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REVIEWS OF The New Hiester Lanes IN Pennsylvania

Maxwell Solensky

Not a great bowler myself, but love to go. Heister is great, service is good. Prices aren't terrible, especially if you can find a groupon on it.

Peter Simmons

There was a great deal on Groupon so we thought we'd try it out. Loved it!! We had a blast. We had food too. Shrimp basket, boneless wings. A good family time.

Luke Thomason

The guy at the front desk was a straight up dick. Poor manners, very rude. Not sure where he gets off being a total weirdo. Demanded money like we were supposed to bowl at his mediocre alley.


Had so much fun

Martita Polanco Cavarretta

Great friendly service

Cocomixchynadol Queen

Nice people n tell u about free training for bowling!!

Tom Sheldon

Decent place. Worst pizza ever. We had a great time. Bowled for 2 hours for $33 on a Groupon. Plus pitcher of soda and shoe rentals for 6. Nice staff. Will go again.

Will Bodkin

Fun clean atmosphere.... the guy running the counter gave us a great deal for 6 people

Mindy Rivera

Family environment Bowl play games skeet ball and eat cool place


Very fun here! Only complaint is the food is very substandard.

Ivan Perez

Cant go wrong with some bowling

Luisa M Martinez

We have a lot of fun

Mystery Wagon

Typical bowling alley. they do have a nice bar you can smoke in

Alane Falcone

Great service! Very clean! Would definitely recommend to others!

Kelly Nelson

Donated 300 Free gamea the the Youth of Reading June 9th at Bandshell City Park

Travis Bordley

Love their family glow night can't wait to do it again

Tj Maurer

Love this place

Themis Reyes

Service is suck in the main entrance, they need how to learn work with people

Alvarez Olivo

Good and reliable prices


Nice place, a bit pricey a lot of flashing lights gave me a headache but everyone has different preferences

Tara Green

I forgot just how fun bowling is. We went to Glow Bowling for my daughter's 12th birthday and it was great. Fun atmosphere and good music. Decent food for decent prices.

Bryant Valentin

This place is terrible as soon as we came into this place we were treated so rude. We were being harassed every single chance they had. Wouldn’t recommend this place to anyone

ismaly figueroa

Fun place, need new shoes

Boomer DL

Great place to bowl and spend some time with the family. Be sure to check out some of their package deals, great value!

melanie romero

First time there with my co workers. We had a blast

Suzanne sn

New Year's Eve was ablast with family, well organized

John Bessey

Good time had by one and all

Diane Shepler

Great place for family fun or a fun date night.

Julian Elliot

Good prices, the bar is filled with smokers which sucks.

death tiger productions

Omg amazing

C Tonkinson

Just stormed out of your establishment! Received coupons in the mail for the “new Heister Lanes” and visited the website for clarification on glow bowl for Saturday night times. Nowhere on the coupons nor your website stated you needed reservations. Stood in line for 15 minutes before your unprofessional staff informed us that they were booked and no lanes were available. Even though the 3 gentlemen asked us prior if we had reservations and we told them no. They are writing bowlers names on scrapes of paper to input in the computer. This place is a zoo. I will never come back. First time and last time. I’ll spend the money at Berks Lanes or Limerick. Also heard major complaints from customers about bumpers being broken for their kids and the lack of care the staff gave. This place for new ownership is horrible. Your staff needs to be trained and you guys should come up with a better organization tactic. Don’t even bother going. Just horrible. Unfortunately you have to give a star. If it was up to me I’d give them negative 5 stars. Waste of time. I will be writing on yelp, fb etc. so customers know what to expect and to not have high expectations on the so called “new ownership”.

Melissa Wilbanks

We went late and were the last people bowling for the day. The staff were nice and didn't get annoyed at us for having to wait til my friend ran to his car to find a quarter so that my daughter could get something from the vending machine at closing time lol

justin time

It was fun and inexpensive. I went on a Wednesday at Noon though.

Noneya Business

Always was a great place to go and bring the kids.

