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REVIEWS OF RollHouse Entertainment Parma IN Ohio

John Barbarotta

Take care of bowlers 2 dollars a game not 5 dollars like brookgate


It's really nice place to bowl shoot pool eat or just meet friends and hang out

Guenever Still

Friends and I came for fun, not to compete. Staff refused to give us bumpers. We aren’t bowlers, we are just trying to have a good time.

Ronald Rodriguez

Very good place to take a good funny moment

Sharon Hamilton

Great place to bowl and have fun!!!

Tiffany Hammond

Clean, great pool tables, bowling lanes, small video game nook. Great drink prices. Nice staff

John Dominguez

Love all their specials, great smooth lanes, awesome staff. They're cosmic bowling is lit! Have been coming here since it was freeway lanes and they're still doing a great job.

Sarah Torres

Great place to take your kids or even hang out with friends

Christian Olsen

Our team has bowled at Freeway Lanes four 8 years. Last season we received trophies for winning the season. They messed up a trophy and promised to fix it. Never happened. Then we were the first to sign up for fall league and a girl working there remembered us being the first to sign up and Mike (manager) said there's no room for us unless a team quits. With never giving them a problem this is how they show loyalty to teams.

Shannon Chuna

Great place I really liked it. Clean friendly

emily seward

This place is great. The bartenders are more than amazing. And the food is so good, especially for a bowling alley!

allen copen jr

Great place to go and have fun very busy on Friday night's


Had my favorite beer and it a pretty mellow place if you get there on a slow day.

Shirelle C

Pretty cool atmosphere. Really nice helpful staff

Maeghan Rucker

The people that work here are rude

Joe B

Great customer service

Trish Jacobs

The staff are so nice! AND they care about people with disabilities!

Alexander C. Meadows

This place has always been a 5 star rating I mean $0.90 games?!?? Holy cow I mean if you have your own shoes this is the cheapest place to go! And they updated the furniture and the lanes are very smooth. Balls hardly get stuck for me at least. The service for food isn’t the best but who cares I am there to bowl anyways I don’t need to eat hotdogs and hamburgers lol

Pete Buhrow

Fun old fashioned bowling experience

Greg Jackson

Tuesday specials based on the previous day's temperature plus $1. If it was 30 degrees on Monday, then a game is $1.30. If you happen to arrive during open bowling, they may be willing to allow you to play early if there's enough space between lanes.

Alexandra L

Great time! Newly renovated and looks great!

Steven Scheeff

The best monday night ive had in a long time. Woohoo make some noise

Caitlyn Nicole

Cosmic bowling was only 2 hours for $16. Pay extra for an extra 2 hours? No thanks. We'll go to a different bowling alley

Tracy Jack

Great place to take the kids

Danielle Bryson

Me my family and guess .had wonderful time son 12th b-day party. Staff was very attentive, food was fresh hot! I definitely recommend it!

Christopher Stevens

Really enjoy league night here. Lanes need oil

Holliday WhoKnows

Great place to bowl but bad customer service. They ought to consider hiring new staff members.

Scott Hardenstine

Great food. The family had an awesome time!

john cripple

It very fun and people are nice .

Jas Arianna

Had so much fun and the nachos was delicious

Adeebe Jones

Bowling was fun only reason I gave them a 3 star was because when I asked for a pitcher of water the guys behind the counter says, I can't give you a pitcher for water because he makes no money on doing that. But yet there were 3 dirty pitchers sitting on a table behind me the whole time I was there.

Nicole Bilski

Amazing place great atmosphere friendly staff

Mariah Triplett

First timer here! And I must agree with many other reviews...yes decent prices, nicely laid out n decored...but on the other hand it wouldnt be so bad if they restaffed one here was happy to be there which was very obvious in body language n communication...the costumer service was beyond poor...never experienced anything like it...the ppl I dealt with the ppl we've passed by were beyond rude n disrespectful...the older white lady at bar was rude n racists towards me...the older white lazy eyed guy at snack bar was rude n dismissive as well during a misunderstanding that arose due to the white lady at bars mis ordering was my family n I's first time here so we weren't expecting much but to have a good time n learn the flow of the building...instead we've gotten the exact opposite...smh...we were in total disbelief by the way they could want to accept our money but then act as if we weren't as important as the others...they left us waiting to order beyond a reasonable wait time while they tend to ppl who freshly arrived vs us who've been there still waiting as they continuously tell us to hold on...gave us cold vs hot pizza n waterdowned drinks,double charged our bank cards for items they couldn't even explain to us why or what the charge was...on top of tipping themselves from our bank cards and still asking for a cash tip (I am Black btw but my family is biracial) I wish our experience would have been a bit better...but over all we love to bowl so hopefully in the future if we should ever re visit this location again they would be totally would be for the better of the company to do so... nice place bad service people.

