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811 Jonestown Rd, Winston-Salem, NC 27103, United States

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REVIEWS OF AMF Major League Lanes IN North Carolina

Alisha Vernekar

Great games. Had an awesome time

Johannes Arnold

Has a lot of lanes, food and drinks available for purchase even alcohol.

Brittany Powell

Great specials on Sunday nights. Very affordable, with great music. Staff is excellent, very approachable and fun. I love that there is the option to bowl in the light, or in the dark with black lighting and projector TVs.

Dejaleesa Robinson

family orientated and fun

Mr Anderson

Awesome bowling alley. We just so happened to visit on 90s day. There is a cash bar, restaurant


A great place to bowl, though I get the impression that they are short-staffed. There are often long lines at peak hours, so be prepared.

tear drop

Great family fun night awesome associates

Gina Brooks

Too expensive for what you do with very poor service! Your in luck if they even have your shoe size.

Gabriel Young

To me this is the nicest bowling alley in the Winston Salem area. It's the most well kept, you can bowl in Black lit area or regular, whichever you feel like. It's a little pricey because of these amenities, so you just have to decide if you value those things. Other pluses are there always seem to be enough of the right size bowling balls for everyone, and there's a wall of TV screens often playing sports. Also a pool room, an arcade, and a pro shop.

Tia Scholten

Our kids loved it so did my fiance and I

Matthew Malin

I went on a Sunday when bowling is only $3. A little crowded but what can you expect? Whoever the bartender was that evening had something against a few people in my party but I didn't have a personal experience with him. Overall, it's worth going back on Sundays. I won't pay normal prices for bowling alleys anywhere though.

Katrina Keller

Took the grandbabies bowling. Had a lot of fun. Don't go into Winston too often but when we do we try to make a day of it.

Geraldine Penn

Bowling was nice but ordering food is horrendous. They will let you stand there 20-30 minutes before they tell you that you have to place your order at the bar. They are very disorganized and the food is not good. I've had better food at the other bowling lanes. Food is too salty to where you can't eat it as well. You just wasting your money.

davidl Campbell'sr

Better than before bowling there is better all else soso??

Taylor Stewart

I had an amazing experience at AMF. The staff were super friendly and informative. There were alot of people but it wasnt to crowded. They have a huge bar and food selection. The atmosphere is very fun and energetic. The arcade has a lot of games. They pool tables are awesome and you pay by the hour. Over all a great experience. Fun for all ages.

Rachel Means

Clean facility and was an easy check in and check out process. Only down side, if I had to mention anything, was the air conditioning was preset so it was warm inside.

Nicole Burchette

Love it u can do everything here bowl pool games and they have a different special each day

Ni Mo

It was pretty nice! I loved the glow in the dark shoes! I didnt eat anything, so I dont know about the food or how pricey it might or might not be.

CoffeeM Videos

Clean - super for the place around . More lanes and friendly crowd . Good crew. Many variant balls. Kids play support stands. One side full light and RHt other side fun lighting . Party mode all all all around. Ok to good entrance side play stations and perfect for the kids . Great parking space. Not too crowds. Recommendable .

Alicia Spicer

Good customer service, friendly staff, and clean environment.

Kayla Foushee

We have been here often, with friends or as date night. I love the atmosphere, everyone is very friendly. The drinks are awesome and they're snacks are tasty. Highly recommend!

Kendal Farmer

This place is pretty awesome, came here Sunday night and they had a discount for unlimited games, so that was lit. Drinks are a little pricey, however. Would come again doe

London Lee

The loitering of kids ranging for 13 to 16 was unreal. I watched parents let the kids put cars, will be back by 11pm per the parent. Dirty restrooms, we were there only to play pool. And even that was a challenge. Don't waste your time.

