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Where is Round 1 Silver City?

REVIEWS OF Round 1 Silver City IN Rhode Island

Matt Faulkner

High quality bowling balls with a wide variety of machines to do. As well there is a big area.


Great spot to spend a few hours


Better than Dave ane Busters. UFO claw machines are a rip off but fun. Lots of variety of games. Even japanese arcade games. Alot of bowling lanes and Pool tables. They also have darts and ping pong.

Shelby Ceven

The place is waaayyy over priced. I spent $60 on bowling and $13 on pool! I wouldn't go back

wayne hubbard

Pretty cool! Great atmosphere to be in.

Mariah Isaac

Better than other similar venues

Truth Behind The Lies

Awesome arcade, lots of variety. Bowling is really fun, food is pretty good and a decent sized bar area

Aimeebeth McLynn

Super fun spot for the kiddies to spend some free time! Clean, cheerful atmosphere with friendly staff.

Danielle Lipke

Music is waaaaay too loud. Game credits per game are increasing and the staff always seems annoyed.


This place used to be decent other than things were always broke or didn't work that great, but i could deal with it. NOW, it's terrible. Half the games you can't even unseunders because they are straight from Japan. Then there are still games that are broke, but YET the price went up on everything.

Tony S

Lots of games lots of choices. The prices to play can be a little high for some of the games.

Jack Squires

Todays experience at round 1 was horrable ..the staff was rude and slow ..245 no food was told 1 minute i and waited 20 before i left as a club card member today was horrable

Toni Bates

Great arcade family friendly environment


I love this place. I'll likely go here for my bachelor party. I love that a pave like this still exists in an age where stay at home game systems are the norm.

Kevin Dasilva

Love taking my son there to go bowling and play pool its great for the family and its also a great place to go with friends and have a few drinks

Keo Sann

Nice arcade with some unique games. The staffs are very friendly and helpful


Great games. They have a lot of fun japanese arcades like Taiko, Intial D, and a lot of rhythm & fighting games. Awesome hangout spot.

Tony Howell

The best arcade, almost on par with the ones on Japan!

Dayna Mignault

So much fun! Spent $50 for me and my son to play. We were there about 2 hours! Great value for an arcade!

Jen Paier

Place is expensive, but does have lots of games. When you break it down with how many credits you get vs how much certain games take, especially the crane games, you'll only want to go there once in a blue moon. My kids love it, though.

Peter Dorsey

This is an amazing place for fun. They have a bowling alley, bar, Arcade's all over, kids play area, food. If you have a group looking for some fun, go here. There's also karaoke. I'm not sure what else they might have. Been once so far and had a blast.

Darsono Sutedja

Lots of great bemani games from Japan, and also they have taiko no tatsujin!!!

Joshua Pearson

Had a great time bowling here with friends.


A little bit pricey... But it will keep everyone entertained. The claw games are not worth playing for the amateur game player, but the bowling is awesome, as is the pool, and the darts. I'd recommend going once in a while..... And groups seem to love it.

Christina Schucka

Great staff. Yummy good. Has fun and games. My daughter loves this place

Michael Willman

Complete scam. Menu states a glass of Moscato is $3.99 and then they charge us $7.98 claiming that the lower price is for a "half glass" despite saying that nowhere on the menu.

blazer 4.0

Cool place good prices

Joe Tizzy

The games are overpriced. A lot of popular game have broken buttons or shifters. The men's room is always a mess with broken urinals. The cabinets are dusty and have water stains from pint glasses. The management obviously doesn't care about how it looks or feels to be a patron. Almost fun but a ps4 is better.

Brandy Chicoine

Great place for the family. Had a wonderful time there for my son's 10th birthday they did a great job and kept the food coming will be doing another party there for my daughter

Rob Herron

Huge variety of games, great friendly staff, great prize selection. We like to visit at least once a month.

Natacha Barthelemy

Great for kids amusement and family fun time

Matthew Carlson

Really fun place if it bowling or the arcade alway a fun time to have

Mike 2000160

All though I suck at bowling, I enjoyed my time spent. The service was great, the food was amazing, and my family had a great time. Would recommend 10/10.

