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REVIEWS OF AMF Stardust Lanes IN Ohio

Tasha Haley

Really nice updated bowling alley. A little pricy for a family to go bowl. Paid $45 for two adults and two kids to bowl 1 game with shoe rental.

Terry Crampton

Great staff, good food, a place so filled with fun. Go Bowling!

Damon Smith

Kind of pricey. Excellent service at the lanes though.

Mickey Conley

We went as a family and it was really nice. Family fun!! Even the teenage had fun!

Phil Linley

Bought a gift card to take my wife on a date night. Looking forward to it all week. We see online they do unlimited bowling on Monday nights, sweet because that's the only day I have off. Get there and the guy at the desk rudely tells me they have no lanes and Monday is league night. I tell him the website says they do unlimited bowling Monday and asked why they advertise that if they only do league bowling and he said "well, you should have called". Unbelievable.

Michele Travis

Lots of fun. Employees Friendly and Helpful. Good deals when you sign up for the emails.

jacob melanson

Great bowling alley great people great workers great bowling it's great overall

Michelle Uyoa

All the workers are very friendly, never had a bad experience.

T Mount

Always have fun here & the staff has always been super nice!

Tyler Anderson

Love bowling there. The pro shop is really nice. Love the lanes

charles mazurek

Goos place to bowl hotdogs were amazing beer was cold

Dianne Oliver

Nice place but too pricey

Jennifer Wotring

An older bowling place, but nice staff. Restrooms were clean. Not all games worked properly in arcade area, they were definitely old. We did what we went for though, to bowl.

richard lucas

Love it we had 17 people with us and the manager did a great job.

Bill Lobuzzetta

Nice facility and staff.. Always clean.


Had an awesome time here with my girlfriend tonight. Loved the improvements they made!

Mary Lightfoot

Me and my 2 kids played one game and they said that counted as 2 games and it cost us 32 dolllars to play plus my daughter and 3 yr old grandson played at same time and they charged them 21 dollars so we ended up paying 53 dollars for 1 game... thank god we didn’t go ahead and play another game because if we would have it would have been over a hundred bucks

Alex Ford

Food is okay. It takes a really long time to get it and there aren't a ton of places to sit but out was funfor just a quick family outing. A bit over priced like going to the movies but expected.

Julie Peters

Had Paint Nite here nice space for it

Carla Anderson

Had a blast

Lowik Gaming

Had a great time with friends place where you can relax and enjoy yourself

LaTreese Givens

Groupon great deals foe date night

Enoch Wang

There were a proliferation of 6lb bowling balls, and you didn't have to specially ask for them.

Jesse Lee

Love this bowling alley, not too big and you dont feel outta place. Visited the jason at the pro shop inside, purchased a ball, shoe, bag combo- great prices and always has a deal going on. Staff is friendly and take jokes well haha. Atm on site, a nice little game room for the kiddos and also serve alcohol. Lane surfaces are consistent and are a medium oil with dry edges, so balls hook very well here. They also have black lights and also have projectors playing sports or other popular options on the screens

King Kibbles

Worst service known for a bowling alley, if I could give it no stars that would only be the beginning, not only is it always understaffed, but when you can’t get a bowl in with out something going wrong, either from getting no service from the pudgy slow individual at the counter, to the horrible machinery that they call a ball return, if you could bowl a game with nothing going wrong, be it a wrong pin return or if you can even get your ball back to throw again, place is worth your time. This is coming from someone in the bowling league also.

Molly Plays Roblox

Fun place

Rebecca Rowe


Rebecca Aitchison

Friendly staff, clean, fun

April Hein

I took my clients w disabilities there, we had a great time. Staff was very friendly and helpful

Brian Kelsoe

great lanes and staff

George Null

The cost of pop and bowling is little to high pop should be 1.50$and bowling should be 2 dollars a game food should not cost am arm and a leg ether to. I have bowled there since I was 5 years old and I am 54 now lanes r a little to oily beer is kinda high to bring back the pool tables so kids can shoot pool to pool should be 50 cents a game no clock time on bowling that’s not really fair to the bowlers thanks

Josh Presley

Great fun.

Luke Beaver

Really enjoyed the atmosphere, employees were very nice and helpful. I will be returning!!

