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REVIEWS OF Buckeye Lanes IN Ohio

Jose Rodriguez

Old school bowling

John Barbarotta

Good place to practice

Leonel Hernandez

This is a nice place to balling well practice balling. Have a good time with family

Michael Knight

I had a great time and looking forward to another visit thank you Buckeye Lanes for a wonderful time.

Stanley Soja

Great Pro shop.

Lauri Schroeder

Typical bowling alley. Kind of dark. Went for a child's birthday party. Nothing special. Seemed clean.

Unicorn Vloggers

I haven’t bowled in a while. So I pretty much forgot how to set stuff up, etc. I wish I could have grabbed their names but their were two women. Older lady and a younger lady last Monday night. Very rude!! They didn’t want to do their jobs or they were just too lazy. After asking for help 2 times she finally came to help put the names on the screen but she did it very rude! If you hate your job that much don’t ruin people’s night! I will not return to this place I’d rather go to the ghetto bcuz that’s how I was treated!

Chelsea D

It's OK went for a birthday party they had fun bowling and the place was pretty clean. There was a lot of people but not crowded. The food was good but a little pricey if you're buying for more then 1 or 2

Patty Arnold

It is a family friendly place for bowling. You can shoot pool, join a bowling league and on weekends enjoy specialty bowling late at night.

Bo Hopkin


Derek Roode

Fun evening

Jonathan Shaft

The lanes are well taken care of. Staff is friendly. Good place to go bowling for fun or if you are in a league.

Gary A. Krause

Nice pool table area

Prisha Kansara

It's fun

David Bradley Shinn

It's been a great place to bowls for years.

Mike Elkins

Nice lanes.


The bowlers smoke in the lobby at the far end of the alley. It's horrible walking through the wall of smoke when you leave or come in.

Dillon Workman

The service was amazing and the employees were very friendly.

Julia Button

They get you in and out to bowling really quick and it's pretty inexpensive

John Porch

Smooth even lanes. And great prices

Suwon Yang

Nice front desk, good condition of the lane.

Becky Ryan-Monschein

Thought it was a nice place until our game was over and apparently we were taking too long to get our belongings and shoes back on when an employee came up and rudely told us that if we weren't going to play another game we needed too move so someone else could be put on the lane. As we were leaving we counted more than 10 open lanes. We probably would've stayed to play pool or get a snack but not after that.

n w

It's a bowling alley

Banana Man

Buckeye is awesome. I learned to bowl in the kid's Pee Wee league and now I like their cosmic bowling. My cousins ask to bowl here every year when they come in town at Christmas and over the summer. It's just a good place to be and the people are really nice.

Mike Schubert

Great bowling alley to spend time with the family. Clean and well kept, has a pro shop on site too. Had fries and a burger from the snack bar and was pleasantly surprised with a very good burger and fresh fries.

Elizabeth Baumgartner

John Smith

Jimmy G

nice bowling house, lots of lanes

jacob lucas

Great environment love the people who work there

Tommy Hart

sarah mohammad

The staff were very unwelcoming and rude. The moment my family and I (who are Muslim) entered the bowling ally, we immediately felt unwelcome. If you are looking for an environment which is accepting of people of all different faiths and ethnicities, I would not recommend this bowling allay.

Gary Mccullough

Just another bowling alley

Jeff Wade

Very clean and professional looking.

James Tanner

Best lanes and leagues in W. Cleveland

Virginia San Juan

Great place to bowl or play pool. They have a bar too and serve food, which is nice. Can get pretty crowded especially during the weekend

Kaw-Liga Hatch

Terrible setup and organization. Why set it up to have everyone that walks in, have to walk back & forth past an already packed tournament. I think you should have had the tournament at the other end of the alley. Also making people (students) buy your bottle water instead of pitchers. Money hungry.

Ed Dunikowski

Lot of lanes play right away

Carlynne Welch

This place was a good time! The drinks are very reasonably priced and they have a huge selection of bowling balls and the socks that they sell you are really cute. I had an incredibly good time here and I really enjoyed the entire experience. Clean, smoke-free, family-friendly. There's a bar.

Brian Ott

Full bowling alley that still has many pool tables to enjoy.

Shawn Rakusan

Rachel Smith

We aren't very good at bowling but we love to play! This place is clean, has modernized equipment and a wide selection of bowling balls. Comparing to other local lanes, however, we were disappointed when we were not permitted to use the assist ramp for our 3 year old (a metal ramp that can be set at the edge of the lane allowing a ball to be set on top and rolled off) due to "policy". Because of this policy we'll have to stick to going to other, accommodating local lanes for the least the next few years.