Tonya Knight

My kids and I had a blast. Unlimited bowling on Wednesdays and Fridays. We will return


Absolutely rude service. They made us wait for 15 minute and didn't even talk to us. Then when I asked if I could get a lane they gave us attitude. It's a nice alley but there's trashy people and trashy workers. Also they charged us is for their special and didn't tell us. So make sure it's only $8, not $20!!'

Bryanna Villafana

Bowling alley was nice but the Customer service was terrible.... waited at a counter for at least 10 minutes till any acknowledgements or services were shown. Understaffed and such a struggle to get any help from employees! Place would be a hit if they hired nicer people and kept up with customer service!

Amanda Rhodes

Classy bar and bowling.

Yasserll Salemjjok,

Yesterday by 4:00 pm. they treat some Muslim mothers wearing hijab (Head cover) very ugly way almost ask them to leave with no reason The manager him self ask them to leave the property cause they have busy day. Legal action will start very soon. One of these ladies husband is a lawyer.

Nessa Armstrong

First bowling alley I have been to with a NY club feel, club music. A bar in the middle, where I could bowl and have a cocktail. Comfortable seating while bowling. A pool room with multiple tables, and a game room for all ages.

Sandra Hendricks

Great place to visit it was fun

Joshua Fulk

We waited for over an hour for a lane for two people before we left the bowling alley they told us that there were seven groups in front of us. We went and ate and goofed around for a while and still almost an hour after we left we finally got a message saying that our lane is almost ready. It seems like a nice place everything seems pretty clean the arcade is pretty lackluster though if you want to bowl definitely try to go during a down time or have some kind of reservation set up ahead of time or you will wait

Me Me

Fun timr


Don't let my rating stop you from going. My experience was just bad

Josh Carlin

Bowling was fun but getting anything from the bar takes 30 minutes or longer. I spent half of the 2 games we played standing at the bar being ignored.

Henry Mendoza

It was our first experience, visiting this entertaining place...very good, outstanding services, very professional...

Debra Brown

Always a good family time, groupons when available are a great deal. Nothing beats inexpensive time with the family having fun!

AdventureViv _

Nice spot for bowling

Josh Beasley

It's great, you can fart and it's so loud no one knows it was you!

randy g

Nice bowling alley, nice bar, nice arcade

Rebecca Puckett

My friends and I were burning up here. They had absolutely no AC on. Everyone around us was fanning themselves with menus. It was ridiculous. We only stayed for one game. $70 spent on bad food and sweating.

colton tarrer

Super expensive nice place though. Went for 45 min spent $50

Michael Plumley

Good place to have fun with family and friends

Terry Ely

Staff was awesome! Kids had a ball for Raylens 7th birthday

Peter Komas

The staff was friendly and accommodating.

Paris Cook

Nice atmosphere; good food=Great Time!!!

Krystal McNeal

They have a really cool setup for gaming, bowling, eating, and billiards. If for some reason you need to get a refund, though, don't expect it to go through. I had to cancel my game because of an emergency and was told it would be refunded. It never was! So, that's definitely a downside. There are also no prices listed for certain food and drinks. So, don't expect to get a meal for the family on the cheap. They do have specials for certain days and evenings, though. Just keep an eye out on their website for a deal that suits what you want to do! Update: They have now repeatedly charged me every month for a game I never played. I am not a fan and will never be returning to this place again. They may be cool, but their competition has never tried to triple charge me for a one time visit. Buyers beware!

Chris Kendall

Good vibes, pitcher of cheap beer was $13 something. Unlimited bowling on a weeknight was like $15 for 2 shoes included. Idk if it was a special or not.

Brian Seymour

I was really impressed with this place. It was so clean! Very friendly staff too. Good pizza and bowling lanes were well lit.

Mona Cornelison

Rang in the New Year. Very organized. Good food, drink and games for a great price.

Todd Moon

Really friendly staff! Unexpectedly good food. Good beer pitcher prices.

