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340 SW Morrison St #4305, Portland, OR 97204, United States Located in: Pioneer Place

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REVIEWS OF Punch Bowl Social Portland IN Oregon

Josué Fernández

Nice place for go with friends and family and have fun and drink

keegan ashby

I got a huge gratuity bill and found out that closing my tab in one part doesnt close all of them out. With getting food and also getting drinks in another part I had opened two up unknowingly. Cool place but poorly set up and run. Service sucked at the main bar area and long wait for drinks.

Brian Livingston

Great place to host a group for networking in an informal setting with bowling and other games. A unique place.

Jerry Gordinier

Great bar staff, huge place with lots of activities

Paul Theis

Cool atmosphere once you're inside, although it's kind of hard to find if you dont already know it's on the 4th floor of the building. Games are a $1 per person per play so kinda spendy, but overall it was a fun place to meet friends

Breon Gardner

A fun place to play with my kiddos on Daddy Date Night! The food is just okay but the fun can't be measured!


This place was not what I expected. It offers a lot of things to do and I think it would be a great place to host an event, but to just come and "hang out", I wasn't feeling it. The bar takes up the entire upper level at the Pioneer Square mall. It's a cool concept in that you can explore and do/play the many activities they offer. Some things you need to pay for and some things are free. The food is alright - expensive for the amount you get. It's also pretty standard, bar food. Nothing on the menu really stood out. The drinks are alright - loads of mixed drinks (ala Punchbowl) but the drinks are on the sweet fru-fru side. So if you're not into mixed drinks, the bartenders weren't that helpful. Additionally, the service is S-L-O-W, even when they were not busy. I'm probably not going to go back here, unless it's for a private event.

Cory Olsen

The Food and atmosphere of the place is exceptional! Wonderful Staff!

Martha Muro

This place is just okay, the music was really loud. The karaoke little rooms was the best part of the night. Also the food is excellent.

Holden McGroyn

This place is a restaurant/lounge, not a fight club type of organization. Don't make the same mistake I did. :(

Hollie Blackman

If I were only giving the activities section a rating it would be a 5 ⭐ but since its overall it's a 3⭐ . We went for my friends bachelorette party last night and started out a great night bowling and having drinks. Our server Sydney was amazing and the guy at the front, I can't remember his name but he was great too. After bowling we tried karaoke but it was over an hr wait so we went to sit in the restaurant for dinner There were 5 of us. There was a table finishing up by us and 1 table a few tables away. That was it. Several servers and bartenders standing around. I could understand if they were close to closing, I'm in the business I get it, but it was 1030 and they still had a few hrs left of their shift. Someone brought water but then nobody came back We waited 15 min before we got up. Every server watched us get up and not one of them spoke up to stop us or say anything. I had to stop a girl to ask to speak to a manager. Instead of finding a manager she went to her coworkers to tell them. I wouldn't recommend going to the restaurant here unless you can request Sydney as your server She cared and was amazing. She's the only reason I would come back.

Laura Armstrong

We were ignored by one of the bartenders for over 10 minutes. One of the servers came over and was very kind. Harrison, one of the managers there came over to the server and told him we were not to be served. The manager then proceeded to be unnecessarily rude to us. We had been polite and only had one post-dinner drink at this bar. We’re now standing here waiting for our bill, being ignored yet again.

Clint Rhea

Terrible service and atmosphere no matter how busy it is, but what do you expect from a bar in a mall?

Jules-André Mamosa

A good place to go to have fun and a good beer

Kenley Clark

Fantastic place to go with a group of friends. Tons of games, bowling, pool, darts, karaoke and the food is really really good! It's kind of a perfect place to just hang and have a good time. And there's a theater and shopping in the same building so there's a lot to do.


Arrived to a not too crowded restaurant for happy hour apps and drinks. Though the restaurant got more crowded, it took 2:40 to get through ordering, receiving drinks and food and getting cashed out. The place was severely understaffed, a disservice to costumers and non-management staff alike. The food was okay: greasy, salty with too many buzzword flavors thrown together. Nothing special. Edible. The price wasn't terrible. Though in Pioneer Mall, they do not validate parking. I will happily avoid returning here, even if they do manage to adequately staff themselves in the future. While I won't get any hours of my life back, the ones wasted here seem especially wasted.

Johanna Akers

Went on Friday night to celebrate my birthday. We all had such a great time! It was my first time going here too. The vibe was great! Food was good too. Some a bit too spicy. I had the chicken tacos which were so good! Our server, Ryan, was fantastic!!! It was like he was part of the party. I'll definitely be going back!

