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REVIEWS OF The Corner Alley IN Ohio

Amanda Erickson

It's okay but the lanes are constantly breaking down. We paid for 2 hours of play but only played for maybe 1.5 hours because we kept having to get them to fix something.

Lucy H

Get the fried chicken sliders...amazing

Jasmin Marshall

Love it here, love the environment, great place to make some great memories with those that you care about.

Ty Hines

Great food, great selection of beers on tap. Very interesting atmosphere.

Jacob Clapham

Cool place. Great bar.

Rick Pelletier

Nice place. Lots of good things on the menu and a few games to play for the kids.

kyla mckinna

Very nice place. You can order some amazing food and drinks while you bowl! A great way to spend a hot day or a family day!

Rosalitta B.

We had tons of fun nd wasn't crowded. Was alot less than I expected so heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey to that. Spent more on food than bowling.


Amazing food! Great service!

Lethia Grimes

It was ok until you had to get service at the bar. The bartender did not immediately acknowledge me, although the bar had few patron. Then she wasn't friendly and took her time taking my order.

Graham's Dad

Went out for a work sponsored event. The staff was helpful and the service was fast. We had a good time bowling and enjoyed our cocktails. I'll be back again for happy hour

Andrew Pelletier

Great service (Chewy) great prices good food and lots to see and do.

David Yunker

Great bartender here today. I love the Corner Alley and stop here often when I am downtown. Bar, food bowling and pinball. What more can you want? I didn't eat this time around, but the beer was cold and the Woodford was smooth!


Christmas party for roco real estate was December 6 2018 and I had a ball. Great staff, good food and adult drinks. Will tell family and friends in the future and will return.

david chavez

Today was my first day in Cleveland and I Myisha attend us. She is the most kind and adorable waitress ever. The Polish burger was. AMAZING. Thank you

Tony Berdis

Been 30 years since I went bowling. Had a blast! Lanes and balls were pretty good. Staff was great. Very courteous and helpful. Had a lot of fun joking around with them. Will definitely be back soon!

Josh VanderLeest

Really fun experience. Good food and bowling was a blast. Only annoying thing was trying to find somewhere to wait for our lane. Felt like we were always in the way.

A Bow Jr.

Awesome place. Bowling and drinks.

Adam Lizak

My group was pleasantly surprised with the food! they really stepped up their game!!!

Joseph Apger

The food is always great and the service is as good.

Kaitlyn Borden

Amazing food, great experience, family friendly environment.

Alice Earley Turpin

Staff was so nice loved it

Johnni Blaze

It was a fun experience me , and mt boys had a good time , plan on goin back

Robin MommyofTwo

Great food and service. Downtown prices.

Anthony Hobson

Windows open for the summer! Watch Downtown come alive while you drink!


Nice bar area, open feeling

Joseph Machesky Jr

Fun place. Good vibe. Great to start the night.

amanda meadows

Always a pleasure here, the wait is a bit much but environment is energized and fun.

Brian Geist

Great service excellent staff food was good

Alphonzo McClinton

Great place to bowl! Prices are a little high and parking is always horrible in downtown Cleveland especially on weekends! But the customer service was excellent!

Samantha Courbanou

Chewy was the most incredible server! He totally made our experience an awesome one!! I so appreciate that he always remembered my name, my order, etc!! So personal! Thank you for an incredible time!!! Can’t wait to come back soon!

Cori L

The bar is nice, but the bathrooms smell like methane and it’s intolerable!!!

Stephanie Rothacher

We had a great time here on New Year's Eve!

Greg Kelliher

Fun event. Decent bar food

miriam ruiz valentin

Very good for all the family good videogames good bowling good food and very good staff

ricky ghrist

I have come here for dinner before a comedy show at hilarities and for a work event. The dinner was quick and with great service. I really enjoyed the food. For the work event we had drinks and a buffet of appetizer. The service was a bit spotty and hard to find. Just like the dinner, the food was really good. For bowling, we had a great time. The pins got stuck a few times and lost the rounds score, but it was good enough.

Danica Rice

Celebrated my birthday here in April and my party goers and I had a BLAST!!! The planner that I worked with was incredible and the server we were given did an EXCEPTIONAL job. The food was great and the atmosphere was awesome. I highly recommend this venue if you are celebrating and want to bowl.

joshua moores

Great place to eat...they have a bowling alley.