Idah Jimenez

What happened to this place? Mr Maresca use to manage hire and it was awesome, I don’t know who is running it now but it is not proper service. My friends and I sat at the bar for 10 minutes. I asked who the bartender was and someone pointed at the dude and he didn’t even acknowledge me or the bar, they were looking at some kind of paper work, anyways, we were here at 530 on a Wednesday and told out of the 40 or how ever many lanes they have we couldn’t bowl at one that wasn’t jumbled up beside a party. And the dude said no because they were coming to clean the carpets at 7???? And the had to move the tables and red couches??? So I asked him so you’re kicking everyone out at 7??? Mind you like 15 or so people were bowling at the moment, so I was like are you going to have a loud cleaning machine while people are paying to relax and have fun or kicking everyone out at 7???? Made no sense. I’ve been coming here since I was a child, lots of memories here and I hate to be writing this I’m it upsets me: so we’re headed to creek side lanes for now.. hopefully the staff has a turn over and this place gets it together so I can return.

Daniel Morphies

Fun place to hangout. Bowl, billiards, arcade, food, and booze. Most of the staff were incredibly friendly, including managers. But my brothers 21st birthday quickly turned south when I received a threat of physical violence from the bartender. After spending close to $200, I approached the bar to request a glass mug for the pitcher of beer I had bought ten minutes prior. I’m not sure what happened to make him threaten to, and I quote, “slap the s#%! out of [me].” Now from what the DM said, I had threatened him, which is a complete fabrication in order to justify the threat against me. She defended his actions claiming he works 2 jobs or some nonsense. I hate that this happened as my party were really enjoying ourselves. Nothing like this has ever happened to me before so I thought it was important to make sure future patrons know.

Shannon Connolly

Arcade was okay. Groupon not as much savings as ad appeared.

Chad Holland

Very clean and spacious. Friendly staff. Lanes are well maintained. Check them out!!


Have been going to AMF for at least 12 years! They have truly tried to engage the community with their different weekday pricing. The place doesn't age! I like the fact that they have fun for everyone; arcade, pool tables, and bowling. Their music is always great! If you're having a bad day and go bowling here, you'll definitely walk out with a smile.

Brent Etchison

Went on a Sunday afternoon at 1:00 pm. Very short on help at desk. Very expensive. Cost $31 for 3 people to bowl 1 game!

Carla Stone

It was a LOT of fun but a bit expensive. For 1 adult and 1 10 year old to bowl two games on a Sunday afternoon was about $38. A soft drink from the snack bar was about $4.50. And there were very few people there. It seemed to me that more people would go if the prices were more reasonable. When I was a kid, we went bowling a lot with just a few bucks we earned from babysitting. Not the case these days.

maurice smallwood

Terrible Customer Service. Very rude and unorganized. Gives false information about game prices. My worst experience

Pleeze Perry

I just wanted to say that the New Year’s Eve pack was the best thing ever! The food was great and I got to have a great time bowling with family. I wanted to give the sweet girl with Purple hair, I think she said her name was Valorie, a huge shoutout! She got my group checked in, told us the lanes and got all of our shoes as fast as she could, then she pulled the bumpers up for us a few times because my son kept knocking them down. She also got me to put my email down for the rewards and I got a 20 dollar off for it, which was awesome!!! It was a great experience, will definitely be coming back!

jamin moore

Very fun, they have bowling leagues for those who are seeking them. They rent shoes and balls off course. Low cost and often have a number of deals which can be found in their website

Chemiah MCconnel

This place was amazing I had a great time bowling the food was delicious and the service from Carl was great I really loved my time there

Teresa Brown

Very nice staff and we had a lot of fun it was a little warm in the arcade room but overall it was a blast

Eric Stiltner

Place was nasty. Got to our lane and the table was trashed. $20 roughly for burnt pizza. Liquor drinks are insanely weak. $10 for jack and coke with barely any jack. They must make a fortune on their liquor. Not great lanes. $100 for 5 bowlers. That would be fine if it was a nice ally, but definitely not worth that price. Only reason it is not a 1 star is because they didnt bug you every 5 minutes like some lanes I have been to.


