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REVIEWS OF Bo's Family Entertainment IN North Carolina

Jeffrey Sauer

Located next to Walmart, Bo's has everything you need to take yourself, couples, and familys! Includes an arcade, bowling alley, food and snacks, and my personal recommendation...LASER GUN ARENA!!! I will admit, prices are a little on the higher side unfortunately. However, it's up to you to form your own opinion

Amanda Shirley

Always a great time

Curt Burchette

My wife and kids love this place

brandi patrick

excellent family place. Great value

Angela Moore

I'm glad the place is here but they need more activities for the younger children

Ernie Crawford

Lot of the game machines that are top played best machines to me ,now only take money to play. Basketball machines are broke again .Food and drink prices are a little .


Bo's has all you can imagine for a family fun venue. Bowling, Arcade and Laser Tag. The Arcade could use better games as most are the ticket prize games. For 15 dollars you can get a free pass but it is limited to some games. The food is not bad. 5 to 10 dollar items. Solid 4 stars.

Shannon Carlton

Fun for the whole family. Eat before you go the foods a little pricey but the rest is reasonable

sara pinier

Went to a birthday party and had a blast!!!

miguel montiel

Is ok

Evan M

So my chicky sandwhich came out in 40 minutes

TJ Miles

The games are all broken. The laser tag was no fun, the equipment did not work. The balls was flat. The food is too too high. My kids did not have fun. For the price, there should be options and better quality of products. My honest opinion is that my family and friends will never go back to Bo’s!!

McKenzie Anderson

Used $20 very fast but there were some fun games.

Da Ha

Pretty good environment but when you buy the unlimited pass it doesn’t include every arcade game which I understandable, but when half the games are out of service, it doesn’t leave you with too many options... still good place to go when it’s raining. Bowling was pretty fun too!

Steve Hollar

This is a good place to go and have fun. I have noticed people are not made to wear bowling shoes. I see cowboy boots and tennis shoes these shoes carry small pieces of gravel and scar the approach with such of a nice place I do not see why the staff does not require EVERYONE to wear bowling shoes very slack on management's behalf

tester zero

Not the best place to host a birthday party on a busy weekend...none of the staff cares about your party staff mostly will ignore you after your signed in..probably would be better to go on not so busy day!

Danny Nerber

The children's play area was the only real positive thing. Took my 4 year old and friends. Didn't know I had to have cash to play half the games, the card readers didn't work on quite a few games, and there were games that didn't work after it took credit off my card. Not all games give prize tickets so earning enough tickets is hard. I will just go back to Great Wolf.

Elise Ballard

Fun. Great for all ages, the whole family. Even as an adult I had a blast. Definitely will go back.

Shirley Rochester

This place is great. The kids had fun.

Barry Brown

I went there with some other employees from my place of work for a company party. Had a really good time. There are lots of fun activities to do at Bo's. Bowling, miniature golf, laser tag, arcade, pool tables, batting cage, snack bar, etc...

Connie Coffey

Good family fun

Grant Painter

It's a great place. There is a ton of fun things to do here. The Arcade has tons of games, the Laser Tag arena is dual-level, and the bowling is good quality. But, it's usually really busy and hot inside the building, and you should be prepared to get a headache.

Tommy Jenkins

Never change same broken games. Soft play is small. Only thing worth doing here is bowling. Bo’s needs to try harder

Brandon Lackey

Its a wonderful place to take youre family bowling but the arcade could use a upgrade.Half of the games was broken but the staff there is excellent.

Liz Walker

We enjoy our experience, always very clean and staff of friendly people, and the snack bar is pretty darn good.

Gwen McCullers

My 2 kiddos love this place! We'll be back!

Sam Edmisten

Great fun for the family. Good deals for bowling, games and laser tag for one price too.

Jessica Doll

It was very fun and nice

Sean McIntyre

Bo’s? More like Blows. Bo-overpriced, Botrash, and Bowasted time.

Rodger Fry

Went to a youngsters birthday party. Good selection of games. But don't go on a rainy weekend unless you like crowds

C B.

Nice place for entertainment. Some aspects are up to date and some need some maintenance/updates

Shannon Bradshaw

My kids love this place.

