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540 Weyman Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15236, United States Located in: The Shoppes at Caste Village

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Here you will see all the feddbacks of people who buy the services of Princess Lanes Bowling Center (Bowling Alley) near to the state of Pennsylvania.

At present this business receives a score of 3.8 out of 5 and that rating has been based on 160 reviews.

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REVIEWS OF Princess Lanes Bowling Center IN Pennsylvania

William Dees

Kolbe R

Had two dollar special I guess bowling bone dry is worth it

Joan cagney

Very nice atmosphere

Noah Patterson

Vince D'Agostino

Anna Butch

Alex Kimber

Great atmosphere and prices! Perfect for larger groups.

Jonathan Freed

Sean Schachner

bobby magoo

average alley with cosmic bowling beer and snacks

Ian Phillipps

Great family time.

Niraj Nj

Nice place to have fun

Fred Schmitt

Awesome place great staff overall just a blast

Edwenson Raphaël

Greg Frazier

Lance Gurganus

Christie Welch

Clean, nice staff and good prices!

Anthony Stizza

Robert Mazzeo

CherylD Hazlip

Ariel Mendlowitz

Bimal Bhattarai

Really bad customer service and horrible employees. Wouldn't recommend it anyone

Aileen Schall

Hunter Pollock

Very nice lanes, great restaraunt as well

Casey Mizgorski

Every time I go the lanes are all taken by leagues but there is NEVER any posting about this online or otherwise. I'm so sick of driving there just to be turned away. It's cheaper for me to drive 40 minutes to a nicer bowling alley then this one that's 10 minutes from my house.

Alex Parker

Great prices. Friendly and well kept

Barbara Miller


joseph funaro

Great place to take the kids

Tyia Wilson

I wish I could give this zero stars. HORRIBLE customer service and RACIST! Don't waste your money and time on such a terrible place when there are soooooo many better places to bowl.

Sherry Schroeffel

Great food and allleys are good

Andrea Davis

girlgamer 666

Loved it except the bowling shoes they weren't that bad

Karl Schneider

Black Friday bowling. Everything worked, food wasn't bad.

silly squidy

Great bowling place but most days you cant go bowling late in the day


Phenomenal bowling experience. Highly recommend!

Brittney Hart

Dave Hall

The lanes 37 and 38 very slow. 20 min slower. Than other teams for 3 games. Lane. 41 would not return ball until a second ball was thrown. Lanes 43 and 44 intercom hasn't worked for months.

Lisa Barton

The only downside to this awesome bowling lane is that they sell decent food but for some reason no kind of dessert, such as ice cream, not even candy!

Sean D

I bowl here on a league. Well taken care of lanes. The food there is great, and the lane servers are fantastic (Paige) top notch. I wish they had a pro shop.

Diane Hull

Donna is such a nice person!!

Kathleen Ewonce



Dana Quinn

Ashlyn Wilkes

This place was awful. I went and had a coupon and was told the wrong price and he tried charging me so much more. The guy ripped us off and than lied about it. He didn't explain anything to us. I am a younger girl and I wanted to go and have a good time with my friends and instead I was left getting ripped off of my money. My experience was not one I want to remember. I don't not recommend coming here. The assistant manger didn't want to help at all and lied about everything. He was just out for the money. So this place is for you if you would like to get ripped off of your money and then have a assistant manager lie about what he told you.

John E Yingst

Robert Weary

Not overly busy...clean location

Douglas Miller



Frank M

The old man running the front counter COULD NOT have been anymore RUDE! Just plain ignorant! I took my kids somewhere else. I'll never go back.


This past weekend we went Bowling at Forward Lanes in Squirrel Hill. Well...I am seriously thinking of taking up this sport. Today I went close to home Princess Lanes! I was sad to hear that their Neighbor Royal went out of business. They had duck pins there. Princess is still here! It is close and has that Retro look and feel all Bowling alleys should have. (I dunno why but Bowling needs that good old fashioned look.) Anyway I was the only one there. Which is good! I just wanted to get some game in. I practiced the new technique for years I had thumb index and middle finger. This time...the way you are supposed to thumb middle and ring finger. I also push the ball the wrong way. The back of my hand is forward. I am going to try to fix it. I bowled in high school but it was family fun nothing serious. Besides no one had Internet then so how was I supposed to know I was doing wrong? I was winning at Forward! The monitors have cartoons! You can see how you did when you step back and watch Mr. Bowling Pin do dances and stuff. I like that a lot! This is summer pricing $2.00 plus shoe rental. Bring Cash. Cards cost $10.00 extra minimum surcharge. Don't do that. $4.25 is fall and ever other time pricing. $3.00 is to rent shoes keep that in mind which is a good price by the way. All in all I played 2 complete games and rented shoes it came to be $6.00 which is cheaper than back in the day. Parents payed a lot of money to see us make fools of ourselves. Saturday mornings 9am to 11am is GREAT when you just wanna play in the slow hours. Or like's Monday it was like 5:00 pm no one there. Early mornings during the week is good too if you want more privacy. Everyone is friendly and you can ask them what works for you when time is concerned the best times for Leagues the best times for family etc. Princess is getting a makeover but that does not affect your gaming. They are doing Cosmic Bowling but that is at night and I like to be home. I dunno I will think on it. They don't drill bowling balls. That is why I am going to Dick's out in South Hills Village. I gotta see that selection and some shoes. I really really want to do this every week!

