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808 SE Morrison St, Portland, OR 97214, United States

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REVIEWS OF Grand Central Restaurant & Bowling Lounge IN Oregon

Josué Fernández

Nice place but you need a reservation for play bowling

Tania Lee

PSA: If you are from outside the US and want to get a drink at this place, bring your passport for ID. The guy at the bar wouldn't accept our drivers licences as ID (the only place that we came across in our 6 weeks in the US that wouldn't accept our licences) so we had to borrow a mate's car and drive back to where we were staying to get our passports. At first I thought he was joking because it was a bit silly (we were all well into our 30s and most of our group was from the States), but unfortunately, he was not joking. A very lame man, and a poor representation of Portland.

Amanda Stanek

Attended a part at grand central, much more than your run of the mill bowling alley. We ordered snack food, some drinks and bowled of course. The environment is very upbeat and modern and the food is pretty good! Bowling prices are awesome during Sunday happy hour

Dan Dygart

More like a bar then a bowling alley. A lot smaller than it used to be. Had to be bull legged to wear the Velcro shoes. Food was good..... C+ for everything else....

Meghan Wilson

Went there for a company holiday party. Lots of fun, taco bar was so so..

Danielle Witt

Lots of fun with a large group.

Cliff Wilson

Good and fun....parking can be an issue at peak times

Teddy Wolfe

Food and drink are good, bowling alley itself isn't my favorite setup

Monica McMullin

Cool spot to chill and maybe bowl a bit...I miss the old bowling alley vibe though.

Master Chin

Great good place


Calimari and pizza were pretty bad. Lanes had no oil and were unusable unless you throw a straight ball. Drinks and sliders were good as was the service.

amy cole

So sad that it looks like a bad Vegas bar inside, but it will keep your kids entertained if you have lots of cash for the games, your gin and tonics might have a lemon in it rather than a lime, and you'll leave knowing you just spent a lot of money on a not so great time.

Tim Van Dyne

I had my first impossible burger

Joshua Greene

This is a great place to watch a Packers game! Good food and a very fun atmosphere! They also have an arcade along with bowling, if you aren't there for the Packers games.

Finley Acosta-Rubio

Fantastic staff and atmosphere! Staff members went above and beyond for my 6 year old son, my husband, and I.

adam kravitz

Good place

Dan Doughty

Normally Grand Central is really accommodating but today did not seem to be that way. I suspect some of it had to do with the big event that was happening and also sometimes people are just not in a great mood so I'm not going to let it change my opinion of Grand Central as a whole but today's service was not very good. Still enjoy going there though. Brian as usual was awesome.

Susan Krempin

Excellent!! Best night out in ages


Super fun I had my team builder there with my whole team and not only do we have fun but now we're gonna recommend it for other people

Eric Celedonia

Wacky cosmic bowling with pricy arcade games that run on proprietary NFC cards. The alley foreman wasn’t pleased that I showed up for a lane on a Sunday at 6pm without a reservation. Apparently the only way to reserve a lane is over the phone or in person like it’s 1998. If you’re looking for a cookie-cutter zany bowling experience for your friends in town from the suburbs, or maybe a Dave and Busters enthusiast, this is your place!

Brandon Secondary

3.50 tacos are really good and the adobe bowls are my favorite dinner for two usually goes for 40-55 depending on how much you drink. Arcade is up the stairs and parking below in the garage for up to two hours but not like anyones watching ;). Bartender and waitresses are really nice

Lisa Kirk

My family loves this Bowling Alley!! Everyone is so friendly and helpful. We usually go once a week, when we showed up today they had an event going on and wouldn't have any open lanes for about 3hrs, instead of turning us away the gentleman at the counter gave us a $20 arcade card to play the games upstairs!!

Katy Cahalan

Between the arcade games, booze, and bowling, you’re sure to have a good time!

Dale Jenkins

Friendly staff and good food and nice atmosphere.

Brad Poser

Trying very hard to be Dave and busters. Good if you like expensive video games and bowling with prizes for adults.