Bryan Buckley

Large venue, plenty of lanes, multiple bars. Corner Alley is definitely the spot! Perfect for date night, hit Chocolate Bar across the street first for the sexiest dining around.

Sagar Sharma

Good place to go for bowling in downtown. They have 12 lanes and lot of choices of balls to choose from.

Jarrod Milstead

Went while on a conference and got to enjoy a buffet and bowling. It was a lot of fun and we all enjoyed the games. It is a quick walk from Crowne Plaza and there is alot to do all around the area. I hope to come back to this area so I can enjoy more of the sites and culture.

Levi Taylor

I came to this downtown Cleveland location after attempting to visit the former east side location, which has been permanently closed. When I arrived with four other family members, we asked for two games of bowling each and four pairs of shoes rentals. We were told it would be a 30 minute wait to bowl, for which I provided my name to the man behind the counter to reserve my spot on the wait list. At this point, he informed me that we were welcome to play any of the arcade games, with more options in the basement, to keep the kids occupied. He further stated that all of the games were free play and only required us to hit the start buttons on the machines. Sadly, about half the games were not free but there were enough that kept us busy for that wait. After waiting about 45 minutes without being called, I returned to the bowling counter upstairs to ask how much longer it would be for a lane to become available. The man behind the counter, different than the previous employee who helped us, asked for my name and then informed me that it would be another 45 minutes. There were lanes visibly free of any bowlers during my entire visit thus far, so my response emphasised my displeasure with having to wait so long. I asked why the original 30 minute estimated wait has now tripled. The gentleman was unaware that I was previously added to the list and somehow bumped off. He attempted to accomodate us immediately at this point, proceeding to set up the 5 of us, with a sixth to join, on a single lane. He stated the total price would be $47 and some change and we would have an hour to bowl. Placing 5 or 6 bowlers on a single lane for only an hours time would not allow for a single full game let alone the 2 requested. It was at this moment that an employee finally disclosed that they only rent the lanes out by the hour, not by the number of games. Nearly an hour after my initial contact with the bowling counter at this location, and having requested two games of bowling for 5 bowlers, is not the appropriate time to tell us how the lane reservations here work, especially since it clearly conflicted with what was requested upon arrival. Needless to say, I did not pay that price for the 5 or 6 of us to not even be allowed to finish 10 frames each, and decided to leave instead. I was highly displeased with my entire experience and will most likely not be returning.

Taylor Slivka

Corner Alley is a solid option for a night out or a group event. Also, if you're ever looking for something to do during the week, they usually have good weekday deals as well. When you're waiting for a lane, there are plenty of other video games, and other games like foosball to play. They don't take reservations for non events so if you're going to try to bowl on the weekend, I recommend dropping in your name in and grabbing a drink and playing games while you wait. The staff was very friendly and helpful. They have servers come to your lane to take your order which was very convenient and helped the game keep moving.

alexis nelson

The atmosphere was great. My friend and I decided to come here before an Indian’s game and our waiter was great. We got our drinks and sandwiches very fast. Love being able to sit outside!

Benjamin Revoy

I didn't stay here, but my phone wouldn't stop prompting me to rate it so here ya go Google. I edited my review to 4 stars because the owner replied to my review and obviously cares about their business thus I think they deserve better.

anthony s

Fun place for family, friends, work, or fundraisers. Service is great and food is great

Lisa Cratty

Nice place to sit outside (alley side in particular)...the pulled pork fries are decadent and tasty!

April Morris

Love the food. Boeling is great and fun . And a amazing arcade area.

John Tyrrell

Cool spot for bowling and drinks. Place is nicely set up and the lanes have a little seating area for those not rolling at the time.

Gennica Watson

My girlfriend and I had an amazing time. All the food we got was delicious and the bowling was really fun too. My only complaint our waiter kept disappearing.

Joe Silveira

Great place to eat wonderful staff.. Specially after a ball game are just a night out on the town


My two cocktail drinks were about a quarter short of a full glass. I asked the waitress if someone was sipping on my drink and she said that was how they poured. Well that's how I tip, bad answer when you make a living off of tips.

Padraic Hagan

Great burgers and great beer selection with a focus on local stuff. Comfortable and fun, great place.

Joe Kramp

Great bar with plenty of activities to do while drinking!