Debby Golsby

We had tons of fun. My husband and I are big kids(61,56). Our children (27,29) invited us to go along with them one afternoon. So much fun with different air hockey games. Scary monster shooting, a full bowling alley and no under 18 before 1pm, and children can come in with adults after 1. It was great..alcoholic beverages and no worries that a little one will run into you! Oh and a motorcycle ride that was great fun for my daughter and I.

Christina Magalhaes

Had a ton of fun went for my daughter's 7th birthday had a couple of her friends tag along and every 1had a blast including the adults!! A tad bit expensive the food is a lil expensive to buy not the wine $4.13 for a glass of merlot! Just for a cup of soda it was $3.29 but u do get free it all depends on how u look at it...but the kids did the phone zone then we got each kid a game card with $10 and we spent a good almost 4hours there. Every 1had most most importantly the bay girl was super happy and exhausted and went str8 to bed ate we left!! Always a plus!

FairyTail lover

Where do I begin!!! I love claw machines a lot! The crane games here are super fun and the staff is always walking around with a smile on their faces to assist you if you need any help. This includes if the prize gets stuck or you need some help on learning how to win ect. My first time going here I spent 140$. I won some plush and had some tickets left over. But I learned with that how to win. So my next time I spent 30$ and won more and was even able to play some games with my family! My friend said the food was excellent although I am not pretty sure how it tastes. The staff did get upset at one time for someone ordering ice cream and then saying it was the wrong one. The staff member did give him a new one but said “you ordered vanilla but ok” and she seemed upset. I’m not sure what type of ice cream he did order but she was not very happy. Now keep in mind she was only at the food station I did not see her anywhere else. But the people who are out in the arcade area helping people are outstanding!!!! We will be coming Back ALOT!!!❤️

Charismar Morales

It was my first time going. Nice, fun and cool place but they need to have someone servicing the arcade games. My daughter played a game and hit the jackpot which on the side of the machine said that points get added to card as soon as game is over and well they didn't so when I went to address it they only gave her the jackpot win but not the rest (and I had actually taken a picture but forgot about it which would have been perfect proof), then I played on a game which gives you tokens to play (plinko) and the side I swiped on wasn't even working so had to let the counter worker know and a third game had some balls stuck so I didn't get to play correctly. Overall I had some fun and since my little one was happy I was happy too.

Phil K

Quick run through with some friends while at the mall. Definitely plenty to do while in there between video games, bowling and old style arcades.

Shawn Bumpus

With a good number of the games eating my tokens, and with a good number of them broken it was hard to pick things that I haven't played a thousand times. It was after all a good experience. The prices aren't bad, and the food is okay. I would say a fun spot. Just beware of what you spend. It adds up quick.

Elaine Teixeira

I love this place. So much fun. The workers are awesome!

Ernesto Lopez

Food are a great selection and good prices, lanes are kinda narrow and small, and arcade games are a bit pricey aswell but hey... Beats staying at home...will prolly go again

Adam Doucette

Massive selection of games for all ages l!


Nice big place fun for everyone in the family and not crowded like Dave and Buster's bringing my kids there again next week.

Kenny Cabral

Nice place but too expensive to play games.. 6 coins to play,when it should be no more than 4 coins to play!


Love this place, the bar needs a better selection of drinks, but that's about it.

Jen Leo

One of my favorite arcades. The staff are amazing and very helpful, the prices are universal throughout other Round 1 Arcades as well. Great place with great games to play. The selection is rather large from racing games to music games and even claw machines. Their redemption room has a good variety of prizes to choose from too.

Bill Lynds

Great arcade but I would highly recommend ear plugs. This place is incredibly noisy.

ultra doodoo

Fun but the game cards were not working

Crazy Cat

This place is great, but some of the staff didn’t really know what they were doing. Other than that, this is by far the best arcade that I’ve ever been to. Did I mention that the staff was very nice? They helped us when some of the machines broke, and they responded quickly to do so. Overall, this place is great for people that like Japanese game/claw machines and a great bowling place.

Stephanie Pierce

Great place with lots to do! From bowling, karaoke, pool, ping pong, lots of stuff for adults and kids! Fun place for a night out with friends or a day in with the kids. Highly recommended!

