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REVIEWS OF Palace Bowling & Entertainment Center IN Pennsylvania

Kathy Mehler

Customer service was great!

Crystal Roman

It is amazing and it has arcade games and food

Christopher Downey

Been bowling here for 9 years and it's an awesome place. Staff is amazing and my daughter has had or been to multiple birthday parties here and they were great as well.

yuvan maran

Great customer service good fun place for games and drinks ! Will be back soon

Keith Strahan

Looks a little old and in need of some updating. But still fun.

Brian Welsh

Team building event for work, good times. Wings are actually a highlight! Friendly and helpful staff.

Dave Applegate

They might as well allow smoking inside, because they don't enforce the legal ruling, and everyone sits at the open doors and blows their poison right into the building, so the whole place smells like a cigarette. Absolutely disgusting. The lanes are beat up. They are 20 years past due for a renovation. The wood is ruined at the foul line. Spares are a rough deal, because the uneven wood throws your ball unpredictably. The ball return is covered in rubber, so you can't spin the ball to find the holes. Love to know who thought that was a good thing. They put couches and a table in each lane, which seems like a good idea, but now there's no room. This is fine for the kids, and an annoyance for everyone else. The machinery rarely breaks down, though, and the balls return quickly, and I've not seen any damage to my ball from the equipment. They have a great bar upstairs, and a pool table. With 40 lanes available, there's rarely a time you can't get a lane, and the prices aren't bad. The kitchen seems to be open all the time. Good pizza.

James Wagner

Great time! Nice staff, nice lanes. We were able to call in and reserve lanes.

Railroad Skater

Great bowling alley, not too much oil on lanes (I like em kinda dry), good pin action. Very nice

Jacqueline Telljohann

We came here for a team event when traveling for work. It's a bit of a hole in the wall. It's not one of those fancy new bowling alleys. It's really your classic, kind of dingy bowling alley. We enjoyed two hours of bowling which was two games for us. You can get a free game if you check in on Yelp. We were there on a Thursday after work and it wasn't too crowded. It's about what you would expect from an older bowling alley.

Mike Baran

It was fun. But I lost every game I bowled


Fun place, clean and friendly staff also

Kyra Foggie

Fun family fun friends fun all around fun

John Daller

Excellent entertainment center. Very well kept lanes, very nice friendly staff. Will visit many more times.

Alrealon Musique

Very fun place.

maria urrutia

My family and I have been visiting Palace Bowling since moving to the area (4yrs). We love supporting family run business with great customer service. Palace Bowling is a family friendly environment with welcoming faces at the front desk, which always makes for a great experience.

Brian D. Dressler

Fun local place to bowl, good for families. Really good night and weekend pricing. Good for a fun and simple date. Staff is friendly and laid back.

bad 411

Fun bowling, friendly service.

Nephtali Roman


Conor Larkin

Niko, it's your cousin, Roman! Let's Go Bowling! But in all seriousness, this is a great place to go bowling at, they have nice pizza, an arcade, snacks 'n' soda, all of that good stuff for a good time. I highly recommend it for parties, school field trips, or if you just want to have a good time bowling!

Robin Hale Garland

Very good location. Nice staff, very friendly.

Stephen Subbio

Great customer service and a friendly family atmosphere.

Scott Willow

It was to hot in building ,couldn't take the heat.everything else was good

Kevin Hughes

Palace is great. Know us by name.

Paul Doyle

Nice lanes. We had some difficulty with our computer scoring system, but we were easily moved to a nearby lane. Everything else was in very good condition.

Heather Miller

We were very impressed! Very professional and friendly staff, establishment is well cleaned and maintained, competitively priced, pizza was hot and delicious! Our group had a blast and I highly recommend The Bowling Palace!

Kevin Hill

Great place for some bowling food and beer, pizza isn't very good though.


The bouncer is quick to call the police on guests and has a power trip. Management at establishment is horrible. Would not recommend this place.

Gene Brown

Great place to go and have fun and socialize with family and friends

Patrick Libert

very fun to go during party night with friends

Woody Smith

This is a great bowling alley that has been around for years. Has a bar and good food options. Very good for parties and groups!