Robert Yount

It's a bowling alley. Not expensive, but not cheap. It's somewhere in between. If I wasn't bowling, I wouldn't go there.

Brian M

Don't go on Fridays. It's league day

Mahmoud Albarghouthi

Good bowling place.

Erin McKay

Fair price on bowling, good alcohol selection and pretty good bar foods all of which make for a fun night!

Michael Winans

Friday night rockin bowl is fantastic

Mikey McD

Great and family friendly

Wayne Fox

This place is doing a great job adjusting to the new technology that has emerged in the world of bowling

Ashlynn Stone

Great prices

Ray Warnick

Great people good food and has pool tables.

Jay DesForges

Love bowling here. Plenty of lanes, great leagues!

Hannah Marcum

Busy night but good service, lighter balls behind the desk if needed, turned to glow bowl later on! Cheap pitchers of beer, good time

Andy Kociubuk

Good place. I've been going here for years.

Jesus Velazquez

Love it!

Chris Shestina

Very nicely maintained lanes, drink and food is pricy tho

Marco Dimbo

Fun place to play. Staff is always great. The pro shop is top shelf.

Ed Clarke

Love this place!

Cailyn H.

Despite the short wait for a lane, the game was really nice and there were no game-breaking issues. Pinball was also very fun and the food was really good for bowling alley food. Not to mention the pricing was very reasonable for the service we got and the games/rental included.


I go every Saturday and love it! They have a snack bar with prices that aren't that bad. They have pool, lottery tickets, and approximately 40 lanes.

Jesse Gonzales

Good loved it

Joe Yagielo

Nice bowling place

Sean Mramor

Great for leagues. Tough for open bowling. Glue on the bottom of the pins

Richard Dissell

Great spot, I've been coming here for years. Great for grabbing drinks and bowling or playing pool.

rocco jibraltar

I haven't been bowling for over a decade or two so it was nice to see that the automatic scoring that they have installed these days doesn't require an advanced degree to set up. For three lines of bowling each, for my buddy and I, and a pair of rental shoes for me, our total was under 15 bucks. Since it was a slow day, after my buddy made a couple trips to the bar the barmaid was coming to us to take our orders. All in all had a great time and even the front desk service was excellent.

Donna Koch

Get time!!

Margaret Ruhl

Lanes were sticky.


Always call ahead of time and make sure there are no leagues playing almost impossible to play before 9:30

nikeair Gabe

There lanes are always oiled well, they also have pool tables available which is great

Betty Montano

Clean. Updated. Pleasan staff

Chris J

Great bowling alley. Great staff!

Desiree Bonet

I'm not one to give many bad reviews but my experience here definitely stuck with me. Old, definitely not very clean and rather dark inside. I was uncomfortable and I refused to eat because I was grossed out at how everything looked there. It probably hasn't been updated in awhile either. The prices aren't bad and are competitive though. If you just want to bowl it probably wouldn't be bad. A lady (who I assume is the manager) wasn't the nicest. I felt uncomfortable because almost immediately when the young man (who seemed nice enough) began to ring me up she proceeded to scold him for something he had done. Very awkward and even more so when she acted like a totally different person when addressing me which did stick out but I tried to not think of it while I was there. It probably also didn't help that the entire place smells like old, stale nacho chips even though I didn't see anyone eating nachos while I was there (kind of noticable when there weren't many other customers besides me, my brother and my cousins). They didn't mind bowling here but they said it really wasn't anything special. I am not sure if I was being overly picky but I really wasn't a fan or will be returning here anything soon.

John mooney

Jill M

Always a good time bowling. I wish they would update their system so that not every person on one lane had to use the bumpers but rather only the kiddos that needed them. At the concession stand, due to sensitive teeth I asked for no ice in my pop but they told me they had a policy that they HAD to put ice in every cup (which I get so they don't have to use as much pop) but I wasn't going to risk mouth pain over their ice policy. Bowling is always fun but they could use some updates shoes. Some of them have definitely see better days.