Constance Powell

Corner Alley is a solid option for a night out or a group event. Also, if you're ever looking for something to do during the week, they usually have good weekday deals as well. When you're waiting for a lane, there are plenty of other video games, and other games like foosball to play. They don't take reservations for non events so if you're going to try to bowl on the weekend, I recommend dropping in your name in and grabbing a drink and playing games while you wait. The staff was very friendly and helpful. They have servers come to your lane to take your order which was very convenient and helped the game keep moving.

Matthew Anderson

Its expensive and the lanes seem to be broken down a lot. But I had fun! $45 for an hour with shoes on a Friday night! In the middle of down town. I loved this place.

Jared Malvic

There's better, cheaper places

Benjamin Kuntz

Awesome food and a cool place. Highly recommend the BBQ pork pizza.

Jessica Thomas

Our server was awesome. Very attentive and just as excited as we were. It was our first time in Cleveland. We went to the aquarium, rock and roll hall of fame, and the corner ally for food and bowling. The food was awesome, giant pretzels, pizza was so delicious, and cheap drinks! They even have an arcade downstairs and a bunch of other games upstairs. We spent about 2 or so hours here, happily.

Greg Statler

Great food open very late for food!

Robert Herman

Not open at their posted time. EDIT: Uh, Owner, that email gave me "address not found"

Andy Ainsworth

Neat sports bar with bowling and ta le games available.

Tommy Hurt

Staff was very rude. This wasnt my first time to corner alley but it will be my last. Still had fun with my friends even though the staff made us feel unwanted

Ray Peltz

It's always a fun time at the corner alley. We were there for a private event. The food, beverages and service were all top notch.

Joey Little

Good food. Good service. Bartenders were a bit lazy and more into chatting with each other than provide a good customer experience, only reason this isn't a 5 star review.

Yvonne Windom

The food was amazing. I had a cranberry, pecan salad that was yo die for. Our appetizer was the loaded nachos which were delish. The servings were more than enough. Afterwards we bowled. A great day for our family to celebrate a birthday and take in the Browns game. Thanks #thecorneralley

Santosh Dheeraj

Best bowling alley in Cleveland downtown area. Bowling waits are usually high and they don't take reservations. Tip: As you need to add wait list in person, do that and while you wait explore E4th and / or Chocolate bar.

Paul Broderick

Fun place with outdoor seating. Good service. Golden monkey on tap. Arcade games.

Dom C

Very nice staff. If you only go with one other person you can get at least 3 games in for the whole hour. Fun place

James Giglio

Expensive, but fun and great food and drinks!

Greg Nolan

Their food is mediocre at best. First of all I had to ask three times just to get a Coke. Then when we were ready I ordered a cheeseburger and fries. I asked that the burger be medium well with mayo tomato and lettuce on it. My date ordered the chicken salad. She received her salad with next to no dressing but she was ok with that. My cheeseburger came without mayo and very well done instead of medium well. It was so well done that it was crispy. My suggestions would be simple. Give enough said dressing and bring the food the way the customer wants it. Otherwise why even ask what should be on it or how well done it should be. I really believe that giving 4 out of 5 stars was being generous on my part. Their saving grace is the bowling alley

Baby Leah

I honestly enjoyed my time there, the pizza was good and I enjoyed bowling with my friends. It was pretty crowded but, that was expected anyways.

Sorah Shin

Nice place to bowl. Super accommodating and the server was on time with the drinks and orders. They closed a little early on a Saturday but maybe I am used to LA venues haha. I can be a night owl so it makes sense.


Just stopped in to meet some friends, but it was enough to make me want to come back. Looks pretty cool.

Anton Ludvik

Fun bowling place that is grossly overpriced...even for being in downtown Cleveland. There aren't many lanes so once the places starts to fill up, you may be waiting a while to bowl. Speaking of which, my lane broke twice while I was here. Either bad luck or maybe the equipment needs a little TLC.

Shelby Perkins

Huge thank you to Chewy and Nicki, who made our junior achievement bowl-a-thon a huge success. Grateful for Chewy’s amazing service and great attitude - everyone loved him, and it helped us raise more money for a good cause. Thank you, chewy. You are a rarity!

xo Tatiana

I went here for my birthday and was not disappointed. They play great music, and the atmosphere is very comfortable and fun. The bowling alley also has a restraunt and bar you can eat at, or ask for the food/drinks to come straight to your lane!! There are a few arcade games on the same floor, but if you take the elevator to the bottom floor there is about a dozen arcade games +billiards, a juke box, and a free photobooth. The margaritas were fantastic!