Holly Hopkins

Had lots of fun and brought back memories. Great nite out with the family.

Vincent Yao

The service was ok but our lane broke down 7 TIMES!!! Very angry for the inconvenience. The pizza is near awful. Wouldn’t go again...

Tieck Joshua

Nice bowling alley, plenty of lanes and leagues. The bar is decent, beer selection is pretty small but not bad.

Stanley Zoltek

Fun experience Great for kids. Polite & helpful employees.

Cheryl Soltysik

Great fun

Marhya Martin

Had so much fun I'm not the best bowler but the place has everything u need for bowling

Wanda Mize

Fun for the entire family...all age groups!

TIM Decker

Nice house. Good snack bar. Just had a birthday party here for my son. The hostess was awful. Disinterested and not attentive.the snack bar guy was a rock star.

Ajay Sreedharan

Has quite a lot of bowling lanes Also has pool/snooker tables and some arcade games. Price was just 10 dollars for 3 hrs of fun including shoe rentals but that could have been a seasonal thing too

Joe Torrente

Finally a bowling alley not stuck in the 80's

Joseph Crapo

Pretty good bowling alley and usually not too busy.

Hajir Moghaddam

It is a good bowling place to get your exercise.

Amanda Lott, REALTOR

This is a family friendly place and the pizza is actually pretty good too. The birthday parties are a great value.

Patti Smith

Best employees. We always have a great time. Very accommodating to any group!

Chris C

Had a fun time bowling there with my 2 brothers, sister-in-law, & nephew. Liked the selection of bowling balls they had.

Patrick Neiderer

Been going with my buddies for months... Staff is always nice and quick to help... GREAT DEALS all the time

Scott Michaud

Nice bowling and entertainment center with an upstairs bar for adults. The Palace has wood lanes for those that want to bowl like the sport used to be.

Scott Masi

Work event at Palace - they treated us well and a good time was had by all !!

Peter Babel

This was our first time and we had a blast. The computer system they use is retro - just the way I like it, staff is friendly, drinks are available and the balls come back quicker than at other bowling alleys :) I know, I have my priorities straight. This is one of the closes alleys to us, so we'll definitely be back. BTW: The party really starts after 10:30pm on Saturdays!

Chris Hervey

Nice place to chil with family

Darlene Friend

Great place to hold a kids party! We had both our kids 5th and 7th birthday parties here and everyone had a great time! Very clean facility and helpful, friendly staff. Would highly recommend if you are considering to book a bowling party!

j j

I usually find this bowling alley the best in the area, but I couldn't have had a worse experience tonight. My ball continuously got stuck and wouldn't return every three throws, the pins didn't reset properly throughout the night, and to top it off the ball return machine scratched my ball on my last throw of the night. I'm highly disappointed and would not recommend this place to anyone. They need better upkeep!

Danielle Smith

Superfun time, went for a birthday party. If you go call ahead.

Deandre Johnson

Great time

Stephanie Runyon

This place is awesome! I love the way the have the lanes set up on both sides of the building. It has an upstairs bar, small arcade and a pretty decent amount of options for food. Service was friendly and seemed family owned. Definitely would go back.

Dana Phipps

Fun place to go with kids. We did the special with soda and pizza and bowling for two hours. It was a good deal. My young kids were able to lift the 6lb balls and they set up a ramp at the top of the lane. Clean facility, nice family feel. Very good experience.

Anna Kuhn

I've been going here my whole life to go bowling with family and friends. $10 for two hours of bowling during the summer is a great deal and they have some decent beer options to choose from. The food always smells fantastic and will most likely satisfy your craving for sweet and cheesy "roller rink" food.

Aashay Tambi

Bowling is good. Food not really.

John Thompson

Great specials for families. Great service by the staff and the new scoring systems and lounge furniture is fantastic. I have been going to The Place for 28 years and it is truly at the top of its game!

Kathy Ericson

Perfect place for a family fun night.

Jared Wall

Decent bowling experience, but their TV game needs to be stepped up. I wanted to watch an NBA playoff game on ABC, and they couldn't get it.


Don't really bowl more than once a decade but place was good. Was busy, lively, family friendly. Has food for kids and beer too. A handful of video games and chance games too. Nice staff.

