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822 Congaree Rd, Greenville, SC 29607, United States

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REVIEWS OF Spare Time Greenville IN South Carolina

Sarah Giwa

They won't let us bring our birthday cake! U less we make a 2 hour reservation for 118$ and buy preorder food. Ridiculous! I will never come again. This place will go out of business.

Aaron Harclerode

cool place. little pricey on rental shoes. reminds me of a old place back in CO. wait times high for bowling. would be nice to have a way to check in on line and know expected wait times

Amber Watson

So. Much. Fun. The escape games are good for beginners.

Angel L

Safe fun place for family and for an adult night out. Staff are always friendly especially, the ladies at the desk for bowling. They are hilarious. I appreciate the security who are also friendly. Food and drinks are great too.

Elizabeth Hartle

Laid back and chill environment

smith pittman

Spare time is better than D&B hands down. Not as many video games, but the last tag, bowling, and ease of customer service gets my money!

Brad Merling

this place is clean and overall a great place for soooo many reasons. even to just blow off steam from a stressful day. I had gone there with my wife and 7 year old son and we played bowling and after we were done we went to the restaurant inside after ordering and receiving our food I noticed my burger was not cooked nearly at all so I told my waitress. She very politely took care of it and told me that they were making me a nice fresh new one and it would be out in just a minute. After receiving my new burger and new hot fries I was very pleased to be greeted by the manager and she apologized which wasn't really necessary because the waitress at already taken care of me. The manager then proceeded to give me and my whole family $60 worth of gift cards to go play at the arcade. I thought this was a very generous way of making up for a simple undercooked Burger. You don't see customer service go above and beyond like this anymore these days that's why I give this place a very high recommendation and think that they deserve the recognition that they deserve for going above and beyond service. I will definitely go there again with my family and have a great time. Would highly recommend to anyone and any family of all ages

Mauricio Cruz Bermúdez

The food wasn’t good but the place was nice!

Jessica Murray

Only receiving a one star because I can’t leave negatives. Overpriced and overrated. My husband and I, along with another couple, ended up here due to the long wait at Top Golf. First, slowest and worst bartenders I’ve ever experienced. We waited a while before our drink order was taken, to get not even a whole shot in a drink. Drink prices were high considering the amount of alcohol in them. When I pointed out that it was not a whole shot, we made it a double, to end up with a $18 crown and water drink. We don’t even have pay those prices downtown. When we got our lane (which was also over priced.. $61 for 1hr and 1 game for 2 people), about 20 mins into bowling a waitress finally came over. We received our bottle beers quickly but not mozzarella sticks. 40 mins later when our lane rental was up, we asked the waitress to just take them off our bill. She ended up finding the other couple and brought them out... $7 for 4 mozzarella sticks. We will stick to a regular bowling alley, Dave n Busters for games, Frankie’s for go carts and Top Golf from now on! Don’t waste your money people

Lynda Vincent

Really fun place. Highly recommend

Nathan Voisine

Fair prices on food, bowling, and arcades. Maybe a little overpiced ticket shop items. Everything was clean, and overall very enjoyable.

Kathryn Hart

Its a little overwhelming walking in the door. Lots of noise, people and blinking lights. So if you have a sensitivity this is not your place to go. Went to a birthday party, it was nice. They have someone with you to guide the party along. They got a free game card at the end but be aware it goes fast. My kid had a blast and that is all that matters.

Amber Harbin

Weekend bowling rates for the hr are beyond high. But the food was absolutely amazing and the atmosphere was great. We would go back in a Wednesday when it's a bit cheaper to bowl.

Abdullah Arif khan

It's a great place for kids and family. They have arcade games, bowling and a dining area.

Kathleen Leon

Nice staff. Great music atmosphere and I had an amazing time here with my kids and co workers!

D Patterson

Great place to beat the heat, have an outing, or date day! Staff was polite, and on point. Thank you for your hospitality on our daughter daddy day!

Stugee G.

Pricey but a great place with a wonderful arcade, bowling alley and one of the best escape rooms we've been to. Laser tag as well. Food was good and bar was great.

Tanguanikia Mayes

Can't say anything negative, love this place. Be prepared to spend a good bit of money.

Just Chris

Always a great time for me and my family.

Lindsey Lustig

Great atmosphere and fun for kids. Food was not great, but service was very friendly and helpful.