Bonnie Swirsky

Beautiful facility and quite large. They can easily cater to large or small groups which is what we had. Up to date equipment was nice!

Keyetta Williams

Great for family gatherings and birthday parties.

Tara Smathers

Drinks are good and strong. Pool tables available

Tanisha Bush

Lazer bowling always a relaxed environment and food is great drinks too

Aaron Wickland

Bad pin carry, plus take cash because you can’t pay with card if your total is under $10... I guess they are stuck in 2010...

Cory Wegryn

There are some really shady people that go here. Didn't really feel safe

Steve Mehozonek

Very nice place. Very family friendly.

Hollie Waddell

Was fun

Jeffrey Battle

I Love the bar staff

Jay Col

Nice place great for family's or friend reunions, Food is over priced 2 meals for 35 bucks.. Make sure your children eat someplace else before you get there! Other than that I highly recommend it for recreation

glen dillard

Very nice

Melissa Nelson

I find it hard to respect a company who makes a good profit every night but fails to update and replace balls, lanes, chairs; ect. They also need to hire customer friendly employees. They seem to hate their job. The only good thing about this place is the cosmic bowling with music (hard to find another bowling alley with cosmic bowling and music)

Tami Underwood

Had a great time! The DJ and the bartenders were super friendly!

Mary Bearden

It was great i had a good time with friends an staff was very courtesy

Ramcharan Varma Golla

Very old place. Had multiple issues with the lane. How ever they serve good food

Farris Angel

It's not a bad bowling alley and plenty of parking.

Richard Velez

Had a fun time bowling, wish they had better better equipment.

Courtney Benchek

Goodmusic drinks were good everyone was nice loved it will go again .

Jessica DiJerome

Came here to spend time bowling with our son on his birthday. I have not been here for years prior to this. That was back under a different name. It's very clean, friendly staff, and up to date.

Janeen Gainer

I enjoyed this Bowling Alley going back real soon.

Jeff DiJerome

Super fun and enjoyable!

Michael Reddaway

Very expensive, could not get a cheeseburger without feud, 2 cheeseburger platters with 2 16 oz pepsi's were $30. 4 lines with 2 shoe rentals also $30. Won't be back

Brandon Deluca

Great place , fun atmosphere!

Dee D.

My grandson had a ball bowling.


Fun place for a day out

Andrew Butler

Super nice clean new bowling alley! Great experience!

Kim Gangidine

Great staff and ppl

Jay DesForges

Probably one of the best bowling facilities in Cleveland area! Highly recommended.

Matthew Maher

Celebrated my sister in law's 21st birthday party here. We went during cosmic bowling. Had a great time. Music could have been mixed up a little though. Heard nothing but hip hop the entire time we were there. Which was a few hours. But still a great experience. Staff helped us set up the names for bowling and were very nice about it. Would recommend to anyone.

Ilyanna Cares

I should have ran for the hills when the very day my husband went to pay for party in advance the party planner was so rude to him..I ignored him and went ahead and insisted on having it there. Rude when I called to inquire about $100 extra on my bill. After a few minutes of the party coordinators rudeness I had enough and informed her I would be cancelling the party. She then responded "no love lost". When I ask to speak to the manager she told me that no manager till next day. Never will I ever refer anyone to that place....Horrible experience.

Charles Johnson

Little pricey, nachos sucked

Daniel Ware Jr

Good time at bowling with my girlfriend and her best friend plus her cousin Diamond and Robert too

Carol Dunn

This place used to be Ambassador Lanes we went bowling yesterday and they have cosmic bowling and a full menu plus a bar we has a great time with friends

Joe Williams

Clean place. Friendly environment. Love the new layout since they changed the name. Will definitely be back soon

Tiniqua Williams

Great atmosphere, had fun with my family.

daylon Gipson

It's great there me and my team practice there

Marco Dimbo

Super fun place to bowl! Really nice staff!

William Mccray

Family friendly

shane morvin

My girlfriend and I went to play pool the other night about an hour before close and staff had an attitude about us only having a half hour to play. We agreed and went to find an open table, there were people spread out everywhere so we decided it wasn't worth and wanted to leave. We informed the staff that there were no open tables, which was understandable for the evening, and that we were going to leave and they had an attitude about that too. We have come to bowl multiple times and the staff always had an attitude. Great atmosphere but bad customer service

Carmen Montanez

Great place for family night

Renee West

I enjoyed myself and since I was last here, this place has had some major facelifts. The music was great for the evening and the food was pretty good as well. My only complaint would be the bowling option, there should be more options for bowling.