Giavanna Barron

Always a great time! Was able to get in 3 games (with 3 to 4 people) and pizza in 2 hours.

jay sal

This alley is really the only game left in town after Frazer closed. People are nice and the lanes are wood, which is cool. The downside is the equipment and lanes are old enough to have been bowled on by Mark Roth and Marshal Holman. Equipment problems happen frequently. I love their specials, but I'd definitely be willing to pay alittle more if they invested in at least completely restoring the wood and pinsetters on their lanes. I don't think much has been done to them since the 80s or 90s. Overall, I'd reccomend this place as a good spot to go bowling.

Lee Gemmill

Lot's fun.

steve philip

Amazing place to hang out with friends and family with awesome bowling lanes , well maintained along with food and open bar.. there were also cool arcade games with shooting hoops and a snooker table.. great place to spend a Friday night..

Aless M

Super busy but still great. Great staff. Shoutout to the worker John who kept getting balls and helping us all night. 7:30 til closing is 18+

Will Lauritzen

Went there with kids for a good time. Great prices for bowling.....but the special was FANTASTIC! $10 dollars a person for 2 hours of bowling including the shoe rental. What a great time. Great staff, clean. Establishment. Defiantly going back.

Moses Klein

A good place for a great time bowling. I can highly recommend this place.

Richard Hlavacek

Attended a fundraiser here, had a really good time.

Bob Garrett

fun place to bowl

Tobi Williams

Friendly staff. Great place for families with kids 9- Noon on school holidays.

Robert Baker

Average bowling alley. Nothing to special to it. But, the prices are rather expensive compared to other alleys. Still a decent place to have fun.

Andrew Milliken

Since when did the bowling palace become a night club on Saturdays? I couldn't get in because I needed an ID TO GO BOWLING. I got done with a 10 hour shift and just wanted to relax and bowl for an hour or so. Maybe grab some pizza and soda. But I left and took my money to wawa, along with my 6 other friends, then went home.

Cori Wojo

Our host Mary-Kate was awesome! We had a corporate outing for our holiday party and she took care of everything. She made sure our party had drinks, food, re-fills and any other snacks we may have wanted. The establishment seemed understaffed for the amount of business it was bringing in. Apart from that everything was a great time!

iris Long

Took family to kids bowl.. 2 hours bowl and pizza.. Woohoo no cooking :)

Paul Italiano

We had a fun time bowling

David Hunt

I have been going to the palace since I was a knee-high. Loved it then, love it now

Ashok Athukuri

It was good with wonderful ambiance.

John S.

Had a fun family night of bowling! Lots of laughs and good scores, staff was great! Good deals on Sunday nights!

Nicholas Wagner

Great staff. Nice clean facility

Todd Lawrence

Nice atmosphere. Good family fun!

mike harvey

Fun time

Jay Bay

Beer bowling and arcade games. How can you go wrong?

Brad S

Fun place for family.

Keith Saroka

Friendly staff. Great bowling

Tina Root

Bad management

Jefry Rivera

Nice bowling center

Christopher Arena

Great time fun bowling only complaint was air conditioning was broken they had temp air units but they weren't enough... will definitely go back after air conditioning is fixed

Kara Thomas

Great Place for the Family, Had a great time.

Mandi Hoff

Lots of lanes. Overall clean and kid friendly. Plenty of specials for different days of the week which makes it affordable family fun. I like the newly replaced roomy curved benches.

Manda Pascoe

Good service and lots of fun.

Rhonda Altland

Very reasonable for great family fun


Fun. Roll like The Dude in The Big Lebowski!


Good place to bowl. The lanes all just got sanded so it's a little bit slippery as the shoes slide too much. But that's a good thing too. Good prices lots of deals. Everytime I go its typically 8$ for a few hours and they typically have 1$ slices and dogs. Fun environment that is maintained well.

Tristan Anderson

A pretty generic place to go bowling, but they have some good deals. $2 games $2 shoes on Sunday nights!

Matthew Foust

Great fun place!

