried to go bowling but the person at the register hadn't seen the coupon we were using before and kept arguing, even though it was a Groupon (that we had already payed for) We decided to leave, but at least the bowling alley looked fun.

Sue's Clues

Great place of entertainment! The bowling lanes are very nice, touch screens on the tables for entering names and choosing some settings. Bar and food available. The arcade section is great as well. Only downside with the new card system is that some kids tend to swipe multiple times without realizing the game has started and therefore lose their points. Easily taken care of with adult supervision and help. Natasha was very friendly and I will return because of the superior customer service I received!

Sierra Salgado

Manager was very nice at the bowling alley Went to bar and ordered a regular Long Island and she poured it gave it to my man he tasted it and said it’s sweet so I asked her if it was premixed she said yes I told her he wanted one from scratch well or top it didn’t matter she said well you said regular (I’ve been a bartender for awhile in Miami) but regular meant not blue or any other flavor! She would not replace it! Anyways I spoke to the bar manager and she was nice and replaced his drink with a non premixed drink! She needs to learn to upsell or let people know that it’s premixed!!! Other than that we all had a good time


Awesome facility, with great service and good food. It was definitely pricey, but I feel that it was worth it. Our group had an awesome time!

Jeanette Cintron

is a nice play to have fun the only thing that i did not like is the area for the bumpin cars is to small. we have fun

Corie Stewart

It was an amazing place! We ended up getting 2 games of bowling and shoe rentals in the VIP SECTION and it was a blast! We went on a Sunday so it cost just a little over $20. I highly recommend it!!!! The staff was great and it was just all around fun!!!

Ashlee Jones

This place is actually pretty cool and has the potential to be great but every time we visit we are shown the worst customer service. Our last visit, the guy working at the bowling counter put us on a lane where people were already bowling. Awkward, but no big deal. Return the desk to try and get a new lane and he was so rude, as if it was our fault? Finally get to our lane and greeted by our server who takes our drink order. Our server obviously forgets about us because by the ninth frame we still hadn’t received our drinks. A guy in our group got them from the bar where they had been sitting while our server was socializing with our employees. I get it, when work is slow it can get boring and easy to socialize but I’ve been a server/bartender for six years and we would’ve tipped great for decent service but what we received was so bad I just can’t imagine ever coming back here.

dalajah cheely

My family goes here all the time for simple quick fun. Very affordable we spend maybe 20 bucks and play arcade games they have good deal days for bowling. Food is pricey eat before you go. Alcohol choices are GREAT. Bartender Zach is A M A Z I N G

Ryle Spackman

One of my friends was profiled at this establishment by a cop who could use a power check. He caused more of a scene kicking us out than just politely asking for our compliance.

Balasubramaniam Gnanasekaran

Crowed mostly on weekends. Escape rooms clues are not accurate.

TheLady Lynadams

This place has EVERYTHING a child needs to have fun!!! I love it!!

Raidee Swan

A good, broad activity center. You can bowl, play laser tag, play in a large arcade, ride bumper cars, or do escape rooms. Do NOT eat here though, as the food is way overpriced and absolutely terrible. I had a burger and it was dry, overcooked, and lacking in any kind of decent flavor.


The bowling is nice as well as the arcade, the bumper cars, and the Lazer tag

Tyler Smith

This place is great for a family outing. Their food is great and reasonably priced and if you go on Tuesday its 10.95 a person for all you can bowl till midnight shoe rentals included. They also have a large arcade with plenty of games for the kids and on Tuesday you can add a all day arcade pass for 6 no tickets can be won but they still have plenty of fun games.

Jenny Seeger

Faulty equipment. Pretty clean for a family type establishment. Good prices. Everything was pretty okay except the games.

