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REVIEWS OF Planet Bowling IN Oklahoma

Britt Sallee

Planet Bowling is a great place to go to have fun or even just sharpen up your bowling skills. Day or night, walking into the alley is like entering a party ! They've got all different kinds and colors of lights, music playing overhead, games, nostalgia items for purchase, snacks, amenities galore ! Whether you're alone, with family, or with friends: Planet Bowling caters to all your bowling needs. I actually remember coming here as a child. I had several birthday parties here, and also attended friends parties here, too. As an adult, I have even hosted several of my daughters parties at Planet Bowling. I love the staff, the cleanliness, the seating/lobby and the set-up/layout of the establishment (especially the area by the lanes!). I have a lifetime of memories here, and don't plan to quit adding to that collection anytime soon. As a customer, there is nothing I appreciate more than feeling protected and valued in an establishment. The staff is attentative and thorough, they have no tolerance for rule-breaking or morally-inept individuals and will not hesitate to remove such from the premises. When my daughter becomes a teen, this is a place I will feel comfortable dropping off/ letting her go alone with her friends- because beyond being a blast, this is one of very few entertainment establishments that truly feels safe to me. I am grateful such a place even exists, as I'm sure, all it's other visitors are as well !

John Doe


Eric Beu

We bought two hours but their defective equipment cost us thirty minutes waiting for them to correct the problems.

Krista Brennan

The owner of this place is so rude. God forbid you need any actual services.

Penzy Mccoy

It was cool

Amy Wingate

We love this place!!

Jeff Gates

Came early on a Friday to bowl with the family. White haired lady was rude with no personality at all. Couldn't get a lane away from a group of school kids without noise. Then couldn't get a picture of beer because the bar was closed. Doesn't make sense to me cause I could get a bucket of beers or a bottle. Came with the wife the week before and had a younger lady who was great and very personable. Will NOT be bringing my family back here again!!!

Nii-mensah Nettey

Great employees

sharon peters

Pizza on menu

Derek Byers

Looked clean, alleys were in good shape, classic styling, has a bar with liquor. Decent place to hang out.

Rachel Ostroske

Above and beyond for my little boys

Kathi Fox

Loved it. I met so many special women.

Glen Pontious

A lot of pretty girls go there go bowling Cough, cough. Angela

Andrew Ballard

Good bowling and fun leagues

Vlasha Harvey

Love this place. The food and drinks were good.

Dana Brown

Great place to bowl and have family fun!

Justin Shaffer

Very fun experience, staff was friendly. Would bowl again here.

Lisa Alquist

Great customer service, cheap fun.

Dillon Todd

Rude management, not going back. I go here probably 2-3 times a month with are family, so this isn't my first time here. The guy running the desk won't start are lane because 1 person out of 9 hasn't showed up and paid. So even tho all of us paid for two lanes split between 9 people, the guy wouldn't open the lane till it was 100% paid for. Like, uhh open one lane moron! We paid 8/9th of 2 lanes. Why in God's name would he not open at least one lane. Dude is rude, and has an uncaring Altitude about everything. We paid for 2 hours, and only got 1 hour and 35 mins of lane time.

Gary Collins

Great place for family fun!

Shannon Wong

Definitely the place to bowl!

Chris Claridge

Bowled here since I was a kid. It’s an old alley, but they take care of their equipment.

daisy 2boots

I'm a verrrry serious bowler and I have to say I looooove these pretzels and shoes

Emily Harris

Took my family on Thursday afternoon. We were able to rent a lane for an hour and shoes (for upto 6 people) for $25.00. We were going to do the 2 hour family deal for $35.00 however they have Thursday evening leagues. They will even give you a paper score sheet if you want to do it old school style. It was a great time for little money. The bowling alley was clean and staff was very nice. We had a great time!

Catherine Bowers

If zero stars was an option then that would be my choice. TERRIBLE management! Every time I had a problem (which was NOT that often but when your lane messes up EVERY TIME you bowl, it IS aggravating!) the manager (who dresses tacky and seems to have no class) would roll her eyes and act extremely put out. I'm sorry that your equipment does not work but, that is not my problem. You need to remember who is paying who.. I will not be coming back and I WILL go out of my way to publically post on every site I can find how awful this place is just because that is how awful my experience was. Save your money and go somewhere where the people actually have class and working equipment.

Allona Thomas

I would like to take a second and thank the lady at the front desk! I am a mom to a 3 month old and she went above to make sure that my night out was great! I needed somewhere to pump and she accommodated a space for me to do so! Had a great time adulting and the drinks were great!

Megan Tuggle


chris Williams

Best place to take the grandkids

Teresa Oro

Janie is a jewel. Bowling is best here in Midwest City area.

