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REVIEWS OF Sandpiper Bowling Lanes IN South Carolina

Susan McCleary

Very child friendly! I love this place!

Rhett Sparkman

Clean. Good graphics. Multiple lanes. Good parking.

Jeffrey Head

It's a bowling alley. Smells like cigarettes most of the time (I'm unclear on how the non-smoking "section" works), but if you want to throw a few balls, this is pretty much you're only option without crossing the river.

Wes Stallard

New lanes, approaches, pin decks and a redesigned bowlers' area now puts this place on equal footing with the alleys in the area. Also, this place is non-smoking now except in the bar area (which is closed off to the lanes).

Kyle Trombley

I bowl both league and leisure thru Sandpiper, and have never had an issue. Friendly staff, friendly people, good lanes/prices and decent food.

Devin Dockery

It's your typical bowling alley. Small bar, food there is typical. Overall great experience and will definitely return.

Cheri Gahan

Good price food is good

james meyer

It is a nice place the food is overpriced but the service is great and the lanes are awesome

alan means

Very nice facility to bowl clean and only disappointment is that they dont honor our military or veterans with any discounts especially being so centered in that community...I believe they remain ignorant for not taking advantage of this

Libby H

Love this place to hang out, bowl and get a beer. Looks great after the remodel


Great bowling ally, gets kinda scketchy at night so dont go alone. Fun place to bring the family, they have a good family discount and even weekly specials so be sure to look those up before you go in! Staff is very nice and the place is semi clean, kinda still stinks of smoke. You can buy food and beer while you bowl and they can provide you will balls. Great place!

Shawn B

I always have fun here. If you want to be loud and have a good time, just make sure you go late or stay away when the bowling leagues are in competition. They get serious about their bowling...I just go to have fun!!!

57 Dupree

Good place to have fun and enjoy your time


Great family fun and you can take the wife here to start a date night or end it.

Audrey Dixon

Nice place to bowl

Brenden Mefford

So many rules! Glass bottles converted to cups and no sunglasses worn inside. (So CCTV can see your face better is what I was told.)

Mark Gustafson

Great place to meet up with friends and go midnight bowling

Shelia Bovain

Great price and clean smoke free environment

Roger Williamson

Awesome people. Leslie and Egypt are wonderful.

Vy Brown

Good food

David Helvey

Great place to bowl. Less than $3.00 a game. Good fun for the whole family.


Great experience with family, Bowling was great and fun but when it’s time to go and I’m hungry trying to get something to eat I had to wait 15-20 minutes because there was one person behind the counter and then when I finally get my food, she trying to give me this burnt hot dog bun and this burnt hot dog like all this waiting for this burnt food, horrible food here, but that’s really the only problem that I had but I’m still giving two stars because that just ruined my whole mood/experience.

Thomas Frase

The staff are always very nice and helpful.

Tristan Hyatt

Usually packed on weekends.. cosmic bowling after 10 or 11 I believe.. try some cheese fries and a pitcher of beer!

Sarah Hunter

Nice staff, clean place, the shoes were in good shape and fair prices. Also, sufficient parking.

Myshevia Holman

Its okay. I had fun

Mom by Chance

Went here for a work function, we had fun. Been to better, been to worse.


Great location close to the highway and not far from the interstate access. Also it is located close to various types of stores and businesses.

F Rogers

Had awesome time with my daughter in law

Andre McDonald

Cool place nice lanes

James Jenkins

Nice experience with the state tournament

Chris Berg

It's a bowling alley. I've never been blown away by any of them. Price was good, didn't try the food but it smelled good.

Joseph Himmelberger

Overall best bowling ever ! Cheap alcohol drinks and staff is friendly. Lady at front counter with the lip piercing is amazing !!!

Pat Taylor

It's a big alley, we went on a Saturday and they were accommodating quite a few parties.

Meghan Elizabeth

A little expensive but nights and weekends have good rates.

Cindy Roden

Sure would like better oil conditions

Sheldon Frye

Great place to bowl!

Jakarius Williams

It was str8 need use sum season wen dey fry dey wings lol

Geechee Woe

Me my brother in law and other siblings are here right now and where bowling and one of my family members fall on the lane and the police and staff follow and watch us the whole night then when we take a family picture they tell us to "break it up" then some big guys comes over and ask us to leave... we were here to have fun and this is what we get after spending our money and we all live in the neighborhood what a shame I will never come back

Barbara Rast

Lots of fun for the whole family

Dwayne Lahnert

Just went through some renovation and is very nice now.

