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REVIEWS OF Brooks Street Bowl IN North Carolina

David Heath

Small local quaint bowling alley. It’s has some history and it shows. 8 lanes max, but our family had a great time. Prices seemed reasonable, staff was pleasant and friendly, and there is a pub inside if you want to hang out. Didn’t try any food, but the nachos looked...well, like nachos should look. Great little place - will definitely go back.

Amanda Miller

Love this small town bowling alley!

Michael Traversino

I didn't like that this alley was very cramped and you don't really have your own space. When we went, it was very crowded and sometimes standing room only. The people bowling next to us were noticably upset that their lane kept malfunctioning, which further contributed to the negative experience here.

Sarah Updike

I've held company events here twice and we LOVE this place. The staff is very willing to help with anything we ask for and have made our events a huge success. The food is great and we always have more than we can eat. I would highly recommend having your event here--our budget for events is tiny and Brooks Street Bowl's level of care makes us feel like we've spent a million!

Blair Clay

Worst bowling experience me and my family have ever had, and my parents were in a bowling league for 5 years. Within the first round of the game on lane 5 the pins got stuck, and it just got worse from there. Every time the bar let up to start a new round for some one, pins were being knocked down no one was starting with ten. A whole rack of balls came back from behind the pins when the attendant went back to get my father's personal ball. To top all of that off with all of the issues and as slow and the pin changes we only made it to the beginning of round 7 and our time was out. Honestly the employees didn't even care....that's what made it worse.

Carol Pereira

Nice place but my husband laid back on the couch and was told he couldnt take a nap there in public. Staff was not polite as owner response stated. In fact, was very confrontational. If he had been polite then we wouldn't be upset. We wont be back.


Fun time with friends and the staff was great!

John Dooley

Cool atmosphere, but if you’re a true bowler do avoid. The lanes are insanely dry and any simple hook will send your ball directly into the left gutter. Fun for groups and drinking but not to bowling any score that matters to you.


The staff is really nice

Frank Reed

Staff is great but the bowling itself is awful. When you pre-pay something you should have a reasonable expectation that it works well. Pins were not picked up to be reset, they were dropping out of the mechanism before the first ball so you were bowling with pins laying down. There is more but you get the picture. The staff tried to make things right (which I give them credit for) but I could not, in good conscience, recommend going there until they make some major repairs. Oh and there was no AC. Staff said it had been that way for a while. August bowling with fans. In response to owner response: We moved from one lane that was broken to another that was broken in another way. My family decided to just deal with it since we wanted to have fun with each other but paying full price for half an experience is just frustrating. Not likely to go back. Will try Buffalo Lanes next time. Hate the drive but hoping that maintnance is better. If the fixes are easy you need to have staff avaiable to do it during your hours of being open.

Will Potter

Very nice and clean bowling alley. It was a lot of fun. Friendly and helpful staff. Best to make reservations, especially on the weekend.

Rose baby

Fun nice atmosphere kid friendly great drinks

Billy Norikey

I love that there's a local bowling alley. I love how they serve beer by the pitcher. I hate that the bowling alley has 0 flat/level lanes. Everyone of the lanes have a speed bump/ crooked ledge. Go for the beer not for the bowling.

jeanette paschall

Old we arrived on a Saturday am at 10:00. The event was for my 10 year old granddaughter. The bathrooms were filthy and trash cans running over from previous night. First and last time going there.

Ken Simons

Great little bowling alley! Great bar! And did I mention food and snacks? Nice vintage equipment with updated according - maybe neo-vintage? Anyway, sized right, helpful staff, clean, well maintained equipment, gear, and shoes. We had a family thing happening with five adults and three children, two lanes, two pizzas, two pitchers . . . Anyway, excellent time had by all. Did I mention very reasonable prices? This world have been double the price at the big fancy places in Raleigh. Ready to call this my new favorite bowling alley in Raleigh after the departure of The Alley on Hillsborough.