Robert Hatala

Notas good as previous visits the potatoes were cold and the bacon was thin and cold. Service was very good.

Catrina Remster-Rasmussen

Great atmosphere but do not like my gratuity added to my drink purchase. Ultimately that is my choice to tip and mind you I am a great tipper!

Dustin McElhinny

Good drinks! Call ahead if you plan to bowl same day. Video games upstairs if you are looking for arcade style fun

TJ Alimi

The Ninja Turtles game upstairs is too good y'all!!!

Sammy Pathammavong

Pretty awesome manager who let us bowl about an hour before closing. Instead of piling us into one lane, she let us split our party into two lanes to get the most bowling in! 6/5 stars if I could.

Kestrel MacKnight

Excellent service, fun vibe. They immediately compensated when they mixed up my order. Reasonable pricing and the food was excellent. Didn't get to play around in the Arcade, as they were renovating it. Was a good time had by all, even though I have not gotten any better at bowling.

Gerrish Benjamin Willis

Last night their were a few technical difficulties with bowling and some of the other games and Grand Central more than accommodated us very nicely. They went out of their way to make sure we had a good time.

Rebecca Davis

After the giant remodel several years ago this place really came back to life they have fun night time bowling kids bowling all kinds of fun events there and the prices are very good there's a nice big parking lot which is great in this area parking is very limited there aren't many bowling alleys left I believe this is the only one in the Lower Southeast area

Carmen Sze

The game room upstairs is fun. We bowled on a Monday morning, and only one other bowling lane was occupied. It was $9/person to bowl one game, including renting shoes. A 2% service fee is added to all food and beverage sales. You can ask to have it removed from your bill.

Vi Swiftcloud

Nice place, like the food set we had.

amanda nelson

Fun place to bowl. Just don't be in a hurry when you stop in for a quick bite & beer. Also very LOUD.

Tom Knapp

I was here for the bar and didn't go bowling. The Kung Pao chicken was good, if a touch salty. I also maybe would have expected a bit more food for $15.95. The well whiskey Coke was good. I could actually taste the whiskey. The server, Nicole (at least that was the name on the receipt) was super nice and helpful. The bar had more stools than I've ever seen at a bar. The music was decent. The bowling area was packed and looked super nice, which may have been why that area was busy.

Rebecca Rogers

Had our company party here. It was a nice place and they fit us all in the lanes did keep messing up but other than that it was great.

Marie Thiele

We held our company holiday party here and had a great time! The catering staff and food were great!

Jeff Crowl

Pretty good, but the upstairs bathroom wasn't as good as downstairs and one of the arcade games didn't work.

Jodie Hale

I truly enjoyed being here. My husband job had a Christmas party here and it was amazing. The food was spectacular and the help was awesome as well. I'm not a fan of not having that many options for beer but their liquor was quite full so it made up for it. I like that they had a top floor with a ton of games. It was fun to let loose for a night. I definitely will consider coming here again when it's just my husband and I so we can go bowling. Their Lanes look great! Very well kept and clean.

Jason Zacher

This was my first trip to Grand Central. I was there with a pretty decent size the group of about 20 people. I thought the food was very average best and a little on the pricey side. My margarita and Tequila Sunrise were both very good though. Both the lady tending bar in the waitress in charge of our group we're both amazing. You would have never known there were 20 of us because we never had to wait for anyting. I give it 4 stars overall just because the service was so good. Even though we did not bowl or play video games, they both look very cool. Even though I was not crazy about the food, I enjoyed the place enough that I would give it another try just in case it was an off-day and it was not horrible.

Scott Denoon

A large group of us went bowling during their late-night happy hour time after spending the night at a few breweries, and it was a great finish to our evening. The lane fees were reasonable, and the food/drink specials were a nice bonus. The bowling itself was highly enjoyable, and there was nice little touches like music videos to go along with the music projected on the end of each lane. My only slight complaint was the speed of the service. Our server was friendly enough, just a little slow for how non-busy it was at the time.