LFP Ricochet

Great Lazer Tag, friendly and patient staff, Good Arcade, Bowling and if you want a quieter game, VIP bowling which has extra comfortable seats that is away from all the loud kids and games.

Amanda S

Had a good time there (first visit). For $15 each we spent the night 7pm to 11pm playing bowling, mini golf, and arcade games. We even enjoyed playing later tag! Husband was happy he could grab a beer while bowling too. Lots of fun will be back.

Marli Sierra

They were super freaking nice.

Matthew Denny

This place is child friendly and alcohol free definitely an 5 out of 5


The first year Bo's was here it was nice. Now the employees are rude, the machines are always broke, and the prices have went up for games that are either broken or not worth the cost. Thinking about investing my money at the new attraction in hudson

Cynthia Taylor

Great service and loads of fun!

Amanda Trull

We were told we bought the 4 hour pass (we paid for 4 hrs) . We arrived at 1:45 and my 3 children I paid $15 each got cut off at 3:00 ...the cards quit working. So I ask the manager what the deal was and she said ”yeah the guy that rang you up is a trainee and he told you wrong” ???? So I’m thinking ok well I paid for four hours. She just shrugs and say I can offer u like a game of mini golf?? What? I just spent $45 for 1 hour and 15 min of games didn’t half of them work and lots you couldnt eve play,and you offer me a free game of mini golf that essentials I already paid for on a course that’s nasty with leaves, rocks and 2 putters that we’re warped? I’m feeling a little cheated and very disappointed! Probably won’t be back after today

Latesha Day

My son loves the game room and Lazer tag!!!

Catherine Hill

They are sweet people. Good food. Loved it.

Brent Presnell

Had grandson's 4th birthday party here. It was very adequate for that purpose. Kids had a good time but I can't say there was really anything special about the place.

David Spence

Drove an hour to get there only to find out we had 30 minutes then we had to leave because of a private party. They were nice about it and let use play anyway which was cool of them. Staff was helpful and friendly despite us having to leave. It's a nice clean place. The kids love it because there is plenty to do.

connie carter

We enjoyed visiting Bo's. Each day they have a different special going on. $12 for four hours of fun is a great deal! The only downside to that is the arcade has certain games you can't play with the special wristband and sometimes the other games aren't working properly. Plus you don't get the tickets from the games with the wristband. But...Laser Tag is what we go there for so it's worth it. Plus, the mini golf and bowling are also included in that 4 hour price so you can't go wrong! We went twice in one week before school started again and it's almost an hour drive for us. Well worth it!

Tim Shuping

It's a good place to go they bowling a arcade room putt putt Lazer tag bumper cars and a restaurant too.

Phillip Vancour

This place is awesome

Aaron Joyner

Laser tag, bowling, mini golf, arcade, laser maze... Fun for all ages! Their unlimited passes for several hours are a good way to occupy a group of kids.

Greg Davis

Extremely crowded, most games did not work and customer service were preoccupied.

Joshua Coggins

Good selection of arcade games. Decent bowling lanes.

Christine Williams

I would like to let everyone to know I had a great experience at Bo's Family Entertainment. We had a small "Welcome Home " party for our son who just completed Basic Training for the Army. Thank You To Our Hostess exspecially. She was professional, knowledgeable and lead the party to help take the stress off of me. Thanks!!:)

Marvin DelAngel

I had a lot of fun at this field trip for summer camp and with my friends

Logan Penland

Great place to take kids for family fun. My kids loved it! I've been a return customer for four years. Customer service is lacking, however. At the time their website offered VIP pass for 12pm-4pm. They changed this to 11am-3pm, but did not update the site and I struggled to get them to honor what they advertised. The manager on staff was unfriendly, but willing to accommodate since I had 10 guests. They would not give me the offer for $10/guest for 10+ guests, though, but instead made us pay the full price of $15/person. I've hosted several events here in the past and I've always been treated like a valued customer. Until this day. I was treated as though I was inconveniencing them by asking them to honor their advertisements. While fun, I am hesitant to host any future events which require large groups. (I did note before writing this review, they updated their website within the past 24 hours to include the 11-3 hours.)

