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4034 Charlotte Hwy, Lake Wylie, SC 29710, United States

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Where is Lake Wylie Bowl N' Bounce?

REVIEWS OF Lake Wylie Bowl N' Bounce IN South Carolina

Amy Bergeron Medina

I asked for the price of just bounce to compare it to the price for 1 attraction plus $10 in game. I said I wanted the 1 attraction and game and I was charged for just the bounce for two kids. When I voiced my displeasure, the cashier said I could just pay the $10 on a ticket. Yeah, I know that. But I ended up paying more money due to their error, which is poor customer service. The last few times we haven’t been as happy with our experience here and there prices are only increasing but experience isn’t.

Kiosha Griffin

Loved it. Will continue to go.


Cool place to bowl. We had fun!

Randy and Jean L

Fun Bowling..nice friendly and helpful staff..would.go back, great family fun


Bowling pins hang from strings do dont get good action. Service was very slow as well.

Quavion Earl

Nice vibe, not as advanced though

Brian Kalwite

Very fun and good prices

Stephen Keen

Great environment for kids. Unlimited laser tag nights are great. Pretty clean, some arcade games were unavailable.

Josh Nichols

Great for a family day out

Steven Croshaw

Had kids birthday in the bounce room. it was a great time and plenty for the kids to do. We didn't bowl but it looked great and seemed to have room to do groups as well.

Cynthia Tucar

Bit pricey, my grandson had fun. That's what counts

Quina Berry

Great place to take kids of all ages. There's something for kids in different age group. They have an arcade, bowling, bounce house, and laser tag. Arcade worth the money. Not hard games where you feel like your wasting money. The games are really fun. They have great prizes. The food was good. It is a wait for it but they do make it fresh. The staff was very friendly. They do have bowling leagues on certain days.

Kenneth Powers

Nice place to bowl !

Tristan Moore

I love this place

Alissa Hernandez

Absolutely one of the best places around town for good clean family fun.

James Lewis

Fun place for kids parties or a rainy day. They have beer so adults can have a little fun too!

Ayo Brizz

The attractions were great, different games were too... But the service for the laser tag..... The young man conducting/setting it up was terrible and extremely awkward. Maybe he had a bad night or hates his job. Either way, leave your issues elsewhere.

Mike White

Great fun. Most of the staff was was good and cheap. Definitely will be back many times.

Stef Brown

If I could give this horrible place no stars I would. we took a group and children there last night and were treated with such disrespect. The idiot who was in charge decided to take the word of 3 drunk adults over the word of at least 6 to 8 others. They made these children so upset and we will NEVER be back. You better believe that I will blast this horrible place all over the internet for what they have done to our children.

Shannon Foley

Went to play laser tag for my husband's 50th birthday :) :) . It was clean and well run, the staff was friendly and the price was reasonable. Everyone in my group commented after what a great time they had.

Fernando Casey

Very good place to have fun.

Georgia-Scott Toal

We got food and then I didn't come and so we asked to get our food and hour later and the people we're being so confusing and we are waiting for our food right now and it's been and our and 10 minutes

Jeramiah Dooley

I never understand why this place isn't more busy, but we tend to go first thing when they open. The lanes are nice, the snack bar has a great menu, and the kids love getting to pick out the two things the do. The expansion to the arcade and addition of laser tag has been awesome!

Ava Morris

Teehee it is amazing

Sher Jay

Staff not friendly at all, game rooms, laser tag, bowling & bouncy house...

Tomeka Martin

Overall we enjoyed our time here. Great deals! We believe there needs to be more bowling lanes added to the establishment. Be ready to wait a while to bowl.

Tena Bougor

My grandchildren love the new structure. More to do.

