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REVIEWS OF East Providence Lanes IN Rhode Island

Alex Cholanians

Very good place to have a great time with family and friends

Hendrica Lopriore

I love to have a place that has bowling, food, arcade, pool and a bar with live music all in the same place! The oldschool look of the lanes is awesome. Fun place to go with your family

C Steed

Fun vibe, lively crowd and good music!!!

Isilda Burgo

Hit or miss depending on who is at the desk and what mood they are in. The older gentalman is very friendly and personable the younger guy can be rude.

Isabel Orterry

Use to be on a league here before and my second time here to watch RT18 band love it

Jimmie Hunter II

Had good time note find ball before you start maybe two because your time will run and might not finish game games should end when game is done of course with in certain time

Melissa Nash

Clean place, clean bathrooms, good food, great employees.

Christine Schoenen

Great value during off hours. Good bar. The snack bar looks like it's from a 70s/80s teen film, but some of the food is pretty good. Avoid the desserts. I enjoy the arcade games after a couple games of bowling. They have billiards. They also have musical events. I haven't tried either myself, but I will

Abigail Guzman

Atmosphere - Clean/awesome DJ Bar - Great beer selection Food - waited 40 mins for 3 items Service - Horrible service and very rude staff. The manager however was very kind.

Pratik Chavan

Had nice experience :)

Quentin Mello

I've been bowling here in a league for about 5 years possibly longer. The only downside is that the food price is just getting to an above average level.

Bradly Widener

Everyone here is always very friendly and helpful. As a same sex couple, we’ve actually felt very uncomfortable in other bowling alleys (who would have thought...), however, East Providence Lanes still gives you that traditional bowling alley feel with a great sense of customer service. Also, check out their arcade; it’s not huge but they have a great selection of games and it’s just a fun addition to your low key night out.

sharon laliberte

Great environment and good prices

Diane Derobbio

Fun place

Joe Chasse

The good: Nice, clean place for families to bowl. Lanes well-maintained, seating comfortable. The bad: no food or beverage service. Only vending machines. Not only a bad experience for our family but imagine bad for business as we would have easily spent over $100 on food and drinks but probably would have bowled longer. Also, there was only one attendant who was on his phone the entire time which we felt like we had to constantly interrupt him. At times he barely looked up from his phone to answer a question. Seems like a training opportunity.

Trevor McCabe

Very fun. Not sure if the prices are fair but it was affordable and pretty fun too!

C Nicole

always friendly staff

Thomas Moore

Nice Place To UnWind & Have Fun. Food & Liquor Available!!

Evan Nicotra

I havent bowled in a long time, this place is littty, the playlist is dope that comes on, and bowling was fun for everyone staff was friendly and had lots of fun

Shirley Young

Nice and clean. Nice place for families. Had a birthday party for my daughter there. All the kids had a blast.

Bill Robin Mott

Great lanes, amazing for group events and family fun. Great price value for bowling and food.

Chris Avila

Great time bowling


Nice place modern good staff

Arthur Flanders

Great lanes and very helpful to new league bowlers.

Eric Badzmierowski

Outside seems old and sad. Inside not to bad. Need to upgrade the sound system.


Lanes are good. Reset time is a little laggy. Service is good.

Andrea Ware

Great place for kids and adults!!

Faris Al-Raqqad

Overall, it's a good place to go. Bowling was 20/hr, pool(or billiards) was 14/hr. It's a fun place to go with a big group, but the alleys do occasionally hiccup - usually in the beginning. However, the service there is quick when it comes to fixing that sort of thing!

Dario Teodoro

I bowl so I think it's awesome but over all not bad for a family day/night out

Brooke Roberson

I wanted to write a more recent review for this place as all the others seem to be at least 6 months old. We are not from here, I bought a Groupon and then read the Google reviews. I definitely became a little alarmed. Well, I can assure you, this place is great!! It's clean, the staff is super friendly, and I am totally not concerned about anyone breaking into my car. It was my family, some teens, and what seems to be some other families on the other side of the teens. No one is cursing or swearing. I haven't encountered any undesirable customer service or managers. I don't know if the complaints for this place come from bitter locals or people who have had disagreements with the owner, but if you want a place to go for some affordable family fun with great customer service, this place will do. As far as the snack bar is concerned, the food is typical bowling alley food. This isn't a 5 star restaurant!

