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44 SE 44th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73129, United States

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REVIEWS OF Holiday Lanes Bowling Center IN Oklahoma

John Doe

Doesn't put a names on a new bowling balls no more

Cooper Donihoo

So much fun with groups and with just family ❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Lisa Beavers

crystal Shaulinskas

the employees were really nice and they had great food and it was very clean and we had a lot of fun,we loved it,we will definitely go agian.

Michael Johnson

Dan Rogers

Dianna Vaughn

It's a nice place to have a party.

Kaylee 91917

Justbob C

Loud and fun

Larry Deere

Have never been at this location. Used to be a car wash next door. That's where I was

Amber Dawn

I had lots of fun.

Melbeth Borkowicz

Fun place to be .clean and friendly invironmeny

Thomas Maloan

This bowling alley is great. The staff is friendly, they have a nice selection of balls, and most of all, they're the cheapest bowling alley I've ever been to. However, there is one huge issue: the neighborhood. It's a really awesome bowling alley, in a REALLY rough neighborhood. I love bowling here, but it's not some place I'd want to hang out alone or after dark.

Andrea Macias-ayala

I love that place


Good clean family fun. I like this place. Hit 22 mph, they show you on the screen. Nice.

Kimberly Hill

Darrin Coker

Management is good to people.

Mr.D Woodz

Like the new atmosphere and decor. Good job!

Stephanie Hammon

Great place to go Bowlng and great people and friendly staff

Jenn Jackson

This is a nice bowling alley despite not being in a terrific part of town. Great prices for lanes and shoe rentals!! Friendly staff and well maintained if aging. The lanes are kept well enough and the machinery works as expected. Great for families. Snack bar is alright: not amazing food but not awful either. Fair for the price of admission.

Kelly Christian

Owner is always around and super friendly! Best bowling alley ever!!!

Joey Rose

Great place for the whole family. The owners are really good people.

jesse green

Adrian Murauno

Mary Salazar

Owner was very accommodating for our Facebook group meet and greet reunion event. Thank you, from a "Heck Yeah, I Grew up in South OKC member.

Sonja Miles

Julianna Gitchell

Michael Moncado

I haven't been bowling in a while but I had a lot of fun! Holiday Lanes had a great price for bowling by the hour and a great little snack bar. I will definitely be going back!

Juan Rodriguez

Jen Dickey

I like bowling here but why on a cheap night are you doing league bowling. I was told last time no need to book for a lane because they will have room

Denise Scavone

Best one ive been too yet.

Chilo Jara

(Translated by Google) Actually I just passed by. (Original) En realidad solo pasé por ahí.

ferny meza

alice white


It's a good place if you enjoy bowling and aren't worried about a fancy experience. They have good food and decent staff. Lanes are kept up with. Prices reasonable.

Shelonda Cobb

Its unfinished

Kristi Erwin

had a good time with my family

Amanda Petty

Under new management, but still I had a really great time!! Can't wait to see the updates!

Kandis Aucoin

Went here for my son's 17th Bday during fall discounts and we had a BLAST. Chill atmosphere, good beer, good food, friendly people.

Natalie Mcgalliard

Ron Taylor

Dalia Lopez

We didn't get to play. There was a tournament going on and we were told 15 minutes. But by 30 minutes in the lane we were told we were waiting for was given to another group that came in after us. My kids were disappointed.

Thomas Melendrez

Seems expensive. I realize that after paying property tax, utilities, employees and buying and refurbishing the building and equipment, as well as supply and demand, plus any other fees and add-ons you have to make a living, but it is nice to go bowling, so it is worth it. Thank you all bowling alley owners, it is great to have a "safe" place to enjoy the sport.

cortney lawrence

Lacey Howard

I love the newly renovated lanes and the service was awesome!

pedro montalvo


Logan Harris

My wife, buddies, and I found this bowling alley on google and decided to try it out. They have a great deal for up to five players to bowl. It’s a great family owned alley. The owner was actually there talking with everyone. Not only was the service great, the other patrons were awesome! They saw that we are active duty, and they did more for us than what we deserve. We couldn’t stop talking about how nice and accommodating they were. We can’t recommend this place enough and we will be back!