Ladaysha McClendon

OVERPRICED!!! We reserved 2 lanes and when we got there, they weren't ready and we had to wait 30 minutes. They gave use unlimited game cards and that was fine. We didn't mind. BUT they charged $15 per person for shoes and one game each. We were a party of 6 people. After about 45 minutes, our game was shut off. When we asked what happen, they said that one game was 20 minutes each (per person) and since all of us were playing, our games we each paid for separately, were included on that one game. This did not make sense, as none of us got 20 minutes of playing time. We each got about 4 turns, each taking about 2 minutes. My thing why time a game? How is that fair? If you're going to charge people for a game, then let them play until the game is completed. Don't charge people an arm and a leg, then tell them they only have 20 minutes of playing time, then not even give them their full playing time. Then, the food. Our orders were incorrect, highly priced, and I never received part of my order. Drinks are extremely expensive and loaded with ice to water it down, and nowhere near enough alcohol to feel even the slightest buzz. This was my first experience there. I wanted to see what it was like so I could decide if I wanted to throw my mom a birthday party there. No, I will not waste my money in such a way.

jeffery seals

It was a BUSINESS Gathering but the Staff was so polite and Friendly. And yes we Played Games and Bowled. Lots of fun thank.

Brooke Hargrove

Great deal on some late night bowling and bartender was really hooking the drinks up!!! :)

Gigi Ton

It's alright, but, you Have to Have your tokens on a card, which is fine, but you ho through them so quickly..the staff is friendly.

James Davis

They have very good food and lots of video games for kids!

Robert Travis Coots

Biggest complaint and an easy fix would be the shoes. First pair I got had such a thick layer of crud i almost tripped over it on my approach. No big deal, they're rentals so I can understand. I take them to the counter to exchange and the replacement ones are the same. The attendant proceeds to spray the bottom and scrap away at the layer of crud followed by scraping any remnants away with sandpaper. This got rid of the layer but in doing so the soles of the shoes had lost the layer that makes them slippery. Looking around at the rest of my party's shows showed that this is a widespread problem. They need to toss out their tarnished shoes and bring in new ones.

Patrick Buszka

Tuesdays and Wednesday's are the days to go. On Tuesday's it's unlimited bowling for around $15/person and on Wednesday's it's 99 cent games of bowling. It can be pricey if you don't go a day with a special. The food is also good, I recommend the lobster mac and cheese, expensive but worth it at around $14. Overall great family friendly atmosphere with an arcade, laser tag, bumper cars, escape rooms, and of course bowling.

Michael Spratley

Great service and a very good time. Good additions of some games since last time we were there

Joyce Sampson

We enjoy the bumping cars, and all of the games can't wait to go back

River Castillo

If I could rate it with zero stars I would. I went to this location tonight and paid for the UNLIMITED arcade and UNLIMITED bumper cars. I was here with a group and we were playing bumper cars and then were told by one of the “managers” (Rebecca), that we were only allowed to go 5 times and then wait 30 mins. Keep in mind there were no people in line waiting to go after us. When we asked her why we were told about this made up “rule” she told us it was to give the staff a break and was extremely rude. The guy working the bumper cars only has to press a button and can sit down. He was really nice and had no issue with us using our UNLIMITED bumper cars cards. Unlimited Tuesday is not actually UNLIMITED. There are several games you can’t play with the UNLIMITED card. You get none of the tickets you win during games. And apparently “unlimited bumper cars” is not actually UNLIMITED. I’ve already reported them to corporate and will be reporting them to the BBB for not only the rude management, but also for unsanitary conditions.

Hope Mitchell

Pricey and terrible service given that we seemed to be the only ones there. Food was decent and reasonably priced.

Jamila Taylor

Nice, small, venue for adults and young crowd. Food and drink items are over priced, make sure to check out their website for bowling availability and specials ($$$$) to save money. They have tuesday specials!!! USE GROUPON. YOU'LL THANK ME LATER.

Justin Lee

The bowling and other games are awesome. Great atmosphere and very clean. The service when ordering food or drinks however needs a lot of improvement.

Amy Mirandy

Food was not great, the floor manager was great at making sure we got taken care of. Video gameplay was good

Michelle Sawyer

Half the games don't work. The unlimited game card only works about maybe 5 games the rest only takes tokens. It's not worth it. Someone in line was trying to get a refund for three same reason. While we were outside trying to figure out something fun for ther kids to do, someone else walked in and then walked back out for the same reason. It's ridiculous!

Wynter Sales

Came here thinking me and my friends were going to have a good time.. well that didn’t happen. The waiter we had barely acknowledged us and all of the employees we encountered were very rude. They acted like we were bothering them.

Michael A Mayhall

The Bartender, Lacey, is wonderful. She hooked me up with a wonderful beverage. Easy to talk to, even went and got food for this other guy at the bar when no kitchen staff ran it to the bar. Go see her for happy hour.