Rex Holdren

The lanes are nice but they tried to rip you off in the Pro Shop if you need equipment or a bowling ball definitely go somewhere else

Greg Lubowicz

Fun place to take the family for some enjoyment.

Heidi Wagner

Had our son's birthday party here. Was quiet pleased with how easy they made everything. Price was great too.

Robert Gettell

Front counter employees took orders for drinks and no food service for tournament on a Saturday morning. Overall good service and a clean place.

Corbett Endicott

My family has played in leagues here since i was young. Now I play on Sundays with them. Being one of the few bowling alleys in Grove City left open its nice. This is a great place to go for a date night, family night, birthday parties, etc.

Vicki Pilkington

Moon light bowling at 4 in the afternoon is not necessary.

Jerimiah Johnson

Hated is a strong statement..Google needs to ease back

Steve Schilling

I drove a bus full of kids here for the bowling team, nice place.

Marvin Leonard

Fun place very clean and enjoyable.

Kristin Newton

They were so personable and were genuinely happy to see we were having a fab time! Def going here again.

Tara Smith

Clean place for a family outing. Employees are friendly, and very helpful.

Cole Toler

Good prices and a welcoming atmosphere. Nothing unusual or really unique but still a good place.

Darlene S

Always a good time to be had here

Joy Blue

Bowling is fun but expensive everywhere

Diana Mcdaniel

Have had a great time here

Megan Taylor

several glitches in scoring during our game. Staff was friendly but not worth the price for an old malfunctioning alley.

Ivan Sosa


Nate Miller

Recently upgraded the scoring system which was nice but they removed the seats from the floor

Heather Sheets

Went for a work outing... didn't know it was even there. It's a little outdated but all in all had a great time. Overheard the drinks were over priced but I was drinking water

Gengar 86

Why run a "Monday Mayhem" special when you knowingly run leagues the same night and never have open lanes? Seems counterintuitive and like bad business. Will be taking my business elsewhere from now on.

Renee Shoaf

Older and out dated but still a fun time.

Real Truth

It was nice, employees did not ask if you've been there before and didn't bother to let you know where everything was located. We found some people were not bowling and had to be asked by other bowlers to move b/c they were sitting at tables next to lanes, and made it a nuisance. I felt employees didn't care or were scared to say anything and didn't do their job to its fullest.

B Harris

Cool place to take the kids

Thomas Sowards

Great place to bowl! Satisfactory clean place and the staff is fairly attentive, pretty cheap too. If you go on a Friday or Saturday after 6 be prepared for a 1-1.5hr wait to bowl

Vernon Staley

Nice Atmosphere Good food cold beer family people

vicki gabriel

Clean facility. Very organized ball storage. Very friendly staff.

Rick Dawson

Alot better than it used to be

Jason Clyburn

It was clean and had a nice atmosphere. The only issue I had was when the employee behind the counter made fun of my special needs step son.

Tom Kilianski

Went on a Sunday before 6 and was empty enough to allow the kids to have some fun! Quick check in, decent food for a bowling alley, and lots o' fun!

Tiffany Aldridge

Staff was really friendly. The new updates to the place look amazing.

Matt Fortman

Round 2. 1.1.17 Service was better. But still not a place where I would say I enjoy Bowling. The lane and are old but in good shape. Trouble is they are trying to be too trendy. It was hard to see what we were doing because half of the house lights had been turned off. Not to mention the giant projector screens hanging in the way. Very old lain tech. And worst of all they ended our games prematurely. 2.17.16 I was not happy with the service. food took forever and the guy at the counter was not very helpful.

Heath Diffenderfer

Was very warm. Hard bowl sweating

Levi Malphrus

We called ahead and checked their website for specials, and we were told there was a special. Then we asked if we could reserve a lane, but we were told we couldn't because of the special. Then when we got there, we were told there was no special, and there were no lanes open because we didn't call ahead to reserve a lane.

John Bradford

Nice people. A little understaffed. Remodeling in progress. Good place

Gary Murray

Love having places like this to have some family time.


