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REVIEWS OF Eastgate Lanes IN Ohio

Sandy Sturgill

Great place to bowl

Melody Haines

Great place to go. Awesome people!!

Jeff Harville

Good family fun

Carrie Upton

The last time I went to this bowling alley they closed hours early, when I had paid for multiple rounds and barely got to finish one game. This time I checked their website to make sure they had open bowl & it stated they did all day (10am-11pm) when I arrived they had no lanes open, they were all closed for leagues.

James Goebel

I go here weekly. Friendly staff. Cheap drinks/food. Great special bowling prices. Just a tip: Their hours at night sometimes vary based on the amount of bowlers.

Lisa Fancher


Steve Steve

Had our company Christmas party there and staff is very friendly.


not very kid friendly at night watch out for the drunk hillbillies...& be careful driving around there, drunk drivers galore!

elizabeth landers

This picture says it all... looks line the person is wearing a black thong and a red shirt. Stupid

Joe Littrell

Never been at night, but they've been great during the day with kids and did an awesome job for my son's birthday.

Ryan Hasselbach

Lots of lanes fair prices friendly service decent beer selection

Mark Lawry

Very family friendly

David Cook

Grate place have fun with friends to.

John Doe

My girl and I had a great time until a pack of 21 year old kids started picking fight. The bowling alley needs to know when to cut people off that may have indulged a little to much. That never would of happened in my neighborhood. If the alley is going to irresponsibly serve alcohol to kids they need to get security.

Silver Kazi

Lanes were pretty dry, also the ball reture was super slow but the service an food was great. Still had a blast

Nancy Crabtree

Had a pleasant visit and friendly service great food

Tara Ward

Love the karaoke every other Friday .

Gray Lott

Was told to leave after the man sitting next to me(whom I did not know) began to become disruptive. They told me "my party was being disruptive". Unacceptable.

Monica Seaman

Great place

Josh Mullen

Nice prices and lots of fun to be had.

Joetta Howard

Good times...

Tanner Stewart

Eastgate lanes was an amazing time the moment I walked in the door. The front side of the bowling alley was all glow bowling and the other half was normal. The service was excellent from getting greeted as I walked in to being told "have a nice night" on the way out. The food was delicious, I would highly recommend their pizza (which they make themselves). We also had a "pizza fry" which was French fries with mozzerella cheese baked on top. They have a wide selection of food and have just about everything else at the bar. The bartender I dealt with was named Andrew. Not only did he show us a wonderful time but he did so while being courteous and friendly. Eastgate lanes is a family friendly place and I would recommend it to an person or group of people that want to have a good time. I will definetely be back and I stand by my review with only confidence.

Bob Metzger

Very nice local bowling. I'm happy with the availability of open bowling - it's usually busy, but I've never had to wait for lanes to open up.

Brad Taulbee

Horrible experience. First 2 lanes they put us on wouldn't work. Then the 3rd land that kinda worked wouldn't keep score and on top of that lane service was Horrible I won't be back

Stephanie Hager

It wasn't a very good experience at all . I usually come here all the time and have a great time . But this time I and my family didn't receive good customer service . The girl was rude and wasn't paying any attention to what I was wanting . I had told her I wanted to play 3 games and she had put us down for only one because like I had said before above SHE WASN'T PAYING ATTENTION AT ALL SHE WAS MORE CONCERN ABOUT HER PHONE!! So I'm most likely won't come back here . This is actually the second time I had a bad experience. I wouldn't recommend coming here .

Beth Statt

What a nice bowling alley. There are several claw machines and they serve ssoft drinks and beer by the pitccher.

Scott Darling

Had fun

charles ransom

Lots of fun, great staff


Fun bowling center but needs some upgrades

Joey Bomkamp

Very reasonable prices, helpful staff and a great atmosphere!

Mriganka T

It was an average experience for our group. Our lane had some fault because of which we had to call for help at least 10 times in our game when the pins won't be set up. We couldn't get another lane because of the ongoingbleague that day. Food is average. Will give a better rating if I have a better experience next time around.

Doreen Kaplan

Great prices close to home !

Clint Porter

It's okay. Older, not the best maintained, but the prices are pretty good. It's a good place to take kids.

Julie Griesinger

Great place to bowl with great food and drinks!

Elise Lambert

The lanes weren't oiled, they kept locking up, resetting... Understaffed.

James Powell Jr.

