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REVIEWS OF AMF Medina Lanes IN Ohio

Mike Hogue

The facility itself is nice, but the overall experience is usually not. I started going here after moving to Medina and have constantly had disappointing experiences. They never, ever have enough people working there. The line to get a lane is always barely moving. Food/drinks are a complete waste. The bar looks like they started renovating it 20 years ago and stopped, and it can take up to 20 minutes to flag down someone to get you a drink. Often times you will have to order a drink from the employee giving out shoes, pay for it, then flag down someone to pour it for you yourself. I've been to the concession stand on afternoons when there have been less than 10 people bowling, and they regularly take 30+ minutes for something as simple as nachos. Most recently my family ordered an appetizer sampler that they never even started making; they just canceled the order an hour later and gave a refund. They also charge "by the hour," with the average cost being about $15 for two hours (shoes included). I have been here on nights where a lane will break down, and the lack of employees available leads to 30+ minutes of sitting and waiting on your lane to be fixed. When they finally have it fixed, the time just comes out of the 2 hours you have paid for. This place has potential, but it is not a good value in its current state.

matthew guilliams

Loveee bowlingggggg

Scott Littlefield

Very expensive - @$40 for a family of four, 1 game each with shoe rental. Very dated scoring systems and spotty pin setters on our lane. Staff was friendly and helpful, but the overall experience was disappointing.

Cristhian Vaca

Visiting from NYC had a great time. People are so nice here

Rebecca Shaver

Restrooms are filthy ... Prices on food are outrageous..

Alexia Kraft

Tons of fun! Food is expensive but that is expected with bowling alleys.

Melissa Jones

Friendly staff and great lanes

Jinx MeAgain

Good to catch up with old friends. Adult drinks are very weak and super expensive!

Joseph Mencl

Worst experience I've ever had bowling. While waiting, paid way too much for food and drinks. Watched as games had closed on lanes, but those same lanes did not open up. 80 minutes later, I went to the desk to ask what was going on and finally got a lane. 15 minutes and $26 later, our time expired. Pure ridiculousness. Will NEVER go there again, and will make sure that everyone I know will understand that that place is a pile of expensive =#*!.

Nate Clark

As of spring 2013, they remodeled one of the two bathrooms to a more modern decor. However, they installed a hand dryer that blows the water from your hands to floor which in turn covers the entire entrance to the bathroom. Anyone that has bowled before knows water on your shoes is not a good thing. Food service is average. Food prices are high. The manager doesn't do a good job of pleasing customers or long time league bowlers. I bowl in the largest league they have and in the past three years management has removed seating, raised food and alcohol prices, and yet they still have 19" tube TVs for watching sporting events while your bowl. Did I mention the reception on said TVs is horrid? Every motel, bus stop, and fast food chain in America has free wifi available. Nope, not this place. Sadly, AMF Medina Lanes is still stuck in the early 2000's.


Had a great night with my friends and the wings were amazing. As everyone else has stated, it's more on the pricey side but Drew at the front counter made my night.

Jesse Kaine

Very nice bowling alley, a lot of room. Food is very good, way better than expected. They dark neon bowling, and other fun stuff.

Russell Samples

Good atmosphere

Megan Johnston

Fun place to bowl. Good is good, but a bit overpriced

Eric Wagner

I bowl there every week on a league for 3 years. Great place. Good condition, no complaints.

Kirk Scharein

Okay lanes. Normal prices are expensive but there are lots of weekly specials. Be careful of the Groupon for here. It cannot be used until 24 hours after purchased.

Cathy Whetstone

Always a great time

Susan Schippel

Rude staff. Extremely expensive for 2 o adults and 1 child it was over$100 for an hour! Horrible.

Jeff Zabukovec

Staff is currently attentive.

Darrell Jackson

Great update to the old Medina Lanes...

Joshua Portale

Great for bowling with the family

Lyndsay Shafer

Always have a good time here with the kids. They have some great coupon specials if you sign up for their emails.

Bob Formoso

Seems nice. I've been here a few times. It's clean and friendly.

joseph estes

Parking lot is full of huge pot holes and it is not well maintained.

Grace Wootten

So much fun, great music food and drinks

Steve Harvey

Since when is bowling for 4 people one lane 70$?!? That's highway robbery.

Jay Hovanec

We always have fun bowling here!

Michael Palte

The drunker the better the experience

Robert Render

Good family fun!!

