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REVIEWS OF Beltline Lanes IN South Carolina

Micaela Palmer

Evelyn Scipio


Brienna Lykes

Ross Eaton

Love this place. Very new and modern bowling alley. It’s very cool how I can get my scores emailed to me straight from the lane

Andrey Inabinet

Glad place for fun and food. Staff throughout is very friendly amd kind.

Earl T Dixon Sr

Retirement party for me

Charles Montgomery Jr.

It is a very nice place but very popular and wait times on Saturday and Sunday are a bit long during prime time due to limited lanes.

Suzshaa Toomer

My family had a nice time!

Mel Medlin

Allen Ruff

Brandon Velazquez

Yoooo I never been bowling before and the staff aas very informative , they have a restaurant and arcade there too

Bobby Glover

Fun family atmosphere.

Tyshay Denmark


Chris Pettit

The staff were very friendly and polite, and the waiter we had was on point with his services, very polite and well mannered

Danita Lowe

Craig Stevens

Wonderful can't wait until next time

Juan Morgan

Milissa Miller

I enjoyed it very very much nice atmosphere very family oriented

Diane Balog

had a blast first time bowling

Terri Kelly

Great entertainment and scenic place for kids/adults (bowling and arcades). A bit pricey but worth the experience. It was my first time so I wasn't sure of the pricing for the arcades so first I bought a $10 card that you use for whatever game you're going to play. Unbeknownst to me most of the games were $1 for one round of game play so go figure. So that only lasted for about I purchased another card but this time for $35. That one lasted a little longer only being that we found $.75 cent games to stretch it out a little. The bowling area was packed so I can't comment on that. Great experience however, just be prepared to spend some money in the arcade area if you're not bowling.

Kathy Wilson

Had lots of fun bowling. I hadnt been in a long time and didnt realize it was that expensive to bowl. But the place was nice and family friendly.


Stacey Robinson

Lot of stuff to do with family

Shakira Worrhy

The bowling alley itself was cool but the customer service was horrible. They tell you one thing, and do something totally different. It was my first & my last time going here.

Holly Fox

Had a few issues with our lane but overall was fun

J Joyce McMonster

Staff were nice, bowling atmosphere was awesome, claw machine wasn't rigged. Seriously! I can count on one hand the number of claw machines I've encountered where the claw could actually withstand the weight of the prize it was supposed to hoist. They weren't cheap prizes, either. I managed to grab Mario and Luigi in just three turns ($40 worth of fun for my dang weiner kids, $3 in plays) *see photo*

Lisa Gadomski Gonzalez

Loved it

nylahs world

This is the place to be, especially if you have a Family!!! Every New Year's day, my husband and I and the children go out to celebrate the new year and we landed here!!! It was the best accidental choice we've made in a while!! Bowling here was lots of FUN. The children also enjoyed the large gameroom and cute reloadable game cards!!! The facilities were clean and smelled fresh!! The staff was friendly and quite accommodating!! We will definitely be returning soon and spreading the word!!! Thanks for creating this humble home of FUN!!

Luis Muniz

Ray Gillespie

Bowling, arcade, and dining all in one place. Very clean!!

Dalvon Pressley

Reginald Alexander

Great environment; great foid.

A Thurmond

I enjoyed it

LaMont Dash

Beautiful lanes combined with a game room, restaurant, gas station and other amenities makes this a great place to play.

HisQueen Ashworth

Had so much will definitely go back

Debi simmons

Good food ...good it


Demetrius Chisolm

parastoo ebrahimi

Dan Kadar

Could not get service. The alley stated they are separate, yet you would think they would support each other

Lori B

Our family loves this place!

stepheon crawford

My son and I had a great time

Dyette Hightower

Renee Sharper

Great place to go bowling.

Kevin Davie

The place was cool. The actual lane was nice for being a house pattern on a Sunday. The Tablet and TV scoring system was accurate and easy to use. I had a major issue with the approach being very sticky and I could not slide. I brought my own shoes and ball as I am an avid bowler and I've never had an issue before with these shoes sticking until I came here. It sounded like a pair of basketball sneakers on a wood floor. If you aren't a serious bowler this probably won't be an issue so don't take this into account with your experience. Also, the pitchers of beer from the bar were TINY. couldn't even top off two pint glasses with one fill. Will definitely return to test the lanes again soon

Rio Dwyer

Donald Locklear

Very cool bowling alley with a restaurant and game room. Nestled conveniently right off the interstate. I would definitely visit here again.

holli driskell

AWESOME PLACE! If you go, make sure Austin is your server! Great service and very friendly! Thanks Austin!!

