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REVIEWS OF Park Lanes Bowling Center IN Ohio

Chris Johnson

It's been updated since my last visit. Over all a pretty decent place.

Charles Clevenger

Nce plce fir the lcso tu get tughtr

Nicole Carrelli

I purchased a ball today and Tim was superb. Helped me with everything,a true gentleman. My score,however,left alot to be desired!

Amber Wallace

This place is great. There is good service, and there is hardly ever a problem with the ball return or the pinsetters. The coupons on the website are unbeatable. I feel that they have the best prices around. I love the glow bowling I mean 9pm-1am unlimited bowling shoes included for like 14 bucks. Then with a coupon, buy one get one free, 7 dollars a person if you look at it like that, its a great deal.

Kris Rothacher

Enjoyed bowling. They have leagues in the evenings.

Rob Schneider

It's fun, but $7 per hour per person is way too high for the pool tables.

Nathan Goode

Staff was friendly, but often allowed adults and children to be unruly until approximately 1230am. It made the bowling experience less than enjoyable because many children would be gathered on a lane, being destructive and distracting. Otherwise it was enjoyable.

Breanna Croston

Love this bowling alley been going here for 16 years.

Shelia Thompson

I just loved everything about it, I had a wonderful time.

Matthew Engle

Always a good time when I go here.

Shelly Hofmann

Staff in very friendly

Alex Nethers

This establishment sucks. Guy behind the counter was very rude. We did glow bowl and he shut it down an hour before it was supposed to end. And when asked about it, he said he could do whatever he wants. As I walked out the door he ran his mouth to me.

Basically Keylee

Great food and the prices are not expensive compared to other bowling alleys. There's specials about every night of the week so make sure you look into them!


Shoes need to be cleaned more than just spraying them with some disinfectant spray. Should use a UVC light in addition to actually cleaning the inside of the shoes frequently. Same with bowling balls. Fingers were immediately greasy feeling after using a bowling ball. Seems like thebwhole place needs to be sanatized. The pizza we ordered from the snack bar was horrible!! Prices are good and staff was friendly.

Karmen Roberson

Had a great time at family birthday party.

Tamarra Lewis

Great time !!! Nice folks and groupon .. made it Awesome !!!

lori goedel

I purchased a Groupon pass for six people to bowl for two hours, a pizza and pitcher of pop. My two highschool friends and I brought our children for a night out. It was a wonderful time! Such a blessing to see the children of this generation INTERACT with each other instead of having screen time. Each one of us adults professed to taking our kids bowling in the future with our families as it was a HEALTHY entertainment. The environment at Park Lanes was clean and service was exceptional. We ended up adding on an extra hour of bowling and eating another yummy pizza. Definitely a redo!! Thank you for an amazingly happy moment Park Lanes and staff for not only the bowling, but for something more beautiful...allowing us to forge a memory of simple shared happiness...a real blessing.

Shannon Scoles

Love shooting pool and glow bowling!!! Little pricey but I guess nothing is cheap anymore!!


Very fun place to bowl,shoot pool and eat,enjoy good drink,very help full people one of the best pro shops around,,to buy a new ball tr s pro shop,,,,great time thank you

Josh Barry

Fun for all ages


The food tasted bad and made the whole family sick. Our lane broke 7 times and they didnt even offer to add extra time to us. We lost about 15 minutes because of it. Its ran down and needs to be remodeled. I wouldnt recomend anyone to go there. Why isnt there negative stars?

Kaden MacDonald

Needs updated, dirty , good prices way too high

Mark Kennedy

Good, clean, friendly staff. Good pool tables and an air hockey table.

Chaz Annarino

Definitely suck at bowling but it's always fun to do with friends or family.

Anne Mills

Was not there

John Poulnott

Bowling was excellent with the exception of several mechanical issues on the lanes.

Jason Drennen

If your a serious bowler then this place would get four stars. But as a family fun location two stars is being generous. The arcade is small and boring. The food is just almost okay. In the lanes remind you of the 80s Lanes. They could do a few things to make this Lane one of the best in town.

Alex Dotson

This place is a mess, staff is very rude and unfriendly. Your “party pack” isn’t even a party pack because apparently you’re always out of pizzas when you aren’t. The lanes do not work right the pens don’t reset after turns and when you ask them to fix it they are rude about it instead of politely fixing it and after they “fix” it the problem keeps occurring.