Ben Smallwood

Had a great time with my family at our company party here. Good food and great games and bowling.

Jz And sk

So fun lots of things to do great for birthday parties

Elizabeth Fields

Really nice place, well done, nice arcade games (even some I'd never played before) and the A/C is great! Just be warned that the food service is very slow. If you do want to order food allow up to an hour for it to come out.

Tommie Boatwright

Felt like a kid again bowling and visiting the arcade. Plan to return and try the other entertainment choices present here.

Laron Coleman

Good for fun but the entire management sucks. The drinks are watered down and over priced and you can't return them for another drink, yet they want to charge you to ad another shot to the cool air drink they fixed you. You can't taste any alcohol period! I ordered buffalo chicken dip with chip and was given a tiny bowl of dip that's for a kid but given an over sized amount of chips. I requested another bowl of dip and offered to pay but was told it can't be sold separately. Kip at cooperate needs to get it together because this place sucks!! It's best to eat and drink before you go!!

eric notto

People are the greatest asset for most businesses and this place has great people.

. K

Not a bad place I really enjoyed it! We went there with a huge group of like 30 people and the staff was very kind and patient and accommodating. The drinks at the bar were great and reasonably priced (enough for half our group to get pretty tipsy) and the games were great. My only complaint is the shoes. I swapped them out 3 times and the guy even tried to clean them (thank you!) But they still sucked. They all stuck to the floor. We had multiple people actually fall from this and it's very hard, almost impossible to bowl with grippy shoes. That's why they make bowling shoes in the first place lol.

Deidre Cruz

Had so much fun today with the family

Inthe Stuy

Fun place. The kids love it but they are a bit pricey. Also, the bumper car space is a joke.

Julie Blair

Had a great time playing laser tag and bumper cars

brian pendleton

Good family fun... Sometimes they are a little bit slow fixing broken games. We go a few times a month, and thoroughly enjoy it.

Noah Walker

If you get unlimited game play you don't get tickets

liz Reece

So much to do and the staff were all super friendly.

Brian Harrigan

Nice atmosphere fun place. Just wish they would update the website. There is no more happy hour. Learned the hard way after being charged almost 60 bucks for 5 drinks which should have been 3 dollars a piece. There's also no unlimited bowling and gaming on Wednesday only got to play 3 games after paying 11 dollars for unlimited. Safe to say that today is the last time I visit this establishment.

Michelle Pulver

Great deals on different days Tuesday you pay $16 and can play all games for free! Laser tag was awesome and they also had a good deal on bowling $10 to play as many games as you want per person

Donna jackson

Great New York style pizza, good music, and delicious drinks. Comfortable VIP rooms.

Amelia Cox

We had a lot of fun on our date, but I feel like the price was very expensive for the deal that was told to us? $61 for three games in VIP with shoe rental for 2 people on Sunday. It seemed like that with the deal for this day would have been cheaper. I would like to come back and have more fun but honestly I can go bowling somewhere else that’s local for cheaper plus support a small business. Don’t know again if the price was correct since when I did the math my price was waaayyy off from what I was rung up.

Brent Robinson

This place is pretty entertaining. Lots of activities and good eats. I’d say the only issues we had is when we came in on a night when there was a birthday party, the service was a little slow on the lanes. It seemed that the wait staff all concentrated on the birthday parties and seemed to forget about the smaller party lanes. It was pretty cool that they had laser tag and an escape room on demand though.

Danielle DeFrank

I went with out of town guests and we reserved ahead of time. It was very loud when you walk in but the people were very nice. None of the shoes fit properly, for example my shoes were too small length wise but the width was so ridiculous they fell off every step I took. Everyone in my six guest party had an issue with the shoes. I think it could have been better if they were lace up instead of Velcro. We ordered food but by the time it got there we were done with our bowling which was a 1.5 hr slot. Would not recommend the food in the bowling area, my mother got a deli sandwich and it was filled with so much grease it was dripping. Also if you get the loaded baked potato fries or tots ask for less sour cream. Lastly, the arcade. They have plenty of cool games but it is extremely over priced and half of the games didn't even work. So just be careful..