Richard Meza-Lopez

Great time with friends but the playlist needs some work - id prefer more current music on weekends to really get the energy right


It was okay except for lane 18 that lane broke down like 5 times!

Michael Barker

Good place to bowl or play pool the staff is extremely accommodating to people with children .

Chris Purple

An excellent bowling alley! One of the best I've seen in a long time - with ambient lighting and neon/black lights as well depending on the time of day. The lanes also feature video screens for music videos when music is being played through the building. There are options for food and drink, including vending machines as well. Pricing is fairly decent given the area and it's a rather popular place.

London Egg Management

Overall, fun place for bowling, nice bar area w/live music on weekends. Had a blast there.

joanne f

Fun, lots to do, reasonable prices

Swiss 88

Good priced food ..helpful staff

Tom Brun

A very enjoyable time at this bowling alley. Great job!

Justin Kahn

Nice music video selection

Savannah Holbrook

Even though I haven't been here in a while I would say that this place is good for family fun they have a arcade, food and drinks love this place

monica brown

Very spacious,excellent service

Raw_Island401 MeatTDuckGenetics

Not a bad place to watch drug dealers being stupid and selling drugs in the open or for all the fights wait no the best is going to your car at the end of you night and your window is smashed and your stereo is gone but hey i ordered a soda and was given a beer oh yea i was 19 at the time my kids wont be going! and neither should you

Gilbert Hackney

A little expensive on a Friday night...however great atmosphere for a younger crowd bar stays open late!

Kimberly Roy

This is a great place to go for the entire family! There is a variety of things for everybody to do from Bowling to video games to play in pool. There is a little something for everybody. A classic family-friendly menu and drinks for the grown up top off this up-to-date yet nostalgic bowling alley. And to top it off they have a few ways to save a couple of dollars through the Groupon app!!!

Theresa Piche

To all the BOWLERS in the Providence and surrounding areas: AVOID EAST PROVIDENCE LANES AT ALL COSTS!!! The manager (everyone tolerates) is clueless (double standards, I have seen him NOT oil his set of lanes for his league one night so that he could bowl better), the manager is NOT taking care of the lanes as they are extremely dry (which he favors), floors are sticky from drinks and ALL the League's numbers are down (guess the owners don't care about their business going defunct. AND so much for caring about the bowlers of the leagues as EVERYONE is complaining about the lanes and the manager and apparently the owners DON'T CARE! DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY!

Renee Lumb

This place has a lot to offer for families! Plus it has a bar for adult beverages!

Jennifer Paiz

14 drafts on tap & awesome bartenders & other employees.

Bob Whirlow

Fun night had by all

Shannon V

Very expensive for 1 hour.....almost $30 for 2 people....will stick to Cranston Lanes!

Justin Kozlowski

What you would expect from a bowling alley but they don't seem to keep the lanes in good condition and there's usually punk kids everywhere

Raymer DeJesus

Great service, fun for everyone, good parking, they have pool, karaoke, arcades, awesome place for family or just to hangout with coworkers

Martha Nemocon

Nice place


The personnel here is rude and inattentive. I had to go to the desk more than 3 times to get an issue fixed and every time I was told it was something I was doing (like I could freeze the pin system). Save your money, go some place else.

Nathalie Staiger

Clean facilities, fun arcade games, and a great afternoon of bowling! Got an amazing deal on Groupon for 2hrs bowling+ $10 arcade card. Definitely looking forward to going back soon. I couldn't find any 7lb bowling balls (my picky favorite) and the music/lyrics at times wasn't the most PG, but overall great experience.

Donna-Lee Maheu Jr

Awesome the new machine are fun to use

Manuel Maceia

Great service and place for bowling

Stephanie Mahabir

They have a special Sunday through Thursday that starts at 7 pm, bowl for 3 hours. The price is about 13.00 a person. If you go on a Monday, they have a special called Monday Madness. For 13.00, bowl the whole night, and you also get a free burger and fries.

