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REVIEWS OF Round1 IN Pennsylvania

Adam Simpson

Round 1 is the perfect place for new comers and casual arcade fans. Atmosphere is clean and exciting, with dazzling and flashing lights. A wide variety of games are offered, including DDR, guitar hero, skeeball, and other arcade favorites.

Tanisha Ystad

So much fun. Bowling. Pool. Arcade. Claw machines. Beer and wine. Decent prices. Open till 2am.

Princess Dejour

We need more skeeball machines

Ashley Lane

Really fun arcade. My boyfriend and some friends have had tons of fun here and we continue to enjoy it every single visit. I don’t care much for the tickets/rewards, so I’m not sure how fairly they’re priced. I wouldn’t waste time on the claw games, just because they’re usually rigged. Just try to have fun with the games that aren’t attempting to cheat you out of money.

Master Russell

Fun place for kids or family or just hangin with your peeps. Tons of games good lanes and beer. What more could you ask for? Well I suggest 1 thing, more pool tables! We waited 45 mins to get a table but granite it was a Friday night but geesh. Always a blast when we come here though!!

Danitxa Orta

This was one of the best arcades I have visited. It's huge and it was pretty busy.

Brian Baglivo

It was a great place and overall good night out . my only complaint was the wait for a beverage

Jamie McClure

Food isn't that great but the arcade and bowling is fun. Atmosphere is good.

luke schmale

Lucky strike is better in my opinion

Andrew Palmer

Worst service ever. Waited 10 minutes at the bar with no response. I walked over to the food service area and asked if the bar was told. Their response? “I’m the only one here,” with someone standing right next to them. I went back to the bar thinking that someone would be by to help. After another 5 minutes I asked if I could please have a beer and was once again told, “I’m the only one here,” as I’m still looking at two employees. Gave up on ordering a beer and went to bowl with my family. Later my wife went back to the food service area to order food. Seemed simple enough but after another 5+ minutes of waiting for a single person to show up she walked away. On the plus side because they made it so hard to spend money I probably saved a few bucks. Luckily this place won’t have to worry about me spending money here ever again.

yuvan maran

I have been here for plenty of times only few staffs are good ,mostly Very poor customer service ! The staffs & supervisor need to be trained to be how to behave with customer.

Anethan Vongsouthi

I enjoyed it. There is a variety of games to play. Prizes could be better. I did not like that the Japanese machines in the corner were not English friendly. Short staffed.

Kurtz Baratier

This place is my happy land. I've been coming here alot now- last time was on my birthday. The ticket games were surprisingly easy to win for me; I guess watching videos on YouTube helped. I'm still bad at crane games, but I think I'm making progress- you see, the games here are not broken; it just takes practice. Kinda like playing DDR. It took me over 14 years to get decent at it... :') Overall, I always have fun every time I go. I sometimes do karaoke too, and usually have no problem at all with anything. (If anything, the only problem would be the fact that I can't do screamo in the karaoke room.) But yeah, the place is clean, the folks are nice, and I'm excited to come back soon! EDIT: Came here on June 29th again, and they had DDR A20. CaN I giVE tHis SIx stArS!?!?

Kaiah Westerfield

The staff were freaking amazing!!!! I kept sucking at these skilled game over and over. They set me up to win and I was so thankful and happy for the friendly understanding staff. I appreciate the helpfulness. The guidance on how to play these tricky claw machines. My children love the plush!

Abdel Bezzaz

Awsome,fun place

Belay Tesfaye

for me i don't suggest to go there you wait a long line to play a pool & every one houre you stand a line & if someone need a pool they kiki you out from the game

James Loura-Bumps

Not from the area, but it made a great first impression. Lots of games to choose from, almost all the machines were working. Enjoyed my time there.

Clinton Greene

Awesome mix of crane games and authentic, up to date Japanese arcade games! Love bringing a big crowd of my friends who have never been!

Aaron Marx

Good place, lots of fun

Jennifer Hart

It's nice and very plate people there and my kids had a very nice time I will give

P I Forsyth

This place is really fun to go to! We had my buddy's bachelor party there. The pizza we had was pretty darn good, there's a bowling alley, a bar, and cup holders on the arcade games. Our favorite and unexpected favorite feature was the karaoke room. Talk about fun! You get a room to yourselves, couches, and a stage. It's perfect for a good fun time with family and friends. They have table tennis and many other features and games as well. I highly recommend Round1!


The latest video and redemption arcades as well as hot new imports!

Rhae Soleil

Great place for bowling

Carlos Torres

You will find games here that you like, never knew existed, and forgot about, I guarantee it. Plenty of games, good atmosphere, 100% am planning to go again!

Jennie Acevedo

Very nice! They stay open till 3 am

Jerry Shen

Camera her for karaoke, decent setup, could be better. No disco lights. Their catalog may be hit or miss. Why not have a Chromecast feature or something? Pricy pizza (but expected, ~$18 for large cheese pizza) but the wings are pretty good (18pcs for $20.99-$21.99) Two mics in the room, uses the Healsonic app, no free wifi here.

Jaden Stock

Relatively cheap bowling and pool pricing (compared to ACME across the road for example). Generally the food isn't great and the beer selection is limited. The arcade is alright, better than Power Play in bellevue in terms of size and price.

Matthew Tieu

Place was huge! Has a variety of games including classic arcade, fighting, Japanese claw games, karaoke, bowling and ping pong. It’s a bit expensive, but still a nice place for parties.

Chanyeols Koya

Super fun! Great games, great customer service, it's definitely worth a visit if you love hanging out and playing arcade games.

lovelylinda 22

I really appreciated the effort that was put to bring Japanese style of karaoke and arcade. The only disappointing factors was that the karaoke could be better if there were curtains and the ability to dime the lights as well as have some new couches because they were just old with leather that was peeling and uncomfortable. As for the arcade, it was misleading. Almost every other machine wasn't working or had missing parts. I did appreciate having real DDR though. The prizes were actually cute things that I wanted. I'm also thankful that they had a military discount for karaoke. This may not be exactly as what I was hoping for, but it was worth the money and was really enjoyable.

Angel Maldonado

They definitely need to improve the quality of their food products... Soda machine was out of syrup in all the flavors except Coke, their pizza taste like microwave

Jon Daily

Great fun overall. This visit there were a lot of games broken or defective and not all staff was very friendly but that's to be expected anywhere.

Danny Kaiser

The best selection of arcade machines and amazing Japanese rhythm and fighter imports.

Aza Mendez Mtz

It's a good place to spend with friends.. I have a lot fun..

Michael Davis

Bowling and karaoke? Do you need more? Love this place.

Brian Reyes

Went there this morning and their server was down and it wouldn't allow any card or cash payments to go through. This place seemed dysfunctional and the bathroom was pretty sketchy too.

RaShaun J

This place isn't the closest to me, but if your into arcades this place can't be passed up. Personally I go for the Japanese import games (which are usually updated and in good condition) but if you're into more traditional light gun and racing games they have a decent selection of those too. Bowling and karaoke is also offered. Definitely recommend

Rob Kenney

This place was surprisingly a lot of fun! It brought back memories of younger days hanging out in the arcade. We ended the night with a 99cent ice cream cone. We will be back.

Lucent X

Wonderful place to hang out and play imported videogames! Always a pleasure to spend time here.

Madhusudan Mallick

Great place to hang out with friends and family

Justin Galczynski

This place is GREAT!!! For kids and adults alike. My girlfriend and I love this place. Great games and prizes, the reloadable cards are a fantastic idea. Highly recommended!!!


It has exciting new games, and a variety of mechanical splendor

Roger Stone

Round 1 represents the finest of bowling alley heydays during the 70s and 80s, from a Japanese perspective. This particular location is a bit cramped and dated but it doesn’t matter much. Round 1 is still one of the best places in the Seattle metro area for slick shoes, greasy food, stiff drinks, and a great arcade!

Bill Koppel

Went here for a company party. Lots of arcade games. Bowling was available, but there weren't enough shoes in the right sizes for our group. Food wasn't that great. I've been to much better bowling/arcade venues.


This was such a fun spot. Only beer and wine. Great crowd for date night. Will return.

Michael Zwiers

Always a great time, fun for all ages, cheap drinks for adults.