M Marzagao

Fun experience, clean facility, slow service but friendly staff


Thomas Clark

Alice Jones

Exceptional service, food was awesome and served hot. Establishment very clean, and fresh smelling.

Dawn medlin

Clorindianico Moye

We had a blast as a family

Tony Jackson

Food games bowling. What more could you ask for? Family fun for everyone!

Vanessa GrandmaGigi

Fun!!.... food was Great...

Olivia Scoggins

Staff was absolutely rude, would not recommend going here if you're looking for an inviting environment. If no stars we're available, I would give it here.

Joshua Quick

Excellent having a 3in1 bowling alley, restaurant, and gas station. Servers bring out and offer food on the alley side as well as the restaurant but, slightly slack on refills.

Jean Stewart

Lots of fun. The ribeye was great!

Rosa Yolanda Samurl

Mark Whitlow

My employer rented all the lanes for a Family Day event...everyone seemed to have a good time. Facility was clean and smoke free, which was a change from other bowling alleys visited in the past. Wings and pizza were fresh and my family enjoyed both.

Kandice Brooks

Ummm the service here is terrible! No communication first time here with my family out of town. The front desk was rude how you the first person we see?? I Asked for refills waited over a hour. Spent over 55$ on shoes and games, plus my food. I’m not sure if someone is upset to be at work. However you still have a job and business needs to get done. I normally don’t write reviews unless it’s positive but given this today I am truly shocked. I pray they do better this one guy with glasses was nice if we had a problem with the pins or the ball getting stuck. He truly came RIGHT AWAY!! Thanks to him because the fun didn’t stop.

Glorivee Sánchez

Benjamin Bell

Managers there should all get raises. Excellent place for families and all walks of life. Highly recommended

cang trung

The alley was nice and fun but the check in girl was the rudest and need some more training!! Need more class please!!!

Child of God's Kingdom

Everybody enjoying the atmosphere

Norma Brooks

Clean real family atmosphere

john kusnirak

Very family friendly. We came to bowl and we did much more. We plan on coming back and doing it again.

BigSloan-W S

Great environment for the entire family! Three different sections for the convenience of entertainment purposes.

davahn moore

It's a great place for the family and friends I definitely recommend it

Erica Amerson

Had a blast

James Downs

Beautiful place inside! Phenomenal service!!

Jasmin Nowden

Great food, good location, fun for the family!

Archie Palmer

I just looked at this website. 95 percent of the pictures on here are from someone who we have never seen before. We are still co considered one of the best family entertainment centers in the country

Bridget Owens

Ashley Watts

Great place for family and/or friends. Could use more wait staff.. Other than that it's a great atmosphere

Loraine Turner

Great family place with friendly staff!! Great food too!

Darci Kenagy

Nice and clean bowling alley. Lightest weight balls are 7 pounds. Some other alleys in the area have 6 pounders for kids. They do have bumpers and ramps available. Able to order from the restaurant next door or walk down to the convenience store.

Zach Stewart


Amazing bowling alley! Super clean bathrooms. CLEAN facilities. State of the art technology. Has a Quaker steak and Lube AND a Starbucks on-site! Only con: arcade games are SUPER overpriced.

Jennie Senpai

Janet Warner

Horrible lane service...horrible kitchen service...servers over worked....counter personal have awful customer service

Ms. Debora Goodwin

We went for an Auntie Day. We had so much fun and enjoyed our day. I came in 3rd of 7. We will do Uncles vs Aunties on our next visit.


Juan Dukes

Great place to bowl and play games. And the resteraunt is excellent!!!


Balls suck


Good bowling and good arcade

Jennifer Myers

Good food, good service a bit pricey

j money

Nice facility. Had a long wait tho

Billy Tucker

Beltline Lanes is a good place to go. This place is connected to a gas station, a restaurant, a bar and a truck stop. Look for the Petro Truck Stop sign. That's where Beltline Lanes is located. Beltline Lanes is located off of I-77 & Bluff Road.

