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1902 S Irby St, Florence, SC 29505, United States

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REVIEWS OF Southgate Bowling Center IN South Carolina

Sandra Asencio

Nice atmosphere, had a Great time, will come back....

Rome McCray

Great Bowling Alley

Willard Shannon

Love it. It's my stress reliever.

Courtney Gainey

This place had roaches coming out of the shoes at the counter. The shoes were falling apart. Beer was overpriced and flat. Me and my husband paid for a game and our friends paid for a game. We played one round thinking that was game 1 and we had another to play- nope. Front desk was rude, drunk, and lazy.

Jaysha Anderson

An inexpensive good time

Gary Williams

It is a trashy place the lanes are defective I had to call for help at least 15 times for help with the pins not coming down the place needs an upgrade terribly I will never go there again

Gail Drew

Sucked.. they can't get the people to stay in their lane .. we pay good money to have a bunch of idiots hollering screaming and all in the way of our lane...hell yeah I "accidentally" thru the ball bk wards just to get people to move the heck out of our lane

will rich

Great fun nice lanes

Shaniece Williams

Had so much fun not good experience

India Jackson

Their cheese fries are good i recommend you eat them

Gillion Downer

Expensive, dirty.

Eric Clark

South gate is pretty good, never had an issue. The lounge is good and cheap. Exactly what I'm looking for when bowling. The cheese sticks are the bomb.


Nice family outing

Deidra Summers

Nice employees. Good atmosphere. Only complaint is, it was very warm in there. Will definitely go again though!

Johnny Fulmore

Great prices and good location.

Ruth V Epps

There wings and the best

Rose Kimsey

At a special event for handicap children. This place rocks!

Sharonda Wright

Good food great service lots of fun

Zeb Ward

Great place to have fun and let loose

Benjamin Cooper

Mostly clean. Mostly friendly staff. It's a bowling alley...they have bowling balls and pins. If you wanna bowl, go here.

Channing Logan

Great place to go and not expensive

Tyrone Hicks

Fun and enjoying

Casey Humber

Cafe has frozen drinks on the menu and they tell me they can’t make frozen drinks because they do not have a blender. Service is slow on lanes. Cafe also always runs out of food and supplies. Ridiculous. Won’t be back. Stay away.

Pat White

Nice people carying

Taylor Lynch

Great atmosphere. Food sucks!!!! cooks suck!!!!

Alex Saffer

The guy gave us a lane knowing it was messed up and it kept messing up and we kept complaining nothing was done about it. The lady didn’t give us a refund and said “oh that’s just how the lane is and we can’t do anything about.” Okay then why give us the lane in the first place? Don’t waste your time or money here.

Poncho Alabouthatruth

This is the sorriest place every the workers are so rude and if a ball get stuck you have to wait about 30 mins to get help.Will never come here again... Poor service


Huge spacious place. Very friendly staff. Lanes oiled very well. I'm impressed

Ms. P

The bowling alley has a good family vibe. The bowling balls, shoes, and restrooms need to be replaced and updated! Also the workers in the dining area need to start wearing hair nets and gloves when handling food. Fix these problems and they will have five stars.

Paul Boggs

They are the best around!

Dave B

Good place for serious & pleasure bowlers. They have a good pro shop, good food, a bar & a gameroom.

Brenda Gore

Very dissatisfied reserved 2 lanes for midnight bowling for my grandsons birthday they told us on the phone that would be from 12-2am we drove an hour to get there and we were told they decided to close at 1am so we could only bowl one game thanks southgate for ruining our birthday plans you really suck!!!!


I enjoy bowling and their is a bar and restaurant inside.

Germaine Lloyd

Don't go during league play.

Mattie Nichols

I always enjoy bowling at Southgate Bowling Center!!! We receive GREAT and friendly service!!!

Cliff Crawford

Great experience

Dennis Stamey

First off they a local drunk named Gibby that basically can cuss at anybody how he pleases( kids too ) and isn't banned. Fun place if you can deal with trash.

Amber Dew

Its not clean the bathroom are nasty and the people that work there are rude

Brian Cunningham

Had a good time.