Great place for birthday parties! Loved it

Jamie Collins

Love this place

Sam Finstad

Bowling is fun regardless but when we got our group of friends and family out here to bowl at 10pm they told us only one game because they were closing early. I understand the business aspect, to save money if you’re not as busy as you desire. However, you still have customers willing to pay. While we were finishing our drinks they shut the lights off leaving us to sit in the dark. It was before their business hours and there were other customers in the other half finishing a bowling game. It was very rude and unprofessional. Very disappointed to bring everyone out for one game and for them to close early with other customers here as well. Do not recommend this place.

Slime Queen

Updated and fun

Dale Volz

Went early not to crowded could hear each other talk good service.

Kenwyn Maynes

very good

Linda Martin

Had a great time!!!

Jeff Smith

Date night with my wife and the lane was malfunctioning and having staff involved every 5-10 mins

Donna Stefinsky

Great Pizza !

Tim Price

Everybody loves bowling

Veronica Brooke

We were there for a work party, everyone was so friendly. We had pizza, beer & soda and it was all great! We were handed some cards advertising the $5 bowling everyday in the summer and I know we'll definitely be back. Thanks for a great time!!

GAIL gibson-skidmore

We had a good time

lisa baker

Fun fun fun

dave siebert

Overall good.

eddie brewer

Good lane conditions for open bowling with my own equipment!! Probably some of the "slicker" lanes I've bowled on (excluding league play). Only complaint is sometimes balls come back caked with what i assume is grease from the ball return.But i get that at a few other alleys also.(I assume it happens mostly after recent maintenance.)

Pat Maloney

Great drink specials!

April Clayburn

Had a blast there very nice place

Sarah Johnson

The employees are super nice, too bad a lot of their time is spent trying to fix the glitchy lanes.

David Glass

Had a great time was my son's birthday

Naomi Mueller

Friendly place, not usually crowded. Great food

Keli Tudor

Affordable family fun. Decent pizza for a bowling alley. Staff is friendly and helpful.

Lynzi Beadle

The lanes are constantly breaking and we played in a league and we always had problems with the lanes.

Ted Rosenberry

We were turned away at 8:45pm, along with 4 other car loads of people. They said they were closing due to lack of business. Yet they turned away 4 large (5+ people) groups that left to go to either another bowling alley or to another business. My nephew said "can we never go here again" upon learning we couldn't bowl tonight. What a pitiful way to rub a business.

Krypty G

I liked it, but it could be nicer, there were little, some big chunks taken out of most of the balls, so all i am saying is buy a ball to bring and dont use a house ball.

Autumn Smoyer

Rude people, the prices are not what their website states and the actual lanes are very dirty and quite honestly rhhe whole place is just drab

David Fanska

Fun time. Not expensive and a good atmosphere.

Braydon Benedum

Best bowling alley in the entire world.

Erin Lehn

If I could give no stars I would. Staff was EXTREMELY rude. Young dark haired girl that was "working" was way too busy hanging on some boy than to be bothered with actually working and taking care of customers. This place sucks and I honestly have no clue how it is still open. Needs some new employees.

robert coffman

Great place

Kyle AD

All things considered, it's a nice little bowling alley. Looks a little outdated on things, but for a nice time to bowl with the family, this is the place to go!

Michael Wood

The people working were really nice and friendly. It was a great first experience with bowling for my 5 year old and my 2 year old. We will certainly come back again.

Zach Swensen

Love it. Staff is extremely nice and they have good food as well.

Quentin Davis

They’ve done some Reno and it’s not too bad.

Christa Benedict

Nice bowling alley. Bathrooms need repair.

carl anderson

had a good time, could use some new video games.

James Bills

A typical bowling alley. Clean, lots of fun, and friendly people. Only reason for only four stars is that some of the lanes were broken.

Shane Stewart

Good place for kids staff is great!!!!

557T108F70 Jimmy

Its fun to throw the ball and Nock over the little things. BAM ! Got 3 of 'em haha. Bowling is fun. I had a lot of fun. I beet all my friends and that was super fun.

Rashid Hattar

13 of us went to have some fun as a group. Website said that they close at 1:30 am. With 3 frames left at 11:20 the staff turned off the music and turned on the regular lights and started cleaning up next to us. We got the hint so we did not play another game and we left and will not be back.