Loved it. Very nice staff. Clean and decent price

Ashley Boggs

Had a blast! 5 kids 2-12yrs we had lots of laughs! Great staff too!

drew tora

I have visited this location twice on two different days of the week and was turned away both times. I recommend calling ahaid before you arrive.

Tim Helsel

Took the family, customer service good. Clean. Seating was hard as my wife wanted to be near and others hogging up tables.


Best place to go bowling hands down!

Dave Radabaugh

One of the nicest houses in the area. They treat leagues well and have kept their lineage and food cost pretty reasonable. They just put in new lane planks too. No complaints, but wish they had a vending machine with some extra diet drink selections and maybe even sugar free energy drinks. As it stands, diet Pepsi is the only choice.

Ashley Speakman

Good deals on games and food weekly. Friendly staff and my daughter loves the arcade/bowling

Amy Yeagley

Very friendly. Kinda busy when we were their but very accommodating with a party of 5 adults and an almost 2 year old

Margaret Gilmore

Love this bowling center!!! Prices are decent, food is great, and the bowling is wonderful!!! Brittany, the manager, is super cool and super chill, always willing to go the extra mile to help people which is so rare to find these days!! Dalton and Alethea are awesome, they always make my Monday nights extra entertaining!! Excellent center to bowl in!!

Joshua Cattrell

We had a team meeting here for my work followed by food and bowling! I really enjoyed the overall atmosphere here! It is a smaller bowling alley with well kept lanes, and great scoreboards and ball returns. I used their house ball and had not bowled in quite some time. My games were not that great but it was from lack of practice. I would love to come back for open bowling with my son soon.

Terry Baisden

Paint class and it was very fun along with a couple good drinks from the bar!!

Tammy Huff

Love the employees but prices on everything is way too high

Paul Rudd

Amazing and fun place to bowl

Vinnie Wasmus

Low prices on Sunday night a huge plus!

Erwin Krieg

Love the jews

Courtney Clark

Don't waste your money on the kids summer bowling pass. They are not open during the day Mon-Fri, only on weekends. The have leagues on Monday evening so you can't bowl then, they are closed on Thursday and you can only use the pass 4-6pm on Friday evening. That leaves 2 evening and 2 days per week that you can take your kids bowling. The bowling alley is nice, but the hours of operation are horrible!

Dalton Bircher !!

Pizza is amazing. Very much a must get when you go there. Lanes are good and the workers are nice. One of my favorite bowling alleys.

Todd Hungerman

Waited in line for 40 minutes to pay for bowling that was way over priced. Zero customer service

Samantha Langmeyer

Lanes are nice and well kept and the food seems great but almost every time I try and go bowling during the week they're so booked up with leagues that they can't take new bowlers after 5 when they don't even open until 3 or 4. I prefer not to go on weekends when it is incredibly busy either. I feel that they should plan it ahead to have some lanes open for the public who are willing to spend money to bowl there.

Broke Mom 2's Journal

We love this place. The staff is friendly and very helpful. Been there both with friends and taken my 3 yr old daughter for a family day. The food is pretty good and overall its a nice place to enjoy either some family fun or a night out.

Julia Kitchen

Burnt my food and would not give give me a refund and very expensive on there pop, would not recommend this place

Joe Johnson

Only 24 lanes, but has full bar and kitchen. Heads up if you're going on a Saturday early afternoon: they have a family kids league and open bowling doesn't really start until 1sh.

Mel Tadese

A fun place for kids.

Charles Cramblit

For people looking for fun - understand it's a corporate bowling alley, and the prices are high by default. Better for groups, rather than looking for a cheap date - but if you look for specials ahead of time you'll end up paying s reasonable price. Fun and inviting for all ages. For bowlers - smaller house (24 lanes) consistent approaches, consistently oiled (can almost always find a fresh pair/single lane) and the in house pro shop is amazing and very fairly priced. A pretty busy house, so calling ahead is advised if you want an open lane. In general - service has significantly improved over time, and the management is great. Food is what you can expect for a bowling alley - but there are a few hidden gems that are pretty great. Great bowling alley for fun, and there are leagues that start on a consistent basis if you want to take it a step further (plus league bowlers get various discounts that take the sting out of the naturally high corporately placed price).