Rin D

Unfortunately we went to bowl and bounce for a bachelor party. We paid for bowling and lazer tag. This was the most disappointing experience I have had. I guess she was the manager but her attitude was horrible especially since the crew messed up twice wasting over an of our time. We were suppose to do lazer tag at 6 but they messed up amd did not get us in so we were reschedule for 640 and that was a no go either because they over booked and the next time available time was for 7 but they sold that slot already so it was the 9 of us that would have to just get our money back after they made us wait for so long. And their attitudes like they did nothing. And they kept saying it was not them that made the mistake. I had to tell them they work for the company and they represent the company so quit passing the blame. This was unbelievable and I would never recommend this place to anyone for fear the same might happen to their event. I would rate this place a zero for their staffs professionalism and lack of ability to handle the situation in a logical manner. Had to atleast rate this a one star to allow me to post.

Tenille White

AWESOME place!! I have had one of my children's birthday's there and plan on having the other child's party there as well. Good food, fun times!!

E Reynolds

Great service... awesome chicken tenders

Josh Thomforde

This is a gem! Bounce house / indoor playground was lots of fun for the kids and a great arcade with tons of new games and all on great working order. 2 things that keep it from 5 are dirty floors and food wasn’t my fav but the kids loved the pizza.

amber C

We had a great time. The attendants were friendly and helpful. We participated in 2 attractions, bowling and laser tag, which were fun. We also had a great time in the arcade. Totally recommend this place.

William Wheeler

5 Stars except for the manager, whi berated and yelled at a young employee at the register when we arrived, complete with "move and just let me do it!"

Melanie Ramos

There is a DDR Extreme machine here in EXCELLENT condition. Surely I’m the only person who plays it though.. Nonetheless, I appreciate it! The specials are cool, the atmosphere is fun, the soundtrack is even more fun on most nights. Many a good time has been had here.

family Rossiter

Fun environment for family to join up for kids birthday. Had more fun bowling and eating pizza than we thought, kids had a blast. Laser tag was awesome fun even the guy who was running it joined in for some extra challenges, the kids and adults had such a good time, great birthday idea for 4 and up and up and up.. adults were like kids. Great evening for the family for the price. Easy parking. Polite friendly teens running front desk.

Matt Dover

Dottie the manager during our visit was unpleasant at best. Consider other places for birthday parties and such. We will go to other places in the future thanks to Dottie and her horrible customer service and very unpleasant demeanor.

T Horowitz

Awesome place to bring kids on a cold or rainy day. The bounce house is great and a lot of fun. They have great food too.

disha somaiya

They don't offer combo price unless u ask for it so make sure you do

Travis Matthews

A little expensive but okay. No kids balls under 6 pounds. Have not tried the food or the local IPA's.

James T Jones III

Been here many of times great place to bowl but tonight I had an issue. Spoke with the manager Brittany who I felt was rude and not helpful. When I asked if there was any other managers ,she said she was the only one and the owner only comes in when the bowling alley isn't open. I may have to find another bowling alley to bring my family to. Yes we can speak over the phone?

Z Films

A unique idea that works extremely well. You got bounce houses for the little ones, you got arcades for the tweens to teens. You got laser tag for the adults and bowling for everyone. While I was here, I played laser tag and it feels like a mix of old and new laser tag. A team based tag match. The arcade had some great games and the food was good. A MUST visit if your in south Carolina. I wish the staff here the best of luck in the future!

Alan Willey

Super fun! Came with my company and everything was clean friendly and very appropriate. Not a typical bar scene at all.

Alicia Bresler

Really like this place. Kids have a great time. I only go in the morning. Some mom's are a bit much in the afternoon. They don't manage their kids but try to manage every else's kids.

Alyvia Dyches

This is the best bowling alley/arcade I’ve been to in the rock hill/fort mill/Charlotte area. From the time we called to reserve a lane and request permission to take engagement/wedding photos to the time we bowled, they were super nice and accommodating. They have an amazing selection of arcade games, which we won a lot from the claw machines. The customer service is exquisite here. My sister lost a $20 bill while bowling, and the staff turned it in and saved it for us. We will definitely be back to bowl, play games and have fun. Keep doing what you’re doing!

Mallory Light

We had a lot of fun here. It was our first visitb and we went for my son's birthday. We took three kids 11 10 and 5. We all bowled first. They have automated bumpers. They have the thing that helps the younger kids gets the ball down the lane too.i ordered a pizza and drinks for everyone for about $20. The kids played laser tag and then went to the arcade. While they did that we bowled again. We spent over two hours and it was worth the money. We definitely plan on going back.

