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REVIEWS OF AMF Pleasant Valley Lanes IN North Carolina

Crystal Adams

Shantelle, the bartender is wonderful!!! Great drinks! The Mgr, Kedrick is wonderful, very hospitable. The atmosphere is great!!!

Aaron Schoeffler

Cheap, fun and plenty of room. Food is a bit costly but that's to be expected. Staff was friendly and helpful. Definitely will come knock some pins down again!

Darryl Galloway sr

Great family experience. Prices are very affordable especially during the summer months. Shantelle the bartender was exceptional. Her service and personality are worth the price of admission. Definitely a must for a return visit and then some.

Digit Harris

Fun bowling alley. Food is decent and the service is friendly.

Justin Clark

Seems a shame to lose a customer over one free game. Was told in order to use buy one get one coupon I actually had to buy 2 games to get one free. Because "that's how they do it". Didn't bother telling me that until after the game despite showing him the coupon before playing. Regardless of customer service, there are a lot nicer places to bowl.

Jeff Bolduc

Nice place for family fun. Bowling staff very nice. Food service staff pretty rude.

Calvin Holloway Jr.

Great bourbon burger ... awesome job guys ... get lemonade even tho refills are not free!!!

Leighane Jones

In a league on Monday night's. The first night of the league was the first time I had ever been there... by now I feel as though the staff are my friends. Some really great people working there!! I have really enjoyed the Bill City Fun League!!

Tim Aten

Nice place for bowling in Raleigh and definitely cheaper then going to Kings in N.Hills. Cheap drinks and food and a great staff. Unfortunately no five stars here due to the bathroom situation. The bathroom smelled like a urine filled locker room.

Sierra G

Serves alcohol and was pretty clean.

Beef Supreme

Service is good but this is not a cheap date. Bring your own bowling shoes and eat before you go. Food and drinks are expensive but not worth it. Mixed drinks are weak and more ice than anything else. Beer is the better option.

Matt Lowery

Fist time coming here. Was not disappointed. They have an incredible deal on Tuesday that we will be taking advantage of a lot more now that we know it's a thing.

Rohen Giralt

This place is incredible - but not in a good way. If I were tasked with creating the worst possible bowling alley ever, I would be hard pressed to rival the horribleness of AMF Pleasant Valley. It’s genuinely amazing: the bathrooms are disgusting, and so is the overpriced food. The “lemonade” is 99% water and about 1% artificial lemon flavoring. And the balls - it’s almost as if they were intentionally lubricated with pizza grease. If you’re planning on visiting AMF, bring gloves, and maybe some industrial strength glue if you’d rather the ball not fall out of your hands. Of course, it won’t matter anyways, because, no matter how you bowl, the balls are completely incapable of going in anything resembling a straight line. My superior analytical abilities lead me to believe that this is a result of the gigantic cracks that go from one end of the ball to another - on almost every single ball. In short, on a scale from 1 to 10, if one is horrific and 10 is inconceivably atrocious, this place ranks a solid fourteen. For your own sake, please don’t go here. There are so many other amazing bowling places in the triangle, and this one’s just an exception. If you are looking to go bowling, there are a preponderance of great places in which to indulge that urge. Just not AMF Pleasant Valley. Please.

Giovanni Taveras

Came to visit from NY and don't know if it's a regional thing but apparently shoe rentals aren't suppose to slide. I'm far from a pro bowler but I only know how to bowl one way. Everything thing else is normal at this location.

ginger lawrence

Clean' great staff. Very family oriented. We had a great time.

Reba Martin

I've gone here for well over 6 years now. We love the staff and the late night environment. The 2$ Tuesdays are nice and fun! The food isn't bad, and the bar is friendly. And you can sometimes find Groupons for this location. I would suggest calling beforehand to make sure there isn't a tournament going on. Also, it would be nice if there were bowling balls of a lighter weight with large finger holes, But other than that, the place is great.

Antoine Johnson

Great service.