Fun family place. Nice place to go on a hot summer day and have fun.

Abel Zeegar

Great shoes and beautiful lights.

Antonette B

Very nice place. Very spacious. Friendly staff. They were extremely busy and crowded today for a Big Brother/Big Sister event so I assume it's not always like that. There's an arcade, food, and a bar.

Cecil Pair

It is a great place.large T.V. on every lane.and the Food was great. The place is clean and is well managed. Will go again. Thanks

holly warren

Something to do for everyone, very accommodating to parties and friendly!

joey clinard

They charged me for Sunday Funday arcade cards....I did not request this. Thought they were giving them out for free since she just came up to our lane and handed them out. Didn't notice this till I got home and looked at the receipt. Oh well.

Steven Sizemore Jr

Priced to high. But a fun hang out spot.

Michael Belza

I only really bowl at these lanes, so as far as comparing to others in the area this may not be much help. The lanes are new and the bowling alley is clean and pretty modern. I like the split design as it kinda separates the league bowlers from the casual bowlers looking to bowl in the dark. The staff are super friendly and very attentive. The only negatives would be pricing and the men's room. Games can cost as much 7 dollars a game per person, but you can find deals and specials almost everyday. Shoe rental also seems high at around 5 dollars. That may not be accurate as it has been a long time since I have had to rent shoes or pay full price for a game. League bowlers are given 2 free games a week and then reduced price on games after that. The men's room is never dirty, but often one of the urinals is broken and one of the towel dispensers is almost always broken.

Haley Johnson

Such a wonderful place to bowl! I always love going at night when the lights are ultraviolet and they have great music playing. Some nights they have great drink specials and games for competition. The arcade is pretty fun as well as the pool tables! It's a great place to have fun!

Jules H

Great place to get your bowling game on. Food, beer, only wish is more fresh food options. Otherwise, prep for fun times!

Michele Wright

It was great I there for a kids birthday party, it was very entertaining

Andrew Vavoulis

Fun and great memories with billiards, bowling and food.

Oleksiy Lysenko

Do not come again. I go to another place. Expensive

Carla Roberts

The facility was very crowded, they had a special event going on, which left very little room for "regular people" to bowl. I was given information at one counter which was evidently checking in the special event that there was available lanes and we could bowl and if I would go around to the other side they could help me, which we did. So I stood in line to be over looked by the young male attendant, son I went to the other register where there were 2 attendants, I spoke to an older lady who snippity and shut me out within seconds that "THERE WERE NO LANES, SEE THE BANNERS HANGING, THE LANES ARE FOR THEM, NO LANES". I thanked her and her attitude and went to find another associate. I spoke with a man who was very plesant and assured me there where lanes, he escorted me back to the register with lady and the tude, except she had moved on. There was a younger female who was very pleasant and assisted me completely. I informed the man that all employees where not on the same page. We bowled, my GB's enjoyed there time, they wanted a advise is eat before you go. Food is extremely expensive but the staff was very plesant. Not my best experience, may go back, not so sure though.

Vanessa Eller

The bowling alley is great, so is the pool tables. However this time we went with the kids to play at the arcade, BIG let was a really cool up to date arcade area, but the prices for the games was ridiculous...we spent $20 which got us about 15 minutes of arcade play time...not worth it...I recommend going to some of the vintage arcade bars...much more bang for your buck

Christina Trent

Lots of fun, customer service is questionable.

Cole Covington

Didn’t have prices on website and when I tried to call there was no response...

Matthew Wendel

Awesome atmosphere, the bar and food stand are most likely unattended until they happen to see someone, but that is literally my only complaint. Good prices for food, alcohol, games, and bowling. A good go-to spot!

Cristian Rodriguez

Best bowling place in the city. I would recommend bowling on a per hour basis and not per game unless you want to dish out money. Food is nice here.