Crystal Lopez

Kids love it

Alex Scarborough

Tons to do here for great prices. Can't wait to go back!

Chad Pritchard

Last year when we went to Bo's there were a lot more video games that you could play with your $15 pass card, this year on our son's birthday there were only a handful of games that could be played with the $15 pass card, wasn't too happy about that change, the rest of Bo's was as good as always

Lelelelele Lelelelelele

This place was very nice and clean definitely family oriented I was very impressed the kids had tons of fun and didn't want to leave whenever I visit again I will definitely be returning. The food was very good as well and not very expensive. There was a lot of bowling lanes so not much of a wait. there was also laser-tag which was fun.

Carson Thomas

Good place for family fun

Amy Jeffords

Great place for FUN...makes u feel like a kid again!!!!

lynn gagnon

Went on a rainy camping day. $15 per person for 4 hours. Unlimited laser tag, bowling, mini golf, and games. You don’t get tickets for the games, which my kids were not too happy about, but we loved everything else. This is a great place for your family to spend a few hours at a decent price. Wish I could open one in the small town I live in!

King Coby

Overpriced Ordered chicken sandwich and only got lettuce Makes McDonalds look tasty Terrible games that are basically from 2001 45 minute wait for a basic sandwich Bad service Outdated Good for a 5 year old with a short attention span and low IQ

Carter Hammond

Not at all a great place. Bo’s was overpriced and had bad service. Food is terrible and takes 40 minutes to get. This place is not very entertaining and is meant for a 2 year old with a low IQ and a 2 second attention span. Bo’s more like Blows!

william byrd

Has some of the best wings I've ever ate the sauce ain't to hot and the chicken is never under cooked .

Micheal Robinson

I liked the bowling alley, it was a good atmosphere to bring kids and let them play around.

Sherry Johnson

Bo's is a good venue for variety of entertainment. Bowling, arcade, mini golf, laser tag, batting cages, laser maze and possibly something I'm not aware of. However, I would like to see more bowling balls as there are not enough if every lane is full.

John Thaler-Sanborn

Great family fun

Chris banks The redneck

Kids love it won lots of tickets and prizes

Margaret Fortney

Love this place


Extremely Disappointed today after leaving. We got the 7pm till 11pm unlimited pass, and only used about an hour and half till we left. Half the games are completely broken, and the other half (of course the newer games and the ones that are nice) were not included in the pass, need I say that half of them did not even give tickets they were simple shooter games. So after Dance Dance revolution having to boot up 2 different times while I am playing it, it finally crashes the game pad and wouldn't work. So we go out to the Putt-Putt course, the golf balls are extremely old and all of them are plain white (you know since most places get the color ones atleast), my putt-putt was bent, and the course is half falling apart. The water no longer works on the course (or they simply do not turn it on), and most of the green mats are frayed and falling apart. The course it self is a nice set up, but lacks character and looks so bland. After the disappointing games and putt course, we go inside for bowling. Its Saturday night, but not very busy. My husband couldn't get his size cause they were all out. The lanes are right on top of each other, they didnt have enough small balls and I ended up with one that was extremely to large and heavy. During our normal length of a bowling game, we had to have them service it 3 different times cause the pins keep messing up. Finally we just played the game with the pins up or down. We signed up for 2 games, gave up after the first game and just went home. If I had a sense of mind I should have just left with a refund as soon as the games broke on us, but I gave the bowling a benefit of the doubt. Extremely disappointed and will not return and wont recommended.

Teresa Buchanan

Way too expensive for what you get! Chucky Cheese is so much BETTER!!

Demikkusu Dechida

Fun. A little chilly. Wide variety of games to keep your children busy.

Nadalie Crain

Too loud at times, but fun to visit.

Belinda Patten

I had my little boys 7th birthday party. We had so much fun. Very friendly staff and reasonably priced for the party package.

Nicholas Holler

There needs to be older people working there with customer service experience already, too many kids working there who just want a paycheck.