Dawn MissD

Went for an office party. Service was great and the food was yummy. Something for everyone. It was happy hour all day on Monday so the price was great as well. Our only complaint was that it was too hot in the bowling area. They need some ceiling fans to circulate the air better.

Lance W.

Too expensive, too commercial, too millenial. . .too "much-too-much." Blah... The ORIGINAL Grand Central, from back in the day, was awesome.

aaron g

Fun CEIC bowling event. Fun spot for a private rental. Friendly staff

Jon Parker

Staff was friendly, space was clean and well maintained. Appetizers were delicious. Went in the afternoon mid-week and it was busy but not too crowded.

LeeAnn Curtright

Great service! Fun times! We will be returning!

Jim Campbell

Good food, drinks & service. Fun venue.

Luke Dumyahn

Fun place with good food and a good atmosphere.

Terry Caldwell

Good food and people plus when was the last time you bowled

Sarah Stevens

So much fun for big groups!

Lin Johnson

Marginal experience at best. CHECK your bill ... they feel justified charging patrons MORE than menu price Supposedly a "special fee" because of minimum wage increase !!! (it is called cost of doing business ... NOT an excuse for a "special bonus" for management") Rumor has it that nxt mth additional "special fees" for electricity and use of restroom !!! AND the portions; chintzy AND spendy !!! I'm DONE !!! Service was actually "good" NOT her fault BAD management policy !

David Powell III

Service was a very slow at first. My wife ordered the mule drink that was pretty weak. We resorted to shots and beers. First shot was terribly shorrrt and it was premium liquor. Once our true server got there she took care us really well, drinks and all.

Jessie Zielsdorf

Great bar, highly recommend the bloody mary but call ahead for a lane because they're busy.

Richard Blanchard

Great place and busy! Food and drinks were good, better than what you would expect from a grocery store, parking underneath was a bonus! We had a wrap, fish n chips, and a cheeses pizza.

Chris Jones

Hands down one of my favorite places in PDX.!

Zack Gallinger-Long

Nice place for games and quick bite to eat. They also have stellar customer service! Several days after my visit, I had a question about my receipt (which turned out to be my mistake) and the staff was very helpful and professional in confirming the details of the transaction. They're a great company all around.

Monsieur Idiot

Cool place. Clubish feel to it.

Kathleen Evans

Got my eggs wrong but fixed it and the hash was great! Nice and helpful waitstaff.

Ashley Pacheco

Great place but pretty price for 2 people we spent $60 just for food

peter orlowski

Nice place to go and bowl. Did is pretty decent and they have a nice selection of beer and wine. My last trip here was with a kid's birthday party. I got a one to myself and had a good time. I got a glass of pino and a salad while the kids played.

Daniel Hagedorn

Great place to bowl. The lost art. I bowled terribly but still had a grand time.

Sarah Alice

The staff here are wonderful! A gentleman bartender gave my 3 year old a game card so he wouldn't be bored during our store event. Thank you so much!

Brian Croft

Very cool place. Can't believe I'd never been the until now. We hack bowled a game then had a nice dinner with a couple friends. The menu choices are pretty varying,I had street tacos, they also have done Asian and American fare. Delicious based on what I got. Really classy place and the mixed drink I ordered from the bar was spot on.

Jordan Affolter

Just visited for the first time last night and it was really fun! Definitely the funnest bowling alley I've ever been to. They have a lot of colored lights that add an element to the atmosphere, and good music playing. The staff was alright, they were attentive. Drinks weren't very strong, but tasted good. The food was delicious!! Especially the nachos... They have a ton of games upstairs, like air hockey and video games. The upstairs is loft style and looks over the the lanes, which is cool. :) overall it was fun!

Michael Tam

A nice place for gathering. Nice lane and food


They have everything from pizza to sushi. It's nuts. I've never even bowled here. I get caught in the menu every time. And it's all good, too!

Nick Roberts

Nice, clean place. Food and drink service at the lanes was a really nice touch.