Justen Fletcher

Excellent food and service

Paul Lundgren

Great appetizers and Burgers!

Demond Wilson

Great food, my wife and I had a great time.

Ryan Tarkington

The bar is really cool and hip. But I went on a Saturday night with most of the bowling lanes open and the employees said the bowling was closed? Seems weird to me for a bowling bar to not allow bowling on a Saturday night after a Cavs game.

Cary Vincent Q

Very nice place in the heart of town

Patrick Whalen

Cool place. Lots of fun and excellent food

Zachary Allen

Food is delicious. Never had the drinks. Staff always seems nice. Ninja Turtles game is free or someone above was smiling on us this night. You know the squad beat the game. Corner Alley is sweet and they have bowling. Who knew? Turtles had me locked.

Tamara Lemons

My granddaughter really enjoyed the video games while I sit back and enjoy the food the food is very very good service was also very good

Sara Weed

This is a great alley with a lot to do. They have bowling, a pool table, and games. You can have drinks and order good food. I have never had bad service here. The inside looks good and is updated. I highly recommend this place if you are living in Cleveland or visiting the area.

Tony DiBlasio

Shame on you for having a Ravens party! I will spread the word and never come there again... Go Browns!!!

Joseph Dezendorf

Bowling and Arcade was Awesome!! Food was cold and burger was dry.

Joanna Simkus

Food was ok. Service is great

Loretta Elliott

After we left someone started throwing frozen water bottles at us from above the bowling alley. I wasn't amused

John Dowe

Very popular watering hole and bowling. Very cool.

Belinda Felder

I wish they never closed the up town corner alley james really cooks the food so delicious

Miguel Pereira

Good place for a beer and salad or to go with kids,( it has bowling). Fair price. Not a gourmet site.

Brian Carter

Fun, casual bowling place. Lots of lanes. We went there for a catered holiday party, and the food was excellent. Plenty of space, in a fun part of Cleveland.

Rachael Wrozek-Cole

Chuma is the real MVP. My slightly altered self misplaced my coat and had an entire pen explode all over my hands and face while at The Corner Alley. He was a true gentleman and helped me gather my life back together before leaving. Thanks for being you Chuma. You need your own review page. #youthebest #keepbeingyou

Bill Nash

I love the bowling and food at The Corner Alley. The pizza last time was good.

Joanie Carr

Went there after the game. Had a good time.

Michael Page

Great place to sit and people watch.I didn't eat here but the beers we're good and cold .Lots of arcade games and bowling.

Diane Dozier

Went there before the Cavs game, Indians were also playing. We sat at the bar had drinks something to eat, my burger was excellent!

James Lupton

Gopd food amd great atmosphere.

Dave R

Too pricey. $46 / hour but fun also has some free video games upstairs and downstairs as well as some pay-as-you-go games

kel p

Nice environment I was there during the browns game last night. The employees were cordial and very nice. I had a couple of drinks but I'll be back to eat next time.

Misz Marie21

I decided to take my co workers here because I've heard such good things about the place. I asked about bowling and was told it would be 35 dollars. I asked how many games were in that price and the guy said "its by the hour so hurry an play an you'll get more games." I'm sorry...but 35 for ONE hour? I don't care if its a restaurant and a very basic arcade here, 35 for an hour is a complete rip off. I go to the arcade and its basic at best. We went to the bar to order and my loaded fries were OK, but not worth 14 dollars. My co workers food, according to them, was very basic as well. It seems like we are paying for the location more so than quality. It doesn't help that the servers took their cute time serving us. This is a waste of space. Replace it or at least revamp it to something that is worth the price.

Anna Iles

My husband and I stumbled upon this place while walking downtown on our honeymoon. It looked like fun, so we gave it a try. The waitress kept our drinks coming and we played endless video games together until we shut it down! So much fun and an absolutely memorable night from our trip to Cleveland.

Tay Millz

This place had amazing food. I ordered the nachos and hot wings and they can almost as soon as I orderes them. I also order the fried chicken sandwich and it was delicious. The staff was nice and i even decided to bowl i was a great time. I recommend this place to others

Michael Robinson

Service was ok food was meh (nothing to write home about at all.) Not impressed this visit.

