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817 Broad St, Sumter, SC 29150, United States

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REVIEWS OF Gamecock Lanes IN South Carolina

Betty Fraker


the dude abides.

Hope Berry

Horrible experience tonight. Moved 4 different times due to faulty malfunctioning lanes. Then we had to call it a night due to lanes still malfunctioning.

Sammie Major

Whitney Graves

Oceans Flows YT

ItIsMeOpie Bruh


Dominic Simmons

The children and I loved it

Shanta Boykin

Always fun for the family great environment and wonderful staff

Joe Lane

Echo November

Absent staff, constantly out of menu items, staff show up to work late (I know because this issue was specifically stated the multiple times I've been there), and they've tried to rip me off before with prices. If I didn't have a math job, I would have fallen for it, for after running the numbers, yeah, they definitely attempted to rip me off. I even had to explain the math out loud to the manager so he knew that I knew the numbers for what he was claiming didn't add up. Worst case scenario, he tried to rip me off. Best case scenario, he doesn't know his own job and is overcharging customers. Neither are good. If you want to bowl, this place has it. Best compliment I can give.

Lindsey Brown

Javon Deas

Clifford Brooks

Jessica Harris-Gibbs

Ours kept messing up! People would get a gutter ball and it would still count 2 or 3, or you would knock them all down except one and it would count it as a strike and go to the next person. We complained and was moved to the lane over and that one would do the same thing. Overall it was ok because we were just having fun but still. Food was good though. I had the fried chicken wings with chilli cheese fries!

Christal Rose

Beverly Davis

Love Seniors Tuesday

Towanda Miller

Really had an awesome time!!!

Brian Keely

It's a fun place to bowl and the staff is great people

Jaleesa Highdale

Bowling was fun and the food was good.

Nicki Jones-Dawson

Stefan B

Tammy Johnson

Has gotten a lot better. People are very nice. We had a good time

William Brogdon

I'm an old timing but Cosi at the same time good to take the family to just to hang out

Calvin Smith

Quincy Brown


I.M. Vegan

The staff is so professional, we had our daughter’s birthday party there and they were so wonderful!

Jose Romero

It is one of a few places to have family fun. The technology is a little behind that's why I didn't rate 5.


Worst bowling alley ever. The lanes always messing up and then whenver they do one of the workers came up to me and blamed me. Maybe you should worry more on fixing the lanes than yelling at a 15 yr old for doing nothing. Workers are mean and lazy other than a woman named Aubrey she's nice. If u want to go bowling with your family this is not the place to do so. The thing kept coming down when the ball was halfway there and would mess up my ball. The cycle machine that brings the ball back even chipped most of my cousins ball. This place sucks!

Ella Hopkins

Logan White


Spangler Gaming

Tiawana Mayo

Animation Unique


Me and my grandkids had a good time.

Barbara Painter

Kids love the bowling.

Denise Jeffers

To many little tots, with no parenting!

Jeronia Pringle

steven shirley

Had an awsome time. Staff was friendly and place was extremely clean.

Katina Beauty

Oh my children had a blast.. the woman that helped us is wonderful. Thanks

Christy Dee

Love watching grands bowl.

Paul Streaman

Great old school bowling atmosphere with all the new technology

Ned Reeves

Just joined Tammy's league today, looks like it's going to be a lot of fun.

Marc Zack

Nice alley

Freddie Moses

We loved it

Saranya Sarika

The cosmic bowling experience was great!

Amanda Baxley


Great place to go bowl and have fun

Jasmine Small

It's okay because I love bowing.

Brenda Grimmett

food service to slow

Jeff Buel

Bowled 2 games for 5 people and 3 drinks. Came to $50. Place only had 1 other lane being used. They should have discount bowling during the week.

Phyllis Lewis

Had a good time bowling. The place could use some remodeling and upgrading but the staff was super friendly the best was clean and we were able to get lanes on a friday afternoon.

heather mcleod

Great place

Terrie Kiyotee

Fun with grands

Danny Perkins

It was great

Tara Yates

Great place to have fun

Sean Ferguson

Quenisha Harvin


Jason Laney

Todd Gilbert

Floors need replaced. Seems to be a lot of dust and dirt in front of the lane so it was really slippery even after it was swept. I think there was so much dirt around the ball area ect that it was being tracked consistently in front of the lane. Also, the lanes are in rough shape. Lots of late ball returns and errors with pin setup. Also the food there was not good.

Nicholas Alexander

nice vibes but food variety could be better

The Truth

Needs a better grill, and games while you wait and play

Mixy DaCookie

Sweets Hale

Casey Douglas

Tiffany Edwards

Perlissia Kind

DFA Yuqii

Shaquan Conyers

Bowling was fun

Joe Smith

The people were nice, but the food was overpriced. When you get cheese fries they charge you per the ounce for the cheese sauce-to get the amount of cheese one can get at an average gas station it costs about 8 bucks. But, if you show up on a full stomach and you make sure not to use one of the broken lanes, its not bad for the price.