Rocket Man

Fun times with family. Several lanes. Bar area with high tables. Good amount of seating. Competitive prices.

Angelina Murphy

Great place for a rainy or cold day.

Robyn Chapman

Okay seriously the Laser Tag Special for $10 on Mondays and Wednesdays is AWESOME!! So much fun...stay hydrated!!! And use deodorant please.

Janice Payne

Very good

Casey Reavis

Great staff and music and bowling

ChineseChicken721 Bowman

Remodeling the bounce area as of 5/19. Would like to have known that before making the trip with my excited children!

Dymond Thames

Great. Not even crowded

Joe Bailey

This is where I'm working while in NC n SC, great people and atmosphere

david eaton

Called days in advance to reserve lanes. Arrived 15 minutes early and purchased lazer tag for after our bowling time. 10 min before laxer tag our time was called. Come to find out the person who checked us out and paid didn't give us time cards and the only time to accommodate our party of 9 was 640pm. After many conversations the staff agreed to extend our lane time for 30 minutes. We get called and go to lazer tag to find out they double booked the time but after further discussion was promised a 15 minute wait. 10 minutes later we were then told they gave out the 7pm time and we would have to wait another 45 minutes. The manager didn't care and the young teenage staff just couldn't comprehend the situation. We fought for a refund on the lazer tag and were given no apologies or courtesies. Terrible place for an event because nobody knows what their doing or have any customer service skills on how to accommodate mistakes. Our entire group agreed we will not go back.

layton paula

My son has had 2 birthdays here. We love going here to spend some family time and bowl. Great family place.

Sergiu Grossu

Good place for have fun with family !!!

Ben E. Thompson j.R.

Never seen bowling pins with strings or cords attached! I think it effects your score!!

Brandi Carpenter

I loved taking my 2 year old and 7 year old. The girls really loved being able to go on the inflatables. My fiancé and nephew did the laser tag and bowling. They loved it.

Brenda Dumas

Nobody working there knows what they're doing.

Ashley Welch

My kids absolutely love this place but be willing to spend some money!!

Arlene Faile

We always have our kids b-day party's here they alway have a blast.

Adrianna Smith

It was super fun. I feel like the technology was really advanced.

E Blount

Great place to take the family for a good time. There's food, bowling, arcade, and a bounce house! Plenty of fun for the entire family. They also have several spaces available to host parties.

Sybil Wise

Love this place & prices are very reasonable! My 3 yr old daughter could play in the bounce area all day!!!

Deb- Aroonie

Went to an 11 year olds birthday party here. Seemed like the associates were not very experienced in what they were doing and a bit unorganized. The kids probably did not know the difference though.

Braelin Williams

I love it here. Because it's where my family and I go and have fun

Denise Harkins

Excellent experience, good family fun with the option to have a drink. Arcade has been upgraded and now has laser tag! Have fun, we did!

lamar coates

It was fun. I mean its bowling so either you have fun doing it or it bores you. I have yet to do the laser tag so that might gain it a star. My only 2 real issues were that our lane kept messing up and the scoreboard kept being inaccurate as a result. It takes some of the fun away when you have to keep going to the counter to tell them to fix it and having to remember what the real score is to do so.

Joe Denton

Like To Bowl & It Is A Great Place Bowl

Amber Gann

Had the best time of my life there !! May have had more fun than my kids !! We did bowling and laser tag

Shivana Rampersad

Great place to take little ones to bounce. My girls are 21 months and 3yrs old and they had a blast at the bounce house!!! Definitely a must! Great staff and good food and drinks!


If you kiss this place is a madhouse

Katie Hefner

We had a blast at the Bowl N' Bounce. Great selection of arcade redemption games, super nice bowling alley, and a separate room with bounce houses. The large bounce house has very cool features, kind of like an obstacle course. My son also loved the laser tag session. I can advise you not to forget socks! I did and they were out of extra pairs, so I wasn't allowed to bowl with my family. Very nice, clean environment.

