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REVIEWS OF The Bowler Inc. IN North Dakota

Evan Lawson

This place never has anything. If theyre going to cater to college kids then at least stock up heavy on the sizes of equipment that that age group uses. Everytime ive been here they never have the shoe size i need or bowling balls- which you think theyd have plenty of since you know...its a bowling alley.

Sidney Ropp

Loved bowling here was a nice atmosphere and good working equipment

Glenn Zior

A bar that the locals go to. Very unusual that is a bowling alley but a bar just as much. They have 2 separate bars upstairs and one downstairs. Very reasonable priced drinks and poured heavy. They also have blackjack, slots and a wheel. Great place to relax and hang out.

Michael Ellingson

Great place to go bowling with very reasonable rates. Shoe rentals are cheap and the staff are happy to exchange shoes if they dont fit.

Taylor Tiedemann

After 10pm it turns into a townie bar. Folks say nothing good happens at The Bowler after 10pm... probably because of the cheap drinks.

Vegas Gambino

Nice environment good food Steak Sandwiches

Darrick Yahnke

Great place to stop for drinks/food. The pizza is great!!


Not the best looking place, but good drinks at reasonable prices.

Jonathan Weston

We had to wait to get a lane, but we had a blast with a family that we shared our table with!

Kailie Gundry

Went there for karaoke last night and was not impressed with the older staff. Younger waitress was really friendly, but the other older waitress by the name of Jen was not. We were waiting up by the bar to get drinks and she yells really loud at us "BACK UP!!!" as we were too close to her computer area. The older lady running karaoke was rude, also. But the younger bartender in the back bar area, the guy with the man bun, was really nice. He deserves a raise. Food was good, once they finally put the order in. Sounds like there was some sort of miscommunication between the waitress and the kitchen, so the order wasnt put in right away. Oh, and the bathrooms are really gross. Honestly, I wont be back.

Brittany Oliver

My favorite bowling alley. Drinks on the cheap. My favorite place to spend a Friday night.

Kelly Jo Houska

Nachos weren't very good neither were the wings. Great French fries though. Enjoyable family friendly bowling.

David Boelke

Getting old looking. please update bowling is still fun.

Peter Utecht

Fargos Bowling Alley

vikas kulkarni

Good student discount after 9.30 pm. Bowling balls are not that great.


I won my game so I'm happy

Deianeira Regino

Staff did not have good communication. We ended up waiting an hour to find out that the bowling alley was reserved. 100% turn around when we spoke with the manager! Made it all work out!

Kirsten Ann

A very noisy place to have a drink. A very young crowd. Does have karaoke on Saturday nights. Overall kind of a dump.

Julie Grunewald

Love the bowler! Blackjack and drinks are always great!

Nate Hoekstra

They're updating the bar which will be nice.

Samantha Y.

Good bowling, bar food, and super cheap drinks. They also have karaoke upstairs regularly. It's worth checking out!

Rhema Kennedy

It was a long wait and there wasn’t a straight answer to when we would be able to bowl also there were lanes open and they said that we can’t use them for some reason. I was think that it was for big party’s but the place was packed. Then once we did bowl it would say on the tv that there was a pin still up when there wasn’t which it didn’t happen once it happened multiple times. Also some of the people working were kind of rude.

Catherine Lewandoski

Able to get us in at a busy time and great prices.

Winfield Kelley

College ID bowls free. Kareoke upstairs on thursdays and Sex toy bingo on fridays!

Ryan Mavrick

It's good

Bryan Paulson

Great pizza

Keaton Coffey

Best bar and bartenders in the FM area...hands down. Wish I was part of the team. Actually I kinda a way.

James Tandeski

Best bowling center in Fargo-Moorhead area. Great pricing, great staff, great drinks. The Gina's Pizza dough and marinara are made from scratch!! Gina's Pizzas' are not chincy on the toppings!! Always something to do...trivia, karaoke, free to play poker, and adult bingo on Fridays!! The Bowler also has the BEST CUSTOMERS!! 3 great bars with 3 different atmospheres. They also have great party packages with Gina's Pizza, bowling, and drinks all included in one package, which equals a savings of about $20!! The other bowling centers use frozen pie crusts, frozen marinara, or use a little pizza oven to cook pizzas. I can do that at home. They also host a HUGE beanbag tourney every year!!