Jack Walker

Could easily be way better if they had a better more professional staff, rude, very un-experienced only seek a company solution not a customer resolution

Connor Y

I just loved this place. It had great and fun video games which we enjoyed so much they had skillball, japanese, and ticket games! We also did bowling which was super fun and they had really quality bowling shoes with great prices. I would defintely go again they also have a food court near here where you can get food but they also sell normal food in round 1 such as hot dogs, hamburgers, ice cream and much more!

Aaron Huynh

Great activity center for all varieties of fun for kids to the adults is have a little fun time with their kids or just let have fun while you bowl or sit at the bar your picking


Overall it's not a bad place to check out if you are looking for something to do. My main complaints are a lot of the games are broken or seem like they jip you out of tickets. A lot of the games are overpriced as well for what they are and everything is pretty dirty. One last issue is that the way they have it set up for getting beer is terrible. Be prepared to stand in line for 20+ mins just to get a beer because they funnel you into one line and only take 1 order at a time. I would probably come back but there are better barcades out there if you are willing to drive a little further.

Brennan B.

One of the only places in the state to play some amazing imported Japanese arcade games! Just plan on waiting in line for some of the more popular ones, such as "Sound Voltex"!

Valthroc Jenkins

I just want to thank the managers for turning a great night into an amazing night! Came in late at night, played a bunch of machines, did bowling before we left, won some stuff, and especially the cat :)! Absoulty love this place, thanks again for being an amazing staff team, cant wait until my next visit :)!

Kitty Queen of Chaos

Pretty disappointed in this place recently. It has the potential to be a fun and it used to be. I play ddr there quite frequently and used to enjoy playing the ufo crane machines in between games. Lately they have changed the machines to make it harder if not impossible to win without dumping huge sums of money into it. Even then you walk away with nothing. They made the credits less by .2 but the games harder. They don't seem to keep up with restocking the machines when things have been won or fixing broken ones. They are nice when you ask to reset or retock the machines but it gets frustrating to keep having to ask when they should have someone who is just in charge of the machines. How can you win things if there is nothing to win or the machines have been out of order for weeks. Again I really love this place but it's not worth the money you spend and get nothing in return when you used to make out pretty well with winning at least one thing. Winning the plushies made me want to come back and spend more. Now I just leave frustrated and less interested in coming back.

Yade Cai

Over priced & games are out dated

Yady Ortiz

My kids kids lost their play card even before they started playing. 30down the drain you would say? Not at all. Joshua the manager made our experience fantastic. Even though we had refilled our old card using cash and couldn't find the receipt he looked up the history of our card and reissued the card and points. Excellent customer service and better yet the kids were happy. Another great Round One experience. Thanks to Joshua and team!

Miguel Hernandez

I always make it a point to go there when visiting in WA.

b l

A little taste of what a real deal Japanese arcade is like! Wide variety of arcades sure to entertain all ages! Billards, bowling, darts, ping pong, and karaoke too! Be prepared to spend a good amount of time here!

Perry G

Prices are ridiculous! Claw machines were made impossible and a lot were "broken". My family and I will not be back ever again.

Sarah Sanchez

(4.5) Good quality games, Generous staff, Welcoming vibes, We got the $40 worth of credits for adults and $20 worth of credits for kids. And I enjoyed it.

Fury Nick

When they opened um 2 or 3 years ago I really liked the location. But since then there have been good changes and not so good changes. The bad more machines are broken down then in the beginning. The price per play has gone up 20 to 40%. The skill games have fewer top end prizes. Ok the good they have more games and some brand new ones as well. The have more interactive activities like ping pong and pool. But I'm done with the place and gave away my game card.

Daniel GW

Had some time to kill so went in to play some video games. Prices seemed reasonable, they have a bunch of different options that can get overwhelming, but they are very helpful in explaining them. Was surprised by the selection of games including a bunch of Japanese games. All and all thought it was a good place with a lot of options to keep yourself entertained.

Emily Barron

Love the karaoke rooms and ufo catchers

Elaine O

Lots of fun games and activities! The machines are kept up very well and they keep putting in new ones every time I check. There are tons of cute ticket prizes as well and I love the photo booths!

Steve V

Great service. Nice, clean place. Company outing was a huge success.

Roger S

On 12-05-18 Fire alarm went off at 12:15 am and , me and my friends where in the middle of the game which we paid for all nigh for bowling $63 and change, and we where outside for awhile and so I asked the manger it’s too cold could you do anything or give me refund, the shift manger stayed he can give me a free round but I have to wait round, but I told him I couldn’t because I had to wrk in the morning also and me and my friends where. It sure when we where going to get together again anytime soon, and I wanted a refund, he refused and told me I had to wait , so I got round 1 off I-405 south center mall , nice place but the manger sucks and does not know how to keep customers around and coming back , I’ll call the store manager in the morning and see what happens her names martha as the shift manger Vince told me

Shane Beck

Round1 is always the place for my friends and I to go to on a Friday/Saturday night. All of their prices are reasonable, the staff is friendly and there is always something to do no matter what you’re into. I have been going to Round1 since they opened and have never encountered a poor experience.

Kent Oelsclager

I love the new games

Ryan Chan

Love this place, good variety of arcade games, but some of the games could use a little maintenance

Te-Asia Wright

Olny reason for the four star is because of the price

Andrew Hansen

Great fun at this Japanese import arcade. They have a bar as well, but mind their prices. Games aren't too bad, but drinks are insane.

Julian Avina

The staffs and manager needs better work ethic. Super slow. Not helpful or informative. No one takes inititive to make sure customers are being helped.

Jerry Baker

Way more than I expected.

saron dagi

Horrible customer service This place not clean and most customer Service area completely bad if you go with Kids not recommended

Shay Janina

This place is an Otakus dream. They could use to get better mics for karaoke though.


Good Family fun, or just for Anyone. There are plenty of games to entertain you with, atleast one even for the Pickiest. I rate it 3 because the Prices on these Machines can be Very Ridiculous at times. These Games shouldn't be that Expensive. I understand the Bowling, but some of these games need to be brought down to their actual value.

Honey Love

Great place to pass the time ... A little pricey ... But has karaoke and pool tables and A Big Bowling Alley !!!


Only arcade for miles around with DDR machines. Glad it exists, wish it had competition -- its hard to play rhythm games with so much competing sound.


Positive: - The place has a lot of thing it is big and easy parking - It was empty Negative: - Not prepared for group party. We had a reservation and they did not let us start playing until the person who put the deposit for the reservation showed up. Even offering paying for the rest of the of the reservation. Their Management did not want to switch credit cards later on and antique system would not let them revert the credit in order to use the corporate account from the person who originally did the reservation. - Only one restroom location and it is all the way to the back. Therefore if you are playing bowling or the games at the front it would take you a lot of time going back an forth. - They served the food at the bowling area but the drinks were far away at the soda fountain. Therefore not really accommodating. They could have used some pitchers to put some of the drinks next to the food. - The reservation included prepaid Game cards but they never told us that they were going to expire when our time was up. Therefore all the money paid for games was wasted since we started playing bowling and the Karaoke and then no one played games. We got robbed. - The Karaoke machine did not work well and the one of the microphones was making noise and not having volume. to the point that one of our signers was not even using the microphone and it was louder than when he used.

Kimberly Henderson

This place is horribly run, booked a party and we were told we couldn’t have the lanes because they were broken, 1 beer is included but you have to wait an hour to get it because apparently no one is old enough to serve it to you! Once my beer was poured I was told I had to pay for it, because only certain beers are included, however that is stated no where in the flyer! Very unorganized & no responsible managers. Don’t waste your time at this place.

Devon Marino

Love this place. I go there 1-2 times a month has a vast collection of all kinds of games, even pool and darts. Can get a bit hot in there but other than than that it's pretty great.

Ingrid Berge

Affordable food and drinks. Huge arcade. Nice lanes. Great for birthday parties.

David Kibler

This place is super fun and not to badly priced. They have buy one adukl get one free kid bowling, unlimited play options and decent prices for your tickets. Tons of games all over the place and friendly staff. Tons of claw games with prizes and tons of great old and new games. Fun for the family and all day happy hour. Will def making the adventure back to this location in the future.

Ryan S

Round one is great! The arcade area is huge and well maintained. They have a ton of games and the prizes are decent for an arcade. The bowling alley has about 15 lanes or so and is very nice. The desk staff has always been courteous. The food is decent. One star off because some of the claw machines are a complete sham. Lots of the stuffed animals that you think you can grab with the claw are actually tied in so there's no chance of winning one. Other claw machines are ok, but tying in the ones that appear to be easy to grab seems greedy.

