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650 Windmiller Dr, Pickerington, OH 43147, United States

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Melissa Poindexter

The bartenders are awesome, drinks are a but weak but hey, it's a family place! My kids and I love going to bowl and play games!

Chuck Clay

Had a great birthday with our granddaughter, Kirsten Clay

erin bentz

Didnt want to spend $200+ for a party package for 7 adults and 3 kids for a 5 year olds birthday, so I reserved a table for 10. The restaurant was empty and we ended up spending more than that combined on food, drinks, and an hour of bowling. But they wouldn't let the 5 yr old open his 3 presents and eat his cupcakes. Mini bowling is always reserved or broken. Lane wouldnt work for first 15 minutes and kids gave up on wanting to bowl. Food is just ok, and took way too long to get drinks when the restaurant was empty.

Deb Cook

Grandson had fun playing games. We did not eat there. Maybe next time we stop in will order food

Susan Wooden

Clean, food was good, kids had a great time

Nicholas Palumbo-Culver

Pricey and not alot of lanes for bowling. Definitely can be a wait on the weekends.

Sherrice Hopkins

Great place for adults and kids. They do not have a ton of things for smaller/shorter children, but with help from an adult my daughter had a good time

Blasco Dhaka ül

Decent games, but they need more arcade style games.

Jacqueline Villarroel

We have a great time, thx.

David Caldwell

Lots of thing for kids of all ages,and the food is good also

Jessica Campos

It was ok.

Raheem Robinson

This is a great place to go and relax. It has bowling for the family, games for the kids or the child at heart, good music, and good food. Its a really good environment with a mixed crowed.

Ashley Tatman

Such a cool place. My daughter and niece loved it. Food was amazing as well

Tami Harris

Great for family fun with an arcade, bowling and mini bowling, as well as good food. Buffalo Chicken Wrap was delicious... highly recommend!

Restaurant Rating Critic

A very good place for bowling and kids arcade. Plenty of for ticket to prizes. Doesn't have good gourmet food like it had when 1st opened now it just prefabricated bar foods.

claudio crestale

Rules in this place are really impossible, you must pay a party combination to bring your own food and even if you have the reservation you are not allowed to eat your own food untill your party starts. Bringing your own food without paying for the party is not allowed. That's really discouraging and rude personnel to impose the rules. Have good time

Martha Grodesky

Went with a group of 16 to have some fun. The staff was great. Put in our request for 3 lanes together and went to the restaurant for drinks and appetizers. The food was delicious and everyone was friendly and helpful. We got our 3 lanes took the food with us and enjoyed the evening.

Kamilah Hawthorne

Great time with family! Loved the VIP Room! Definitely worth it! We'll be back!

Amy Schmit

Fun place to go with family or a large group. Our church goes there at times to have a get together and have fun!

Robert Lantz

Much better food and service than before. Worth the trip to discover a new Rule 3!

chris mcclaskey

Great time for our child's party. The staff consistently checked on us and made sure everything went smooth. Adult drinks were good too and we ordered apps in addition to the pizza that came with the party. The bowling really worked out their energy too. Would recommend. Great job guys.

Matika Garrison

Incredible time bowling for the kids, but they should offer some Spring Break savings!!!

Double D

very good service. and nice staff. pizza is really good.

some guy

Great place to play volleyball

Rex Holdren

It costs $36 to rent a lane for 1 hour on a Sunday at rule 3 it's no wonder that most of their lanes were empty. If it wasn't for birthday parties this place would probably be out of business don't waste your money here

Jacob Winterton

Well kept place with good food

John Jory

Very nice. Had the private party room. Good food, clean and spacious. Good afternoon of fun

Dorcas Tanner

Grandkids birthday party. It was a great time and didn't have to worry about the clean up.

Whitney G

We had my sons birthday party here and it was great. Everyone had a great time. I would definitely recommend this place.

Jean Reed

Awesome place for casual bowling, birthday parties and more. Great food, too!

Pampered Chef Deb Olson

Was there for a private event. Nice room. Good service. Servers were pleasant and attentive.

Dustin Gerula

Had a great time with the family, an was surprised at how great their pizza really was, totally recommend stopping in

India Respress

Clean bowling alley with great food and fun for the entire family!

Kay Looker

Nice lanes and atmosphere.