Brad Paulson

Had a blast but it seems as if this place has started going down hill. No shoes, not enough balls, lanes seem to be unlevel, drinks were reasonably priced though along with the food. We did have a blast as a family unit however!!!!

Marie Loegering

The "Pig Wheel" was a lot of fun, but the beer was quite pricey and the service was slow

Matthew Thorn

Solid bowling spot in convenient location in Fargo. Food is unexpectedly good for a bowling alley and they do serve beer in the bar.

Ben Pederson

Events all week at the bar and the bowling alley. Great place to gather with friends. Reasonably priced food and drinks.

Greg Ahmann

We had a great time

Aracely Santa Cruz

This post is a bit delayed but after my visit this past Friday I was reminded of my July 13th experience. I was sitting at the rail with my husband playing bingo. The short bartender with black hair was excellent! She was attentive, quick and very outgoing. We were having a good time joking with her through out the night. Suddenly, another employee that must have been working elsewhere in the facility came over and proceeded to yell at the bartender and security person. Out of all the intoxicated patrons at a busy bar on a Friday night, SHE was the eye sore. I do not know what the issue was, nor does it matter. There is an appropriate time and place to discuss issues with coworkers. There is also an appropriate tone of voice to discuss these issues in. This woman lacked the intelligence or class to do either of these and her behavior quickly became the topic of conversation amongst the people sitting to both sides of my husband and I. I almost felt sorry for her because of the jokes people were making on her behalf even though she did it to herself. However, props to the bartender and security guy for maintaining professionalism and remaining calm when you could tell that they were extremely irritated by their coworkers actions. I asked the bartender if she was a manager and her response was “no, our management does not treat us like that. She has just worked here for a long time.” To me, that really says something about this employee even if she was having a bad day. Long story short, when I saw the same employee serving in the casino this last Friday I ran straight over to the other bar even though I had no interest in listening to or participating in bingo. Moral of the story, nobody wants to watch staff treat others with disrespect!

Roland Kovalenoks

Great service

Wesley Roberts

A good place to go bowling. Good atmosphere, good food, and good service.

Lisa Kummer

Great place to bowl, play pool, darts or just hang for trivia or adult bingo! Great bar food too!! Just don't run a tab, pay in cash!

Grateful Head

Good Lanes at a good price. Bar is a bit run down but it's got great bowling alley vibe. Huge wall of windows looking down into the bowling area from the bar, fun to watch leagues.

Carmen Nicodemus

Great place to bowl. And the pizza is amazing.

Sonny Olson

A fun place to be

Abi Greene

They were really accommodating for our work party. Clean. Lots of lanes and the pizza was pretty dang good! Definitely recommend.

David Graham

Yep ok

nathan crawford

gamble, drink bowl or eat. so much to do.

Terri Pray

Fun bowling alley with great staff and atmosphere. Well worth a try with family and friends

Ryan Knutson

Lots of parking and friendly staff.

Kelsey Rusch

Patrons rent lanes per hour rather than paying per game. Shoe rentals are reasonable at $2.50. Full bar is available and karaoke is done several nights a week. Drink prices are average. The food really isn't anything to write home about, but it does the job if you've had a few drinks and just have the munchies.

Jessica Fredrickson

Lots of lanes, lots of bars, and some gambling. Good spot.

Bradley Schoonover

In my oppinion,they have the best pizza in town..south of Rhombus guys


Old outdated not family friendly

Chris Cook

Fun tournament but cramped around the lanes.

Stevie Akason Love it!

Julia L

Favorite go-to place! Always have $4 crowns and fun activities almost every night. The bar looks over the bowling alley, and there are bar sports, an arcade area, and gambling room

Leo Morris

I've been to other bowlers in Fargo before including the cities and I'm telling you that this bowler is the best.

Jessica jaxon

The guy bartender was very rude to a friend

Cory Bischoff

These guys are awesome! Great atmosphere great customer service!