Josephine Hilton

Had a great time with the family

Evelyn Smith

We went to do cosmic bowling. I kept telling the girl that our lane kept messing up. And not much was done to try to correct the problem. Every other frame we had to push the reset button. And we had our pins get stuck multiple times. When we finally gave up and decided to leave all the girl said was she could offer us was a free game pass. This was our 15 year anniversary. It has been years since we got to go out without our kids. It's not like we would even be able to use the pass. I feel like we should have gotten a refund. It was a bummer to have such poor service. You pay to bowl you expect the equipment to work. She even could have moved us to another lane that was working earlier in the evening. But she didn't even try to do that. Such poor customer service.

Blondell Colclough

Charles R

Place is in need of an update. It always seems busy, I guess because there are no other places to bowl except at Shaw AFB.

Stephanie Ringer

Jamie Hartfield

The machine that keeps score kept messing up the hole time so It made it very awkward and not really fair. And when our 2 hours where up and we only had 2 frames left the man stopped the computer and cut the lights on our lanes.

Keyata Singleton

Rebecca Fajardo

Cyndi Jones

It's ok. Customer service not the greatest but

Shadeashia Durant

Service was terrible. Workers were very rude.

Caitlyn Arnold

For everyone complaing it is an amazing bowling alley just full on Tuesdays due to league bowling and certain days. And they work with what they have.

Amber Hunter

In an attempt to bowl on a date night with my boyfriend we entered the bowling alley and we're greeted and told that they were full until 9pm. We agreed to return at that time. Upon returning we entered the premises and waited at the counter hoping to get a lane and enjoy a fun evening. We stood there for 10 minutes without being greeted or acknowledged. It was as if we didn't exist. Leaving I haver personally decided I will never return simply because they didn't have the decency to at least say hello or let me know they were finished for the night. Instead it was more important to discuss personal business with the other gentleman behind the counter rather than deal with a paying customer. It was terrible customer service and I didn't even bowl.

Rian Haselden

Worst service I’ve ever got, stood there and got ignored for 30 minutes, and charged me 30 dollars for one game, my wife and my two children. Will not go back

Nicole English Harris

Patricia Maynor

Shantay Holliday

Andrea Farmer

Great time

Tangala Smith

Enikő Orosz

Abraham Lincoln

Fritz Smith

Great time!!!

jesslyn zepeda

Keith Brown

Rhett Rodgers

Brandon White

3J's Driving School

Not enough free bowl time

Stacey Gaymon

Chala Murphy

Tracie Crews

While vacationing with my family we decided we wanted to take our kids bowling and even though it was an hour away we chose this one. Though there were a few things that turned me off, like feces on the floor of the ladies room. It was what the woman working there had said to my father as we were paying. He asked if they gave military discounts and she said no. When he asked why she replied "Why should we"? My father then replied they are the reason we have our freedom and she just shrugged her shoulders and said "That was their choice". As we were walking out the door She said "we'll see you later" and we said no you wont!

Hugo Baby

Good vibes good service and draft beer

Brittiney Knowlton

Cosmo bowl is $60 bring lots of people the more the merrier, food ain't that great so eat before you come, and one dollar on the juke box gets you one song

Dan Kirby

Crystal Burlison

Love this place

Danielle Morgan

Had lots of fun for my son's birthday not to mention the lights at night!!!! Enjoyed

Gages Penguin

Cute bowling place to go when bored but I dont recommend eating there and you cant bring in your own food or drink.

mj Turtlechaser

Love to bowl here.

NaSadiya Weldon

I rate this because it is a fun place to go to with family and have parties

Natasha M.

Kathy Carswell

Hate the layout... not enough counter space anf not enough room for ball bags. Very dirt bowlers area. My slide sock ie rediculously caked. I wish I could add a picture.

Shawnna Brown

Stacey Washington


Shawnte Westfall

Fun for the whole family

psn lilrabbit83

Good night out with the midgets. Not too expensive, nice people

Ghassen Green

Becky Simmons

Kylie Love

Adam Latham

Joseph Dawson II

This bowling alley is way to expensive for the upkeep it is in. GameCock lanes also will not reimburse you for the games you don't bowl. So today they have basically robbed me of $29.00. Go to the movies or go out of town for the money you would of spent here.

Tynisha Wilder

Had a good time. Very clean and wheb needed help they were fast and courteous.

Kimberly Alston

Amanda Grigg

Needs major updates

Porshé Nichelle

Reggie Ratcliff

Closet alley to me. Pin dropper and return needs updating.

John Lewis

To control their kids running in the bowling alley


Ron Arrants

Lanes are clean, equipment has been updated. Food prices are reasonable.

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