Rebecca Culver

We had an awesome time bowling. There was a DJ playing awesome music and the food and drinks were good. Unfortunately, when we wanted to pay for another hour, we were told they were closing because the manager came in and said so. No one could explain to us why. We got there at 10 to bowl and wanted a new hour starting at 11. There were 4 other lanes still being used.

Jayden Slobe

the bowling balls are all very scared up, and dented very hard to have any competition when bowling with very rough bowling balls. only maybe 8 lanes. also lanes seem to be very short. However the bar seems nice and the party room is nice.

Heritage Academy

We had alot of fun here with family. Great customer service!

Laurie Patino

I want to go there

Marina M

The staff truly makes this place a great bowling alley. Only issue is all the lanes lean to the left, lol.

Devon Gibby

90 percent of the balls are dented and scratched but a really fun place to bowl

Jake Warren

Great staff and atmosphere

Mark Schnegelberger

Wake Forest's local bowling spot. Be sure to check their website to see which days and hours they accept lane reservations; there are only eight lanes if I recall correctly, so if you're planning a rainy afternoon activity, be prepared to compete with lots of others who had the same idea for a nice indoor, kid-friendly activity!

Taylor Cox

Very cool, small town alley. Clean and well-kept with very friendly staff.

Nathan Baker

Cozy alley with good vibe and great service.

Marshall Little

The place is way too cramped. Not to mention, it has a full bar in it. I will be the first to admit that I don't frequent bowling establishments, but who goes to the bowling alley to sit at a bar and drink? The staff, from what I saw, was courteous, but I wouldn't see myself going back.

Anthony Bowman

Had a great time with the kids.

John Wilson

Nice place to take the kids bowling. All the staff were friendly!!!

Will Griffin

Bit expensive, but we had a good time.

Larisa Benton

People were nice, it was fun! Only problem was the lanes weren't maintained, so unfortunately I can't play for sport, only for fun. Hopefully it'll get better! Loved the atmosphere, and will go with friends.

b p

Literally the worst bowling alley I have ever been to. It makes me wishhhh I could rate something zero stars.

Ben Robbins

Great place to bowl with the family. Beer selection makes me want to stay for a few more frames.

Melissa Dehnel

Fun times with friends. Went on $2 a game and $2 beer night. The place could use some new seating. Staff was friendly.

Kendra Bryan

Great bartenders!

Katlyn Woodard

Fun place!

Williams 81

I would not recommend wasting your time to bowl at this place. We had a party of 7 (4 adults/3kids) reserved for 2.5 hours and when we paid the time was backed down to 1.5 hours. We were told we could have the extra time if needed since it was originally reserved but we were basically kicked off the 2 lanes after an hour and a half because they let an extremely rude couple reserve our lanes. The equipment (balls,dry lanes,pinresetter) is second hand along with the filthy couches. We asked about the situation at the front desk but received an attitude so we decided to leave.

Devon Harris

8 lanes. Good food. Good music. Clean. Fun time with the family.

Dennis Lingerfelt

Family friendly place with a good snack bar and both regular and craft sodas (and a full "grown up" bar with great bartenders and nice selection of craft beers when you need a break from the family). Different deals every day, but they're not well posted/publicized -- check the webpage. It's not the kind of place you bring your bag with 3 custom balls, your 200 dollar bowling shoes, and that thumb thing, but for the occasional bowler or family/church/birthday/bachelor party/group outing, it's pretty boss. Also has some video games and a party room. There's also usually sports and such on the TVs in the bar area -- and they're good to switch it to whatever you want to watch. Staff are great, very friendly and helpful. Supposedly there's some sort of football game starting Sundays soon, and I just finished out the trivia game season at the bar . . . and won :D Right in downtown Wake Forest. Easily walkable to the main drag.

Latisha Bell

The staff are very friendly. My children really enjoyed themselves.

Wesley Spottiswood

AC gas been broken for over a month now and no sign of it being fixed. Couches gave rips and stains. Lanes are old and malfunction. Great staff though.