Chette K

If you go for fun I’d say 5 stars but if you go for food or need service for food or drinks...they get 0 stars I’ve been on multiple occasions and the wait time for service has always been exceedingly long, hour plus ,even when you find someone that can help they have to find someone to help. Once you get served it’s not sooo bad which is why I gave them a 3

Liam Newsome

Fun that is not too pricey and family friendly. Their escape rooms could be improved though.

Brandon Long

Stars & Strikes is a great family fun destination. Although a bit pricey, there is plenty to keep the family entertained. It gets crowded on weekends but the few times we've gone on a weekday, the whole place was ours. Employees were generally pretty helpful too. Only negative to add would be regarding bowling. Don't try to get bowling in on the weekend. Will take forever and the pricing structure makes it awkward to go with friends if you don't all bowl the exact same number of games etc.

trasean herrington

Very fun place to be on the weekend! It gets really crowded really fast, but there are always cops inside and out, so safety is no issue. My party and I played laser tag for $8! My very first time and we will be going back to do it again!

Chinek Washington

If my kids are happy, I'm happy. My son wanted to hangout with his friends for his 16th birthday and this is where he selected. Just know the boys had so much fun they stayed there a total of 8 hours (bowling, gaming, laser tags, and bumper cars)

sabrina medina

This is a very enjoyable family friendly place to visit and experience many fun activities together. We bowled, ate at the restaurant, and played many fun prize games while we were there. My only complaint was that while we were bowling the people beside us accidentally knocked there drink glass off of the table shared between our lanes. It broke and spilled all over the floor and they informed one of the employee about it and that employee took forever to come over to try and clean it up. The people had already picked up the bigger pieces of glass and wiped some of it up when employee return with one small rag that they dropped on ground and just barely moved it around with their foot to clean it. Left and repeated this process a few times but didn't get it clean up well off of the floor or at all off of the table. But everything else was great.

Ashley Howard

Tonight I was involved in a very large company party at this location & was very disappointed what I saw!!! They overbooked the bowling lanes. So our company of a large crowd did not get what they wanted! We got downgraded to the regular lanes! The food took a very long time to come out. Once the food came out it took 30 minutes just to get plates & silverware. The food was no longer hot but it was in fact very cold! It also took 20+ minutes just to get bowling shoes! Why is the staff so unmotivated to provide quality service? Very disappointed! Not worth spending your money here at all!!

Chris Carey

Nice place. Great atmosphere. Food was good. No lane problems while bowling

Anna Clements

Love the idea. The Peachy Island drink could become a favorite. But the SERVICE...... entirely too slow. The bartender only had me at the bar. She had to finish texting after she had a conversation with another employee when I walked up. I waited. And waited. I was right in front of her. She never acknowledged me until she took care of what was so much more important than her only customer sitting at the only seat that had someone in it directly in front of her as she was slouching over her cell phone but facing me. After getting a lane, the service never really improved. Our waitress was late to work. Kitchen was so slow and the bar never got any faster. NO SENSE OF URGENCY. We are your customer. Supposedly.

Jamie Corradini

Went on vacation for a short weekend to visit family... This place was amazing, I would recommend this place to anyone that visits Huntsville Alabama

Susan Dodd

Had a great time bowling with the kids, the people that work there were superb and friendly. We Will be back. Lol

Dave II

Great deals. Love the bowling specials.

Arinze Aginwa

For family fun and entertainment, you will definitly find. The cost can be a bit much but it is a entertainment venue. Service for the games and bowling even the over 21 and up section is great and attentive. But as for food and its service dont go during the day, quality over service drops. In the evenings it's just fine

Ashlee Harris

The prices vary drastically depending on who is running rental station. Mediocre food with long wait times for food. But fun experience overall.

Jim Barton

My friend and I had been aiming to visit this place for several months. I kept putting it off because I did not think it was similar to a real Bowling Center. My mistake because I enjoyed it more than I thought I would and the lanes were in good enough condition for a real League bowler and tournament Boulder to enjoy themselves.

Megan Marr

Had fun. It's worth the upcharge to be in the back room. Unfortunately we ordered some appetizers that took over an hour to arrive on a Tuesday night. Manager never stopped by after we informed the server. Never had great service there. It's fun if you don't expect service.

Meka Denham

I love this place....its fun and i love taking my family there

Jillian Forbes

I loved this because it got me the hightest points i ever got in bowling i got 124 points.

Tyree Ragin

Great games and lots of fun.


