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REVIEWS OF Southwyck Bowling Lanes IN Ohio

Ander Wiles

This place is old and gross

Elizabeth Sheppard

Great night ringing in the new year! Will be back again next year!

Doctor Drip

Saying my experience was bad is a understatement....the workers are lazy and rude....the function of the machines are trash....the wait time is super long....if you want to waste your time waiting and have terrible service then this is the place for you

Vito Corleone

Was here for a tournament, really nice facilities and the shot was dynamite!!

Tiffany Garland

It was okay and I might go back again


Great center. Thanks Sherry.

Paul E Beard Jr

Bowled the Mr n Mrs Eagles Tournament...had a good time....see ya next tourney time

jaida joy


Brian Schmenk

Khali’s Gang

It is bog and i won the game!!!!!!!

Kim S

Lanes were well maintained. The place was clean. The shoes were old. Pricey to play 1 game.

Lisa Walczak

Great place to take the kids!

Gary Stein

Enjoyable day of open bowling. Equipment showing its age but still functions. Friendly staff.

Greg Clausing

Cheap bowling but needs some updates, bathrooms need to be cleaned more often.

John Goldsmith

Not sure that the girl behind the counter works there,I think she just can't figure out how to get out. Then, I asked for a bumper Lane for my kids. They told me they didn't have any left. Then when I get to my Lane it's a bumper Lane, ask them to put the bumpers up they told me that would cost more. Costing almost $50 for 4 ( under 10 yrs of age)children to bowl to games,what a joke.

Choppa Waka

Just cause it's a bigger bowling alley. But the place is old as Toledo. It's really need a major upgrade.

elizabeth samm

I hadn't bowled since I was about 15 years old. I was so excited to take my daughter there for the first time. She had a blast. The whole facility seems to be very clean and it's got pool tables, which I'm very excited for.

Mary Miller

Lots of fun and great employees.

Charles Lindauer

I b o w l there three times a week

Jeannie Meyer

Clean, lots of lanes, good pizza - made fresh to order, good burgers and fries. Fair prices.

Elizabeth Harris

We had a great time. I love that there is an officer on site....

Adam Buck

This place is a bit overpriced and outdated but has lots of lanes and makes you feel at home.

Christopher Rupert

They don't play music anymore, they have really went done hill it's a real tragedy.

Roy Cazarez

Very rude place. They won't lent you the slides/rails to swing the ball down for the kids. You need to have "special needs" to used them. We alsp asked for a lane with bumpers rails and they didn't had any single available. We asked for some information too and nobody cared or showed interest to serve.

Judy Rodriquez

Old school

John Baringer

Great staff! Clean place with lots of Lanes. Great for parties!

Tonya Knighten

Lots of fun

Sean Dutridge

Lane conditions and food quality has gone to the gutter! 4 bucks for stale nacho chips with a spoon full of almost warm cheese! No wonder league bowlers bring their own food!


Great food great lanes

Jacobkidgamer Extra

X x x

L0 Flun

It was ok took grandkids. Lanes started breaking down in last 3 frames. Male attendant very helpful

Erin Smith

Had fun and staff was nice

Brian Lohman

Love it

Jeremy Hervey

I used to have this rated at a 3/3 on here because of the environment, but I am changing this to a zero after these last two days of being there. Yesterday, I go in to prebowl with a friend of mine for a league and we had to switch lanes two different times for quality reasons. She warned me the lanes were not "dressed" for league and they weren't, but I appreciated the warning. Tonight, I go in and notice there are still pins up on the lanes for the leagues, even some with partial racks. We got started bowling and it made sense as to why it didn't seem oiled...they weren't. I'll leave it with this. If you take your bowling game seriously and want to continuously improve it, stay the hell away from here. If you're just looking to throw a game here and there without the desire or care to play in leagues, this is the place for you. What a joke....this is the last league I will ever do here. They should be ashamed of themselves and I see why now that they cannot fill a league. It is the slums of house shots.

Kirk Huebner

We were on a league here and we'll not be back. Doesn't appear as though money is invested back into booking alley. Hasn't changed in over 20 years!!