Bill with Lindsey Jenkins

Very upscale has something for everybody pool tables video games agar food great Lanes

Jonathan Rasnick

Good place for Bowling the arcade is not very good. The games are old and work very well. But a great place to bowl.

Leslie Milner

Went for a birthday party and the kids had a blast.


nice place just a little pricy

Zakary Phelps

My step brother had probs. With a teen and had cops involed

James C Drye jr

Bowling was great and fun. But for make sure you eat before you go. Not enough help at food bar area and it will take along time to get. And the bar (yes) you might want a real drink, it was even worse service. I got a screw driver that was red and taste like grapefruit with sour mix with out any vodka. But the bowling was fun.

Wesley Nations

Had a good time!

Andres Conejo

Great place for a family night out

Angela Carroll

Close to everything, clean and lots of fun. Full bar and kitchen.

Steven Wu

I'm really not sure what kind of a business tries to force you to pay elevated prices despite what they tell you when you come in, but this one does. The facilities and food were fairly standard for a bowling alley. Although told that the price was $3/game and $3 for shoes per person, when it came time to pay, we were told that the computer system was down and we would have to pay the hourly rate instead of the rate per game. The price for shoes was elevated to $4.79/shoe. Upon discussing this with a manager, we ended up being able to use a different charge code to charge more or less per game. However, it should not be policy to tell the customer, oh well, I guess you'll have to just pay the higher rate instead of accepting that you advertised one rate. They are not worth your business and headache.

Thunder Storm

It's Winston's best bowling alley

Kenny Brock Jr

The atmosphere is always fun, Staff are always friendly, Food be Smack

Jennifer Haney

Oh my gosh, this place is a complete disaster. The arcade is small and very dirty. The prizes are doles out by machines and most are out of stock or broken. Many of the games are obviously set so the player doesn't win. There was no one around to assist with broken machines. My son was completely disappointed. We will never return.


We did a birthday party package here for my daughter, they did an awesome job! Took great care of us and got a lot of perks for a awesome price. Bowling, drinks, party place and table cloth right at your lanes and a game card to each kid to play some arcade games. They even made a special birthday sign for my daughter.

Matt Kelley

Went on work outing to bowl and eat. Lanes were great and so was the food!! Definitely would recommend going here for a fun time!

Clifford Thompson

I like it good food nice bar games pool tables and nice bowln lanes and awesome staff

regina ellis

Fun for kids and adults. Pool hall, game room and bowling with lots of TVs and upgrades. Food and adult drinks available. Friendly staff. All around great place

Jason Snapp

Super nice bowling alley. Their snack bar has some really good cheeseburgers to. The guy that works in the pro shop knows what he's doing when it comes to drilling a ball.

Gessica Lewis

Love having Birthday parties here

Caleb Rains

One of the best bowling alleys I've ever been to. All the staff was very nice and professional. Prices were a little on the upper end but the experience was great. I liked the fact that you could get food brought to your lane. This really helps by not having your game interrupted when playing with many people. Highly recommend and can't wait to go back.

Denise A. Smith

Great atmosphere! We always have a good time!

Paula Correa

This is the best of the 2 bowling alleys in town. We take the kids here often. The food is a bit expensive, but they have a bar, big screens and a pretty good arcade for a bowling alley. They also have pool and leagues, though we aren’t part of one. They also run Groupons every couple months. For a family of 6, that’s the way to go!

Alora Torres

Great place to spend time with family and friends , decent prices.


Staff was pretty good

DR Battjes

First noticed it was very clean inside. Appeared well kept. Friendly staff. Helpful. Just seems to not be enough of them working....or too spread out. Had to wait a few minutes for someone to get to the counter to get started...and we were only the second group of bowlers in the whole building. I love coming here and bringing my kiddo on weekdays. Much better rates during weekdays than the weekend. Would definitely recommend this place to others.