Mike Ali

It can get pretty crowded later in the day on the weekends but I've always been able to get a lane. Weekdays aren't too bad unless there are leagues; might be worth checking availability if you're driving far. Friendly staff. Great place for kids. They have ramps and bumpers. The latter stay up for everybody bowling that lane. There's a snack bar, pool tables and a couple arcade games too.

NC1Mike A

Less than impressed... Tried to order food at counter, the 2 guys there just ignored me. Really?!? I've worked in a few restaurants facing customers and in back kitchen, at a MINIMUM, say I'll be right with you, or something!! This place just seems to be poorly managed on the food side of house! We still had fun but being a cook the food side really sucked! Sever was absent too!!

Trina Lawrence

I enjoyed everything the staff was friendly and very helpful the place was neat, clean and I had fun!


Will not reserve you a lane. Have come multiple times and have been told they don't know when a lane will come available. Have literally been told they are closed when they were open. They just didn't want to give us a lane. Drinks are overpriced. Do not recommend.

Mary Mitchell

Love the front desk & food bar staff!!! Scott in the Pro Shop rocks too!

Henry Beakes

It was fun. Well maintained lanes and a fun environment. Snack bar was good.

Brock Blanks

Play on a league here on Mondays in the winter and summer months. Good pizza, mozzarella sticks, and cheap drinks. Lanes are decent and clean.

Abi Ramos

This places is okay... but definitely need to update all the stuff, the pool table was not working and the other one was missing some balls... and our line on bowling (5) was not working well and the employees took to long to fix it...

Mary Mishoe

Nice bowling alley. Meh bathrooms. Over $50 for two kids and three adults to bowl ONE game.

Reddick So Wavy

Great experience just wish the lanes weren't overly oiled.

Shara Robinson

We had a great time!! Good food and good vibes!! Would recommend to a friend and will definitely be going there again!!

Heather Durand

while the bowling was fun, the bar was a disaster. For late-night bowling - beer and bowling go hand in hand, but there were only 2 bartenders and 1 must have been brand new. super slow - took over an hour to get 2 pitchers of beer, and forget trying to get any mixed drinks. Get it together guys

Susana Alvarado

last Saturday my sister had booked a party for my nephew and reservations over the phone schedule the wrong date but Mike C. The manager on duty was great he help us and we thought he had giving us 2 lanes and shoes for the inconvenience and time we had to just stand there and wait but comes to find out after we spoke to reservation on the phone we are getting charge for those because they had to paid for ... when Mike offered us the lanes and shoes. Had we known we would of look at our choices. MAKE SURE YOU DOUBLE AND TRIPLE CHECK BEFORE YOU BOOKED WITH THEM OTHERWISE YOU WILL HAVE TO END UP PAYING WAY MORE THEN YOU HAD PLANNED! Service was great at bowling but the overall experience of having to deal with manager then on the phone with the reservations department has been awful!!!!! Will come back but we are for sure not having another event with AMF

Lauryn Haggar

I came here for the first time and ordered my usual: Jameson, neat. It couldn't have been more obvious that the liquor was watered down. I asked my friends to smell and taste it to make sure I wasn't crazy. I talked to the bartender about it first and she was so sweet and understanding. She didn't tell her manager about my complaint and I don't blame her. The guy was a nauseating, sleasey cliché. I will never give this place my business again.

Jenna Cahill

Unbelievable that they charge us to bowl in a league here. Half of the building smells like a sewer exploded, and it has smelled this way for a minimum of 6 months. Instead of fixing the issue of the acrid smell, they told us they are close to selling the building and it isn't worth taking care of. It was 30 degrees last night we had to open the doors just to get some fresh air in so we could all breathe. We enjoy bowling here but will not return for another bowling season due to the smell.

Elizabeth J

Great place to hang out and bowl, enjoyed the drink specials.

Pedro Valenzuela

I had plenty of fun but I had to wait because it was so busy just make sure you reserve a spot!

Courtney Nicole

We came here for a work outing/team building experience and we were not disappointed, it had a fun atmosphere. The food was surprisingly good and the drinks were reasonably priced. I would definitely come back.

Charles Leftwich

Good place for family and friends to bowl..

