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REVIEWS OF Star Lanes IN South Carolina

Sybil Wilburn

Michael Scholz

Not very good. Our lane kept messing up, at least one pin always ended up getting knocked over by the mechanism that resets the pins. Talked to the staff about it twice but nothing was done about it (there were several unused lanes that day they could have switched us to) nor was a refund offered. I will need to find a different bowling alley the next time around.

Richard Gault

Friendly staff and great food,fun for the whole family

Latonya wilkins

Great prices an very nice bowling alley

Michael Woitowitz

Great group of people and always a fun place to bowl! Been doing it for years.

clown town

Bobbie Price

Fair prices. Yummy alley snack food and caring staff.

R6 main

Its good besides the systems are glitchy. The scoreboard keep on giving and taking points till we had to move to another machine. But otherwise its a good bowling ally.

Tange Clark



Good place to bowl for a good price!

Amber Wheatley

Discusting. My mother in law fell and hurt her hip because the lights were out and not working on the ramp Way and stairs when it's completely dark in there for cosmic bowling. She was way too nice not to say anything and now still suffers because of it. It's super dirty, it smells like mildew, and the food is nasty

katherine quinn

The technology is super outdated, to restart the pins takes atleast 1minute. The staff is not very friendly. They definitely need to update their equipment! Paradise lanes is the best way to go.

derrick bell

had a good time for the most part, had some people that had never bowled before and they wouldn't give us bumpers they said 10 and under only, that was the only downside

cody holtzclaw

Sucked and got ripped off this place I would not recommend

Jamie Crocker

Amanda Pruett

Shonna Lynn Christopher-Johnston

Pennie Harris

Highly upset...came here with my family to play a couple of games on a Thursday night. I paid for 2 games been here 45 mins and have yet to get through 1 game because the lane is malfunctioning!! I was told they did not have another lane to move us to because of some league that was there also. I was then told by the manager that I COULD NOT GET A REFUND HUHHH ARE YOU SERIOUS!!! I WILL BE CALLING CORPERATE IN THE MORNING!! How can I not get a refund when THEIR EQUIPMENT WAS MESSED UP!!!

gammer girls

It was great

Michelle Gabriel

Great family fun

Brance Frehse

Good bowling good pizza

Lynda Miller

For my first time ever bowling the staff helped me understand what to do.

Cam Suber

Staff was friendly but it didn't seem as "family friendly" as another bowling alley we have visited on Blackstock.

Carl Daniel Ray

Great place to have a "ball"! I had a blast bowling here and they are very friendly with nice alleys and very upbeat place for kid's birthday parties and events. Should definitely try late bowling here.

Pete Chev

Nice and clean. Friendly staff.


Good place to bowl, night time bowling is only 3 hours should be longer.

Joshua Rush

Clean restrooms at a bowling alley, accommodating management, fun

Russell Goff

Great evening of bowling for a group of over 20! Thank you!

Carolyn Tinsley

We had a great time at cosmic bowling. I just wished they had free drink refills

Robert White


Noah Rousseau

Joseph Fortner


Victoria Fowler

Had a blast bowling with my husband for date night. Even though he beat me

Laura Thomas

Had fun at this establishment. Very reasonable price wise. Staff friendly. Bowled two games with 3 people. Cost was around 27 bucks. Ordered a couple pizzas. Not a huge choice, cheese or pepperoni. They weren't the vest. Kids ate the.

Jamaine Mcfadden

No music...machines are from 1990, needs to update tech. But great customer service..just a boring vibe...

Beejay Deepthroat Swallows

Great family entertainment and great prices

John Sandefur

Had fun good place for family and friends to play together VERY cool staff

Mary Worrock

Place to go bowling

Lauren Soldner

Absolutely love the staff!!

Jeremiah Jackso

Fun but need to upgrade there tech

James Jenkins

To be a bowling alley it's alright needs some updating. They are in works to make those updates

Shirley Wright


John Cashman

Took the kiddos here to beat the heat! Love all the remodeling they have done. Great value for some family time! Go make some memories won't regret it!!!