Sean Couch

Small town alley. 6 lanes. Very friendly staff.

11000011101 11000001110000111110

Decent place for the open bowler, and good bar. However, do not go here if you are a serious bowler! They do not maintain their lanes, are usually bone dry, and will chip the ever living hell out of your ball. I personally know 3 people who have had their balls completely FUBAR after bowling there. Only use their house balls!!! You'd figure with how much business they get they could hire a mechanic to keep the machines going (and stop chewing balls), and maybe even get an oil machine! They would get a lot more business if they weren't known for having terrible lane conditions!

Keisha Tamar

Awesome staff ! So much fun !


Good for a local bowling alley - quaint, convenience, and enjoyable. On Monday's, all you can bowl until 9 PM for $12 each. We were on lane 3 and magically recorded three unearned spares.


Super friendly and helpful staff.

Veronica Aldridge

Offer decent deals but not for 2 year olds. Still had to pay the deal of $12 for him to only end up playing half of one game. Since they are more worried about running a buisness. I get you have a buisness to run but need something for kids under the age of 5 years old. I know there are offers and deals out there but maybe more toddler friendly. Also hos feet are still to small for bowling shoes and still get charged for shoes he isnt wearing. With a deal or no deal i get charged for shoes he cant wear. On the other hand my 8 year old had an awesome time but equipment kept messing up. I felt like my $24 was wasted today. Be a while before i return.

David Guy

If you're a serious bowler these lanes are not for you. Let alone anyone who enjoys bowling re recreationally. My experience included friendly and helpful employees but very dry and unmaintained lanes.

Collin Townsend

Great hangout place after school, and good for birthday parties as well. Local atmosphere and they offer good deals and discounts. My favorite is the $3.00 after school bowling offer they have.

Candy Coated

I LOVE THIS PLACE!!! I had my 40th Birthday party in the party room and everything was perfect!! Every time I called with questions prior to the party, they were professional and so nice! My friends are still raving about how good the appetizers were! And the night of my party they were awesome!! I dealt with Angela and Karen most of the time but even if it was another staff member, they made everything easy for me!! I’m already planning on having another event at Brooks Street Bowl!! Y’all ROCK!!!

Suzanne Utter Andrews

Great bowling alley for families to have fun. Our daughter and family helped me start the birthday celebration. Aurora, CO.

James Reinhardt

Fun place to hang out.

Sarah Reese

Great place to bowl if you don't keep score. Fun atmosphere, accommodating staff, terrible lanes. I had a good time but we were on the first lane which was falling apart.

Ted Dean

Great little spot to grab a game or a couple drinks.

Jessica O'Sullivan

Awesome cool little place!

Donald Stem

Eight lane bowling alley. Not many house bowling balls to choose from, other than that it was very nice. The place is kept clean, plenty of room, and the employees are friendly.

Janet Lopez

Very nice !

Rick Carnagey

Nice place to go and have fun with family and friends. Has a snack bar and a regular bar.

James Grant

Had a great time here last night. Brought my family along with my friend's and us adults as well as all the kids had a ball. Great beer selection too.

Dustin Jones

Really good bowling alley. Great food!

Mike Kafes

The bar tenders are a hoot to hang out with and talk to! Great atmosphere.

Pack & Create It

Great place .... Our Original mattress Factory Family had our Christmas party there and it was great lovely staff and great services... Thanks alot Brooks street bowl

Ben Mackie

Reading some of the reviews it seems that malfunctioning lanes, shoddy equipment and no air conditioning is the status quote here. It’s too bad because the beer is great and it’s the closest option for most Wake Forest residents. Last night was my final trip here. Our lane had to be fixed every 5 minutes and it was hotter than hell.

Chris Blanda

Fun place and good atmosphere.

karen George

The bowling lanes are terrible. The first lane they had us on, the bowling balls didn't automatically return. We had to ask the staff at least three times to rectify the problem. They moved us to another lane that was even worse. It wouldn't either reset or a pin would tip over after resetting. I had to ask staff to fix at least 5-6 times. They didn't offer to discount our bowling fee or offer anything for the inconvenience. Its our first and last time going there!