Alicia Love

I wish it was a bit more affordable and there wasn't always a wait for the karaoke rooms, but this place is super fun for kids and adults alike.

Brian Wu

Definitely better before. Prices have gone up but a wonderful place to challenge yourself on clawmachines

Larry Humbles

Good food and fun

Cynthia Rill

They have Hatsune Miku Project Diva Arcade Future Tone, which is one of my favorite games. It is one of the few places in the state that has it, and many other rare japanese games like Initial D racing and many other rhythm games. I would love to come here again and I suggest other Project Diva fans and Rhythm game fans come here.

Diber 27

A whole new kind of expensive, especially on weekends. I could buy a car, or take the family bowling for 90 minutes.

Sean McCarthy

Only place in wa to play dance rush stardom auto 5stars

Alex Tran

Loved the bowling and the ddr/Pump it up machines

Rich Philly

Nice Arcade took a brake from shopping to have some fun

Thomas Smith

Fun place to go and have fun and have amazing games and ufo catchers but the only thing I dont like is this place will eat your money of fast but other than that all around fun from arcade bowling darts pool tables and even karaoke if your into that

Srivathsava Mokirala

Try chicken wings with buffalo sauce with cool beer.... really yummy

John Weeks

Will not go back. Does not sell pitchers. You have to wait in a 30 minute like for beer and theyll only let you take one beer per person.

Holly Springsteen

Fun for group outings. Bowling, games, drinks... Plenty to keep everyone occupied

Kaylee Carr

Kids love the arcade here. Definitely more up to date than the Gameworks in Seattle

Hoang Nguyen

I love this place. Cause its home away from home..... japan....

Samantha Chance

My favorite place to visit in Seattle area, the selection of rhythm games is the best

Gagan Kumar Goyal

Costly but nice place to go. Most of games cost 8-10 credits and 4 credits is $1. So usually each games / machines cost you minimum 2$. Staff is not polite sometimes. We went for bowling, staff is unable to explain which package and membership we should go for so that it cost less. We even called once to arrange a birthday party, they asked the details and said that they will call back but never received the call back.

Shawn Smith


Angie C

A lot of fun. Lots of games from the past as well as newer ones too. Neat prizes and fun claw games with hints so you can actually win stuff with some effort. Some people hog the DDR machines though (with full on gym bags and workout towels) which kind of sucks

Mel Sobrado

Fun and friendly staff eager to give advice. Variety of games.

Mengzhen Yang

I've been to many round 1 in different states, but I'm gonna say this one is the worst, the customer service is a total disaster, the manager is rude and arrogant. With zero respect for the customers. The manager said no outside drinks but we absolutely didn't see any sign saying that. I said okay and I was going to finish my drink out side the arcade around the elevator but the manager aggressively told me to go downstairs and outside the gate or else he'll throw my drink away for me. Oh my god I've been to so many places but never seen this kind of thing happens even once. I read the reviews after all this happened and found out that the manager of this place clearly has a history of bad service. I don't usually give one star for a place but this place absolutely deserves. My friends and I will never go to this place ever again.

SenSaSion Rodriguez

My kids Enjoyed every minute of it

Drunken Dragon Productions

Always happy to come here, the prizes are always worth it and the games are new and exciting

Icarus AsareIV

The inside is semi-basic & the prizes are extremely hard to get

Wyatt Wettland

Was great gaming. Some machines didn't work but all in all super

DR Stehr

This place feels like a casino for kids with a lot of the games not being challenging, but strictly for pumping out tickets. That said... the Bowling lanes are tip top, and the Karaoke booths are an excellent addition to a family fun center. Thanks to the Japanese ownership, they also have Kirin on tap for $2, which will keep dads like me happy while the kids gobble up tickets.

Jasmine Ohlinger

Nice staff, cheap icecream and beer, lots of fun games. I recommend going during the week it is less crowded :) lots of japanese imports, you can spend hours here if you enjoy rhythm games. Kids love this place too.

Marie Moriarty-Puggi

Love this place expensive but we dont go often so it's good when we go. All play in one stop from bowling to,karaoke to darts and video games. Get the card to save a,buck

Jetrin Wichienwidhtaya

Super fun and exciting arcade. Lots of variety with cool games from Japan as well as things like a special photobooth.


This place is great! It's got tons and tons of fun games to play, a good amount of which are from Japan. I may have been here only one time but I will plan on coming back soon.


Some of the games are kinda old and rundown, but otherwise the place is great i would recommend this place to you if yoh wanted to hangout with some friends and have fun or just bores and need a place to have some fun

Tim Dang

I've been going here since they've opened. Make sure to buy credits at their desk and not at the kiosks, you'll get bonus credits and a discount depending on your membership level. I go mostly for Karaoke and DDR and crane games. A general tip: for plushies you want to tip over or push instead of picking up, and you want to slide over for figurines.

Debbie Loyer

We were guests at a birthday party there. It's a nice place with a lot of games, but they are extremely expensive! Six people cost $300 AND they wanted any leftover pizza returned to them!!! NO WAY!! I will NEVER have a party there!! There are other places that are much cheaper and treat you better!

Diana Oskov

Great place for bowling. The staff is very confused. Four people come to take our order, then no order show up until we went to look for it. Definitely can improve this experience.

A War

If you plan to rent a room for karaoke make sure you bring your own timer. They do not say your starting time, give you any instructions for the old equipment on how to start, they only give you one book by artist and one by alphabetical songs from 2017 and 2018, both of which are ripped to garbage regardless of how many people there are so you spend most of your strict time crowded around a book all looking at different songs that may not be there, they don’t give you a heads up when your time is up and when they overcharged me for going over on time they did not look me in the eye. What we thought was a fun karaoke stage was just low rise tables pushed together so instead of having a fun performance time you stand around the room on the outside of a gigantic rectangular table with no space and sing in one spot without being able to dance or move much. If you’re thinking of another place to go, go there instead.

Blair Drechsel

My. Favorite. Date. Spot. Ever. Stay off dance rush it's not for you.

Shayla Mooney

Had a huge party for work. Dropped over $1000 and we were not allowed to take any food with us. This was a massive waste. We are talking 5 pizzas and several orders of wings. We were all over 21 and were stalked by the twenty somethings working at Round one while drinking our beer. Obviously this establishment has gotten into some real trouble with underage drinking thats the only reason I can think of to justify stalking a group of 40 and 50 year olds sipping cheap beer and bowling. Uncomfortable. Wasteful. Poor communication skills through out. We will not be back.

Pennsyltucky Counter Terrorism

First and last time here. My complaint is with the food. I ordered a cheeseburger, fries, and mozzarella sticks. Everything was completely unseasoned. There wasn't any salt and pepper shakers. The cheeseburger was definitely the worst cheeseburger I've ever had, and I've been to jail. That's really something. The mozzarella sticks were flavorless and the marinara was ice cold. The fries, like the mozzarella sticks were unseasoned and flavorless. The chicken fingers at least had some flavor, but that was entirely from the slightly burned breading. Now, I could forgive all of that, but I was refused a refund. Apparently 'the worst cheeseburger I've ever had, has a chemical taste, and completely inedible' aren't good reasons to get a refund. I was offered another burger, which I refused. Surely the second would be just as bad, unless they were going to pull out real ingredients and actually season it. Even if they did, what kind of business gives their customers the cheapest ingredients they can find and only uses quality ingredients if someone complains? Disgusting food, poor customer service, very expensive food. If it was of the highest quality they could probably justify the price. In this case it's around 900% too expensive. Scratch that, if they were giving it away and all I had to do was walk over and get it, it would still be too expensive. The private karaoke rooms are nice, I didn't play any but, it seemed like they have a decent selection of arcade games. On the other hand my girlfriend wanted to play one of the claw games and both card machines were broken. You can come here and have a good time (maybe), just don't eat here.

Michael Hearty

You can have a good time here if you willing to over look the fact that way too many of the games are broken or will break when you play them. It seems very poorly maintained. For a place so new it feels so old. I would pick Dave and Busters over this Walmart brand wannabe. Only getting two stars because I did enjoy myself the two times I went but if Dave and busters were closer Round One would never get my business

Stephen Juhas

Brings the kid out of you! Great place for kids and adults

Carolyn Osborne

It was really fun! Great prices on everything. Had a wonderful time!