عبدالرحمن قماش

So fun there

Ronnie Stephens

Love the pool tables.

Jacqueline Lantis

Great place to have fun

Danni Austin

My favorite place to bowl

The Crazy Blooper

It's ok

John Nutter


Elanda Walton


monique williams

I love the environment and music opens at 12 noon

Memo Sal

Nice place to have fun and kill time with friends Food was surprisingly good and the staff is very nice. Prices are not that much and would definitely recommend this place.

Alexandra Leadbetter

Great lanes and billiards. Cosmic bowling is nice but gets busy quick. Food options are great.

Carly Vunderink

Good place for cosmic bowling, music videos, food and drinks

Dwana Dulik

Kids Bowl free everyday of the week during the summer (If you sign up online) staff was nice and friendly. Bathrooms were clean which is always a plus, especially with kids.

Viktoriya Alexandrina

I like this place. Nice deals and prices. Great atmosphere. Building is big so even table pool area is big enough. Always a great experience.

Ken Kowalski

Bowling was fun and the allies were great... Video games were out of order and broken and my kids love playing video games... Lost money in the video games and they would not refund...

John Henry

Good place to bowl.

Drew C

Said we got to bowl for 2 hours then turned it off after 1

Kristin Salo-Horvath

New staff, very clean and fun

Anita Nutter

Great place to go. Been on a league there for years, never really had any bad experiences.

Anthony Secotte

Excellent place for bowling, friendly staff that is very helpful. Also pretty good pizza here. Cosmic bowling is also reasonably priced so I will definitely be going back.

Edwin Perez

What at great place to get relax with your friends or whoever's this place is so amazing I definitely going back here yes


Pizza too much sauce wings were good but there food is overpriced and its busy on weekends but still pretty fun

Pryceless The Dawn

Got to get my strike on. This place has pool tables and a great lounge also.

Jerome Gale

A good place to have fun with your friends

Tanya Brown

It's so much fun and food is good I'm going back again and again,

Heather Rue

great time. drinks priced great. decent music. but couldnt play pool. they hav time limit on bowling think they shuld hav limit on pool too.

Steven W

Great people that work here... In a league

Michael Tucker

Fun place to party

Tiffani Krieger

This place is really fun if you go cosmic bowling! Just make sure you have headache pills because all of the flashing lights could give you a headache. For cosmic bowling this place does get pretty packed so try to come at 9:30, right when it begins. Otherwise you might have to wait for lanes to open up. They also have pool and an arcade area inside which could be fun before or after. There are security guards walking around here when it gets late. Overall it's a really fun experience just be careful of the flashing lights because it might give you a headache.


First off great cosmic bowling, no complaint there but your older bar lady is SUPER RUDE and unprofessional like to the point that bar would not make money if people didn't want a drink because her service sucks and I'd be surprised if she makes more than $20 in tips on a saturday with that attitude, not a good look at all.

Tyler Norris

The lady working the front counter was awesome and really informative. She was also very accommodating when our lane was overrun by unruly children who kept wandering into our lane. If just that, this place would have gotten five stars. My only quarrel was with the bartender, who apparently thinks it is okay to make racist remarks about other patrons to my boyfriend while he is getting drinks for us. That, to me, is unacceptable. Bar service gets 0/5. Bowling attendants get 5/5.

shayia t

It was cool

Gervon Stewart

Went for comsic bowling 16 person per 30min. A little expensive for bowling but we had fun nevertheless.

Cheryl Mcmillen

I recommend this place bowling is cheap it's all modern and fancy now it's a fun place to go for the whole family I recommend this place plenty of lanes are always opened

Angela Pokorny

It was clean. The game price was awesome. The food price is ridiculous. But over all a nice place to bowl with family or friends.

Joshua Rodriguez

It Was Great,Great place to go with your family


This was my first visit and it looks great smells great employees were GREAT and the food was amazing

Brad Urban

Very nice and clean house. The lanes/approaches themselves are nice and up kept. The food is very good and at a reasonable cost. Staff for the most part are friendly but can be stern sometimes. The cosmic bowling scene is fun to.

brian doris

It was good and very wide. It was with the latest version ( technology ).