Bustamante Family

Very nice and CLEAN. the specials are great!

AK Hibbert

Great place to bowl

Sean Johnson

Really clean, nice lanes, friendly staff, only place we've been to that has automatic bumpers :)

Jami Dibler

Enrique Me

Karen Jandreau

Under New Management which really freaking sucks. Cut our time off before our game was over would not let us continue the game said we had to start completely over. Laying next to us was over the limit but they continue to play for 30 minutes. If I give you 0 Stars I definitely would.

Ericka Choate

Great fun in a clean well maintained environment:)

robert stow

Not like it used to be

Richard Davis

I was here for Special Olympics. The Bowling alley is obviously older and showing it but the lanes seem level and the staff is great! The food is usual bowling alley fare but done well.

Susana Negrete

Te diviertes muchísimo buen trato

Gwen Mears

Growing up on South side okc, this place is where I spent much of my childhood. Four stars says it's equally enjoyable as a grown up.


Heather Willis

Sidney Myers

It was a great experience

Mario Gutierrez

This place was awesome! Friendly people at the desk!

Sydney Shimmel

Honestly would of been more fun for my family and I if our games hadn’t been cut off twice. We were in a lane then moved unexpectedly for league bowling. Wasn’t warned about this in the beginning. Then, come to find out we have to bowl with the bumpers up because of our 8 year old we took with us. Would’ve been more fun if we weren’t moved lanes without fair warning. Plus on top of that we spent money on food as well, that you could’ve gotten better quality other places.

Charles Smith

Great staff....hate to see the house closing

Nicole Parkerson

Good prices great people

A Gmz

Great atmosphere, super friendly staff❤

RubyTheDog Ruff

We had a good time

Stacey Fikes

Mama Jean caught me as I came in the door to hug me. Time flies. Stefanie met me at the snack bar. Had a good time. Love to all..

lava da guava

I heve paid for 2 hours on 2 lanes but in real time I've only played for 1 hour. The ball's were stuck and we got no service for 30 minutes after reporting the incident. This has happend twice in a day. And I have aswell paid for 2 hours for 2 other lanes and have played 1 hour and 30 minutes. Just like the other I waited for 30 minutes with no service. Of I could review a negative amount of stars I would.

Amanda Veach

Real nice people they helped me with a bowling ball and explained it

Andrew Ingram

Very fun place. You can throw a heavy thing and knock stuff over. You can even go bowling!

Kirsten Graves

Good prices

dj ramsey

Fun place, but could stand to be updated

Stephanie Cross

Great place for family fun!

Gary Curren

Strong supporter of Special Olympics

Leoma Walker

Good place go bowling

Eliah Lively

Fun place to make memories with people I'd recommend

jackles23 _

It was a good experience I will defiantly go back

David t

The place is definitely improved with the new ownership. Good for birthday parties as well.

Job Gonzalez

Great updates and good service

Trecia Staton

Fun place to go with friends and family

Wayne F

Nice clean place and fun bowling

Joe Pewo

Very friendly staff, great food, very clean and the lanes are great. Great prices too. I remember going here when I was a kid. Glad I can take my family and enjoy a day at the lanes. Remodeled one side and looks amazing. Go and enjoy a day of bowling.

David Guerrero

Good place to bowl

Zola Grant

Fun place

Major Bunton

I have a great time every visit. Whether it is for league or a family outing. Tim Kim and the crew are awesome!

Rhonda Smith

Mike Apperson

Savana Haff

Friendly staff! They have a feature that tells you the MPH your ball is going and that was a game in itself. They make a great martini

Caroline Baldwin

Really freindly staff & fun bowling! Great snacks! A time warp to 1960s! loved it!

LA Wainright

Perfect place for the summer.