Ryan Cleary

A lot of fun, decent drinks, great bowling, just an overall good time. The staff member who helped our party was very friendly and was able to do separate checks without a hitch.

David Minor

Waited 45 minutes for food at lunch today. When I stopped a manager she said food would be out shortly. Still waited 20 minutes after that and had to pay full price. Not going back.

Shawn Mayle

Food was good and some of it was big portions but a little high priced. Our server was good and they had a decent craft beer selection, a lot of local breweries. Need newer and more video games. They were free, which was nice, but some of them didn't work right. We bowled in the area that had 4 lanes in the back room but it was very small and cramped with the other customers bowling.

Keith Brouillette

Great food and local beers on tap. There is a bowling alley located in the bar, bowling is expensive but a fun time. You can eat and drink in the lanes. Great space for groups, just be wary of local sporting events, as the place becomes jam packed before games. Would recommend

Becca Knoop

Rented a single lane for an hour and ordered some drinks. Our server disappeared for long periods of time and finally brought our drinks with 5 minutes left on our lane. Bad service but good bowling and atmosphere!

David Kester

This place has great food and a great atmosphere.

Lejhon Baggett

Extremely overpriced! You pay $50 for 1 hour and not a single person come to get drink orders, servers too busy rolling silverware talking amongst themselves in a corner. Our lane shut down 3 times in the last 10mins we paid for, and the guy had to keep manually starting it. Won't be back, save money and bowl close to home

Suzanne Steinhoff

Very fun place to go. The staff is fun and very attentive. We had a large crowd (30 people) The staff was able to keep up with both our drink and food orders all while keeping a great sense of humor. I highly recommend!

george williams

Great place and reasonable

Lindsay Hrovat

EDIT: wish I could give them 0 stars now. I emailed the manager within an hour of the response on my review asking me to reach out. I still haven’t heard back. Guess they really don’t care if they ever get our business back. I used to come here all the time before Indians games. Stopped in yesterday, and will never be back again. The server came by three times - once to take our order, one to drop off my drink, and once to bring the check. So informing him that my $8 Peach Palmer drink (peach whiskey, iced tea, lemonade) had no whiskey in it was pretty hard to do. When he came by with the check, I told him. He basically flipped out on me saying “then why did you drink it?! Oh my god, this is going to be IMPOSSIBLE for me to prove!” He went to get the manager, who hobbled over and kept saying “I promise you there was alcohol in it, the peach flavor comes from the peach whiskey in it. It’s in a taller glass, so you can’t taste it as much.” Well lemme tell ya, if you’ve ever had whiskey in your life, you know what it tastes like and that it’s very distinct. I am very confident they gave me peach flavored iced tea and charged me $8 for it. We don’t appreciate the way the server handled it, or the managers attitude of being dead set that there was no possible way they could have messed it up.

Coy Hanson

Really good burger! Great place to watch a Tribe game!

John Hsieh

The Corner Alley is really a bar with a bowling alley rather than a place for serious bowlers. It's a great venue for large parties as they have the capacity for catering food for buffet style dining. The bar area is beautiful and modern, but the only drawback is the constant noise from bowling balls crashing into bowling pins. Bowling equipment rental is available for a nominal fee and there are many interesting old arcade machines around while you wait for your turn to bowl. Overall, the place just screams fun.

Terry Rataiczak

Great atmosphere. Quick service and friendly staff on the height of a Saturday night. Definately worth a visit if in Cleveland!

John Rybicki

Service was great, good atmosphere. Drinks overpriced and pizza they pride themselves on was average at best and piss poor at worst.

Radames Hernandez

Pricey but service was excellent

maxwell posival

I really like this bar/restaurant. The drinks were great, and I had a pizza, it was perfect (both in size and taste). I did not have an opportunity to bowl, but I will next time I am here, it looks like a lot of fun.

Rose Pendleton

The corner alley was fun I really enjoyed our Cleveland Indians event party for the staff thanks for having us

Branden Jordan

Drinks were good and the bartender was on top of things but also not breathing down your neck. I didn't do any bowling or anything but other people seemed to be having a good time. Great place to stop in and have a drink or two.

Pacman83 kaboom

A lotn of fun kids and adutls!


The buffalo chicken pizza was great! Boyfriend loved the frenchfries too.

Kimberly Shannon

Bar staff was rather slow and not attentive and our drinks were very watered down.