Adlai Deisler

I would have to say Southwyck Bowling Lanes comes HIGHLY un-recommended. Their customer service is quite simply awful. I have been turned away many times during leagues when they still have thirty lanes open. The prices are ridiculous unless you go for their Sunday special, but they give no warning on their website or in the building when the special is actually valid. If you do go, do so in the evenings. In the mornings the counter is run by three incredibly cranky ladies. Just stay away.

Mike Toral

Good bowling

Brandon Wilder


lacon Williams

Clean and friendly

vicki wysocki

Very large bowling alley.

Gabrielle Griffin

Very old bowling alley. Customer service was alright. Every time someone bowled, the balls would get stuck and had to be reset multiple times in order to bowling again. The computers on the lanes had glitches almost the whole time and had to call the attendants more than once for our lane.

Jeffrey Johnson

Buck Rodgers

Great place to bowl, and take a date. A little pricey but it's fun.

Jacob Ziegler

Bad customer service, also charge too much for bowling

Alan Miller

Believe all of the bad reviews. Be prepared for sloth like help, decor and smells from 1975, your choice of 95 bowling balls and antiquated electronics. If this sounds interesting to you this place can accommodate all of those needs. Unless you are dying and need to bowl right now wait until Timbers reopens. Or go next door to Par 2 mini golf.


They need tore down and remodeled

Perry Orosco

We had a great time.


Lane 19 had issues with the ball being stuck, but it's a great place to bowl.

Lisa Sanchez

3 stars because they do not have ranch, bbq, or honey mustard sauces for chicken tenders.

Nick Sattelmaier

Good ball rolling facility.

Shalayna Beauty


Jennifer Spengler

I can't believe people actually like this place. The only pro was the air conditioning. The old lady who was working the day we were there had "several things" to do besides helping us. When she did help us she was rather rude. That's fine I don't really expect friendly service from too many places anymore. Their ball selection is seriously lacking. All of the ones that were available were too heavy and the holes were either too big or too small. The scoring thing was also jacked up. It counted pins that we didn't knock down and didn't count some of the ones that we did. There is also a smell as soon as you open the doors. We didn't even mind that it looks the same as it did in the 70's. There is something to be said for nostalgia. It does need to step into the computer age ( the credit card machine and the score board are dinosaurs). Despite all of the negative reviews we gave it a try. That was our mistake. It was fun despite this place being a sh*t show. However, we will never go back and I will never recommend this place to anyone looking to go bowling.

J. Vanc.

Exactly the same it was 30 years ago, exactly. Place could use some updates. Rental shoes very worn, and two hundred balls with same skinny finger pattern. Always hard to find one to fit. But we go to have fun, and fun we have.

Allen Tavernier

Been going here since I was little still one of my favorite bowling alleys in the area

stas sudilovsky

Old facility, dirty place and bathroom, worn out balls and seats are very dense. Screens are from the 80’s. Go to a better place.ohh and they don’t clean the shoes after each use.

Kelsey Escue

From the moment you walk in, it's a total blast from the past. Not that going back in time is always a bad thing, but this place looks like it hasn't been updated or given a loving hand in years!! On that note, it's smells like it too. Had a tough time at the bar to get drinks at all, due to the bartenders carefree attitude and nonchalantly chatting with others (keep in mind, the place was not busy either). Don't even get me started on the shoes though....the shoes! They are so old and the soles are falling apart. Note: that they did have some newer shoes, but some people get the new ones and some get the ones that came out in 1990. The worst part is that they don't even clean or spray the shoes at all when you leave!! Gross.

Mike Pollauf

Place looks the same as it did back in the 80s

David Fisher

The machine kept breaking

Christopher Latimer

We took my 6 year old bowling this afternoon and we were greeted by a rude, older gal. Seems like she was definitely having a bad day and treated us all with disrespect. Going to try Timbers bowling in Maumee down the street next time.

Elle W

The food is never open but it is a fun place

Lori Kott

A horrible experience!! Do not have a kids bowling party at southwyck lanes!! Management was extremely rude.

Daniela P.

Nothing seemed to work, the young guys behind desk are not great at all. The older woman (mgr?) is pleasant, guy at grille is nice & the ladies behind bar are pleasant but this place had a lot of problems (bowling screens freeze , credit card machines not working, etc). May have overlooked all the issues & hassle if the bowling guys were more customer service oriented.

