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2105 S Washington St, Grand Forks, ND 58201, United States

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Where is Lew Flynn's Red Ray Lanes Grand Forks?

REVIEWS OF Lew Flynn's Red Ray Lanes Grand Forks IN North Dakota

the amazing world of Phil

Love this place been bowling since I was a kid

Ryan Earle

Dakota Darci

Sarah Zellmer

It absolutely lacked life. The place was dead, no music playing, and our lane had to be reset at just about every single time we rolled the ball. The only pizza they had was pepperoni and it was a step above cardboard simply because it lacked flavor. Bartender was nice though and the chairs were fun.

Owen A

Decent family bowling place, pretty cheap in not just price, customer service is lacking and the whole building needs a bit updating

Amanda Lannen

Ethan Hendricks

Love this place! Can't get enough of cosmic bowling!!

aliza villanueva

Mary Angelique Auman

Zack McClaflin

Staff was rude/unfriendly. Was told we could only bowl if we were done by 6 and yet others were bowling past 6. Seems odd to put a time limit on paying customers in an almost empty bowling alley. Would have left after the first minute of being ignored if my son wasn't so excited to go bowling.

Anna Kaste

Staff is not very friendly.. hours online are NOT correct. Went in and they told us they were closing and he had nothing to do with their online stuff.

Bill Miller

Dylan Hanes

Dean Nelson

Was a pretty good time they have pretty nice Lanes pretty good crew it seemed thanks red Ray enjoyed it much

Kelly Rasmusson


ying dawn


Are bowling process this high generally? No wonder it seems to be falling out of favor. Too bad they had no competition. We had to call for help like 6 times cuz the thing kept getting stuck, after a while they took longer and longer to respond.


Akkas Uddin Haque

Idele Johnson

Ahmed Saher

Miranda Eckert

PhillyBoy Chef

Lane 22 tonight was terrible went with wife and daughter couldn't even play a full gMe lane kept resetting losing ball and service at best was nonetheless wont speak on that issue..but it sucks we just moved here from philly is this is what we get ....Booooo

Wanda Couchigian

I like to go here to hang out and visit with my family and bowl

Kimberly Bandy

Not the best place. The bowling computer system had to be reset after every person’s turn. The pizza was sub-par and the atmosphere left much to be desired.

Brent Hand

Surprised no soda vending or food!

Paul Zettler

Emily LaPlant

Chris DeMaster

Stephanie Korynta

Love the summer bowling program for kids. Birthday parties are fun here too!

Evan Booy

Employees were very unfriendly to our group. Only gave us 1 kids ball to share with a group of 4 kids, first employee initially refused to give us another but another employee eventually gave us 3 after we sat waiting after every throw for the light ball to return. The lane we were using did not register most of the throws. Not a great place for kids.

Amanda Gendron

Fun time but few of the lanes u have to keep resetting the game

Sheri Parent-Flaten

LisaJo Green

Sally S

Didn’t have a good experience here. The only lady working was very rude. We were the only people there for a while, she put us on a lane that had consistent problems (we didn’t notice problems with the other lanes once more people got there), and she was inconsiderate and refused to let us use bumpers for one of our disabled party members during our second game. (Apparently bumpers must be one or all for “adults.”) Not to mention the bar was closed during the day on a Friday. Next time we’ll try another place.

Shawn Aker

Sue Flay

Lack of name brand shoes and trendy carpeting. Utter disappointment.

Kathy Bohlman

Should be updated.

Matt Benjamin

Callie Berardi

2 stars because they are one of the few bowling alleys in Grand Forks! GF NEEDS A BETTER BOWLING PLACE! This is outdated, and the bar and crowd it draws is unattractive... and the monitors are from 1950

Nick Tousignant

Systems are old, but bowlings always great.