TacoKing 111

Lots of fun and good food but mechanics glitched out a bit

Douglas Dunn

Bowling was fun after a few beers. I beat my girlfriend at air hockey. She was all "ok Mr. Ice Hockey player, let's see what you got." I beat her two games in a row and it wasn't even close in either game. Poke the bull and ya get the horns. Did I mention they aslo have a nice selection of beer on tap.

Timothy Antosy Jr

The New Hiester Lanes has been restored to it's former glory the new owners have made great improvements to the bowling alley all the staff are friendly the food is good at the grill and bar and the Reading Comedy Outlet is awesome. The pro shop is fully stocked and ready to serve your bowling equipment needs. I would recommend Hiester Lanes to my family and friends for Bowling Fun!!!!

Kimberly Winters

Had a great time with the family.

Ryan Kepley

Thank you

Justin Hoffmann

Had a good family night, however the kids there are mostly disrespectful and almost trampled a 7yrold girl staff did nothing. Also the old guy at the register was an asshat.

Jessica W.

We have been here twice in the past week because the kids had so much fun the first time. The staff has been very friendly each time. Clean rental shoes are a plus (not every alley seems to have them). They have a nice hourly rental package if you want to stay that long.

patrick koch

Old school bowling, service was top notch, pizza was good

julie pitre

we had fun

Roberta McFadden

Customer service and organization not the best.

Ben McDevitt

Very old equipment practically a vintage bowling place but staff is a lot friendlier than berks lanes

shy raq

We had so much fun! It was clean, affordable and the food was good


Good service and nice shoes and lanes. They can get pretty full in the later afternoon so go early if you can. They have a bar so you can get a pitcher or a single beer during the day. At night the bar is open and fully staffed and serves drinks. Has live comedians most weekends. The food is good especially the burgers. Has a nice arcade and some pool tables. Great place for all.

franco Torres

I had a decent outing watching football & baseball..with my crew. Quesadilla , burger & wings were decent..bartender / male..very good @ his job...but no Johnny Walker...any where in site..

Marta Irene Aponte

Very Disappointed!! I've been coming here for years with my family. Usually Mondays or other days during the week. I came in yesterday On a Monday for Family Time and As Soon As I Walked up to the counter I Was Told I Couldn't walk in on a Monday because it Was "Leagues" Night and The Only Lane open was reserved earlier on the day. I thought this was a public place and never had an issue before and did multiple birthdays parties there. Mind you I saw other families there bowling with younger children. I was told I might have better chance on a different day and was offered the pool area with my 2 small kids. Thanks but no thank you I Will take my family elsewhere and you lost a good customer.

Dave Lehr

I did really like this place but expect to pay about double if your coming from bowl o ramma.

David Trego

Good place to bowl at.

Keith Bailey

Been sitting at the comedy show 45 minutes before it starts, no drinks, no food, out of bread items, no pizza one register for the bar, the comedy room and the bowling alley. Guess management didn't know there was a show.

Stacy Ortiz

This is a very affordable place to take the whole family

Coretta D

A very fun time was had by our crew and we got a great deal on Groupon. But the staff was ticked that we didn't make a reservation. I informed her that I spoke to their staff the previous night since I didn't know how that would work & wasn't instructed to...anywhoo the food was great and those workers were great and very welcoming.


Great bowling spot. They have games and an extensive concessions stand

Charles Kosmin

Good prices, friendly staff. Go for glow bowling at 10pm weekends on the same night the Reading Phillies are having a game. You'll be able to see their fireworks from Heisters Lot.

Amanda Brown

Love these bowling lanes. Even has a bar

Carr guyzz

Don't have pictures but my boys and i had a great time

keigh d

Only 1 billiards table inside smoke filled bar

Alan McDaniel

The new look and feel is awesome. The new scoring system is cool. The only thing they need now is new ceiling tiles.