Paul Harris

An okay place to bowl, lots of lanes and plenty of other activities. Prices are good. Actual lanes are very oily and somewhat inconsistent.

Gloria Robinson

Cool place, food area has terrible service

John Krix

Call hours ahead of time and told they had open bowling starting at 5. Got there and every lane was taken and no open bowling 'till 10 pm. I guess it's a bad idea to try to go bowling on Saturday nights in Toledo Ohio because there's nothing else to do.! Can't wait to get out of this town!

christopher love

Lovely place the pizza was sloopy but

Brian Brown

Perfect place! Best ever!

Jeffrey Heuerman

Old equipment!

Jill Cordes

Needs updated and the beer is never cold. Other than that, it's a good time and bathrooms are clean!

Mihir Mandal

Enjoying a lot...great place to bowling/ spending time/ fun/ party everything. We had a great time. Happy with services. Great stuff. Highly recommended

Benjamin Cousino

Nice place. They have a million bowling balls, none of them will fit.

Liz Medsker

While this is a long-standing bowling alley in Toledo, it's my least favorite place to bowl. It's certainly not worth $4 a game. All of the issues you encounter are because this place badly needs an update. The staff is rather nice, and there's a pro shop here. But everything is old and in bad shape. It's basically a time warp back into the late 70s. This place is busy on weekend nights so you may be waiting for a lane, especially if they have leagues bowling. Busy days also include an off duty police officer in uniform (may be why there's no nice equipment to borrow). The registers are super slow, so you're waiting at the bar forever on busy nights. If the management spent some money to update the place, I'd come in more. If you want well maintained lanes and house balls for the same price, drive a bit farther south down Reynolds to Timbers in Maumee and bowl there instead. FWIW; last time I went, I had to specifically ask for a lane that had been oiled recently, because the open bowling lanes we were on was so dry I couldn't keep my ball on the lane if it hooked. The lady behind the counter didn't even try to accommodate us - asked someone else who was actually willing to help. We were moved between 3 different lanes, all had issues. Not only that, but the lanes and ball return were dirty enough that I had to constantly keep wiping dirt and grit off of my ball every time I got it back. The manager on duty was nice enough to offer us some free game tickets, but with all the issues I'm still hesitant to bowl here even if it's free.

Jeni Schumacher

This place is a $#@_+ hole!!! First we wait almost an hour to bowl and there's a whole side that's open. Then the prices were extremely outrageous! 100.00 for 3 games for 7 people including children. It costs more for bumpers. The shoes are not accurate in size. The shoes were falling apart literally which I have pictures of them. The lanes weren't in proper working order and they give no refunds whatsoever. This place is garbage beyond garbage. No wonder why they have a cop hanging out.. it's for pissed off people that go to jail over non stop nonsense. Never again will we visit

Holly R.

Went for a birthday party. The kids had fun. The bathroom smelled awful, I gagged as soon as i walked in, turned around and walked right back out. They didnt have their concession stand open.


I was not happy at all. The only thing that was okay( food n drinks). They dont really accommodate for kids. Alot of balls were crack like picture i showed you. Half of the games were broke or off. I do recommend bowling any where else.

Oliver Ryan's Paranormal Asylum

Not bad but they have the money to update this place...

Patrick Moore

Great nights bowling

Patrick Roy

Another strike

Spencer Utley


Diana Shroyer

Jason Jackson

Nice place

Jacob Whitehead

Good lanes and service but kinda expensive and ball sizes are very limited

Mike Brown

Fun place for bowling, pool and drinks

Latoya king

Fun place to boll

Iko Jenkins

I think it time that you guys update your credit/debit machine and allow patrons who have a bank issue debit card without their name on it with an i.d in hand still have a great time... My family and I was turned away and there was no way I was using an expensive ATM...

Cody Griss

There service is is horible they there bathrooms stink they don't clean the bathrooms the locker rooms are descusting they need new ball returns the shoes are HORIBLE don't go there its horible

Kristina Salazar

Machines consistently break down which makes it difficult to complete games.

Sara Ratliff

Nice bar selection and plenty of bowling space

Andy Tyler

Suketu Shah

I wish I could give zero. Very old... Out dated and poorly maintained place.

Bdubbz Kitten

A lot of bowling lanes but machines haven't been updated in decades.