Pinhead Larry

Place is AWESOME! Love it every time I go. There laser tag is my favourite, very fun. The bowling is cool, because they have a really cool neon bowling lane area. The arcade is HUGE! Very impressive. The only thing I have a problem with is the restaurant, they're a little slow on making the food. But other than that, it's worth your time to go.

Monica Jade

This is a nice building with many activities. The bowling lanes are nice and the arcade area has a lot to do. I gave it four stars only because I think it’s a bit expensive for food and activities. Overall though it is great.

Tammy Graham

Purchased a pass which included the arcade. Totally understood that ticket games were not included and was told other certain games were not included. Purchased a card to use in the arcade for those games Then realized most of the good games was cash only. All that too confusing and not cost effective. The entire place is confusing. Staff was friendly. Will not go back.

Floyd Richardson

Took my Granddaughter for her birthday and enjoyed ourselves. Won enough points to take home a stuffed Mario about 22" high.

Joshua Strickland

Accommodating staff and excellent surprise for a small town.

MattNDawn Headden

The employees were all right the food was not that great, and their games could have been better.

edgar x

Very fun take your family there

Jason Lemons

Awesome place. Lots of fun and reasonably priced. Employees at this place suck. Customer service is terrible.

Mega Gengar Lucario

Good place for bonding with the family

Bethany Pierce

This place is lovely! I enjoyed every minute I spent here

Tj Kacludis

Place needs updated. And needs more to do. Kids still have alot of fun especially with the arcade and lazer tag.

Holly Rhyder

If you are looking for a place to take your family that has a little of everything then Bo's is the place. Quite pricey for parties and it doesn't include as much as you would expect but the kids have a good time.

Carla States

Great place to go, especially on Saturdays! From 3 pm to 7 pm its $15.00 for unlimited bowling, laser tag, most of the video games. My son loves it...

Nikki Nicole

My children love this place. I do not.

Robert Gaydos

Nothing special, went to play putt putt, course needs a lot of work

XxAwesome WolfxX

Loved it will go again

Stephen Andrews

Nice place for big gatherings.

Wade Johnston

Pretty good selection of video games. Laser tag and bowling are fun

Loreen Baukar

For time fun. It's the place to be

Jose Fuentes

Great place for family fun they always enjoy them selfs

Kali & Charlie

Fun and great Lazer tag my kids lived it

Kris Queen

We had alot of fun, something for everyone

Eddie Bowman

Great place to take kids,employee's were really friendly,helpful and made the visit enjoyable!!

sherry setser

Had a birthday party for granddaughter Everything was great except the good games were not included I wasn't told this. For the price we should definitely have been allowed to play the games the kids wanted

jan berry

Great fun

Justin White

Great time, even better staff. Loved the place 100% a great place for kids. Plan on going back in the future!!!

Darnell Hollins

Great place to have a great time

paula arney

It was a good time until i realized they sell energy drinks to young children ...and it dont matter how young the kids are , a child thats 4 could purchase a energy drink there,,, i don't care if its not Illegal to sell them to a minor ..that should never have even been an issuse ,,, better yet why even have them there .the management even said they agreed they shouldn't be sold to minor's but sold them none the less ...very disappointed

Jaclyn Parrish

Overpriced and several games didn't work! You pay for a game pass and they kick you off bowling halfway through a game. Don't understand their process but definitely won't be spending any more money there!

Jere Miles

Was very clean and nice. Difficult to find comfortable bowling ball as there were not many options. Many of the laser tag vests were broken. The arcade was pretty limited. It was nice enough but after a couple of hours was ready to move on.

crystal goble

Good place for kids to have a great time..a little expensive

Michael Harris

Fun place to bowl as well as the arcade.

Lucinda Olson

Love this place

cay boy

Very rude and unprofessional staff .I called twice to book for my son's birthday and they took my number promising to call back .No one ever called me back .I wish I had read the reviews here before deciding that this is the place I wanted my son's birthday to be at.Needless to say am so disappointed and hope they don't treat other customers like that.