Paul Mcguigan

Had my sons 5th birthday party here it was great the staff was kind and upbeat even when a beer truck broke down blocking my car in they offered us free bowling games and gave my two boys video game tokens. The only thing to take a star away from a otherwise awesome visit was that the house ball's are in pretty bad condition with lots of cracks and chunks missing from them and therefore won't roll down the lane correctly.

Mrs. McCorry

Aged bowling place but no complaints. Shoes seemed clean- yes I rented them. Typical bowling alley snacks and beverages available.

C A Wolfe

A nice place to do some bowling.

Estrellita Olvera

Professional, friendly and hardworking staff. A little pricey but the great customer service was worth it. Got to spend some great quality time with my kids and they loved the place! Thank you for a great experience!

Daniel McGonigal

Great prices/specials

Bill Flynn

A bit worn down but we had fun last Friday.

Erika Reilley

Fun place. Food are recenably priced.

Anthony Leach

Great place to hang out and have a good time

Jonathan Barr

Free bowling on Father's day for dad's.

Dana Foust

Long-standing bowling alley with a bar upstairs. Daily, affordable bowling specials. You can get 3 games in with pizza for 4 people during their 2 hour deals. They are absolutely fantastic at supporting local schools/sports teams/charities with their fundraising event options.

Anthony Anderson

Nice place to have a good time with friends and family

Bartholmew Cecala

Good place to bowl. Price is reasonably.

Clay Fawthorp

Busy but fun bowling for the family.


This is a well cared for facility, that is popular in the area for leagues for all ages, and a great place to have parties and bring groups of all sizes. There is even a cozy dance floor, and a refreshment area with great comfort foods. Upstairs, beer is sold. There are special offers of all kinds, and activities that make the Palace a fun place to go. It's a great place to learn the sport of bowling, or enjoy with friends & family... morning or night.

Samantha Trent

Such a fun place to take the kids or have a night out with friends! The staff was really friendly as well.

Some One

Good. Very nice

Janice Zang

Awesome place and staff!

Andrew Toothman

It's what you would expect from a bowling alley. Average food with decently maintained lanes and plenty of house balls available. Video games, though a small selection give kids another option or a break from bowling. The keyboards for the lanes are simple and I wish you could customize how the screen displayed information. I don't know if the gutter/bumper change is electric or manual. There was no indication anywhere and no obvious menu option or button to actuate it. It would be nice to be able to easily change it when bowling as a family so the adults aren't using the bumpers. Overall I enjoyed my experience. They seem to have good after school and other package deals. The place, including the restrooms, was clean. The rental shoes were in good repair.

Natalie Handley

I come here with my friends often and I love it! :) Food is good (they get their pizza from a local place) and they also have a little arcade-type-area that I'm awfully fond of.

Daniel Marano

Clean facility with friendly staff.

golden dragon

Comfortable couches to sit on while you wait to bowl. They also have a league.

Arihant Jain


Caroline Remelius

I really like bowling at this place. They have good weekly deals if you come before a certain time and the staff are very friendly.

Connie D

Love it here, was here for special Olympics, food and fun

Dominick M

The Palace is a great place for recreational bowling as well as league bowling. They have daily specials and e-mail deals for cheaper than average bowling. House balls and shoes are available. They have a proshop open most evenings and lockers to store your ball and shoes. The Palace has a concession stand and small arcade and dancefloor. Restrooms are available in the back. There is handicaped parking/ramp on the left side of the parking lot. The front desk staff is helpful and personable. If equipment breaks they are quick to fix the issue or give you a new lane. Overall, the palace has been my favorite place to bowl for the last 20 years.

Autumn Butler

Great staff and lots of fun.

Vincent Donia

Friendly staff, a few arcade games, will kept lanes

Jared Wilson

I went to the Bowling Palace with several members of my family, as part of the celebration for my mother's 80th birthday. My mom is in a senior bowling league there, and she is impressively a very good bowler. Personally, I have not bowled in many years. After bowling you will find out that you use muscles that you have not use in many years, especially the muscles in your thighs and your glutes , and you can take that to the bank.! The next day my glutes were so sore I could barely walk, and it was quite embarrassing because I like the feel that I'm in good shape. No matter how good shape you're in, or even if you are a steady Runner, your butt muscles will hurt the next day, and you can count on that for certain!