Deron Exum

Fun place for kids

Matthew Buccheri

My kids think it's awesome, especially bowling on the weekends. With all the lights and everything.

Kristin Nunnemaker

Darryl Jolly

chad Preston

Been here a few times. There service is extremely rude and the lanes always break down. Very ran down bowling ally

Terry Greene

We took our church youth group and we had a ball.

charlotte willard

Absoloutly nothing. I asked for water and was told I had to purchase a cup of water for 1.47 and that the water comes from the sink. Really, that's as distasteful as u can get. For that price you should be serving purified bottled water. Then go to get water from water fountain and neither one works and is extremely nasty. I'm seeing a dehec call in your future. Was told they were not fixed because no one there knows how's to fix them. Hello, hire an expert for the job. It is obvious no one here cares to invest any money to take care of this place. Then the heavy set girl with black hair was disrespectful in my opinion to my daughter. She needed to nurse her daughter and since u do not provide an area for this we ask if she could sit in the office for about 10 min or less since that's all she needed and she refused to let her while another one of ur employees made the suggestion. So she chanced Thier safty out of respect for others in our league which is a Christian fellowship league and had to go to her car at 8:30 pm Maby a Lil later to do this. If there safety would have been jeopardized I promise we would be owning your bowling alley I promise. A mother's rights are highly upheld in our Judicial sysyem which I am so sure you know. It is Monday night Oct 12th and I can't remember the girls name but anymore of that smart attitudy mouth and I'm sure you will get lucky if someone doesn't have the owner in court. This is not her first time she has expressed herself this way

Miguel Serrano

Awesome for a good family time and for alone training or even for having fun

Christian McDaniel

We had a ball last night! We had our monthly millennial meet up for St. Margaret's Episcopal Church there. They were very polite and the prices are great.

Kylee Christopher

Krystal Stocks

Way too expensive!

Michelle Loewy

Good center decent lanes

Justin Fisher

Quarter game night is the best night to go! Otherwise can get sorted pricey for what you do.

Jason Kelly

The employees are very nice

pinal vyas

William Pierce

Good prices and plenty of lanes.

cory Burgess

Great bowling alley. Very nice people!

Anne Marie Davis

Great bowling alley

Brandy Mullinax

Our favorite place to bowl!! Always a good time here!

Cliff Partin

Christina Mosley

Crystal Adams

Our lane had sensor issues. Very clean and smoke free

Misty Burrell

Wonderful just perfect

Darth Tyrexus

Zachary McShane

Floyd Richardson

Worth bowling at

Georgia Johnson

C Mill

Crumby looking place. Who bowls?

Haley Painter

So many nice people

Joyce Neuse

Angel Cagle

Good family fun

Gailla Sprouse

This place runs price specials on Sunday but when you get there they have no lanes open to the public, it is all for leagues. It is worth the extra money to go somewhere else, where they at least appreciate your business.

Bruce B

Me and my wife went the other day,after along time.we were treated very well I thought .happy with are visit to star lanes,my bowling wasn't great though Lol

James Moye III

No liquor license but newly renovated! Great place for family

Anthony Raynor

The kids like to bowl on occasion. We're not good at it, but it's about spending time together. Fairly inexpensive. They also host birthday parties.

Jeff Turner

Could use a face lift , but the pro shop is great


Really enjoyed this place. My family and friends usually go to Paradise Lanes, but they were way too full with a long wait. So we drove across town to check out Star Lanes. Man, I'm glad we did. It's such a friendlier atmosphere, very family friendly, and not too crowded. The staff is also much nicer and willing to help, even when they are busy and clearly getting overwhelmed. This will personally be my new go-to for bowling.

Don Wade

Everything was good new electronics

Sam Chasteen

Jerry Ellis

Had a good time.

Cody Willis

Not over crowded and the staff was very friendly. Had a great time.

Darrell Duncan

Garrett Powers

Robin Wall

Curtis Boyd

Lorie Roueche

Haven't been in a why. They have made some great improvements. We will be back, soon.