David Hansen

Above average pub fare. Bowling lanes are short. Video games over priced.


Expensive for what it is and customer service was lacking

Mackenzie Stewart

Awesome place. Had my boyfriend's surprise birthday here and it was fantastic. It's great to come for drinks as there are many bars and lots of games. There is also many places to explore. Fun night out spot!

Katie Anderson

Wow! This is where I wanna go anytime I'm near Portland. Made my trip and made my night! My waitress was incredible. Loved her!

Jarek Halat

Great for group parties, great beer and friendly staff!

Danny Taylor

This place is Portland's best kept secret. They need to let it be known!

Avery Kester

Really cool place, lots of stuff to do. Bowling was fun! Service a little slow, but everyone very friendly and bartenders know their stuff.

Rebecca Lynn

Fun games. The service was subpar when a couple friends and i were there after a concert on 02/02/19. The bartender seemed more interested in flirting with the female servers than serving the customers. Stood at the bar for a while every time we needed a drink and he just ignored our existence and continued his conversation. I tipped well but only because i felt bad for the girls who were on their game and i know bar staff tip shares.


Excellent food, good atmosphere and service

Robert Lewis

Fun for corporate events, a bit spendy if your looking for a cool active place to get drinks with friends.

Phong Truong

Great food, great drinks, and great games. My visit was a paid vendor event, but I would consider coming back.

Cody Palmen

Fun open place with plenty to do.

Raj S.

Very happening and upbeat restaurant and bar social gathering. Greta food, wine, beer and cocktail choices. Helpful and young staff. Restaurant is located located inside the Pioneer Place Mall so its convenient to have bite and drink after your shopping.

seth morris

Awesome place to hang out, there's a little something for everyone. Bowling, arcade games, a lounge, bar area, and great food. There's outside balconies overlooking downtown Portland, & considering the location, prices aren't too bad. Kid/family friendly till around 9pm as well

Josiah Vincent

Food is decent and staff appear to be treated well. Unfortunately all hires at malls tend to be below the par for service excellence. This location does not purchase the premium karaoke song options and pretty much sucks for karaoke. All of the lanes are bowed and cause for a wonky bowling experience. IMPORTANT: they do not stamp for parking, even for pioneer garage, even for parties!!! Do not use them for events if you plan on parking.

Carmen Sze

The outdoor patio is smoke-free. The vanilla non-alcoholic shake was really good.

Dan Jackobs

Not alot of these places around, have been to one in Virginia, now Portland. Cool concept adult game spot with bowling, pool, etc, with full bars and menus. Nice gathering spot for any occasion. Although this Portland location was a bit tough to get to.

Marcus Hamilton

Super cool place but the atmosphere was lacking

Nate Mac

What an awesome spot!! Great food and drinks, friendly and helpful wait staff, always a fun spot to come to! Giant Jenga is where it's at!

Ashley Kindrick

Great food and amazing customer service. Cool fun place.

Amanda Rico

The servers forgot about our orders. They really didn't pay much attention to our table. Our checks were messed up and when we approached the guy, he gave us an attitude about it. There are lots of fun places nearby. Punch Bowl Social is mediocre. *edit I tried coming back here again and the service is still unbelievable. 4 bartenders made eye contact with me, walked by, and didnt acknowledge me at all. All the employees seem to be so miserable to work here! Better management, better staff, and better service is MUCH NEEDED HERE. Not returning again.

DJ van Arkel

Had a corporate event here and it was fantastic. Hard to imagine just how big that place is but the food, drinks and staff were amazing.

Alex Hatheway

Spendy but always have fun here. Bowling and all the other games make it memorable. Great food.

Keith Callis

I was there yesterday and the service was trash! We decided to eat outside and the service was very minimal. It seems like it’s easy for them to forget about you when sitting outside even when it’s not busy. Either the service was bad or they just don’t service black people evenly as they do other people. The punch bowl I go to at home in Sacramento has NEVER treated me and my girlfriend like that.

Rebecca Jacobsen

Love this fun place! I can't bowl because of pain in my wrists, but that didn't matter because there's something fun for everyone. Karaoke, likewise isn't for everyone. There is a bar, video games, food, space to socialize. Lovely time!

Brandon O

Great place for a company event. Bowling, food, drinks, darts, some other games. Nice atmosphere too. Fun place. Recommend. Wouldn't come here alone or with a date though. Best for groups.