Amber Wells

Round 1 is the best place for rhythm games <3

Ondrea Shallbetter

Extremely poor customer service! My friends and I went to play games and sing karaoke. The karaoke equipment was not working properly and we asked for assistance from an associate. She was short and vague with her answers, so we asked to speak to a manager in order to get a refund. The manager then proceeded to blame us for the equipment malfunction and only gave us a partial refund for entertainment we did not even get to enjoy.

Anna Russell

Girlfriends brought me here for my birthday because I was dying to go to an arcade. We had a ton of fun and it was actually more affordable than I expected it to be. Played pool for a while and messed around in the arcade. Try their photo booths!

Alex Ly

Awesome place to hang out, bowl, play arcade and rage at claw machines! Came here two times and has always been a great time. Its connected to a shopping mall, so you can always shop around as well. A lot of variety in terms of arcade games, claw machines (imported from Japan). They use a point system stored on a plastic card which you swipe at claw/arcade machines. Highly recommend this play if you’re hanging out with friends.

Jenny Elizabeth

Great fun. Good food. Lots of cool games to play. Was a group outing and everyone had a lot of fun. Is definitely a do over.

Paul O

Never had a bad bowling experience here. The many arcade games they had at the beginning are being scaled down, some that remain seem to be down permanently but not removed. This is pretty much the kind of place where you amuse yourself. That being said, don't bother with the bar. IF you can find someone working there it is near impossible to get service, timely or otherwise.


High priced games food drinks u name it. But my son loves it and enjoys himself so we occasionally go. Wish it was more affordable.

Wayne Moyer

Best place to place Japanese arcade games in the area. They do a lot more as well but that is what draws my teen here. I like the ticket games myself.

Josh Strickler

Garbage. If I could give zero stars I would. This is my second attempt to enjoy myself here and there is literally nothing here which is appealing.

Joe Palumbizio

Has time options to play as well as credits. Great arcade games unlike others that want me to pay to play app games that are free. They also have pool, bowling ping pong, and karaoke. I was quite impressed they also have some Japanese imports for the arcade. Seriously better than last time I was at others... Looking at you D&B. Didn't eat so I can not judge the food but price and entertainment provided A+.

Mark Ichijo

Expensive. Inattentive and oftentimes rude staff. Gaming is fun but, better upkeep is needed on machines. Need to rotate their stock of prizes in claw machines more regularly. Men's bathroom has been a mess for months now with one urinal constantly under repair or just never having been repaired. All in all, not a bad experience but, needs more dedicated and personable people to work there.

Dan Tran

great arcade! one of the few good arcades left

Tony Torres

This place is awesome. It's an arcade and a bowling alley. Not just a simple arcade either. They have games direct from Japan. I know this for a fact, as I have played some of the same games in Japan. Thay even have the cards that will save player data. They have a few different deals that are going on. You can load money on to a game card. Or you can pay for a set amount of time, for infinite play on certain games. The food here is fairly decent as well. I ordered a simple burger, fries, and drink combo. It was a decent amount for the money spent. I definitely recommend stopping by. I plan on having my next party here.

Madge G Holdings

The bar staffng is terrible here. Came yesterday to kill time, we were told the bartender had left for the day. This was around 5:30pm. Today, same time, me and a few other people stood there for about 15 minutes meanwhile a tall gentleman (manager? Not sure smh) in a grey shirt and tie was goofing around with other young staff and the one girl that was at the bar. Customer care is non existent I see.

Arun Paul

The place is good if you are walking in to enjoy bowling or arcade games. If you are trying to plan a party though, good luck getting hold of the party planner. I have called 4 times over 2 weeks and I haven't gotten a call back. I even spoke to the manager and the response I got was that the party planner doesn't call people back and that i should stop in when she is there. There are other places with better customer service.

Hailey Grafing

They’re supposedly open until 2am, but everything shut shortly after 1am. We called in ahead of time to make sure that the google time was correct and they told us that they were open until two. We got a karaoke room and they told us that they couldn’t give us more than an hour because the waitlist was too long and then when the hour was up the rooms around us were empty so I went up front to ask and they said that they actually just wanted to shut the karaoke rooms down for the night and they could give me another 15 minutes but I would have to pay for an hour. He said that the games would be open until 1:45 and then they shut all the games off at 1:20. This wouldn’t be such a big problem, but we had planned to be there until 2 and that’s what time we had reserved a lyft for and they couldn’t get there any earlier than that. If you’re going to put online and tell people over the phone that you’re open until two then you shouldn’t be shutting everything down at 1.

Paige Batten

Bowling is the only thing really worth going here for. Half of their arcade machines game card readers didn't work so playing pairs sucked because only one could play at a time. Some of the games weren't in English which I don't have a problem with, but I wish there was an option to switch between languages at least? I don't think I'll be coming back and I wouldn't recommend coming here for anything other than bowling. They also don't allow outside food or drink and they're probably really always understaffed, so I don't blame anyone working there, the business itself just just isn't run very well.

Rik Kern

This is a bowling alley in a mall. Not much more to it. it's got lots of arcade and video games. Lots of new stuff some old stuff. I would say the arcade portion is much funner than the bowling portion. The employees tend to be rude. One of them insulted my girlfriend the bartender to be exact. But that being said they do have a bartender which means they serve alcohol at the place, but I almost knocked this dude out. Bartender was a rude jerk.

Barry McGrorty

Great selection of games, prices are fair enough, the staff could definitely use some training though.

Mary Braun

Great for games and arcade. Has a lot of great imports you can't find anywhere else. I wish the staff was a little more helpful, but I doubt they get paid enough to actually care about helping anyone.

Jay B

Prices could be a little better

Justin Sims

If i could give it zero stars i would both side of the recharge kiosk is down the reload line is 25 people long and the employees all walk around like idiots and have absolutley no idea what is going on i will never come here again this place is just as bad as dave and busters please dont waste your time or money biggest disapointment ever few years ago was a really cool arcade guess family fun center is the all time best ever

Amber Peterson

Fun for all ages! There's usually a long wait for bowling, be prepared for that. They have beer for $1.99 and the burgers are pretty great, too.

laurli vider

Love this place! Always bring relatives here when visiting. Has bowling, kareoke and bee games in the arcade every time I go! I love that they have night time 21+ hours

Evan Lockwood

Round 1 was an incredible bar, arcade, bowling alley establishment. There were also ping pong table and pool table rentals as well. The place was enormous and filled with all kinds of games, activities, prizes, and even a fairly good selection of beers. Absolutely worth checking this place out if you're in the Exton/Malvern/great valley th

Kelly Piscitello

Great idea, WAYYYYY overpriced. I wish they had some less expensive little-er kid games for those of us that just want to get out with the toddlers during the day.

celia holmes

Fun place to go with the family or on your own. I like that you can use a card and not need quarters.

yaozu huang

We are happy they close at 2am. Always fun with the new games. But the price is little expensive for some games.

Cady Hanzelka

I had never gone to this place before. So first and for most. They have no ATM in the whole building. They only accept chip and cash. You are not able to swipe debit card cause they have super glued all the machines where your able to swipe your card. Second the woman's bathroom was DISGUSTING. Stalls are missing doors, 1 didn't lock and all except one had no toilet paper. Third the games with the claw are all rigged don't waste your credits on these machines. The only good thing I do like was the staff, all where helpful and nice. But I wouldn't waste your time or money in this place.

Marcel N

Majority of the time it's great! But when the claw machines are adjusted to very difficult, it's not cool. Arcade machines usually all working. Staff is friendly.


It's really fun place, but it's a bit pricey. If you like to play game only, you can just buy it hourly.

Monica Stevens

Had my sons bday party here. Very fun place! Seems there was not enough staff though

Wilbur Sauerbry

They really close at 130. You can't play any games after 130am. Although another visit we've been there playing until 155am. Sooooo, timing out depends on employees wanting to go home and 2am approaches. Super appreciative for helping set up 2 claws. But really when you spend a couple hundred and nothing's set up and it's all squished it hard it's embarrassing asking for help.

Rose Bud

Really nice place to hang out and play some good old fashioned arcade games, perfect for families and fun dates :)

zoe ting

Biggest and bestest arcade around the area!

David Han

I love this place. Usually people would think it's a trap when you spend all of your money on claw machines but they're all good fun. All of the games available were all fun and it's easy for someone to spend $50 here. Luckily we did win a plushy and that was worth it. I believe they get new plushies in the claw machines weekly but not quite sure. I also hear they have specials on pitchers for like $2!? Can't confirm but it's a deal.