Kimberly Ann

So much fun!

Renee Harbison


Roger Hawkins

It's not huge but that's alright. The staff could be a bit felt a little cold and impersonal. Overall, it was fun. The lanes are nice and clean. Our food server was super friendly and on point - wish I could remember her name. It's not bad for a few hours out with the kids. It was a little rowdy...lanes next to us with like 14 people standing around causing more of a ruccus than should even really be a thing at a bowling alley. I mean, people come to have fun and all that but it was a bit much. Anyway, I'm old and grumpy so it's probably me. Check it out and see for yourself. We'll be back I'm sure.

Walter Smith


Justin Rivers

Candy S

We only went for the arcade. When it came time to get our prizes the staff took forever to greet us even though they had NO customers. They were just cleaning and moving things around and ignoring us. I felt very unwelcomed and uncomfortable. Then in the middle of servicing us, the large female african american worker saw people coming to bowl and told us to wait while she served them. NEVER IN MY LIFE have I ever had a customer service person stop helping me to go help someone else. The other rep saw my horrified stare at this treatment and came over and finished helping me. I just felt that was extremely rude treatment of a child right in front of that child's mother. I guess she thought i was too stupid and didn't know any better but now its on the net for the world to see. You tried it with the wrong one, sister!

Keri Wilson

Didnt bowl personally and my issue was not with the bowling alley but with Quaker Steak. Good food but they need to reevaluate their staffing in all areas but the mgr took care of us they best she could

Tony Blackmon

Awsome time

Michael Evans

Very nice place big kid again fun games

brianna fulton

Awesome and had excellent service

Sheila Parnell

Very friendly staff, clean facility, enjoyable for the entire family

Mixy DaCookie

Suzanne Messner

Daughter loves it.... upscale atmosphere , great food, great location

Chelsea McCauley

When you walk in, it seems cool. Arcade, the bowling alley itself, and the restaurant attached. The staff The bartender was nice, but our "waitress" never came to check on us. Going somewhere else next time.


The kids loved It. We had a better time with the kids when we went from 12-3 on Saturday. It's not too crowded.


Michelle D.

Enjoy our time at the arcade. Not a lot of games but enough for a quick family afternoon outing. The bowling alley was to expensive for this trip but may try on next trip

Roccet30s AtlScrewhead

Fun place bowling & good food with a bar & game room for kids & adults next door I enjoyed my self & pizza was good

Irvin Diaz

(Translated by Google) Excellent (Original) Excelente

Juan Smith

Jannie Bostick

I just go for the arcade portion of it I have some alone time without the kids and sometimes I bring them for them to have fun time it's a nice spacious place. The staff is super friendly at the counter where you get your shoes from. I'm known by 2 of the staff members for playing slots. Great for having seats at the wizard of oz. Machine. Royal lanes z wont put any chairs at the machine even when I ask and told them I had acl surgery. I drive from exit 22 to six just because of that little conscience for me. Thanks alot and see yall soon

Stephen Howell

Lanes were very wet (oily) over my last two visits, but nice. Atmosphere was good. I've enjoyed myself each time I've gone. House bowling balls are in good shape, too.

a mcduff


If you love to bowl, this is a great atmosphere for you and the family. New kid friendly attached with a game room and restaurant. The place gives you walk up waiters service without pausing to bowl. Great place

Ben Gladden

ilievici77 L

ivan davis

Great clean place for fam

marva tucker


Great place to bowl and good food.

Mr. Cringe

So do do

Kyle Perkins

Mary Jane Sison

I would have given this place no stars if possible. We love to bowl but service is really bad. People are just abusing. there is this one person in one lane and takes 5-10 mins before moving on the next frame.he was just taking his time. A long time. No considerations. Just in his phone and his tablet and just no consideration to others. We have already went to the front and told them about the situation. We have been here more than an hour.And another thing there’s another lane open nobody is playing but the person supposed to be playing in that frame is busy eating and more than 30 mins nobody using that lane. Belt line needs to make some rules about that. I used to love bowling here. People are leaving. We will never go back here.