Angela Ford Oravetz

A fun, friendly place for family and friends.


Good deal on bowling packages

Jon-Paul Marshall

Lane keeps jamming. Balls don’t return. Guy argues and states they got it fixed. In 2 hours we only bowled 1-1/2 frames and finally walked out due to lack of customer service. In all we had 8 missing balls and our lane malfunctioned 4 times with large time delays waiting in line and getting fixed. You guys need to get a handle on the problems bc this makes customers very angry especially when balding guy wearing glasses is confrontational.

Christina Walker

We love going here! Rarely crowded and good family fun.

Steve Pennington

Most fun I've had in a long time

Hope Ervin

Always a fun time ! Excited for this summer bowling league!

heaven schneider

Great place to bowl and to celebrate your child's birthday at!

Doug Haines

The staff was wonderful, and the lanes were very nice. It's a more modern alley with auto-popup gutter barriers (I can't remember their names) and tablets to go with the lanes. It also had a small diner and a large bar with many amenities. One of the best bowling alley I've been to and will definitely go again.

Christopher Parrish

Service here was good, lanes are well kept, enjoyable family fun for all ages!

Doug Eckelbarger

Ok so we bought a Groupon and you do need to make sure you read the fine print... Even though the Groupon says through 9:00 Park Lane's said it was only good until 8:00. Ok so we drove an hour to come here to go on a little adventure so we will bowl anyways... Wrong... Their advertised time of being open until 11:59 is now 9:00... I don't usually complain but this is pretty bad... Very inconvenient and I have several kids I promised bowling tonight that are upset... Come on man update your website to reflect your times and policies...

Brooks Allen

The family had a good time. Good food and clean.

Jamie A. Fry

Casual place to have fun with the family

Jessica Lynn

Great place, super busy.

E Warrior

Worst service could possibly receive. Closed over hour early and wouldn't let you play anymore games or make purchases. Outdated system for bowling. Lanes aren't balanced. Only plus was that food was good and made fast.

Brenda Hammond

Very nice

jacob faught

Its awsome

Amy Thrash

Had an amazing time

Haley Muir

So much fun!!

Shotie Mcclain

Best Bowling alley in HEATH Ohio

Anthony Maybin

Nice staff clean place. Went with family for all u can eat pizza and unlimited bowling on a Friday night for $13. Very reasonable.

Mark Edwards

Place is a local classic. Good place to take the family.

marie camille

We had a great time!!!!!!

Aaron Lee

It is a great place to go and enjoy playing with family and/or friends. I enjoy going at the bear minimum of once a month.

Sarah Johnson

Today my family stopped in to your establishment to enjoy the special for $12 that included a free drink and bowling until midnight. When my family first approached the counter my brother in law had to show a “coupon” and then when my husband and I went to pay the gentleman working the counter said “well you need to bring it up on your phone to get the discount.” The special is plastered all over the bowling alley it was absurd to make my husband do that. Then after everyone paid we were informed that the bowling alley would be closing at 9:30pm. Which means we had one hour to bowl. The advertisement and the website clearly state the alley is supposed to be open until 12:00pm. We didn’t even get the opportunity to finish our second game and it blew my mind how many people got turned away. This establishment is definitely loosing money. I counted over 15 people getting told to leave. I also heard other bowlers complaining they weren’t allowed to finish their games. As paying customers we definitely should have been treated better and we definitely will not be returning. The staff was too concerned with leaving and they clearly don’t care they’re loosing business. I won’t be referring anyone here to bowl in the future. I definitely think the owner should be made aware of how people are being treated.

Spencer Griley

It's fun. A bit expensive. Food is ok.

Scott Brown

If you ever visited the old location, the new place is a definite upgrade. It's cleaner, lots more room and a decent family environment. It would be nicer if they separated the bar and pool tables away from the bowling so there is less interaction between kids and drunks, but that all depends on which side your on.

Amber Hughes

Glow and bowl is the best!! We always have a great time here. Very reasonable priced entertainment.

Mariah Hatem

Just amazing all around....

Nick Summers

My work took some of us there one afternoon for an outing and it was great. Immediately you can tell that they've continuously updated the place throughout the years. Newer juke box, touchscreens for entering names for lanes, and LCD screens for score boards. Staff was very helpful and even gave us some credits on the juke box to play what we'd like. Highly recommend.