Michelle Boiros

Kids had a great time. We will be returning!! Thank you

Zombie Zoombie

Half of the games don't work to begin with and some games will completely shut off in the middle of playing them. It's cool to be able to grab a cheap beer and 'play some games' but the whole place is pretty mediocre at best. It's probably the best place in the whole mall, so it's got that going for itself, right?

wolfy _7

We first off for 22 dollars you only get like 97 credits and that's a rip off because me and my friends only got like 60 tickets each and that means we could only get candy and some weird glow in the dark sticker thing. We took a 45inute ride for nothing. We waited in line for 10 minutes and played for like 5 minutes if I could I would give no stars I such a role off

Retro Beaver

A good variety of games and 26 lanes of Ten Pin Bowling. Pool Tables and Darts along with Karaoke. Good birthday party spot or just a nice place to chill and hangout.

Darius DeJesus

Great place to let your kids expel that toddler energy

Arjenis Marcial

Great place to have a great time. Arcade games never become stale..bowling and other activites including a play place for kids its just all around fun. Decent food for good prices.

lang hawj

Awesome place, theres bowling, tons of video games and karaoke and its located at the mall

Chris T

Been here maybe 3 times in 2 months. Really really fun.They have many Japanese arcade games and Japanese style crane games. I recommend buying a club card and reloading 100 dollars at a time to maximize bonus credits. They also have a 10 dollars infinite plays for 90 minutes on any green card swiper deal which is perfect for anyone wanting to play thier fighting games and a few shooters.

Carol Davis

Most of the stores are closed. Not many restaurants in food court. What a waste of time.

Lee Jean

Great fun if you dont mind spending money. It is well worth the cash.

antoni The penguin

It's ok way too pricey for a couple games

Paige Johnston

I love going there and playing game and bowling with Friends and family!

Reterik Moonstorme

Loud with lots of people, a few broken machines but credits can be replaced if shown to employees that it was indeed broken. Bowling is awesome, especially the unlimited or timed bowling. Big prize room with tons of things.

Kate Rina

This place is literally terrible I had to wait 4 hours to get into a karaoke room and I think that is a little too ridiculous max should be 1 hour maybe if they had room 1 fixed and corporate wasn't so cheap to fix it ppl like me wouldn't have to complain. Room 1 has been broken and not available for 4 months now and I've had the same problem every single time I recommended not to go here for there karaoke AT ALL!!!!!!!

Kimberly Boynton

The kids love it here! A place for the whole family to have fun!

Vanessa Sky

Waited in line for 15 minutes for a beer!! We ended up leaving before we even placed our order.. bad service, I WONT be back.

Rachel Rudisill

It's a great place to bring the kids on a cold day. I love that there is an area where my 3 year old and 1 year old can run around and play

mark thibault

Tons of fun always have a blast every time I go won some stuffed animals for my girlfriend had a few beers good stuff.

Vanessa Correia

So much fun! Something for everyone!

Dominic&Noah Productions

I'm going to keep this review short and sweet boyz. For starters, this arcade has all types of great games for children and man child's of all ages (Yeah im talking to you extreme DDR players, save some poo-tang for the rest of us.) Took a chance at the rigged weak claw game to find the machine was broken and ate my 7 credits. Oh and a boy 2 feet behind me threw up like a fountain, so that's nice. My night ended with me going to my car in the parking lot and being accused of hitting another man's truck, who i noticed had a beer drinking bracelet on, so he was probably drunk. Always an experience at Round 1, you never know what is going to happen!

Constance j Sharp

Our family was disappointed to find out they didn't have candlestick bowling. We went to Ryan's amusement center.

Patrick OBrien

A little pricey to bowl 3 plus shoes was 45 bucks for 2 games. Lots of fun and beautiful lanes.

Daryl Bisordi

That's a decent Mall

Derek Cannistraro

This place is my all time favorite arcade!! They have adventure games, claw games, rhythm games lottery games, and games from Japan. The food isn't great but its connected to the mall so you can run to the food court. 10/10 would recommend DanceDanceRush


This is the place to bring your children for birthdays or just a fun day. It will keep them entertained. Round 1 has so many games and activities. What is great about Round 1 is it is also a great place for adults to have a good time. Aside from the arcade there is bowling, karaoke , pool, darts, a bar, food stand. It is very relaxed and fun. Some hours are busier than others but that is like that at all establishments. Prices are a little high though.