Grey Cee

Had fun.. wouldn't keep accurate score.. giving out random strikes for people that didn't bowl the frame.. not picking up a spare in the score or adding it to the next person bowling.. friendly staff. Clean facility!

Patricia Baldridge

Good place

Samantha Tokar

Super fun at great prices.

Kyle Evans

Bad owners. They don't care once they have your money.

Rylee Olson

Kid friendly

Jose Reyes

House balls are all pretty shot. Lanes are fine, they have updated touchscreen controls. Not much nice there. They have a kitchen and bar also.

mc c

Nice bowling for a family. Needs updated. I'd prefer to bowl on a lane without people sharing the console when they aren't busy but seems they like to pair people up.

Katherine Juden

Went here for a birthday party. Fun and very accomodating.

Brandon Ellington

My favorite local bowling alley

jay crawford

Great atmosphere great service great fun!

John Mcdougall

Reasonable prices and great atmosphere. Lanes were some of the best I have ever played on. Pro shop was helpful and courteous. We will be going back.

Brad Davis

Unfriendly people.

Ray Denton

Great price

Diana Garvin

Love the staff and people! Wish I could give more stars!

DeeMan Rage

Great pro shop. Roy is the best in OKC!!

Dusty Wright

Fun for family at a bargain price...

Carol Berna

Fun! Fun! Thanks for the chilli.

John Keller

Not good service and crowded

Wendy DeMike

Expensive. 2.50 for shows, 4.00 a game. It cost 6.50 for my granddaughter who is 4 to bowl 1 game

Ba na na Na na na

I liked it

Kerry Cannaday

Not enough staff on hand to take care of the customers. Tinker AFB had an event there today and the only had a few people(2 or 3) to handle everything.


Great place to bowl

linda tucker

Ok place. The bar is stingy on the liquor. Balls are rough.

Katie Kizer

Great place, awesome staff!! A+++++

Deborah L.

Have fun every time I go here. It's a busy spot. Only problems we had, our balls kept getting stuck and our pins wasn't resetting. But otherwise had a great time. Haven't tried the food except the fries, which were good. So I suggest you go try it out yourselves and let me know...

Debbie Munson

Very friendly staff. Nice lanes.

K'Deshia Hasan

This place was very cool and a great date night.

Jennifer Owings

We love planet bowl! My son & nephews are on the youth bowling league! Good times!

Brad Garcia

Nice electronic scoring system, probably one of the easiest I've ever used. Many of the guest bowling balls had lots of divets on the surface. They offered up to 6 bowlers, with shoes, for $25/hour.


Decent with decent prices, however very outdated.

Gary Curren

Great Birthday Party... friendly helpful staff

NoVa_Elite 16

Good food and fun

Felicia Channa

Bathrooms are a no go stunk

Tanner Martin

Had a great time when I went

typical rebel

Very good service and everyone is nice

Mandy Reynolds

Great place

Carole Lee

Lane jammed a bit at first but the people were friendly and we had a good time.

Dee Browning

My husband bowls in a league on Thursday nights. I like the staff. My only complaints are 1) on the coldest nights there is no heat circulating in the building and I am forced to keep my coat on the whole while and 2) the ladies room always smells terrible. Otherwise it is a great place for bowling whether league or family style.

Shamiyah Badu

Food staff was rude , but the cashier who checked us in was AMAZING !

LB Reed

This place was packed. I arrived early afternoon. Senior league's. There for kitchen. Food was not like it use to be. Cooks first time.

Jamie Blankenship

My kids love this place.

Amanda Johnson

Not the most modern bowling alley but the staff was nice and the lanes are good for family bowling. It's reasonably priced. Food was ok. Mostly just fried things.

Adalyn McCausey

Very good place to bring family

Cristina Allen

Bowling alley is very clean very friendly great place to go for a birthday party. I have had for birthday parties here for my kids and they absolutely love it. I also like the deal that they have for the night time bowling where your shoes are included in the price and you can have six people on Lane for a nice low price which is really good especially when you have just a small group of friends.

Benji Coughran

Was fun night bowling with family all they need is new bowling ball

MaLissa Kreitz

The late night bowling on Fridays and Saturdays is fun.

Cory Rogers

It was alright but the one of the employees was kinda of rude but it's okay.

Misty Martin

Fun for the whole family.

Corey Lloyd

First time trying to bowl here, we were turned away because the lanes were all being used for a tournament. Seems like they would have some walk in lanes available. Second attempt was fine, except for a very flaky ball return. Ended up leaving with time left on our game since we couldn't reliably get the bowling balls back.

thomas barnhouse

Cool place to take the family for a night out. Lady behind the counter is always helpful.