Kaitlyn Owens

I went in Monday night with my boyfriend to bowl. It was my first time going in years. Honestly, we don’t care much about bowling, but just like having fun and drinking some beer. The whole night we kept talking about how friendly, nice, attentive, and funny our bartender Sherri(sorry if I spelled it wrong) was. She was hands down amazing and the best bar tender we’ve ever had. She made sure to know our first names and I’ve never had that before. Thank you for making our night fun full of beer and laughs.

Machelle Johnson

Go to cosmetics bowling night it's great

Stephanie Patton

I love coming here! I always have a good time!!!

Joshua Powell

A lot of fun to just hang out with friends. Awesome specials and decent beer. 10/10 would go again.

Brian Smith

Great place for family and friends bowling

Michael Cristino

Dirty and poor conditions on the lanes

Megan McDonald

Came in a few times for service industry nights on Mondays. Great deal for service industry employees and they play fun music and take requests during night bowling. Fun little bar as well and the bartender is very friendly. Food isn't great but to be expected from a bowling alley. Super fun time!

Lorenzo Sipp

Nice house to roll at wonderful league #SpanishAmericanLeague



David Frattare

Alot of available open bowling times in a clean, family friendly environment. Food is very good as well.

Mykeda Cochran

Me and my family had a great time, and the staff there was very nice!

chris dean

Awesome place to shoot pool or to go bowling at great food and they have a bar inside

vikki Reid

There every week for my sons league. Most of the employees are warm and welcoming but then you have a few that you just want to..ugh.....You get it. Food is usually great and the bar is like any other. Glow bowling definitely worth a shot.

Eileen Mersek

Great place to watch high school bowling teams. The employees brought chairs to those that needed chairs!

Herman Friedman

Cold on a really hot day. Cheap games on Thursday.

paige nealer

Lots of fun!

Lashawnda James

The service was mediocre but, the food was pretty good... We wanted to bowl but, couldn't I guess because they didn't want to open up more lanes.

Denise Fiocco

Wasn't a big fan of the music, needs mixed up a little but renovations were nice and we had fun

Beverly Thompson

Had so much fun with the ladies! Nice place

Dayana Gomez

Love bowling early on Sundays. Its 2.00 dollars per game until 12pm. So I usually come 10 mins before it hits 12 and get 2 games to play well into 2pm. It isn't much people there which is nice for an early family day out.

Melissa Maver

Amazing alot of fun

Marleese Chapman

Had a BALL!!! The music was tight!!! And I le the neon glowing lights

Jimmy Mitchell

Big tournament, no chairs. Food was okay.


Great location for parties..all ages will have fun

Ed jr

Place is a hole and the check in girls are rude

Michael Chessen

Wonderful facility; great atmosphere!

Mike Jodon

Beer and bowling! Remodel looks great

dalinka payton

Had a great time with the family. The customer service was wonderful and very helpful. Love the upgrades.

King Damien

Great atmosphere. Great music.

Patricia Gomez


Kayla Lowther

Such a nice place and so many lanes, awesome!

Jamie Overstreet

We are frequent bowlers and were trying the Lanes for the first time. Our lane wasVERY oily and the foul line was damaged and caused my ball to bounce every time I threw over it. May have just been my lane.

Jay Kevin

I had fun

Royal Family

Seemed "unfriendly" to people of ethnic backgrounds. Crazy.


We had a company bowling party and the service was great! Vicki helped make sure we had everything we needed, including wrist bracelets for the bar. She also made sure our food came out perfect and hot! Everyone had a great time and we will definitely go back!

Teresa Barela

Freeway lanes is my go to place for a weekend I love the place! Good selections in the bar and great songs playing I always have a good time here

WooVisualz Productions

Very cheap and a great environment. I attended with my wife and I got 3 hours of unlimited bowling together for under $25 that's a steal!

Mario J Escobar

Well maintained bowling place.

Jake Yates

Well taken care of! One of the best bowling alleys that I've been in.

Nilsa Carrero

Great music and family fun!

Willie Stokes

Fun place to go alot of lanes always a fun time.

Ameer Jabr

Great place to bowl and have fun! We brought Future Kids Daycare here and the kids absoultely loved it here! The service is outstanding and wait time is minimal.

Diesel Kacee

Place has changed alot for the better , great loaded nachos, all fresh cut veggies on em and big. Friendly staff and bartenders.

Charles Humphries Jr

Thank you Trudy.

Tiana Hernandez

There was a very rude female worker who had an attitude as soon as we began conversation with her. She also insulted us for how we were bowling and laughed about it with her friends.

Samuel Arroyo

We were so into the game that we didn't pay any attention to the last call for food and drinks. But a staff member was nice enough to serve us a pitcher of iced water. We had a blast! No vending machines for drinks.

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