I bowled in a tournament up here for the first time. Lanes are good, wait staff attending the lanes are good. There are a few bartenders (one old gentleman in the morning hours and a different female later hours) that we’re not so good. Food was good. Good specials and games to get people in

Kristen Butler

Fun place to hang out with friends!!


A good place to bowl with friends and family.

Holly Google Mail

Food was great. Two weeks in a row service suck

Savannah Owens

Very cool place for everyone. Staff is very fast and efficient.

Michael Borgie

Coldest beer around good prices

nicholas Wood

Fun Place For Bowling And Blackjack!!!

Owen Mears

I love the bowler, best spot to have a night off and bowl with friends


Nells is the best Bartender in North Dakota

Linda Johnson

Staff was great and had lots of fun!

Will Hall

Friendly staff and willing to help with issues.

Jeremiah Mock

Awesome college deals and a fun atmosphere.

Bradley Pridgeon

Very loud dirty and obnoxious. I got a migraine within 20 minutes. It was terrible!!

Norm Jensen

Very friendly service but spendy food!


Waitress forgot a drink and a plate for a person at our table, and didn't bring our drinks until 15-20 minutes into our order; the food took around 45 minutes to arrive. Despite the small issues and slow service, it was an overall okay experience and fun atmosphere.

Tyler Gustman

Stiff drinks n pretty good crowd

Todd Braun

Better than my average experience at bowling alleys, as we didn't require any pin resets and only once in 12 games did a pin soon out into the gutter and have to be pushed in. The technology as worked as it should and the pizzas and bread sticks were good. If this review is helpful, please click on 'Like' to improve my status.

Johanna Jensen

Brought a large crew of kids and staff was wonderful!

brooklyn k

Really dirty environment. Employees were very kind and helping although we had a lot of trouble with our lanes. The food also made me sick but that might just be me.

Jacquelyn O'Neil

I am pretty disappointed. I am sitting here right now. My pizza was messed up, but, still good. We ordered drinks and bowled. It is so hot that I could only have one drink and needed a glass of water. They charged me $1 for a glass of ice water. I decided not to order any more food or drinks after that. I went to use the bathroom and it's dirty and I could not dry my hands because the towel dispensers do not work. Games are broken in the arcade. I am pretty disappointed.

Wanda Barr

Great pizza!

brian meyer

Waitress forgot to bring drinks, spending more time leaning against the bar than going to tables. Hasn't been back to ours in over an hour. Table next to us left because of it already

Alex Rebman

Decent bowling, drink service was slow & busy, decent prices, strong drinks.

Billy Michaelsohn

Fantastic service great fun.

Paul Nagel

The Bowler has a pleasant array of activities to choose from, such as a small arcade, a bar and an attached pizzaria and an event space that can be rented out. During my stay there, I was at a party where they had their own tables to provide for us, it WAS however in front of the check out area and on the path to their bar, therefore there wasn't as much privacy as I was hoping for. The lanes for bowling were nice, I went around 8:30 and had speedy service. Also the music playing was energizing.


Good place to bowl and have fun with friends and family.

Mike Randolph

Fun place with 3 different bars. Friendly wait staff. Pool and darts and adult toy bingo fun to play.


Kareoke!!! Friends!!! Need I say more?

Megan Widmer

Such a sleazy place, there was a bar fight while we were there which was kind of entertaining but dangerous to be around.

Adom Kwame


Matthew Confeld

The $25 summer pass is a must have! Paid for itself after two uses.

LeAnna Lesmeister

Nachos were not great. Meat was literally hamburger, not seasoned at all. They have Ciderboys (yay!) in bottles. Atmosphere was pretty cheap-feeling.

Shane Anderson

Fun place has a touch tunes witch is nice. Also has beer and food.

Joseph Ishimwe

Wish the jukebox was connected

King Kitten

It's really fun

Gene Hepper

The pizza and nachos are the best! Events going on all the time. Waitresses and bartenders are hot and the best.

Clay Schell

Good people good fun

Greg Menge

Decent bar food and a great staff. You'll enjoy your drinks and company!

kelsie grunewald

Clerks aren’t the friendliest. Good food and pretty cheap pitcher of beer. Around 30 bucks for an hour of bowling. The hour usually you get two games in. Most shoes are in pretty good shape. They could get more lighter balls and get rid of the ones that are cracked in the finger holes. Otherwise after all that I would recommend going there.