Sean septiceye

The prize guy needs to get a raise because he was so sweet and patient and eveb helped me choose a prize which i cant say for the other employees because i waited 2 hours for a server and even asked 3 times for a server which was annoying. They also charge by the hour instead of the game.

Asia Sewell

Spare Time was an adults dream land. I had so much fun the staff was nice and attentive. The bathroom was clean. We had so much fun bowling. Go have fun.

Nisha Talley

It was so much fun! There's fun for all ages and the drinks are amazing. I will definitely visit again.

Matt Ryan

My money is better spent at Dave and Busters, but hey others may enjoy this place better. My wife and I just found the games to be way too expensive and only worth it in half game night.


Our server Patrick was awesome!!! We will definitely request and we recommend him. The late night bowling was so fun. The food was good, not what I expected from a bowling alley. Really interesting menu choices . Adult drinks are pricey. $9.00 for one mixed drink, in a martini glass. Looking forward to going again and play in one of the escape rooms and try to beat my husband at the arcade games . Lots of fun. Check out their website for specials.

Fran The Man

Our first time there didn’t start as good as we hoped, when we walked up to the host area of the restaurant I stood in front of Marquis Dudley and Shannon Gower (I wrote their names down) for 5 mins and wasn’t even noticed!!! It wasn’t until I said EXCUSE ME that he looked up at me, freaking disrespectful, I don’t care if you’re busy in whatever you’re doing, you talk to the customer and tell them to wait a min or something, not just stand there talking to each other and not even look up at me or my family. The food was good and our waiter was great. Fun was had in the end, just wasn’t happy with that at all.

Tarah Born

This place has tons of stuff to do! Great place for a family outing or friends to get together and have some fun.... if you got the $$$, really expensive.

Alice Oneder

This place was fun. Had a lot going on. Vr games, laser tag, bowling, nice service to lanes, bar area. Private areas. We will go back. Was not a fan of the pizza. Paper thin, no sauce, barely any flavor. Fries were good.

Cameron Lindler

So fun! We went bowling for two hours and it was a blast. The lanes are well kept, and promptly fixed any issue we had with the pins. There is a restaurant and an arcade room. It’s super spacious and a great environment even for the kids.

Christina Kauffman

I’m pretty sure the entire staff was high and there were tons of workers just standing around while it took us 20+ minutes just to pay for our bowling lane because the people behind the counter were just standing around instead of working to help the customers. Took another 40 years to get someone to take our food order and even then she was out of it and seemed really confused the whole time. Not impressed at all. Seems to be very poorly managed with no expectations for employees. *the guy who ran the laser tag area was great and it was really fun to play.

Louie Blazer

Great all around place food drinks games bowling and more

Miniesha D

Super Fun!!! Great music !! Open late

Rebekah Brattin

One of the nicest bowling alleys I have been to.

Kim Cales

Chandler's (my grandson) 7th birthday party!!! This place is off the charts great!!!! Sooooo much fun for ALL ages!!!! Can't wait to go back!!!

Rich Not Wealthy

Went here on a field trip with my students. We really enjoyed it!

John Shaluly

Great games and bowling.

Shae Hix

Good time. Friendly service. Way over priced food.

Barry Hudson

Good food and the games. Seems to be a little less busy on Friday. So that is a good time to go


The food was good but a tad overpriced along with overpriced drinks. $3.25 for a soda! Service was a bit slow but not bad.

tommie Frasher

Company summer outing so much fun! Staff very attentive & helpful. We had food and drinks and it was all good. Sliders, chicken tenders, cheese sticks with marinara sauce, pepperoni pizza and fresh sliced veggies with ranch dressing. Atmosphere is family friendly and we really enjoyed the bowling. Will definitely go again. Noticed dancing as we were leaving and an arcade. Tef

Dylan von dohlen

Great place, great food, great staff.

Carter Leiter

I love bowling here because everything is so colorful, meaning that the lanes are lot up in a colorful way. Also the service was awesome! I recommend going here for bowling, escape rooms, arcade, or just to sit and talk.

Brayden Wilkins

It was great; My family had a great time!