Shayna Downey

Great for bday get togethers!

Petreana Anderson

My daughter was there for her friend's birthday party and she had an awesome time.

Emily Mikula

It would be 5 stars if not for the incredibly rude manager. When I asked to refund a game we didn't play she got very snappy and rude.

Dennis Fields

Definitely a fun time with the family!

Kim Parker

We had a wonderful time. Very nice, clean place.

Erica Lee

This was our first time visiting Lake Wylie Bowl N Bounce and we will definitely be back! This is by far the cleanest facility of its kind that I've probably ever seen. The staff was friendly and helpful. And the variety of arcade games can't be beat! Decent prizes at the ticket counter. My son and all of his friends loved each and every attraction. We spent 5 hours here and they were never bored! Prices weren't bad, to me they were well worth it. We will be back!

Melanie Wolfe

Took my grandson to play in the bouncy area and he loved it. Lots of arcade games, bowling lazer tag and more. They run specials and the staff are very friendly and helpful. Bought a gift card for my grandson since he loves it so much. They also serve food and even have craft beer. Really fun place to go.

Michael Burns

Definitely one of our favorite places! My 5 year old has been bouncing here since she was able to. For 8 bucks, this is an awesome way to get energy out and let them socialize

Gladis volgs

I loved it because it was so much fun and the food there is so good

Katie Garrett

Great place to take friends and family, if you don't mind the rude a** staff that will hover around you the entire time your there so you don't feel free to have fun and will kick you out the moment they close. No matter if you have play all the games you have prepaid for or even finish the ongoing game you were already committed to.

Byron Peet

So much family fun! There are a lot of things to do here, we had a great time.

Sean Flukey

Fun for family or friends, drinking is on premise but everyone keeps it friendly. James are fun as well!

Kierra Watson

We came here for a birthday party and the children had a blast. The pizza was super good!

Thomas Hinson

Such an awesome little place. Bowling lanes and balls are least for now. Games are in good working order and the staff is friendly. Not to mention the bounce house is available for free to anyone 2 and under.

Brian Revels

Took my son to a birthday party here. He had a blast. Place seems run by high school kids who barely know what's going on. Eh, 3.5 stars rounds to 4.

CC Guthrie

Kids love it, of course! Unfortunately, children don't see what adults see and smell. They see games, bounce houses, and fun. As a parent I see a carpet that should have been changed prior to spending thousands on new arcade games and a jungle gym. Even if they allowed bare feet, I would NEVER allow my kids to walk barefooted there. I make them wear old socks, because I feel compelled to throw them away or burn them once we leave. As soon as we get home, the kids clothes are thrown in washer and they shower. Period. And, what in the world is that smell? I've been to dive bars that smell better than this place. We've been here many times, because it's close to home. We stopped going, because the convenience is just not worth the price and possible illnesses. There are always teen employees standing around doing nothing. How about grabbing some disinfectant and cleaning something?

Marsha's Mayhem

Great family fun!

Molly Leck

Last year I would have highly recommended the bowl n bounce for parties but their management has changed or something. I booked a combo party and asked for a private room online when I made the booking. If that was going to be a problem they should have contacted me right after I made the booking to tell me I couldn’t have the room. (I made the reservation a long time ago) I emailed them a week ahead of my party to confirm my resevation and make sure I could come before they opened to set up my party table before guests arrived. (They gave me a private room the year before for my combo party and allowed me to come 10-15 early before they opened). So I didn’t think I was asking for anything extraordinary. They emailed me back to confirm my party but said I couldn’t have a private room because they don’t use them for combo parties (even though combo is more expensive than just a bounce party ???) and I couldn’t come before 11 because they don’t open until 11. They offered for me to drop my things on Saturday and they would put them out, but I didn’t trust that since they don’t close until 1 am on a Saturday and I didn’t know what time they would put my things out in the middle of the place for anyone to mess with, so I didn’t do that, and I’m glad I didn’t since when we Arrived they didn’t even have the tables pushed together for my party or set up at all. To top it all off, the 2 private rooms they have were completely empty and unused the entire 3 hours we were there so there is no reason we couldn’t have used one. Instead I had to leave my mom with our table while the kids bounced for an hour in order to keep the rowdy kids at the party tables next to us off our cake and decorated table. I emailed them after the party to express my irritation and I got a reply back that I can arrive 7 minutes before they open but I can’t have the private I hadn’t had my party yet and they barely read the email. So basically, they don’t care about you as a customer and don’t even take the time to look at the reservation book. I think they have a bunch of high school kids up there and no one really managing what needs to be managed. I’m disappointed because it’s 5 min away and I would have used them every year for a party.