Brayner Rodriguez

It is a great place to have fun and has different areas to look for your best preference. The only thing is some of the games didn't work and they don't have any note that help you know if they are working

Carmen Garcia

I went Friday on a field trip with my school and me and my friend only played one round laser tag and then someone took paint off one of the laser tag walls and we all got in trouble but besides that it ok the food was ok

Allen Brawley

A great place to have family fun. Bowling, arcade and laser tag, there is something for everyone.

tara fontaine

It was just ok, very few of the machines worked. The staff was nice, but very underwhelming.

Anthony Dave

I like this place there's arcade in there, fun activities to do, and having Laser Fun Activities. When I start last 3 years old Since I went 10 years old, but I don't need to play there. My favorite is Laser Tag with everyone lost so I win all the time. I stormed rap way until tag another team.

Orang Lad

Great games. Not the best pizza.

Kasey Money

Best family fun in one building. Very affordable!

Steph Dreamer

Very fun for the whole family!!

Melinda Earley

It's ok... I took the kids there and they said they would had rather went to Chucky Cheese. I spent $15 on the unlimited package and they mostly walked around trying to find a game to play and figuring out which ones they couldn't.. They should have a better package where u can win tickets; and if buy the unlimited why is there a limit to which games u can play and then no tickets.. I won't be going back.. Not much of a bowler. Sad to say I even enjoy Chucky Cheese better, It's more exciting when they get to win tickets.. Also they had a lot of broken games..

Jerry Hicks

Nice staff

Amma B

Nice to see such a great place nearby for family fun!

Randy Howell

A great place to have fun the kids will love it

stephen rauchfuss

Clean fun and very reasonably priced

Richard Link

lots of fun for all ages. got the pass for $15 2 games of bowling, 2 rounds of mini-golf and a game of laser tag plus various arcade games. I thought it was a bargain


We took our little cousin here cause he never got to play laser tag, was going to go to Hickory Dickery Dock, kinda wished we went there instead. The staff here was incredibly rude!!! We told the ladies that we wanted to play laser tag but they gave us laser maze tickets instead!! Like are y'all deaf? And they acted like the didn't care either. Then when we got to play laser tag which was an hour later, it was just us three cause everyone else already played which actually was better. It was fun but it went by too fast. The arcade area was alright, our card that we got had twenty dollars on it and it racked up quick. We got to play like maybe ten things and that was it.

Seth Stewart

Fun place with lots to do. Food, games, and drinks. Usually it is not terribly busy.

Tristan , Highsmith

Fun and affordable. But needs some more bowling balls that fit adult hands

who_dat_is_ T.T

Kids love this place. Threw a fit. Thanks y'all.

Mark Johnson

The kids had a blast playing laser tag, putt-putt and video games. Just wish they had a bigger selection of games to play.

james coburn

Good place to bowl laser tag arcade games they do occasionally have some trouble with their bowling lanes but they will fix them or move you to a different spot good friendly service clean place to go enjoy family time with some food something to drink

Tony Burchette

My family loves the Tuesday night bowling. Great place to take the kids for a party and or just to play games.

mark montes

Can be crowded but it is still a very fun place to go.

Michelle Wilson

Don't ever get food there. Walked up to the counter no one else eating or ordering, placed my order which was a pizza, fried pickles and mushrooms. 2 other families ordered after me which was with our party and then some more people after that. It took an hour and 40 minutes to get our food. Went up twice to ask about our food and was told it would be 10 more minutes each time. Everyone after us already had their food and was bigger orders than ours. Finally spoke to girl back behind the window and they didn't even have our pizza in the oven. Got the hateful manager lady back there and she was so rude and was acting like it was our fault. Now mind you at this point they still didn't have our pizza in the oven. Finally another guy manager went back there and gave me half my money back and an hour and 40 minutes later we had our pizza, which I was scared to eat after we saw all those people back there laughing and staring at us. One of the problems was all the people back there were on their cellphones and also thought the whole situation was funny. Instead of trying to make things right and give good customer service that girl was so rude and hateful. Also my kids lost all that play time on their cards because of this fiasco. Will never eat there again and don't know if I will come there again period. Very rude and immature workers there in the kitchen!!