Arlene Monroe

Love this place but would only give it 3.5 stars if I could. Clean facility, but the prices are too stiff for taking the whole family. Most of the staff is friendly, but the white haired man at the desk is very stiff and rigid and wants to charge for every particular thing even if it isn't necessary (no leeway or improvisingwith him). His enforcer mentality makes me want to give another place my money. The food at the snack bar is actually decent, and the woman (I think her name is Ivy) is awesome with service and personality. I go here because my bowling league gives me a few perks, but I would rather take my family to Buffalo Bowl because of the price, and friendly atmosphere.

Neville Boone

Great environment, the counter person moves slow. Also they forgot my order

Patrick McCormack

Fun location with good music at night, and they have projectors to put stuff on. Was pretty cool to watch the Raptors beat the Warriors in the finals while bowling. Staff was very friendly.


First time going and it was fun but would have liked to know the rules of how the paying is.

Atosha Cruz

Get Bowling and food especially the burgers and specialty drinks.

Gwendolyn Clemons

Enjoyed our visit. Need more The employees were very friendly and helpful.. definitely will be going back

Meetal Mehta

Great place and the manager kendrick does a great job. will definitely be back.

Dary D

Good ambience.. I wish they had the lights down, show music videos and had better music.

Chris Hall

Service is slow but bowling alley is in good shape.

Darryl Sloan

If I could give a below zero rating this place deserves it from professionalism to customer service even down to the food it is one of the worst places I have ever spent my money and after the fall leagues I would never spend my money at this location ever again this is a horrible bowling alley and used to be one of my favorites

Paul MacKenzie

Loved the 5 dollar bowling. And it feels like a bowling alley should. Greasy. I'll be back

Yeshanth Jayakumar

The exterior might not be encouraging for some to venture inside. The interior isn't top notch. But, if you like bowling and don't want to empty your pockets for bowling all night, then this where you can come. I like this better than Buffaloe lanes, although it is closer to where I live. They serve beer and pizza, so that's definitely a plus. I have also found the staff to be not rude. I have been here many a times and I have not had any bad experience. Bowl cheap !

Shaggy C

Lots of fun

Bradley Watkins

Always a good time (even when not such a great 'bottom line')! Nice big facility, very open, and always kept clean and tidy. The staff all seem friendly & willing to help (ie. they don't only cater to their league peeps).. for those of us that just go for fun & aren't league members, it's not exactly 'cheap', but in their defense, they do run specials pretty often, it's just unfortunate if you have the desire to go & it doesn't align with a deal date, but ehh.. The snack bar also has a good variety of grab and go type stuff (in all honesty, the food there is pretty good, in my opinion).. Overall, it's fun, friendly, and clean = sure beats sitting around bored, or being stuck in front of a TV with a game controller in hand! ... per game $ does add up kinda quickly, cause with only 1 or 2 people bowling, it doesn't take long to get thru a game.. ... would be nice if they offered a few house balls for those of us that aren't pulling 2 or 3 of our own, but don't really get any better rolling a neon plastic ball str8 down the lane.. but again.. 'eh'.. Thanks you guys, I'll be back soon I'm sure..

Chris Webber

The place is clean and it appears they've painted to give it a fresh look. Front desk helped us maximize a coupon we had, which was nice. A fun experience and helpful staff.

Shannon Starr

Nice Bowling Alley...little pricey unless you go Sunday nights.

Angela Garcia

Fun place for adults to bowl! You can drink and eat while you bowl. You can go and order the food and drinks or someone can come to you and take your order. Very chill place and good music. More fun if you go with a crowd of people.

Elaine Marie

Pro shop was great! They know their stuff!

John Mohr

Good place to spend a couple of hours on the cheap. Lanes maintained well and the loaner balls as best as can be...

Jake Stephens

I bowl here often. Every time, without fail, busy or not busy... do not plan on ordering food. The kitchen situation here is laughable. Fries: 20 min. Pizza: 30 min. Anything mildly fancy: 40+ min. It’s incredible.

Joe Molina

Grand kids had a great time!!