Najeh Itayem

Nice place friendly staff just pricey on the food and drinks

Tommie Roden

Fun times.

Bill Crawford

Clean and fun, it's a little pricey. Watch the bar, they charged me $10 for a $6 beer when I had them add it to my bowling tab. I didnt know until I closed up when done and the charge was already processed

James Colbert

Good food

Lisa Nunney

Make sure you call to see if they are open. We tried to bowl on a Saturday at 4:30 only to find they don’t open for open bowl until 9PM. The website must have the wrong hours. Not the most convenient hours when you run a business that is one of the few indoor activities in a small town in the winter.

Aidan Veney

Good facility, however they are often packed with league bowlers. If you want to bowl casually, check ahead of time if they have a lane.

Gregory S

Bowling for anyone. Great staff helps with anything and there are plenty of events happening every day

Jeremy Messerschmidt

A little pricey, but fun

Ann Freeman

This place has been in business for years, I am glad we still have the opportunity to go here.

David Carosielli

Fun but too expensive I can go to York town lanes and it would be cheaper.

Melissa Smith

What a JOKE!!!! Had high school bowling tournaments there couldn't bring in outside food or drink. Then had to pay $4.75 for a 12oz Gatorade. These aee high school kids. Can't believe you would rip off some kids. You all should be ashamed

Jack Johnson

Well maintained modern facillity.

cody willoughby

Came back 3 times in 3 hours to get a lane. I Was assured I would get a lane each time...

Wayne Boatman

Awesome and fun Bowling alley.

Samantha Lewis

Very fun time! They have one side of the building as regular bowling lanes and the other side is glow in the dark bowling

Dustin Drogell

Friendly staff $2 bowling and shoe rentals on Tuesday is a great deal

Michelle Bostwick

Fun bowling place

Pam Callahan

Had a wonderful time....nice selection for food and drink too

Janardhan Katta

Great place to spend time with family and friends. The lanes are always clean and having food options, bar makes it more enjoyable with friends.

Carla Rohr

Food was horrible totally messed up my stomach

Tom Truce

Really nice bowling alley with synthetic lanes. I have a pretty hard time getting the ball to break but they're really nice. Staff is friendly and they have weekly specials for the average bowler.

Casey Watkins

16.21 for 1 person for shoes and 2 rounds of bowling.

Craig Bauman

My favorite bowling location. Nice lanes set up, open bowling every weekend.

Shana Randolph

Very nice and clean. Very friendly employees. Me and my friend had a few drinks from the bar, they were very good. The food was good also. Only downside was the price. For 4 people that bowled 2 games it was $63.

Chris Franklin

Bar decent prices and league. Always a good night

Rufus Nelson

Pretty decent food a little pricey but you expect that when going out. Drinks are questionable mostly eat well

Riley Charlton

Ripped Us off but it was fun

Jill McGarr

AMF has welcomed the new bowling club from Medina High School very generously. Thank you for getting this club up and running and offering such fair pricing!

Rachel Straub

Fun, loved the Monday Mayhem unlimited games!

Ray Gardner

Not bad for a bowling alley....not the cleanest facility.

Gabe Gelina

Best birthday policy

Johnny Nickum

The Loaded Cheese Fries really set if off.

Sarah Golli

Love the monthly email coupons

Donna Murray

It is a well maintained bowling ally and the servers are very nice P.S this donna's daughter

Alan Zepp

Very good chicken quesadilla!

Antwaun Jackson

This used to be a great place. Me and my family went bowling on Saturday and the lane we were bowling at wasn't sending our bowling balls back. We spent a lot of time sitting down and waiting for someone to keep going to fix it. This is the second time this year that it happened and my kids were very disappointed as well. I figured they would give us a discount for the inconvenience but we were charged full price as if everything was working SMH

Tom Jenkins

I work there we try our best to serve the public with greatness

Niki Mastny

Fairly clean. Fun neon light bowling nights.

Crystal Yost

Sucked. Waited for ever for an open lane we never got

cheryl moore

Way too expensive for a family. Cost over 50.00 for three to bowl.

Kristin Granakis, REALTOR

Medina County Board of Realtors Bowl-a-thon 2019

Brian H

$64 for a family of 4 to play two games ... absurd for bowling’s

Ken Kravetz

Needs to get Lane Talk added to scoring system.