William Massie

Nice place to take your family

Pete 1

Fun place!! Great place for family time

Jim Mills

I love this place. The prices are great and the place is clean. It is a very affordable family outing

Dave Mazzarelli

Fun w family

Mike Richman

Overall a very decent bowling alley. Great environment for people of all ages considering they have a bar section for adults, and an arcade for kids. My 2 complaints are the very expensive food ($6.49 for three chicken tenders) and the bathroom was out of both toilet paper and paper towels.

Dennis Ketterer

Definitely a cool place

Max Lorah

“New” most certainly does not mean, “better”. I just visited with my girlfriend and her two foster siblings. The one foster sibling, his name is Michael, only has one leg and is wheelchair bound. We saw online that this establishment was open today and wheelchair accessible. To sum things up, it is most certainly NOT wheelchair accessible. My girlfriend and I had to carry his wheelchair up a lip to get to the building, THEN carry him once more, up an even higher lip to get through the front door. I then stopped and went back to help an older woman with a baby in a stroller do the same to enter this place. Once we made it to the counter, I approached an older gentleman with a smile on my face (half annoyed with the wheelchair endeavor) only to have him say, “Not until 8:30.” In a booming, commanding voice. I looked at my watch and it wasn’t even 5:00. I asked, “What’s 8:30?” And he stopped typing at his register and finally looked at me and said, “You can’t bowl until after 8:30, we have a league coming in.” I looked around, a little dazed, and very confused. He then said, “What you should have done was call or come in ahead of time to see if there was a league today.” I told him that I did check the website and saw nothing about a league. He frowned and kept typing away. I have never reviewed any other establishment before. And I manage a local amusement park, and I would NEVER act his way, especially with nothing being posted online. To end things, I am home now, and the kids have stopped crying. I’m going to do what anybody else reading this message should do and PLAY Wii BOWLING with them to cheer them up. “New” Hiester Lanes doesn’t know how to run a proper business, and I will NEVER be back.

Donna Donnelly

Good time and not fuul packed.

Sean Baker

Cheaper than berks lanes and not as busy

William Bradbury

Everyone is friendly. Great time. Thanks guys.

Rebecca Martorell

I like the varity of things i can do. Bowling. Pool drinking arcade games. It's nice to have a few choose

Kimberly Somori

Fun place if you enjoy bowling

lacy chapman

Great place to eat and have fun with or without family.

booglegirl MMD

Had fun and Groupon helped save money

Randy Smith Jr

The Reading Comedy Outlet was excellent fun!

Tamra Epting

Went with my granddaughter's girlscouts. Hadn't bowled in 40 yrs. Had a great time. Neat, clean and reasonably priced.

Corey Fischer

Best no frills bowling alley in Reading area. Cheap bowling options, side bar for drinking and smoking, solid concessions stand and helpful staff.

Thomas Ulrich

Nice place to bowl with the family

rose rows

Because I love bowling with my son and friends there

Daniela jean

It was magical

Acromantis Crane

It was awesome and they also got some of the best

Jillian Ryan

Booked my son’s birthday party online for Hiester Lanes. After invitations for the party were sent and guests confirmed attendance, Lou called and said they were double booked for that time and didn’t have any lanes available for us for bowling. It didn’t seem like a huge deal, so I said that yes, we could try for a later time that Day for the party. Even though I called the next day to confirm a later time for the party, I was still called the day of the party and was asked if we were coming at a later time. When we arrived to Hiester Lanes, we stood in line and waited at the desk, then were not greeted or spoken to. Lou walked away from us and yelled to a woman “Birthday party’s here!” A few minutes later a woman came to us and didn’t greet us, smile, or introduce herself. She didn’t explain anything about the package I ordered for the party so I asked several questions, but she was vague in answering and not too friendly. The waitress throughout the party was helpful and did a pretty good job so I tipped her $40 on a $180 bill. While in the arcade with my son during the party, the woman from earlier (not so friendly one) approached me and said “thank you so much”. I said, “thanks, we’re having fun and you guys did a good job.” She then said, “Yeah well she only gave me $3 of the tip.”, and looked at me waiting for more money. I saved up the money for my son’s party and felt that the tip I left was already very generous, especially since my overall experience with the staff wasn’t that great. That lady didn’t even really do anything and was asking me for money. It was unprofessional, rude, and I will never go to Hiester Lanes again. Don’t book your party there.