Robert Donawa

Clean. Fun. Awesome pizza!!!

Gary Gralak

Lanes and computers are old and could use some work but the staff is very helpful and friendly.

Dustin Ellison

This place is dirty. All the shoes were falling apart. They were taking garbage out right behind us rather than replacing garbage bags away from customers. Just a dirty place

Riyad A. Ghani

Rude staff. Very outdated facility.

Melissa Huebner

With the amount of money this place brings in from leagues and what not one would think they would reinvest on the building or the lanes it has barely changed since the 80's (or before who knows) and the service here leaves a lot to be desired too!

Val Lyrian

Southwyck lanes is a fun bowling alley for friends and family. A quite place for recreational bowling, and league bowling from what I have figured out. The technology is older but still works just as well as it use to, I'm guessing. Southwyck lanes is all around a friendly place to relax and bowl.

Kaylyne Miller

Southwyck is trash

Lisa Gambrell

Nice staff and plenty of room to move about, and if you don't want to bowl, you can play pool

Jackie Hansen

Nice, clean, safe

Josh L

Lanes are a bit old and the pins don't have a ton of action but it's still a really good time. Keith at the pro shop drilled a ball for me. He's a fair businessman with a ton of know-how and fantastic service. If you need a ball drilled or adjusted go to Keith.

Ashley Ann

I think is could be a great place. Its needs some TLC and balls that fit. Good pizza and we had fun but a bit more run down than where I am used to going. Huge bowling ally lots of lanes and lots of pool tables.

Tonya Miller

Fun night with sibling and cousins...always a good time

Kent Gilman

Good times.

Craig Collins

Many lanes, pool tables, and an arcade good place for family fun.

Ana Carroll

Lanes break all the time

Sandra Glenn

This place was fun and a great place to hang out.

Matthew Shultz

Always fun

Josh Beebe

Average bowling alley. My main complaints are constant problems with pinsetters and not enough staff to handle leagues on Thursday nights.

jake wagner

This place dirty

Darth Vader

Full bar but no pitchers of water. No drinking fountain. Rude old lady running the register. Had to wait 15 minutes for them to even get started ringing us up for a lane as it seems blue shirts aren't "qualified" to run the computer as they put it. Poor ball selection for my guest. Well oiled lanes though!

Andrea Leu

First off 2 of your older night staff on Saturday 1/7/16 were completely rude and unprofessional!!!! This was the only place my daughter had a problem using her Visa gift card fshe received from Christmas. To require Id for a gift card that doesn't come with a name on it is absurd . You can pick them up anywhere. If a gift card does not have the whole amount it will not go through. This ordeal embarrassed embarrassed my child for something completely ridiculous.

Daniel Schaller

Mediocre lane maintenance. . Hands where black from grime after game.

Zach Miller

Smells like smoke.

Amber Conklin

It stays the same and its a great way to have it

Sharon Klempner

Everyone loved it! Plenty of lanes to bowl in. They have an open bar and snack bar. Fun for the whole family.

L Cooper

Friendly staff good lanes good environment

Alexandria Bugaj

I go bowling here with family a lot, and I really enjoy it. There is bowling, an arcade, and snacks. The only reason I give it four stars was because the arcade was a little broken. The claw machine grabbed something and would let it go.

Nikolas Becker

Nice place, nice staff.

licia minaj

Family fun

David Guy

Service was very bad. Was in a middle of a game and they shut it down and was trying to make us buy another hr when we bought by the game. Would not recommend it to any one Drive the extra couple minutes and have a great time.

Mary Wright

It's a great place to bowl. The ladies at the bar are awesome on the weekends.

James Fuire

Nice alley just wish they had room for watching

James Ford

Needs overhauled

Patrick Patterson

Good place to go bowling and good food

Jason Sartor

jessica moore

Good times loosey drink prices and not very strong

James Brennan

Typical bowling ally, over 60 lanes so there is a lot of room to bowl. Has not been renovated in a few years but when you're there the only thing youll care about is knocking down pins. They also have an arcade and several pool tables if you get bored of bowling.

