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330 N Hardee St, Durham, NC 27703, United States

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REVIEWS OF Village Lanes IN North Carolina

Valerie Anthony

Lisa Johnson

Summer Camp children love it!

Jennifer Robinson

Amanda Williams

Family oriented and awesome family fun! Super nice people willing to help and great food!

Lucia Martinez

Nancy Garvey

Fati Mosley

Polite staff. Reasonable cost.


rog van

This place could use a little TLC.

Kelly Holloman

joseph white

Marcus Glover

Fun. Lit.

Patrick Draughn

Michael Krawiec

My family and I go to village lanes at least once a week and love it. We have tried other lanes in the area and this is out favorite. We drive 25 minutes from north Raleigh because we like Village Lanes so much. Fantastic staff and great prices for food and beer at a much better than average snack bar. $1.50 games all day Wednesdays. The lanes are also very well taken care of if you are more than just a casual bowler and care about that sort of thing. The scoring system is a little old but it works as it should. Bottom line is this place is the all around best by far for bowling in the Raleigh/Durham Area. Value, staff, and lanes are top notch. Try this place if you typically go to an AMF/Brunswick type chain. Haven't tried the pro shop services yet but the guy seems pretty busy so I'd imagine they do a good job. Only thing I'd say to them is keep up the good work and maybe get a loyalty program going for people who are unable to commit to a league schedule.

JS Studios Games

Candace Gammon

Went on a Saturday morning to see a small friend (age 4) in his bowling league. This place could really use an update and left alot to be desired!

Kevin Quick

Antoine Johnson

The real wood lanes were fun to bowl on

Karen. Michelle Venable

Nice place just to hang out

celeste c

(Translated by Google) greatttttt (Original) Greatttttt

Robyn Ferguson

The bowling was great but we went to play a game of pool and only 1 out of the 3 tables were working. When we tried to put a dollar in to play it was jamming and wouldn't take our dollar. We informed the employee about the problem and he just said "there's nothing I can do". Then a bunch of kids used a pool cue to slam the money in it get it to work for themselves. Then we tried to play the 'Big Buck Hunting' game and it didn't work and took our money and the employee said there were no refunds on the arcade games.

Marc Macenko

A little old, but very nice staff.

Mary Schmidt

Priced reasonable, clean , well run

Karimah Bennett

Geoffrey Berry

A perfect bowling alley with real charm, diverse clientele and a mean grilled cheese sandwich.

Gary Carbell

Tried to bowl here. Was too busy.

The Pragmatist

My Intimate Companion and I went to the Village Lanes on A Wednesday afternoon, and we had a blast. We played 3 games for just $9(not including shoes, we had our own). The whole place is completely Old School, it was great. The old hardwood lanes make for some interesting acoustics. As I said this place is old, and the scoring computers don't have graphics(DOS Based), but this place is clean, the people are friendly and helpful, and it's a great place for some good affordable fun. Thank You Village Lanes

Chevella Thomas

Tammy Sneed

Great place for the family and the league!

James Kennie

Great place to bowl

A Google User

Zedale Roper

Michael Williams

Great place to bowl and fellowship

chris meyers

Cheap bowling. Good food. Beer.

Abdullah Tharpe

My family has bowled here for years great environment!

Kathy Bristow

Nice bowling alley

Darryl Sloan

Of all the bowling alleys in the city of Durham this is the most professional place of all myself and one of my best friends are getting ready to hopefully host a 9-pin No-tap Breast Cancer Awareness League at this location and the fact that this bowling alley and especially Robbie Strombeck has assured me that he would love to host this league and the fact that we're raising money for not only this bowling alley before a Cause we're going to do our best to make sure this league happens

Teenecia Murray Woodward

This bowling alley is fairly old and does not have all the cool screens and music playing you would typically see at a more modern bowling alley. Also, the pool table (3) kept getting the balls stuck and required assistance from the staff to attempt to fix. I didn't try the food or drinks (not sure if its just beer or if they serve liquor too, so I can't comment on it. However, despite that, it wasn't crowded, the staff was pleasant and the prices were fair. Overall, it was a fun night out with the family. I would still go again since it's the closest to where I live.

Tonya Peace

Sheena E

Pros: There are plenty of lanes, nice atmosphere, decent food and lots of bowling specials like $1.50 games on Wednesdays. Cons: It’s very dated! It needs an upgrade but the pros outweigh this con.

Cheryl Thomas

It was very cold. The pins wasn't resetting like they should.

kingshark james

Bad working staff and will not cut on the grill

Clare Megathlin

Fun old time bowling alley

Tamika Keith

Margaret Cody

Doris Woods

Great family fun!