Lauren D

Amazing bowling alley! Very inexpensive and electronic scoring

David Krudy

I haven't been there in years . They remodeled the place and it is awesome. Went there for my grandkids birthday party and I was amazed at the service.

ronald pope

Clean well operated


Good bowling alley

David R

Four of us stopped in (4/20) on a whim after eating dinner at a nearby restaurant.. It was our first time bowling at this establishment. The gentleman behind the counter was short with us - very unwelcoming. He acted like he didn't want our business - like we were bothering him. We received very poor customer service. So, our first impression was not a good one at all. Other than him, though, the establishment was nice. However, we will take our business somewhere else where we feel more appreciated as customers.

May Alkhafaji

Not the best

venessa brown

Well, I didn't even have the chance to go here! We called in a Tuesday night. Their website said it was open bowl after 6pm. We call to double check, and are told over the phone that it is indeed open bowl until 8, after 8, leagues start. We drive all the way there, pack up the kid, she's excited. We get there, no open bowl. Apparently the website and person on the phone both lied or the lady in front of us lied. I asked another group i saw there how they got in. They were there for open bowl, but they had to reserve a lane. So i guess, the rather large idiot behind the counter had no idea, guy on the phone had no idea. We left with an upset kid and will never return because communication is apparently too hard for the staff there. So disgusted!

Tim Skinner

Great food and drinks to go with a great place to bowl

Joseph Dezendorf

Pretty good place to bowl have pool tables and Cosmic Bowling is pretty cheap

Crystal Radeff

Alex Meyer

the people are complete jerks and were rude and disrespectful when i came

william brownfield

Kids love it

Urmil Kansara

Recently celebrated our daughter's birthday. A great place for celebrating events with friends and family. It's sure to entertain everyone. You need to buy food from them. They do not allow outside food with exception of cake.

Chris Balser

Nice bowling alley. They have a bar and grill, pool tables, bumper bowling, and arcade games. Fun for all ages. Helpful responsive service too if ball or pin problem etc...

Marko Kovacic

Not bad place to shoot pool. My wife and I come once in while when we have time we shoot pool or have the kids to bowl. Not many pool halls left and not many alleys have pool tables anymore. Tables are in so so shape just need to change felt on tables but understand not many people shoot pool anymore and never busy where the pool tables are. Money I am sure they put into the alleys which seem fine. Most people behind the desk are nice but one older gentlemen the couple times I seen him seems mad when he talks to me. I wonder if the plan is to get rid of the pool tables since that seems that is the trend and fewer and fewer places to shoot.

Hadeel Farunia

Workers are very rude. They do not talk to customers properly. I would never come back here again

A. D. Whitsett

Good rates for the billiards.

Yani Rom

Always such friendly service

Lucy Bilik-Hill

Great services. We have been going there since kids were very little and love it!

Stacy P

Aaron Arcuri

Great for the kids. Decent food too.

Branden Pilot

Fun place to go hang with your friends

David Garcia

Awsome place great atmosphere for family

Dave Cleary

This bowling center is always a fun time from league bowling to their moon rock bowling. Highly recommend checking this place out!

Pat Smith

Great place. Well maintained. Fair prices and friendly service

Timothy Jones

Good times

Paul S

Great family fun, lots of lanes, reasonably priced, and clean.

Junglejinks Junglejinks

We had fun, great family time but both of our lanes kept getting jammed.

Eric Jessen

Excellent bowling alley. Highly recommended!

Brennan McGilvray

I've been bowling here since the time my sister and I got in trouble for throwing sand at our neighbor's house. We weren't allowed to go until we cleaned it up. My buddies and I recently held our inaugural 8 man tournament and had a blast. The loser got a slushie down his pants. My only reason for not giving 5 stars is that there were no slushies available at buckeye! We had to go to the back alley of DQ to do the deed!

Christopher Oppewall

Fun new years eve rock n bowl

Michael Alexander Knight

I really enjoyed myself at buckeye lanes the people there was friendly I am looking forward to going there again soon.

Annamaria Bathory

Staff needs to work more efficiently

Huy Pham

Great place to hangout!

Peter Canepa

Very accommodating

Dalamin Aubis

I go here exactly once a year, for my company Christmas party. I can say that the consistency is uncanny. I'm not sure anything here actually ever changes, and I feel that this could possibly be exploited for long distance extra solar colonization. The bar has everything a middle aged man could want, and there is a large side area for playing pool when you no longer want to dislocate your shoulder. Would go again.

Keith Marolt

Good experience with nice lanes!