John Fitzsimons

Bowling lanes sucked. Tried multiple lanes and set new personal lows

Olivia Jean

A couple of issues I recommend you guys to read. I spent over $60 and got 1 prize. It's ridiculous. It's included the games with no prizes or tickets. The prize I won was a decent size good quality. But the issue is the prices. It's horrible! I also played the ticket redemption games as well. I won a couple of jackpots and NONE of them were on my card! NONE AT ALL. That upset me on top of the pricing and winning 1 item. Although the workers were very nice, I will not be coming back. (I won the panda)

Ellie Jordan-Lees

Absurd wait time for bad food and lanes with improper oil patterns and flat out too much oil. Not to mention the noise. Plus, the lane was so hard that it chipped my ball in several places. I bowled two games for $12 and will probably spend another $10-20 getting it polished again. It was a terrible and frustrating experience. I don't recommend it to anyone.

Douglas Bullard

Fun for the whole family.

Alicia Council

Best games ever

Devin Deatherage

love the machines, all very well maintained, though they're really strict about not having alcohol in the kareoke rooms, which is super lame. like cmon dudes, they let us drink at the rockbox in seattle in the same kinda setup, so it's not like a legal thing. still though it's a good place and i can't ding them on stars for following the rules.

Balthazar Wando

Round1 is a fantastic place to go for a myriad of explosively fun experiences, from claw machines, to rhythm games, to ticket earning games, down to fighting games and photo booth entertainment. An entertainment tour du force! We applied for the member card and app bonus, and a kind and helpful employee named Nicholas helped walk us through it. I'd like to personally commend him for his quick and friendly service.

Shy Freezy

This place was great! Bowling, karaoke, arcade games, full bar and more! The people were great especially the gentlemen working the food and bar section. Can't wait to be able to go back and experience more of it. Nice to be able to find a place in the area that has all this going on and it open until 2AM.

Luis Dominguez-Soares

Love coming here. I'm from spokane so I dont get to come out often. The staff are super awesome and helpful and the selection of games are neat. A nice place to go if you're a rhythm game junkie :)

Thomas Foster

Had fun with my grandchildren, didn't enjoy the pizza.


Good arcade/bowling place, they also have karaoke and food. Also have a decent amount of games from Japan it seems.

Drew Dommel

I like it because it gives you time to spend with family


I'm a platinum member and will give this place multiple reviews. Usually 4 or 5 star but this time 3 stars due to the amount of games out of service.

Madhattergyrl Rabbit Hole

My daughter has a great time.

Anthony Lukens

Had a really good time here. Friendly staff, clean enviroment, reasonable prices, and good food. Much love from Trader Joes crew #637 for hosting us !! We had a blast.

Ken Mackay

If you want a place with lots of video and redemption games, go here. Bowling, karaoke, ping-pong, and adult beverages are also available. The wings are very good, and they have something called pizza. Not a fan of the pizza, but everything else is great.

Jessica Miller

Literally my favorite place to go for a fun evening and night while I'm in the area for college and I still make the 2 hour drive on breaks to go! The staff is so friendly and very helpful.

Jonathan Hancock

Best arcade in the state! A ton of Japanese imported games, and they take incredibly good care of their machines unlike a lot of other arcades around.. A must-go place if you're into fighting games, racing games or especially rhythm games. Expect to wait in lines on weekend nights for the rhythm games, they're always crowded by some hardcore players. Their food is okay too, but since it's in the mall I'd recommend heading to the food court or one of the many restaurants nearby instead.

Tiffany Adams

The gentleman helping with the games around 4-5pm today , was really nice! He saw that we placed a bunch and emptied the bowl, so he gave us 2 prizes and made our day! Thanks a bunch!

Mark Snow

My new favorite place outside of Tokyo. Seriously, if you like Japanese arcades, go here. Cheap beer cheap food, cheap parties, but games can be expensive. But where else do you find UFO catchers outside of Japan?


We bought an expensive deal & it was confusing, the staff did not help us or put our food order in at all when we requested it. Of the staff are unwilling to help they should at least have an instructional brochure. Now that we know everything we could go back and pay the almost $300 and get our,money's worth, but we won't for we unfortunately were totally ripped off the first time.

Garry Rivera

Fun, family friendly environment but the worst bowling lanes ever. If you're anybody that bowl on a regular basis you'll hate the oil pattern on these lanes. It is literally impossible to put any English on your ball without it going straight into the gutter. I paid for 90 minutes and left at 40 because there is no point in staying.

Sneaky Pancakes

Very fun! We came for the UFO catchers and won a whole bunch! My sister, who doesn’t know anything about UFO catchers won two large plushies and two smaller ones, and I won a large whale shark~ 4 stars though because it’s quite pricy and it was hard to find attendants to help us

Draco Drakul

Good place, bit tucked away in the corner..

Dustin Ares

A lot of fun, but very expensive. Claw machines sucked $50 in a very fast hour.

Amorita Simon

The venue is substandard and the "customer service" is horrific. My friends booked a birthday party there from 6pm-8pm. They had a bowling lane and a karaoke room included in their reservation. By the time I arrived at 7:15, the bowling lane was "being fixed" and had apparently been broken for quite some time. I walked over to the karaoke room to find that the equipment in that room was broken as well, and none of the associates were willing to assist in seeing if they could get it working. One of my friends spoke to a customer service rep about it, but the rep shrugged his shoulders and did nothing. I decided I needed a drink so I got in line. By the time we waited through the long line and ordered, it was literally 8:01pm and the kid behind the bar told us that our reservation ended at 8:00pm and we couldn't order the drinks that were supposed to be included in the reservation. I called bull and told them that was ridiculous and demanded to speak to the manager. The kid consulted a manager and - SURPRISE - apparently the tab closed at 7:45pm, not 8:00pm, even though our reservation didn't end until 8:00pm. Nice, guys. Seriously, if you want to waste money and time, definitely for-sure go here. But if you actually want to enjoy yourself, book elsewhere. There is a reason why they are so cheap.


Nicholas was a huge help in making our best buddy Hieu’s birthday amazing. He was ready to aid us in resetting the claw machines, asking if we needed tips and being a bright and shining soul. We will definitely be back because of him :)

Jason Gizzi

Great place to go if you are not sure what to do. Adult beverages are very reasonable. Everything else is over priced.

Fong Lee

I gave a three star because there a lot of new games but the stuff animal games looks rigged. They squeeze the stuff animal to point where you can never get the prize.

David Stewart

Food, Fun, Bowling, Darts, Pool. These are only a few of the things they offer! Great for few, or many, young or old!

Rachel Bromley

Fun games and a good place to hang out with family, friends, or have a birthday party at. The prices for credits to play the games may be a little high, but that is not really an issue. They also have good prices on the food, but I've heard that they don't have the best food (I've never had any food from here). They also have a bar, and reasonable hours that they are open. Easy to get into as well/easy access.

Keith Leva

Great variety of games and activities, karaoke is a blast. A lot of Japanese arcade games you don't usually get to play in the US.

Heather Callahan

I love the crane machines and video game selections. The Japanese prizes are so cool! I can only give three stars because they always seem under-staffed and there are often empty beer glasses near, or on, gaming machines.

Kevin Smale

Pricing is okay, and the place is pretty clean and cool looking. But about a third of all the games we played were broken in some way, be it broken controls (such as SEGA's destruction derby) or crashing software ("too spicy" Japanese shooting game) to give a couple examples.

Mustafa Painter

sammy mbaya


Chris Kim

Large game selection with bowling, karaoke, pool, ping pong, and darts. Games are on the pricier side per play but they do make it up with $1.99 draft beer (limited) and wine. Also, $0.99 ice cream. Good with kids and just adults to chill with some drinks

Tony Reyes

I visited this yesterday 9/2 with my family i was so shocked how expensive to buy credits for the game. I know most of their games are newer and better prizes. But i couldn't spend that so much money that my kids will waste. I still do recommend this to other if they really want to experience it.

Shannon Michalkiewicz

Worst bowling experience I’ve ever had. I’d rather go to an outdated bowling alley and not have multiple issues with our lane while bowling with kids. The lane would just stop working and shut off multiple times. When you called for service no one ever came over. When I went to an employee at the counter to complain of the lane shutting off I was told that they could move us to another lane but they couldn’t guarantee we wouldn’t have an the same issues in the other lane. It was then explained to me that there’s nothing they can do about the issues in the lanes because parts for the bowling lanes are from Japan where there was a tsunami and the equipment was under water so it’s faulty. Not sure how that’s my problem and she obviously didn’t care, because she moved on to helping the next customer. Bowling for 3 kids I under 9 years old was $47. Definitely not worth the cost which is ridiculous! I will never come back or recommend this place to anyone.