Meredith Marks

I wanted to take a minute to share how GREAT my service was and I hope someone reads this and chooses to have Kaitlyn C assist them with any party plans they may have. Not only did she handle almost all the details over the phone before we arrived up but she made sure to confirm everything before hand so when we showed up all we had to do was have a good time and enjoy all the food and favors prepared for us. Some of his friends even had allergy concerns and she was able to work around it and get them good food to enjoy. My son is still talking about how great a birthday it was so I thought I would take a moment to share how pleased we were with Kaitlyn and Sparetime! Thanks!

julie burnett

Only 4 stars because they are really expensive. Hard to have fun when everything is so expensive. Had a good time doing laser tag

Sarah M

Had the best time playing laser tag with my co-workers!! The staff was helpful, everything was clean and well organized. I will definitely be going back!!

Val Sims

My husband and I visited for a double date night and had a wonderful time! There was a 20-30 minute wait for bowling, however it seemed like 10 minutes. While waiting for our buzzer to notify us, we all enjoyed playing the games in the arcade game area. $20 was the lowest option, which was perfect for my husband & me to share. We did not eat the food there so I cannot review that. Our lane had a glitch... the pins would disappear randomly in between plays. We were advised to just roll a ball down the lane to continue & the player would automatically get a spare... which could work in your favor if you're not that great of a bowler or seem like an unfair advantage to your opponents if you're a pro. Overall, this was so much fun & I wish we had something similar where we live.

Grand Pepper

Cool place for family fun. Lazer tag cool. It's a chucky cheese for big kids at heart lol. Huge place in a small building. Have to go again very soon.

ShaQuana Gary

Good atmosphere. If you want to bowl, make sure u check in as soon as you walk in bc its usually a lengthy wait. Especially on the weekends. The long island is pretty good too.

Robert Green

Was our first trip there. Had a BD celebration & everyone bowled & had a blast! Had pizza & wings and they were all very good. Rai our server kept us all in great shape with cold beverages. She was awesome!

james bixby

Had a good time. The bowling lanes were reserved at the time and didn't open back up until we we're about to leave but the arcade and the food was good. Didn't do the laser tag but friends we went with did and they said it was fun so we will try next time we go.


Parking lot was full. Couldn't reserve bowling lanes before showing up. Got there and was told 2 hour wait. Manager didn't seem to be too interested in accommodating. Makes no sense to fight to find a parking spot for 20 min to be told couldn't bowl for 2 hours

Rashun Grayson

Even if bowling isnt up your alley you have many to choose from arcade to laser tag and time mystery box love this place and the food is worth it

r merlo

Nice place, busy...large groups need to alert dining staff ahead of time.

elvis garcia

Well organized, different things to do very nice and clean place music an all. Affordable compare with other places.

Edwin G Rodriguez

Great place to have fun.

Dusty Beck

I had a blast it was very fun but bigger and better than Dave and Buster's the employees have a lot better social skills

Universal Man

I swing through anytime I'm on this side of town. VIP package offers fantastic benefits and has encouraged me to spend well over $400 in this fun one single outing sometimes. I tend to stick to the arcade games and not so much the bowling or laser tag. I love this place!!

luis rivera

Pizza is great, New York which is my personal favorite. Good deals on bowling and an awesome arcade. I would recommend this place to anyone over similar venues.

hannah welborn

Loved bowling and the arcade. tried to do the escape room, chose to do the “easy one” bc we were with kids. After paying the $53 for TWO people, we were then told we would only get 3 clues. half the equipment wasn’t working, when we went to ask our first question, we were given attitude and asked if we were “sure” we wanted to use it. overall a very frustrating and angering experience. if ur going to charge it that high, we should be able to ask as many questions otherwise what’re we gonna do, stand around for an hour and waste $53 dollars?

lyndon fair

Large facilities for families of all ages. Bowling, laser tag breakout games . Enjoyed my first time here will be going back

Chris Jordan

Great fun center! So much to do for all ages! Highly recommended.

Rusty Daniel

Too expensive for the experience. The restaurant has decent food, but people and processes need to improve to value.

Matthew Hensley

Terrible service at the restaurant. Seems way under staffed or poorly managed. The poor service killed the night. Such a shame.

Jeremy Brown

Spare time provides plenty of things to keep people entertained. Bowling, arcade games, escape rooms. I did not get a chance to order food, but it looked fine. All and all, I would recommend for the whole family.

Shiva Kumar

Fun family and friends place...

barry stirrat

Beth and the staff made us feel special on this day of remembrance. They all thanked us for our service and went above and beyond. Keep up the great service.

Carla Underwood

Very dissatisfied with the time at Spare Time. Paid for our escape room and then were told after an hour wait that we couldn't do it. No offer of allowing us to do another room instead. It will be a LONG time before we return.

