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2221 Heriot St, Charleston, SC 29403, United States

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REVIEWS OF Charleston Rifle Club IN South Carolina

Wes Stallard

Awesome private club. Drinks are reasonably priced for the area, private 12 lane bowling alley, great views of the Ashley River, and an excellent place to rent a dance hall.

Elliot Calhoun

Kenny Wright

Luberta Dawson

I was here for a wedding.... great location


Always a great time playing trivia with friends!

David Jones

Sad, this is very Sad in 2018. Why are you afraid? This man served our country, has a medical degree (Educated) and influential in your community. Again I ask, Why in 2018? So sad!

Przemyslaw Wawrzynczak


Matthew Meyer

spencer stegall

Joshua Walker

Racism is not cool. If you don't support the KKK then don't support these "good" people.

Danny Conley

Peterl Berkos Sr.

Member now for about 5 years.This a great place,that been around for a long time. Lots of friendly people.Great music on friday nights.Always new activities going on.Come and visit ,or take a tour. Charleston Rifle Club

Maryam Noureldin

I guess Jim Crowe is a member of this club...either change your racist “traditions” or shut your doors for good!

Russ Johnson

Low price drinks, local crowd, everyone has a good time.

Brian Shirley

Performed here with Tracy Smith and I've also been here when it was used as a staging area for the cast of "Mr. Mercedes "

Buck Buchanan

Firstline Firearms Academy

Racist club with majority of racist members.

Rick Huger

Andy Schellhaas

Unlike race, gender, and sexual orientation, membership to this club is optional. 100+ years of white-only membership, and all of the members are now claiming that this is the first they're hearing of racist policies, and that few are speaking for the majority. This is a culture cultivated over decades, not simply a mistake made last month. Sorry to hear that this club and it's members treated Dr Brown so poorly.

Roger Williamson

I was there as a guest of friends for a private party. Very reasonable alcohol and food prices. Beautiful views of the marsh and waterfront. Had an incredible band.

Paul McIntyre

Harvey Dick II

I enjoyed it.

Ami Ami

Great isolated place especially for private events. It's been excited for over a decade and def have what to offer

Laurie Mcrae

Cheryl Oliver

bethanna hutson

Went here with courageous kidz loved it they are wonderful people

Betty Koester

Eddie Green

Been there many times. Always fun...good food...good friends and COLD beer.

Gene Haddock

Shaneta McDougall

They only approve membership requests from White applicants. If you are not White, they will not approve your membership application.

Crickette Gill


Great food and wide selection of alcohol... They even have a Bowling alley inside the building ..

Rachel Fulton

Judy's Birthday!!:

Keith Judge


Good people, great place!

jessica johnson

David Crosby

ROY Jones

David Duranceau

I joined this club several years ago because of the friends I met who belong there, it’s long history, and the new friends I met as a guest before joining. I joined the club for the way it is. I did not join so I could change it to be something different. The staff there are terrific, the entertainment and club activities are great, and I would not change it at all. Love the club!

James ful

john genes

Joe Pinto

Private Club, Great Place, cheap drinks

joslyn jelinek

This club doesnt admit African Americans for membership. Full stop. They haven't and they won't. Not today and not in the future. Please don't plan your parties here or join friends if you support this policy. Women cant have membership without a father of husband sponsorship. Ha!

Matthew Sunkel

Tyler Atwood

Great bowling facility

Supa Mcfly

Hunter Bazaco

CR Peifer

Steve Berry

Great bowling. Lots of events. The membership is prestigious for a good reason. The dance floor is packed and bands are always very well received on nights scheduled way in a advance. The officers of the club care a lot about this club.

Kim Collins

The biggest Exchange Club in the United States meets every Thursday at noon here.

michelle craven

Love this private club!

Robert Gillette

Patrick G

Paula Montague

Apparently POC are not welcomed. This is a WHITE ONLY establishment. Although that may be what attracts your members.

Spencer Stegall

Eric Magee

A great place and good people! Awesome bowling league and did I happen to mention the good people!

veezy X

It’s sad that in 2018 you don’t want to bring people together by simplest thing of bonding with friends and family by shooting and trying with firearms

Charles Benci

I was Invited to Attend a Food Tasting Party, I was Great Great People, Great Samples, The Manager or President showed me and my wife around the place, I was so Impressed that I will be joining after the First of the Year , including my wife

John T Kemper

This is a private club.

Maxim Tyutyunnikov

Great place!


Lots of fun

Helen Bone

Bryan Wiggins

crystal muse

This is a nice quiet place. Its very laid back and the bowling and shuffle board is fun!

Chaka White

I stand for equality and inclusion. Period.