Kalliope Hoard

Little pricey but really fun place to do a lot

Denise Taft

Very nice place to bowl

Devon Sherman

Great place. Well priced, cheap beer, and the machines are clean and well kept. The access to Japanese machines was worth the trip alone.

Kevin McClelland

Beer and service was great! Came to bowl and machines kept getting jammed with pins and balls

Prince Hades

Super great and I love how friendly it is in there. I will be going back and bringing my friends!!!

Pete Bendig

Great for kids to run and play.

Thisura Meewella

This is a cool place to take a small kid! They have a large collection of arcade games but unfortunately some of them were out of order when I visited. There were also a bowling area and a pool area here even though I felt like the price was a bit steep at $12/ hour. Anyway this is a pretty cool spot to kill some time.

Victor Otero

Such a fun place to take the kids!


Tons of games, always have lots of fun when I go, but it is very expensive

Meredith Benson

Fun for all ages. Busy and sometimes understaffed but great.

K Meas-Truong

I think this place is great for families or late-night with friends. I’m a fan of Asian arcade games and karaoke. You get both under one roof. They have three karaoke rooms, which are quite affordable, a vast selection of songs, and you can bring food and drinks into them. You can sing in Viet, Korean, Japanese, Tagalog, Spanish... it’s always a good time.

Joshua Snyder

Place is great, lots of variety. Better than Dave and Buster's

Jessica Bella

They state they are open until 2 am but they shut off all the arcade games at 1:20 ish. What?? I got there at around 12:50 am and paid for the hour game pass and only got about 30 mins of game time. So disappointed! Bathrooms are terrible and service is iffy. Won’t come back.

Jennifer Krantz

We had a blast at round1. They helped us set us the party and everything went according to plan. The kids did a little bowling and then scattered to play games. There was something for everyone. They ate to their hearts content, pizza, icecream, fries, sodas.

Derrick Chung

If you're looking for rhythm games this place has got a few to scratch that itch. Sound Voltex machines and Beatmania machines worked had great buttons/switches and the headphone ports actually worked. The only complaint I have is the Taiko machine which is takes a lot of force to play compared to other Taiko machines. If you're here to PR Taiko songs this isn't the place (which I tried and failed due to the awful drums).

Miguel the musician Torres

This is a really fun place! Had tons of fun for my 18th birthday !

Angee Smith

Fun family spot! Less of an investment than the fun center nearby

Willean S

We had a good trip me this evening. The staff acts as if your getting on there nerves but other than that everything was good.

Sunny Praveen

One stop place,Expensive compared to others.

Don Olson

Very nice people that work here. Great atmosphere and lots to do!

Judi Ying

Most games are good but the claw machine not working because not all claws have the same pressure as others.

Keith Steppe

Many many games. Pricy.

Lei Grice

It was the first time being here. It’s was nice. Had good time and will likely stop there again if I’m in the area.

Puvenna Vikram

We hosted a birthday party here for 12 kids and it turned out to be a nightmare. The pain started with being promised 3 bowling Lanes and giving us only 2. Resolved it but only after 40 minutes. Remember birthday party slots are only for 2 hours. All inclusive kids party and they had Dart machines broken, no fruit punch available, the only drink available for kids is Coke and Raspberry Tea. I still cannot believe they had no drinks for kids who are below 5 yrs . Through out the 2 hours all the manager kept on saying was I'm sorry, I feel your pain. The point is I cannot convey his apologies to my guests. Worst part was they don't get you a knife to cut the cake or even a spoon to serve the cake. Some of the kids had to wait 25 minutes at the counter to get an once cream. Can you believe that? You wait 30 minutes to get Lanes, 25 minutes to get an ice cream, then when do you get time to play? Added to the Misery was this: The guy in the cafe initially dropped my order receipt in trash bin, delivered to my food to another customer the second time and my guests are waiting. By the time he brought my food which was 80 minutes later Guess what happened, my guests left and again the manager apologies and brings the pizza in to go boxes. The so called host says, I don't handle food, the guy who makes pizzas and other food keeps complaining he is the only one today and infact he is yelling at me complaining he has no help. This is by far the worst experience !!!

Kim Lan Nguyen

Best place for family indoor outing. I love their karaoke, bowling and arcade. 99 cent ice cream is one of the best highlights.

kandavalli sunder Singh

Visited many times! Love the place


Don't get the time card you are seriously limited on the amount of games you can play. The gameworks time card is a much better deal.


Always a good fun time

Alex Aleman

Nice place to relax and have fun

Chad Ginoza

Food is terrible. Beer is fine. Service was not very good. Didn't partake in the bowling or pool. Maybe that offers the food, but I don't think it can. If only bowling and drinking you are fine. Can't believe they screwed up reheating pizza that much.

Lyric Castellano

This place is the place to go. A lot of fun activities and games and pretty cool prizes.

Marie Gallimore

Fun family place

Kris Martin

I Love this Arcade. Spacious, a pleather of games to choose from and a eventful place for all activities. Def coming back on my own


This has happened more than once, so I'm talking with experience. If you're a kid coming with friends or alone and not with parents/adults, you best believe you spend your money elsewhere. The staff don't seem engaged at all into conversation or serving people, just wanna get their paycheck and go home. Staff especially, looking to be around in high school or early college talked to me and my friends like we were bums. Asking for help with claw machines won't get you anywhere or at least in my case with another friend my age, despite the little laminated signs they have on the glass saying otherwise. Looks to me like they only want to please consumers that look like they have more money to spend and toddlers to entertain. If you're not good at UFO catchers, don't bother spending money here even for the arcade. If you want a cute prize or plushie there are stores that sell many kinds like that, Tokyo for example. Wasted $35 here thinking I could actually keep trying and succeed in getting something nice. Upset me the whole day realizing I could've just bought my own $20 kiiroitori plush. Not even worth a good experience. Scarring for life considering I binge claw channels on the daily. Was really looking forward to that day.

Shane Y

Tons of things to do in this arcade! Bowling, karaoke, claw games, rhythm/dancing games, photo booths, and all sorts of classic arcade games as well. Has a great atmosphere, and the employees were friendly and great during my visit!

Rose Elizabeth


Ellis Jean Bryant

Everything is amazing and new, the arcade is fun as hell, food is good arcade food..and then there's the karaoke lol old rooms and furniture and you have to download a terrible app on your phone just to sing guys upgrade the karaoke rooms you'll be PERFECT

Grace Kim

This place has so many fun games plus claw machines galore, ping pong tables, pool tables, karaoke rooms and a small bar! It’s awesome! Btw—Be careful of machines selling your points!

jocelyn lemus

pretty awesome place! many things to do, you're never bored :) ! ❤️

Lisa M

I love Round 1. They have a bowling alley, a plethora of arcade machines (including Japanese imports), crane machines, prizes, pool tables, darts, and karaoke. They also serve food and drinks. The location has plenty of parking & a great location inside the Exton Square Mall (near the food court & a stand alone restaurant).

Josh Hanigan

Absolutely terrible, and way overpriced. This place has a good concept, but horrible execution. First off, the place looks like it hasn't had a deep clean since it opened. Now I don't expect a ton for a bowling alley/arcade, but seriously there was a thick layer of dust covering all the light fixtures hanging in the bowling area. The staff was mostly unhelpful and disengaged, most of them seeming like they are just "there to collect a paycheck." When trying to sign up for thier membership program, I was told I had to go to another desk for that.... They had this confusing maze made of the "velvet ropes" that is used to show people where to form lines that was unnecessary, with only a narrow single file path to the bathrooms. We waited over 5 minutes for someone to help us cash in our tickets becuase one employee was too busy with a calculator and a binder looking at what looked like his schedule to come help us. The card system for the arcade games was cool in that you didn't have to carry tokens/quarters, but most of the games had partial costs (6.8 credits??) which caused you to leave a small amount of credits on the card unspent because it went below the amount any game there costs. Plus $2 for each card?? This place seems to have a niche clientele and that to me seems to be the way they are saying in business, because for that cost, I would rather go to Acme across the street or any of the other locally owned bowling alleys across the region.