Ashley Ferreira

Great place. Love it. Cheers!

Freda Gustama

My kids enjoyed it a lot! Amazing place i reccomend you to go there.

Jessikah Elise

Great for billiards or bowling! Almost all arcade games are not in English though.

Chaz Hamel

Good place lots of games pool tables ping pong and bowling, fun for a nice night out

Madalisse Franck

Fun option for a day with the family, or chilling with some friends...the food is always fresh, the arcade is extensive, and there are other options like bowling, pool, and karaoke. I had a blast!

Joseph Morin

This arcade is one of the best arcades I've went to they have a collection of arcade machines from Japan, the otaku inside me is happy in this location

Firewolf G&V2

Too much fun

Jose Salamanca jr.

Very nice variety of games!! Definitely looks like a lot of fun! Definitely better than dave n busters...more to choose from and also has bowling. Me and my son enjoyed our they open until 1am for all ages!! You can purchase a round 1 card and charge it up!!

Danielle Martin

Great place, with pool, bowling, huge arcade and karaoke rooms. They also have a bar and some food items. Guaranteed fun night for both adults and kids.

Cullen Ring

Cool place but the staff is horrible. Every single staff member looked like they were at a funeral. It’s a kids play place. Smile people it won’t hurt you. Hard to locate staff and got an attitude when I told them about a problem with a machine.

Colleen Matheson

I love this place. They have DDR and purikura (Japanese Photo Booths). The karaoke is very fun, as well as the bowling; the shoes are clean and in good condition and the bowling alley is kept clean as well.

Dizzy D

I'd rate it higher if everything weren't so expensive. Food/drinks are pricey af for frozen reheated food and mediocre tiny drinks. Bowling, $$ The arcade is fine but if you're taking kids (especially the kids who want to win prizes) good luck. $40 in games for barely enough tickets for a pack of gum. If you're not taking kids it seems like you'd be better off finding a Dave & Busters and making the drive.

Adam Baker

Great entertainment for kids and adults of all ages.

Randi Knight

tons of games to play although a number of them are broken. Had to keep going back to the counter to get my credits back.

Aidan McDonald

Lots of different options for games, including DDR style rhythm games and classic arcade games. Also features bowling and karaoke. This place is a ton of fun with a group of friends, comparable to Dave and Buster's.

Arcade Craziness!

Video games here are on the cheaper side, however if your looking to play ticket redemption, prize games or claw machines, I would look elsewhere. Everything is now between 6-10 credits ($1.50-$2.50). The staff is friendly though, so I guess that's worth 2 stars.


Wooow this place is everything in fun. It's a must to do when you visit this area. You can enjoy anything here, bowling, karaoke, pool, food... friend and Round1 is a great connection.. this place makes me go back in time when I lived in Kobe #Japan

Jean Lavallee

If you enjoy amusements..go here! Alot of different games..karoke..pool..bowling..great nite out with kids

Melissa M. Root

Lots to do, slightly overpriced. Staff is short and sometimes outwardly rude. Not very organized. Long lines needlessly.

Samantha duarte

Lots to do. All 3 of my kids adored it. Came on Thursday not busy which was nice. Fair prices, and kids card membership was a great deal

Rob Bradley

The arcade in Round 1 is very interesting due to the fact that a lot of the arcade cabinets are imports directly from Japan meaning they aren't translated but, that also means you get arcade games that aren't in the U.S. yet. I did not try the bowling side of Round 1 but, they appeared to be pretty popular as I didn't see an empty lane almost the entire time I was there

Marilyn Gonzalez

Lots of fun for the whole family

Mike Feterowski

Pretty decent variety of arcade and crane games. The place is pretty clean too, which is surprising because other places like this can be absolutely disgusting. I just wish that they had some better Japan exclusive games there. Still a great time if you’re in the area!