Not my vibe and way overpriced. Went for my birthday during a Saturday afternoon with friends and family from Seattle. The bar area was completely empty but still got horrible service from the bartender. Definitely didn’t like his, “I’ll serve you when I want” kind of attitude; with a cocky attitude. Gave Punch Bowl two stars because it is a cool place to hang out but you’ll never see me there again.

Calvin Muir

good place! lots to do! large area with two distinct sides for all types of groups and the food is phenomenal

Scott Likely

Great place to grab dinner, get a drink, and bowl, shoot darts and play other games with friends.

Isaac Méndez Altuzar

Nice place to bowl and have some food and drinks with friends and family

Jakki J

Fun place to hang on a rainy portland day. Played shuffleboard, darts, washers, pool, and skeeball with a group of friends.

Brandon Wojcik

Fantastic establishment for social gatherings. Many people playing games and having fun! Great for birthday party! The nachos were the bomb!!❤️

Laura S

The food was fantastic. We had the happy hour Sriracha Fries and the specialty nachos and definitely recommend them. The staff are friendly and the prices are appropriate.

Matthew Fragoso

They have really cool drinks that taste fantastic and the bartender called me by name when checking to see if I needed anything else food or drinks. All the staff were awesome great place for families or adulting.

Kevin Gorkin

Fun place, had chicken sandwich that was good.

Gibran Bakhos

Smokey was our server... great sense of humor . We were a bit drunk , loud , annoying, and the type of party you typically dont want. It didnt bother him at all. He was amazing all drinks, food, and apps came out exactly as ordered , and he was very personable and nice. Will go back just because of him . Thank you .

Marlene garfias

It was awesome even though I got my butt kicked by my fam the service was great and my mom tried one of their juices n she said it was delicious

John Baker

Over priced for weak drinks, waited forever for food and they had to give me something to hold my over because it was taking forever to make fries! On top of that they had me waiting for 10 minutes at the bar and couldn't even get a bar tender to look at me. Not going back!

Devon Morris

Great place for a meeting, family dinner, or just grabbing a drink solo. Food is really good and the staff is very friendly!

Andrew Barnes

Not my cup of tea. Made with unique tasting food in mind. Though might be a great hangout joint for the bowling, pool table, and sports TV.


Decent spot to go, drinks weren't too spendy, wasn't impressed with the food on the bar side though. We tried playing some ping pong but it was too dark in there, cool arcade game set up

jason watson

Extremely entertaining place with great food and great drinks!

grayson loan

Got a shot. Bartender was very knowledgeable.

Craig Sprout

I don't feel like I can give a fair review, since I was there for a sponsored event, and did not experience it in its natural splendor. From what I did see, though, the staff was friendly and helpful, and there is a good beer selection. I'll get back there one of these days, and hopefully I can provide a better write-up.

Erica Leonard

I love the drinks and fun games.

K R Culbertson

Noisy, but the games are fun, drinks reasonably stiff and a youngish, diverse crowd shows up. Staff is good and knowledgeable. They have a reasonable wine list and I'm told the beers are good. I would recommend this because this is a good, unpretentious place that gives good fun.

CMDR Plorpoise

Really good, organic food for a pretty reasonable price! Honestly when I first saw it I thought of it as a place mostly to go with your friends and get drunk, and while you most certainly could do that and probably have a good time, I still had a good time going with one other person! The food was very tasty. They definitely pushed the idea that it was all organic and stuff, but what stood out to me was that their chicken was antibiotic free! Not something you hear a lot about from restaurants, but very important still. I ended up getting the chicken quesadilla, and it was a very good plate! We also got some fries, which were very normal fries, but they came with a really good sauce. It was an interesting taste I haven't had on fries before, but I would get it again! Finally, I had a malt milkshake. It was good, but nothing too crazy. I'm definitely planning on going again with more people. They also have board games to play at your table, which would make it a pretty unique group dinner/game night! Very good stuff.

Dylan Filkins

I have been here multiple times and it has been very difficult to enjoy yourself here. The reason being is that a lot of private events are held here which means that they section off whole parts of the place. I would say sometimes it is even hard to find a bar to get to since they are closed off. The wait times for the bowling are several hours. I wish they had a better system than writing down your information. They do a really good job calling you when it is your turn though. It seems like a fun place and would be good for a private party but I think if you are looking for activities to do with friends, there are better places.

John Keys

Great place for food, drink and all types of games.

Connie Harris

Super good time. Jeremy did a great job & made sure we had everything we needed.

Carroll Myers

Incredible......first time here. A smorgasbord if Food & Fun !

Ryan Ellsworth

Waited an hour at our table just for an order of fries. One person didn't get their meal at all. Worst service I've ever experienced. No joke.