Jeremiah Edwards

This is a great place to go bowling, shoot pool or play arcade games. A great place to take a date without worrying about what's going to happen.

Brittany Lovelace

Had a wonderful evening with my family, wait wasn’t long and we enjoyed a family date night!!! Great staff, pricey but well worth it!

SB Wilson

New Year's Eve event was a fun change of pace. Kids had plenty of fun bowling and playing in the pool room or arcade.

Sweet Neek

Had a great time playing pool. Very affordable.

Gregory Norris

Good place but lanes are dry for the slide..

Miguel Keaton

Good place to go for family fun

Kathleen Monnig

Great fun!! Very nice, helpful staff! They have so many specials! A wonderful cool way to spend a hot summer day! So much friendlier than a movie.

Lee Powell

Bowling worked as expected. If you go, don't plan on ordering anything with any sort of expediency. Bar staff walks by you unless you're a regular. Ordered one beer and head to alternate work another player three times to stand in line for drinks and not make everybody else wait to bowl

Nicole Williams

Its expensive however the food and service is pretty good.

Erin F.

My friend and I used to love coming to this bowling alley, but the last time we went, the music went from loud to obnoxiously loud, and when I said something I was told that was the level it was set at...which wasn't true as there was a noticible difference and my friend and I couldn't speak without shouting. As well as that, some of the music is not family-friendly. We're going to choose other local alleys.

Charice Bender

Wonderful place. Fun for all ages!

Barry Mullins

Great place take a lot of first dates here there and everywhere haha come friends play ball

Clegg V

Love the gameroom, bowling & friendly staff.

Southwest Air Fanimations

Absolutely love this bowling center!! It’s only $13 a person for unlimited bowling on Monday starting from 8PM to closing time and Friday from 10PM to 2PM. It would be best to go on Monday or Friday nights. I also love the New Brunswick MAX bowling pins. Last time I came, I knew y’all didn’t have Amflite II.

Tammy Hill

They did not have nearly enough staff on hand. I feel like all I did was wait in lines while I was there. One person at the main desk and only one person handling concessions. Really cut into our family time as we were there calibrating my mother's birthday.

Justin Nifong

Great bowling alley everything is kept up good and friendly staff. Home boy in the video finally got the last pin down so everyone was having a good time. Bathrooms were clean. The parking lot could benefit from more light as it was pretty dark going back to the car but no big deal. Had a great time

Mesmo Baby

ABSOLUTELY the worst place to attend. A total of 4 employees working, no service, the bar covered in dirty glasses/pitchers and a lane that didn't work. The "manager" did not tend to any issues that the crowd presented that needed to be addressed. For ONE game we were charged $48 and the lanes were not even returning the bowling balls. This place will be closed if someone doesn't step in and take over and address a better business plan.

Jon Nelson

Speakers broken in billard room, atm broken, no cash back allowed. TVs don't work. Not coming back

Ryan Huff

Check the pricing before you go bc you might be in for a little shock. I went with family on a Sunday afternoon. We all had a good time. Ordered some cheese fries which were very good. In my opinion everything there is very over priced but if you don't mind that you'll have a good time.

Jordan Smith

Service was slack. Rude. Lazy. Bowling was fun though. Food was midgrade, grocery-brand.

drawlin LLC

My family’s experience was very poor. They had one person running the food bar, and maintaining the lanes. Our balls got stuck in the lanes, and after notifying the staff we were left waiting for 30 minutes, after already waiting 45 minutes just for an appetizer tray. Wouldn’t recommend going if you want a smooth family experience.

Maria Johnson

The staff is really friendly and the entire place is really nice, however, because of that, the prices are pretty high compared to other places. Love everything but the prices!

Toni Rodriguez

Good atmosphere with an arcade as well


In town visiting family and we decided to take our daughter bowling for her first time. $39 for a family of 3 to bowl ONE game!!! Way over priced! We will never go back!