Katie Cole

Great family time

Jeff Autrey

Service was great, Pizza was great but we paid for the 4 hours for $15 bowling was good and laser tag was good but games in arcade was very very limited most good games was cash only and some other games were broken or missing pieces. Kids had fun but if you are going to play games your best bet is to bring cash and not do the $15 deal

joseph troutman

Great place for kid on a cold or rainy day!

Robbie Bowman

Awesome fun place for family to unwind

Andrea Thompson

It's not exactly D&B but it was a fun with a group of friends. Loved the laser tag and arcade the best.

Jeanette Trivette

Everyone in the family loved it. Fun and great service ❤️.

Shelley Herndon

Fun place to take the kids bowling

Chae C.

Bo's is ok for our local area the game prices individually to earn tickets are a bit outrageous and prizes just aren't worth it wish it were more like chuckie cheese on that part. The bowling is always great but miss the funny effects for my kids on the screens when you get a split or something. I'm glad they fix the green on the putt putt but I wish it was updated it has been that way for about 11 years. I love the family events they have. Don't give them your card back if you use your card regularly for tickets meaning you put actual cash on instead of the 15.00 package after you spend 100.00 you become VIP I learnt that as a teen still a VIP today. I could go into more details but the list would be long.

Maria Ruiz

Good place yo hang out on a late night

Campbell M

Kiddie playland, full of little kid birthday parties. It's not a place like Dave and Buster's for adults. Half the games don't work. Hour and a half to wait to play laser tag and that didn't work after multiple replacements. Save your money, skip it.

Bill Anderson

I attended a birthday party for a child. Everyone had a great time overall. Bo's is targeted torward children, but they also serve alcoholic beverages. This may be a deal breaker for some people. They had lots of things to do, such as, bowling, arcade and laser tag. The staff was friendly, but the prices are a little high.

Jordan ;)

Er - it's alright, I suppose. It's rather dirty and loud, but the games are decently fun. Me and my friends enjoy Lazer tag, mini golf, and bowling specifically. I might recommend for a large party, but staying for too long can suck the energy outta ya.

D Clark

On Saturdays when they are having parties and other groups they need more than 1 person on the register. The poor person was trying to answer the phone, check people in, and help groups already there which resulted in a long wait and line. The management leaves a lot to be desired. The clerk apologized but I felt sorry for them. It is ridiculous to expect 1 person to do everything. There was 1 man walking around who might have been a manager but he acted like he could care less about how many people were waiting to get in.

Abby Koon

Good food and not too pricey it was a fun birthday party. The lazer tag was fun but people kept having to leave the game to switch belt because the gun stopped working. My sister went there for her birthday and had to switch her vest out 7 times. I'm sad the punching game was out of order

Too Nice

Amazing... Joci and Gabby rock and are great hostesses.

Mackenzie Devalle

We've had so much fun everyvisit. Ceasar is the best.

Deidra HIcks

Love this place. Lots of fun

Daniel Hamrick

Awesome place, took my daughter and we both had a great time and my wallet is not angry with me!

Jeanie Middleton

Always a fun place to go with incredible staff!

Ace Hood

Very cool family oriented atmosphere...had fun.

Cynthia Hicks

Great local bowling, carpet golf, later tag, arcade games, indoor cafe...very convenient!

Dalton Stepps

Good family place to go have fun

Dara Kinkopf

A fun place to come for a birthday celebration or maybe just a night of fun. Not too expensive and the food is pretty good. Recommend the cheese fries.

Akumu Gaming

Bowling is super fun!

bernice byrnes

just called.. the rudest person ever. Told me he was the only one answering phones and on the register, so that's why he was speed talking so I couldn't understand a word he said..( the few times I have gone I can honestly say the young kids working here did not hide the fact they hated their jobs or did not give a rats behind about the customers) He then told me $10 an hour for a lane. and $2.50 to rent shoes. . I am driving quite a distance.. lets hope he gave me the correct information.

Robert Grigg

Great fun and great package deals on bowling and laser tag

Toron Jarrett

Nice place, lots of things to do for the kiddos. Bowling, video games, mini golf and laser tag with a little play area for the kids. Would definitely recommend over Chuckie Cheese.

Thomas Austin

Never been to bos

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