Meet Rachhadia

Decent enough bowling lanes. Pros:- -Decent bowling lanes -Not that expensive -Usually you'll get a lane without reserving Cons:- -Crowd is not that good

Sydnei Dowd

Must’ve been an off night or something based off the other reviews, but this was my first time going and I won’t be coming back. Just an overall bad time.

Will Walsh

This AMF has been remodeled and modern for decades now. They have great deals on Groupon, or moderately priced bowling. You can get private lessons here, or even shop for bowling equipment. If you are not a pro, then they have bumpers as well. This bowling alley has led to many great times.

Amy McNish

Oh, Yes! I absolutely LOVE AMF Bowling Alley! Great Customer Service, and Friendly Staff!... My Best Girlfriend had a Birthday Get Together there, and we had a BLAST! Highly Recommend! Great place for family outings! Thanks Guys for the amazing memories!

Ankit Murarka

We had a fun time during the All You Can Bowl hours on fridays between 10 to 1.

Shelli Overby

Clean ! Family oriented ! Went there for a 5 year old birthday ! Staff very accommodating. Food and beverage prices are a little overboard however.

Blake Thompson

Came for cosmic bowling. Paid for cosmic bowling. Then was told my several staff that it was “too late” to turn out the flourescent lights. It was just regular bowling... disappointed I wasted a Friday night here

June Davenport

went here on a Friday night with my family. Everyone was so nice. Place was clean. Great place for a family outing.

Kendra Kempf

The staff was friendly, and everything seemed very clean. I have never been to a bowling alley that had blacklights going in the middle of the day though.

Soni Mathew

Old fashioned bowling alley. A very good one. Has everything you need for some good bowling time with friends!

mason patrey

Lanes unkept, scoring was inaccurate, pins set wrong. Absolutely ridiculous.

Hank Mickey

The bowling is good except for the balls. They are old and cracked, and do not roll that well. Everything else at the bowling place is bad from lemon water (lemonade) to the bathroom looking like a murder occurred. It costs 8 dollars for a 4-5" pizza (just cheese on a peice of flat bread). I would advise to go to any other bowling alley.

Jason Lyons

Expensive snack bar but good up to date bowling lanes. With a consistant shot. I rolles the same line for 5 games. But when I had to move for lane changes on game 6 every 2 frames i had to move 1 board. This place has 40 lanes it's a good size house.

Chris Moore

Very hi priced if you have a family be prepared to spend 100 for just bowling.

Theresa Luke

A little pricey, and the shoes were worn on the bottom soo much, that they wouldn't slide on the bowling floor at all. On the positive side, the employees were super friendly and the food was actually pretty good.

Curtis Hargrove

Really good food and drinks plus awesome family fun.

Tywana Jones

I had a wonderful time with my family and everyone was so friendly

Andrew Vincent

This place was fun, but prices were awful high. I'm not sure if this is normal for veiling there's days, but $6 per person per game seems a little high. We went on a Saturday night, so that might ha e had something to do with it, but they weren't very busy so it seems like if they lowered their rates, it would bring more of a crowd in. We paid just under $40 for 2 of us to place 2 games. =( Would have given 5 stars if I had paid half of that.

Dwaine Bramwell

Haven't bowled in almost 10 years. Didn't do too bad for my first time back. Lol. Great environment.

Kevin Graves

Fun experience. The GM Mike was a joy to talk to.

pranav firake

Absolutely nice place to enjoy bowling! There are food options within valley and bowling is not too expensive. This place is usually crowded and happening on weekends.

kara ashley

My boys bowl on a league here and we just love this place!

Carla Macali

I had a lot of fun, and the staff was very nice. We stood in line for about 20 mins before we got out first drink, but the second one took a "normal" amount of time.

Reed and Jacqui O'Donovan

Good service when we got there, we tried to call and never got an answer. The phones rang while we were there, but it wasn't answered either.