Garrett Fellows

It was absolutely terrible it's was me and my dad playing and between our turns there was 4 mistakes that the computer made in 5 games screwed the whole experience up

Vanessa Taylor

Loved it ... Great Fun

Lynda O'coigligh

Casual the food looked great. Not too overcrowded.

Nathan Green


Eric Burlison

Nice no frills bowling alley. The prices are reasonable too.

Micah Smith-El

Had a great time for a great price Lada Lanes good people

Jr Corey

Classic bowling experience!

Marcella Butts

Had loads of fun! Just wish I didn't have to leave on account of my grumpy family.

Stephen Kelley

Great atmosphere and clean

Ira Swearingen

Nice people leagues good place to meet people

Maria G Hernandez

Dude who answered the phone was super rude Couldn’t spare a few minutes to answer a question

Leisa Rodriguez

My son bowls there and he loves it. He takes his family there. They all love it.

Shirley Williams

Great price and friendly staff!

Stacey Harris

nice family bowling night spot

Megan Ibanez

Although it's an old building, this place is still fun and great bowling. The staff was very friendly and through food was good as well!

Denise Hackney

1st time going; nice place. Enjoyed a Saturday Family Day

Jeff Wendel

Friendly staff (except for the last running the bar), and good prices. The lanes and equipment are run down. Good for family fun, just not the best of you mind your ball being nicked up all over. Have to watch the pin setters as they malfunction quite a bit on a few lanes.

Tina Jones

Bobby out bowled me 3 games of bowling, but I got better as we went we had a blast.

Jerry Stillwell

Have bowled here a few times. Things to be aware. They do like to stack all the people in one spot with no lane buffer even when completely dead. Four lanes active, they will be together. No spaces. Bathrooms are probably the worst thing here. Last week, the pin setters kept dropping pins on our lane and the lane beside us. Balls kept getting stuck in the return as well. At this location we purchase by the hour for the cheaper rate. We like to bowl on average 2 games. Two hours is typically way more time than needed for the 2 games. Last visit due to resetting pins, stuck returns, and just all round mechanical failures. We only got in one game and about 3 more frames. Needless to say it was a frustrating afternoon and we were ready to leave. House balls, we do not use. They are pitted and in horrible condition. Bring your own ball, be sure to bring a rag and clean your ball often at this location. Within 2-3 throws, your ball will have a sticky residue that will alter the ball's performance quickly. Not our normal venue, I think I will pass on bowling day if our normal venue is unavailable.

Barry Breckle

League bowling a blast.. Everyone should join one for fun and exercise. Snack bar has fabulous food. Great burgers every time.

Dalton Cathcart

Planet bowl is set up as a good family time outing, Friday and Saturday seem to get packed; which is normal. My family and I love going to this place, there is friendly staff and reasonable prices. $38 for shoes for 7 and w hours of bowling. Where can you go for that amount of money.

Terri Oak

Way understaffed knowing there would be three large groups of special ed students. It took 45 minutes to get an order of French fries! The staff of two seemed friendly.

Daniel Shaffer

We had a great time bowling and celebrating my daughters birthday.

Cosiris Laureate

Good atmosphere, nice employees, good family fun

Mcclanahan Mcclanahan

Awesome bowling

Kimmy Burns

Had "winter special Olympics " there-awesome!!! Went to Jake's B-day party & it was really fun!!!! Better than Chuck E. Cheese

Linda Bishop

Pretty good in bowling places food is decent and the place is too should go and have some family fun.

Christi Herrod

Friendly staff

Anthony Gardner

Love this place. The pro shop and the people there are great.

Steve Payne

Very fun family atmosphere.

Jon Brooks

My wife and I are fairly serious bowlers. We have our own balls and shoes. Maybe we had a bad day or a bad lane (3). But the machine put this nasty, tacky grime on our balls. This made the balls very tacky. The machines also chipped my wife's less-than a week old Diva. The staff seemed somewhat grumpy too. This place is probably OK for casual bowlers and parties. It looked nice and clean. But serious bowlers stay away!

Jennifer Aguilera

Great place to bowl.

Gsjammin Benjamin

Fun place and good food.

Kevin Campbell

Nice place to bowl!


Awesome venue. Older and cool all at the same time.

Jim/Gayle Day

Super busy Friday night, all lanes being used, only one counter person to talk to customers, pass out shoes, put up lane gates for kids, retrieve stuck balls for kids, call out food orders for the grill area, answer the phones, take money, credit card machine not working, and did everything with a smile...we love Amber and really miss her on Monday nights. She is the bright shining star of the entire place! She greeted EVERY single person who walked up to the desk with a heart warming smile! Everyone was saying how they would not be able to do her job with the crowd that was there on Friday, but she did great and always with her beautiful smile. She makes it great to be there!! Love you, Amber.