Queen Vampress Salvatore

Great drinks, fun games, awesome music, and overall just a perfect hangout place.

Dayna Reed

Service was slow despite being relatively empty - milkshake that i ordered came and was basically melted ice cream & food was overpriced for the quality & quantity imo. Food wasn't bad but i probably could've saved some money at a cheaper place for the same quality.

Abid Ali

There was a minor issue with my food and Aaron the manager took wonderful care of the situation. I highly recommend anyone and everyone come here.

Tonsina Wells

Catered event, I went 2 years ago as well. They have great local meat, cheeses, fresh veggies. Really good Mac n cheese and some bar food. I went for the social aspect, but they've got games, bar and a very attentive wait staff.

Marisa Scott

Awesome experience through and through 10/10 will be going again

heather summers

Spouse's company held an event here. Was pleased to see a wide selection of gluten free food and drink. Staff was attentive. Will definitely come back to play giant Scrabble.


Good food. Nice friendly staff. Had the chicken burger. Good flavor, great drinks!

Josh klein

Fun atmosphere, good drinks, just a little pricey.

Sandy Clemons

Excellent creative food and drink. Great service and fun atmosphere. Read the founders vision for the restaurant. It's fun. Even the napkins are soft! The beverages are fresh and yummy!

Lynn Wisdom

It is so much fun so many things to do the atmosphere is so good. It just makes you smile! I was with at least 20 others from work and our hostess / waitress was fantastic the best. She was on it constantly getting drinks and food for everyone. No waiting and with all the special requests she got it all right and fast. All the staff was so very nice they definitely are a major plus. I thought the food was great I never heard any complaints. It was a great experience and everyone just enjoyed themselves so much. Thanks to our bosses who decided that their employees needed to spend time together having fun and relaxing. Thank you to everyone at the Dab Society/ Swell Companies Limited !!! We're the best...

Desmond Smiley

Very live and eccentric! Great people great food great beer. Had an ultimate blast. Will he definitely returning

Lindsay ellis

Great Drinks! Great Food! great people!

Iesha Thomas

Very busy when we came... We came on a Saturday night. Our server I feel continued to forget about the things we asked for. The bathroom was really nice, the manager seemed very friendly and helpful. Bathrooms were clean

Lycaous Stormwolf

Good food at a good price. Everything is fresh, which is amazing; even their pickles are home made! Pretty versatile menu as well, with lots of gluten free and vegan options. Plus the activities are super fun. Definitely coming back with friends.


Love this place so incredibly much! Honestly, could not recommend a better place to get together with a friend, friends, or have a party. The staff here is AMAZING. I came here with my friends in May for my birthday, so I unfortunately don’t remember the main staff member’s name who helped us, but he was seriously incredible. He was attentive, energetic, and always on top of his game! Not a single drink or food item messed up. The food here? Amazing. The drinks? Even better. They’ve truly created an amazing atmosphere to relax, hang out, and play games at. Because let’s be real. We hung out on the balcony, we played giant Jenga, we played Air Hockey, there was bowling, we played arcade games, I could go on and on. If you’re looking for a chill, easy, and fun place to just hang out with a friend or few, then look no further, because this is it.

Ben Olson

Love this place! Great drinks, awesome hangout. Giant Jenga and 4 in a row. Group Pac Man. Bowling Lanes. 3 bars. Full restaurant. Neat gothic/hunting lodge theme. Patio seating above the street.

Becky Torres

This was a disappointing place, we arrived between 530-6pm on Friday October 4th and requested a table for a party of 6. The place was not busy, plenty of booths and tables empty, The hostess was not very friendly it seemed like we were bothering her asking for a table, her reply was it was gonna be like 30-45 min wait that there were reserved tables. That we could go to the Punchbowl Social area. We walked over to check it out and it was a bar that looked like a garage, empty with a few small tall round tables for like 2-4 people not a party of 6. No one greeted us as we entered so we walked back to restaurant side and said we would wait, again she seemed like it was an inconvenience, so we waited it was about 20 mins then she came out and said she could seat us, again when we were there to begin it was empty and go figure we were seated at a table right next to another large party when there were plenty of tables around. We ordered drinks, we ordered a punch bowl and instead received two drinks that were incorrect, so waited for correction of that. We ordered food and it was also incorrect, wrong order of wings and while everyone received food, one person's food was not brought out and it was over 15 mins to receive while everyone else had theirs. The food was not good, it was cold and no flavor. Kept being told food was coming. The Punch Bowl drink finally arrived and literally it was a small bowl mostly ice supposed to serve 4 people but it was more like 2 with all ice. Definitely not a place I would return to or recommend.