Zac Gierling

I have been here numerous times, both for practice and for family fun. The atmosphere is great, employees are friendly and helpful, and the pro shop has a good selection. The pricing could be a little better, but you can't really fault them for it. This is definitely a great place for your family and friends!

Dave Hall

So busy. 2 hour wait. Good for their business, not so much for family night.

Mary McKay

We always have a good time bowling here. We go during day with kids and there's always a lane open. Pizza is good too!

Ronald Felty

It's a good time for family fun. Kids bowl free all summer n there are discounts for adults, leagues of all kinds to fit your family's.

Kitt Slocum

The grandkids love going here bowled a couple games and enjoyed the pizza

Jacob Clark

Was fun, but a for an older place with old balls, it was a bit over priced.

David Six

Just a good all around place to hang out with friends or even join a league or two. Friendly employees and atmosphere.

Mariah Waddle

Place smells really bad. Service is terrible. Food isn’t even good. Would not recommend going here at all

Cindy Horn

Staff is always friendly and helpful!! Great place for family fun!

Jen Ford

Best place to bowl. Great family place and good deals.

Phyllis Chaffin

Awesome place!

Emily Collins

Awesome time for the whole family and always has great deals

Kacey Meade

Had people constantly going in our lawn when where trying to bowl no matter how many times we'd ask them to stop or tell management. It was ridiculous and they should have been thrown out, not allowed to continue. You have to think safety first.

rick ellis

A clean comfortable bowling alley to be packed in like sardines watching our kids bowling team score another victory. The owner of the Pro Shop is knowledgeable friendly and helpful.

Janice Agler

Clean bowling alley.

Marcus Jones

Paid to play music and the owner turned it down to a practically inaudible level. If it's a genre he likes though, he'll crank it to ear splitting level. No point having a juke if you don't like anyone else's music.

Kayloni Wagner

It's a fun place to go to and have fun with your friends and family.!!


Really fun.

Raymond McMahan

I waited almost 3 hours for a lane here just to find out they never put my name down on the waiting list. Maybe if they had put my name on there i wouldnt be leaving this 1 star review right now.

Foster Anderson

Good for family fun, hanging out with the crew, after work activity, joining a league... The bar and snack counter have standard bowling alley food and drink. Lanes are in good shape. They have bumper bowling if you have young ones with you.

Marianne Jording

Super night out for a group of kiwanis folks and pizza was excellent too!

James Matheny

We had a great time doing glow bowling. The place wasnt overly crowded. The kids enjoyed the music. Wings, pizza and snacks had a good taste to them. The workers at the counter were attentive to our needs and helped when needed. Would recommend for a night out for a family.

Perumal Narayanan

Been here twice. Staffs are Friendly. Equipments show some age but that is what to expect for the very affordable price. Food can be better.

Danielle Leon

My family went on quarterama night, and had a blast! Would definitely recommend going. The place was clean and shoes and lanes were in good condition. Very nice place!

Tytaku 2

I do and will always prefer and recommend bowling here. Especially after today: We just had a gender reveal party using 4 lanes and the party room, and the staff could not have been more generous and supportive to make it go perfectly. Tim, who owns the pro shop, helped us with the ball and was even willing to drill the finger holes to baby size. Hes always up front and honest with you to give you the best ball for what youre looking for. Hes made 3 balls that we use regularly and works with us for everything we need. Sometimes theres a wait but like everywhere else, its first come first serve. Not the bowling alleys fault. Get there as soon as the specials start because it fills up QUICK. The only time the experience is ruined is when you have high school/college kids who end up next to you and spend more time screwing around than being courteous to those around them... Again, not the bowling alleys fault.


Love bowling here friendly service and great fun people. I am in the Big Brother Big Sisters of Licking and Perry counties program and I have an AMAZING ONE OF A KIND, THE BEST BIG IN THE WORLD

inVader Zinn


Jonathan Houghton

Great place to go bowling with recently updated equipment. Staff is helpful and considerate. It is over all clean, but with some lacking parts as the building is older.

Tim Bodle

Great new automatic video score monitors. Fun trip to the bowling alley.

Juanita Paulson

I love to bowl but not enough public bowling options the leagues have all the time and lanes. Tje wait is awful

Corban Priest

They run out of draft beer on their busiest night of league

Joshua Powell

Only negative is it's hard to get a lane these days since the other bowling alley have closed. They are always full! Time to add more lanes park!!