Frederick Champa

Went for their New Year's Eve "Ball Drop". Fun time with the family all you can bowl for 4 hours, had a buffet but management could've spent a little more money for better quality food items. Nice atmosphere, free gulp of chamagne at midnight served in a small plastic wine cup

Colton Williams


Bill Warren

Twice we have gotten the kids excited and loaded them in the car to go bowling. We get there only to find they have no lanes available due to leagues. I understand leagues are where they make their money. However, their website says they have bowling “specials” at the times we have gone. The lady there said, “I know, the website is wrong.” If you know this why have you not changed it? Extremely frustrating when your kids are excited. We ended up driving to a location on S. High, which ended up being a better facility, they had plenty of open lanes, their staff was much nicer, and their regular prices are better. From now on I will be making the short drive to that place.

Brooks Hooley

Family friendly atmosphere (we went on a Sunday). My little cousin had the time of his life.

Adam Parsons

Great value. Clean, family-friendly.

Eric Slocum

very friendly and helpful staff.

Chef James Fitzwater

It would have been awesome to come in with your family to bowl! They have a deal on Tuesday when we came in at around 740pm! At 8 PM the deal started.... BUT the entire bowling alley was again being held hostage by leagues and we were told that we couldnt even bowl until 945pm giving us one hour to bowl? Very poor form to run a special on a night knowing you wouldn't be able to honor your advertisement! Low class business approach! Would reccomend looking elsewhere before this last resort alley!

katrina parthemore

Small but very friendly and very family oriented.

Kate Horton

Good place for a quick game of pool or bowling, food is okay and beer is cold. Busy enough to not be creepy empty but quiet enough to almost always get a lane. Friendly staff

Greg Stitt

Super great staff. Lanes are exceptionally well maintained. Best leagues in the Columbus area. And the ABSOLUTE best place to be on football Saturdays

Kylie Mitro

Always a good time for the family. Wish they had pitchers of pop & better food/drink prices but it's not enough to keep us from coming back .

Charlie Anderson

had some lane trouble but staff was fairly responsive.

Harry Flanagan

Wasn't to bad. Service was okay, food was good, the place was clean mostly, and the staff was 9/10. It deserves 4 stars.

Pearl Perkins

The staff in the Pro Shop was very professional. Explained every detail of the equipment I express interest in purchasing, even did an analyst of my bowling. The remaining center staff members were very courteous.

Kayla B.

Lots of fun for our 5 year old

Connie Stading

nice and clean, service at the lanes is slow unless you are on the league

tina dillon

This was my first time at this bowling alley and has a great time. I would recommend it to anyone.


This was the last place I saw Dad before the cancer took him.

Brian Phillips

One of the nicest bowling alleys I've been to, but the bathrooms were awful. Hopefully that was just an off day for them.

Dwerve M

Went on a Saturday night and we were able to get 2 lanes with no wait. The rental shoes were pretty new, and very clean. They have a good selection of balls to choose from and it didn't take long to find a good fit. The lanes are well maintained and have a decent amount of oil. I don't put much spin on my throws, but some in my group did and they were happy with the lane condition. The food was pretty good, though a little expensive. Overall it was a really good time.

Jeremee Cantrell

They advertise these wonderfully priced "specials" that run concurrent with leagues. Why bother advertising what you lack the ability to offer. Sunday night on the website: $2.50 a game. Call for lane availability and get "all lanes are taken up by leagues and will be until close" Monday after 8PM $12.09 a person non stop bowling. Call for lane availability at 4:30pm "All lanes will be taken by a league starting at 5:00pm and will be taken until close. Why bother advertising if you don't have the lane capacity or the front desk just lying to those who call in?

OnLocation Pictures

Shoes and 3 games for kids...$65...Lg soda..$4 plus dollars... Clean and nice staff...

mickey d

Overpriced food overpriced liquor

Big G

Nice place too have a fun little family outing. Wish you could put the bumpers up just for those who need them and not everyone. Other than that I have no gripes.

Gary Brehm

A very clean place to bowl and have fun. The pro shop is amazing! Everyone is so friendly. The food is great. Nathan hot dogs with chili and cheese :)

Miss Dawn

Great people, clean environment.. Only thing was the pizza wasnt that good at all.. Everything else was nice

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