Cory Hubka

This place was super dirty and when I started asking questions about the bowling, the employees just blew me off. This place is one of the scummiest places on the Earth

Daisy Carruthers

Bowling, arcade and laser tag activities for the family. They have a good variety of arcade games.

Gary Tobel

They take your money and give you fun, but the promise of tickets and prizes for these tickets is a joke!!!

James Linen

Nice place to have fun.

Leah Howard

Just had our twin daughter's birthday party here. 15 teenagers.... And they all had a great time! The party hostess, Willow, was great! Defiantly recommend them for a party location.


This was my 1st time coming to Spare time and probably my last. I was with a party of 8 and we ordered food and drinks 10:00 pm.... We wait till 11:30 still no food or drinks. When we inquired about the food and drinks we were told the kitchen and bar was closed and it was nothing they can do. Marquis and Shannon (Managers) would send messages through the waiter but wouldn’t come out. We had to ask for them several times before they came out. They were had the attitude that they did not care and did not try to make it right. Then they cut our game off right in the middle . Most horrible experience of customer service .

Barbara Gambrell

The BBQ Chicken Flatbread was excellent. Almost too big for 1 person.

Julie Golden

My second time at Spare Time was yesterday. Had a great time. I was with a family reunion group. Ths customer service is top notch. Ordered 4 of the big mammoth pizzas. Each pizza feeds 30! Go there. You will have a great time!!

Renee Caldwell

First time there and it was my son's 9th birthday and Jeffrey working the Escape room made it an awesome time

Kristen Wolfe

Went to a company sponsored holiday party in a private room at Spare Time. All the staff in our party room we're friendly. There was a delay at the open bar with almost every drink ordered, for which it was explained that they keep their beer and extra liquor in a locked room with only certain people having key access. This is definitely something that could be improved upon. The bowling was fun and their electronic system is fairly easy to operate. The food served was pretty good for a bowling alley, but they did have trouble replacing the empty serving dishes in a timely manner. The establishment is fairly new, so perhaps much can be forgiven as they work out the kinks.

Lee Tilson

Arcade could use better games and $25 a person for escape rooms is definitely not reasonable to me but the bowling was awesome!!!! Great deal for daytime bowling.

Blake Glasgow

Service SUCKS, I waited a WHOLE hour for a salad, that was also AWFUL.. don’t waste your time getting this poor service, overpriced, unwanted food.

Susan Woolsey

Oh my goodness there is so much to keep everyone entertained for hours. We went for a birthday party and the kids and adults had fun. The Lazer tag was a big hit.

Tameasha Cheeks

This is a really cool spot. Bowling was the best part of this place. Not as many video games as I expected, but that's ok. My family had a fun time.

Incident Music Labs

This is an amazing venue for games and meals. The best thing is the game area is separate from the restaurant bar area. The have a very large deck area and can handle large groups. They even have 2 bowling alleys in this place. It's huge. So much fun for kids but just as nice for adults getting off work and looking for a watering station. The bartenders and staff were so kind and friendly to me and my whole family.

Tenissia Evans

The food was really good, the staff was very nice and helpful

Amanda Dyar Moss

I called on Saturday to see about booking a lane for Sunday afternoon and inquire about general information. I was told that they do not book a lane for Sunday in advance and that I could call back at 11am Sunday morning to speak with a manager. I asked why and was told lane reservations were based on how busy they were on the day of...Fast forward to Sunday morning and I call at 11:05...after holding for 5 minutes, I was routed back to someone asking if I could hold (again) and this time I asked about reserving a lane before I was placed on hold again...I was told that all lanes were booked! I explained the conversation from the day before and was put on the phone with a manager. I was told lanes were booked until after 5 and it would be first come first serve basis otherwise. I again explained the conversation from the previous day and without any concern was basically told that's not how it works and again it was first come first serve. I said I would take my family elsewhere! If a business who markets bowling can't get their story straight over the phone on how to reserve a lane, then I can only imagine my disappointment in how the business actually operates on premises.

Yt_Luke Playz

It could have more games, but beside it was amazing for family’s and nice staff workers and clean!

Krissy Spero

It was very clean inside and out. The environment was fun and active; lots of different types of activities. Service wasn't the best. We never had a server come to us while we were bowling, even after I asked and was told one would be right over. Other then that though it was a great time for the whole family.