Christopher Cummings

Decent but pricey

Paul DeSario

New scoring system and good atmosphere

T.J Dean

Good drinks and fun times

Christopher Troicky

Cool place to bowling

Brittany Bryans

Clean and positive environment. Friendly staff. Prices and options are fair.

Mary Bernard

Oh fun Very clean. Super staff.

joe wedlake

Great place, nice staff

Ben Eckman

I had no issues with the event we attended here.

tommy larrison

Very nice but a lil on the pricey side.

Bert Klein

Fun family atmosphere. I take my kids to play pool and we enjoy ourselves. The staff is kind and courteous to us.

BTannerPlays YT

The staff was rude asked to put up the rails and they said no multiple times

Randy Castro

We had the best time!! I would totally reccomend this place! Don't be afraid to spend a little cash and you'll have the best time too! Loved It!!!

Susan Hooper

Bowling is very expensive--almost $6 per game!!!!!

Shannon Burns

This is an amazing classic Medina attraction. The owners have done a great job renovating it to a place I'm happy to take my family to or just go for a beer.

Jill Paradise

Great place, the kids from Claggett had a great time! Thank you!

Matt Watson

Great atmosphere. Good price. Good food and beer. Very clean environment. Family friendly, too. Highly recommend as a local activity!

Rick Eagle

Took the grandkids. Had a great time. Very nice bowling alley. But when did bowling get so expensive ????

Christopher Naysmith

Clean and very friendly staff. Manager Matt went out of his way to make sure we were enjoying ourselves and had everything we needed.

Taylor Laviera

The staff is always friendly and the place is clean. I like when they do cosmic bowling. We had a lot of fun here with my stepson.

Loretta handa

Charged 6 bucks a game, per person never will go back

Kristie Kerr

Great staff, very helpful, fun atmosphere. This family of 5 will be back

Natalie Harjar-DiSalvo

Had to give it one star to have this post.

With Opening

Bowling is fun. You should try it.

Ben Swanson

Very nice bowling, high quality lanes and a great overall experience. A tiny more pricey than normal bowling, though.

Bill Wolf

Pro shop is top notch, staff is nice.

Jim Bell

How can bowling lanes and the snack bar be run by just one person? The answer is it can't and we didn't enjoy our bowling experience even though we had fun with family.

Alicia Holt


Mike Mummert

Very nice bowling alley with good food.

You don't need it You Don't Need To Know

Always a good time for my kids and their friends....

Nathan Brown

It cost 3 of us 40 dollars to bowl one game. Personally I feel like this is too expensive for bowling.

Helana Cradlebaugh

Great time Very clean

Francis Esmonde-White

Nice bowling alley, great staff. Very expensive, 70$ for two adults and 1 kid playing 2 games with popcorn, drinks and a pretzel. The popcorn and pretzel took ~30 minutes to be served.

Joseph Breeden

This bowling alley is very nice and clean, the staff seemed very helpful and friendly. The prices were slightly high but not to much more than average.

Pete Reinagel

We liked the blacklight section and the lanes were in good condition. However, charging almost $6 a game plus shoes is too much.

Aaron Neal

Always a great time lanes are nice and the atmosphere I'd always fun. Weekends can get crowded.

Rob Clagg

Great staff

Donna Reed

Haven't played there just went to watch my nephew play. Clean but the food is a little to expensive for me.

annamarie gardner

Lot of fun, new look is nice.

Esquyre 99

The lanes were fine with minimal technical problems. Unfortunately, Medina Lanes took unfair advantage of the high school teams during this last tournament. They told the teams that they could pre order pizzas for the tournament for $15 per pizza since we couldn't bring outside food in. Well, we figured that the pizzas would come from Medina Lanes, but instead they came from Little Caesar's Pizza! We weren't allowed to bring in outside food, but they ordered from an outside source???!!! But the worst part of it was that the large pizzas at Little Caesar's are only $5, but Medina charged $15 for a profit of $10 per pizza!! The teams could have brought their own Little Caesar's pizzas in for $5 each. These are high schoolers and should not have been price gorged in this way. Shame on you Medina Lanes! Profit is one thing, but unfairly taking advantage of high schoolers is something entirely different.

Rachel Dougherty

This was great for the kids.

Alex Rasnack

Nice bowling alley but very smokey inside on popular nights


An amazingly fun time for everyone. A little overpriced for my taste.