Alicia Kelly

Most people says it's outdated and not up to par but the community keeps coming back and it may be cuz of the dag on food...fries was slamming and love their burgers! It could definitely use a make over but it functions just the same and there New Year's Eve Event is the best for families!

David Barker

Chris Garvey

First time bowling in decades!! 2 strikes, 3 gutter balls. I've still got it!!

rkaye Granderson

We had a great time the bowling alley, last night, I recommend it highly on Wednesday night 1.50$ a game 1.50$ for shoe rental, but eat before you go food not the great.

Monica Thompson

Needs updated equipment good price on Wednesday nights

Ronald Clayton

Tammy Brinkley

Great youth bowling program...

Ruby Sinreich


Just plain awful. When I planned a birthday party here for my daughter I knew that I could not expect much being that its a very old place. I just wanted the party room and to let them have a round of bowling. However, when I arrived, it was worse than my lowest expectation. They had double booked a meeting in the party room so it was not available for us when we arrived. The front desk clerk then came to me and told me that the meeting would not be ending until 4:30 and that I could use it then. I did not want to do that so I agreed to set up the table behind our lanes. I spoke to the manager and in lieu of the party room he gave me an extra round of bowling. The bowling would have been more fun if the arm that resets the pins and the monitor had not gotten stuck so many times. We had to go over to the front desk repeatedly to complain and then wait for someone to fix the issue. There is also an small room with arcade games but only half of those worked so that sucked too. Sadly, the best thing out of the whole evening was the provided goodie bags. They had some fun stuff in them like fake mustaches, shades, playing cards, and these rubber band launching things. So the goodie bags and the friendliness of the staff is what gives them and extra star.

Christian Clemens

Sketchy sketchy sketchy.

gerry satterwhite

Great quiet place to bowl and enjoy your love one

Stephen Adams

Julie Perez

Was great fun.

Amelia Garcia

Great place for family resonable price.

Victoria Felton

Peletha Vanderburg

Great if you wanna bowl cheap. Need major upgrades and better customer service.

Amr Alchalati

Ken Stalker

Don Johnson

King TCannon

Nathaniel B

Best bowling alley in Durham!! It is retro in every way. The best way is price. Why pay $6 or more per game when you can bowl for $3.50 per game? There are plenty of lanes, abundant parking, an wonderful service.


Nubianquen 46

Better than AMF

Andre Dion Nichols

Romulus Coe

Workers need a raise

Benjamin Sallard

Melissa Richardson

I was there for TNBA a couple weeks ago, and they weren't ready to handle that many people. I ordered fries and by the time I got my food it was cold because they forgot to call my number. They maam behind the registry seemed to not know the register and they had ran out of food.

Steve Tubiolo

Great staff. Very helpful.

Renaldo Dorsey

Devon Mo

Great bowling alley with a nice old school look. I too Bowled in the rising stars tournament and bowl league on the lanes and it is great. The pattern was changed for the tournament so i would expect it to be harder and I don't blame it on the lanes at all.

Esther Scott

Better than AMF on 501

Sarah Eure Davis

S. Butterfly Garrett

The lady working has a bad temper this will be my last day there. Plus they cut our game early!!

Shaylah Kendall

Regenia M. Olayeye Smith

Terrible music! Clean bathrooms! Friendly staff! Great bowling atmosphere! Good ol' fashioned family bowling and fun! Excited to return!

Khadejah Dale

Kids had fun employee was friendly and polite but wifi sucks so it was hard to look up my coupon

Kathy Wyatt

Love it

Lori Ackert

Family oriented atmosphere. Saturday is bowling league for Kids.

Gloria Juarez

Jonathan OToole

Good food and customer service. Not many wood lanes centers still around any more. But enjoy this place

Spaghettio Daddio

Had a graduation party here, it was nice. They have some decent food too.

Christopher Alston


P.A. Pals

It was awesome... friendly fun fun

Cristina Jones

A Lewis

Niya and angie

Thunder Storm

Bowling alley basics, no TV to watch while bowling, but they do have pool tables. They have over 30 lanes with lane flat screen TV's that show 5 frames at a time and no funny strikes/spares skits in between. Restrooms on both sides of bowling alley. There's a small step from where you pick up your to step lane

Dan Snees

Tonya Ferguson

Levi Sherrill

Patricia Brunson

Manuela Hernandez

Allan Guigou

Trish McQueen

Frank Andruzzi

Bowled with our six years old grandson. Lots of fun. Grilled food not available until 5:30 PM when they start to get busy. Hot dogs and fries were fine. Would definitely go back.