Hillbilly Joe

This place is the best arcade one can go to. They have new games, old games, and UFO catchers. The best arcade ever.

Roman DiFranco

Had a great time with friends in the arcade. It's a bit spendy but it beats spending the same amount of money just to grab dinner.

Sammy Chase

Horrible!!!! This place is seriously not helpful. My group tried to do karaoke and we were having issues with the app. Then when we asked for a refund they only gave us a partial refund. NEVER GO HERE. EVER. They don't know how to treat customers. The service was terrible.

Joe Kerr

Great atmosphere, service, games, food, and plenty of bowling lanes. If all full, not too long of a wait until one opens. Serves beer and a few choices of wine. On the arcades, if any issue arises, they're quick to take care of you. Great customer service and prices.

Calistea Harry

My kids love this place

Daniel Marano

It's rare to find a good quality arcade like they have here!!!

Fiz Money

I had amazing time here good chill spot for the family.

lance arnold

tons of games and even more flashing lights! a fun atmosphere, mostly a younger crowd as expected of an arcade environment

Rachel Beltz

A great place to go with friends or with kids. Beats any other type of place to play. So much to do and see.

Johnny Rous

It was a fun place....but most of the games we wanted to try were down or under maintenance.


My experience at Round one was very nice the employees were friendly and I had a good time. One issue that I had was that the prices weren't so good but other than that, everything was great.

Amanda Sallada

Not as good as the one in Tokyo, much more expensive. Also missing a lot of the best Japanese games, like MaiMai. Nice that there is cheap wine and beer though.

Victoria Spies

This place was pretty decent after the grand opening, but after several bad experiences with the karaoke rooms, I won’t be back. When I first went, I loved the features of the remote, particularly how you could alter the pitch of any song. Last time I went neither the buttons (pitch up and pitch down) worked and it ruined it for me. First karaoke visit was great, no issues. Second karaoke session, the microphones clicked loudly with no way to stop it (except to turn them off). Third, the microphones continued to click and the remote had duct tape to hold the AA batteries in place. Okay, that’s weird. Fourth visit, clicking mics, duct tape, AND the buttons were broken. As someone who lives for music and singing and spending time with friends, I wish this wasn’t the case. Oh well. I can find better things to do elsewhere.


Very good area for entertainment. Do not expect anything nice with the restrooms though.

David Morgan

Had such a good time here with my family, it's a bit expensive but it was cheaper than family fun center. The only issue my cousin had was that the bowling shoes werent being oiled and you can tell when you use them... but I think that was just an excuse for him losing the first round

Paul Nguyen

I mean it was ok the only reason for me to go was to get a initial d game card licence but they where completely out :( so for me not worth it

Ariel Motaghedi Alfaro

Really fun Japanese arcade, the only problem was some of the games (specifically the photobooths) are confusing because there are no english instructions. We had a good time though!

tyjion rath

Pretty good place, not that big notging special to make a 5 star.

Hai Tran

Amazing place! Wish there was more of these around! So many games to choose from for all ages! Even has many classic games and tournament style gaming! When we went to redeem our tickets for prizes, there are so many to choose from! Always fun and an adventure when we come here!

Brian Taylor

OMG!!! This place was AWESOME.

Juntian Wang

Well maintained sdvx machine


We use to come for archade and games all the time. Rent a room for an hour or so grab a pitcher of water to supplement any sodas or icecream we get and sing for a bit, go play a few games and head home. It was a great weekend or weekday thing we would do. The walls are definately not very thick and people should not have access to the controls to mess with the volume or base as many would turn it up way to loud which would interfere with the other rooms. But the price wasn't bad and time it right we could have nearly the whole bank of rooms to ourselves. Then last time we went, the prices went up from around 9 and 12 dollars to suddenly more like 20! unreasonably high, and suddenly a pitcher of water was no longer allowed, even if we did buy other drinks or icecream. So this went from my favorite place to go to I will never go again.

Jessica Gruver

Lots of classic fighting games, new fighting games, and brand new Japan exclusives! The selection of rhythm games are out of this world. So many purikura machines. Totally a Japanese game enthusiast heaven! Not really the place for kids under 15 unless they are just bowling. More of a niche for fighting, rhythm game and current Japanese game enthusiasts.

Kyle Nance

Round one is a decent arcade and bowling alley, they have a decent selection of games and prizes to choose from. They are starting to look a little worn down and while my friends and I bowled there was something wing with the lane because slower balls didn't go into the gutter on the left side they just bounced off an invisible wall. I couldn't see the bumpers but I did notice what looked like warping around where the invisible wall seemed to be. Minor detail all in all as it was still an enjoyable experience.

James Bouton

Great place to kill time before a movie

James Tokach

This place is cool, the kids have a good time, but your money doesn't go far. A lot of the arcade games are in disrepair and out of order. Some took our money so we had to stand in line to get refunded. The selection is weak on classics. Sorry hockey is a good value and a lot of fun for four. The pool tables were great, but pricey at $12/hr. and the stuck selection is limited, like as in not enough to support the amount of tables they have. The tables themselves are in good condition and the balls are quality. The bowling looks fun too, but the Astro/good bowling didn't look anything like the website. The place feels understaffed. There were lines for beer, lines at the card stand, lines for food and drinks and not many staff walking the floor. We couldn't get a large beer because the bartender was alone and couldn't wash the glasses because of the long line. Overall a good time, be prepared to spend and wait.

Sharon Kravatz

It is a little expensive so take extra cash


It's very easy to get sucked in by the entertainment with the great selection of video games, bowling, darts, karaoke, and pretty decent food. The best part is Round 1 can be used for hanging out with your friends, a group celebration, or just an eacape from the day to day world. I would not recommend coming to Round 1 if the primary focus of the night is drinking. While there is alcohol your selection is limited.

Brianne Freund

The only reason I am giving a 1 star is because there is no option for zero. We, along with another family stood there waiting to get service to bowl for 30 minutes. There was someone running the food area and two other ladies stood there on the game floor talking but not once approached us. They got on walkies and then both walked away. When I finally found someone again and asked for help she told me the only person that could help us was the gentlemen running the food area. This gentlemen mind you had been there, able to see us the entire time, no line at the food area and not even cooking anything. This place was definitely not busy at all. I was in management in retail so I am understanding but I was highly confused and irritated at there lack of customer service. Left without bowling and won’t return.

Anthony Grzyb

Employees get angry when you win plushes because they have to open the door and place another plush down. God forbid it takes 30 seconds out of their work life to lift something soft and light. Not my fault they're easy to win. They also fired two of their bowling pinsetter mechs, so the lanes are usually down and never maintained properly. 2 stars though because they have Metal Slug which is a game I enjoy a lot.

Ralph Carothers

Massive arcade/karaoke/bowling center. Makes you feel like you've walked into a Japanese arcade. One picture can't do it justice.

Cheddar Chicken

Hi! My name is Anaia Goodwin and I had an incredible experience at around 1! I recently had a birthday party with friends and we had such an amazing time. The people who work there are so kind and sweet. One man, who’s name was Anthony, was such a angel! He helped my friends out with fixing machines and talking with us. Anthony definitely deserves a raise! But other than that, I had a great time! Thank you!

Ariel Kim

This place is pretty fun, the prices aren't too bad and I would recommend this place to have some fun with friends and dates. I've played some games there and they were also in good condition.

Graig Jaricha

Love to karaoke. Serviced could be friendlier but then again it was Christmas night.

Tina Powis

The place is clean and well maintained, staff doesn't interact with you as much.

Lucinda Leon-Corsack

It's a great place to have children's birthday parties.

Guanlin Zhang

The costomer service really bad. Never want to go there again. I get all the money back without play anything because of their terrible service.

Jeffrey McDonald

Lots of great rhythm games if you like them, which is what I came for. Introduced my wife to taiko no tatsujin for the first time and she couldn't get enough. Also had a great time with the Taito groove coaster machine. Theatrhythm, dance dance revolution, pump it up infinity, hatsune miku project diva, and a few others are here. They also have connectivity to the Japanese arcade networks like nesica, so you can use the full features of the games, like unlocking extra songs and difficulty levels, and tracking your progress on personal high scores and what songs you have and haven't played yet, or rotating monthly songs. I wish Anchorage, Alaska had an arcade like this, but they all shut down years ago. So expensive to be able to travel and experience an arcade. I will remember this visit for a long time.