Adam Powers

The facility was pretty clean and the Sunday morning "all you can bowl" deal was good for us. The TVs need upgraded. We had a kid bowling with us and that meant we ALL had to use bumpers. Overall it was fine, but nothing special. The lady at the counter was very nice to us.

David Nemec

Prakash Wagley

Michelle Kach

Ryan Baldwin

If you are a serious bowler this place is not for you. It is not a sanctioned USBC center. They have zero sanctioned leagues. The staff is rude and uncaring. I have had numerous balls damaged there because of poorly maintained equipment.

Sara Enim

Fun easy environment.

Jordan Atchison

Great bowling alley. Very friendly staff.

Scot Zundel

More expensive than I thought it would be

Curtis Kyles

Nice facility well maintain

Alex Sahinidis

Chester’s attitude always kept me safitisfied and smiling.

Patrick Brazell

The best place to bowl in Pittsburgh. Very affordable and clean.

jessica englert

Adam Lobdell

Laura Kowalski

Good staff and fun times

Deana Cannon

wayne lutheran

Great place and very reasonable!

Robert Kelly

Garett stevenson

General manager when asked what I wanted to eat I said I didn’t get a menu and said I didn’t know what there was to eat. She rolled her eyes at me and was being very rude. When I asked for two sauces for my chicken tenders she said you only get one. Not even asked if I wanted to pay extra for it. Very inconsiderate and would recommend not coming here.

Ron Conley II

No air conditioning

Mariah Fossett

michaela liberman

Joseph Seger

Smells like haluski here. Highly recommend!

Jennifer Musulin

This is rated on the restaurant inside the bowling alley. Food and service was awful. Couldn't eat burger it smelt and tasted horrible. I believe the meat was bad. Stay away from the food!

Chelsey Smith

Kari DeHaven

Way overpriced! Almost $30 for a cheese and pepperoni pizza! Bowling Alley pizza And it was frozen. $37 for a family of 5 to bowl one game. The bathrooms were disgusting. So disappointing.

Jaysen Roth

Some people on here giveing there rateings have some real life issues! And its not this place, I had a great time here. If you are looking to smash some pins! Go here. Food was good, what are you to expect??? (* it's a bowling allie people not a 4 star restaurant! *)

Randy Meyer

Megan Kania

Greg M

Marc Caputo

Worst bowling alley I've ever been to. Me and my girlfriend went there on Saturday 4/1 around 10 pm. While getting my shoes, I asked if they were still serving food. They are open until 1. the lady working the front desk told me that I can ask in the bar area and strangely said if I have any problems to come get her. I asked why I would have problems and she said they have had the "chef" try to close down early recently when they weren't busy but assured me no matter what the kitchen is still open. I walk in to place an order and immediately am told that no food can be made they are closed. This is 1030 on a Saturday night and are supposedly open until 1. I went back to the lady at the front and she said she will have him make me some food. I refused. Just what I want, some guy who i can't see making my food after he rudely just told me they were closed. I bowled my 3 games. Was not offered any coupon or incentive to ever go back. Will never go there again. Horrible customer service. Mainly on the kitchen, but the manager had every opportunity to take care of our bowling shoes, or even give me a coupon to bowl a free game if we ever came back. They just took my money, never apologized or showed me any reason to ever come back. Now I see why they only had 6 lanes going on a Saturday night. Stay away.

Pat Ziolkowski

Jack Higgins

I called at 5:30 and asked for lane availability and prices i was told the prices and they said come in when ever me and my friends made the trip out and they told me i could not bowl because there was leather at 6 contrary to what i was told on the phone i confronted the man i spoke to on the phone and asked to file a complaint with his manger and he laughed at me and walked away

Sean j

Mark Kuhn

Restroom clean and smell fresh food well prepared glow bowling was fun

Andrew Sekulski

Tony Imburgia

Very nice lanes good service at a reasonable price

Doug Garrard

Bowl a 299

Charles Meissner

Linda Kudrav

Place was clean and people are friendly and it great place to go bowling with your family

Frank Bernotas

Bill Werme

No oil on lanes at all. Total waste of practice for up coming season

Kara Donehoo

Ashley Thon

Not very pleased with the ladies at the counter, also it's pretty expensive compared to most.

Michael Steele

Could be updated... still clean though

Mason Tralongo

It is a good, clean, well-light Bowling center, but the prices are slightly high.

Tyler Stevenson

Mary Ann Belles

Kevin Patterson

The lanes are in good shape. Minimal breakdowns. Beer is fairly priced and the food from the kitchen is pretty good. 4/5 for bowling alleys in the area.

Jon Spink

John Astleford

Good lanes, well kept.