Tiffany Cantue

Always fun

Matthew Vicencio

Happy hour menu was very good! Fun times!

Brian Bordagaray

Lots of fun, lots of screens, lots of games to play! Bartenders are awesome and good family atmosphere!

Tate S

I went to the bar on the top floor on a Saturday afternoon with a group of people in their 60s who are my girlfriend's family. After serving us 1 round, the bartender decided to cut us off for some mysterious reason. Totally bizarre & unbelievable, because nobody was drunk.

Drea Jo

I love this place. It is fun for adults & kids. The game room upstairs has air hockey and more. The bowling alley is clean & cool. Happy Hour is tasty and well priced. Customer service has been consistently good.

Brock Pressley

Our server was rude after I decided I didn’t want to order anything anymore. She talked to everyone in my group in a whisper telling them that she had refused to serve me. She kicked our autistic friend’s leg and accused him of being intoxicated. The guy at the front desk was kind of rude too. It was a lot like we weren’t welcome there and I am not sure why. Maybe that place is good for families or something, but they were pretty rude to everyone in my party at some point in our visit. This was the only place in Portland that didn’t seem welcoming, Portland is amazing- just this place isn’t chill.

Kevin Woods

This place is in the middle of a strip mall/shopping center. They also have street parking. They have a full bar that is nice. Plenty of big screen TVs for the game. Bowling games are not that expensive. You can bowl for $3/game after 10pm. They have an extra bar and small arcade center upstairs.

Danielle Marie

Went here tonight for New Years. Not enough staff and bar tenders weren’t attentive. Stood at bar for 15 minutes while a girl ignored me and never once addressed me. Received the wrong bowling lane and had to walk back and get the correct one. Even after I ordered my food, our card waited on the table next to the receipt over 20 minutes before I ended asking a different waiter to check us out to pay. New Years or not the service was not good. Nice venu though.

Jilli Bean

Birthday celebrations with bowling, arcade games, drinks and food-Of course its a blast!

Tami Liesy

This is a very fun place to bowl and have parties

Larry Williams

the food was good everything else sucks

Kimmer J

Loved the atmosphere. Friendly service. Great combination of food, ambiance and the favorite pastime of bowling. Will definitely be back. Highly recommended

Brenda Watts

Food was tasty prices reasonable and staff was friendly

Benjamin Tarne

Fun place, great location. They have your standard computer scoring, retractable bumpers for the kids. They food options and quality was pretty good. Salads, brunch, plus the usual fried fare. The service was fantastic from the front check-in to the table staff. Great place for a date night or family outing.

Jim Stalenski

Walked in, sat down, nobody ever came up to take an order. Waited almost a half hour and walked out.

Lori McBride

Quick food service with a bar both downstairs as well as upstairs in the arcade room. Trendy air hockey tables and up to date gaming. Clean n great service!

Leah Goeres

This is a really fun place. Centrally located, as the name suggests so be prepared for street parking. I recommend reserving the lanes ahead of time. The servers were attentive and friendly. The cocktails were very tasty. It was mostly pub food (artichoke dip, tate tots, fries) but it all tasted good.

April Cubic

Great place to come and drink and play games. We came for dinner and ended up staying a few hours drinking beers and playing games. The bartender upstairs was great, he helped us order food and mixed great drinks. Overall we will definitely be back. Added bonus is the parking.

Marlene Denton

Had a company team building party here today. The food and service was excellent!

Wally Kramer

Fun, festive, friendly service, and much better food than it needed to be. Nicely done tuna sushi, street tacos, and sweet potato fries. In the game room was the fastest air hockey table ever!

jordan pink

Clean fun ok food

CJ Jones

It's a good place, fun to get together with friends. Maybe a bit understaffed and could use some upkeep. But when you're bowling eating nachos and drinking ciders, you won't even notice

Stephanie Smith

Very cool games and tons of space for mingling. The food is ok.

Todd Melton

Fantastic atmosphere - great for group get togethers. The grand old fashioned cocktail that I got was terrible.