Wade Perrigo

Great bowling alley. Proper Lane lengths but the oil was way down the Lane causing my ball not to hook. Cheap beer pitchers

Uwanzi I

When I went there, there were not a lot of people. I used a Groupon coupon and I got my money's worth

Emilio Gonzalez

Is a nive services. Good places to go

Ashante Timoll

A lot of fun. Great staff. They were wonderful for my daughter's bday party.

Locd Melanin Queen

This place had good deals! Great for date night. The bar tender was awesome! She made great drinks

Madeline Preston

A really clean and well kempt bowling lane. Incredibly friendly staff. The kitchen was quick, the bar was Very friendly. The front staff was incredible. All in all a great experience and will look forward to going again!

Taysha Lorraine Josiah

Very fun, went with my colleagues it was amazing! I left early because I didnt want to miss one of my favorite shows..Lol

Nathan Christensen

It's a regulation bowling alley. Fair price, fair lanes. I'll be back

Jason Chamberlain

We went here for a company event. They took good care of us in bringing out lots of good bowling lane food. They made sure that the beer was stocked and ready. The lanes are nice and I like that you can customize your theme on the scorers. This is one of the nicer AMF Lanes I've been to.

Paul Guddat

Very clean. Good food & service.

Adj Sunshine

Went for 2.22$ Tuesdays. Tacos and bowling

Jamie Breedlove-Weaver

I have loved this bowling alley since I was 16 yrs old. Lots of fun. Great food. Good service.

Mike Mack

They remodeled the alley in good customer service

Stewart Johnson

$2.00 Tuesdays are the absolute best!

Nell Hinton

Had a super fun time celebrating my 66th birthday...lots of positive updates/remodeling since I last visited.

Jacob Albright

Great place to play some bowling, and they have some pretty good food. The drink specials aren’t half bad either.

Deepak Pawar

Nice setup. Limited choice of beer. They don't accept Groupon offers after 6 pm

Jim Kosmar

Good bowling. Personnel very helpful for our league.

Matt H

I league bowl here. It's a good alley that needs a little more maintenance, prices are reasonable though.

Ryan Chapman

Nice bowling alley. The staff are cool as well.

Tabatha Moore

Do not reccomend. Way too expensive and the front desk guy was rude to my family.

Jan Solar

Good location, good lanes. Kids bumpers are for whole lane. Some places have bumpers which go up/down based on player. And restrooms need a bit more attention.

Jessica Mills

Great family setting. Food is ok but the experience is awesome.

Paul Whittington

Great for bowling and hanging out with friends. Food is decent. Restrooms were awful.

michelle Metcalf

I will definitely come back again. I got a great deal on a Groupon

Alfredo Ckaamano

It’s a nice place to enjoy with my kids!

Timothy Jenkins

Run of the mill bowling alley. In need of serious renovations. Still a fun spot

B Garre

Great spot to go have drinks and great food. :-)

Laurel Archer

Much too expensive - $35 for one game for three people! Not going back any time soon :(

Theundra Livingston

Had fun bowling. Nice number of lanes. Was just upset about the Groupon deal we paid for & couldn't use because you can't use it after 5 on Saturday's. The beer & alcohol is over priced. They need to bring down the prices. Guys behind the counter was awesome.

New New

This was my first night at $2 Tuesdays. I will definitely be back! I ordered a long beach. It was amazing with a Turkey Burger with fries! Oh yeah!

Rich Work

We had a great time. The service was friendly and prompt even for a busy Friday night. The bathrooms are in serious need of a remodel and its really more expensive than it should be but it was fun regardless.

Reuven Yehuda

Fantastic service. We did some family bowling and everyone was super nice. Can't wait to go back.

Monica Taylor

Facility is decent but the bathrooms are the stuff of horror movies!! The concession stand is crazy over priced! A small soda is almost 4 bucks so go with a full tummy and drink water while your there!

Darrell Dangelo Davis

Love the cleanliness and atmosphere.

Erica Eason

Way overpriced, manual bumpers and sticky floors. Go to Buffalo Lanes!

Asia Taylor

Best drinks in town! Atmosphere is comfortable and fun! Some of the staff is phenomenal :) some to mention Shantelle,Ashley,Corey ,Dre is top 4 keep up the good WORK AMF Raleigh....