Jordon Klava

Mike McKay

Cosmic Bowling!! My son, my closest good friends, pizza, music, and myself!! #needisaymore. #epiclatenight. #mysongothisfirstspare

Joe Benjamin

Utsav Shrestha

Ben Forgy

First time going here and it was far better than some other reviews made me fear. Really cheap prices too. $3.25 per game for adults or you can get a 20 game punch card for $45. Considering the only other option in this city is inside the Air Force Base, this is a good place to hit the lanes.

Luis Cruz

Good atmosphere

Collin Porter

gary bartelson

Rachel Matthews

Alan Ames

Always fun to go bowling! Sad that they don't take the time to update their hours on Google so that we know when they are open. Also had a malfunctioning lane, which put a little damper on our fun. I bet this place can be great on a Friday or Saturday, though there might be some frustrated in the crowd!

William Dittmer

Went there to visit my family. It was awesome watching people bowl. I loved the music and all of the beautiful people. BOWLING ROCKS!

Dman 20k1

horrible customer service here don't waste your money.

Brenda Roe

Matt Fox

Horrible customer service, quoted us at $10 a person and ended up charging us $20 a person.

Aaron Kostrzewski

Tim Rehn

Lisa Jo Yeip

Great family friendly place to go.

Erin Grabanski

Lane had multiple malfunctions for the entire time we were there. We started bowling at 8pm and were told we had to “be done” at 9 pm. When we asked if we could continue on to cosmic bowling we were told that we had to stop until 9:30 and then move to another lane. There were four groups there.

Nicholas Anthony


Gavin Benjamin

Chris Miller

Corey Propst

Would go again!


Grand times!!!!!!!

Karen Goulet

Travona Gilbert

Casey Hammer

It's a place to bowl.

Kelsi Staskivige

jeff trainer

Decent price for birthday parties. I was upset that when I called them they would have a banner made for my son. When we got them there I asked about it and I was replied with "when I got here there were none printed off so two other parties didn't get them either sorry." If I would have known I would have made one myself but oh well not a big deal. Kids had a great time.

Eddy Grajeda

Racist ,rude,and very unprofessional


Mark Ellingson

Chad Manderud

Nash Lavallie


Samuel Dahlke

Red Ray's bowling is ah-mazing! Glittery disco balls in every color of the rainbow, and a monkey-man that literally flies as he slides under the pin rake!! Starring Justin Timberlake and Taylor Swift, this location is a must-visit and possibly the only decently built building in the entire Grand Forks area. I spent 900 dollars on bowling and Jesus himself congratulated me!

Stacey Brorson

Didn't have enough of the most common size shoes

Wade Nesland

Scott Bail

William Ostenberg

Very nice well cared for Lanes. Good food and service.

Mitch stafford

Julia Van Blarcom

Jess Van Bree

Our lane would only reset the pins manually, when we approached the staff they asked if I had ‘thrown my purse down the lane instead of the ball.’ The pin reset needed to be fixed twice by staff and a ball got stuck. When it came time to pay we were charged for two hours of pay when we only played too games - most of which’s time was spent manually resetting the pins or getting staff to fix our lane. Will not return.

Kevin irby

Moira Tate

Jack Leigh

This place looks like it hasn't been cleaned since the 1980's and the rude staff wouldn't let some of our friend who didn't have coupons our university handed out join us even though they were willing to pay.

Blaine Lorenzen

Alexa Weyer

This is a decent place but the customer service has been disappointing. We have called in advance to ask about open bowl hours. They did not give us accurate information, saying open bowl ended later than it actually did cutting us short. Today we called at 3pm and they said open bowl was then until 11pm. We arrive at 7:30 and they wouldn't let us play because leagues were playing. If you show up there, even if you call ahead DON'T EXPECT TO BOWL.

Kafy Tuttu

Rodney Pow

Always a good place to visit in this city.

Bryan Renner

Great place for family entertainment. Kids enjoy this and are able to join leagues at a reasonable price. Coaching is available also.

Mark Owens

Elvis Chefor

Judie Benjamin

Great fun great people!!

Matthew Johnson

Loved it

saffire becker-janes

Was a fun experience for me and my friends. Been bowling their since I was younger and would never choose another place.

