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1521 Tiki Ln, Lancaster, OH 43130, United States

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REVIEWS OF Tiki Bowling Lanes IN Ohio

Joe S

Super fun

Candice Bigham

Something fun to do

Clay County87

Andrew Phillips

Chad Walter

Great lanes, good food and lots of fun.

Seth Skaggs

Constant issues with lanes and rude management

Brian Woodside

It was.great I got 3 strikes 3 spares but I still lost

Robin Nida

we had a great time. Tiki could use an up date across the board. And when it's going to be busy, have more than 2 people at front desk. we stood in line for an hour. our computer kept flashing on and off, and our pins got stuck. Also, my daughter got a strike, and all she did was pick up her ball. she hadn't even bowled yet. The shoes were pretty awful. mine were ripped out. I took them back up, told them the problem. They quickly sprayed the heel of the shoe, and put them back. But for the price, we had a great time.

Eric King

Started out great took 3 parties there. The 1st to no problems Other than I don't know how you charge $15 each for A two-year-old and a three-year-old child. But on the 3rd day that we went that month We had troubles with the lane they put us on. Once we approached the employees they were lying and being rude about the situation. Had such a bad time because my kids were crying about the lane being messed up by curving straight to the gutters and no bumpers. In addition to that they proceeded to yell at my wife who is 8 months pregnant and get in her face.I don't Care who is right or wrong but you do not get in a pregnant woman's face.

Heather Johnson

Had fun with friends. Great for all ages. Busy place so get there earlier than planned to stand in line for about 30 mins or so.

jon thegutterguy

Great place on Saturday nights! Definitely worth the price.

kbar19 ya

Ken Cottrill

Always fun here ..

Nate Nelson

Great place for family events! Variety of food, drinks, beer. Lots of lanes +pool tables. Friendly environment.

Jodi Mccullough

Snack counter ladies are rude and food is over priced and not very good. Bowling is also way over priced. Not a good bowling spot

Jarron Sollee

Always love me some bowling at tiki. Hasnt changed for as long as ive lived here

Jessica Wetzel

In todays day and age. Idk why in the world a company wouldnt provide wifi to its customers! Theres absolutely no cell phone service inside that building whatsoever. And lanes are so oily you can't have any kind of consistency.

Courtney Puma

Food was great and our server patty was amazing. She was great and never let our drinks get empty.

Big Dave

Great place

Christian bauer

Awesome bowling alley. Lots of lanes and large area.

Deborah Jarmon Hall


Jennifer Swackhamer

Good place to have fun whether its bowling or shooting some pool.

kym rains

Alot of fun. Affordable, and nice. Small arcade and machines for kids to get small prizes. Bar and good food. Edit. When I said small I didn't mean it in a bad way

Stacy M

Cole J.



Taylor Aziz

Clean and family friendly. Fun atmosphere

Sarah Drake

Fun, friendly environment to take family and friends to enjoy daily deals and make memories. Staff is amazing always willing to help

John Mowery

Bowled here. Good place.

rose azbell

Best entertainment and family fun

Steven Holt

Fun time

Timothy Staley

Friendly bowling alley great food great beer tons of fun for the whole family

Tammie Roby

Love my job at tiki

Cammie Elick

Great family fun. The also do birthday parties.

Dave Beauvais

Jim Bell

Nice lanes, people, Wi-Fi, easy parking, in a beautiful little city.

Steve Shaner

Older facility but well kept. No out of order machines etc.. very clean place.

Barrett Vossler

Great value - but age is starting to creep up. We just so happened to get there right before the rush. There’s apparently a deal where you can get unlimited bowling and pitchers or beer for 1.33 each and a discount on food for 15 dollars a person. Awesome deal. There were a few mishaps with the machine eating our balls and not being able to find a ball since they were just randomly all over the place. Good spit for a small town though.

Carly Lydic

Great place for a family outing! Can't wait to come back

missy carpenter

Wonderful place

Toms Treasure Hunt

Well maintained good customer service

Natasha Mathias

This place is being run into the ground, ever increasing prices, removed childcare for league bowlers, unpredictible oil on the lanes, scoring system is ancient, returns eat up equipment... Just a shame these days

Joe Floyd

Cindy Shifflet

My grandsons first time bowling Age 13

mick adams

Found us

Jessica Sipos

Fun for all

Sarah Buckley

Scheduled my daughter's birthday party here. Everyone was friendly, the food was good, and the package price was just right. My daughter and her friends, as well as us parents who decided to bowl a game on the next lane over, had a great time. My only complaint is that the party package only covers 5 bowlers and each lane can accommodate 6 bowlers. So we had to pay extra for the additional bowler on each lane.