Duane Rueber

Pricey, crowded and VERY overpriced food. You're better off stopping to eat somewhere close, for better quality food for about the same price. I'd stick to the entertainment factor here, which is limited, but still fun.


Expensive but great time for couples or family events !

Serlix Lofton

This place isn't very nice when it comes to welcoming customers the employees all were so rude and made me want to not be there it was ridiculous.

Kimberly Smith

And I had a beautiful time.the staff was super cool and friendly It was clean and the air was perfect.


We had a birthday party for our 5yr old daughter. They had a bounce house and games to play, good food. We had a great time. I would recommend to a friend.

Dominique C

Out of all the places to go and have a party for a friend I choose this place on a Sunday evening. Stopped at the bowling checkin counter and before I could even ask a question some loud mouth female with fake lashes asked if I had party reservations. I said "no" and she quickly said, "you can't have the cake." We had a group of at least fifteen people who all bought food, drinks, paid to bowl, for the arcade and we couldn't bring in cake. I could understand if we bought in pizza or outside food but it was a cake.

Justin Jones

A great bowling location. Prices may be a little steep, but the amount of lanes and private areas for things like birthday parties make it worth it. I recently caught up with some old friends here, and we really liked the atmosphere which relaxes you even when it is loud.

Jason Klein

Great Place for children's parties and fun for all ages!

Eric Partee

Called ahead to see if I could make a reservation for lanes and was told it was first come, first serve. When we arrived there were 10 open lanes and were told there was nothing available because they were completely booked for birthday parties. We were finally able to get a lane for an hour and during that time the 10 lanes remained completely open. Horrible customer service. We will not be back.

kevonn rayford

I enjoyed the bowling and the food service was amazing

Jason Woodburn

Awesome place for anything from gathering to watch a game to throwing a great birthday party. Great selection of food, drink and games allowing for a great time to be had by all.

Herb's Wife

Been here 2xs. Played a regular game of bowling and did mini bowling in another room with my son. Good mixed alcohol drinks, very clean and nice set up. Bar/restaurant and arcade but the arcade is more expensive than the usual places like magic Mountain and their drinks and food seem to be a little expensive. They have a nice menu but I didn't eat any food there

Nikki Paré

We got on a kick of visiting Rule 3 regularly but my kids grew bored of it by the 3rd time and now they cry when I mention taking them there for a weekend fun night. The mini bowling is great for young kids but they recently switched the way you pay for it and its always messed up. Twice, our game cut off in the middle and they couldnt bring it back up. Waste of money.

yang yang cocs not my real name

Its open late always packed tho amazing arcade and havent tried food there but every thing else there i know of is good

Erika Dials

Horrible! We went on a Sunday as soon as they opened. No one cleaned night b4 floor had food etc still every where bathroom had 4 totally empty soap dispensors. I honestly chose not to eat, can you imagine what their kitchen looked like. The kiddie lanes was totally booked ALL day long! They did have great prizes. Pretty much only good thing I can say about my visit

Jake Ritzler

It's nice, but no bass pro shop pyramid in Memphis Tennessee

Ashley Swan

Came here with our church and really had a great time. It was very clean including the bathrooms. The pizza omg is to die for! The prices are a little high but I love the location and staff.

Andrew Wallace

Great food, clean atmosphere, fun stuff to do even for non-bowlers. Service was underwhelming.

Daniel Maynard

Very nice place. The staff were friendly and the place was neat and clean.

jesse roberts

Company party so it was really good. Everything on the company

Dominick Koeth

I would rate this lower if possible. I would highly recommend spending your money elsewhere, because this place is a scam. I went to bowl just two games, and they told me that i would have to pay for an hour of bowling, which would’ve ended up being $42 just for an hour. Even if they had given me the choice to bowl a certain amount of games, the lanes at Rule 3 are not the place a serious bowler should go. They do not clean the lanes properly, and the oil pattern is inconsistent with every visit. If you want to bowl, find a real bowling alley.

Jeff Coleman

With a viewing party for hockey and must be the only table without a server. Ordered all drinks and food from the bar. No need for a tip?