John Wallace

This place absolutley sucks!!!! Every lane I played on had to be reset ay last 5 times! On top of that every arcade game was broken. It is frustrating to get help as it seems to be an inconvenience for the staff. Delays in turns changes and malfunctions in turns. The only thing good about this place is their fries.

Ian Link

Great prices and friendly staff

angela Allen

Awesome pizza and bowling fun

Stephanie Veselovec

Lanes were very slow, the balls had dents in them. The place needs a make over if they want to stay open. Also 2 hours of bowling and unlimited pizza and the pizza came out an hour into bowling.

Amanda Hibbs

Wonderful place.

Drew A

Slow pinsetters - guessing they only keep 13-14 pins back there as opposed to the 20 they're supposed to so if you throw a strike you don't have to wait for pins to come down. OLD equipment - don't let the synthetic lane surfaces fool you. The pins, pinsetters, and ball return equipment... it's one thing for them to be old. It's another to be poorly maintained. I've had to move lanes because of breakdowns (and birthday parties they forgot about) more than a few times. Humidity problems in the center - I almost broke my ankle tripping over myself sliding. they tried "cleaning" the approach and it made it worse. Yet another time they had to move me to another lane - the humidity causes the approaches to be sticky. Health hazard! For what it is, it's expensive. They've spent too much money on sound equipment, glow bowling, a new sign, and a poor outside paint job to remember that BOWLING goes on there. And it's pretty obvious the owner cares more about maintaining his pizza oven than the bowling equipment. And don't forget that the specials they advertise on their site are almost NEVER valid! If you try to utilize a special within a week of any holiday you're out of luck. It's almost impossible to believe the SAME GROUP OWNS CROSSGATE LANES. It's sad that the worst place within 10 minutes of my house was Milford Lanes, then it closed down, and the worst place within 10 minutes of my house is now Eastgate Lanes. It's why I GLADLY drive a bit longer to get to Crossgate, Ringo, or Cherry Grove.

James Houze

Fun place for all family.

Kim Crawford


K.C. Anderson

Amazing experience!!! Great place for a kids Bday party!!!!! Can not say enough good things about this place.

Joerdie Driscoll

More expensive than some other lanes I've been too. Staff is nice. Sadly, I needed them often to fix things that had gone wrong.

James Mueller

It's okay

Lexie Lay

We love this place! We go all the time


If Andrew is there do not even go. Worst experience of my life.

Amy McQuitty

Took my 6 year old for his first time it was a great experience friendly workers, the pizza was good, and they have good deals

John Messeder

Lynn is best bartender ever

Colton Rich

Love this place it is local and the service is always great

Jacob Riesenberg

Not the best bowling alley around. But can definitely be a fun experience for new bowlers or just friends wanting to bowl a few rounds

Geoffrey Wisman

smelled and needs some updates....not going back


Very friendly staff, good bowling alley food. Not very many lanes but well maintained. Staff is always very friendly.

Hid P

Super friendly staff, nice lanes. Clean women's bathrooms!

jeffrey rose

Friendly and helpful great place for the family

Cat men

I was screwed but still came with clown shoes

Meshelle Wolfe

We were having a birthday party and one of lanes keeps getting stuck then it breaks so we were moved away from our party,than the other lane keeps messing up and not keeping scores accurate then our time had ran out and we didnt get to finish our game.

Ken Rumsey

What I good deal! Bowl from 10am to 12:30 for $10 ea. I like the place. Simple place, no hoopla going on. Good music, nice atmosphere!

Collin Schwieterman

I bowl in a league here every other Sunday. The staff is always very nice, and ready and willing to assist with anything you need. Food is good, beer is pretty cheap. Just your standard, run of the mill bowling alley.

Austin Gold

An old fashioned bowling alley with up-to-date technology. A great place to take your family for a reasonable cost. A good amount of house bowling balls to choose from. Easy to get to off the highway as well.I have never eaten there so I can't speak for the food. The attendants are friendly and helpful.

michael shea

Fun family entertainment.

Cheryl Wamsley

Was there this evening with my daughter. The lane broke down several times. Asked for reset twice. After the third time of the lane breaking down, got extremely aggravated. Spoke with an employee a 17 year old kid. He had no intention to of getting the manager for me or giving me great customer service. He just didn't give damn whatsoever. Did speak to the manager on duty upon leaving. He didn't seem to care much more than the kid. No apologies, no nothing. Don't waste your money by going here.