David J Kanwisher

Tons of modern arcade games, well maintained bowling lanes and a large bouncy playhouse area with laser tag. Tons to do here.

Brent Soles

Bowling pins are now hanging from strings.... not as fun a real bowling.

Jet 3069

Me and my sister were being good to each other and so my mom took us to bowl N' bounce and we had a great time because we spent about 5 hours there and when we were going to play laser tag there was a birthday going on so the manager asked them to leave so we could play and we weren't even VIP guest. He even played with us and so did the chaser and that shows how fun and kid friendly it is

Constance mine

The food was the worst. No salad dressing, over season fries n the pizza was dry no sauce n greasy.

Mrs MK

Great place for family fun


Would definitely recommend for bowling and laser tag!

RJ Manoni

It's a great place for kids. Also don't forget it's kids serving you so customer services mediocre at best.

Adam Smith

No food, no service... can't even order food from somewhere else.. must not want business

michelle woods

Laser tag always fun

Enoch Gaye Carlwolo

Uniquely unique

Michael R

Not a bad place to go. Bowling alley was nice and they had items to provide for the little ones. The arcade is okay just not a lot to do. I did not do laser tag so I cannot comment on that. The kids section with the Inflatables and places they can run around was okay. I think it needs to be cleaned more as well as the rug. When you show up something TLC it shows and you can tell in the smell too. Definitely some TLC needed all around, but the place is not in terrible condition and would not impact to visit terribly. A nice little go to with the kids if you want to burn an hour or two.

Kelsey Holt

We had a lot of fun here! Clean facility & clean bathrooms! Just wish there was a little kids like toddler size bounce castle! Arcade was a blast too!!

Shacana K

Awesome as always

Carolyn Humphrey

We haven't been here in awhile. They've gone down hill. The pins are on strings, so it doesn't feel like real bowling. The game was on a timer, so it cut off on the tenth frame for half of our party( some of us had strikes on the 9th frame! )I've never had this happen at any other bowling alley, even when paying by the hour. Big disappointment and very frustrating. The place was like a zoo. All of the other games, noise and chaos ruins the bowling experience. Plan to go to Rock Hill or Gastonia the next time we want to bowl.

Jason K

Fun place to bowl affordable prices.

Patrick Young

Good place to take the kids on a rainy day, they don't start serving food until 11:30 which is kinda late for kiddos

Chris Riano

Awesome place for family and friends. They keep growing and adding more and more since they opened. Food is great a little on the pricey side but still good.

Ali Taylor

Great experience! Was in town and decided to do something fun on a rainy day. Glad we were able to reserve a bowling lane! Clean and great customer service! Look forward to seeing them again.

Olivia Davidson

The employee running the laser tag last night took the word of a handful of adults that had been drinking all evening over a dozen others including children and an adult that had not been drinking. They accused a CHILD of a racist comment and the child was kicked out of lazer tag. It's sad that the child was accused of saying something so awful. But for the employee to just jump to those accusations and kick him out instead of trying to get to the bottom of the issue was even worse. Had you taken the time to figure it out you'd know he was singing a song and didnt say what he was accused of. Needless to say, we probably wont be back.

Nick Evans

I didn't get a lot of time here. I want to go back & play some of the games.