Michael Honeycutt

John Gee

The best!

Nika J

Very super chill.. definitely coming back

Quinte Smith

Andre Mckennie

Kid's really liked it

Matthew Paul

Great place with original vintage 80's style. the lanes still run the original software and and old screens! very decent beer selection on tap that should please even the snootiest beer snob.

Melia Nelson

New New

Ollie Estes

Curtis Allen

Carmen Pickett

Chris C

Heaven Norman

hugo jax

This is a FUNNY thing! Heilig

Had a bundle of fun at this place.

Jillian Kelly

Joe Nichols

Great small town bowling alley. 1st time and will definitely be going back. Love the arcade and food.

Deborah Banks

I like everyone at village lanes except angela she always has a snooty attitude they really need to let her go if they want to make more money!

LeFaye Davis

Rebecca Joyner

Visiting Village Lanes is like taking a step back in time; in particular, bowling at Village Lanes kind of makes you feel like you're bowling in the alley from the Big Lebowski (minus the rampant profanity and cowboys, usually). The whole place feels like it hasn't changed at all in the last twenty years. There is automated scoring, and though the equipment is all older, it is immaculately maintained. The staff are always extremely kind and accommodating. They generally don't play loud music like the AMF alleys in the area, but the staff will put on music for you if you ask. I've only ever been on weekdays and weeknights, but I know they do "extreme" bowling on weekend nights (i.e. blacklights and music) and have a $1.50/game deal one night a week (Monday, I think?). Village Lanes is a real gem. I've always enjoyed myself every time I've ever gone.

t byrd

Staff is awesome, place is old school so dont go expecting anything other than genuine bowling. I give it four stars due to age but everything here was as expected. Great kid friendly place for beginners on up thru the ranks. Good selection of balls for us newbs.

Maurice G

Fanie Prieto

Quite place. Quite old fashioned. The prices are fine.

M Grant

Somia Beckford

Buddy Priest

Wed is the best night until after April. Love this place. And great food too.

Gregory Monroe

Lane breakdown every time we are bowling

Chandra Patteson-McNeil

I love bowling here. The food not bad either.

Debbie Wright

Kelley Wooten

Great place to take the kids for some family fun!

Matthew Fowler

Mayur Patel

Myles Bacon

Go on Sunday or Wednesday for the best deals

G Chavis

I enjoy the Monday bowling. It's good exercise and camaraderie. The bowling alley is clean and the staff is AWESOME! Jerry is the best!!

James Ballentine Jr

Denis WEBB

Lyle Flannery Jr

Second home..

James Latta

Mariah Lewis


terrible customer service from older lady with oxygen tank. Very condescending and rude. Outdated equipment. Save your time and go to a bowling alley for the 20th century. Angela won’t refuse to help us.

Tammy Harrington

My family and I had a great time bowling !!!

Michael Murn

Rocky J

Great customer service and friendly atmosphere

Jonathan Jimenez

I absolutely love this place. The prices are unbeatable. There are always so many families and bowling teams enjoying the game. A Durham highlight.

Michael Daul

Milton Gore

Cool place to bowl

Ted Mebane

This is a nice bowling alley. Good shoes. The grill food is ok. You are coming to bowl anyway.

Firezzo XD

Well..... I just played in the BPAC/GA rising stars tournament..... probably the worst lanes I've ever bowled on. In the past 2 years, I was above my average. This year, since I was bowling at this place, I did so horrible my best pins over average was 0! Good for having fun, not good for league or tournament

Crystal Lee

LOVE this bowling alley! Its old school and well maintained. The staff are GREAT and the pro shop is on point. I even took a few lessons from their coach and my game greatly improved.

Shamekia Jenkins

Old school bowling. Super friendly and helpful staff.

Bruce Sandefur

Pleasant experience

Offerald fitzgerald jr

Old school bowling alley with pretty good food. Wood lanes and reminds me of the 80’s when bowling was huge

Eric Luckenbaugh

Saving grace is wooden lanes cared for well and owner is pleasant. BUT decor is 70's and bland. Restrooms are scary. Lots of mechanical issues with lanes. Ball returns chew up balls quickly. WORST THING is NO CUSTOMER SERVICE AT DESK! STAFF IS RUDE & MAYBE BARELY COMPETENT! NO SMILING! ACT AS IF INCONVENIENCED BY CUSTOMERS! Get impression owner is tight wad. Worth the drive to Mebane lanes.

Triston Freeman Freeman


Shakir Brooks

Amy King

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