Casey Woodell

Fun place and has a arcade

Justin Poland

Spending the weekend here in Florence South Carolina, thought we’d catch some bowling while we’re here noticed their advertisement says two dollars per game and two dollar shoe rental on Sunday, called ahead to verify and was told it is two dollars per person per game +2 dollar shoe rental. Deceptive advertising, buyer beware if you go in there with four people on Sunday who all need shoes and bowl four games you’re going to pay 40$. Not sure how much business they’re going to do on Sunday with prices like that.

Tyler Regalado

This place gets better everytime i come, however the prices can be a little absurd at times....

Nikole Auslander

It was a fun time with friends. Not rough or rowdy crowd. Good fun, food too

Chasing Rainbows

Great place for dates or to hangout with friends. One of the best things to do in Florence

Gerald Goodman

Good family time

Justin Walker

Bowling was fun, but bartender was very rude and disrespectful. Payed for a 24 oz draft beer and was it was served in only a sixteen ounce cup. They are probably doing this to a lot of customers.

Diamanda Pike

Nice and clean. Staff helpful

Wilma Smith

It was good. The pins had some placement issues & we had to switch lanes but we had fun. We didnt do the arcade or buy food so I'm not sure the quality on those.

Michael Ussery

Awsome family fun..


It was really good

Tammy Quick

Clean, friendly staff, well maintained. Hamburger bun was old and hard, but other food was pretty good.

Anthony Thompson

Fun place for parties and midnight bowling.

Daniel Haselden

This place needs to update bad. It's falling apart. Constant lane issues and the food isn't good.

Marilyn Thomas

Visit with my grands on springbreak awesome time

Bradley Elliott

Environment is good and bowling is fun and well kept lanes. Shoes however are wore completely out and needs to be updated. Food center always has something out of service and food it self is average at best.

Ruby Ray

Fun and great bowling!

Elizabeth Mccray Mc


Byron Quick

Lots of issue with lanes keeping correct score. Need better A/C.

Terrell Floyd

It was great fun for the family we had a wonderful time. Hands down. Now for you serious bowlers as I am when I go be aware as always each Lane has its own way to it and bites different. Be prepared to give your ball a good cleaning after as well. The lanes are clean but still could be a little more maintained. If you need anything from the shop just know you need to call and ask with the pro will be in. If you don't you will have wasted a trip.


A bit dated, most of the balls have very noticeable wear.

Cynthia Bradley

;Fun night with my grands at Southgate bowling.

Laron Cain

Well it's the only bowling alley in Florence so if you like bowling you don't have a choice. They told me you had to rent the shoes but I seen so many people with regular shoes on of course I asked about it and she told me all of them had customized bowling shoes on but how does she know.Customized or not everyone should have to rent shoes unless you in the PBA or something

Ms. Yatta Gayflor

My church leaders took our youth to this bowling alley and my family and I go here too. It's clean and the food......... OMG so good. Try the loaded fries

ivey jernigan

Totally horrible equipment broke down ball got stuck few times and price was high also i had my children with me and a very dirty video of very under dressed women dancing came on i asked could they change it they did and the next song was the same thing and when i asked for a refund they got mad and gave me coupons for 1 free game after i payed for 2 and only bowled 1 it sucked

Daniel Hayes

Low ceiling. Hard to focus on alley.

Fred Sandford

Just fun

Bredna Kruse

Eight of us went, we had a ball.IT was so much fun.Jessica and Mike that work for Medford,they took us all in Medford van.The place was so clean.Everyone was so nice.Hope can go back many times.Real nice family place Sincerely Brenda Lee Kruse

Vanessa Boatright

Had a blast as always I like the flow of the facility.



Sons of Thunder

We took a youth group from church. They were very friendly and helpful! Prices are very good, different deals depending on the day, from individual games to lane rentals, they have something for everyone. Small arcade, food/snack bar area is good. Great place, fun clean entire!

Gloria Gregory

Lane wait was looking ng but we had fun!!

Re'ven Walker

I worked South Gate and they really are some great people to work with. They are currently under new management and have done alot better. This place is amazing and there food has no words. But you'll have to see for yourself South Gate has changed alot.

Sherena Bethea

There is a lounge/bar!!!!! The employees are really nice. Calm cool setting!!!!!


Fun, Fun, they just need a bigger game room

Shantel Bryant

Nice outing ...Food Can Be Better

Aaron Haffner

Only bowling alley in Florence. House balls are beat up.

Kimberly Patterson

Friendly staff me and my family will definitely visit again the food Sean prepared was great

Liza Gandhi

Need to renovate. Otherwise good!

