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100 Eagle Valley Mall, East Stroudsburg, PA 18301, United States

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REVIEWS OF Skylanes Bowling Center IN Pennsylvania

Parth Parekh


Vin Tarchine

Francesco pomara

Dennis Gordon

This is a great bowling alley with restaurant quality food and a nice game room. We had my daughters birthday party there and all of my guests loved the place too.

Shua Talansky

Our lane kept getting stuck

Samantha Marrero

Nice place but they don't have a food bar anything before 4pm. I brought my children at 1pm and ended up having to leave in the middle of our second game because they were hungry . There was nothing available but vending machines that didn't work.


This place sucks. The games are overpriced and they scammed me out of 2 games that I paid for. I would reccomend not going there. Additionally, the worker I talked to was a little condescending prick and was no help.

George K

Good food service. Was out in under 20 minutes. Clean area. Ok atmosphere. Music was good. Beer was very cold. A plus for that. Bartender was nice.

Dj Simmy

Nice place. Other patrons are very bloody rude

Nikolas Becerra

Good place to spend wuality time with fam and friends. Plenty of lanes and 3 pool tables and a small bar area

Tricia Novack

The food is delicious. The majority of the staff is kind and helpful but the two female bartenders are rude and constantly nasty to customers.

Grey Matter

Josh Nichols

My wife, kids and myself visited Sky lanes today and had an overall good experience. Minor technical difficulties with our lane but extra time was added to compensate for repair time. During this time we decided to order some food which is done through the bar. First of all, there was nobody at the bar and i had to wait a few minutes for service while the bartender went about doing her thing. I place my order, which consists of her pouring a beer, filling 2 cups of soda and pressing some buttons on a computer. Worth a tip of $5? You would think so? Food arrived and one item was missing. I returned this time to ask about the missing item while she was eating. There was no apology, no reason it wasn't there. There was only this statement "You're going to have to pay for another cheeseburger" I guess this meant she never ordered it? It seemed as if i was more of a bother while she was eating at the front desk. My wife then went to the bar before we left and asked for 2 boxes to go for the kids leftovers. Bartenders response - " I only have 1 small box but here's a big box. At this point we left. We have 2 kids, they wanted their own boxes. I'm sure you have another little box, but that may mean you have to go get one instead of having it right there. I rarely write reviews, but saw a bad review about the bartender and i wouldn't be surprised if it was the same one. Front desk staff was excellent! You wouldn't find the bartender working in my establishment though...

Danielle Harvey

Affordable family fun. Staff is friendly and courteous. Great place for kids parties.

Oneaka warren

Pretty nice bowling alley.

Pusheen :3

It's empty so I get to mess up a lot

Carolyn Benton

Equipment needs improvement

Jason Fisher

It is fun, a bistro is connected to it, and they play music at the lanes.

christian saltos

Nice place to take the family to. Location not ideal.

Montoya Evans

I had a good time.

Anthony Acevedo

Good times and can have food delivered there

Josh Elyash

Fun place, clean

Neal Sutton

Great place to enjoy an afternoon with family and friends.

Raymond Cuadrado

outdated and staff wasnt very friendly


Great bowling alley that has stood the test of time..Awesome renovations done to the place with a restaurant. Grear place for a kids party.

Roy Horton

Staff is indifferent to you being there. They let you know that you are interrupting their casual conversations by giving you the "you're bothering me" look. Tonight we actually had to wake the bartender up from a nap in her chair. We came bowling with a child and they put us on a lane with broken bumpers. Place is very dated.

Leslie Roberts

Decent place for family and friends to have some clean fun, would love to know what time the pro shop functions.

Ben Inbar

The bowling here is fine, I wouldn't recommend eating here though. Pizza is all right but everything else is pretty bad.

Jessi Bear

Nice place to take the kids or for a nice weekend adult get together.

Dorian Royal

Nice Place. We had the option of choosing open well lit lanes or Lanes with dim lighting, large screen TV’s and blaring music videos and animated scoring monitors. My teenage daughter preferred the music and mood lights of course. Overall we had a good time except for having to reset our game once, and also having to fix the belt to return our balls. It would be nice if they had discounted rates for kids or large group. Two games with a group of four was almost $100 on a weeknight.