Emily Gilleshammer

Bowling was fun! Cheap drinks, good food! My favorite is their fries and chicken dummies! Also enjoy their bingo, trivia, and karaoke nights!

Positive Liberian-tech_guy

Cool area for bowling.

Jane Ohnstad

Birthday party fun place


Nic spins the wheel like a boss! Go BSE

Benjamin Price

The bar is great, the bar staff is great, but I pretty much go there solely for the karaoke, and lately it's been pretty shoddy, to be frank. Thursday night personnel on the karaoke end, not impressive. To be honest shes kind of the opposite.

Mike Lovelace

Great pizza good drinks great price. Bowling is fun

James Sweere

Fun time. Bars. Bowling. Bingo. Darts.


Immature management fires their employees over Facebook.

Kyle J

Great environment. The food was great. The atmosphere was really fun and engaging. Was a little frustrated with the approach leading up to the actual bowling lane. My shoes kept sticking. But let's be honest, I'm never going pro. Will definitely go back with friends!

Mark Peterson

Lanes were oiled to perfection

Gabriel Bye

It's a humble establishment of drunkerds and like minded ppl. The staff is on point. The restrooms haven't changed in 20 years but "not outdated just yet" says the guy who is on a daily with the vodka and popcorn. Overall, the average big swinger market segment is probably the upper lower class of the heartbroken and numb. Thank you for reading the opinion of a man whom you do not know or probably wouldn't want to unless you were getting your "perscription" filled at.......The Bowler!

James Gamache

Great place to get a group and have some fun.

Brent Eastley

Great staff and food/drinks

Cory Bertram

Always fun and good food and staff

Jennifer Sherva

Had my son's birthday party here! It was a great time for all the kids and the food was good!

Angie Davis

Good place for fun.

Kelly Rasmussen

Love this place! Amazing food, awesome staff, pool tables, and cold drinks!

Cristielyn Sanchez

Great time bowling on my birthday. Great deal with pizza, an hour of bowling, and shoe rentals. Had fun with my family. Friendly staff.

Joseph Harrington

Hot garbage; avoid unless you like janky shanks and dubious doobies.

Kelly McIntyre

Food in the bar was good but service was really slow when the place wasnt busy at all.

Tim Hook

Too many rude loud africans here.

Jennifer Anderson

Awesome Kareoke

Taylor Fern

I hosted a bachelor/bachelorette party here with my fiance. We went at about 8:30 on a Saturday for Rock 'n Roll bowling. Despite bringing in about 15 people to bowl, drink and eat... I would generally say the staff wasn't very nice. We had good luck with the bartenders but not the staff at the bowling desk. They were rude and not helpful. They put a damper on my evening. I wish I would have caught the name of the guy who was the worst. I will have to say, the bowling was fun. The music was all over the place in terms of genres but we had lots of fun. I hope that they will improve their customer service as I will not be recommending this place to anyone until it improves.

Robin Grossnickle

Fun for bowling but the bar way OVERCHARGED!! $19 for two cheap drinks

Jose Montes

Nice place to have fun with friends and family.Get their

Steven Stanfield

Love the atmosphere and karaoke

Teddy G

Good food, affordable drinks, remodeled half of its bar, blackjack and slots included

Josie Guerrero

We love randy the bar tender

rand nels

Old wore out rental shoes, not nearly enough rental balls,other than that, just a bowling alley.

The Ben

Had to order food at the bar because we couldn't get a server... Took near an hour to get our food. I ordered a bacon burger and fries, my wife wings and fries. The wings were okay at best. A half pound of fries came with it that must have weighed an ounce each, because there weren't very many. My bacon burger was overcooked and the bacon burned to a literal crisp, Seasoned fries were good. Wasn't given any condiments and took 15-20 minutes to get any once requested. Granted, it was busy, but I've seen much busier and better service...


We had the best Pizza ever, and lots of fun bowling!!

Tony Ladouceur

Good bowling, inexpensive drinks and delicious pizza. Need I say more, go get your bowl on.

Pooka Looky

Fun place with great food. Everyone but the bartender were somewhat rude. Still worth it though!