Sammi Van Hoy

Small little place that is AWESOME! only like 5 or 6 bowling lanes, but a HUGE selection of beer! We love coming here with friends!!

Yolanda Morris

Good for a small group outing

Erica Jenkins

We've come here several times but today it was lacking on many levels. Our lane kept having mechanical issues, we asked twice for help but had to hit reset about every 3rd frame. Dirty dishes sat in the bowling area on several lanes for over an hour. Even the lane we were given had dirty glasses. My husband moved them to the bar so we had space. Final straw was the music, swear words, heavy dance/hip-hop just not family friendly. It just felt like the staff was busier on their phones than paying attention to only a few customers. I'd suggest the owners put some more training into the staff.

Chris Barron

Great venue for staff party

Tyler S

The staff is really nice but they need to turn some air conditioning on. People are moving around, having drinks, etc... plus it’s 70+ degrees outside. Give me a break!

Chris Downing

Great place to go and bowl and have drinks and beer

Latisha Holmes

Great little place! Good food and drinks, and we had a great time bowling. Staff was very nice and helpful as well!

C. A. Hanna

We went with the whole family around Thanksgiving for the first time and were all impressed. It's not a big bowling alley compared to most, and it certainly isn't the fanciest, but it still had everything we wanted and more - the bar and snacks there are a big advantage, and we enjoyed the atmosphere overall. The kids liked the lights changing as it got later and we all had a lot of fun really, we're definitely going back and thinking of making it an annual tradition.

Jane S

Great place to meet up with friends. Casual bowling. Friendly staff.

Ezra Byrd

Excellent people and great lanes! You can tell they care about their community and ensuring you have a great experience!

Chris Securcher

This place is okay to bring kids. The lanes and the house bowling balls are in terrible condition. Been here about 5 or 6 times and there hasn't been a visit where I didnt have to get an attendant to fix a lane after freezing up, not clearing pins properly, or pins just randomly falling down. Dont sit on the couches either...absolutely filthy!

Hunter Trinkley

Great bar type food, very hipster esque. And only about 8 lanes. So I would not recommend during busy hours

Sam Brunswick

This bowling alley is in a decent venue and has a lot of potential, but I would expect it to be further along mechanically after being around for several years and experiencing the volume of business that they receive. Wide open bar/dining area with a decent selection of spirits and local beer for a small town type of place. There are only 8 lanes and they're packed tightly together, so when every lane is in use its very crowded. Management is usually very friendly and accommodating, however most of the staff that I've encountered appear to hate their lives. This does not bode well given that at least once per game on just about every lane, there is a mechanical issue that needs to be fixed by the staff. It hinders the experience when you have to approach the staff on several occasions during your visit to fix your lane, and they act like you've ruined their day every time. Overall this is not a bad place to take the family for bowling, but if it were only me and a couple friends, I'd rather drive to Raleigh for a higher class alley.

David Rollins

Very fun time with the family...and there is beer!!


Pricey but fun

Kelly Elly

It is so hot in here. Not sure what is going on but we still had fun. Not sure I would recommend it. It is also really tight in here. No room to move around.

Ella Batten

Another gem of Wake Forest! Just a fun place to hang out. Not a ton of lanes so either make a reservation or be prepared to wait on the weekend. Food is decent and cheap for bar food.

John Dean

Very fun place, staff is always great. Very family friendly place to have fun.

Peyton Harpel

This place looked very promising. Its hard to find a bowling alley these days thats not a chain buisness.. However, there was only like what? 6 lanes.. And even then the lanes hardly worked. everytime someone would roll we had to reset the system because the arms would get stuck or the ball would get stuck. I could overlook this if the management wasnt so entitled. The whole time me and my boyfriend were there she was staring at us up and down, as if we weren't good enough to be in her building. There were kids running around everywhere and tried to take our balls, turns out they were friends of the owner. The food and beer was cheap, but again all of this is overshadowed by the rude management.