Blake Young

Good food, great for families

Becky Shaheen

Bowling here was pretty frustrating. Took forever to get checked into a lane even though it wasn’t busy, the lane we were first assigned was inaccurately counting pins and the frames kept on getting screwed up. During our second game another group was placed in our same scoring pod even though there was only one other group bowling. The games upstairs were fun, and on Monday night they are half off!

Kurt Schell

Lots of fun with friends and surprisingly great food.

Michael Eaves

Good service. Crowded bowling areas - be prepared to meet your neighbors. Bowlers usually don't know bowling etiquette. Close to other options for food and fun pre and post bowling.

Trix Reed

Super fun, though if your bowling in #9, be aware of the waitstaffs movement, the placement of the couches and tables cause a bit of a bottle neck. I will also state, the cheese curds are bomb.

Adam Rice

My girlfriend and I decided impulsively to go bowling last night. We expected that we would have to wait a bit to get a lane as there are not many lanes here. When we arrived we were told we would have to wait around 45 minutes and the man asked us for our name and we told him we would be at the bar. 1 hour and 30 minutes later, we went back to the desk and asked if they had an idea of how much longer we would be waiting. They asked us if we put our name down and we gave them our name. Immediately the lady behind the counters face went white and became overwhelmed. From her actions it was very obvious that our name was never put down. After panicking for a moment she claimed to have found our name and told us a lane was opening up in 10 minutes. Again we told her we would be at the bar. 30 minutes later, we decided to leave. The food was pretty decent and the bar tender was attentive and nice....but after being there for a little over 2 hours our hands didn't even get to touch a bowling ball. *Edit* I think it is worth noting that there were only around 3-4 tables taken at the bar side of the venue, it was a Wednesday night, so definitely not popping.

Lonnie Rewa

I like it here. Friendly staff. Good drinks. Things to do. It can get a little noisy, but then it is a bowling alley.

Austin Pachano

Not many lanes and the cosmic kinda sucked. The bowling alley itself was decent but still fairly mediocre. The arcade was decent but there were a fair amount of kid games for all the bar space. Air hockey and skee ball were really fun though. The restaurant and bar were the best part. I had the northwest burger which was absolutely amazing and a decent cider to go with. The mixed drinks menu looks great although I didn't have any. Overall a good experience but I wouldn't return to just bowl.

Kirsten Lopez

Great place for family gathering. Fun for the adults and kidlets!

Melody Leticia

Delicious food! Great service & fun atmosphere! Love the arcade up stairs. Next time going to bowl

Van Harvey

Great place to getaway for adults. A bowling alley and a game room upstairs... Oh and a bar to order food and drinks. I'm going back soon.

Kirk Anderson

Came here for a corporate holiday party and the place exceeded my expectations. The bowling was great, everything functional, but I expected that. The food and drinks were the exception. Great steak bites and chicken chunks in a couple nice sauces. Excellent mashers and sauteed veggies. The drinks were strong but well mixed. If be happy if they invite us there again next year.

eva mae

We were told that we would be able to get another game after our first game and that we had our lane for two hours, and then a different employee told us that that was only the case if there weren't more people waiting. I wish we'd have known that in advance.

Len Schulwitz

Fun bowling alley and arcade. Tasty food!

Jeff Hendricks

bowling lanes are not oiled well

Josh Brokenbourgh

Good bar, good kitchen, good arcade and bowling is really fun.

SQC Corporation

Fun games upstairs, the bowling alley is always full so I would try and reserve a lane. Plus there are other places in the building to have fun.

Justin Watson

Fresh food, customize what you want. The atmosphere is clean and personable

Max Peterson

I could see this being a fun date night, but the night we went (it was a Wednesday), they seemed very understaffed. I think we probably waited in line 10 minutes (no exaggeration), while the flustered woman behind the desk took care of the 2, yes, two patrons in front of us. Meanwhile, her bald companion studiously avoided eye contact or anything that might be construed as helpful...had we not been meeting friends, we probably would have left. On the flip side, the beer selection wasn't bad, the bartender was efficient & nice and the appetizers we nibbled on were quick to come out, hot and tasty.