Johnny Pissed

Rude staff!! I asked them the rates and two different people answered with two different amounts. Asked if I was paying cash.... Skimming off the top!! Food was decent but overpriced.... Brought my kids and they put us right next to some gang member looking people who non stopped cussed and acted like hooligans. We asked to be moved and was told this was the only lane we could use do to league bowling... NEVER WILL GO BACK!!!!

Clyde Mizell

Great bowling center, they support the senior leagues, which are three of them, 24 teams on Monday and 32 teams on Wednesday and 14 on Friday great center.

Bret Kimbrell

Love this place.

Mike McMahon

Really nice and clean place.

Lisa Hobbs

Clean. Polite employees. Nice atmosphere I beat my boo playing & made him mad. Great memories

Amanda Holtsclaw

They are currently updating and what is done so far is looking really good! New tables, floor etc. They also are going to be non smoking now. We always go to their cosmic bowling which is nice. The bar line takes forever for a pitcher and the food is your basic frozen to fried food. Price point is fair and we enjoy ourselves when we go. At night there are always police officers keeping an eye on the joint which makes you feel safer.

Dale B

Fun place. Very out dated. The bowling balls are extremely old with grooves, and chips. The place has great lanes well maintained, but the rest of the unit definitely could use some serious upgrades.

Terry Pescosolido

I just joined a league here. Couldn't be happier with lane conditions, staff and the local bowlers. Great place!

Ed Me

Very fun place.

Melissa Chaplin

It's got some good lanes and Mr will christe is pretty awesome

Tom Lehmbecker

No wait, easy access, good time.

Eric Davis

Fun place to bowl, but it could use a face lift.

Jason Repsher

Nice lanes and clean. Food prices not bad. Overall a good place to spend some time.

Anne Marie Davis

Good place to bowl!

Angel Moreno


ian sico

Very kid friendly. The manager today was very nice. Even coaches my nephew on how to play bowling.

Robert Mueller

I hadn't bowled for over 12 years when I stepped foot in to this bowling alley. I am happy to say the staff is friendly and helpful and the price for bowling is a lot lower than I expected. I do recommend buying your own shoes though. It will save you a ton of money in the long run, especially if you plan to bowl a lot.

James Becker

Lane approach was sticky

Zeek Taganashi

This place is clean and organized. Food was slow but the kid was new.. Bar is great and polite. Awesome prices and just all in all great vibe. This place can be set for parties or gatherings all the way down to just grabbing a drink with a friend.

Two Toned

I like to do the bowling where I pay for the family. For $50 I can get shoes and unlimited games for the whole family for 2-hours. It's two adults and three kids. We can usually get three games done in the time. They have the bumpers they can activate to block the gutter. A few video games are here as well.

Matthew Smoak

Took family and we all had a very good time.

Dawn Wells

Had a wonderful time with the family. It was our first time visiting and we left with a good impression. The staff was friendly, helpful, and courteous.

Jordan Long

Good place to have some good fun.

Mike Humphrey

Nice establishment. Flat lanes and the balls are in good shape compared to most others

Savannah Kawana

Its actually pretty nice but they allow smoking. My kids are surrounded by smoke and I'm pregnant. The place would look and smell better if they got rid of it as well.


Clean facility, bar, great atmosphere!

World Express Courier, LLC

We surprised my 78 year old Dad with a Father's Day/Birthday bowling party. We all had a very nice time, the party was cute and our hostess was very kind. The lanes are clean, the staff is friendly and it was fun for all of us!

my life as Tatiyana

I really liked bowling there and it is a very fun place to visit.

Chris Duesterhaus

Love this smokey place

Mike Raynor

Great place for bowling and fun. I've been bowling there since I was 7. I am now 44...

elizabeth mcgrory

Going with a school.there should be 3 workers at the snack bar.there was only one .it took 45 minutes for a cho ld to get a pretzel. Very unacceptable. Otherwise very nice place

Brian Richards

Great place to bowl. Clean lanes, fully automated.

Angeee Stewart

Lots of fun! Haven't bowled in years but had a nice time.

Ronke Akano

Must have the okonmiyaki with pork candy and's delicious!!!