Caitlin Hatch

The people working here are very friendly and the place was clean and fairly quiet despite being pretty busy. We had a lot of fun here!

Laurie Washington

Equipment is old and the lanes need major updating. The lanes are very slow and kept dropping pins and scoring incorrectly. Seating very is limited. Will not be bowling here again

Karla Jackson

What a fun place! The staff is awesome. We were there for a group event and they took great care of us.

Daniel Hawkins

Big ball energy

Barry Jones

Small, old equipment and the AC wasn't working. Ball return malfunctioned constantly. Main problem though is there's just not enough room/space.

Matthew Stone

Lane maintenance leaves a bit to be desired. The lanes were very dry, making it hard to hook my ball properly, and the pinsetter was frequently causing some pins to fall as soon as they were set down. It is a fairly nice facility otherwise though.

Jonathan Lloyd

The lane we were on did not calculate the score so we asked to about a fix and the fix was moving over a lane. We moved over then waited about 15 minutes for the pins to "recalculate". When they did recalculate we resumed our game. Our game timed out in the 9th frame and we couldn't finish because we paid for an hour and a half. We left, and will not be returning.

Cari Siegers

We love this alley. It's small but has an old feel to it which makes it's atmosphere pretty cool.

robyn pirog

I just walked into the bowling Alley with my Grandaughter and was told I needed a reservation . There was no alley open until 245 pm , that was a half hour away . The very young person behind the desk was nice but I feel he doesn’t understand business . We walked to the car and I searched on the phone for another bowling alley to my surprise there isn’t many around Wake Forest . I called the bowling alley from the car watching people leaving no one going in and the same young man told us nothing until 4 pm! I stated that I had just walked out of the door a few minutes ago ! He stated well that’s how busy we are other people came in ! Not true ! Kids behind the desk playing games . Not only will I find another place to bowl I will encourage in writing other companies to open up in Wake Forest and near by ! The people here believe they have a monopoly and maybe now they do but they will not ever have my business ! I understand if your busy , I understand if one needs a reservation , that is all my fault for not investigating. But to outright lie about people walking in when they didn’t is beyond my comprehension. Sad for my Grandaughter :( Shame on that young man and the person managing or owning the Bowling Alley !!

Shawn Murray

Great atmosphere and a really cool place to go to bowl or to hang out in the bar area. But if you want to go at prime hours then you better reserve a lane well in advance as there aren't many to choose from.

Carlton Haywood

Service was terrible. We had to wait an extra 30min because people who put their names on the list showed up late.

Angelo Sosa

Fun time. Good family day. Chelsea the bar tender was great! Very cute too! :)

Michelle Robbins

Great and helpful staff. Had my sons 8th Birthday party there. Really fun time and birthday boy was super happy and excited.

Beth Turner

We came with a big group of kids this afternoon and as always, the staff at BSB was beyond wonderful! The food was great, bowling was fun and they were so fast to help us with anything we needed. Thank you all so much! We'll be back!!

Gregg Zwilling MD

Angela (who owns & operates the facility) is a great woman!

Paul Crockett

This place isn't the biggest or newest I've been to, which works to its advantage in some ways. It only has 10 or so lanes, and that makes it very cozy and quiet... for a bowling alley. I wouldn't try to bring a large group here, but it's nice for families.

Ryan Welker

A great place for families and friends not looking for too heated a competition. Probably not the best place for competitive bowlers, due to the quality of the bowling lanes probably not being up to competition standards. Nevertheless they have a friendly staff, and a good selection of drinks and simple food items that make it a good place for more than just bowling.

Andrew Gillingham

Clean, staff is very helpful as a general rule and it compares well on price

Neal Harris

Getting run down, no older than it is.. lane 8 had speed bump on the lane, very small!! We tried it out, but I will stay going to one in Henderson.

Frank Toler

Fun place to bowl, just don't order food there...WAY overpriced for what you get. But do bowl there, very nice and relaxed.