Tamara McCloud

Had my 6 year olds birthday party there. Kids had a blast. Staff was amazing and super helpful. Food is

Broc Paine

Fun for the whole family

kyle p

Love bowling here

Kristi Stephens

Our family enjoyed bowling here when we visited Oklahoma

Trevor Payne

Tried playing on a Wednesday but it was a league night. If the phone would have been answered I would've saved a 30 minute drive to find this out. Disappointed in the customer service.

Brian davis

Colton's birthday party there

Mark Paslay

Good people, good times.

Austin Aman


Richard Baker

Fun leages

Scott Lock

Bad lanes and the bowling balls old and chipped

Wesley Cockrum

Great place for family entertainment. The staff was really helpful and extremely nice.

Andrew Sedwick

Great value. Go for the two hours.


Awesome place 2 have fun with the family

Pasqual King

The place won't stop getting the heavier bowling balls stuck in 3 and 4th lane

Debbie Cranford

It was fun


Really well maintained. Clean, great service. Shoes are in excellent repair. My family really enjoyed themselves here. Great pricing as well. I would highly recommend bringing your family or date here for a great night. Good food selections as well.

Josh Gottschalk

Not the newest or fanciest alley I've been to. But it is far from the worst. Lanes are in good shape with medium oil. Staff is nice. Pro shop is superb.

jadon zavas

It was horrible manager caused at kids because they were not good

John Manning

Fun times

Matthew Gaylor

Great price on weekends ($10 a person from 10:30pm-12:30am). Staff is very friendly. Deducted a star due to several of the lanes having some issues with pins and returning balls, but all you have to do is ask one of the staff members and they'll fix it fairly quickly.

Grayson cantwell

Good place to hangout.

Rocky So Fancy

Great specials for up to 6 bowlers

Raymond Hutcherson

For starters the pro shop is awesome. The guys are not at all like car salesman. They offer variety and are very helpful. It was the best experience I have had in quite some time. I'm not a pro bowler or anything of the sort but I bought a ball that helped my carparall and I'm loving bowling now even more.

Joseph Bolton

Well we called ahead and got there early thank goodness because it was and my friends had a blast the people were nice it was very fun for the kids as well glow bowling is very exciting and it's very cheap so for some good ol fashioned fun stop in have a drink eat some food and bowl till you drop. It was a very clean and respectful place I give it a 5 stars just because the music was good and I loved the experience,and great memories of the night I first glow bowled thank you for everything

ken august

Nice place to game at

Lonnie Schubert

Good place to bowl. Good birthday party package.

Evan Perkins

Older facility but clean,smoke-free environment,fairly good priced entrrtainment

Joshy Poo

great place to bowl would of gave 5 stars if beer wasnt 4 bucks a piece

Damon Brewer

Staff was very helpful. This place gets a little crazy on the weekend!

Philip Vail

Favorite bowling alley to go to. Great people that work there, super friendly and awesome customer service. Currently I'm in the bowling league for the summer. I'm enjoying it and having a great time:) 5 out of 5!!!

Kimberly Bradford

Easy location

John Lambert

The equipment was a little old but it ran flawlessly.

Marcia Avery

WONDERFUL for the kids & the adults to watch. We all loved it. There was a very efficient & pleasant young lady working there. She had white framed glasses on. No matter how busy she was, she was always right on time with all of us. She was extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and pleasant. And they were BUSY! Late on Friday evening... Area was clean, restrooms were clean, and food was fresh!

Joshua Cartwright

Cool to do once in a while and they've got really good drinks here

Anna Grant

Love it, just wish there was one closer to moore!


Little old school but still lots of fun!

Tia Poe

Clean and quiet place. Service was great, I would definitely go bowling here again.

Keith Ryant

We paid for 2 hours, and 30 mins before our 2 hours was up the lane starts acting sluggish!?! I reported the problem but the staff doesn't seem to care. The problem with the bowling alley is, in my honest opinion, they don't care about the customer. Go somewhere else!!

Martha McClure

They need to play different varieties of music on saturday night for cosmic bowl!!! Not everyone is into rap music!!!


Pretty good place unless you want to go at any reasonable time. I'm just glad google accepted the updated store hours. Saves me 30 minutes when I leave for there at like 7:30, haha.

Angela James

Great place to have family fun..

Landon McGhghy

Its great fun!

Jason Wornom

Great bowling alley. Fun and relaxed place.

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