Tracie Rich

Nice atmosphere

Christopher Bamrick

Super reasonably pricing with a great, clean atmosphere. This place rocks.

Samir Alrubayee

Great place great service!!!

Michael Martin

Great lanes and atmosphere but the staff can be very rude at times. It's almost like the episode on the TV Show Seinfeld called "The Soup Nazi". Everyone wants to go there but dread the interaction with the dude at the counter.

Rick Miller

I go here for the pro shop.

Eileen Mersek

It is a great bowling alley to watch high school league bowling.


the place is good for family and other sorts for bowling,the reason i gave it a 3 star because of the service for food and how my food was stale and it was just nachos i mean how do you screw up nachos

jaden weaver

Good bowling

Cas The Demon

Tuesday and Thursday is 7.50 person unlimited bowling from 830 to 10. Decent deal. Good lanes. The only thing is that this place doesn't have a wide variety of bowling balls. I couldn't find a single one that fit my fat fingers. But still great place, good atmosphere, and decent snack food.

Suzanna Yuhasz

The lanes had very little oil on them and the alley balls are not marked for weight, it seems like most of them were abandoned by their previous owner. It was still fun and we had a good time. Prices are average for a bowling alley.

Naomi Strollo

Always A Good Time! Plenty of lanes, and always something to do.

ana lilia parga silva

They are grumpy, racists and intolerant.

Jimmy Mitchell

Great time with family

Alix Cillo

Best bowling alley on the west side

Gary Brooks

243 high game tonight 652 series tonight finish in second place

Ginger Lennon

Management is very friendly always willing to help. The food at the restaurant grill is always fresh and delicious. Always a fun enjoyable time bowling here. I will definitely return.

John Peshek

Bowling league!!

Kyle Bills


Joseph Welo

Not open on sunday even though the web site says it is, learn the internet

Ashley Walter

Large alley , not enough bathrooms. Large alley, not enough staff for the event. Was nice and clean.

Ted Powers

Nice is clean and staff is friendly. If you want more than just bowling, they have a full bar and lots of snack choices.

Andrew Winter

It's definitely the best and biggest of the bowling alleys in the area! The moon rock bowling it pretty amazing! It's a little hard to bowl but it's alot of fun!

Roger Burgers

I bowled 253 181 I had fun

Pammie B

Staff were awesome. My family and I had a wonderful time.

Elizabeth Dorenkott

This place is a joke. Took my family there and paid a decent amount of money for 2 games and got kicked out of our second game before it was even finished. I paid for 2 and my brother paid for 2. So we had more than enough games for us to play. Their staff wasn’t very informative of why we couldn’t finish our second game and when i wrote my review on Facebook they sat there and argued with me all night instead of offering to rectify the situation or asking me to call them to settle any misunderstandings. Terribly unprofessional and we will be going elsewhere from now on.

Zac Shields

traditional bowling, automatic scoring

Carly Helmet

Great place for kids, very nice staff.

Marcie Ritz

Super fun went for a kids birthday party

nick chabot

Joined a bowling league for the first time this year and had a blast! Their prices are very competitive and the atmosphere is very fun.

Victor Whitelock

It's a fun place that always has a lot of people enjoying their time. The food is good and not priced that bad (i.e. $12 for a pizza) they have a lot of lanes a d the place feels pretty clean. We enjoy going there with groups or just our family on occasion. Check it out, you'll enjoy it too

Ameer Jabr

Buckeye lanes has many alleys so wait time is little! Pool tables are also avaible. Refreshments are also available!

Ron Willis

Not a good place i called and asked if open bowling was going on and they said yea and 6 lanes was still open but when i got there 10 min after talking to them they said it was no more lanes open and the place was empty

JJ Hepp

Big, bustling and generally good at what it does. Buckeye Lanes is pretty much the quintessential bowling alley. Lots of lanes, a bar, and everything straight out of the 1970s. Make sure you watch out for league nights and check for open bowling before showing up.

Daniel Fisher

Staff was helpful. Clean! And everyone was having fun

Lakita Washington

Nice as far as cleanliness. What I did not like is the fact that they are not handicapped accessible. I also order food and the lady at the counter took the money out of my hand but placed my change on the counter.

Michael Elkins

Nice lanes. After 9:00 or so, the lighting is dimmed and the disco lights start. They're distracting and make it nearly impossible to see the lanes.

Rob Hawkins

Nice facility friendly staff!

Steven Wood

Kid friendly environment fast food and beer

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