Pius Tran

In the beginning of September, I booked an event with Holiday Lanes Bowling Center for a church event for September 29, 2019 at 1:00 PM. I called in to book the event and spoke to a representative, and I was told that there was a tournament on the same day. I was told that the tournament would be over before 1 PM. So, I went ahead and book for that day for 60 people at the rate of $7 a child for two games and shoe rental. As the date approached, I went to the bowling alley on September 28, 2019 to talk to the management to make sure everything was alright before the event. Everything seemed alright. So, I didn’t think much about it. On the day of the event, I received a call from the bowling alley at 10:23 AM. I was informed that the tournament that was scheduled on the same day was running late and was asked if we could push back until 2:30 PM. As someone who plays in tournaments for sports and games, I understand that tournaments can go longer than expected and I agreed to have my group come at 2:30 PM. Upon arrival, we saw a paper on the door that stated there wouldn’t be lanes open until 5:00 PM. Assuming that the sign was because our group had the venue booked, I brushed it off as I walked in. To my dismay, I was informed the tournament that they had planned was still running behind with the players having three games left, and the lanes wouldn’t be available to us until 4:30 PM. Our whole outing was scheduled until around 4:30, when the kids would be picked up by their parents. This caused panic with those who planned event, myself included. We weren’t sure what to do. The event, that these kids were looking forward to, was in shambles. As we left the venue to take our kids to do something else, I struggled to comprehend how this could have happened. We continued with our outing at a different venue. Thankfully, this venue was able to take us in on a last minute notice. The next day, September 30, 2019 at 2:53 PM, I receive a call for this establishment. They apologized for the incident that transpired and offered to give us a special for half off every child, $3.50 per child for the next time we come. The representative I spoke with told me that the tournament they held that day was supposed to start at 8:00 AM, but it didn’t start until 10:00 AM. I accepted their apology, but there is no way that we will be returning to the location for any event. What I failed to understand is, how can you have a tournament run two hours late and drag on that much longer than expected? I’ve played in many tournaments for different games and sports before. In every instance I’ve played, if you are not at your station, table, or field by the time the tournament starts, you are disqualified. It doesn't make sense to me how this situation could have happened, but by the looks of the events, I can see how they can have a bias toward a certain clientele. To conclude, this is a cautionary tale for groups that are looking to book at this bowling alley. I suggest you look for a different venue. You will be put second to their tournament clientele. I don’t want this to happen to another group in the future. I can’t speak on behalf of a smaller groups experience, but with our group of around 50-60 people, I’ve never had to deal with this amount of stress booking an event at any venue. If there was a zero star option, that would have been my preferred choice.

Mike ODell

Very friendly people and great family atmosphere.

Lorelei Mason

Thank You Holiday Lanes for being so sweet and helpful at my son's birthday party the day after Christmas. ❤

Perry Cuskey

Looks great since the upgrade!

David Lope


alonna meza

Nice quite people are nice too

Stephen Kelley

Very nice and clean, love what the new owners have done.

Nakota Anderson

Keith Walton

james heffron

Good times good people

Hope Davis

New owners are great. We had a birthday party and enjoyed it

Mason Cowles

Our lane (22) kept having problems returning the balls, but they gave us extra time to finish our game. Neighborhood is shady like the other reviewers said but there weren't any shady people inside. Would go again!

Chuck Cagle

I used to go here as a child and let me tell you times have changed. They put us on 2 lanes one for my kids 1 for they adults. I literally had to fix my childs lane every frame. They dont care about how long you wait they dont care about customer service. I will never come here again

Penny Phillips

I love this place!!! We've been going there for over 30 years. Good clean fun for the whole family. Great food and the staff treats you like "Royalty".

Brian Groves

Great place, lots of new equipment

Jamie Coleman

I bowl maybe once or twice a year so I'm pretty bad at it, so I can't leave comments on how good the balls or lanes are but I always have fun here. The staff is super friendly and wow, don't let the price of their chicken quesadillas scare you, they are well worth it and you get a ton of food when you order them. I never get quesadillas at other places but my wife ordered me one and it was extremely good. I'm going to have to get me one everytime I go!

Cora Armstrong

Mark Ruder

My center rocks!

Michael Thayer


Christine Bishop

trisha rositer

Oklahoma Native

Great place to Bowl. They recently remodeled the lanes and the staff is always really friendly. I bowl here every week... Great place to Join a League!