Jake Gordon

They have a ton of lanes for bowling and a decent arcade and play area. The have a large concession area where you can get all kinds of food and drink. I typically would head over to QuikTrip though as it is so close and you can get a better variety of items for cheaper. The shoes fit fine and we're in good condition. Overall my favorite place to bowl. It beats Rock Hill and Charlotte for sure and I appreciate no smoking.

Sandra Rose

I haven't actually been here. My Granddaughter works there


If your shoes and socks have never stuck to carpet then you have to visit this place. Great idea but you can tell they don't clean the bounce houses or the room one bit.

Victoria Miller

Took a trip to Lake Wylie for my uncle's bachelorette party. She wanted to go bowling but she didn't want to stay for long after we bowled. She can get ornery when she doesn't get her sleep. We decided on the Lake Wylie Bowl N' Bounce. We just bowled and bounced. Much better than that Bowl N' Dawdle down the road in dorky old Pineville.

Andrew Siniarski

We attended a 4 year olds birthday party. It was all bounce house action. The bounce house room was awesome. There were 5 different big bounce houses. Our kids had a great time.

Adam Freseman

Great bounce house for kids. They also have a great craft beer selection that you can drink while your kid plays. The bowling alley and arcade look good but I didn't try those. The food is what you'd expect from a bowling alley hence the 4 stars.

Micheala Pettit

My daughter and I went with friends for their son's birthday. My daughter was able to play laser tag and had a blast. Everyone had fun bowling. The food was good. My only dislike was the pricing for everything. I wished they had some discounted group rates.

Mitchell XLS

We bowled. We bounced. We experienced life at it's fullest!

Partha Saradhi Tatikonda

We did 1hr Bowling and it is good, food is less expensive and you get for what you pay. I’ll never try loaded nachos here. Played 2 games of laser tag and this is good too. Staff is helpful. Would’ve given 5 stars if the food was as expected.

Jimmy Don Duncan

Brought our daughter here today. Walked into the jump area and it smelled like moldy gym socks. Decided to order food, that was a mistake. Waited 30 min. Went to ask for an eta on the food and they said what food. They forgot about our order!!!!!

Rene Figueroa

Great family oriented place.

Rita Parker

Great place to take the kids. We go to the boncey house part and she can play for hours for $8

Travis Gilmore

Tons of games and activities for the kids. Bounce houses, laser tag, bowling, and they just added even more games. They also have beer, mixed drinks, pizza etc.


Great place to have fun with kids. It can get expensive but the bounce houses are unlimited with the arm bands. It gets really crowded, so it is a good idea to get there early on the weekends. There were several birthday parties that the staff were setting up when we arrived. Two hours later, it was hard to move in the bounce house area, and there were lines for some games as well as bowling. The bounce houses have been repaired several times with tape all over. I never saw cleaning take place anywhere in the entire place. Overall, the staff was not happy, not pleasant, and not smiling anywhere except at the ticket redemption counter. So be prepared for unhappy, slightly rude staff people who roll their eyes throughout the establishment.

Jaime Rivera

Great place to have a good time. And the staff is pretty awesome.

Nathaniel M

Went bowling , arcade games and the laser tag, but sadly due to a thunder storm the laser tag was messed up and didn't work out so they gave us free food to make up for it. Nice place .

Diana Walker

I love this bowling alley... But really it's so much more! The staff is ultra friendly and it's always so clean and family friendly. I highly recommend this place!

Robin Wallace

Tons of fun for a great price. I wish we had this in Charleston.

Brad Dover

Brought my 10 year old for his birthday. It was a great stop for the price.

Brandon Kohr

Great place for the kiddos to run around when outside playtime is a bust. They've done a really nice job revamping the indoor bounce areas, as the my boys love the new obstacle course. Glad they have local brews on tap, but the food is definitely lower quality (my boys don't mind the pizza, but I can't stand it). Overall, great place for your kids to run around for a couple hours and expend some energy.

Katherine Olivo

Fun place to visit with the family. I recommend it very much!

David Ladish

Great Time snack bar was reasonably priced as well as games

Eze Sigismondi

Great awesome time and fun for all.