Jose Cota

I love this place

Leonette Carter

Love this place. It is very secluded, like a hidden treasure. Love the lanes, and atmosphere. Drinks were made marvelously. Mother's Day fun with the family.

Crystal Rochelle

Everyone was friendly, kind and helpful! The service was excellent and the staff was very attentive, as well as responsive to our needs. We are so glad that AMF hosted my daughter's birthday party. It was a wonderful and memorable moment. We are very thankful.

Garry Atkinson

Nice bowling experience indeed at this place. Good space for group bowling. Well stocked with hand sanitizer. Our food wait time was pretty long, due to short staffed kitchen. Otherwise, a nice local Raleigh bowling alley.

Israa Aljadiri

I go with my kids and my husband we want at 8.30 for two hours for my advice if you have kids don't go in the night never go before 7 or 6 but there are enjoying so much it is fun and easy games

Lisa Jahrsdoerfer

Love the place it was clean and the employees were very nice as well the prices were nice and cheap

Haleigh Ross

I liked it cause it's everything u would ever want

Becky Rohn

Nice lanes and shoes. We had a good time

Nikki Takei

Less pretentious bowling with the amenities like food and beer!

Jeffery Sawyer

I had a great time. Cooking staff and bartender was awesome. Bathrooms could use a little more attention.

Tom McSweeney

I would like to give them an average (3 star) rating, but the restrooms on our league's end have been closed for repairs for nearly 2 months, forcing us to walk down to the far end of the building. Our league bowls on lanes 1-12, and I cannot remember the last time we bowled all three games without one of the lanes breaking in some way. The food is average but the service is slow. The people who work there are friendly and helpful, there just aren't enough of them.

Julie Zerbe

Lots of fun! A nice clean facility with friendly employees

Tiana Grant

Our food took a long time to be served,pur lane broke down about 3 times and the food wasn't that good either

Sabrina Avent

Great place to go to on Wednesday’s for unlimited bowling and pleasant staff!

Danile wever

Good place to bolwing me and nikki and her boyfriend Anthony

Backwoods Fishing and Hunting

Very nice bowling alley. Has well kept lanes an a bar / food/ soda. Dan the man was the lane coordinator very nice an helpful.

Ivor Allen

Good place to hangs out with friends and family

Kay Wallace

Not crowded on a Saturday night. Had a personal staff assigned to our lane 19 for our food/drink needs. You all helped us have a great family night. Appreciate it.

Crystal Dorsey

Pros: a lot of lanes, food, arcade games, clean Cons: customer service, the bar was out of a lit of liquor, overall organization was bad

re bell

Approaches are sticky and lanes tend to be dry. We only bowl here when we have to.

Pre. C.

I recently celebrated my 30th at this AMF Location. The staff was extremely helpful, and friendly. We had a blast! Not to mention my family really enjoyed the endless wings...yes endless!!!!

Matthew Williamson

Amazing time. Staff was excellent. Please continue to provide an experience everyone can enjoy. Thank you!!!!


Been going here for years. Great place to go bowling and recently renovated. They are typically pretty busy on Friday and Saturday nights. Had to wait an hour for a lane on our last visit. Typical bar type food and plenty of drink choices. Overall great place.

Cara Collins

We don't bowl often, but when we do, this is where we go. Always clean, staff is always friendly. We don't do league bowling, but they do always have a lot to choose from. Decent food and alcohol selection.

Rafael Paez

Very bad customer service. almost 1 hour waiting for my food and a very bad attitude of an employee


This place has colorful lighting on the lanes and plus they have friendly staff!

Marcia Sutton

Always have fun when I visit this bowling alley. The unlimited bowling after 10pm on Friday nights is great & affordable. The food & drinks are pretty good.

Lashawn Brown

Nice staff. Had a great time bowling and st the bar, but the bathroom is from the 80's era, they need to remodel them.

Jayme Davis

Great staff. Ask for Scott in the pro shop if you want some lessons, he meets you wherever you are!

Jesse Sifontes

Extremely nice staff, good food.

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