Melon Verse


Robert Vitruvian

Billie Attaway

Great club, bowling fellowship

Jen Sommer

Full disclosure- I’ve never set foot in this club nor had known of its existence until I heard about the club’s decision to blackball Dr.Melvin Brown, MD, a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, retired Navy doctor, and a highly respected member of the Charleston community. The fact that he is African-American apparently was enough to convince six members of the club to veto approval of his membership. Of the 14 up for consideration, only he was not deemed worthy of joining the all white club. Kudos to the three members who endorsed Dr.Brown’s application. Would be interesting to know the names of those who vetoed it and hear in their own words why they were against his membership.

Clifton Poston

Zach Hedrick



Faye Rivers

Lot of Space Had a good Time

Bryan Byers

Great people, great club

Antonio Grant



This place smells and the food is just meh. Roaches and rats were seen in the kitchen.

Jim Wilson

Clint Vick

Matt Moore

Michael Peifer

Great facility for events. Large Ballroom and very friendly staff. Huge dance floor with a stage. Affordable fee.

Robert Resurgent

Any club, individual or organisation deserves the right to privacy and freedom from harassment.Stand strong against hate.

Blair Zelasko


Alexis Pena

William Isaksen

Attended a private party here recently. I was very impressed with the Charleston Rifle Club. Evidently most negative reviews listed here are purely political from people (sheep)who have never been here!!! The grounds and building were impressive and very clean. The staff very friendly and professional. Food and drinks were good and very reasonable. They even have a bowling alley!!!!! This is the type of club we all wish we had in our town. If I didn't live 800 miles away, and only visit a few times a year, I would look into getting sponsored to be considered for membership. Thank you Judy, Steve and the Charleston Rifle Club for a memorable evening. William Leo Isaksen-guest of Mat Moore, My son in law.

chris myers

Nathan Smith, MBA

Charleston Rifle Club deserves 0 stars, not 1 star!!!!! Denying membership based on race is not cool at all.

Dan Swift

Mat Moore

Robert Carbonaro

Great private club... Been a member for years... In here playing darts with my wife tonight.

Dawn Nettles

Membership required. Not open to the public.

André Johnson


Victoria Cercoply

Patricia Gadsden

Brenda Dunn

Visiting with friends, had a wonderful time


David Nates

Terrence Mabry

Scott Curry

(Translated by Google) Excellent coming (Original) Excellent venue

Titus Edwards

Karon Johnson

Jay Wallace

Brendan Richardson

Can't give it Zero Stars, sadly. My wife is a med school classmate of Melvin Brown and a Mt Pleasant native. After reading the article and hearing about Dr. Brown's Naval service, commitment to community and stellar reputation, all I can say is "Wow". All praise to Dr. Brown for applying and his friends who nominated him and nothing but pity and deep seated shame for the anonymous members who blackballed him. I hope the Club can change but until it does, we will never attend an event there or support it in any way. We will definitely be going to Mel's (Harold's) Cabin though. Those are the kind of people we want to associate with. People who judge others based on their character, their selflessness and service to others and their commitment to a just and sane world. Dr. Brown clearly stands out and above in those categories. If Harold's decides to institute a "membership"policy, I'll be the first to apply.

Mike Smith

It's old and it needs some remodeling done on it.

Robert E Saxon

I support and welcome them.

Isabell Dubose

Liz Hennrikus


Theresa McKnight

Adelaide Mckeithan

Dave Glaze

Nicole Fagala

Nice facilities

Kyle Bruce

Leonard Ripley

This used to be one of the finest clubs in Charleston. No more!

Lance Boone

david chandler

Yvonne Mills

Been a member for over 25 years. This place is full of ppl who are like family to me.

jasen n

David Syd

It's stunning that even today, organisation can be run by members who regard people, not on the content of their character, but the color of their skin (apologize to Martin Luther King, Jr.). What otherwise looks a fine establishment, should be boycotted universally. If those members are unable to see the errors of their ways through basic societal norms and expectations, then I urge a signifcant drop in patronage to assist them in seeing the light.

Damien Sidhu

Douglas McCants

It has a nice atmosphere, staff is very friendly and willing to assist you at a moments notice. It is clean and well kept. I would truly recommend Charleston Rifle Club to everyone.

Bobby Russell Jr

Classic and Timeless!

Nanci McWilliams

Dwayne Jennings

John Butler

Friendly people nice open place.... also was at a party. Didn't know it mattered so much to folks. But therw where women and people from many races there. Had a very enjoyable time.

Dan x


Monique Marion

Very nice an clean an spacious


Jeffrey P Richards

Outstanding group!

Gene Coon

Attended another great Exchange Club of Charleston meeting at the Charleston Rifle Club.

Karen Miller

Fun place to be

Dr. P Triumphant

Lisa Berry

Good times, good people!

Stephen Jameson

I was impressed with the facility

Peter V

David H

A whites-only private club. More virulent racism from the South, how shocking.


Never support a club that supports racism. I would have given 0 stars if I could. In 2018 we are still dealing with horrible racist people. We should find out who were the people that decided to not vote Dr. Melvin Brown in. Internet justice will prevail. With his background and current state, he should have been accepted. Such a shame.

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