The best bolling ever

Narissa Cooney

It is fun for the family

Traci Slutter-Sykes

We have Family fun here for years especially when its too cold to do anything outside. Food is a little pricy for a bowling alley, but it is okay b4 or after & u will be strait.

Cecil Louison

Duane Brown

No lanes available we visited the bowling alley on two occasions and both times they were leagues no lanes available the games are kind of old they took our kids money and they were open lanes that they wouldn't let us use

Deborah Hooks

This was our first time there, we enjoyed Celebrating my Grandsons 13th birthday there, looking forward to our next visit.

Jahaira Boyce

It is a nice place but they need friendlier staff. Every time I go there they all seem annoyed.

Erika Penny

Regular bowling but still bowling

irene haddock

gjg 6107

It's the only one in the region.

Afraz Bacchus

Pretty good family friendly everyone was nice just sometimes the machine gets glitchy and puts down 1 less pin but nothing a simple reset wont fix

J. Pal

Prices are too high and food is very low quality

Ranier Simons

Awesome lanes with lots of character and great mixed drinks.


I was just in the parking lot, but it looks to noisy for me, but again if you like a noisy place, this might be a good fit for you, otherwise I can't say anything one or the other, as I'm not a regular

Erich Wenis

Easy to get to. Expensive for a family of four for just two games ($60+). Clean. Decent quality equipment.

Briea Moyer

I called this place to find out if I could book a party here and I was looking for the same package that they offer for the birthday party but for a shower and the answer was no, I couldn't book the private room or a pizza party or any sort of package even though they offer it. I was asking for more information and the owner flat out hung up on me without answering any questions. They have plenty of packages online that they apparently "don't offer". Poor advertisement and poor customer service. I would not book this place even for a kids party based on this.

John Mccarthy

The people working seemed like we were disturbing them while talking to each other. I thought it was a little over-priced for bowling and the food was definitely over-priced considering how not good it was. At least the beer was ice-cold. The manager seemed like a nice enough guy, but was not very helpful at all. Definitely will not be going back.

Karol Hernandez

It was awesome


Too many unsupervised kids for my taste but still a nice alley

Jhoni Baez

Nice place to enjoy with the family

BK Read

Fun place. Friendly staff, good food, and cold beer!

Isaiah Chensel

Sabrina is an amazing bartender!

Michael Christie

I like this all but the lanes r way too oily and the customer service is way way sub par..... at least look at someone in the face as ur taking their money!!! Also have some kinda personality, looking like dope heads are running the place.. AND THE PIZZA!!!! If u wanna call it that...more like cardboard with cause please..... And don't dare get any of the other trash they try to pass of as good.....u will regret spending ur money......Probably needs better management....Good luck with all that, I'll only come back if I don't feel like driving far to bowl...

Jake K

Best bowling in the area.

Troy Leonard

Michael J. Zito

Good place to go bowling! Except for the one of the bowling alleys not working, everything else was great!

Mario Needham

Samuel Heidorn

Michael Roberts

Nadine Chang

Went on a Saturday morning wasn't too crowded. Had a great time with my Mom who went for the first time.

Philip George

Nice spot for family fun.

nick devita

Good place to have fun.

Nicollette Kaczmarek

Bad experience

Danielle Hubbard

Fun times

Jeff Richar

Has a nice bar

Christi Austin

Ratchet place. Just witnessed a bar fight that was incited by a trashy bartender and her boyfriend sitting by the bar. No bouncers or security. Minutes before a mother had to push the guy out for throwing bowling ball next to her child. We asked for a refund and left. Not safe and the bartender needs to be fired, if not put in jail.

allison beach

Had a great time but call ahead to see their leauge times fir the day so you dont get beat out of your own game

Cindy Lou Hank

Can you please give me music by good food and good cocktails

Barbara Crocker

Nice big place. They have arcade things in back n a nice place to sit n eat.


Games ans coin machine dont really work. Didnt bowl so dont now about that experience.

Gavi Liebowitz

No selection of balls

Gablilah Nicole

Its oksy here. Nothing fancy or super nice. The food isnt really good. The prices for bowling are a little high.

Dylan Shively

Pretty nice place. Good prices

Guy Storm

William Little

Great social place! Quick service even if something goes wrong with your lane (ball/pin gets stuck, etc.). Easy place to have some fun.