Cassandra Sanocki

Beautiful bowling alley. Lots of room for big groups. Nicely updated.

Cecelia R.

Bowling alley is old, prices are high, food was as decent, restrooms are nasty. Our overall visit was not the best. The staff was nice except one guy(had on a Clemson shirt) was very rude to some of my family members while we were there. This bowling alley needs to be updated.

Casey Sullivan

Great place for fun. Had a great time and the staff was excellent. Food wasn't to terrible either. Will be back again

Andrea Turpin

Very friendly staff! Clean facility, nice lanes.

angie merriman

Always a fun place!

s nida

Good bowling reasonable rates

Qween Bria

I went her for my sister's 6th birthday party with my family and we had a pretty good time,it's just that the people working there was very unaware of what's going on. When we needed help they wasn't looking out,they was all bundled up talking. When I say this I mean,my older cousin accident rolled the ball when the thingy had closed to put new pins up and the ball hit it (no it didn't get broken) but the ball rolled back some and stopped. We was waiting for a good 5 minutes and they were still talking so I took it upon myself to go get the ball and when I went across to go get the ball here goes the people finally coming complaining. We needed the ball back. Plus my cousin tried rolling another ball to get it back but it didn't work. Another complaint was that most of the party we was all bundled up cheering each other on most of the party,not bothering nobody and then the man came over saying we can't do tht or watever. I didn't really see what was the problem but we just cooperate with him and moved. But it'll be a very long time before we come back bowling there again!!

sheldon brown

Love this place lot of lanes

Holly Anthony

Best bowling in town!

Clair Shaffer

Great place to come bowling


Lady behind the counter was great and my family always has a good time

Latrell Bellinger

Great lanes. The owner Dave is a real cool guy!

shanda godfrey

The staff was friendly enough and has fun.:)

Kaley Leblanc

They were nice staff but I don't like how when you would. Bowl strate then the bowling ball would go right or left I don't like that It is so annoying


My family had a fun time bowling at this place. Nice place and friendly staff

Daniel Cicone

The only way it could be better is if it were byob. Thursday nights are 2$/per/game. Friday and sat are late night neon space lights with special prices for a lane. I really enjoyed this place. It was clean, the staff were friendly, and people had their families out kicked back having a good time. Looking forward to rolling there again.

Melissa McGee

We go every week for league bowling and everyone who bowls and is on staff is so nice! But, the place is disgusting. They got new lanes, but everything else is still dingy and dirty. Everything smells like cigarettes, especially the bathrooms. And when people are smoking in the bar/lounge area just forget it, becuase it is not sealed off. The food is frozen and tastes like it. The thing I do recommend though is their onion rings, which are fantastic!

Justine Pratt

Oil in very heavy, their is no gripping with balls, other times the lanes are so dry. Hard to get a reaction on fill action bowling balls. But people are pleasant

Dvyne Chic

Ok place to enjoy bowling with friends and family

Jason Wingate

Decent alley, very dated though

Dylan Leymeister

An amazing place for you to go with your three closest friends. I had an absolute blast with them, and I intend to return again and get first place instead of second!

guido zakaroff

Great lanes well managed

Brad Bush

Cosmic bowling

Dave Holliday

My son took the date there last night,there was a little confusion over a coupon and a manager duly came over and belittled my son,put him in his place ( Without getting any information on what was taking place he said "if you want to play another game it will be $8.50")my son left the filthy establishment and that will be a place he doesn't go back with other bowling alleys in the area there are choices as for the reviewers that say the place is clean well go see for yourself. FYI we generally do not enjoy giving bad reviews but the manager was just arrogant.We work for our spending money and try to spend it local.

Kierra Washington

VERY UNPROFESSIONAL! Egypt was very rude & disrespectful! & when I asked for a supervisor Dave he was very rude & disrespectful also. He didn’t care about what happened at all! He stated that he wasn’t here & don’t have cameras to see exactly what was really said or what happened! I will never go back here ever in my LIFE!

jane robbins

Bowlings always fun!

Chad Matthews

I've been going there for years to bowl....They support the Special Olympics, so my son bowls there too. I order breakfast take out for my crew of 8 at work and regularly get lunch there. I'm always treated well and my food is out fast. Keep up the good job, that's why your still in business while so many other lanes have closed.

Sarena Thomas

Great place

Priscilla Hyde

This place is super convienant for play time on your lunch break

Matthew Boomhower

Good fun for a good price. Modestly priced in comparison to others in the area. Newly renovated, and clean. Great leagues for all.