TaSasha Johnson

There is so much to do. My son has fun every time he goes. He loves the arcade the most. The food is delicious as well.

matthew buffington

Great selection of games in the arcade the have bowling as well as mini bowling great for a party

Darla Wilson

The air conditioner was broke when we went there this past Saturday. It was too hot to enjoy myself. The kids didn't seem to mind though.

Charles Hoskinson

Great for worn functions and get together. Game roon is pricey and even bowling can get steep but if you are looking for a place that has it all and friendly staff this is it. Good menu too.

morgan brink

Good experiance, food wasnt to great, and our land kept breaking down so we didn't get to finish our last game.

Brennan Hedge

Family friendly place. Bowling was reasonably priced for a Saturday night and the staff was very friendly. My only semi negative remark would be the bar seems to get over whelmed and we spent more time waiting for drinks than bowling but other than that a very fun place to spend a Saturday night

Leighanne King

The service was great. The arcade was amazing. I got confused about the tickets when you win them. I thought the tickets would come out of the actual game but they actually add up on your game card until you cash them out. Great food. Great bowling. Great place for a birthday party. Ages 1 and up will have fun. They have Bouncing Houses for the younger ones. Around ages 2-10.

Alex Vega

Very cool local fun spot. Tasty food and drinks until 2am. Although, with the busy bar being the only place to order, it took a while to order. The food came out pretty quickly. My friends and i had a fun night bowling!

Ron Brewer

Way to hot in there it's like their AC wasn't working

Pamela Kauffman

The food and bowling area very clean however game erea smelled like vomit. Every thing from bowling to games are totally over priced for family fun!!

GiGi Marino

Good fun nice people

Candace Lee

Fun. The food is surprisingly good. The bar was great. The arcade was nice. Bowling isn't overpriced. A great place for a party or just to hang out.

Tiffany B

Great place to take the family. There is so much to do and the staff was very kind.

Keith Stover

The games was fun but when it came down to the easter event sucked half of all the kids got no eggs and waited for it to start for 2 hours waste of time

buford holland

Good entertainment for the kids

Igor Svishevskiy

Great atmosphere with friendly staff!

George Myers

I love Rule 3! The combination of games, food and activities here is really great for families. My family enjoys bowling but for those that don't there is a great arcade that is constantly updated with the newest games. Mini bowling is a good time and so is sand volleyball in their outdoor area. They have really worked to improve the food in their restaurant in the lat year or two and we enjoy it. Staff is friendly and helpful too. It's great to have a place so close where our family can go for so many different kinds of fun!

Jesse James

Spent my sons 9 birthday here. It was fun and very affordable. Great staff and food.

Brittany Nixon

Great place to hang out or for families

Jade H

Fun place for kids and adults alike. The food is great and the party space is worth checking out for special events.

Carla Rodriguez

Love this place, the beach volleyball courts as well as the arcade inside. Perfect place to spend Sundays with the family. I haven't been but am looking forward to go bowling as well sometime.

Anthony Spaulding

Went for new years eve and the price of the event was well worth it. Great way to start the new year with friends.

Scott Monk

Could be a great place to relax and enjoy games. Right now, not so much. I stopped by after work, only customer at the bar. Bartender spent her time in a booth with her family. The manager stopped and talked for about ten minutes, never said anything about absent bartender. Ok, not terrible, can get on phone and use internet. Ummm, hell no!! Their internet sucks. Doesn’t work at all. Building blocks signal from outside, WiFi doesn’t work at all. They REFUSE TO FIX IT. So, one customer sitting alone, no internet, no interaction with any person. All too busy with friends and family. Horrible experience.

James Cassell

My family has spent lots of money at this place over the years. My son wanted to go there his birthday, so we planned to spend the afternoon there with pizza, bowling, and video games. When we asked if we would be allowed to bring in an outside cake (yes, we could), we were told we could not celebrate a birthday without purchasing a birthday party package. The packages are $200-400 with a minimum of 12 guests, which is fine, but we are not interested in throwing a party. Why would we pay for party invitations and food/activities for 12 kids when we just wanted to have some family fun with me, my wife, and our 3 kids? Despite the fact that we would be spending money on food and activities for our family, we were told that we would be kicked out if we tried to bring in presents for my son to open. I understand they want people to buy party packages, but is it really worth turning down my money because I’m not interested? I hope so, because that’s what happened. I will spending my money elsewhere from now on and telling other families to do the same.