We had a great time.

Jennifer Tarris

This place is so much fun and has everything for every age. Me being 21, they have an assortment of alcohol and they have awesome food. Employees are nice and very helpful

Victoria Gatica

I spent $54 on 2 cards for the arcade, which looked pretty appealing to the eye, however most of the games took our credits. One game even kept going and going even after we hadn’t swiped our card again for a replay. The air hockey kept taking our credits but not delivering the air to play the game. It was lame. Chuck E. Cheese was better if that says anything- bowling was a nice decent setup-didn’t eat in the restaurant but my friend did an they forgot to put her order in, so she had to wait longer. Will be back to give laser tag an go carts a try. See how that goes.

Carmen Williamson

Great place for children but not for anyone who is on a budget monthly income

Jack Solomon

Visited from out of town (Indiana) to visit family. This place rocked. The arcade was massive and had so many games to play. Bowling was extra fun. All around great venue and will definitely be returning!

Erica Satterfield

A lot of games weren't working when we were there. Got the unlimited pass for bumper cars and laser tag and never got to do the bumper cars because they were "cooling down" both times i tried. The restaurant was horrible. Waited 10 minutes just for someone to come to the table. Ended up leaving and eating at steak and shake and went back so the kids could play games again. The ones that were working anyway. Definitely quite a disappointment but the kids didn't notice.

Marie Green

Took my individuals tgere to bowl. The staff was awesome and helpful but the bowling computer/ Monitors wasn't working. My individuals really wanted to bowl.

amanda rue

Need to hire more staff! Last night was my first time there. And all though the specials are great, they really need to hire more staff. We bought 2 games for the wed special and it took until almost the end of our first game to even get a waitress to take our food order bc you can't order food from the bar. We asked several times for a waitress and was told one will be over and still no help. So then of course we delayed our second game a bit so that we would have time to eat our food. I think that if you hired more people or staffed it better on nights you know there will be large crowds it would be a MUCH better experience.

Marion Watson

My Turkey burger was horrible. It was too salty! My Husband’s burger was over cooked also. We told the waiter (Reyna) her response was that she would let the Manager know, but he never stopped by our table AFTER we spoke about. We also received no percentage discount. If you sit too close to the kitchen, then you might hear them argue as well.

Matt Tbro

The the lady was very mean and hurt my feeling when i was trying to pay for a game and was aggressive from the start now i dont want no more

Tashawna Eutsay

Came from Boston MA it's a pretty nice place for the family

John James

This place is awesome! From the arcade to the escape room and from bowling to the bar. I've been here a few times now and always enjoy it. Service is nice, atmosphere is relaxed but still has energy to it. The price isn't bad and there are plenty lanes even a VIP section if you want a little separation between lanes

Breyanna Funchess

The arcade is amazing. However I still recommend Brunswick for bowling. Because once your time is up here you can’t even pay to play longer. It such a rip. We bowled two whole games and server never came to us we had to go back and forth to the bar ourselves. Very disappointed. We also did laser tag. The room has no air conditioning so you will leave the game sweaty. They should probably look into that.

Tiffany Key

Enjoying a night out with the family! Had a great time and will be back. I loved the wings, drinks and bowling .

Julie Posey

Too busy like a 2 hour wait for bowling. This is info that should have been disclosed when we bought the tickets for everything

Bruce Inglett

Great service great prices

kristen dailey

One of the very few places in Huntsville that anyone under 21 can go at night and have a decent time. I was with family and my nephew is 19 so we didn't have much choice. We chose Stars and Strikes. We decided to bowl and it was extremely overpriced, not to mention the drinks were pretty high too. Also I never had a server come to me once. Last but not least they forgot to give us our military discount.