Narciso Covarrubias

Great place for the family great service

Denae Brown

If you know anything about the sport, you will be disappointed with the way the new owners continually disrespect league bowlers and favor recreational bowlers. Additionally, the lane conditions are horrible. Many repairs are desperately needed throughout the house. The new owners have no clue how to run a successful business, especially the wife. By her own admission, she’s completely clueless. Serious or seasoned bowlers, save yourself the headache and take your business to a house that will respect the sport.

Jennifer Aguilera

Had a great time bowling at Holiday Lanes.

Scott Campe

Nice family atmosphere

Michael Edwards

Oh g

Lawrence Sao

Great prices, clean and professional!

James Facello

Always fun

jill milgrim

Fun and friendly

Carlos Alberto

Steven Nichols

Sky Young

Good place to bowl, all brand new shoes, new concessions bar. Food freshly cooked. We really enjoyed our outing.

That One Wolfie

It is a pretty good place for bowling. The prices aren't bad and the food is good too. It is a fun place to go bowling.

Ashley Blackwell mendez

Jeanne Malson

Wonderful place and amazing people!!

Teresa Thiessen

This place is reasonable on their prices, if your just going to bowl. However their soda was flat and they're way overdue for an update.


Had a great time as always

Caleb Yetter

The girl with tattoos at the counter was very disrespectful we drove 16 miles to come bowl and once we got there she laughed at me my wife and 2 kids and said "sorry for ya we are closing soon" very rude. Didnt inform us of any times or closings when we called and told them we were driving 20 mins to come bowl. I bowled there since i was about 10 and i will never return. Half the alley was closed and the other half was run down and ghetto. Never take your kids there. Im an attorney and We will be reporting them to the BBB Monday morning. The tattoo girl up front and her uncle with grey hair are nothing but meth head white trash. Never ever go there I'm warning you

Billie Burns

It's awesome! The renovations are amazing!

Jerry Hammon

Excellent crew at Holiday Lanes! One employee that stands out is Sonya. Always ready to help. Thanks to everyone who does such a good job !

Christopher Ewing

Heather Weber

anthony solomon

Great price

Dana Wicks

Shirley Lynn Miller

Great place to take the family nice and cool inside. Fun place for big groups with competition egos. Laugh out loud.

Dean Brown

Good lanes, fun atmosphere, great staff

Rocky Sajqui

Good specials. Clean place. Good for the price.

Marland Taylor

Lots of fun

aries_ archive

Staff were friendly and the prices were reasonable however, I don't recommend the food.

Michelle Ross

Very friendly & clean! We had an awesome time!

Morgan Willis

Erin Durham

Very affordable! Friendly staff! Great snack bar!

Jackie Thomas

The staff is good

Braden Latham

I enjoy Holiday Bowling. They host some wonderful events. The people that work there are very nice.

johnson yaw odame


kim kimwade

My husband bowls in the league there and we luv it.. Sure it's a older spot and it shows but I've found the staff to be ok, there firm but seem to be good people.. We have never had a problem with neighborhood or people hanging out..We have small kids and the staff always makes them feel welcome... I will say they have some great food that is always fresh, one of the reason I go.. A older group of people but decent folks for sure. They are the cheapest in town too because these prices have gotten outrages.

Mark Johnson

This is an older facility, but has modern equipment. Staff is professional and friendly. We had cheese burgers with fries. Food was excellent. This location opened their facility for a fundraiser to a poorly a boy with cancer. Great show of caring about their community.

KiNgZ YellowTv

Cause I won


We had really good fun here. A great first impression! The staff was nice, a little slow but nice. We had no problems whatsoever getting our stuff and bowling. I really recommend.

wanda price

Love this place


Lots of recent updates and a great family atmot.

Nicole alexander

Took my boys who have special needs. It was their first time bowling. The owners were very nice and accepting plus gave us special equipment to use. Definitely will be back

brittanie Anderson

I miss the old owner Jean! But I love how they have kept it the same since I was a little girl going with my grandparents to there bowling league! Love that.

justin strickler

Not bad. They did some updating still needs more. Took out shop and put in a bar ! Great idea especially with leagues lol. Pricing is decent also

Debbie Halpainy

Maya Brown

The boy @ the snack bar is cute

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