Jarret Decrosta

Great new interactive scoring and games while bowling through new consoles at each lane.

Marisa Rodriguez

Ordered cheese pizza, wasn't good quality. Also ordered cheeseburger, popcorn chicken and chicken fingers. Family enjoyed the time spent but very pricey.

Amber Mulrath

The service absolutely sucks. Got ignored at the bar and the window for said bar was slow. I ordered a cheese pizza, fries and a large Pepsi and it took them over 40 minutes to get it to me after being told it would only take 15. The lanes are good but I'd recommend pregaming before you get here. Not happy at all.

Chante C

Pool tables, arcade, bar and bowling lanes. Chill spot with good food and drinks.

Harley Lavalley

Fun bowling with friends or family got more games like pool and darts and good food and drink

Bruce Z

Well maintained, fun atmosphere, reasonably priced.

Steve Theriault

Lanes are well kept and clean establishment. However, both our lane and the lane next to us had major scoring issues and kept shutting off. Spent at least 15 minutes of our 2 hours fixing scores.

Brian Donahue

Well managed. Good leagues.

Amarnath Roy

Good place for bowling...100 lanes

Ovais Alam

Good place for once a month

Laura Benoit

Bartenders are incredible .. Always a smile and great drinks ..not too bad to look at either ...

MIchael Clark

1 star because zero is not an option. I guess it deserves the one star for cool layout in a wide variety of Entertainment and activities, bowling is terrible though! It takes 22 seconds to set up the pins after each ball, count that in your head and you realize just how long that is, not to mention there's not a single ball in that place with finger holes large enough for an adult

Doriann Camara Leav

Great deals great family fun

Lourdes Diaz

Love bowling! Always have a nice time.

nicole dupuis

Great for bowling. The employees are miserable and can not be bothered to do their job. There is no personality there at all from the snack bar to the prize counter. Really sad because it would be so much more enjoyable if you didn't have to twist someone's arm to do what they get paid for.

Ronald Warr

nice bowling alley and rent a lane specials on Sunday

Will LaRose

Great bowling alley, sometimes there is a wait for lanes after league on Thursdays. New arcade section is interesting, kinda pricey. Food is okay. Drinks are average price. Prices for lanes arent too bad

Gail Campinha

Fun for all.

tom miguel

Been going there for 18 years had a lot of good times my wife and i till last night watchind tv when mr i run eveything here baldy just comes and puts on what he wants going to loose a lot of money and custermers lf they keep him very rude and unplesent

Paul Cabral

Went in for a couple beers and a game of pool to pass the time with a friend and was told they were open by someone that worked there that was at the entrance. Went in lights were off bar closed people walking around doing what only God knows. 1 guy working on a machine. Was there maybe 10 minutes and after being totally ignored by staff we walked out. Went to 133 instead, a much better idea


Awesome blacklights

Arnold Beauregard

Had lots of fun Good music

Harrison Schiff

Throwback, good prices.

Brandon Murchison

Fun times

Carolyn Ouillette

We attended a birthday party and had a good time.

cindy robeau

I always have an awesome time there...

Debbie Kruck

We really liked the arcade. We wish the restaurant opened earlier.

Chad Harris

Always an awesome time and the management does a great job everytime. Food is what you would expect and reasonable, drinks are made well and its overall very clean. Love playing pool here on laid back date nights.

Erin Duarte

Had a great time... Low key night !! Good customer service , clean bathrooms , clean environment ... Def a kid friendly place!!

Javier Sanchez

Food was great the staff were attentive and friendly

Sabreena Sarmiento

Had family fun.

Ricardo Cardoso

Nice bowling alley. Good for families, friends etc. Can get very busy on league nights. They only offer large balls as opposed to duck-pin (small balls), be aware if you have really young bowlers. The accommodation they make for younger bowlers is lighter weight balls, bumpers and a ramp though. Prices are higher than I remember from years ago, but likely similar to other bowling places (which are fewer and further between then years past). The one ding against, was the lack of bar help, when we were there, which was far from ideal. Likely a call-out, or they understaffed due to being off-peak busy. Can recommend for those looking for a nice, up-to-date bowling alley.