Andrew Phelps

Birthday parties here are ABSOLUTELY worth it. Includes an employee who takes care of your party: keeping stuff organized, drink pitchers refilled, takes care of bowling shoes, AND CLEANS UP AFTER! Good luck getting someone to do that for you for a party at your house. Then, with the arcade, we got to have our kids go wear themselves out. The 5$ arcade cards wear out really quick. But we knew this from previous visits. So we knew to pony up the extra for 1hr unlimited arcade for an hour. No one really cares about tickets, they just want to play the games. WORE THEIR BUTTS OUT!!! Got home and both my kids were begging to get really for bed. BEST BIRTHDAY EVER. It's like Chuck E Cheese. But with a bowling alley. And laser tag. AND A BAR! You cant say you wouldn't hate chuck e cheese less if you had alcohol. Have eaten previously at the restaurant and enjoyed the food. Not over the top to where you would go JUST for dinner. But it's fantastic for when your family starts complaining their hungry and it's conveniently right there. Have previously been on the days they have unlimited everything cards. Tuesday's and Friday's I think? $20 a person and you get unlimited laser tag, bumper car, and arcade. TOTALLY WORTH IT. Everyone hates the race and shooter games, simply because they're so expensive to sit down and ACTUALLY play. But with unlimited cards, just keep swiping.

Evan Terrell

Good wings. Sunday night bowling was cheap.

SheKetra Pryor

I enjoyed the bowling. Wish I would've known it closed at midnight on weekdays. Still had fun.

Aaron Hearne

It's a fun place but holy cow overpriced. Bowling is better and way cheaper in other areas in Huntsville, there are cheaper and better arcades other places in Huntsville, and the games are mostly targeted towards little kids. (Which is great for little kids!) The one escape room I did was fun and very well done. Once you try all three I don't know what happens though? Maybe they cycle new ones in over time. Hopefully they have a plan to stay competitive when Dave and Buster's moves in across the street.

mary trejo

excellent something else is missing for young children but in general it is very entertaining

Tommy Makem

Lots to do, and friendly staff. Plus they have a full bar and a great beer selection. Would recommend.

Bob Reas

Good entertainment between the lanes and arcade selection. Can't speak to the food. Prices were a little high for my taste.

Wycliffe Gordon

The absolute worse service ever. I ordered food at the bar and though it came in a reasonable amount of time, the plates to eat it on came 30 minutes later and the silverware an additional 20 minutes after that! Wow! If it weren’t for my kids having fun I would never come to this place. The games are cool but the service Sucks!!! Very bad!!! We’ll do anything for our kids. If you’re going to serve adult beverages, please hire folk that will deliver ADULT SERVICE. I’m a food critic and i may want to publish this nationally. I have the resources to do so. I am in the business as I write this. Hopefully my kids had fun. If not, it’s on!!

Brian Stern

Fun place. Great atmosphere. Would definitely come back the next time I am in the area.

Lexi R

Had a blast bowling and on the bumper cars! Loved the laser tag as well. Would give them 5 stars but the service could have been better. We went on a Friday for the Unlimited deal and had to find people for each area. Other than that, we would go back at a different time.

Ben Hunt

SO MUCH FUN!! And really affordable considering what all there is

Luffy Loge

Wonderful experience overall. The bar was great, the employees were nice, than food was delicious, and the bowling was great!

Kirk Carter

Awesome place. Expect to spend a decent amount but with great fun! Arcade, bowling, bumper cars, laser tag, and a bar too!

Kimberly Gilbert

This place was larger than I had expected!! So many great things to do!! We enjoyed bowling and laser tag! Every employee was super friendly and helpful! I was impressed to see the restaurant and bar and the arcade too! I can't wait to go back!!

Jose Peralta

The staff was friendly, laser tag was pretty cool .but the bumper cars were set up in a back corner with just enough room for the cars to fit in there. I'm sure it was by design to keep people from ramming each other too hard, but seemed cramped. Half the games were broken though, which really made me feel kinda ripped off. Paying for unlimited play, but only being able to play games that work, and no games that give prizes, really limits the options. I think we'll be sticking with Chuck E. Cheese. I'll admit, Stars and Strikes does feel more geared towards "children of all ages" (e.g. 30 year old guys that wanna play in an arcade) but all the broken games really killed it for me.

Kristian Steele

Had fun with my family. Great customer service!

Karrin Buckman

there are def some pros and cons with this place. the last GM who is now district manager and the new GM, Nick, are extremely nice and I know are working hard to work out the kinks and get everything flowing better with their new positions. The server Mya was a doll and very sweet as well as Cody, the server at bowling. Everyone was very nice and helpful and accommodating to the best of their ability. Rebecca's, I believe is now assistant manager, is about the only person we have ever had an issue with and we avoid her at all costs and tend to have a much better time. She is rude and curt and tries to do as little as possible to make it right if you have a bad experience, blaming the customer and acting as if you are trying to just get something for free. After the 1st experience we almost never went back due to her attitude and luckily was able to get in touch with some real management who made everything right again. when they finally get rid of her I will come back and give 5 stars purely out of great service! the only other issues we tend to come across is long bowling wait, a few mistakes/cold food items at the restaurant, stuff like that. typical stuff that rly isn't worth complaining about... def worth going and participating in everything they have to offer!