Matt Bloss

Great bowling alley.

Jamar Gordon

Great ownership...they really do a amazing job!

kid S

Nothing new about this place. Its old and outdated. They removed the pool tables which sucks. Been going there for a long time to shoot pool. The bowling balls are all cracked and chipped bad, making it hard to bowl with. It needs to be updated.

Robert youngs

Go have fun with family & friends

Cathi Fegley

I hope the one guy isn't grumpy all the time.. other than that, they stepped up the arcade, its clean, and fun atmosphere.

Erin Teague

Excellent place to bowl! We used a Groupon which worked seamlessly! Had a great time with 12 people. The staff were exceptionally friendly and the food prices were as reasonable as a bowling alley gets. We had one toddler bowl and they helped us without complaints when her ball got stuck in the gutter a few times. We will be going back!

Savage Nyte

We we're kicked out early and not refunded of the time we lost while getting kicked out on early

Joe Fylypowycz

It's a bowling alley. I've never seen one that was any different than any other one. Bar, snacks, shore rental, etc. Nice folks.

Manlia Gonzalez

Best place at Reading PA. Is were you can enjoy with the family

Renee Troutman

had fun bowling w my family on a sunday afternoon...was a very good day ..

Joe Potteiger

Good family fun on a Sunday afternoon.

Madison Grider

So cool. Insanely fun. A little busy.

Ohana Girl

THE people at the front desk where so rude didn’t get any smiles. I definitely won’t be going there anytime soon again. I don’t even give them a star they get zero from me .

Courtnee Burke

Wish they would spread you out more on days they are not so busy. They throw in an area with people on both sides of you, meanwhile on the other side the place is empty. Had to ask the older gentleman behind the counter to turn the music up because you could barely hear it and he looked at me like i was asking for a million dollars. They need more air circulation..after one game it was so stuffy in there, had to go into the bar area to cool down. Bar on the otherhand had great drink prices, which actually was surprising and bartender was very courteous.

Edwin Cortez

Great time with great people

Eric Heim

I bowl here all the time. It is my favorite bowling alley. Friendly staff and good leagues.

Rob Rod

Great family fun

JayGee 03

Nice place to hang out with friends

Rick Davis

Fun time bowling and the kids loved the pizza

Kurt Shollenberger

It's a very nice place and that cheeseburgers are awesome

Anthony D

Fun spot. I will go again!

Rhina Alvarado

Good place for family time also on budget.

Eatmup OnSit

YoYo. Diz place iz Popn they got everything

Kim Spinka

Lots of fun

Dale Johnson

Wife and I had a great time.

Johnna Willman

Had a blast. Try to get here once a month

Chris Boone


Jess Reyes

Great Bowling Alley. Friendly place.

James Mahoney

Great for birthday parties or having a beer and bowling


Great prices on bowling and pizza. The place is a bit outdated and could use some renovations but the staff was friendly. They also have an arcade for kids as well.

Erica Crowley

The bartender was very nice and good at her job. Some of the items food and drinks were a little expensive. All in all fun place

Michael Hackbart

Very nice place first time I was there

heriberto rivera

My experience there was not very well I came in and pay $14 for Glow Bowl a person for unlimited bowling from 10-1 and I get told at 12 there are closing early cause it's not busy am I not a paying customer so if your telling to leave early I should get some money returned to me cause I didn't work till 1 like the Bowl Glow is suppose to be.It was advertised that they were having a live band there lol that was false advertising it was a screen with music video. We also went to the Bar and the person at the bar didn't even know prices of the drink took her 5 minutes to find a price I don't know what's going on there but I wasn't happy at all

werecat podguski

Been bowling there for years the staff is wounderful and polite

BornWithAGift Lorenzo

Prices should be better, but overall nice bowling experience. They also have 2 pool tables!