Will Etson

Great place to relax and have some fun or host an event. Bowling alley down stairs and arcade up stairs there is plenty to do.

Nathan Gutierrez

Great place for inner city bowling. Nice game area and bar for those who want to partake.


Best bread and sandwiches in town

Jonathan Bailey

It was just your typical bowling place. I would go again. The waiter was nice and the guys we play next to us where awesome too. But it was bowling. I would come back here again. By the way, I suck at bowling but I had a great time.

Roy Brooks

Fun place to meet for drinks, catch a game, or bowl. Adult arcade upstairs, sports on TV, and good bar food.

James Triana

Epic fail for business model, ZERO customer service skills. churched up check e cheese. Store manager RUBEN SARABIA completely rude and no sense of urgency has no sense in his audience and a lack of professionalism. With a staff like this most people are completely surprised your still in business. Sad I have to mention this but as the owner you should read and reach out to those who have bad experiences, or then again ignore us like you do your customers... I will not be returning with any of my clients or businesses. You have a lot of work to do. Sorry to give the bad news but the staff needs a refresh ASAP

L Wyman

Fun place to take the kids or a group.

Ruth Britton Yasui

This is quite a busy and popular place! There is parking in the basement, which is advised since it's tricky to park in that area.The food was great, service was fantastic, and bowling was very fun. It is crowded dependent on how many lanes you use and how large your group is, seating is limited in the bowling area. You can eat in the restaurant area or in the bowling area. I didn't venture into the arcade area above the restaurant. It is LOUD and there are a lot of bright lights, even a bit of mist at one point in the evening. If you have seizures be aware there are flashing lights. (not sure if they have them every night or for just certain hours, I went after 7pm on a Saturday). If you have a wheelchair there is a ramp to the bowling area and elevators.

Eric Reed

Was a nice bowling alley, the bar was good, reasonable pricing and the calamari we ordered was excellent. Definitely plan on stopping in the next time I am in Portland.

Shelley Dixon

The manager & food service person waited on us. The service was quick as was the food. We ordered can a regular hamburger & garden type burger, fries, Cobb salad & Shirley Temple. The fries were barely warm. The staff checked to see how our order was & whisked the fries away & got us hot fresh fries. The food was good & the service was superb. I would definitely return & would recommend.

Osvaldo Gomez

The fried chicken and mac and cheese is the bomb and the Moscow mule was really good

David Brandt

Great food for being a bowling alley.

Serena Bergstrom


James Rasmussen

Excellent atmosphere and even better food. Well done! 5 stars from me.

Xoch amoch

Great food, relaxed ambiance, fun bowling and upstairs arcade. Great for families or adult groups.

Kaleb Waller

This is a great place to meet your friends and have some fun. Bowling, pool, arcade games. It's amazing. The service is friendly and helpful, and the food is great. Whether you live in the area, or just visiting, you have GOT to go to Grand Central!