Jill Ladd

I was there for a tournament. The place is clean, air conditioning works, and so do the lanes. Employees extremely nice. Only issue was the bathroom. The one sink faucet splashed so much that the floor had to kept getting mopped up. Hopefully by the next tournament it will be fixed.

oknee me

Ok place. Its a "bowling alley". Automatc scoring. Alley balls very minimal on lighter weights. Weekdays are a good time to practice. Lanes are plentiful.

Chuck Town

Just Love It Great Service's

Chrystie Henson

Price on website is not correct for Sunday - Per game is $2.50 but it was a good time.

The Goat Keeper

I've been coming to this bowling alley since I was a small child. While smoking is prohibited in the main bowling area, those 21 and over can go into the small bar area right beside the eatery and smoke there, especially during inclement weather conditions. The atmosphere is very family friendly, the staff are knowledgeable and courteous, though it can be very busy at times, primarily during peak hours or on weekends.

Paul Morton

Fun family place

Will Terrell

Read the reviews below! There is a trend of rude customer service, old facilities, and bad food. Check out Stars and Strikes in wont look back! My experience today was one of the most ridiculous experiences thus far in Charleston. I took my 4 year old daughter to bowl today and when she was hungry and thirsty we went to the concession stand to order some food. While we waited for our food my daughter really needed a drink of water. Right next to the concession stand is a little counter with cups and two pitchers full of ice water. This was clearly in a public area being offered to guests for public consumption by anyone who wanted some water, or so I thought. I poured some water for my daughter and after she drank some of it she handed it back to me to hold for her. While standing at the concession stand counter I fumbled the cup and spilled a little water on the counter. As I cleaned it up the old woman behind the counter stated that water was for the senior citizens bowling in the league and proceeded to grab the cup and threw it in the trash. My 4 year old daughter's face reminded of when you take her doll away or something. I was like, maa'm that is one of the most ridiculous things i have ever heard. She is 4 years old, you can spare some water. "Nope, its for senior citizens only". That is some BS. No sign saying anything like that, just water out there for guests to use. As I went over to talk to the guys at the front desk (who didnt care one bit or offer any kind of apology), the lady puts out a sign that says senior citizens only. When I went back to get my food I needed some ketchup for my daughter's fries and simply asked if I could use the kethup because there was no sign saying I could use the condiments or not and I didnt need a verbal smack down again, and the lady stared me down and said not to get smart with her. Clearly, this is a crabby old woman, past her prime, spending her free time flipping crusty old burgers in a 1970's run-down bowling alley that wreaks of embedded smoke prior to the current indoor smoking laws. In addition, these lanes are warped and balls run off to the left or right gutters due to their age and they no longer offer bowling assistance devices for children or handicapped people. If youve got a disability of any kind that requires the use of such a device you will not feel welcome here either. Take my advice and the countless others rating this place similarly, go to a more reputable establishment and write this one off. Customer service like this will eventually drive a business into the ground.

Matthew Austwick

It has quite cheap prices especially the family bowling

Justin Glave

Great fun. Won't with my whole family. We had a blast.

rick comps

They just got all new lanes! The place looks great and they just got rid of smoking.

Donna Malcolm

The staff was very nice and the lanes were well taken care of. We had a great time!

Heather Williams

Great place, busy, they have bowling leagues too

Alexander Seipp, CSS, CPS

Great environment and good beer

mircea morutan

A good place for both , parents and kids , to spend a nice afternoon.

Kasey Townsend

Went here last Friday night. It was packed! The employees were very friendly and everyone seemed hard at work. Very clean and has several lanes. The food isn't terrible as far as bowling alley food goes lol.

Katie Keys

Very kind staff at this bowling alley. This is a family friendly venue with handicap accessible 'slides' and bumpers for early bowlers. The equipment shows a bit of wear and the cost was slightly above what we normally pay, but we do plan to return for occasional family outings. We felt safe attending with young children. Hopefully, they will opt-in to the 'Kids Bowl Free' Summer program.

Jan Benson

Family friendly environment. The food wasn't the best. That long island iced teas were great. The staff was friendly and helpful.

Orssie Green

Sandpiper, Bowling lane. Is. Super we. Enjoy. Our. Self. When. We. Go. There we. Love it

The Meyers Crew

We had soooo much fun!!!