Sonia Nina

Family fun

Ryan Grogg

Solid family entertainment. Complete experience.

The Twisted Gamer

It was a fun place to be. However, I was basically robbed of 15 dollars. While at the food counter I had ordered something for 5 dollars but only had a 20 dollar bill. So I expected 15 dollars change. But no, I was handed a couple coins. After I confronted the employee about it she said that I didn't give her a 20 and that she did it right when I know for a fact that I gave her a 20 for something worth 5 dollars. I was very angry. Be vigilant with your money.

Evelyn Colon

Fun for all the family!

Shannon Ketterer

Love the bowling there

Mark Ingram

Great after school program for elementary kids! We started family bowling days with our friends and always have an awesome time. Friendly staff and reasonable prices.

Darlene Schenck

The lanes, scoring computers and staff are nice. The owners might consider starting to buy new bowling shoes to gradually replace the old worn out stock.

Jeffrey Hogue

Good time and good people

Almost_Twins Sherman_buzzfeed

I love the bowling and the people are nice...good lanes.

Jonathan Castro

Love playing here on sundays

Robert Burk

Girls University tournament...great fun

Gioldy Carrasco

Nice peoples and cool place to take the famz...

Speak On It

Great prices and a great family atmosphere

Kristyn Bealer

Lots of fun!

Patti Bedics

Unprofessional staff.

Beth Gumble

Nice family place for fun

Vicki Henry

I bowl in the summer & winter leagues at Hiesters. I've been coming here weekly for the past 5+ years because of their friendly staff and the other league bowlers. Bonus: upgraded equipment was installed last year.

Sabastian Wenrich

Fast fun

michael stine

Geat place to roll!

Pedro Garcia

Had a great time at the Hiesters lane Comedy club!!!

Brad Dennis

Ok place. Looking a little tired and outdated though.

Matt D

This is a good place to bowl but it needs some upgrades

Luis Garcia

Excellent,place Great People. A very nice place to be with family and friends.

Robert Matson

Just finished our state tournament. Well run and very organized.

Lee Cruz

Super good

Loah Say

Great, family friendly, and super fun. They have great specials for any bowling fanatic.

Fernando Colon

Great place to have fun

Donna Hope

I wanna say that it's not fair when you pay to bowl for 3 hrs then get told after 2 that they are closing early because no one was there. Ummmm exscueme but we paid for 3hrs no good seriously. I will never go back. Then bartender charged me 6.50 for a drink and boyfriend goes in and she charges him 4.50 for sane drink smh not a good place to go

Emma Evans

Really nice bowling alley with a little arcade and food. I would take off a star bc it was very busy when we went on a Saturday afternoon and the staff wasn't very friendly

Janettaa Lara

Staff is always friendly. Prices are affprdable. Food is not bad for a bowling alley.

Barry Buchter

Great bowling alley. Very nice, very clean. The pro shop guy is awesome and everything I got from him has been on point. All in all a great place.

David Nuss

Always a fun family time!

julie wenrich

always have fun... expensive unless can find coupon...but some of the workers r rude...

Nick Loness

recently renovated... no frills bowling alley.

Stacy Dietrich

Great place to bowl. Yummy food too

Sammy Lafferty

M5y son loves this place

Leighton Long

Not new

Nicole Weaver

A great place to go with kids. They do glow bowling and we had a blast playing. Courteous staff and good deals.

Adam Engelman

Best place for bowling in Berks! Food is awesome, staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Never crowded.

Ryan Wolf

The good, it's a bowling alley. Food is cafeteria style frozen food. Maybe a little too frozen on the night we were there. Great prices though. Better than sitting at home reviewing places I've visited.

Betzabeth Espin

Really good inexpensive menu, the staff there greets you and attends to your needs. I enjoy myself and so does my family.

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