Timmy 21152

Good bowling but lanes were breaking

Angel Pringle

I took my nephews bowling to celebrate one of their birthdays at Southwyck Bowling lanes at 7 pm tonight (April 18th, 2013) and had to deal with the worst staff I have ever had to experience in my life. From the moment I walked in I felt unwelcome, the elderly ladies working the cash register both turned around and ignore us. When one of them decided to acknowledge us I asked how much a round was, and she rolled her eyes and said 3.50 a game with anger in her voice. I ignored that, then we had several complications with our game, (balls getting stuck, pins not being set up in full racks, ball being to heavy for my nephew) every time we needed assistance after being ignored we were greeted with poor customer service. One of the old coots yeld at my nephew for needing another "lite ball" saying "You already have one!" Woman I just spent a good amount of money for these boys to have a good time why can't they each have their own ball to play with. I was going to confront her, but seeing as I had been disrespected the whole night on numerous occasions I decided I would just leave instead of giving them another cent of my money. Thank you SouthWyck Bowling Lanes for ruining my nephew's 7th birthday! Thank God this was not his birthday party!!! Along with horrible customer service they have horrible equipment, IT IS A HUGE WASTE OF MONEY!!! GO TO TIMBER'S BOWLING INSTEAD!!!!

Tom Medsker

We had fun. This bowling place is like stepping back into 1979. Their credit card processing system are ancient. Payment transactions take 5 minutes. There are long lines of people waiting to pay their bar tabs.


Great place to bowl!

James Vick

The decor and computer interfaces seem to be from circa 1989, but if you like bowling, you won't mind.

Jesus Victoria

Sonnyman Swagg

They tried to run us out our money

Michael Banks

Wonderful and affordable. I will be returning

Julie W.

Went with friends and had a great time.

david hebler

Old lanes and worn out shoes lots of open lanes good price

Jennifer Karas

We've tried going there twice and received the same experience both times. Total garbage, go somewhere else. We were assigned lanes when we got there and had to switch twice due to technical difficulties. It's very dirty, even the restrooms. There was vomit in one of the sinks in the women's restroom. It took us an hour to receive the food we ordered and when we did, they forgot an entire pizza and when we told them they forgot it, they told us they would make a new one. We waited 30 minutes before we checked with them again and they said they gave it to someone else on accident and just offered to give our money back. There are dead arcade games everywhere and the only place you can entertain a child- the tiny arcade room- is not only filthy but only a third of the machines work. We waited 15 minutes to get our shoes back at the end of the night.

Nathan Mugge

Very slow service for bowling and worse for drinks and food.

Heather Ward

Good bowling center. Needs updates but functional.

Regina Molnar

I had my son's birthday party here. The price was great, the staff was very accommodating and easy to deal with. This facility could use a little updating, but all the kids (ages 5 - 18) had a great time.

Andrew Barker

The bowling lanes are nice and there's a lot of them. 64 I believe, to be exact. However the customer service is grouchy at best. As for the lanes themselves still smell like smoke from cigarettes. If your just looking for a place to go bowling it's great once you get past the old grouchy ladies that I'm calling customer service. the 1 great thing is as long as there are no leagues you almost guaranteed to get a lane. If I had my choice I'd rather go to timbers bowling lanes provider lanes open.

Kristi McPherson

This place sucks

ruth Curtis

Fun family night

Tamara Whittecar

Luv luv luv it

Elizabeth Wineland

When Interstate Lanes dropped the ball on our bachelorette party, we headed to Southwyck Lanes. We had great customer service, and the staff were very friendly and helpful. We had some technical difficulties with the lanes, but they took care of them efficiently and we had an awesome time!

Tom Sieb

OK service. Gross shoes. Damaged balls. And, other bowlers will steal your shoes. Classy. Won't be back for a while, if ever.

Ryan Witzke

Good employees but the food and drink quality can be improved.

Alike Williams

Joanie MacConnell Rozek

Service good, older lanes/machines that do break down. They do try to accommodate you when they break down though.

Larry Dinius

First time there and it was a blast to bowl there and hang out with friends will be going back soon

dave welch

Times are a lie scandals scandals lies trickery scheming plot to take over the world maybe....

Samuele Galioto

Good setting

shakia tyronce

Big bowling alley. Old balls and shoes

Jordan Miller

Ben Betts

Been there many times that's pretty cool

Lisa Shultz

Was ok

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