Scot Gotcher

I just want to know if they offer room & board. Money is no object, I want to live at this place. I hope my daughter grows up to be as awesome as Punch Bowl Social.

CJ Jones

Misleading name, there was bowling, but they were taken aback by my punching of the balls, calling it an ecclectic form. Other than that there's arcades and bars with friendly staff. Yeah, bars, plural. Some kareoke rooms, and a full restaurante perfect for going to before or after a lengthy movie. I'm still a bit hung up on the title though, so that's all I'm going to say about that.

Matt Hieter

My waiter was great. My coffee with a shot of Jameson whiskey was $10.50 and luke warm.

Allison Deckert

Idk why this place has such mediocre reviews. We had a blast. Brought our kid and had brunch with some adult beverages. It was a good time

Ariel Brimacombe

Greeted at the door by friendly/knowledgeable staff who gave us the overview of the location, and made us feel comfortable to walk around and sit in any location we wanted to. They have bowling, arcades and pinball. We actually found a comfy place to sit, drink, and watch TV.

Jocelyn Wang

It's definitely a great place to host team events. The food is decent. But I found it really strange that every time you ask for a coffee refill, they have to take the whole mug back to the kitchen. There must be a more efficient way of doing refill.....?

Tim Myers

Really decent fresh pub food, great service, and fun games. They have a fully working version of mouse trap. Amazing.

Lonnie Rewa

Fun, well run place to play games, sing karaoke, have a drink, eat, hold company parties.

James Adsetts

This place had a warm fun environment, with knowledgeable and friendly staff. The mixologist milkshake was really good and they have a great list of cocktails and beers! We didn’t eat here so can’t rate that but our overall experience was really relaxing and fun!

Desheina Sanders

Love the atmosphere and the service and the Fries.....mostly my Amaretto sour with lemon!!!

Mark Pavlovets

girlfriend and i had an hour or so to spare while waiting on dinner reservations, decided to check this place out. Had some fun bowling, played a little darts. Snacked on their kettle chips with an amazing dip they had! The root beer floats are amazing too! overall cool place to kick back!

Ahmad Inico

Tons of fun. Lots of things to do! Perfect for a date or group!

Craig Chan

XMas part went well. Fun bowling, playing ping pong and singing karoke was had by all. The staff was attentive to our parties needs

Raquel Ragon

Went here Halloween 2018... And we left as soon as we finished our drinks. Half of the ppace was blocked off though for a private party so maybe that is the better half of the place? The side I was on had 2 or 3 bowling lanes. A few arcade games and some board games available. I didn't like the music either. Wont be returning.

John Reed

Fresh and fun venue. Lot's of things to do for everyone. Also provided high quality food

Jason DeLauder

Atmosphere great food not good.

Peter Banka

Great place to play ping pong or giant Jenga or some classic video games. The Karaoke and bowling I've never done. The food is decent and the cocktails are okay.

Zachary Hryczyk

Great place,good food, awesome layout

Nicole Mitchell

Wonderful place to eat and play. Our server was awesome, friendly and attentive and funny. Also giant. Jenga.

Karl Payne

Lots of. Fun things to do great place for large groups

Brandon Bernhardt

Food is tasty. Drinks are pricey. Service was very slow and infrequent despite the majority of tables being empty.

Aimee Sukol

Way overpriced and meat heavy on the menu - like they wanted to be foodie. The business plan doesn't make sense to me. $14+ for a sandwich at the mall? The bowling alley is small too. It's like trying to mix faux foodie with family activities. The chairs were ornate, kind of cool.

Nicole Motil

Two stars are for the great atmosphere and awesome games

IAmAJonin Roblox,Rainbow,and More!

It's ok, tons of games and activities and an amazing bar, it was kind of messy though

Michelle Sorensen

Went here to celebrate my bday with a party of 6. Our server was incredible. Kitchen was struggling to keep up with the volume that night and resulted in our food taking over a hour after we ordered to come out and was sent out incomplete and dry. I give this place 4 stars cause I was impressed how the manager took ownership of the error and made it correct for us, without us saying anything. The server and manager were extremely apologetic and did everything they could do to make it right. This could have been a one star experience but the staff turned it around to a four star experience. We enjoyed playing the games later on, I will come back.

Abigail Garwood

Fun atmosphere but a little chaotic for me. Will have to try it out on another night for a more accurate feel.