Michael Collins

Good lanes,bar,and concessions


Took to long to get a stuck ball wasted our time would never come back

Jennifer Cooper

It's the only bowling alley in Florence. I really wish they would remodel. Prices aren't bad if you have a coupon or catch the dollar deals on Monday.

Russell Summerford

Lns 1 to 15 need work

stephanie buritto

Had a great time with my family here! Yes, it stays busy but being the only bowling alley in the area its a pretty good activity for the value.

Sha Brown

The lanes kept needing to be rest and the pins kept falling out. The machines need maintenance big time..

Dee Watson

Bowling shoes stink and worn out. Overpriced as raggedy as the shoes are they should replace shoes should be free....

Stephen Bissett

Great family fun Dragon tails and side rails sure help the kids

Terrance Moore

Great place to unwind after a long day.

SCgirl 93

Fun bowling center, has arcade and full service snack bar, also has pro shop. Specials throughout the week, there was a summer special when I went, $6per person for 2 hours of play + shoe rental, various specials depending on the day. Glo bowling on Saturday night (I'm pretty sure it's Saturday night) Lots of fun for the family!

candice Lopez

Birthday party worthy or just a family outing...

Dawn Davis

Lanes good. Need upgrades in the bathrooms and with the shoes. The pair I was given had holes in the sides and heels were frayed. Used coupons on a Saturday night which made it affordable. Many daily specials for games most days. Will be back

Askari Trapound

Loved it & ran into a old school mate

Jaqunya Steele

Nice establishment.

Destiny Hucks

Loved it! Had a lot of fun. However, I was highly disappointed in the new screens that they put in that displayed music videos. It was a huge distraction and some of the content that was played was innappropriate for young kids.

Margaret Waite

Great place to have some down time and some good clean fun with friends and family.

cheryl johnson

Lanes suck. They kept breaking down.

Maranda Livingston

It was awesome I had a wonderful time.

Patsy Davis

Family fun

Chris McElveen

I suppose you would have to say it is pretty good since it is the only bowling alley in town; it quite literally has no comparison. It is just what you expect at a bowling alley--inexpensive food, cheap beer, an arcade, and the constant sound of balls and pins crashing.


Bowling alley was in good condition when I was there. It looked clean and well maintained. We had some issues with our lane at first but they were quick to fix it and were friendly. We went during the midnight bowling so it was lit up nicely and they had 8 screens with music videos up on them with loud music. Music selection was alright. Mostly pop and hip-hop. Didn't have food there but the restaurant area looked big and looked to serve the usual bowling alley food people are accustomed too. Overall, I would recommend bowling here.

Austin Koehn

Rude staff, high prices and terrible shoes. Lanes were mediocre and scarcely enough balls to go around.

Mary King

I bowl in a weekly league, the only complaint I have is the lack of parking lot lights that are on. For safety reasons all the parking lot light should be on. It is hard to see the entrance when pulling in from South Irby St, also when walking to your car after bowling.

corey Driggers

Great food and atmosphere

Toni Charles

Had a great time with campere

Lonza Quillin

Love the atmosphere, and they serve food.

Rebecca Grover

Really fun place to go to. I went bowling and then played in their arcade with my boyfriend. It's a fun hangout spot.

Genevieve Robinson

Horrible! Never have a child's birthday party here!! The service really sucks!!!

Jane Smith

Friendly staff

Priscilla McPhail

Balls constantly got stuck

Jeremy Ward

Always enjoy coming here for midnight bowling. My only complaint is on a Saturday nights how the Sheriffs on duty walk around taking customers beer away them after midnight like they are a child or something. Pissed me off I wanted to slap the young punk sheriff. After that experience i haven't been back for midnight bowling again. Id rather come on a Friday night and drink the beer i PAID for and enjoy a nice night with my family.

Mekeisha Jones

This is my 2nd home!!! The food is phenomenal and the staff are very kind !!!

Sean Lyttle

Overall good, had a few lane issues but they switched us to another lane and no problems there.

Jeffrey Driggers

The cigarette smoking inside the building is a major turn off. Prices are very high.