Alexis Herbert

They have bowling and other fun stuff there to do

Love English

My family and I really enjoyed the time and will visit again soon.

Marcus Bailey

A great fun spot for Everyone. It brings out the kid in all of us..

Samuel Haynes

Awesome place lots of fun for everyone. A little pricey but not bad given the amount available to do.

Brandi Habina

Prices on games change based on the time of day. Spent less than a half hour playing games & spent $20. Took 3 kids to bowl (with two free games with coupons) & that was $22. The kids loved that their faces were in the bowling screen & animated. They loved their faces in the video games too.

Russell Butler

Really cool place. We had a private dining event that was great. Food was good. Service was decent for a Saturday evening. The children had a great time. Very good dining experience. There was a slight mix up on our order. But I can chalk it up to a busy Saturday night. Next time I'm in Greenville I'm coming back to this place

Amy Gambrell

It was awesome! Food was great and service the best! We will defiantly be back soon!! We got french fries & Mozzarella sticks a few beers and@ mixed drink called pain pill and it was delicious!

Bryn McNemar

We rented the Elite Suite for a party and it was perfect. Desmond and his team were great and very hospitable. They made the night a wonderful experience and the atmosphere was great. This was our first experience and I imagine the rest of the facility will be just as good. Thank you!

Amanda Pace

Our second experience at Spare Time will probably be our last. The waitress was horrible. Asked for refills that never came, and when you pay almost 4.00 for one soda, you expect a few refills. We did the strikes and slices special, and received cold pizza two out of three times. Our lane quit working and it took what seemed like forever to get that fixed. The staff was hovering over us after 11 pm rolled around, and made us feel like we needed to leave sooner than we wanted to. The kitchen closed at 11, so no food after that, even though the special is from 9-12. Consequently no sodas were refilled after that time either. Paying 32.00 to bowl and then paying for drinks as well is not a cheap night out. This establishment needs to boost their customer service up several notches.

Elmo Williams

When you order the all. Set hotdog don't expect the norm. It's more like a small sausage dog from a low budget Fair.

Michelle Luna

Went in on a busy day, sadly the bowling alley and laser tag was bought out but we still had fun in the escape room and arcade games. Cheapest you can pay for an arcade game card is $20

Christine Hiatt

This place is super cool. We are food and it was fairly decent. Better than your typical bowling ally food but not overly amazing either. The bowling is set up really cool and those prices are pretty fair I think. The Lazer tag was a cool feature. We didn't get to try it this go round but we plan to soon. :) Over all it was a fun day. Definitely a good place to go for a field trip or family day.

Sathvik B

Great bowling, entertainment, and food!

Trish Washington

I suggest trying out the laser tag

Teddi Fish

This place is much more than a bowling alley--huge arcade + a restaurant, and you can order drinks and food right at the lanes. Love the animations--my favorite part. Deducted 1 star b/c weekend bowling is per hour, expensive, and they cut you off mod game. (Not cool to charge over $40 for 2 people per hour and not even give a 5 min grace period to even up the turns.) Overall good experience. Will go again.

T'Arra Henderson

No lanes was avaliable with over one hour wait. And dining was limited. Total disappointment

Cameron Keegan

Really impressed with this place. Food quality was definitely above average when compared to other "entertainment" destinations, and the place is so clean. Hopefully they'll be able to keep that up over time.

Margot Shaffer

Great, family fun. Perfect for birthdays. Make sure you have reservations or go at an odd time because the wait can be long

Miranda Sterling

We had wonderful food service from Patrick, the food came out quickly and was very delicious. They have great deals throughout the week that can be viewed on their website. A good variety of arcade games. The bowling is nice, funny cartoons with your face play on the screen and music plays with constant changing lights. Fun for all ages, and there is drink service at the lanes also.

Jason B

Have been here on multiple occasions, and it’s never been this bad, only one other time was it. This isn’t a place for kids, paid for elite suite bowling, and nothing, but swearing, and nudity on the screens, along with inappropriate music. Top golf definitely has my friends, and my business from now on. Much better atmosphere.


Lots of fun for kids of every age. Bowling lanes are nice and bowling shoes are in good condition. I hope it stays this way. Good experience with me and my grandgirls. They enjoyed the funny characters made from the snapshots they took at the scoreboard and shown on the screen.