Kayla Watson

We had a lovely event at Rule 3 and the whole group had a great time! The food was good - we had some salad, veggies, pizza, and wings and then some cookies for dessert. I was pretty impressed with it. Bowling was fun and the balls are nicely marked - even with finger hole sizes.

William Heilbrunn

This place was great I loved the Halloween party they had for the kids

king carlon

Great I fulljoy it was my first time

Leannette Lyles

Went for my step daughter birthday and had a really good time there we're things for ages 3 to 41 to have fun and enjoy are self...

Timing Everything

Good, clean , need a kids league. Prices for meh food too high. Could use a another attraction . Dance area? Maybe karaoke room check out LA, n Vegas for upgrade ideas. Your welcome.

Lori Goodman

Had a blast, went for a birthday party. Mini bowling was the best. Food was also good. Nice game room. Cool place.

Norman Johnson

5 star all the way. Had my daughters 7th birthday celebration. Love the place, they had a great time and the hostess was great.

casey bishop

Great time at a great place just a bit pricey.

jf stray

The food was fantastic

Baylee Tyler

Bowling is fun, the arcade is fun too. I would prefer to just bowl though. The pizza is nice, but I would not sit down and eat again. The hamburger is not too good, I couldn't even bring myself to finish it. The pizza is fine though, I just wouldn't recommend sitting down to eat anything.

Sondra Smith

My kids love going to the arcade here. The bowling alley is nice as well can be busy during certain hours but still a good time

Kendra Brown

Took my boys here for a birthday party. It was ok. But I didn't get all the hype I've heard... it's no different than the Palace (up North). Well yes there is.... the Palace is older, less expensive and a lot bigger. Yes, it's modern but quality and savings is more important to me.

Brittney Crawford

Fun atmosphere but too expensive

Darin Shoemaker

We love coming to Rule 3. Several years worth of visits and not a bad time to be had. The only reason for a missing star is I’m constantly finding that they are out of or low on bowling balls in normal people sizes (10-11lb large holes). It can’t be that hard to buy a couple more balls.

Jason Ronis

Had a great time mini bowling with a 3 and 10 year olds.

Tillman A Bauknight II

Great place to watch a game or have a meal with the family. Oh the Boeing is fun also.

Janetta L Pickens

Excellent venue for get togethers, Christmas party, birthday or just a night out with friends and family. We had our church Christmas Party here and the service was excellent, had a blast, food was good!


Great food! Rule 3 burger is unbelievable. Pizza and pretzels sticks are A1 quality too.

Barb R

Not as good since they changed to ticket cards. Much better with time cards. We spent 20 minutes and my kids were already our of tickets!

Dewayne Parks

very very expensive.... food below avg. and the most expensive bowling ever. and they need to provide sanitation wipes in between bowling if you have snacks everyone touching the balls that's very unsanitary.

Brenda Shaw

Great Fun at a reasonable price. Clean facility and the staff was super friendly!

Matt Baer

Pretty cool spot

jon sohonage

Great place, nice selection of games. Plenty of tv's around the bar. Bowling gets crowded at times. Enjoy taking the family.

Jim Turner Jr

Went there on a date which was my first visit. This place is pretty cool. It has Bowling and games. It also has a big bar and a restaurant. I didn't eat there, but the place did make me hungry because their food smelled delicious. The best part in the place is their mini-bowling alley. I can't remember if the have 4 or six lanes, but leaning towards 4. I never played mini-bowling before and I had a great time. I am going to take my son to play.

Abigail Space

VERY expensive. But otherwise there's really good food that I recommend, the arcade is fun, and there's usually always a place to bowl.

Cora Long

It was amazing it was fun and really great service

Yolanda B Harris

Took my grandkids, a Lot for them to due

Sherri Colvin

Private Birthday Party went well, the young lady who made sure we was doing alright, if there was anything we needed.....great job

Diane Marie Evans

This is a really cool place. It's huge inside. Really nice people. Only had the pizza, but pretty good. Bowling and game room.

John Shaw

This is a great time bowling! Nice bar area, new bowling equipment and arcade games that are unique so they are fun to play. The Wounded Warrior Project was sponsored there and we appreciate the bowling area for small groups on the far right of the facility. It is a private area with four lanes for groups to get together. The staff is nice, helpful and service orientated. Time to close the review with a pun. Come to Role 3 and have a ball!