Monique Green

Great place for family and friends to hangout

Heather Gitto

It was awesome food was great

Samantha Alexandra

I have been coming here since 2002 when I was a little girl and I was a little disappointed with my last visit on January 18th 2019; I got engaged here which was the first place I have met my Fiancee so it was really special to me. The manager TJ that was working that night was not helpful at all. I was told by my Fiancee that he was given trouble trying to make this as perfect for me as he could. It first started with the several phone calls my Fiancee was making to him that he was given attitude when asking him questions. He then goes in the day of asking if it's still okay to do the proposal here, when he asked he thought it was for the 13th and not for the 18th, then they discussed on making a signal for when to change the song when he was ready to get on one knee. The night of my sister simply wanted to know if it was possible for the lights to be dimmed, turned on, or a spotlight (if possible), she was told by TJ that he didn't know what switch it was to do that. Even if all the lights got turned on that side would've been fine, but as manager we found that odd that he didn't know what switch it was. When my sister was talking to the bartenders they even knew what switch it was and was trying to make it possible to do so. When it was about to happen when we got there they discussed the signal again when I wasn't around and TJ acted like he didn't know what he was talking about. When my Fiancee got over to our lanes the proposal had to be rushed because the song already started playing on full blast being so loud to the point where you couldn't even hear anything. Other than that I thoroughly enjoyed my time there with the bartenders they were extra sweet and helped as much as possible I appreciated them greatly we just wished their was better communication with the manager with a special time like this.


Abbey Marycela Diaz

I had a great fun time

LoriAnn Benner

My family has been coming here for many years. Loads of fun for all ages

Shaun Reyes

The place is nice but omg the lady behind the counter was so rude and nasty. We rented 3 lanes and the snack bar was not hope until 2. They had a tournament going and the other side was full why not have the snack bar open? Not even a vending machine to buy drinks. We ended up going to the store across the street to by drinks

Dani T

I have been going to skylanes for over a year now and enjoy the atmosphere immensely, I dont like the bar scene and going out to main street so this is a great alternative. There is generally never any issues that go on there and everybody knows everybody. The bar had one issue and it was a customer that was cut off on drinks which prompted that individual and the party they were with to attack the bar in general. I would recommend anyone to go there whether it be a night having a few drinks or bowling with the family.


The actual bowling alley is fine. The food is terrible and it's dingy and dirty inside. Would not recommend going here.

John Rivera

Great family time!!!!

Ethan Cabrera

shawn laBadie

brandy martinez

Oddly you pay before bowling and we were charged more for the 2nd game than we were the first. Still enjoyed the activity despite the over charge

Angel Mercado

Pretty nice place. Went to Skylanes for the first time last week with wife and kids. The place looks good. We went around noon mid-week so there was no food or bar service which was disappointing. But the lady our front was kind enough to give us menus to order in. Good bowling, price is little high for games ($4.50) compare to our usual bowling location which is ($3.50) plus shoes. Nice little game room with pool tables.

Angel Zambrano

John Wittig

Another successful kids party. Good price, fun activities. Excellent!

Larina N

Please fix the air hockey tables! I get that this is a bowling alley, but why have other arcade amenities if they won't adequately function?

Matt Caputo

Bowling is fine, but the bar staff sucks.

jack miller

Very cool place and fun for everyone. Very reasonable prices.

Rebecca Ace

nice place

Eugene Shagenov

Bowling ball collection is very disorganized and popular ball types are close to impossible to find. Hard to find staff to help you at times.

Travis Bobb

Yolanda Williams

Lots of fun and inexpensive!

Timothy Mccombs

Great Times

Miles Rooks

James M

I am sometimes in a wheelchair and there is a ramp right to the bowling lanes but only one lane. There are vending machines. The shoes are okay.

Dmitry Shvetsov

Pamela Wnuk

Good place to bowl if you live off the top of mountain. Bar is not consistently open at a set time. Lanes are dirty and need to be cleaned. Hands and your ball get black from the lane. Sometimes the pins stick or don't reset correctly so you need to get the desk to fix it.

Blake HART

It was nice you can drink there. Really calm atmosphere somewhere where you and the family or family and friends can go and have fun.