Nara B

Great place to hangout! This place is pretty big, it has a bowling alley, arcade and 3 bars with dinning areas. I had a couple drinks and an appetizer and I have to say the drinks were better than the food. The food just didn’t seem too fresh or tasty but other than that the service was good and the quick too. The atmosphere is also really nice, it is very clean and there are plenty of staff members. I would recommend to anyone in this area or anyone who is visiting.

Foster Davis

I had a pretty good time, bowled, ate, and played games all for less than 130 for 4 people

Regis Moore

Nice and clean. Big and spacious

Mia Moyer

Horrible experience. Didn’t even bowl like we wanted. Family of 12 and we didn’t stay because Bri at the first desk was EXTREMELY RUDE, UNPROFESSIONAL, and quite GHETTO.

Mommy’s Time Out

If you go there, make sure to eat somewhere before hand. I recently went there to eat and play. Order food. After over 30 mins of waiting asked when will my food be ready. The response I got that they didn’t even start making it. Disappointed!!! I would’ve understood if the dining area was crowded but it wasn’t at all!!! I canceled my order. When you go there you have to hunt an employee if you want assistance. They never be at there at the counter. Didn’t have a great first experience. Hopefully it will be different if I ever decide to go back.

Lenora Barrett

Play so many games! Fun skee ball!

Brandon Brock

Love coming here. Always a great time no matter how large the group. Bowling is easily accessible and the games are very user friendly. Staff is always accommodating and the food is actually very good.

Jason Collins

Very games could be cheaper

Barbara Acobe

Wonderful experience it's a great place for adults and children so many different types of games and bowling. A family place.

Dave Moller

A great place for the family. Bowling, games, food and drinks!

Thomas Mckeown

Its a great time, and there is plenty to keep you and the family busy. However, it's not where I would go if trying to spend less money. The bowling looked fun, but we didn't get to play because of the two and half hour wait. Also, I think a Lane rental was $39/hour if I recall correctly, it seemed a bit high and there aren't a lot of lanes (maybe 15-20) so you can eat at the in house restaurant, or play arcade games! We played games, and there were surprisingly a fair amount of games my girls (3 & 5 years of age) could play with adult supervision of course. In order to do this you have to load up a game card which can be done at conveniently placed kiosks at the entrance of the arcade area. Your card is also where all your tickets and other miscellaneous winnings are automatically stored as you play, so hold on to them so you can get your spider ring or well crafted to yo-yo for 50,000 tickets! You know what I mean, ha. I didn't see one arcade game you could play for less than a dollar, at least half of them are two and three dollars per game. The arcades are all top of the line and they all seemed to be working. I would recommend checking it out, Spare Time has a nice atmosphere, I had fun as did the children, staff seemed pretty friendly and your senses will need a rest after!

D'Ayana Jones

It was our first time visiting this establishment & we had an awesome time!

TD Baldwin

Nice place to eat and have some fun!!

Jonathan Fisher

Super fun place! Unlimited games (with no tickets) on Monday nights for $20! They have an extremely nice bowling alley and the laser tag area is really nice as well!

Alyssa Watson

Love this place! Bar, bowling alley, arcade and escape rooms all in one! Never got great service from the bar itself--but the servers at the alley make all the difference!


Facility was super clean! Staff were very friendly and helpful!

Tiesha Dunn

Had a big group of people come in and they worked with us wonderfully, fun place!

Ceasar Bowens

Had a great time, fun for all of the family!

Alexis Flowers

Pretty good place overall except for tonight. My friends and I bought 3 games worth of bowling and we were able to finish 1 and half games. The did not give a heads up on closing they just turned off the lights on the lanes, the stopped the music and the TV screens also went off. We did not get a refund for the other game. So that was a bummer

Loki Nee

Great spot for family. Kids and adults in our group had a blast.

Beautifully Made

Server was great & very nice! We had a group of 15! Took a long time for the good to come out (we all ordered appetizers) Food was horrible! Everything was bland! Gave 3 stars for the customer service!

Colie Holman

Got a fried chicken and mayo sandwich and it was amazing. Dos xx on draft. The wings are on point! Beer list is pretty long. DEFINITELY going back.

Zarok Aleon

Unfortunately they were robbed at gunpoint just before I arrived. Had tickets for laser tag and we were bowling. Never even got to buy our next round of drinks. They closed early. Quite disappointing but totally understandable. This was my first time going, I would have to go again to get the experience. If I had to describe it in a word though: Loud.