Clayton Mitchell

Had a great afternoon of fun here and can't beat their 25 cent hotdogs and soda

Victor Congos

Extremely well kept and updated bowling alley. The only issues i've ever encountered is a somewhat unusual league schedule (friday nights), but really this is a minor complaint. Each line will provide stats and even email you the scores from your games, as well as do long term stat tracking, found that to be really interesting.

Edward Breder

Just a great place to roll some balls. T.R. was awesome in getting us set up with balls, getting them adjusted, and throwing in some basic pointers. Definitely can't wait until next time!

Mackenna Finley

The pizza was nasty but I wasn't ridiculously priced, the music was fantastic, and no one gave me a hard time for being the world's worst bowler.

Terry Pettet

We go there weekly. Like it a lot.

Andrea Miller

I know its a fun time. When you can get a lane . i called and ask if i could reserve a lane and was told no need just come on in and once we arrived was a forty minute wait. So we had to take our kids to McDonald's instead. What a bust of a fun night.


Had my best game here. The atmosphere is amazing! My wife and friends will be back every month!

Greg Kozick

I don't recommend this place. The wait was an hour and a half. They wouldn't let me pay until we had a lane, but wouldn't apply the discount on food until we paid. So I'm left entertaining four hungry children for an hour. Their response, "well you can pay full price for food until you bowl". How do you think I justified the cost of having a "fun family night out"? No thanks, not doing this again. Oh, and they had lanes not being used too.

JenM H

The pizza was delicious, and the bowling was fun :)

Ellen Chancey

Excellent party facilities. Great family place to bowl.

Adam Coates

Good place to bowl but everytime I go im charged a different price

Morgan Murday

Overall, my family had fun. Although I was not happy about the un-edited rap music dropping the "f-bomb" while my young kids were there and listening. We bowled at 2p, not late night "adult time".

optic sniper740

It was good some rude kids and the pizza sucked but good

allie tyler

Terrible service, rude employees.

Dianne Yantes

Really nice place our 1 time there.

Kenny Hill

Awesome place for a family event

Terri Barnz

Was here for a birthday party about a month ago. Great place but awkward staff who didnt appear to have a clear definition of what their roles were.

Derek Company

WORST place I have ever bowled at, they only have balls up to 14 pounds, must be to promote pro shop ball sales. The dots (dowels) on the floor before the lane are too far away from the foul line ~ 2 feet too long. I have been to several bowling allies in Columbus and surrounding areas and they all offer what this place doesn't....

Debbie M

Very friendly staff and very clean appearance of inside and out of building. Very good burgers also. They sell new or used bowling balls and drill to your needs. Also have other items needed. Lanes are very nice...

Nate Johnson

My friend bowled here and waited 3 hours to bowl while there were open lanes. Jukebox is sort of a scam.

Angela Foster

nice place

Beth Sullivan

So fun and family friendly.

Kenneth M

Group of 8 went for all night bowling. 15 a person for all you can bowl and shoes. They turn off the lights and turn on the black lights and disco lights. Only downside is no free have to pay a jutebox!

Cheryl Guy

Bowling was great! Food was absolutely awful.

Carl1975 75

Very nice place


The gentlemen at the desk were very helpful and friendly. The place is clean and has a likable atmosphere. We had a good time.

Pamela Rowley

Lots of fun and a great staff!

Katrina L Hupp-Frisbie

Had great pool tables

Hannah Doll

The bowling and food was great, but the novelty vending machines were some-what broken, with many quarters stuck (2), or machines never even worked (2), but other then the 4 broken arcade games, everything else was fine.

Khai Abbott

Has a great time with the family

Peter Sanders

It has bowling, with glow in the dark stuff

Kevin Busick

Great bowling alley, good pizza

Medi 7817

Best breakfast around

Starla Doty

Enjoyed the evening there for my grandsons birthday

Matt Huffman

Great people and the lanes and computers have been updated.

Mary Collins

Spent the night throwing up after eating their deep fried food.

Brian Lewis

Great well kept bowling facility. Food service and bowling amenities were great.