Jessica Afriyie

My 3yr old had so much fun with his brothers. Very nice place clean and good prices.

Jonathan Singleton

Great prices. But the whole placed smelled like straight smoke!

Mike Barbas

Pretty basic but that's what you want if you're just there to bowl. Accurate, ledgable computer scoring and good selection of balls. Minimal video game choices. Had their pizza and it was rather good for being in both a bowling alley and in the south. Would have given 5 stars had the basketball game been working and the dart board had more than one, single dart.

Robert Cole

Nice place, no pay phone.

preetika moorthy

Affordable bowling. Usually crowded on Saturday but i love going here and enjoying an hour of bowling

John Frederick Nelson

It's a great place to hangout and bowl

Martha Kuntz

Clean with nice lanes. $40.00 for 9 games and 5 shoe rentals.

Josh Pilgrim

Great place for fun and family entertainment

Rafael Alamo

Went here to vacation and stopped by this bowling alley super fun great food great staff the girl in the stop even took time to make my wife and I some coffee great price

Jeannette Williams

I had a really good time. Staff was very nice, helpful, and efficient.

Quinterious Thomas

Great customer service when you first walk in. The atmosphere in the building is grand and lit. I would recommend this alley to anyone.

Jayden Haggerty

Stopped in for a deal they were running that let us play for 2 dollar games, but we left with a warm heart for the loveable staff that made our night with a pleasant conversation and an easy set up to get us playing right away! We hope to visit again, as the experience was nice and definitely enjoyable!

Kyle H.

Fun place

Eric C.

Great place to bowl although they need to revitalize their arcade room

Latasha Brown

Nice updates to the place so far. Staff is always really friendly.

Linda Crowley

Real fun even tho i suck at it but friendly workers are alittle bit too laid back but still was fun

Adam Howard

Nice way to celebrate a great friend bday no trouble no necessary involvement with law enforcement and another day free from bondage of self

Travis Dickerson

Great time with family and friends

M. S.

The Good: The place is pretty clean for it's age. The lanes are well maintained and the staff reasonably friendly. Not so good: I went with family(kids under 10) and I wasnt offered bumpers or a ramp for the little ones. Not sure if they have them. The Arcade is a joke. 4 out of 5 machines ate my quarters. Overall: I would consider it If I was looking for Adult fun and league play or to practice.

Ashley Forrest

Love this place. Always a good time here

Sedric Webber

Great place to bowl with family or friends!

Charles Simmons

Awesome atmosphere

Michael Edwards

My wife , myself and our two other friends arrived at roughly 820 pm on Saturday. They tried to sell us on the $52 two hour bowling deal. We clearly/kindly said no. We told him we wanted just to bowl ONE game. He took my wifes card and charge her for two games. And said that he couldn't give us a refund!!!!! I was so pissed off I just walked off. Since when can't you issue a refund?????? I feel like since we declined on the $52 deal then he went ahead and charged us for two games on purpose just to make us pay more. And while I was standing in line I heard another group in front of us was having the same issue( being charged for games that they did not want). And I saw one of the workers give them a CASH refund. So they can get a refund but we cant? Hmmm. Not to mention the bathroom was dirty as hell. There was vomit on the urinal and in the sink. I will not be coming back here EVER again. And I swear to GOD I will refer everybody away from this piss poor ran place.

Joyce Carson

Prices are very reasonable

Chris Rexroat

Great place to have a good game of bowling

Brandon Denton

To many people, 80/% black people 10% yellow and 10 % normal lmao

kim tomashpolsky

Had a blast,lots of fun and food was great!!

Adam Reyes

Been around for a long time and you can tell. Bowling machines work great, food is overpriced and outdated, service is confusing and the employees don't seem to be trained properly. Pricey. If you go here with the sole purpose of working on your game, you won't be disappointed.

Megan Flaherty

We had a great first experience bowling here!

Todd Dickinson

Lanes in good shape. Staff is hit and miss. Lanes updated rest of building old.

William Perscola

Clean, friendly staff, very up to date, amenities...

Sue Fortune

Place needs a face was decent but lacks ventilation as it smells like a grease pit and so did we when we left.

Jocquez Sandlin

Really enjoyed myself, great rates and friendly staff!

John Duckett

Had a great time.Nice atmosphere and a really good long island ice tea.

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