Vanessa Belton

We went with a big group and had a blast! I've also had my son's bday party here and it was fun. The adult drinks are also very good.

Jose Galarza

Monika Lupinska

Nice place

Brady Candell

This bowling alley has many lanes, and they are split into two distinct areas. They often have themed bowling events going on which are quite fun. The food is good and the drinks are cheap.

Michael Ehasz

This place has many lanes and a good variety of bowling balls to choose from. They also have an arcade with games including pool, air hockey, and skiball.

Mikhail Veygman

The place has much improved since the 2013/4. We've had several birthday parties there for my son and he's been happy with it. The lanes have been updated and the restaurant that is attached to the bowling alley has nice food if anyone wants it. They still suffer a little bit from the "enthusiasm" of service but that is not bad at all.


Mindi Vento

Great family fun, reasonable prices

Kevin C

Fun and clean.

Morgan Roberts

Rude staff. I’ve been here twice. Second time that I went I was hoping my experience would be better but it was not.

Allison Novak

I've been going here for 20 years between leagues or just fun. The updates they've made are really great and worth while. Can be a little more pricey than other places but I will always gravitate here.

Kelly Millard

Decent place to bowl with the family on a Friday night. Kind of the "midnight bowling" feel with lights and music. LOTS of little kids if you are there earlier but that eases up as it gets later. Drink delivery from the bar to your lane is handy.

Evelyn Vale

Play during the day, evening place lights up. Food ordering and cocktails ordered make it more fun

frank digeloromo

Step back in time? needs to be updated badly...

Stacey Torres

Good prices, cute place

shane leddy

Old timey but up to date. Connected to a great resaurant!

Jon Galloway

heather garner


Ryan Crews

The staff were friendly and helpful

Lorraine Hall

Kyle Cramer

Robert Maresca

Great prices great bowling

Tyrone Brown

Lots of fun food is good games for the kids and the adults drink so nice Nice time for family night or date night

Eddie Hampton

Richard Kohler

Nice and clean bowling alley

Rob V

Not bad if you like outdated Christmas screens in the middle of summer

Awilda Castillo

Nice place for the whole family, god prices and specials and very clean.

Aneisha Andrews-Lake

My Husband and I had a great time even though a staff member was rude

Gabriella Ascolese

Really fun

Erin Point

Not family friendly. Arrived 5:20 for bowling. Lanes open with people bowling. The hours posted list 10Am-10Pm. Boy working at counter indicated they closed at 4 and no lanes were available. If I could give zero stars I would.

Opal_ Hummingbird



April Radicella

Great prices on bowling.... nice place

Tonyeaka Fitch

Fun for family

Dan Mejia

Great place, wonderful staff. Food portions sre big. Get your

mic hooey

Overpriced, pizza terrible, most other food very greasy

Carmen Flores

Good for kids teenagers

Doug Payne

This place is over priced, dirty, and the lanes didn't work multiple times. Video screens for the rock and bowl session are outdated as was the music selection. Better to drive half an hour away for a better place and price.


Kenrick J

Bowling alley, pool table, game machines, food and a bar. Not bad. Shoes look clean. Lane and shoe rental starts at 1hr.

Ogechukwu Enemchukwu


Anna Marie Fremount

mariela santos

Sekar Davis

The place was clean and the waitress was great even though she had alot of multitasking to do. But over all great atmosphere and kid friendly environment.

Yanky Lefko

Great place

Jo Pal

Nice staff good price

Jason Zielinski

The bar has johnny walker....

Calvin Rodriguez

Have always had a memorable time here, the staff is not the most pleasant and whenever speaking/asking for help I have felt like I’m annoying them, however there’s isn’t many bowling/arcade options in town and this one does not fall short of a good time.


Perfect pla e to go bowling with the kids.

Chesky Schwartz

Nice quiet area.

Steven Heimbach

Not the nicest bowling alley ever, but it's passable. A lot of lanes though.

Carol H. Van Norman

Fun times, good food

Andrew Rutkowski

Nice family place

jouma jalou

The workers are nasty and lazy. We called before we got there to reserve 3 lanes and they told us only one lane available. When we got there there was 5 lanes available and the worker in the front was making excuses that didn’t make sense.

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