Monty Hamilton

Hope they give my son Jabreal Hamilton a job he's a good kid

Remco Verhezen

Great place with lots of good beers and tasty food. Next time we might also throw a ball or two.

Joshua Scherle

Great place with amazing staff. Video games are free! Family loved it.

Tony Nelson

Fun place to grab a drink

Becca Jones

Chewy was the best server! He was our server during the junior achievement fundraiser at corner alley and we couldn’t have been more pleased! Very attentive and seemed genuinely excited to be there. We would be very happy to have Chewy for future events!

Ronald Rolling

Great atmosphere spacious and surprisingly clean restrooms..., good menu selections. Nice, friendly staff, Nick was very attentive.

Emily Hamilton

This place is great for getting a quick bite to eat before concerts at the Q. Have been here twice, and food was excellent both times.

Katie DiFranco

We stopped here after an Indians game hoping to grab a round of drinks and an appetizer. We were seated promptly, but waited over twenty minutes at our table without any waiter/waitress stopping by. We left, and I likely won't return.

Pablo Bravo

Beer variety needs work. Too many non local options. Cleveland has too many good breweries not to have 4-5 options

Ryan Burket

Pretty awesome bowling alley in a building in the Playhouse Square area of downtown. Upstairs bar with food, 8 to 10 lanes of bowling alley, and a nice game and party room below. Highly recommended if you're in the area and have an hour to kill. Also, all the house balls look like pool balls. A nice touch :-)

Daniel Swanson

Came here from out of town. Ordered the grinder and some fries and a couple mixed drinks. The Grinder was a bit smaller than usual and $14 but believe me when I say it was worth every single penny and far exceeded my expectations. The fries were so good I ordered a second order. Mixed drinks were mixed well, very smooth and tasty. I will without a doubt be back here. One of my Top 5 places I have ever eaten at while traveling.

JP Bader

Bowling alley was closed by the time we got there, but also, everything in downtown Cleveland seems to close early...there were easily 50 of us in there, ready for another round, but closing time had us out before midnight. Good drink prices, and they had a sour beer, so all in all, I was happy :)


While the atmosphere is fun, its a bit pricey, and thats ok too! But for pricey I expect to be able to use the restroom in a place that doesn't wreak of urine. Filthy, filthy, filthy restrooms! Soap dispensers didnt work, all but one of the sinks was out of order and the usual clientele must only be 3 and a half feet tall because the hand dryers were basically mounted to the floor. This indoor outhouse sits about 10 feet from the kitchen. If they dont care about the rooms the public CAN see, what does that say about the rooms we can't?

Rodney Cee

We All had a Blast. Did a Bar Crawl to raise loot for Browns Fan with a rare type of Cancer in His skull. #CancerSucks. Ask for Pro Bartender Kelly. Tell Her Rodney Highly Recommended Her SheRocks . Enjoy

Grace Hilliard

Pricey but good atmosphere

Suyog Shelar

Good food, good service, fairly priced . Definitely like the happy hour here, which is 50% off on pizza and$2 off on beer . Really great deal. Do try fried chicken sandwich here also loaded nachos with chicken are delicious too. This place is right at East 4th st. Right next to chocolate bar.

Christine Berger

Food was delicious, we were saddened to find out no Budlight. Entertaining spot.

Scott Farley

note the food was good, hostess was great but the server was the worst we ever had. our apps came with our drinks (the 1st round), the 2nd round never came. we only tipped 5% to show our kids that tips are earned not entitled. attached is a pic of our drinks that remained empty which was sad bc the food was good.

Stacey Gregory

super Neto bowling alley. They had a ton of beers on tap. The bowling balls are even painted to look like pool balls. I mean who does that? Neat location downtown Cleveland. It was fun.

Colby Brown

Came here in a large group with a reservation for several bowling lanes. Very relaxed atmosphere. Clean lanes and shoes. The food is quality bar food; the guacamole and queso and pulled pork sliders are super tasty. Good beer selection.

Brandon Grant

Has alot to offer but does none of them particularly well. Bowling is expensive the "arcade" sucked and the food was on par with an Applebees. Probably the worst part was ordering a pitcher of beer and recieving a piping hot pint glasses fresh from the dishwasher. Glad it's clean but my beer was piss warm in 2 minutes. I complained about this, the manager was fairly smug. Never again will I spend a dollar here so many other options around.

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