Danerd Greckle

This place will be a bit of blindsiding first impression upon first entry for anyone who is used to bowling alleys being far more straightforward and rather simple. This place is two stories, and has two MASSIVE bars that easily take up around 35%-40% of the entire floor space of this place! And they not only have plenty of TVs in the place, but they have gigantic screens dedicated for projectors at the end of each lane and plenty of disco ball lighting to boot. The staff are generally very friendly and helpful, while the cleanliness of the place is great for effectively a defacto bar with a few bowling lanes as a side dish. The bathrooms are very well marked off making them incredibly easy locate, even for those of us with bad eyes. They have a few arcade games comprising namely of pinball, a racing game, Jurrasic Park and Air Hockey (aka busting knuckles). There is also a Foosball and Shuffleboard table. Another blindsiding shock for me was to find out that each of these arcade machines used card sliders and not coins... Which is just wacky to me. (Insert obligatory "Has Technology gone too far?" grumbles here) The food quality ain't half bad, to my surprise as well. It certainly is not something you will think was amazing, but for what it is, it is above expectations. And with all this tech in this place, guess what other fancy fandangled tech they have here? The damn lane gutter guards are automatic. You still have to go to a staff member, but they're automatic from a remote computer prompt. I know, I sound like I am 60+ here even though I am 25 but my god this is all so new to me. The most "advanced" bowling alley I have ever been to is probably Valley Lanes (May it rest in peace in those pieces it was reduced to). Or Sunset Lanes... Yeah. Haha. So, bare with my artificially implanted arthritis and formaldehyde, it comes with the territory lmao. All in all, it is a fantastic experience for most, but if you rather avoid loud people and lots of noise, or perhaps do not do good with bright strobing, flashing and moving lights, then I would definitely advise you to really consider if you are able to handle this place. Otherwise, it'll be a hootenany for the epoch! ...or in more 90s terms... It'll be totally radical dude! A stellar, phenomenal experience, braham. ...though you probably won't find your inner chi and reach your Zen here... Leave that to them sick ass waves, dude.

Robin Cutten

The price tag is kinda high for my taste. If you're looking for a really bougie bowling experience with high quality food this is the place for you. You aren't required to wear bowling shoes at this alley but they are available of you do prefer them. The arcade has some pretty unique games.

Emily Kimes

I went here on my 21st birthday last year and it was a lot of fun! The place is really nice and the food and drinks were great. My only complaint (and its a super petty one) is they didn’t check my ID! And it was my 21 so I was weirdly excited about it, then they checked my friends ID and noticed her birthday was 4 days previous so they gave her a free drink. On my birthday. It’s petty but I’m still irked. But everything else was great

Jeremy Maxwell

Amazing place!

Dawn Segan

Always a fun place even for a group of adults. Modern and clean. Food is great and prices are just what I expected in a good way.

Allen Hovden

The service was fine. The bowling alley was not. Spilled drinks on the alley. Very sticky you couldn't slide at all. Shoes bottoms were not clean at all. Told the guy at the counter about the issue got pissed that I mentioned it . Last visit for me.

Mike Mallett

Group work outing w/reservation. Low marks on customer service. Neat setting, tasty food (that was setup in time), and fun environment though. 30+ minutes to get initial beverage (beer) in hand? Minimal wait staff. Bar staff barely there. It did get some attention from the Manager when I was almost behind bar ready to pour our business guests a beer. Plenty of other customers also looking around for service so it wasn't just our group. Forgot beverages multiple times, was handed someone else's credit card, etc. This is the first review I've ever done but it obviously struck a cord with me. Salt in the wound was 20% included tip on our overall $1600 group bill... Don't get me wrong, the group did have a nice time but everyone commented on the total lack of service.

Maureen Berrie-Lawson

Went for a private party, which we have done several times. Food choices were great in the past, but not so great this time. Boring and unimaginative. We bowled on the far right lane and it wasn't working well. **Reply to owners reply - We were guests and didn't book the package, but it was typical "party" snack food, like you can get at Costco: unwashed grapes with cheese, veggie platter, arichoke dip, and something we are still arguing whether it was flavorless meatballs or falafel. The lemon bars were delicious, but not unique in any way from store-bought. Like I said, we've loved your food in the past (several) visits. This one was just not up-to-par for GC.

Antony Cusma

Went for cosmic bowling. Good time, good drinks. But, it was really stuffy in there.

Mark Ballaris

Kids bowl free is an awesome way to get the kids together and have some fun.

Rabecca Barnes

The bowling alley is fun. Very dark and decorated like a night club. We didn't eat there so I won't comment on the food. The bowling itself was a little pricey, as there definitely are more cheaper options to bowl in town. The parking was a hit and a miss due to limited parking in the underground structure, and the street parking is paid at $4 every 2 hrs and was slim to come by, so definitely plan your parking/walking to the place accordingly based on your time and your will of walking distance. The bowling alley had their own server, which was rad for drinks. Lots of nice couch seating for you and your crew while bowling. All the equipment is modern, nice, and well kept. We will be back again!