Sabra Mesa

Jacob Tessin

Good employees but its struggling on the lane maintenance and lane conditions lately. Machines are breaking down and lanes are very dry most of the time. It's supposed to be consistent in league and has been anything but. Place still has potential but it seems like there has been no effort lately

Brandon Spain-Brist

Shellon Glumm

Dale Twedell

John Jerombeck

Angelica Cowan

Jarrod Gilbert

Bryan Donarski

Balls are chipped and broken. I can never find one in my size.

Muhammad Ali

Avery Pederson

Place smells like a dirty diaper.

Muztahid Muhammad

Devin Pede

Denny K

Stephen Miller

richard hoostie

Jordan Schmidt

Stacy Schlieman

Gracie D.

J. Keogh

Friendly staff, fun environment!

Dre Suggs

I was not working then

Ojibwe Queen23

Have a blast everytime i come here. Weekdays are cheaper then weekends. Its annoying when you have to reset the pins sometimes. Great place for family fun.

Scott Jacobson

Tim Nelson

Max Blacknik

Lanes weren't busy and we got in right away.

Jen G

Worst customer service ever, and I didn't even step foot into the building. I just called and asked some info, and could easily made a determination this would not be a good family experience.

Liz LaPlant

Justin Camp

Not good. Had to hit reset button after each ball. Pin setter got stuck so hit the call button. Nothing. Went to desk and the two guys working were playing hacky sack and said they would come fix it. 20 minutes later after no help we quit. Then tried to get me to pay for full game.

J Muhlenkort

Red Ray lanes is one of the best bowling alleys in town. They have all ranges of balls available for all ages.

Sammy Johnson

Went here for a friends 21st birthday. Was very disappointing. No music playing, had to reset button after every ball. Most of the time had to edit scores because the machine did not count them correctly. Ordered pizza that seemed just like frozen pizza heated in an oven. Bathrooms are completely disgusting. Needless to say we won’t go back

Molly Proctor

Been bowling here for as long as I can remember. But I wont say this is the best bowling alley ever. It just sort of exists. It definitely needs a facelift cause it's dark, dated, and the old bar right in he middle of everything is kind of tacky in my opinion. The parking lot is also full of massive potholes. They may as well just tear it up and have dirt. If I had a choice I'd go to Liberty Lanes in East Grand Forks.


Good fun place, only problem is the equipment is absurdly out of date.

Brandon Hodek

Poor place used to be great. But it's getting run down.

Wes Scholand

Pyre Light

Food was mediocre, scoring machines were busted, lanes had to be manually reset almost every time. The chairs were fun and the staff was friendly

Webster Gehring

Tara Lulla

Works for a small town lane

Matt Driscoll

This place is awesome

Katie Parkman

Vinncent Garceau

Suzie Q Dauphinais

Hannah C

This place is terrible and corrupt. Don't do leagues here. It is not a family friendly environment. There was a league playing poker with pornography cards (full on nudity) with their bowling team in front of children. I had discussed this with other leagues when I saw this issue. They said they have complained about this particular woman and nothing has been done about it. No one was comfortable with this there but the woman was best friends with the night manager/bartender so it was just looked over. The women is apparently the league secretary. She did not do her job - one of her team mates did. She was drunk walking all over the bowling alley gossiping and swearing dropping many F words. Again inappropriate for a family environment. I called the manger and all he said was that he would talk to her about it. That was very terrible customer service. This is not a place where I will allow my loved ones to go when there is pornography, explicit words being thrown around and nothing being done about it.

Patrick Barrett

Fun time with the family!

Tammie Pierce

Had to reset lane after every ball. No music

Nic Yahnke

Lauri Blackwell

Awesome time. Thanks

Susan Attaway

Always had fun here.

Casey Schlaht

Zack Steinberger

If you’re looking for half of a full bowling experience, this is the place for you as half the lanes work.So sad

ChefBry R D

Good lanes and nice employees

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