Todd Sutherland

Good group deal. Clean. Fun. I will go back. But... Lane computer did not count all pins or even my first ball multiple times during each game. I would actually get three balls a frame from time to time. Also, the arcade cards did not work consistently. With two player games first player card would scan, but the second player card would not. Frustrating.

Harper W. Avent

This is a family friendly environment with great atmosphere. There is a wide selection of entertainment for both children and adults. From arcading and bowling to even grabbing some food and a couple of drink, 21+ . It is slightly pricy but you definitely get what you pay for. Not a bad place to spend a solo evening or hang out with a group.

Debbie Fanning

Loud fun family entertainment birthday venue. The Friday night $20 wristband deal is only a good deal if you reserve a lane for the extra $10 bucks.... they are packed out. We did get to play laser tag 2 times in 2 hours and there are 5 arcade games included.... never got to bowl.... the buzzer went off as we were leaving at almost 9....3 hour wait. Not good with small children.

Karen Tucker

Place was nice. Too many of us was in one lane which took a long time to bowl just one game

Joseph Jackson

A great place to have fun for you and the family.

Dave Miller

Had an amazing time tonight at the Augusta location wiht the 1.29 bowling special! Shayla really helped us out with everything we needed. Great place and will return again soon.

Dona Lova

For starter it took me forever to waive a waitress down. But ai was fine.. it was not busy so maybe they did not staff the place (understandable) then ... one finally took my order. Nice woman. No complaint. But 30 minutes in... nothing comes back. Meanwhile others in the same group that ordered after or withe got their food.... well maybe they making it fresh right? whatever! Another 15 minutes later, I waives her down. She sounds surprised that I did not get my food yet... but wait I gave YOU my order! ok ok still i am optimistic. After all it is a bowling alley and we are here for fun... except I was STARVING as we stopped there after work. She came back to me and told me that they did not put it in bit just did. At this point, we are wrapping up to leave within 15 minutes... She offered that ai take it to go. I really did not want to but I thought what's the harm right? Not her fault. So fast forward another 30 minutes or so later we are leaving and when I was like .... ok now how long for my food? She JUST THEN informed me that they again did not put it in. I will NOT come eat there EVER again! So if you guys wanna bowl, eat before. On a side note, the old man at the shoe rental was super sweet and nice. Keep him around. He probably is the reason why you are getting the 3 stars (that and the lanes were not the worst that I have seen)

Bob Croyle

Love what they have done to organize their balls for bowling. Top notch facility

Erin Flynn

It was fun but mostly the staff was great! Everyone was so polite and helpful.

Kendall DeJeus

Really enjoy do this place! Bowling & games are always fun! Something about it all that makes you feel you gotta prove yourself to your ppl!

Stephanie Acosta

I had a blast going here with my son. It has everything so bowling or arcade or eating. And if its just adults. It has drinks as well. I always have fun when i go

Korey Aukerman

Wouldn't change the channel, despite having 3 TVs in a row being on the same station. It was busy so there was a wait, which is completely fine. What sucked was they put multiple groups ahead of us who clearly showed up after. We waited close to an hour and if we were actually in the proper spot it would've only been 20 min. They didn't do anything to make up for their mistake.

Kiki Johnson

Arcade and games are fun... bowling 2 or more hour wait... dining area took 45 mins to place order and whole 2 hours to get the food... don't go hungry eat before u go...

Latoya Lee

Enjoyed our time here. So much to do. Fries were amazing! Good service.

Ellen Helton

Great place for bowling. The establishment is clean and well maintained and the staff has alwaya been friendly and attentive when we've been there.


There was plenty to keep the whole family entertained. If it was my place, I would add maybe pinball, ping pong, simulators such as driving and flying simulators, and more billiards tables. Still, we had a great time with what is there, and I was surprised to hear the kids say the bumper cars were their favorite, so good job on that.

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