Cindy Fraser

What a fun family bowling alley. The staff is friendly..

David Richter

Fun place!

mike durham

Fun place to go. Great craft brews

Chris Napoli

Nice staff, good prices, but the place needs to be updated

kangs B

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Kaden Hansen

This place has good service from the employees but it has a few issues. Depending on the lane you get, the pins may not always reset correctly or even at all. It really messes with the game. Secondly, if you call ahead to make a reservation, don't trust them if they say you don't need ine. I've made that mistake multiple times and each time I show up, a reservation means I have to go home.

Jason B.

Bowling lanes could use some work but the deals and good service more then make up for it

Melissa Glazier

So if you are a competitive bowler this isn't your place. However if you are looking for a great place to have fun, bowl a few friendly games, and knock back a few drinks then I highly recommend. Only downside was the AC was not working but a few cocktails in who cares.

Evonne Lotz

Made a reservation, got there 10 minutes early. The atmosphere was crowded and so hot. We asked for the full hour and paid for it. Half way thru our second game timer runs out, game shuts down. Asked the clerk we still have 15 minutes til our full hour. He makes us wait 15 minutes checking people in and says not sure why that happened but now your time is out. RIDICULOUS this has never happened at a bowling alley our game was cut short, left angry, overpriced but if we had a good time at least it would of been a convenient way to spend family time. Not to mention some of that 45 minutes was wasted on them fixing the machine stating it was a reoccurring problem with lane 1. So disappointed, never go back, we dont need extra irritation on days were supposed to be relaxing and fun


This is a great bowling alley focused on the high end with a party room, full menu and bar. The service here is great and the atmosphere is inviting and fun.

Moira Grace

Very friendly staff, good pricing, the only thing I would change is lighting and music. Otherwise I love it here!

Terry Wright

Very small...bowlers are all on top of each other.

Sarah Kincaid

Staff is so friendly, lanes are really nice.

Steve Ballentine

Made reservations for [5] lanes. When we arrived the lanes were not available. The employee at the counter said she could get us [4] lanes. We waited,but only got [3] lanes. ...[3] lanes for 19 people w/ toddlers, you can do the math. During the night owner came over and offered us vouchers. A fun time was had by all.

Crystal Blaisdell

Our first time bowling here. Friendly staff and decent prices!

jonna artisan

Better than your average bowling alley! Helpful staff, full bar, pizza and snacks, clean bathrooms. Smaller bowling alley, call ahead to reserve lane. They do have a waiting area and book store next door if its crowded.

Christy Colebank

Brook Street Bowl is a great family place with lots of affordable options. However my 5 star rating is because of their community involvement that is shown in the hosting of the Leo Club's "Bowling With The Blind". This event brings Wake Forest high school teens together with students from Gov. Morehead's School for the Blind so that they can all enjoy bowling in an atmosphere of friendlyness and acceptance. The caring and sharing is awesome, thanks to the hospitality of Brook Street Bowl.

Taylor Anderson

Clean, affordable, and fun! The staff was fabulous with accommodating our large group and making sure we had a great time! Perfect for adults or families!

Brian Buker

Smaller , staff is extremely helpful. Customers of all ages raging from stroller to walker.

Robbin Coker

Love this place.

Jeffery Szalaj

We went bowling and the lanes are in need of repair along with removing near by walls and poles. I could see how late night fun is very possible here.

Adam Lester

Its got a great atmosphere, but its small. Only like 10 lanes (not even) but there's a bar and "arcade". You can also reserve a big room for birthday parties.

Jon Matlock

This is pretty much your average local bowling joint. The reset sometimes gets stuck but a staff person is always ready to resolve any issues. It's reasonably priced and makes for a fun date night or a good outing with friends.

Karen Spaulding

Love two for Tuesday's. Karen rocks

Amber Simmons

The staff was excellent, kind and very helpful

Gary Man

Fun time, friendly folks!

Vicki Lynn Smith

Small and simple but very nice. Clean and great deals. Friendly staff.