Eugene Kienle

Fun games and decent drinks. Shuffleboard, karaoke, darts, bowling have all been fun in the past. Drinks are good, even for non-alcoholic selections.

sean williams

Great location, very fun place, lots of games/things to do. Impressive menu and attentive staff. Prices are pretty good considering the location.

Wes M

'Twas another cold, winter night in Portland. After dodging tweekers, pan handlers and the baked urban plebeians that make up the wonderful, diverse and 'weird' underbelly of Portland, we reached are intended destination for some celebration. Showed up for good times with friends only to find out they rented out over half the damn restaurant/venue for private parties. Never got food we ordered from mega-hipster bar tender guy. Basically stood around and finished our beers. Upon realizing half the available entertainment was going to be off limits we left and went to another pub for beer and pizza. If you plan on going, call ahead and reserve. Can't comment on the food quality because we never got ours, despite paying.

Regan Choffin

It's good for big groups and the large punch bowls are good. If you like a little quiet, sit on the rooftop patio. Be prepared to continually hear people fail at giant Jenga. It will make you jump every time.

chin wong

Good atmosphere but didn't like the food, sorry people not usually my way. Drinks and games were great.

Firenze Rodriguez

We went to celebrate my 24th birthday and we had such a fun time! Our server Ryan was so nice and his jokes were killer! Thanks Punch Bowl Social!

Shivani Wanjara

The games now have a card. Don’t miss the punch bowl drink! That’s definitely the highlight.

Brendon Siefert

I love this place. Tons of activities for everyone and the food was great!

jac conde

Good people, stiff drinks.

Rosa Lara-Hernandez

customer service* atmosphere was. AMAZING.WE LOVED EVERYTHING

Elysha James

Best shrimp street tacos ever!

Denise Myers

Great game of bowling with my daughter

Jerry Gmerek

Excellent hazy IPA. Food was average. Lots of entertainment options: bowling, ping pong shuffleboard, etc. Convenient access via Max.

Holly Woods

The chicken quesadilla is fairlyspicy and the extra sauces make it even hotter, order it. Came here for the first time with a friend and we will both be back. The service was quick and attentive, and they had plenty of classic to more unusual drinks to choose from. I can't wait to bring more people to try out bowling, bring a group there's plenty of room!


Had a great time at a birthday party here. The atmosphere was fun and lively. They take up the entire floor at the mall, with a restaurant, multiple tv,s, bars, ping pong, shuffle board, bowling, pool, darts, and a bunch of retro arcade games. I was also very pleased with the food and the overall service. So take out some time to go with your family or friends and have an amazing time

Alec Wagner

I enjoyed the atmosphere, the employees, the offered activities - all of it. The issue that kind of ruined my experiance was a manager coming into our rented kareoke room and interrogating my friends and I. I guess our previous server was getting off their shift and forgot to transfer/tell another server we were there. The manager comes in huffy/fussy and generally mean as if its our fault. Again, i enjoyed this first experiance, just not the "being verbally attacked by a manager" portion.

Davis Glass

Fun hangout, chicken and waffles were great.

Shay Pukini

Our experience was awful!! We booked a reservation weeks in advance for a birthday. When we got there they sat us at a table without enough chairs for everyone. We asked to pull 2 extra seats to the table and they said they couldnt d o it so a couple people from our party had to sit at a completely different table. When one of our guests arrived with a box of cookies they stopped her at the door and charged her for bringing it in. The guy at the front desk was super rude with all of our inquiries. As a disclaimer none of our party drinks so we werent being rude or belligerent. It took us all about an hour to completely pay all of our bills. The food was okay. Nothing spectacular and definitely not worth as much as they charge. Would not go back.

Reggie Jackson

Good food. Tacos were awesome. Great beer selection. Tons to do - the place is huge.

Chris Reavis

Great food and friendly staff. Fun place.

Orlando Ocampo

Great atmosphere, food is better than it needs to be and you'll find some surprisingly different (but delightful) items on the menu. Recommend for the atmosphere and the games, a good place to eat with friends and have fun

Mike Bannacheck

They offered my roommate a job, had him fill out the paperwork and even took copies of his ID only to choose someone else based on their attractiveness. My roommate really needed the money and was so relieved, but they were just toying with him. Don’t support such shoddy management and any place that would do something as inhumane.

Jonny Rogado

The menu was creative and unique. My nachos were not traditional nachos, but they were tasty and fresh. The service was upbeat and attentive. Didn't get to play games, but that's a great idea to have food around games like they do.

Jessica C.