Anna Godorhazy

Its nice and clean. Would get a 5 star if the prices werent so high.

Kortney H

My family and I have went only with a coupon or discount because it's costly. We have fun, cool arcade, great food and drinks. The bowling is kid friendly because you can pick for each person if you want the bumpers up or down. So that's nice for the adults to not use bumpers and kids can. However I do not like how bowling here is timed you pay for an hour instead of a game like most bowling establishments we've been to. It's fun and all but not worth the money spent. The Fun barn is way cheaper and has more to do.

Robert James

Fun place to hang out with family and friends!

Brady Sapp

Won’t be back! Staff doesn’t know what they are doing. Got different answers from each employee that worked there. Was told you can do a call ahead an hour before arrival by an employee. So my boyfriend called in an hour beforehand and was told nope couldn’t do it. So then I called and explain that this is what I was told and so we got put on the list. Fine, no issues got there had about a 30 minute wait. Kids played in the over priced game area. Few people from my party went to get drinks not badly priced but not good drinks. I decide to go up to the bar and it took forever to get service want to say 10 minutes. Some chick with short hair and weirdly colored highlights kept circling the bar avoiding me. Pretty sure she was the one that took my phone call earlier. One she needs to check her attitude when she walks into work. When you are in the service industry you’re there to serve suck it up. Finally a blonde girl came over and took my order, due to her being nice I tipped her 100% of the bill. Unfortunately it’s not enough to make me come back I’ll drive out to Columbus Bowl in South High Street.

Akira Jennings

Nice chilled place great food

‘ unairam ‘

Great place to play volleyball however, take caution- your ball may be swallowed by the depths of the untamed bushes located outdoors. Despite the lack of landscaping near Court 3, it's usually not too busy, and all the staff I've met have been very helpful and accomondating.

Ashley Conrad

Its nice place a little pricy but the people there are really nice. I had one problem I didn't like is if a employee does something wrong it should be addressed to him in private not in front of a customer.

Brennan McGilvray

This was a cool little place, but I can't believe they only had like 12 bowling lanes! They were also charging 40 bucks an hour, plus shoes on a Saturday night. It was working for them, because the place was packed. However, that is too much for my blue collar. Arcade was decent. A lot of games you would see at Dave and Buster's were here.

Rob Goza

Our kids always beg to drop by even if it is not a scheduled visit. We love to play the video games and we always schedule our young ones birthdays there. Whether it's bowling, food, arcade, or outdoor Rule 3 is generally a fun place to go.

Ann Lockard

We had a birthday party and everything went smoothly! Food was great and our hostess was amazing. Will definitely be doing it again. The kids had a blast.

Cassies Heart

Ridiculously high price just to bowl

Jane Heydinger

Very kid friendly and the staff was great!

corey hurst

Decent bowling place. Has arcade that swaps games time from time. Bar and food is pretty decent but few servers at times. Great place with a little for everybody.

suprina case

Great place for family fun.

Heather Rollison

I attended this location for a Multiple Sclerosis seminar. The food was very good. But the service was horrible. They had only 1 person serving 20 plus people. There was employees there that never stayed to help the only waitress. The only waitress that we had was very nice. It wasnt her that was horrible. It's the managers who run the place. They new in advance that we would be there. Why would they only alot 1 person for the seminar? Unfortunately I dont think I would refer anyone there, especially if it's a party.

Ryan S

We were planning a visit last night, Friday... Arrived shortly before 10pm and found the lot empty and closed with no explanation when their hours are clearly posted until 2am. A staff member was vacuuming, clearly noticed me but rudely ignored my attempt to inquire as to their status. Poorly executed closing on Management's part. Our group was disappointed and was also interested in regular "meetings", so we were then inclined to seek out another venue which turned out to be a blessing in disguise and mutually beneficial to both parties!

Elizabeth Fofanah

This place was amazing. My kids loved it. It's a little on the expensive side compared to Chuck E Cheese and Magic Mountain. But there is a lot more game selection and its not over crowded with kids like the other places.

Mr. Galaxy

It is a fair establishment with a bar, restaurant, arcade, bowling alley, and volleyball courts. You can easily reserve parties and events and it will be hosted by very caring waiters, waitresses, and host planner. The food is very well done and most ingredients come from scratch and well prepared. Any questions about anything most anyone you speak to will be happy to help or direct you in the right direction to your needs.