River Matthias

Food was good, but of course super unhealthy. Their portion sizes were huge also and reasonably priced. I was surprised that it was actually at a conversational volume in there. Cool atmosphere. Our server was really inattentive and kept getting our orders mixed up. She didn't seem new either, so I don't know what's going on there. They also didn't have our reservation saved but the host was really nice. The deep fried Twinkies were over cooked. I would definitely go back and try things again though. The atmosphere made it worth it and the loaded tots were delicious. It's apparently a popular spot for work pasties. There were like four different ones going on when we were there for the holidays.

Margot Kelley

It's okay. Had a Groupon so played some video games. Wanted to bowl but they were said they were booked until 11pm. However only two lanes were in use the entire time we were there (over an hour). Seemed strange that they wouldn't even wait list people who wanted to play if others were a no-show.

Jeffrey Young

Enjoyed my first time in the GC. Heard great things and it lived up to them. Good music, lanes were well managed and pins all worked with no kinks. We played two sets and NOT ONCE had an issue. That's pretty damn good seeing I play across the country on biz trips. This place is first class.

Kim Jones

This is a cool bowling alley if they ever have an open lanes, never have ate there but there drinks are pretty good

Amber Conner

Had a great time bowling and playing games in the arcade. Food was good too!

Norman Jewell

Great service and food. The staff are excellent.

Jared Venable

Bowling really isn't my thing, but I can handle drinking beer and watching other people do it. Seriously this a low key and fun joint. The food could be better, but let's be real, for what you expect from a bowling alley, they come in well under par. If I ever get the urge to throw balls at oddly shapped pins over and over again while bathing my brain in booze and poor choices... I know perfect spot!

Jessica Bessler

On April 27th I watched my waitress complain about myself and boyfriend to the bartender loud enough that we could hear her. She was upset that SHE got my order wrong and I called her out on it. Extremely unprofessional and uncalled her. The service was terrible but the manager was nice. If you want to be treated like garbage, this is the place to eat.

Argion Dadulla

Bowling alley was busy tonight but they were able to squeeze us in for 30 minutes. That was about 1.5 games of just fast throwing the ball. It was still fun! While waiting, we had some decent salad at the restaurant. The servers are attentive with just some few kinks but it was all good. Food did not disappoint.

Craig Callaghan

Good quality lanes but Pretty noisy and games a little outdated


Great spot for bowling! Good food good drinks, and nice atmosphere. We'll be going back!

Emma Shepanek

Service could be so much better. Bowling and drinks is not rocket science, but they act like every request or order is a puzzle that is an inconvenience to solve. But the drinks and food are decent and bowling is fun...just avoid as much contact with staff as possible. If I could do 2.5 stars I would.

Rovshen Klichev

Front desk girl who works 2nd shift was really nice

Victor Salinas

I called to get rates and the person on the phone said “Oh Juses Dude”. I said I’ll pass and hung up. There are other bowling alleys with better customer service.

Christine Torres

It's a great all-in-one place for fun. Kind of an adult Chuck E Cheese. Food was great, but the tacos are more like mini tacos and are $3.50 a piece. Cocktails are good but way overpriced as they are not artisan. Customer service is hit or miss, two out of four employees were engaging.

Timothy Jones

Awesome place, great food, even better drinks and 12 lanes to get your bowl on.

Maggie Kowatch

Love it here. Always a fun experience! Amazing bowling, bars and arcade. Seriously fun for everyone!!! I especially loved the quality of service from our server Laura, she was very helpful, fun and energetic

Meegan Thye

Fun place with big bars upstairs and downstairs.

Michael Johnson

Just stood in line for 9 minutes while 3 employees stood behind the desk and wasn’t acknowledged or even spoken to. Wasn’t even busy, only one family in front of us and completely ignored. We walked out

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