Rhonda Sands

Newer shoes and big selection of bowling balls on racks..Only 2 good things about it the lane had a bad oil slick so anytime a child threw a ball (with no speed) it would go straight down the lane then once it hit it curve it right into the gutter it was disappointing for them..That's not the bad part we still had fun. Being a family bowling ally and you can serve pitchers and towers of beer but not a pitcher of soda for those who don't drink or are having a family night out..Well over priced for EVERYTHING single drink small 3.50 with refills but that's over 20.00 for a family of 6 when we were a group of 10.When mentioning it to the counter person it was "I know" and a well u get free refills from another worker. Not the point you can get wasted for 20.00 on a tower of beer but can't give kids a pitcher for any price but a small cup for 3.50 smh The price of games and shoe rental are outrageous..Groupon is not offered here either and most bowling alleys in Northest Ohio are on there definitely a 2 star place with a 5 star price...No thanks

Tasha Marason

My most favorite bowling alley AMF


Cost so much money god dam. You askin for like 40 bucks and my left nut and my first born

Taylor Strohmenger

The general manager Brian is the worst type of management I have ever came in contact with. He purposely skipped us on the waiting list when we came in at 8, so we couldn't use our 1.19$ coupons. When we were finally called at 9 he refused to let us use our coupons, and was EXTREMELY RUDE THE ENTIRE TIME, using a disrespectful, arrogant voice. He even mentioned that he refuses the military discount on saturdays. Can't believe he decides to run a business this way, very disappointed.

Rick Miller

Never had a problem there. I go there to bowl, not to worry about if I have Wi-Fi, the food tastes like I'm at a restaurant, etc.... The people are always real nice and the lane conditions are good.....if not actually too easy. I wish this place was closer so I could join a league there.

Bethanie Taylor

This establishment has been popular with our family for a few decades. And many more to come!

Luke Ellis

Great bowling great atmosphere great food

Gentik Solm

Can be really really expensive, but a great place to spend a weekend night!

Richard Zielenski

Great bowling sound in this place! Love it!

Wîll Séacrîst

Great place for family fun.

syndi Lawson

Staff is always friendly

Jamie Dunn

If I could I would give it a negative the staff was rude and not friendly. My friend went to the bar standing there the woman saw him didn’t say anything then went to help other people then after that helped about 5 more people that was there after him it took him 22 min to get his drink order taken then 15 min to get a bear I would hate to see what it would have Ben for a mixed drink?. Then the man ringing us out at the end of the night was not very nice then I gave him a coupon that was there’s and they wouldn’t except it needless to say I’m not going back.

Brad Robinson Jr

Nice place, updated equipment, nice staff, look forward to league bowling this season here

Jake Hillyard

It’s a lot of fun to go with your family, or friends, the food was excellent. But I found the prices to be a bit high, this to me is something that you go to 1 every 2 months.

Shibley Photography

Wow! One of the elusive "bowling alleys" that used to dot the landscape in years past. It's nice to see one still operating, and it's in good condition. Bravo.

Brittany Neel

Always a pleasant time and great employees this year

Hannah Wise

Typical bowling alley. It was nice and clean though! Staff was friendly and helpful but service was really slow.

William koebler sr

Always a good time

Matt Dalgleish

Best bartender!

Corey Brayer

Good place for bowling. Leagues are especially welcome.

Andrew Simon

First time visit, it was good, clean, staff was very friendly nice setup

Catherine Vild

Highly recommend for a child's birthday party! The staff were incredibly helpful and pleasant. They took care of every detail, all we had to do is arrive and enjoy! When I asked if there was anything I needed to do, the gentleman that was running things said "have fun", and we did :)

Randall Crites

Good bowling alley that serves beer and alcohol has different event Knight fun to go to

Athena McAfee

A fun place to go to burn some energy with your kids during the day. Plenty of bowling lanes available with an option for regular bowling or black light bowling. The lanes were functioning. The shoes were both old and new but both options were in good condition.

Katie Alai

Super nice bowling alley.

Krystal C

Nice bowling alley. They didn't have the kitchen open for food and we got the new guy checking us in which took forever. Other than that the lanes were great and the place was clean.

Amada Demczyk

Great place to meet up with friends . There is a bar inside and food .

Diana Poliuk

Great time. Clean area.

Jeff Kachelein

Fun afternoon with our grandson!

Shari Radon

Had fun bowling on a mixed league. Staff was so friendly.

Justin Cooper

Matt luts is the best! Professional and a great guy. Go bowl here guys!!

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