Captian Williams

Needs some discount

Cruisin Trkrs

We went here for our son's end of school beginning of summer field trip. It's a nice bowling alley. The staff went out of their way to help us and we're VERY patient with our first time bowlers questions. It's too far away to go often, but we'll definitely go back whenever we're out that way and have time to spare!

ju flegler

Great Family Time will be back soon

Phillip Guyton

best bowling option in the area, decent food and bar

Casey C.

You get a really uncomfortable vibe from the people here for some reason, and the food is extremely high priced. The bowling price is decent.

Darrean Ziemski

It was really fun. Our large reunion group was accommodated nicely. There was a small arcade in there with video games n pool tables. They had pitchers of beer n sweet tea for us n some pizza. Friendly staff!!!

Jesyca Thomas

Great place for the family, church functions, and couple dates.

David Timmons

Nice place to spend an evening of bowling.

kevin welter

The place is dirty. You stick on the lanes. The lanes broke, so we had to move and the ac sucked. I will mever ho back

Maibritt Tunstall

Had so much fun bowling there. Great staff very helpfull

Ashley Nicole

Nice clean place, decent employees, fun arcade

Marion Ross

Great place for fun and tournaments

SunShine Johnston

We enjoy going to this place as a family, its never too packed, the place looks clean and I leave happy from beating everyone at my favorite game, lol.

skully lox


Traci Smith

The facility is the only one in Florence so there isn't much to compare it to. The actual bowling is great with pricing fit for even the largest of families. However, the staff isn't very friendly and the canteen is one of the slowest I've ever seen. Overall, if you are just looking for a safe place to take your kids for an afternoon of bowling, its a win!

jireh fladger

Worst bowling alley EVER!!

Brett Ragland

We were looking for a place to meet friends on the highway. It was open late. Bright and clean. Felt safe, even with teenagers for a late night.

latoria Johnson

Whoever the man is in the kitchen needs to be fired , he was very rude && gets mad && storm off bc we asked for another Pepsi . However the lady is nice I guess .

S. Terrell

Nice large bowling lanes. GREAT time!

Hunter&Amber McCauley

Staffs very rude will never go back here

joi fulton

After going to their restroom, I immediately turned around. It was the filthiest and nastiest I've ever seen. I wouldn't allow my kids to use it, I wouldn't even let my dog use it (if possible) that's how nasty it is smh

James Mcclary

Had a blast

Rachel Pezzimenti.

We've currently been very happy and go with my daughters and grandson almost every Monday night for $1 dollar bowling & $ 1 shoes. We have eaten at the snack bar and make a night of it. They deserve another shot; I'm not sure but I think they are under new management.

Victoria Hicks

Love coming here with my family.

Eric Damon

Nice family friendly bowling alley.Grown up beverages also. Couple of pool tables and arcade games.

jacob tootle

Half price on Sundays and really good food considering it's not a restaurant and it's always a clean place. Great atmosphere.

Susie Williams Lavender

Nice for an afternoon of family fun.

David Mioduski

Nice bowling lanes.

Ralph Ziobrowski

Went with church group bowling alley was very accommodating. Kids had a great time

Liz Rowley

We had a birthday party her and it was great! The price was good, the environment for the kids & adults were super. We will go again and plan more birthday parties here.

M Green

All there shoes need help bad too wore out and need to be replace today.

Melody Walters

Had so much fun with the family, Clean and not too expensive.

Kk Nelson

Fun place!

Tommy Jones

Great place to go if you like to bowl.

Nic Johnson

36 lanes of bowling awesomeness! They have a beer and spirits too. Be wary of the nachos and cheese though, they kind of made me sick.

Charles Green

Had a great time with HRBC group! Facility was modern, clean and safe for family fun. Food was great and staff were very friendly and helpful! Totally recommend!

Todd Hutto

Great bowling experience!

Njeri Fulwood

Good fun but not adequately staffed

Luis Diaz

Great time with family and friends Bowling will come again

kai harris

Good ole bowling alley but could use some updates . And maybe put the kids on one side and adults on the other

michael lloyd

Nice time

Den Tho

Wonderful place for families, churc organizations, club members, daycare attendances, or just yourself. Great hot cooked food like pizza, nachos, wings, salads, drinks, etc... yummy


Just a great place to have fun all around.

Bob McNeil

Everything was good!!!! The only thing that I didn't like was the food don't get me wrong the food was good and everything it just it took to long to get it. But other than that everything else A-0.k!!!


Wooo bowling

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