L. E.

Took our two kids (2 and 4) along with 3 adults on a Sunday afternoon. We had a great time. They've got shoes for little ones, bumpers, and ramps all of which were produced effortlessly from our perspective. The food is pretty good. It goes without saying that it's mostly frozen/fried items, but everything we ordered (fried pickles, chicken wings, corn dogs (mini)) was good. We did get nachos and I felt the chips could have been more fresh/less stale, but they we're still edible. I asked for all kinds of dips and jalapenos on the side, and the person taking the order was extremely accommodating without problem and the order was completely accurate when they called us up to get it. The shoes and overall facility was clean, including tables and chairs. I did not use the bathroom so I can't speak to it's cleanliness, but if the rest of the place is any indication I would assume it's kept well. The only slightly disappointing feature was the arcade area. The games are showing their wear and tear without a doubt, and there isn't much from which to choose. We may have stayed a little longer had there been more for the kids to do in that area. Overall, it was a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon and it was surprisingly busy. I had anticipated it being very quiet, but there were several birthdays happening and plenty of other families there enjoying time together. Really pleasant.

Jackie Cutlip

Nice bowling alley. Clean

Jamie Potts

Friendly staff. Clean facility. Good parking.

Kathie Becker

The bowling lanes were ok, but when you know your gonna have state tounament in your place of business, I'd think you would hire more than 3 snake bar ppl. We ordered our food chicken wings and fresh fries as so did other ppl, it took them almost 2 hours to get them to us, they also shut down the snake bar right before lunch so to make the bowling team lunches, and allowed 2 birthday parties while the state bowling was happening???

Rachelle Gravely

Older equipment, nice staff, family friendly, tons of other games besides bowling especially pool.

tommy perkins

Great place to take the kids.

Devilcake Oof

The staff were very pleasant and knowledgeable, I got a bowling ball drilled there and I love it!!

Chelsea L Wood

Bowling was great they have fun games you can choose from but for 20 mins of pool it was 4 dollars that was 1 games !!!! Never again will that happen !!


Visited for the first time tonight. Was a date night for the hubby & I. We rarely get out and my hubby was wanting to bowl. We really liked Park Lanes. Nice music, good service, fun time. We will be back!

Sarah Johnston

It was worth it but can give bigger discount.

Skip Hepner

Really nice clean and up to date place to bowl. The Manager is very personable and "on top of it". I was just getting back into bowling and they put me on a dressed lane and the owner was watching me. He came over and volunteered to give a few pointers and... WOW what an improvement on my game!!! Thank you!! Eventually I bought a new ball and had it drilled. It was ready in no time and done right. Great experience all around!! This place has come a long way. I am very happy to have a bowling center of this caliber in my town of Heath.

M Lewis

Most of the staff is friendly and helpful. The atmosphere is great and pricing is not bad. The only problem my friends and I experienced was with the bartender. She was friendly enough, but she needed help, and seemed to be very inebriated. We talked to the guy who runs the front desk, and they said that she is the owners wife so there is nothing they can do. It was sad.

ThatGuy Mortimer

Was told to come any time after 3pm that there would be plenty of room. Showed up at 545pm and it was at least an hour and a half wait we were told.

Desta Hutchison

Great place to spend time with Family!! Excellent service!

Mike Wilms

Service at snack bar was rude and food was horrible. Never going back.

Laura Grove

Place was horribly run down and food was discusting as hell. Plus staff tried to upsell my food order and put other food items on the bill that I didn't order.

Christopher Toomey

Great family fun. Worth every penny for the memories made.

Loretta Long

Manager was very rude and disrespectful to me when I called about a charge on my credit card. I asked him if I could see the charge slip on a second charge that was made on my card to verify that it was an authorized charge and he got verbally abusive. He told me to "get my ass down there" and there would be consequences. I have elected to go through my credit card company because I am afraid what type of behavior he would exhibit in person after the way he spoke to me on the phone.

Jeffrey Guinn

Friendly people, pizza was solid, and the bartender was on point!

Holly Webber

We had so much fun bowling today! Shoes were $6.50 for 2 boys. Bowling is free for the summer

Wyatt Elkins

Very nice bowling alley. They have an arcade, a bar, a pool hall, snack bar and juke box to make for a fun family and friends night out.

Andrew Flynn

I did like the lanes, but there web site states that they are open til midnight for rally at the alley, from now til september. When we got there at 8:30 we were told they close at 9:30. Other than that disappointment it was alright.

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