James Konesky


Debbie Beech

Building is clean, but if you're good bowler you will not like the oil distribution

Molly Hartman

Joe Neckerman

Khaled Almdabghi

Chris Bridges

Josh Burger

Very clean, especially for a bowling alley. Staff was also very friendly.

Samantha Boyle

Nice and clean

Tabitha Lord

Jeanne Mancino

Terri Jagielski

Nice facility. Good food. Nice bar area. Friendly, knowledgeable staff. I coach Special Olympics and my athletes bowl here every Saturday. Everyone had been wonderful to us.

Me Ro'

Food was horrible

Bonita Johnson

Michael Hackbart

It's a very nice place we were there for high school state. It was very roomy a lot of room for chairs the shot was good, very nice!!!!!

Marcy Eisel

Great Bowling alley ~~~staff is super nice , food good along with the beer!

Nikki Renee

Daniel Sikora

Amanda7 Williams

Daniel Dlugos

Christopher Angel

Haven't bowled here in years and wish they still had their duck pin lanes as trying to find duck pins in this city is hard. Bring back the ducks!

Elizabeth Sabin

sharon martin

Everyone is always very nice. However sometimes the service is slow

Albert Dawson

Nicholas Colletti

Let me start with the positive part of this review. Princess lanes is reasonably clean and I don't think the food is too bad so if you are just looking for a place to bowl for fun it is fine. However, if you are a serious bowler, this place has some serious issues. I have bowled in leagues here for multiple years and after this past year I will be leaving with the rest of my winter league. The oil distribution is in my (and many others) opinion is not a consistent league shot that you would expect. They have been messing with different products and a new oil machine for the past couple years and it has gotten pretty bad. There is a lack of basic maintenance causing pins off spot, breakdowns, pins bouncing out of the back, missing dots,foul lines, screw covers on the approaches, and even a lane or two on which the ball will bounce if you land it in the correct spot. (Stay off lane 40!). In addition, they seem to want to spend money on things like new pins, new oil machines, and it is rumored a new scoring system which will do nothing to fix the basic issues I mentioned above. They also are now stuck with 3 different lane surfaces throughout the center which makes things even more goofy. I sincerely hope that this place is able to find some new management and get back to what it was years ago when it was one of the best centers around, but for now, it is unfortunately in pretty bad shape and I would not recommend it for league bowling.

Sara Minahan

Great time!

DJ Harris

Don't ever give these people your credit card number over the phone to reserve lanes for any kind of party! I gave these people my credit card number to hold our lanes for my son's birthday party and the person who took my reservation stole my card number and ran up my bill. I am still in court fighting to get the charges taken off. Otherwise clean, reasonably priced, and friendly service.

Jen O'Neil

One Two

Eboni H

This place is RACIST . The spikey hair man that was at the front desk on Friday night in bright green shirt ( who I believe is the manager John) was extremely rude and ignored me after I stood at the front desk for about 5 minutes . He then immediately spoke and helped another white couple who came in after me and gave them shoes . After I finally asked him why he was ignoring me he said the wait will be 25 minutes . He then gave the other couple a lane with 5 . I had my 9 year old son with me and even he asked why we were there first and they went ahead of us . This is my second time having an issue at this place and I will never return. I encourage people to avoid this place and go to a place where they will be treated fairly.

Tony Vennie

Clean restrooms. Good food

Lindsay Laur

An early date...

Rino Rottas

Needs oil on there lanes

ram dada

Bad service

Haley Colaizzi

Cheap bowling at only $2.00 a game! Great way to spend a rainy day!

Adler Heidkamp

Cheap bowling

Carrie Ww

Had a fun time

Brailee DeArment

Robert Kester

Ashlin Burkholder

A little pricey but clean and fun! Staff was very polite and friendly.

James Pope

Shayne Ayers

Employees are miserable always

Chris Stubbs

There's lots of room and it's inexpensive.

James Lipinski

Good bowling place

Justin Baumann

Gopichand Nagidi

Jenn G

Aaron Perelstein

Dan Jankowski

Josh Cheeks

Carl Jay

Clean place. Knowledgeable staff and good summer rates

Corey T72

Nice lanes, pleasant atmosphere, good lighting, great experience!

Anthony Criscella

eileen hollister

Michelle Underwood

It was very clean staff was exceptionally helpful

Shadowfox 853

This place is horrible. I can't count the number of times I have tried to go bowling here yet have been turned away because it's "league night". Don't listen to the website about their times, I brought that up to the front desk and their response was "it lied, we can't do anything about it". Absolutely ridiculous! I've even been there on a Friday night and was told it was league night but I could wait till after 9pm for a lane. The food is overpriced and not very good. I'm pretty sure the good reviews on here are either fake or by the league bowlers...

Gerry Komoroski

Bowl every week there. People r friendy & food is good

Antonio G

Worst experience ever! Overpriced Beverages and overpriced games that are not even able to be completed and the guy at the register! He made it obvious that he works for minimum wage. I cannot wait to report this garbage dump to the Better Business Bureau! Regret ever coming here! Wish this place did not even exist! Worst money I spent in my life! I would rather walk up to Donald Trump and light it on fire in front of his face!

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