Keya Byrd

Had a great time! Good food and great people. The service was amazing

Lisa Nason

Took the staff out for a night of fun, and we had a blast! Laura took great care of us, and the cartoons with the faces after each roll kept us cracking up all night!

K Davis

First time going there and we had a blast. Love playing laser tag! The place is a bit expensive but it is worth it. So much to do there. We went on a Monday when it wasn't so busy. The staff I dealt with were very friendly and helpful. Looking forward to doing the escape room. Will happily return again!

April Schoenmaker

So much more than a bowling alley! Lots of things to do including laser tag and escape room. Large arcade. Restaurant with a full menu. Didn't try the food yet but looks good! Bowling facilities are very nice and since its never been a smoking facility doesn't have that old stale smoke smell that others in the area have

Neil Petersen

Awesome venue. Toto our server was on his game. Thank you. Tito

This that and more Thrift store

Cool place. But the prices have gone up. Alot easier to spend $200 in 2hrs now

A Schwartz

Me and my family went for my 18th birthday. We played games, did some bowling, and even ate in! The servers were really nice and it was an all in all great experience.

Joel Lister

Kids love it. Great place to take the family

Kevin Kearse

This was my first time going and the atmosphere was great the lanes and all, and I came bringing in my birthday at that... Everyone needs to go atleast once

David Hunt

Good food, great service, kids had a ball and got a big ball too.

David Hanner

It was fun but it cost 65 for my family to bowl one game lol. Recommend visiting your local bowling alley.

Carlie Mills

My experience here wasn't bad. The guy at the entrance wasn't very welcoming and the staff in general wasnt. I didn't see a single smile from any of them. Got a drink at the bar and it was very good but very very light on the alcohol. I didn't try the food. The bathroom was filthy and covered in toilet paper and candy wrappers. The actually place was very clean and the atmosphere was incredible. There were multiple bowling alleys and bars and it was all very beautiful to experience. My friends said that the shoes for bowling we're uncomfortable but other than that all was pretty good. The service wasn't bad aside from them not appearing to be pleased to serve us and the waiter looked rather rushed all the time.

Sarah Nagorsen

Crowded and dirty. Very poor service in the restaurant; wait staff could not remember what we ordered and the food took forever. Manager was apologetic. Escape room was dirty. Came down with the flu the following week. Won’t be going back!

Steven Boettcher

We had a really good time here celebrating a company event. The only downside was the lack of parking. Other than that, this place is a lot of fun and they can handle crowds well. I recommend the escape rooms and laser tag.

Mo Peeps

Nice me of Dave&Busters but better

Mildred Jackson

Cool place to visit but a little pricey

Veronica L Knack

The food was so delicious! Loved the many play options, whether it's arcade games, escape rooms or bowling. Was perfect for the group's gathering! We look forward to returning.

Kevin Hagood

Excellent service good food nice environment for the family

Nicole Moss

Great place to have some family fun. Laser tag was affordable and the kids had a blast.

Brooke Lewis

Food was good but a bit pricey imo. The kids had fun playing the games and laser tag. I would like to go back and check out the bowling next time.

Seabert Means

It was awesome (from my twelve year old). Great service, bar prices reasonable for Game day. Had a great time!

David Adkins

Oh i had a blast, make sure to sign up for the vip on their website. I got a free $20 card.

playdemkeys love

Cool place I only have went to the bar I have not went in the areas where the games of bowling but I love their pimento bacon grilled cheese sandwich and I like their tap drinks

Sergio Robinson

First impressions on spare time was a great experience. The food was reasonably priced along with near to perfection flavoring. The kids had fun playing all the games. It would be nice to have had more games to offer. On a rainy day it's the place to keep kids entertained. We didn't get to try out the bowling alley this time but will definitely give a whirl next go trip.

Tynisha Wilder

Had a great time. The food was really good. And to say there was so many people their servers were still amazing.

gacha_Cassie yay

Amazing employees are soo nice food is great and games are just wow

Wanda Merling

We signed up for the Kids Bowl free program and we had a great time! The facility is clean and well staffed. We decided to eat dinner before going to the arcade. My husband’s burger was under cooked and they handled it politely by making him a new burger. We did not expect them to remove the cost of the burger from our bill, but they did. And even gave us play cards for the trouble What wonderful customer service! In a world where taking care of customers is often overlooked, the staff and management went above and beyond. Kudos! And we will be back. Thank you for ensuring we had a wonderful time even with a minor glitch.

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