Oscar Gutierrez

Had a great time, everyone who worked there were nice.

Kevin Kirkendoll

Fun as a group activity.


Lanes little small but great deals.

John Morris

Great place to hang out with friends. The management is super friendly and accommodating. The only drawback is they have limited lane space. Reservations are highly recommended.

John B

Bowling was fine... not great or awesome. The price was okay the establishment seemed in disrepair during our visit. We were in lane 1. The bumpers on the left side would not lift up for our children. Game play had to stop 4 times because the ball return malfunctioned or the pin clearing machine messed up. Several times it set 9 pins instead of 10. We brought these issues up to the manager after a while she responded in frustration. It's not my fault your equipment is not working right. We reached a point where we just wanted to finish and go. The alley was also not well air conditioned. They had fans moving the air around. Would I go back??? I don't think so; not for a while at least.

Alexandra Ocasio

Really fun anda friendly staff crew

Declan Lloyd

Fun and food was good... my only wish is that they had more lanes for people to bowl in.

Brian Stier

We visited this site during our vacation and had a great time. We had some issues with one of our lanes and the staff was very helpful in trying to make our time enjoyable.

JBP notforit

Took kids on a Saturday morning. The staff was so nice and friendly. They even gave us a couple extra mins to complete a game. Will go back.

Josh Illes

Was ok, they go for the 'retro' theme which is cool, however I think they're using it as a crutch since their equipment is very old. It seemed like there was an employee behind the lanes constantly fixing our pins. We were there only ones in the alley and had already moved from a previous broken lane. The equipment is very second hand, maybe third; however the employees seemed to be very nice and would immediately help us with any issues.

Theresa Baschon

Great to have a local bowling alley in Wake Forest

Donna Merzigian

Great hang out place!! Comfortable atmosphere.

The Slayer5934

Its an okay place to bowl and considering there isn't another around it's the best one. Some of the alleys get stuck a lot so if your paying by the hour you might get ripped off waiting for someone to fix it over and over.

Andrea Hunt

Love the all you can bowl. Great service.

Mary Perretta

Fun place.

Carol Heckman

Great atmosphere! Loved the bar and even though tjere were only a few lanes, they were nice and well-kept. I want to ho back at night to check out the dance hall in the back.

Tim Jarry

Overall a nice place, need new bowling balls and shoes though.

Tara Komlo

It's a fun environment! Good bowling and Good brews. It's a little tight but that's not necessarily a bad thing. We made friends with the couple next to us and it was a lot of fun. Football on the Tv's as well.

Queen G Mrs. Nika

Family location great fun for family or friends or both

Patrick Carr

Brooks street is an older bowling alley that's just as fun as newer, fancier alleys. I've been there with friends and my family at least a dozen times and always had fun. The scoring is all automated, the same type of digital systems used by Kings and others. The lanes themselves are showing some age and I've seen a few instances of the ball return or pin setting not functioning properly (deducted one star for this since it requires getting an employee to fix it). There's also a bar that serves drinks and some snacks.

Kelly Yount

Had a great time with family on Mothers day. It was very busy but the staff handled it well. Bacon cheese fries, pizza, craft beer and mixed drinks were all served quickly and with a smile, like we were the only ones there. We will definitely be going back.

gary duffield jr

Its bowling. It's always fun. They do have issues with their equipment. And only a few lanes

Sheila Jimenez

Friendly staff and bowlers but the lanes are horrible!!

Jim Kenny

Fun family night out

Lycan L

Small but we always have a good time here

Justin Brown

Pricey, $36 for 2 adults and a child for an hour. Crowded, with little space for each lane. Lane malfunctioned repeatedly and staff blew us off when told about it. Arcades were in bad shape. We wont be back.

Alex Peck

Great place for food and drinks. However the lanes are not very high quality. If you're anything more than a casual bowler, you will find them difficult to play on.

michael ressegiue

Small place but they are growing quick

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Bowling Alley - North Carolina

Bowling alley