David Pooler

Lanes are in great condition to Bowl on. Snack bar has a large menu. Lounge is quiet and comfortable. Large area for kids to play games, win tickets and exchange them for gifts. I highly recommend this place.

Kyle C

Pretty nice place to spend time and have fun. Me and my buddies always frequent here to play pool at good prices.

christyne mayben

Was a great day with my boyfriend and I! We enjoybowling there!

Michael Lombardi

Great place. Clean prices good. Products good.

Anwar Upal

Nice pool hall with six tables and bowling lanes. Clean and fun for the family.

aji dabest

Great for bowling and to have fun with family.

Milton Fernández

Great place for enjoy time with friends and family!

Rigoberto Giron



Clean and fun and also great staff

portagee dosage

Been coming here for years terrific Lanes & nice people . You and your family will enjoy a nice time bowling or sing karaoke in the bar.

David Kutcher

It's a fun place all around and the staff were all nice.

Anthony Lalli

Very clean bowling establishment well maintained and up to date technology

Melody Glenn

EP lanes is great. It is a Rhode Island Institution located off Newport Ave near the old Stop and Shop plaza and $2 movie theater. I have always had a great time there. It is clean and the staff are friendly. Pricing and specials are very good. They are open late every night of the week and all you can bowl specials start Sun-thurs after 7pm. You have two choices for disco bowling--one that starts late on Friday nights and one that starts at 6pm on Saturdays, and both go until 1am. There is a large clientele of regulars that bowl here frequently, so the energy is always up, which I really like. The parking lot is very full a lot of the time, but there's plenty of it so you never have to worry. They are super easy going about bringing cakes for birthday parties of all ages. This is my go-to bowling alley in RI and nearby MA, and my go-to in general for a fun, affordable night out with friends. Also, I appreciate that they don't use tons of air freshener, as I have severe allergies. They could stand to add a wider selection of bowling balls. A few more ten pounders wouldn't hurt, as well as a wider selection of finger hole sizes.

Chris Swopshire

It's a fun place for people of all there all the time!!!!

AbdulGaffar Syed

Nice place. Food is okay. You can also play pool if you are bored with bowling.

Joshua Navarro

staff are nice and helpful. On Saturday they do have all you can. Bowl from 7- cl . You about $15.00 a person includes shoe rental. The one thing that I wasn't impressed is the delay the machine took to reset the game

Brian Levesque

Pretty decent bowling alley. Clean, lanes were nice. I would go again


Went to a fun birthday party here

Jay Olson

Awesome staff great deals on drinks and fun music and energy


Best bowling ally in the state

Ritesh Patel

Not clostrofobic like other, food, pool games..what else you need

S Pavl

Lanes kept breaking down. Vending machine for water broken. The lust goes on.

Robert Miller

Awesome Place To Bowl

Jon Williams

Very expensive $22 an hour 354 shoes shoes not bad my sons had a hole in it


The staff needs to work on customer service. The two guys working up front were subtly disrespectful. Ew.

Anna Pena_Walker

Good family fun for cheap price. thanks to groupon.

John Swenson

I live in West Warwick with several closer bowling alley's but I go out of my way to this one as they have good prices and it's always clean!!!

Rachel Gies

Fun. Not too crowded.

Phil Smiley

Do not bow on a Tuesday night there's a guy named Ron and heat fixie runs the whole league

Michael Stromley

Nice center. We had a lane break down they moved and took it our of service.

Monique Santos

Me and my kids had a great time bowling and playin a few games. However, OMG, it has gotten kinda expensive to go bowl for an hour and play a few games with the kids. Everything from the snack bar to the video games!

Funny Guy

I always have a good time when going there

Noahs Gaming and More

A great place to bowl only problem is the snack bar didnt open

Sebastian Pickford

Tis' a wonderful alley of bowling.