Eva Heller

Very stellar, good bowling balls, nice lights. Congrats

Nicole Malard

It was ok. Nothing fancy.

Kary Pearson

Entertainment level 10/10. People of Wal-Mart

Sylvanus Teboh

Nice place to hang out. Bowling, pizza, liquor and all.

Tom Hinze

Nice hang out for all ages.

Adam McRunnel

Great place to bring the family.

Leanna Wells

Great place to play black jack or bowl

Frank LaLonde

What you would expect for a bowling alley. Older establishment but has made the effort to update lanes and equipment. Building shows it age, however. Food can be ordered... Pizza and such. Not a bad place to bring a group for a few hours of fun. Discount rate for college students. Bar also located in building.

Travis Dolan

Nice and friendly wait staff, decent lanes, touch tunes while bowling with plenty of speakers. Everything seemed great and very competitive pricing. Would recommend and also return myself

Topher Williams

The place smells like someone spilled Pucker all over their pants after they pissed them, then wore them for a week straight. This place should generally be avoided. If the owners read this...please get an air freshener. Or 40.

Juan Catibayan

Great place to bowl and get together. Having a summer pass is a must.

Chad Beito

Great every time every time

David Johnson

Okay people and good food

Sadie Walters

Decent place, it doesn't stink like most bowling alleys. Good pricing and well taken care of. Staff is well enough, I wouldn't say the friendliest but they are responsive to any issues and make sure to ask if the food is good, etc. We had a birthday party and we had decent space and everything we needed they took care of. I would definitely recommend.

Drew Laleman

Very nice alley has bowling drinking gambling and food

Dj Roehl

They have some really good deals through out the week on pizza and bowling

Blye D

Tried to bowl for 2 hours. The lane didn't work. Asked for a refund. No refund possible. They gave us a different lane. More glitches. We tried to get beer. No one was working at any of the bars... This was a Sunday, where you'd typically expect high bowling traffic. They handled it poorly and I will not be coming back.

Krista Gullingsrud

I go there for bingo on fridays. Lately I haven't had good experience. Servers never checked on us couldn't hear the bingo caller because speakers didnt work.


Great classic place to bowl, get good food, gamble, and hang out spot the bar/game of pool. Nice to check out a good social spot

Albert Schultz

The customer service is great and the bowling experiences was great and I have yet to encounter bad customer service.

Aaron Fatland

It's a cool destination spot if your a bowler like to gamble or just shoot pool and have some drinks. They have a decent pizza place there called Gina's Pizza. The bowling part of the place always children in there and I've seen them do birthday parties with bowling and pizza. I would recommend this place it's a little old looking but the prices are good and so it's the pizza!

Brenda Etterman

Great Halloween Party


My first visit ever to the bowler I had experienced racism, didt think it was possible but I’m sad to say. I went with my group of friends all of African decent all though the place was slightly packed with college kids. We should have been treated with more respect. My friends and I were extremely polite but in return we received very bad service. I thought that maybe the lady at the front desk was in a bad mood but then the people behind us were treated kind and spoken to in a respectful manner, long story short I won’t be coming back here.

Laura Dullea

Have so much fun with family. We come every few months just for fun!!!!

Travis Huber

College night Monday-Thursday 9:30 until midnight. Great staff, don't piss them off though and follow the rules. It is also connected to 3 bars.

Donald Andersen

Good happy hour prices. Great pizza.

Grant Koenig

Incompetent management, and poor service on all levels with booking a party. Customer service is low on the priority list at this establishment.

Bruce Shover

The tournament was fun however when we bowled today there was no lane waitresses and they could have made more money and had happier bowlers

Quintin Dollens


Taylor W

Best Friday night trivia in town. Good late night food and drink specials on the weekend.

Betty Dollinger

Based on the reviews of rude service I have chosen not to book a birthday party I would otherwise be willing to pay $135/2hrs for ten kids and two adults. Plus food and beverage for all could reach easily $200 for two lanes in two hours. I should think management would be concerned about these reviews and remind their server staff to keep it polite.... weird. I don't mind putting up with poor service I just don't tip my servers when they are rude. But I will not subject my children to my attitude problem when I get poor service.

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