We had our wedding after party here. The events team does a great job letting you know what the options are and how much food to order. We were even allowed to bring in outside cakes for a small fee. Our guests enjoyed bowling, singing karaoke, playing air hockey, and hanging out on our private rooftop patio. Definitely recommend for a large group event!

Deepak Pathak

Nice place in Portland for games and drinks. Cool place for a party group.

Adam Arnold

The first time i went was decent, second time with a group and they were questioning our drink orders to limit the amount we had. All in all the drinks were not worth what we paid and the manager at the time was very rude. It took about 2 hours to gets some drinks eat and get out of there. Probably wont be returning

Becky McWrightman

We hosted an 18th birthday party at Punch Bowl and all our guests had a great time. Bowling and ping pong were a hit and the food was terrific. Shout out to our personal server, Vegas! He was amazing, anticipating what we needed ahead of time and always available for more food and drinks. He was even ready with candles and a lighter! Thank you Vegas

steven johnston

Great atmosphere and the bartenders are cool

Grace Huang

Drinks are always creative and fun! Great place to come with friends and feel like a kid again with all the game.

Dylan Soo

Classic games. Bowling. Shuffle Board. Pool. Ping Long. Food. Drink. Karaoke. This place is top floor of the mall. Great for groups.

Greggory Alsdorf

Brilliant!! If you're looking for ALL the fun in one place Punch Bowl Social is great place to land. Really good pub food plus all the micro brews, cocktails, and non-cocktails for the younger crowd served up in a carnival like atmosphere of arcade games, bowling allies, and karaoke lounge. Perfect for Friday night unwind or Sunday funday antics. Planning a party or large gathering? Get in touch with PBS. They have party facilities and onsite very good catering. Life is short. Have some fun at the Punch Bowl Social.

ralph neret

Awesome spot food is good drinks and Beers collection are better. You have games such as bowling they also have a patio that overlook some part of the city btw it’s divided into two separate spot. Great atmosphere and prices are not that expansive specially if you go by group of four. If you are visiting Portland you must go there and it’s located in the center of walking site seeing and free galleries ext.

Schad McJoslin

Very nice atmosphere. Dark lighting, which was fine for me. Video games, bowling, darts, and pool for the big kid.

Seunghee Choi

Drinks were good and the burger was really good

Arianna Burleson

Service is always slow here no matter if they are busy or not. I went on a NOT so busy night and it still took forever to get drinks and food. Also the music they were playing in a Friday night really just killed the mood. I get it is not a club but with out good music just kinda kills the vibe.

Bret Stevens

Have been here socially and for company events. Never had a bad experience before. Bowling lanes are short and string operated, so not that authentic if you are into that sort of thing.

Sherri Morehead

Great interesting food to recommend siracha peanut sauce fries. Drinks are fair as well, many different nice mixes. Oh and if you mosey on in with a hand full of friends, your thought of in that respect as well, its all in a punch bowl, size of your choice, punch bowl reflecks on your group size. I believe it starts with a 4 then 8 and 10. Not sure if theres a bigger punch or not. Haven't been punched yet. Oh but I will enjoy an adequate size punch when the need arises on my return. Oh your not done yet, have yet another choice, size of your punch and your flavor(drink)and everone gets there own straw. Wonder if their colored so no mix ups, a sneaky switch or even doing the double sipper.Your own personal straw...THATS RIGHT ! OH YEAH NEXT VISIT WILL HIT YA WITH A DIFFERENT KINDA PUNCH. Yep they sure keep a rollin' with the punches, can't get more SOCIAL than that. Service is wonderful, a Very friendly kind place to socialize,eat,drink and have fun. Many activities for all. 10 or more bowling lanes, restaurant dinning, other seating area as well, pool, private party and kareoke rooms, balcony to smoke and more social, gaze out at the city and be glad your up on the 3rd floor enjoy social punches. Think maybe an arcade, a shuffle board not sure, if not there should be. Lol. Very family friendly atmosspere. There's even A variety of movies up one more floor. Yeah a theater. What a fun place. Can spend all evening, plenty to do for everyone. Around and around we go hangin' out in a punch bowl having fun being social and getting punched. Good times. Ya all have a social punch for me. Thanks. CHEERS !!

Crystal Vega

To my surprise this place was awful. The server we got was discriminating and the whole vibe going inside was uncomfortable. We left instead of spending a penny there. It’s portland and we’re in 2019 now... how can people like this still exist. Never going back & never recommending.