Dusty Flowe

Laser tag is a blast. Nice clean place.

Jacob Deaton

It was ok. But kind of expensive. Had a birthday party there and I'm thinking next year, trying a different venue that's less $$$.

Karen Salinas

My first experience with this place was last week and it was great! The staff was extremely friendly and was very helpful. I decided to come back in today with my 3 children and there was an older lady who claimed she was the manager of bowl n bounce. She gave me an attitude right from the start when I asked about a military discount, the same discount I received from the gentleman the week prior. Her tone was very rude when she told me I could only get a discount if I were to bowl. (Which was not said to me last week.) Then infront of me and a few other customers she yelled and demanded all of her employees to come to the back in a very rude and embarrassing way. I guess it was to tell them that they should not give out any military discounts. In my eyes that’s not how you speak to your employees at all, especially in front of other customers. When she came out I firmly told her I did appreciate the way I was treated she then proceeded to sneer at me and walked off. Overall this place is great for children but the management is extremely horrible.

jason wright

Why does a kid friendly place sell alcohol. People sleeping on the benches inside. snail speed service. Wouldn't recommend it

pragyanidhi tanksale

Good place for kids party

Diego Hernandez

Prices were good, but the service is a little janky. For example, you order some fries, that craps apparently takes 30 min to make, but overall the prices for the laser tag and bowling are pretty nice.

martin ramos

Excellent place to enjoy with the family, we spend a great time playing games and the food its delicious, i come back again

Onez Onassis

Nice spot for the kids to burn off energy

Amanda Greif

we choose this place bc it is in SC and they offer several bounce house and bowling. I have a toddler and wanted to introduce bowling. my son ran his heart out in the bounce houses. he didn't want to leave. we didn't get a chance to bowl bc they had an event and we were told we had to wait 30 40 mins to get a lane. I wanted to order food, of course, again 30 40 min wait bc of the event. they should be able to accommodate both the event and regular patrons. we left to eat at CiCi's. I wish we could have enjoyed our time here better. I would go back just to see how it is a second time. hopefully we can get a lane!☺ UPDATE today was much better. it was very busy. my child was able bowl for the first time ever. my only complaint today is an (employee or manager) older lady was very loud and rude with the workers in the concession area. then later she called over the pa for a worker like she was MAD!

Richard Mata

Our children had a great time!

Jeannie Frawley

This place is a great place to take the whole family! !!

Donald Milam

Great for kids of all ages . Toddlers - best for age 2 and above . Teenagers and adult kids too .

Jeremy Carter

Nice arcade, but at a dollar a game, waaaaaaaaaaay overpriced.

Sarah Nichols

Good place for kids to burn off some energy during hot/windy/bleach weather

Thom Deason

Kids had a great time...

Andrew Patteson

Great place to bring your family, kids, and friends. Arcade + bowling alley + bar + bouncy houses (all indoors).

Ryland Mathews

Great spot for a Sunday funday. Prices aren’t bad compared to other bowling alleys. Food is fine and there’s a lot to do.

Sarah Bowers

Our kids of all ages (even us grown up ones) had a great time here!

Desiree Brecheisen

Great place to take the kids and have fun. Great pricing, fun atmosphere. Great food and beverages.

Elizabeth Nickles

With it being summer having children and also babysitting I was looking of ways to keep cool and let the kids also get out their energy. I have visited several times and have been met with great customer service each time. The kids have all had a blast.A big shout out to an employee Madison who helped me out and went out of her way to help me when she saw I had so many kids with me. She had a smile on always and offered to help me several different times. we look forward to coming back! Elizabeth N.

Kristin Araujo

Good place to visit. Great for children/families.

Robert Waddell

Lots of family fun. Great bowling, arcade, and bounce houses.

Chad Barnette

Great value and decent snack food for a reasonable amount.

Lennox London

I came here with some other friends around 8 at night and it wasn’t too crowded. The vibe was nice, and this place offered a lot of different things to do. Laser tag was really fun, and so was blowing. I really enjoyed coming here.

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Lake Wylie Bowl N' Bounce en South Carolina
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