Great place for pool, darts, bowling, karoke, and many arcade games. If you're into it, it has a bunch of interesting Japanese and other Asian games that you can't find anywhere else in America. The prices for gaming isnt very expensive. You can get credits or play certain games for $8 or $10 by the hour. The beer specials are amazing as well. Includes Bud light, shock top, and Kirin(great Japanese beer btw) $2 for a 12 ounce or $3 for a 22 ounce. It's great. You're free to walk around the entire place with your drinks and play time crisis with a beer in hand. Just don't be clumsy and spill it on any of the games. They might make it a rule not to have drinks when playing games. It's one of my favorite places to go with my friends.

Zachary Smith

It is a huge, very nice arcade to go to. I think reasonably priced. Great for people of all ages, has pool tables, karaoke rooms, a play area for kids, some table tennis tables. And a decent sized bowling alley, the reason for the 4 stars is it's not a good place to bowl unless you just want to have fun, but if you are serious about bowling, Don't bowl there. all in all a great place to go though.

Christina Camara

Love this place! Just wish there were more ADULT only times!

Joshua Dow

Round One is an awesome arcade! I really appreciate all of the current and niche arcade machines that they have! They have a huge selection of rythem, fighting games and much more!

Oscar Ventura

Great imports, but could get pricey if playing in the arcades, bowling and other games have decent rates.

Cody Mellor

What a fun arcade! Wish the mall attached was cooler... This arcade is pretty much the only reason to come to Silver City Mall

Judith Dent

Not Bad Lot Of Fun But For Kids

Alejandrina Carrasquillo

Great place to go have fun with family or just friends. Great Arcade fun. The maze is amazing. Adults and kids will have so much fun they won't want to leave.

Lila Peters

Best place ever for all ages and amazing prices and great food. Had both Birthdays there

Riverview Creations

There are too many ticket games that are broken, or do not work right. There's still plenty other things to do here though.

Jacobs Travels

So this place is fun but everytime we go to bowl we have had problems with lanes, most of the games work a few of them are down and it's usually the ones I wanna play lol they have a karaoke room its a fun time

Shinyu Anbudo

It used to be a fun place but beware of the white security guard. He's aggressive with everybody for no reason. Even with a child. He also records people of what they're doing and general manager is not doing anything about it

Angela Marie

Go there every month for my anniversary! So much fun and so much to do

Matt Englehart

Time of my life. Great food. Convienient. Will be returning.

Chris Ocampo

Good game selection. Seems a bit under staffed. Staff is friendly but seemed overworked

Kaylee McManus

Kind of like a cheaper Dave and Busters (without all the food options). Still pretty pricey to play games if you ask me though.

Mike Jackson

Games, Unlimited Bowling, Pool You Name It!!!

Lukas Hawthorne

Very helpful staff, lots of games(though not all of them have particularly clear directions). A little pricy overall but comparable to Dave and Buster's. Good place for adult birthday parties

Michael Miller

lots of fun and plenty to do good food and drink

Casey Avellino

Alot of fun stuff to do, and alot of great games to play. There aren't enough places like this. Between bowling, karaoke and a ton of RELEVANT arcade games there's something for everyone here.

uwu owo

Fabulous Japanese style arcade!! Clean, EXCELLENT variety of rhythm games and UFO catchers.

manny souza

What a cool place did some bowling and arcade games. What a great place for a Birthday party

Raymond Lui

Excellent arcade with many Japanese style games. Also has pool and bowling in the back. They have android/iphone apps where you can also claim coupons. They also have many classic Japanese style games that you may not find anywhere else in Massachusetts like Initial D.

Adol Fox

Always have a fun time with my pals

Ian L

Hey, that's pretty good.