Mark Randolph

Good bowling place

Luc Fertig

Still a fun place.

Devan Dexter

Lots of fun and surprisingly good food for a bowling alley too.

Avery Snead

Fun place and good prices

Abby Watson

Cindy Starner

A great place for family fun.

toni klos

Free for kids, expensive for adults per game for open bowling. I miss bowling as long as I used to.


Fun for the whole family !

Kem Hessler

Mary Beth Morgan

I had the time of my life with my husband.

Tyler Calhoun

Pretty nice bowling alley. The employees were friendly.

jake milsted

Eric Smith

If you want to bowl this is the best place in Lancaster. one of my favorite things to look at are the cages they used to put the kids in in the 60s. There's an amazing picture on the left hand side when you entered the lobby check it out.

Robin Lott

They were closed during normal business hours

Dean King

mark jones

It's very pricy and the lanes are inconsistently oiled which caused throws to hook at very awkward times

Spencer Johnson

Good environment, nice employees, great prices, not too busy, well maintained, 5/5.

susan strickling

Nice place

Greg Lightfoot

I seem to bowl a little better and have more fun .

Joan Beam

Mary Austin

A lot of fun

Nick Hayes

It was great place to spend valentines day with friends, only down side was that they wouldn't let us use bumpers because wE aRnT cHiLdReN

Jessica Hogan

Nice staff, great prices - fun place

Ray Burris

Pretty nice place , up to date , had a blast when we were here also had very good pricing options especially for big groups. However there was an hour wait.

Brian Delong

Great bowling alley good food

Brandy Greig

Love the kids bowl free. Most of the staff is great and very attentive to needs of the customer.

Sierra Norris

The woman at the front counter was very rude and the overcharged us and didn't even apologize. Prices have went up also.

Terrell Francis

They were very rude when I prank called them

Samuel Barkley

Wooh! I got a homerun!

David Fields

It was a great date night with the fiance. It cheap and fun.

Emory Shephard

Ky Hines

Good place to go!!!

John Coe

Awesome place

Jennifer Bass

I love bowling. I bowl every Thursday night

Michele Dansler

Had our Christmas party there this year everyone had fun.

Jean Mallory

The food was really good. Enough bacon in the BLT wrap, the chicken was seasoned really nicely in the chicken wrap and the double burger was delicious. Its been years since we've been there but its still a treasure. I miss the sunken bar tough

Elizabeth Farris

I Always have a blast !

Robin Sayre

Great people and good.. plus bowling!!

Jake McKiel

Great place for family an friends to have a good time

MiLana Stump

Friendly, food is very good ,friendly atmosphere ,staff is friendly. Restrooms are clean wheel chair access great place to bowl. Good for children, groups and families. Great place to pop in for a quick bite.

robert bonham

Good-looking Place fun for the whole family a great time

Laurie Branham

Great place! Fun and friendly staff!

Alanna Davis

Pizza is good. Bowling prices are fair. We had lots of fun !

Angela Wilt-George

Very good food and great prices, but need more help, wait was long for everything with little staff.

Bryan Hackenberger

They were busy, and it was still an enjoyable kids BDay party.

Anthony Fultz

Great staff. Kitchen is good. Only downfall is it gets hot in that place without much airflow

Haley Barlow

I hate that the shows are sweaty. If you're going bowling, I recommend you bring you own shoes.

Terry Williams

Nice place to bowl and have birthday party

Nick Lewis

Awful experience. Waited in like for 30 mins to be told it would be another 30 mins to an hour to get a lane. One computer and employee to ring everyone up and 3+ employees sitting around doing nothing. Was excited to bowl with my family for my birthday but I'll never try to go there again. Need to update staff and everything in there. I think 1962, the year they broke ground, was the last year there was good service.

Steve Sullivan

Clean, fun atmosphere Great service at the lanes and restaurant Restaurant has good food that reminds me of old-time home cooked meals

Jeanna Snyder

Mark Kraft

Took 4 year old was fun.

James McComas

Can't beat unlimited bowling and quarter beers after 8 on Saturdays! Decent food although service can be a tad slow.