Amber Freitas

I had a disappointing experiance last time I went in and it was disheartening because I would go here every weekend as a teenager. There were some issues with a rude staff member (the other employees were amazing) and unfortunately a prize was mislabeled and my son was disappointed with having to give it back because he didn't have enough tickets for the actual amount(wwe turned it into a life lesson of you can'talways get what you want and there are going to be disappointments that you have to learn to deal with). I called and spoke with Mike the manager today and he was amazing he said the issue with the one staff member was addressed already (not sure how but he had already heard about it) and he worked with me to get the prize for my son (completely unexpected but beyond appreciated) I would absolutely give it another go with my son.

Lovethejabberwocky 228

Great place for family fun, Groupon discounts..good time!

Nicholas Pereira

Used to bowl league, pretty good place

william r

Best kept Lanes in rhody

Jessica Champney

Love Amanda the waitress at the bar

Brian Tavares

Used to go here very often as a kid, but the place has changed drastically since then. I've been back a few times on the weekend for bowling, and the experience is usually not so great. The price for bowling is pretty expensive unless you go during off-hours; the equipment like the shoes and balls all seem very worn; and more often than not the crowd coming from the bar and billiards area can be a little unsavory at night, which can sometimes ruin the bowling experience. This place on the weekend evenings has become more like a seedy bar than a bowling alley.

Urvi Patel

Nice place to hang out. People working are friendly and nice. We can have food and drinks.

Kathryn Pereira

So much fun! Very clean. Super friendly staff... We will return!

Barbara Brin

Nice family bowling alley

Josiah Strandberg

Very nice people and lots of automated lanes.

Ron Marcotte

Went there to play pool one late Sat night. Tables were nice but it was so bit pricey. Checked the price of bowling and found that pricey as well. Overall the place is really nice but if your on a budget there are other places with a better value.

Keisis melo

Pool tables, bar and bowling enough said

Alexander Ly

I met a really hot girl, there 5/5 because a 10/5 isn't an option?

Sara S Fisher

Good entertainment

Irina Vishevsky

Food is very good

Kevin Pelletier

Awesome place to take my 5 yr old son too for a few hours

donna peterson

Love this place! Friendly staff..clean lanes..always a great time at East providence Lanes!

Brianna Wilson

The bar tender was disrectpul and rude. Her custom service for her mistake was plain disrespectful. Needs to learn to slow down and don't get overwhelmed and maybe she wouldn't have let 3 people that order not pay. Will never come back

Daren Bulley

Great place. Clean and the people were friendly and helpful! We had fun!

Srivani Ch

U get good deals on Groupon ..ideal place to hang out with friends

Vanessa camargo

We really enjoy the place

Christine Nascimento

Fun place with friendly staff! Perfect place to take my 8y/o grandson. Bowling Plus Arcade fun

Giovanni Bisignani

Went on a Saturday night at about 1730. Paid for two hours. About 30 minutes of that 2 hours was waiting for the lane to be fixed over and over again after getting stuck 5 times. 2 of the 5 times the pin count was off so we would roll it down the gutter and still get a score of 7. Tried getting a refund for the hour we didnt even get to play or time added back on but was told by the cashier "we dont give refunds" then the manager said it would be fixed and still wasted 10-15 minutes on the final 2 times with no time added on. After paying $20 an hour and only playing about 1 hour 45 min with walking out with 11 minutes still on the clock. I do not recommend this establishment, atleast not lane 48 or when the manager Bob is on duty.

Debra Parent

The bowling is okay as they charge by the hour so you have to rush through your games. They have an arcade that is fun for kids but you need so many tickets to get a prize it costs a fortune

Joseph Chong

The kids enjoyed so much we will be back

Missy Garcia

Loved spending time with my nephew, Dean and looking fwd to going back. <3

al who

Bowling maybe okay, but pool area is horrible. places to sit, CRAMPED

Bernard Ringuette jr

Fun fun still waiting if they want me as security.

MzDami Bee

Fun time!! Great for family night or a night out with friends.

Cianni Vicente

The place put bumpers on for only 10 year olds and younger.

Stephanie T

A little pricey for one lane on a Saturday night but was clean and lots of fun so its worth it for a fun night out.


Very fun and enjoyable. Food out of the small “food court” is okay.

Leslie Pires

Well cared for lanes. Good balls and shoes. Polite people

Raymond Lemoi

Good place to have fun

Sonya Dufresne

Good place to bowl

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