Jerry Crook

Very well

James Jackson

Excellent place to bowl and have fun...staff was very friendly. All around a good environment to bring family for a night of fun bowling...

Caleb Benvenuti

Horrible the service was bad and the tech is ancient want go back and I advise y'all not to go

Larry Bridges

Pro shop is awesome!I received good advice during my new ball drill!! I will be back!!

Tammy Hutchins

Had a ball with my grandchildren

Juwan Hill

We brought a group 6 people and had the worst experience. Over the course of 2 hours, our lane had 8 malfunctions NOT INCLUDING the computer mis-scoring points and giving strikes when not earned. Talked to the desk lady about changing lanes and she just told us she wasn't the mechanic, to deal with it. We paid combined $80 for this single lane and was excited for a alley so close to us. Had the worst experience ever at any alley. Would never suggest someone to not go to a business but this place has horrible service, horrible expectations, horrible repairs and horrible management. Livid!

Kerry Kotzur

Like the updated layout and equipment! Still a few kinks to work out with new equipment.

Elizabeth Gregory

Wonderful time

Brandi Bossie


Dylan Simmons

It was fun they allow alot of people. 6 people per lane. The pattern makes it curve to much

Michael Lilly

Its a bowling alley

Sarah Callaway

I love yo bowl in general so honestly i feel like any bowling alley is great to go to t hi s one thou isn't as much up to date as most of the bowling alleys thou

Kenrick Murray

India Linder

Food was ok but the alcohol taste like soda. For the price I paid I could've gotten two limeritas and got the buzz I wanted. They lanes were malfunctioning. We had to switch lanes bc the balls weren't coming back and the pins weren't going back.

Miranda Cromer

Are lane kept messing up. No refills on drinks

Beth Smith

If my family & I decide 2 go bowling, this is where was always going!!!

Dale Burke


Dangelo Young

Great environment

Vincent Bell

New owners are putting money into this place to update it to better standards. Lanes are smooth and strait.

Michaek Mathis

James Kotzur

Played 2 games place clean

Speedking Gaming

Employees are very kind friendly and helpful. Facility is clean and we have a wonderful time there.

Jessie Crocker

My family and I came to spend family time together. We had a blast! Really clean and friendly employees.


Only serve canned beer. Not ideal.

Jeffrey Johnston

Great prices. Cosmic bowling is cool but they could do better on the selection of music. There's bumper bowling and ball ramps to help the kids roll the ball straight. Good place to have fun with the family without spending too much money. The building could use some cosmetic work to improve the overall environment but other that, pretty cool place. Not as crowded as other bowling alleys.

Marion Ross

Great fun but pricy

Chris Johnson

Dave Brown

Had a great time.

Joe Cottrell

Denise Grant

Preston Nelson

*Sigh* This bowling alley is in desperate need of updating. The monitors are new-ish flat screens, but the actual bowling system has to be from the late 80's at best. Everything in the building seems to be falling apart. The staff is nice and attentive, but that can only get you so far when you aren't receiving the support that you need to run a successful business. I went the night before a work outing to practice. Naturally, I went to the bar/grill to order a pitcher of beer (a staple in a bowling alley). The pub area appeared to have been turned into some sort of storage room with a "Closed to the Public" sign on the door. So I went to the grill to make sure they still sold beer and found the drink menu. I thought it was odd that the cost of a pitcher was the same price as 5 individual beers until I saw the handwritten note that said "We no longer serve draft beer." How do you sell a pitcher of beer if you don't have a draft? Answer: They pour 5 canned beers into the plastic pitcher. Unless they pour you 5 cups of beer, but they won't just give you the cans even if they open them first. Glass I can understand, but cans??? So I ordered my "pitcher" and handed her my debit card, which they could only take at the front counter. So I had to go back up to the front register and wait in line behind a group that was getting shoes before I could pay and get my receipt, which I then had to wait BACK in line at the food counter to trade out for my 5 cups of canned beer. It was such a catastrophe that I was embarrassed for them. They clearly need a change of management and an investor to come in and revitalize the place.