Billy Albertson

Went to karaoke....made a reservation to do so 9:00..9:00 came and went....when we asked about it they said we have to “wait for the current party to leave”.... and. “ they cannot force the current party to leave” so my party which has minors didn’t get to fully enjoy the time because of it. Ended up leaving and not even getting to do what we went there for...What is the point of reservations if they are not honored?? Definitely over priced and lacking in the customer service department....Attempted to speak to a manager and All they did was make excuses. Just sad the place has so much potential but they would rather just take your money...

Heath Hustad-Ramos

Didn’t seem that awesome when we went. Maybe we will try it again

Neal Kosbau

Awesome place! I wanna go again.


Well maintained and up to date. Well staffed and managed. Young crowd gets pretty noise in the evening. Not very relaxing. Not a good place to get a drink and talk more of a club for younger people. Food is average and drinks are marked up.

Ly S

Me and a large group of friends went out for a birthday celebration tonight. Most of us had never been to Punch Bowl Social and were excited to check it out. It is an awesome environment but the service was absolutely terrible (apart from Bobby who was an excellent server!). It was a slow night (which isn't a great sign on a Saturday) yet almost every staff member we encountered seemed like they hoped everyone would just leave so they could go home. After an overpriced dinner and meh drinks (that took forever to arrive. I suspect this was on the bartender not our server) we wandered into the gaming segment of the place. No staff members greeted us or gave us any tips or direction in the large, overwhelming space. I asked around about karaoke and found my way to the bowling shoe kiosk where I put our names on a list and was told the wait was over 2 hours. We then played ping pong, and some arcade games, but were intimidated by the prospect of figuring out how the bowling portion worked. Then, we mingled and watched as the karaoke rooms sat vacant for long stretches waiting to be cleaned and flipped. Hours in, we got fed up and basically commandeered a vacant room waiting to be cleaned. A server saw us go in and gave us a huffy look but didn't say anything so we carried on. Then, almost immediately and as if by magic, I got the call that it was our turn and I should come pay at the kiosk. The man at the kiosk told me everything was turned on in the room, but I expected someone would greet us there and give us a run down. No such luck and more unforgivable... no service. No service EVER came to the room. I never would've shelled out for a private karaoke room if I'd known members of our group would have to spend most of their time strategically doing bar runs between songs. At one point I went to grab a water and noticed how empty the place was. I asked the bartender when they closed and before he could answer the other bartender standing near him blurted angrily "12:30!" It was already 12:30 so I looked puzzled. The bartender I'd been talking to looked at me somewhat apologetically and said "We lock the doors at 1." Overall, I'm super disappointed. PBS seems to have soooo much promise. Their online reservation system even has a comment box where you can note your event and any special requests, but they made absolutely no effort to spotlight our birthday boy and nearly none (apart from the darling Bobby) to even make us feel welcome. Our group goes out together all the time, but I think we'll pass on Punch Bowl... I suggest you do the same.

darrell graham

Huge place with a good variety of entertainment


Never have been to a Punchbowl Social before. My wife suggested it for her birthday. We didn't know exactly how many people would show up but we called ahead for a table of 10 just in case. To be fair we did have about 6 extra people show up which we didn't warn them about. But here's where I really don't understand this places seating philosophy. Nearly the ENTIRE place was marked either as reserved for parties and the individual tables ALL had reserved placards. We were hoping to snag one of the about 6 open tables directly next to our table to seat our overflow but they wouldn't let us because they were "reserved." We were there from 7pm to 9pm and nobody ever ended up sitting at those tables. At all! At this point it's a bar guys. We have 6 people ready to drop money on drinks and they're not going to let us sit so some other people who never showed up won't spend a dime. We walked around the entire floor and noticed that most of the reserved sections for parties have like 2 to 3 people sitting in them. Basically the whole establishment is just a bunch of wasted reserved seating. I'd say the place was at maybe 60% capacity and yet they claim they're FULL. Ok? Service was typical Portlandia attitude. We'll wait on you when we feel like it. One of my friends (one who couldn't sit at our table) walked up to the bar 3 or 4 times for drinks and the same bartender asked for his ID every time he went up. He finally called her out on it. She was like "oh really? Sorry." How do you forget you ID'd someone 3 times within probably 20 minutes of each other? It really wasn't THAT busy. The reason I give a poor review is that I spent my wife's birthday walking around the bar rather than by her side because I was giving up my seat to other friends. I thought this totally unnecessary considering the place really wasn't slammed at all. Maybe there's a perception of self image tied to this restaurant similar to clubs where you want to appear exclusive by keeping people waiting to artificially increase demand. I give this place better than 1 star only because the place itself is very cool, however it's completely ruined by the way it's managed.

C3Geo GeoCachers

Nice place for a social event. Good service.

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