Coleen Teabo

Gad Nziramakenga

zac Robinson

katina Webster-carr

It was good. I would like to go back

Lovely Queen

Excellent customer service and very clean atmosphere. In town visiting for my birthday and made a great choice to celebrate here. Great food, drinks and an unlimited variety of games.

Benjamin Green

Lane 10 kept jamming even though they fixed it multiple times, they did not place us on other lanes. Service is sub par. Ben Green

Monique Burns

Amazing place be sure to reserve lanes an hour before. Also the lanes close at 9pm.

Joshua Failing

The place was amazing of course there were some downs I spent all of my money at that place

Alan Carr

Hunter How James bond Did It


Karen Mahady

I never been here and I love it

Miss Simpkins

Awesome place. REALLY LAID BACK!

Ryan Monroe

Neat place

Ms. Werk!man

Lanes were ridiculously greasy. And the food is expensive for subpar taste and quality... and a damn fly was in my fries. Needless to say my experience was extremely unfavorable to say the least

Mack Cameron

Everytime we come to this place, we have tons of fun but something always goes wrong. Be it the waitress with our orders, they're forgetful or blatantly disrespectful. Or be it the people up front charging us way too much or too less (which is fine, y'all keep doing that). OR the lanes messing up and our friends waiting for 50 minutes for them to fix it. On the bright side though, the Daytona Daiquiri is the best drink I've had there.

War D Kai

Awesome great time good fun..high beers em..good food Arcade nice photo opps too.

Christopher Pack

Awesome experience! I don't have anything negative to say about them. Today was our first time coming here (10/19/19). Me and friends took a day off to come here to just have some fun bowling and doing other stuff. This was our first stop of the day; original plan was to go to the SC state fair but changed our minds along the way and decided to go bowling here because it was raining too hard at the time for the fair. But boy I do not regret that decision! Great atmosphere, great food (quaker steak and lube, also give them 5 stars), and especially great service. The front desk people were not only friendly and polite, but they also was picking some playful fun with us regarding our bowling because lets just be honest, we aren't pro bowlers and the scores at the end said so. But either way, they made us feel welcomed. Definitely will be back!

Tammy Lasseter

Love this bowling alley and you can order from Quaker Steak and Lube which is in the same building. The bowling balls are like giant pool balls! And when the lights go out on the lanes, awesome! I do agree with others that they need more staff.

Crystal Plemons

Our family went there for the first time this past Saturday. Had dinner at the restaurant, very slow service and they were not busy. We put our name on the list to bowl before we ordered our dinner. After dinner, we asked how much longer for a lane. They said there was several people ahead of us. There were 4 lanes not being used. They eventually let people on those lanes. I asked about the " party room" which was not being used, and told it would only be a few more minutes. We ended up leaving without bowling. We waited an hour and half after dinner. The employees had no desire to satisfy customers.

Elizabeth Chancellor

Amazing experience at this bowling alley, the food was wonderful the staff was great we had a blast here.

Miranda Moore

This bowling alley is good family fun. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars was we could not bowl due to a family reunion. If I had of known that a family rented that day I wouldn't have drove 30 min. My kids still ate and enjoyed arcade.

Saddler Tia

Mary Lindo

James Sullivan

Great place for full family fun, bowling, gaming

Keyonia Gallman

Pam Pearson

Monday is 2.00 a game bowling on


Fun atmosphere for family.....and games are very inexpensive


Service takes a while,the lanes are quite slick but the atmosphere is awesome and the people are kind. There is a well equipped arcade and a virtual sports center adjacent and connected to the bowling alley. Will definitely return again.

Nakita Smith

Love bowling

Nathaniel Hughes

Loads of fun

Yulonda Underwood

Great Atmosphere. Friendly Staff.

Katie Squirewell

Really nice experience. Went to a coworker's private birthday party. They had 4 Lanes sectioned off for privacy and we had our own hostess. Was really nice

kelvin watt

Very beautiful bowling alley. Awesome lanes and food is great, right along with the service .

Wendy S. Delmater Thies

Great place for all kinds of wings, and burgers. In addition to the bowling alley they have a game room.

Audrey Smith-Ford

Great fun for everyone but truckers it seems. My husband and I are both truckers and thought it would be great to go bowling. Problem was no lanes and hours of wait time. Shouldn't truckers have priority? After all it is a truck stop.

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