Christi Johnson

Went to a Bday party...really nice inside.

shawn murphy

Dont remember the full experience, I was completely hammered and almost went down the lane with my ball. The cosmic bowling is worth it and we had a blast. If your competitive and have a bunch of friends or family then I would highly recomend to go and have some fun.

Sara Parker

It's got lanes, balls, and pins. If your looking for the essentials they have it. It seems to not have any updates since before I was born! The only good thing is that there is never a line for cosmic bowling.

david v

April Gossett

Had a nice time for my sons birthday

Mrs. Shelia Cathcart

Family friendly and fun for a family night out

Joseph Jones

Clean location with friendly staff. Reasonable prices.

Brandon White

Shawn Tomkins

Fun, a little expensive but good overall

Jodie Taylor

My son truck got broke into tonight here. Apparently acording to staff it been happening for awhile. Yet no camera out side or notices on the door for customers to be aware

Charles Bailey

Had a good time at a good price

Katie's Keto Journey

My ball got stuck for 30mins but overall great time

Sylvia Painter

My Husband and I got married here in 2006. We have great memories of Star lanes. We just joined a league again after many years. Had a great night last night.

Marlon Jackson


It was fun to finally get to go bowling again. Great place.


Grossly overpriced. The food was horrible. Staff was not polite. Hopefully for the prices that they charge the woman behind the counter would be able to get a dentist to shave some of the hair off of her teeth.

Landon Deaton

Fun with family and friends. Good prices.

kendrah curtin

Computers and chairs haven't been updated in at least 20 years. Otherwise the lanes are decent.

Nydajah Hayes

One thing to say is Saturday Nights they are packed. The line is close to being outside of the door, and unfortunately we were unable to bowl. Really wanted to though maybe next time I'll be able to give more of a better review.

John Mills

Fair prices, nice staff, good food

Nate nash

Great. Bowling. Place


People are great!

Grace Leigh

Awful experience. Employees were rude and did not want to satisfy the customers. Had multiple music request changes and refused to changed the music. Played one genre the entire time. Would not recommend

Christina Hankins

Nice atmosphere.But the stuff likes to not work aot

Dusty Burns

It's been a long time since I've been, but I always had a great time.

Cameron McGaw

Misty B.


Amanda Potter

We took our friend here after dinner for his birthday for cosmic bowling and it was HORRIBLE. First our lane and pins kept getting stuck and freezing up, then the balls got stuck, then the computer wouldn't calculate the score properly and then we realized every ball that came back was COVERED in grease. We couldn't even hold them properly! After this happened, we didn't even get through a full game without trying to get our money back and leave. Upon trying to do so, the attendant informs us that we can't - "the owners just don't give refunds and there is nothing any one could do about it." So we were forced to spend the next two hours attempting to play greasey, sub-par bowling on my friend's birthday because we couldn't get our $70 back that could have been well spent ANYWHERE else. UNACCEPTABLE. DO NOT GO HERE! We will NEVER go back.

Brenda Wade

The score board only worked half the time but the kids still had fun.

Stephanie Davis

Boiling Alley is clean. Staff is friendly and professional. Had trouble with score board. The Lady at the desk made sure someone was called quickly. Issue was resolved in no time. Guy that helped was friendly and stayed a few extra minutes to make sure the problem was fixed. Good place to bring the kids for family fun. Highly recommended.

William Bell

Day of family bowling. We had a fun time. Price was good. This will be our new regular place to go.

Cherell Harp

Literally just got off the phone with a guy and ask him what time they closed and before I said tomorrow he interrupted me and said one o'clock. Then I finished my sentence and he rudely said one o'clock again a hung up the phone. That's not how you treat a costumer. Hence why paradise lanes gets more business.

Tom Litteral

Good price

Quality Lawn Care QLC

Very friendly and pleasant experience. I spend my lunch break here every friday. Prices are decent and the cheeseburgers are excellent

Karyanne Shifflett

Went here to spend family time on vacation, it was very clean . The people who were bowling were sketchy but there's nothing you can do about that . The workers were very polite .


Nice staff!

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