Santos Figueroa

It's a really fun place with bowling, pool, ping pong, karaoke, food, lots of crane games. But the best part IMO is the amazing arcade! It has all the best games from Japan and more! Had a blast, drove 3 hours and spent over 100 bucks there and I don't regret it!

Rachel Smith

Pitchers of wine for $12, and hour of free play for $10. Perfect.


This is chucky cheese for adults

Diomaris Ortega

Round 1 is a great place to go for family fun. There is something for everyone here. So whether you're 6 or 60, you're bound to have a blast!!

MrDrokes Stish

$50.00 for 200 credits and each game is around 8 credits! Enjoy your 15 minutes of arcade games! Lol

Not. AJ

I beat my friends... that's it

Hai Tu

Really cool arcade. They've got really niche Japanese arcade games which surprised me.. It's mixed in with your usual ticket games and rail shooters. The food is basic bowling alley food which I think they could improve on and draw more of a foodie crowd. They've got move pool tables, table tennis areas, darts, personal karoake rooms and more. Bathrooms are clean but they don't have mirrors. Lots of variety in things to do. I'm impressed. I would return again.

Lindsey tracy

It's a local treasure of the lanchester area let's be real. It's a place for anime and Japanese culture fans to go and arcade nuts. The bowling and darts are super cheap along with the ping pong. Only thing that sucks is the machines break pretty often. If you want a figure that shows up you're gonna have to wait. which is understandable but just a heads up. Also if you get the membership card you should register it right there. My boyfriend had his wallet stolen with his membership card in it and tons of tickets and points on it. They couldn't replace it because he didnt register it and didnt know to do that cause no one told us to. So that was kind of upsetting. Also the beer is super cheap and that's the most important part.

Ashley Battista-Fesh

Round1 is always a great choice to go to; however it is a bit expensive, which is to be expected...and if your not careful it can go quick! But, if money isn't an issue, it's a great spot for entertainment. Bowling, arcade, pingpong, billiards, darts, karaoke, bar, and food. I've never had any type of issues with their staff, as they all are pretty friendly, and if anything happens with one of the games their response is pretty timely. Their place is kept clean and tidy. Their prizes are pretty decent for point redemption too!

Alesandro Elizondo

Good overall. Good arcade games and activities to do with friends and your homies. Like 8 ball pool, bowling, karaoke, ping pong, etc. Food is decent too.

__ theclownscorner18

Staff is wonderful, they really worry about your time spent there and make sure everyone has a great time! Big thanks to one of the employees Tyler and one of the managers named Aaron for making my brother and I's stay there great!

CJ Robert

I own a similar type Entertainment venue to Round 1. Every time I am in Seattle I stop into Round 1 to check out the newest arcade games on the market. I have never left a review because I was never super really impressed with staff. This time I was blown away with the care and customer service that Nicholas (on 2/4 9pm) and the lady attending the bar (on 2/3 9pm), and the Manager on duty (2/4 9pm) showed my group and I. Nicholas and the lady that attended us at bar were amazing with their customer service skills and attentiveness. They showed actual care for the customer, engaged us, and made sure that we were well taken care of. As a fellow business owner of a FEC, these men and lady deserve a raise or being promoted.

Vincent Mills

I know that most people go for the bowling alley, but that was honestly the biggest and most varied arcade that I've seen in Pennsylvania. It was a blast, too!

charlene Mitchell

Great time if 10 or more people try party package!! Awesome

Joe Muckerman

Similar to DAVE AND BUSTERS BUT ITS Japanese themed. I liked the 2 hours of unlimited play


This place is fine if you have kids that stay up on the late-night like mine. They're open till 2am and after 10pm children have to be accompanied by an adult. Food is okay several arcade games to choose from. Bowling Alley is reasonable. And they have armed security which is always reassuring when it comes to the safety of you and your family in a public place. All the staff are very friendly and helpful.

daniel forgey

Great place to bring the family. Bowling was fun and a lot of games to keep them happy for a long time.

Steven Mandell

My son had a blast, but the flashing lights and loud games gave me a headache!

Kai H

Just left round 1. We come here at least once a week and spend over $300 in an hour. Today we played pool and our time was up. We sat there for no more than 5 minutes a a security guard came up to us and stated, “You need to get the heck out of here now.” That statement really upset me as we picked this place for our family who was visiting from california to have a good time. I tried to let it go but I knew deep down inside this is not customer service. I asked for a manager and this security guy the whole was getting and attitude and restated what he said as if he had no fear from anyone. I talked to a manager and told her the situation. I will leave it up to you to handle such matters. We come here for fun not disrespect from a security guard. Thank you

Azizah Mathly

Lots of broken machines, no attendants walking around to help. Expensive. At the prize desk you stand around waiting for them to tell you how many tickets you have while you stare at the workers chatting it up and ignoring customers.

Gabrielle Jackson

Great fun. Went with my baby son, 5 year old niece and boyfriend. We had a fun time. We'll be back again

Loren King

Probably the beat place for the children I’ve been too and still had amazing times myself. Great prizes if you stack up and outside of Dave and Busters this is the best place when you factor price/quality time.

Rhea 0001

We visited this place for bowling and drinks. The simple fact that there is no wait staff here turned me off instantly. Not only can you only buy one drink at a time you have to leave your group go stand in a line that doesnt move quick mind you, and make it back before your turn. At one point everyone was in line and the staff started putting all our balls away even tho our stuff was still at our table. The whole place is one inconvenience after another .

Shauna Ackett

Fun but gets spendy prizes are cheap quality.

Connor Wildey

Easily my favorite place to go out when I need to get my nerd on. Amazing selection of arcade games (including the best racing game I’ve ever played; Maximum Tune 5). If you enjoy beer like I do, they have schooners of Shock Top for $3 plus tax every day. Bowling, karaoke rooms, and pool tables are just added bonuses.

keith patridge

Went for a good time with my kids, but boy was that a huge mistske. Hand us a cracked ping pong paddle and joked that it was the last one. When we returned it they said my wife broke it. She asked to speak with the manager Matt who was extremely rude, very unprofessional and extremely condescending. After saying very nasty things to her, he then actually charged her for the broken paddle that was given to her. If this is the low level people that are running this disgustingly filthy business, they won't be here long. Stay CLEAR of this rip-off place!

T O'Leary

The ft worth ribeye, medium rare, 12 oz was so flavorful!!! I'll definitely have it again in the future. Outstanding service and my husband behaved, so all around it was a good time.

Yanelli S

They close at 1am not 5am, got people showing up for no reason, they need to fix their time on Google and their website!

Debbie Lyons

Great place to entertain your kids.

Dakota Walsh

We hosted my grandson's birthday party here and everybody had a great time. The parents left their children with us to play in the arcade while they were able to go do some shopping at the mall. The staff did a great job.

salmon taquito

this place is amazing. good food, fun activities. love it here. just one little thing, a few times when i visited, there weren't good bowling balls for me (the light ones), and since im a weakling i couldnt use the heavy ones so i had to sit out at some points i came. but other than that, love the place!

Ajeet Kumar

It's a good place to spent time with family after work

Jeffrey Miller

Absolutely huge arcade. Pool, darts, bowling, karaoke, food, drinks... everything. Even a bunch of those diabolical claw games. There is usually an assortment of unusual games as well. The arcade is kept very clean. The staff is helpful and unobtrusive. The ambiance is very loud and very bright, so be prepared. You can get a prepaid card for games that also tracks your tickets which can be redeemed in their gift shop. 4 stars because there are usually broken games.

Hunter Hilton

We showed up at around 3:55pm, the cashier was probably new because she was taking a while to set up our bowling game. Only one of us got the $11 price that is before 4:00pm, and after 4:00 the price is almost doubled. The manager told the cashier to not give us the earlier price and said "Our system doesn't work that way" when I asked if we could have the earlier price because we were waiting there before 4:00 I ended up just leaving. Absolutely terrible customer service.

Tyler Dockery

Fun spot to hang out!

Kaitlynn Holley

Fun games and prizes. A bar inside. Rooms to reserve for private karaoke!

christina moyer

Daughter had a great time playing her favorite games

Baowei David Wei

Good games for children and adults. If you don't like the food there, go to the food court in the mall. It's just couple minutes walk away.

Connor Willis

This is my favourite arcade I've been to in Washington lots of Japanese import games so many rhythm games. There's bowling and karaoke rooms too. Ticket games but not to many. Fantastic

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