Evan Hickey

Nice staff, clean and reasonably priced. Lots of fun

John Johnski

Tuesday night is $11 for 2 hours of all you can eat pizza buffet and bowling (including shoe rental)!

kari miller

Super fun! Very clean, the staff is exceptional and the pizza is amazing! From the bar to the games (they have old school ski ball for a quqrter!) To the lanes, including glow bowl! It's a wonderful place to be and family oriented too. Definitely my favorite bowling alley and will go back again and again!

Sarah Scott

Great place for anyone that likes to bowl. Is family friendly and has very nice staff.

Kevin Sampson

Great place good food

Vernon Hobbs

Great place and lots of fun

Chuck N Them

Night bowling is pretty cool.

jennifer Culver

Pizza was great! I had a blast on mother son night with my son. They gave out prizes too.


Place tries to treat you right. Kids always have fun at birthday party events.

T.S. Bitzer

Wonderful service

Cheyenne Planck

Our lane kept breaking super annoying! It would take the workers like 10 minutes to fix them..

Marlene Lloyd

Fun place to go. Great parties. Good food.

Nicole Glutz

We have a great time here. And we really enjoy when it's not busy and the older gentleman that's been bowling for many years, always treats my daughter's well and offers helpful tips and making them laugh.

Christopher Christman

Its always a great time and the service and food is awesome

Tim Nordquist

Staff totally rude and annoyed by the people waiting in line to give them business. Wouldn't make eye contact and I eventually walked out. Not going back.

betty curless

Place was clean and people were very friendly

Daniel S. Batulanon

Clean, neat, excellent help, food was decent for a bowling alley. ....It could use some new equipment on the lanes? Ball return & pin alley kept malfunctioning

Angelina Wehrman

I brought my own bowling balls to play a few games here. My balls got stuck, the reset was slow, it took a large chunk out of my ball, there was not internet, and when I finished I found lots of black sticky gunk all over all the bowling balls. Would not recommend anyone coming here.

Jonathan Middleton

Dirty bowling alley that breaks down constantly. Do not suggest any serious bowlers to ever go here. Overpriced garbage have had multiple experiences that were poor with lanes breaking constantly, the returner destroying balls and just terrible customer service.

Chuck Hutchinson

Its ok place parking lot could use some care.

Melanie Cole

Needs updating a lot but my boys loves the place

Thomas Stamsbury

Fun play area for all

Matt Pressler

Great place friendly people & awesome lanes. Tuesday is pizza & pins 12.99 all u can eat & all u can bowl!

Brittany Gearhart

Friendly employees. Great pricing. Fun experience. Local and welcoming.

David Davis

Good family atmosphere

tina gentry

Had a blast can't wait to do it again

Greg Dartt

I only saw the parking lot. It was nice.

Lorrie Lamneck

Great and fun place..good food

Alex Winni

Not the best lanes but cheap prices on Tuesday and Sunday morning. Better to take the family to have fun than to practice. Still a warm atmosphere and good service

Brandi Kai

Good place to go bowl with kids.

Toney Johnson

Love taking the family

Tyler Shaw

Horeible service, lanes arent right no redund when thing on their end goes weong will never go back.

Nate Holscher

Fun place to go also has a glow bowl which is neat

Ron Healey

Good bowling facility

Apple Jacks Crowe

Service was outstanding. Actually tipped the staff. People can make all the difference.

kevin Sampson

Long 2 hr wait as usual on Friday Saturday nights

Jordan Barhorst

Had some serious issues with the pins getting 'stuck' after knocking down. Happened six times over the span of two games. Getting the staff to fix it each time was a lot more trouble than it should have been. Cared more about talking with friends than making it possible for us to bowl.

Linda Lillie

Great place to bowl but not really warm in there

Mark Sojda

Very nice place to bowl and excellent pizza

David Feck

Had a blast, nice lanes, all pizza to eat at a good price

Jack Weaver II

It was chill fr

Justin Bischof

Love the place

Roger H

Always a great time! Friendly staff!

Brandy Combs Patton

Staff was friendly. My 2 year old bowled with the little dragon thing they have got little kids. It was a great time for ther kids. Pizza was delicious

Kassie Gort

Our first lane was very slow to reset. We got moved twice during our first game then we moved before our second game and then had to move again to a different lane before lane 2. No apology offered. No discount. Poor customer service. This was our second time here and we probably won't be back.

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