Rebecca Smart

Drove an hour to bowl and was told there is only league bowling available , also the pool tables had limited sticks available

Inez Flowers

This is a nice bowling alley, with food and drinks, also has some pool tables. Its well maintained and clean. It's a great place to spend an afternoon!

Teresa Wells

The people that are running the front desk are very courteous and very good at there jobs!!!

Natalie Janicki

I grew up here!

Lawless 1

Not a safe place for my children and I

Billie Collins

Alexis Holland

Great time!

Rita Richards

Lots of fun and very clean.

Lisa Rowan

Applied for a job

Dirk Shearer

Attended a college bowling match here so this review is more about interaction with staff and amenities than an actual bowling experience. The staff were friendly until I asked to substitute some chips for the Otis cookie that came with the $8 lunch special. They would not subtitite other than a miniature bag of pretzels. I was disappointed with the portions considering the price, especially when I saw the coming Valentine's special of Sirloin, baked potato, and salad for $9.99. The bathroom was clean The game room was less than I'm used to at other alleys. We always seem to have a kid or two who would rather spend time in the arcade. This one left a lot to be desired. All that said, I would still bring my family here to bowl.

karen Moody

Nice place. To play pool. And bowl

LA King

I wouldn’t give one star if not forced! This bowling alley is supposedly for leagues. No music played, open lanes for two hours on a Friday. or they don’t like black people.

Stephanie Aldridge-Moore


Like the bull but he's a little expensive

Joy Ken Kellenbarger

Abby Lewis

Somewhat clean

Johnathan Wilson

Jon Larabee

Great little bowling alley. We used to have our college bowling class here and "Thunder Alley" nights. The restaurant is pretty nice and they also serve the bowling alley so you can get nearly anything on the menu. They have a nice fish sandwich and the chef salad is fantastic.

Chris Hughes

Aaron Blevins

The 8-11 bowling time on Saturday night. We had a group of 10 and two lanes. They do not give receipts when ordering food, so someone stole our order and the staff took their merry ole time fixing their mistake. A man hit a child in the face in the lane next to us, and the staff shut the lanes off four minutes early. Will NOT be returning to this establishment ever again.

justin smitley

Never open in the winter for non league bowlers

Melissa Hahn

Tiki has always been fun.

Dave Calder

Horrible staff.


Great time good music, very dated but most bowling is

Valerie Smith

Great place to take the family! We went on a Monday and it was only $1 per game! That part alone was great! It's hard to do fun stuff with family anymore, everything is so expensive now a days! So this made us so happy! Our kids loved the music and the atmosphere! So glad they kept the place looking similar to what I was used to growing up and bowling there! It was very clean as well! The staff there was very friendly and patient with our very anxious children who were enjoying their day off of school! Great job guys keep up the good work!

Ryan Mavis

Great price for beer and bowling.

Michael wogan

Always a fun time decent pricing on food and drinks

Butch McGee

Great place to have a good time with family.

kayla council


Chris N

Great fun for all

Deb Friesner

The staff here are great. I had a cheeseburger & cheese sticks & they were excellent.

Douglas Konkel

The lanes had a good oiling applied Very clean inside and out

Misty Rager

Todd Childers

Lane conditions were decent, ball return system must need cleaned. My ball kept coming back with crud on it that wouldn't wipe off with a dry towel. The staff were very friendly and helpful.

Joe J

mike pompeo

The BBB bowling, buddies, and brew

Afrique Peters

Alec Ashton

Great lanes! The location is a little off the beaten path, but well worth the 3 minute detour. There is a moderate amount of food choices, a few beers on tap, and various pricing brackets based on the time of the week you are there. All computerized lanes and score keeping, with deployable barriers and large selection of bowling balls to use, if you don't have your own. Worth the trip, remember to take your family!

Shelly McKenzie

With the new management and new upgrades to the facilities, it is becoming a great place to visit again! They are having a lot of bowling activities and leagues to join. Food is GREAT!

T. McMannis

Good times, reasonable prices

Devilcake Oof

Very kid oriented! Also fair price


Great place and reminds me of my childhood.

Brian Starner

Laura Bass

Great pizza

Wendell Black

Good day with grandson!

moon Sipe

A nice little bowling alley... Just went for open bowling during the daytime.. Lane's was nice and oiled if I remember right they were the wooden style Lanes not synthetic so you better have a nice throw straight into the pocket... I will be going back

John Ordille

Great staff and great food

Daniel Henshaw

Had a great time! $2 games are a great deal on Tuesdays!

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