Amy Polzella

Usually nice staff, sometimes they're a little "over it" I guess because they stay pretty busy. Occasional technical glitches are annoying when bowling. Food somewhat overpriced. Think movie theatre prices but drinks are refillable so that's cool. Weird rustic decorations here and there that don't even remotely fit the establishment. Owner needs to stop shopping at Hobby Lobby lol. But fr. It's just clutter.

Jay Fanara

Pretty decent.. spacious place... Lots of lanes, awesome pool table area. Bowling balls desperately need updating though. Trying to get way more use out of them than intended, and sizing is way off from norm. Nice staff. Everyone very friendly.

Cole Stanley

Had a good time

Eric Jennette

We went to a birthday party. My young son was able to bowl and have a good time. I like the bumpers and slide thing to help him let the ball go down. They don't have high chairs. Food took too long to come out. Didn't like people walked through your space. But place is big. Arcade looks nice and fun. Have a bar. The people were friendly but they stand around near one register. One of them could have come to front of counter to greet or help. Other then that lots of lanes and room to move. Like that they have a separate room for coin pool tables. Will give it more chances.

Emily Robinson

Me and a few of my friends went bowling last Sunday , we had gotten there around 5 but the saw a sign that said 3.09$$ games Sunday after 6 I’ve posted a picture of the sign so me and my friends waited and just had some over priced drinks at the bar (That’s okay because we knew they would be)while we waited till 6:00 so we could get the 3.09 deal. To only find out the sign was wrong their was so special. And the employees offered no apology and seemed to no care at all. Isn’t that false advertising????

Jeff Wrights

All around well run family business

Denise Mallary

LaQuesha and Destanae work so hard! They both are running like crazy around here. I’ve been here twice in a few months and they both try so hard to keep everyone happy, Destanae at the bar and LaQuesha at the counter. Thank you ladies!!!

Theresa T

Great place and great fun. Wednesday night's are good for unlimited bowling.

Michael ocana

I was happy and liking the place until we order food, I ask the older lady at the bar no ice on my two kids drinks well she put ice on them, when I tell her about it, she got an attitude and went to the kitchen got a metal spoon and came back and pull the ice out of the drinks that was so nasty.....

Alexxes George

Great family entertainment place

lyndon ray

This place is nice but the beer is a bit pricey

Lilliam González

They say they have offers on the games but the shoes cost $ 5 per rental. Those who attend the cash register are very slow both to collect and to deliver the playing field. The food is not good at all. The day I went, something burned in the kitchen and there was a very uncomfortable burning smell. The gaming machines area is fine.

Liz Yn

Place is great, prices are reasonable!

Jerry Martines

Clean, well managed and a friendly place to bowl with family and friends.

Kalani Lee

Best bowling alley I have ever been to. Love the layout.

Marshall Ashworth

Family fun.

Kiesha Clay

Such a great place for family, couples or alone. Two sides to bowl, laser or lighted. The alley sampler is awesome to satisfy 4 adults. All of the employees are wonderful and extremely helpful. Great experience.

Clayton Sanders

Great in a very pleasant staff

Vickie Cureton

S one cousins and myself got together for a night of bowling. We had a wonderful time. The place was very nice, music, lively, food and drinks was very good.

OvO Ansel

It is great, everyone had fun but it took awhile to actually start bowling

Tony Blevins

We had fun but its not cheap by no means.

Reno Pledger

The food delicious and I'm about to have a L.I.T. yazzzz

felicia tyson

We always love coming here as a family. It's a clean facility with nice staff. My kids and husband love the wings.

Rachel Painter

Great for family fun or for adult time. The arcade games were so much fun my boys love it. Going back many times

Rob Paynter

Strikes enough for a great baseball game!

Eric Thompson

Nice but high dollar

Amy Combs

I love bowling! Friendly and fun atmophere

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Bowlero Matthews
Bowling Alley - North Carolina

Bowling alley