Kayla Kawamoto

Fun place. Great for parties. One of my favorite bowling allies in the area.

William Scott

Care about community.

Thomas Brown

Had fun was a bit crowded

Cowan Grafton

Shoes were nasty, bowling lanes unkept. Staff was unfriendly. Our group of 5 was placed in a lane between two large groups when there was 3-4 empty lanes a few lanes down. Bathroom looked like a scene from CSI.

Christian Overton

Great place if your into bowling. Generally a good place to go out with friends as a night out.

Fred k

Very clean bowling alley. The entire staff was very nice and helpful. We will be back again..and soon.

Josh Mitchell

Nice but could be a little cleaner

Rose Bannan

We had a lot of fun bowling, only shock was the price.. yikes when did bowling get so expensive? Will prolly go again, but will look for coupons/Groupon next time.

John Bowman

Clean and well kept. Staff was very nice. Lots of birthday parties when I was there. Well staffed to help the young party goers and make the celebration fun. I will go back.

Amiyahrg5u Monet

I Always have a blast bowling here

Carson Scaccetti

Called in an hour ahead of time to check prices and availability. They did not inform me about the fact that it was league bowling only, until I drove 30 minutes to get there. Never coming back.


Bring cash. The food is not the best, but it will do the trick.

Jeff Brower

The best (and only) place to bowl in the area! I would consider moving to Downingtown just because West Chester doesn't have anywhere to bowl!

Colleen Gregg

First time bowler here. Staff at the front desk was very friendly and helpful. Even the opposing team was very nice and showed us the ropes. Very nice overall!

Robert Watkins

It has a bar so that is a plus but there was nothing other than that set it apart. Still it is a decent bowling alley. You will have fun there.

Mikhail Fedorenko

Good place to play bowling or to have corporate party.

Henry Wagner

We had a great time! Our 15 year old autistic son bowled two games. I love the bumper system. Each player can decide if they want they bumpers. The staff was friendly and helpful.

Steven Mandell

It's great to go with family and/or friends; birthday parties, too. It's clean, has fun games to play besides bowling, food and drink, and more. Great staff, also.

Caleb Caldwell

Lots of lanes. Clean and good prices ($8 for two hours if bowling including shoes).

Robert Simon

Too hot in there. Air not working.

Rachel Buoni

Great local place to bowl. Lots of specials and decent lanes.

Rebekah Adams

A lot of fun, but lane 13 kept getting stuck

Dre ThatAudioGuy

Hang out here on Sundays after work. Cant really complain the beer is cheap cold and fresh. The pizza is hot and cheap. The bowling is always fun with friends and doesnt hurt the wallet. Great way to spend a Sunday before srarting a work week. Staff is awesome and the place is chill.

Charlie Baum

Held a birthday party here for 16 kindergartners. They did an excellent job! The assigned staffer made sure everything was taken care of, she handled putting all the names into the computer, and helped organize the chaos that was 16 kindergartners handling heavy bowling balls. We bowled and had pizza and cake and then bowled again. Every kid had an amazing time thanks to Palace. The place is very clean, safe, and kid friendly. Will definitely hold more parties there. Very reasonable price too! For 16 kids to bowl and eat pizza for two hours, it was $275. That included a real bowling pin for the kids to sign for the birthday boy to take home, 3 large cheese pizzas, all the soda and juice you can drink, and bowling shoes for all participants. Love this place

Stuart Swackhamer

Great place for a family adventure

tonya Washington

Need new bowling lanes. Horrible lanes but a fun place to have fun with the family. They just need to invest into newer lanes..wooden lanes are out of style

Pamela S

Always a good time.

MrDJ Sizl

This place was dirty, kids next to me were in my lane all the time, and for pro bowlers the lanes are sticky and the oil patterns are awful. There are so many better places and if you are a experienced bowler never even think about coming here.

Savannah Yosko

It was awesome me and my cousin loved it

Atul Mahajan

Good place to play and enjoy but a crowded one. You may expect a waiting time of more than two hours.


The girls had so much fun. We will definitely be back

Katie June

My 4 year old and I had so much fun on Sunday night!!

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