Tera Carter

Great for all ages. Took my 3 yr old grandson and the whole family had fun! Food is great!! A little pricey but worth it.

Keith Hunt

I went here for the first time about a week ago and really enjoyed it. We got to bowl in the private lanes for a work party and that was cool. The food was great - I did not have high expectations from past experience with bowling alleys but I was impressed (especially the wings).

Jeremy Bell

Very comfortable atmosphere. The service was ok but the bowling prices are a little on the high side.

Kitty Travis

My toddler loved mini bowling, and the employees were very friendly and helpful!

Christy Luthi-Green

The service was great when we ate and the food was good. The bowling was a little unorganized that day with birthday parties and double booking the lanes. I think it was because the leagues had reserved the whole place that day in their defense. The bowling prices were very pricey so we just put the same money on an arcade card. My son and his girlfriend had a blast. Good memories made.

Richard Jenkins

We had a perfect experience. My Sons 5th birthday celebration could not have went any better. We had the best attendant and we made sure she was taken care of she really deserved it. The price was very reasonable for what we were offered I would go again I highly recommend it

Tracy Byers

Had a blast food ok. Drinks better.

Mark Workman

Bowling lane had alot of pin issues. Friday night rate is too high.


My company had our holiday party at this place and it was a lot of fun!

Bryan Grewell

Dungeon type atmosphere. Severely overpriced games, with minimal ticket gains. Would cost you 4-5 thousand $, to win a 70$ TV.

Keisha Gamman

Great place to take the kids when they're bored and want something different. No lie their pizza is actually really, really good !! They have regular bowling plus mini bowling which often gets overlooked, plus a HUGE and very modern arcade and outdoor volleyball courts.

Karen Y

My first time visiting was for my grand daughters 6th birthday. We reserved the area where the kids had 4 lanes for bowling. The young lady who handles everything was great and the kids had crazy fun at Rule 3! Customer service was great and not to mention the delicious pizza. They are very attentive and help you pack up everything.

Brian Mulidore

Real nice place to take a family. Or a date

mark cannella

VIP room is a must. Wish Brian Stoner was still around. We miss him.

Tiffany Tabol

Nice place. We did arcade. Summer bowling pass. And ordered pizza which was really good also.

Ashley Giorgi

Over priced and stuck up staff!

Lynn Marshall

Good fun.. kids always love it.

Shawnda Rodgers

This is a VERY nice bowling alley!!! It accommodates all from the bar to games for the kids. Food was good also.

Look UpHere

Awsome! Very clean, And nice staff!

Heidi VanGundy

Very good pizza! Fun location!

Brett McPherson

A fun place to bowl in Pickerington. I went there mid day on a Saturday and bowled for an hour and had some food with family. We only had to wait fifteen minutes for a lane. The atmosphere was great and the food and beer were both good.

Shirley Richardson

Big fun and decent pizza

Mary Gigliotti

I was told that even if I spent money on food, video games, and bowling, I would be kicked out if I had my son open presents without purchasing a birthday package. Are you serious? I was being nice by asking if bringing in a cake would be allowed...because worse case I would buy him a dessert there to use a candle in. Too many other options for bowling and fun to have this kind of attitude towards future business. I will go to Gahanna or several another places for bowling and fun from now on!

Lakishia Marbury

A very nice e place for Famy Fun & Entertainment

john johnson

Food is just ok. But very fun place to hang out.

Scott Maddy

Lots of family fun didn't eat there so can't comment on that. Arcade is small but good

J.R. O'Bryant

I didn't know what to expect coming here and I was pleasantly surprised. The staff was extremely helpful and easy to get along with. The pizza was delicious, the drinks delicious and refreshing, and the games and arcade very reasonably priced and fun for all. I really look forward to coming back on our own for something other than a kid's party. I really wish I had known this hidden gem was so close to home all along.

Brady Roberts

Great bowling and games. I had a good time with family and friends. Staff was also very kind.

Daniel Evans

My kids and I love this place.

Laura Gold

First visit and was impressed. Game room is expensive. Easy to blow $50 and come away with nothing in a short period of time.

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