Christian Robles

Love it. Bowling, ping pong, billiards, karaoke, and lots of games including Japanese which are far more fun

Jessica Dang

Sooo much fun! First time here tonight but I honestly could not believe the amazing customer service my group received here tonight! It’s a Monday night and a group of us decided to take advantage of the $14.50 all you can bowl night! We got some food and beer and I cannot believe how fair the price was for drinks! We got $2 beer special (select drafts- Kirin and shock tops is currently in season) all night long and a few orders of chicken tenders, pizza and fries! Food was pretty good for a bowling alley! The employees from the bar, kitchen, and arcade was impeccable! They were so friendly and very helpful that I could not not write a review! Thank you to the staff that was on, on 6/17/19 btwn 7-1130pm. You guys were so amazing and truly the reason why I would want to revisit a second and third time!!!! Special thanks to Sonic for his unwavering assistance throughout our night! Will recommend others to come here for a great time!

parker kelly

solid 2 stars. games were obviously wicked rigged, overpriced, and not super fun overall, but the atmosphere was cool.

Derrick Elliott

Pros: tons of games and other fun things to do. Cons: Everything seems to be way overpriced. Also we got nachos and a pizza. Pizza was not cooked all the way through and nachos were soggy within a minute.

Alexis Conrad

Many exciting things to do in there. Just checking on the price for bowling. That's what he wants 2 do 4 his birthday

Katharine Isabelle

So many different games and bowling. Also food & beverages... Wine & beer for those who indulge. Lots of fun for EVERYONE

Jack Chau

Amazing experience for first visit and it was recommended by a friend. Went in and the place is big. A lot of arcade games and even some from Japan itself. I would go again even if it is more than an hour drive from where I am. I do wish it was a little closer to home but at least I know it is there for great entertainment.

Raymond Tammany

Nice game room. Sad to see Alito of empty stores.

mike gillis

Good place to go have some fun. Nice full size pool tables. Need to improve on bar though line was way to long

Jordan Smit

First time here loved it they have everything! So many arcade games! Bowling was awesome the shoes dispense out of lockers in the wall. Sucks that you're only allowed one drink though

May Somsichack

Very clean, lots of games to play. They had bowling, karaoke, a bar, pool, ping pong and many more! Water is expensive (a little over $5 for two bottles) so leave a few in your car if you need it!

KJ 2209

I have been to Round 1 and it’s so fun I would have given 5 stars if they prices of the games were cheaper. 8.5 chips off you card for normal fun game for the claws it’s about 10 chips and to by 100 chips it’s about 15 dollars which is a Good price but think about the prices per game that’s about 12-15 games departing what you play not cheap. That’s why I have 4 stars besides that I do like Round 1 Silver City.

Peter Galvao

Absolutely amazing arcade with great prices


Like VEGAS but for kids! Oh and of course a bar for the adults.

Luis Stgo

Excelent great place

Justin Carberry

I love this arcade. So many great games. Bowling alley is a win as well. My only big complaint is the beer/drink selection. While it could be a little more diverse, I understand maybe craftier beers won't sell. This complaint is meaningless. Just giving a heads up that you should expect Corona and Stella.

Nicole n

My niece had her birthday party here. It was great. Everyone was very nice and helpful. The kids loved the food and everyone had so much fun!!!!

Michael Kendle

A lot of cool games and great things to do. Better than Dave and Buster's IMO

Alicia Costa

I really like the vibe in here. There is so much to do between ping pong, claw machines, pool tables, bowling, cheap beer. It's just a good time all around. I also love their prize room and the stuff in it. I did wish they had a better ciders, as they only carry angry orchard. All in all I drive 45 min to get here with my family because it's an amazing time.

Icey Rice

sorry i bled out onto your parking lot a little bit

Alex Taylor

An arcade bowling alley food drink ... a lot of fun

DB Youtube

I'll be going back here again! I even won a Japanese figure!

Isaac Rodriguez

Very fun place to have fun and relieve stress!

Jesse Morrell

Definitely the best arcade in the area. Very seldom to happen open a place like this nowadays, it gives such a great arcade vibe, old timey machines from the 90's. The giant box consoles. All the new age devices too! + They have a bowling alley!!!! The only thing is that the games are a bit pricey and getting a card for here costs $2 that they don't tell you about if your a first time customer and your just buying a card.

Utsukushii Akanbo

I love round one always. We met a really nice employee from NJ that helped me win a shark plush!!! It's the softest cutest shark ever and it's the best cuddler. If you can catch the shark plush I'd advise it! The only downside and why it's minus a star is because their system isn't compatible with other round ones. Always a great experience though!

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